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Coldwater Creek

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I'd give minus stars if I could
I bought a coat that did not say it was on back order. When I hadn't rec'd it 3 weeks later I saw that it was on back order so I cancelled the order. I received an email from CWC that it was cancelled on 10//12/18. On November 19th out of the blue, there was a charge from my bank for the cost of the coat, I was pretty broke at that time and had just enough in my acct for some upcoming bills so this was about to cause an overdraft. I immediately contacted Cust Service, Coldwater Creek took forever to get back to me and when I called they were very rude and condescending and said there was nothing they could do. I'm not sure why, the coat wasn't even mailed yet and had been cancelled over a month previously. Well I got hit with the charge and they would not cancel my order before the coat got shipped out. So I had to wait for it to get here, the return it. I returned it on 11/23 and just got an email on 12/17 that they finally just rec'd and will refund my money (haven't seen it yet) in 3-5 days. I also think they should pay the overdraft fee that could have been easily avoided on their part, i never should have even been put in the position to have it.

They never once were the slightest bit apologetic when the whole thing was entirely their fault. I still have my original email dated 10/12 that it was cancelled and no money would be charged.

I was a pretty regular cust of CWC but they will never see a dime of money from me after this terrible experience. The company and especially the customer "service" is CRAP. I see now why they went out of business in the first place, they should have stayed there.

Abysmal Customer Service
Wish I had read these reviews before purchasing anything. As a long time retail customer of this store, I expected the same wonderful products and service from their online operation but have been sorely disappointed. First of all, their shipping charges are outrageously high. Second, I returned an item because it was much larger than expected. I decided I didn't want to keep trying to find a good fit so purchased something similar from another online company. When I called to find out what happened to my credit, Coldwater Creek told me they're "very busy" at the warehouse and it could take a couple more weeks for them to refund my money. After the rep checked with the supervisor, they managed to get my credit within a few days.
The capper for me, though, was the poor quality of a pair of summer shoes I purchased. At $39 I didn't expect the shoes to last a lifetime, but after about 6 wearings the soles separated from the shoe! I took some photos, wrote a letter and sent it to their online web address. My email was promptly returned with a mailer daemon message, "No mx record found for domain" So I called and was told I could mail pictures to their street address. Then I explained that all I wanted was for them to send me a prepaid address label and refund my money. What they could do for me was allow me to send the shoes to them and the people at the warehouse would then decided if my request should be granted. At this point, I will not be bothered spending more money, time or aggravation trying to return the shoes. When I continued talking to the rep, asking him to remove my name from their mail list, he had already hung up.
I am so sad to say it but stay as far away from this place as you can get.

The Worst Customer Service I Have Ever Received.
First Coldwater Creek lose my order and don't inform me. So I reorder and pay extra for 2 day shipping so I will receive order before I leave on vacation. I call several hours after I made the order to enquire about tracking number and am told the order is on backorder and will not be shipped for two weeks, at which time I will be billed extra for two day shipping.
I clarify this won't work since I am going on vacation and request cancellation. They inform me that I cannot cancel an order that was made several hours ago and is on backorder and won't be shipped for two weeks. A supervisor tells me the same.
So I dispute the charge with my bank and notify CC they will not get paid if they ship this order while I am on vacation.
Next follows 24 hours of the most ludicrous emails you have ever seen from CC. One series says order is cancelled, won't be shipped. Another series says order will ship in two weeks. And the final series says the order was shipped an hour ago and will be at my house by tomorrow.
Customer Service tells me opposite things in writing on the same day! They apparently will not cancel an order, even immediately, once you make it online, and do not tell you if your order is on backorder, and charge you expedited shipping even if your order will be shipped weeks late.
The only time they paid any attention was when I told them the bank will not pay them, and then suddenly, the order was no long on backorder, and is being shipped overnight.
This is a serious scam. Beware!

I placed an order for (2) dresses. Within a couple of hours I decided to cancel as dresses are something I re. Ally have to try on prior to purchasing. Anyway could not get through to this company by phone to cancel and being I didn't open an account with them could not get in to check on status so I emailed my cancellation. Upon no response I called and was on hold for 15 to 19 mins and finally got a live person. Coldwater Creek could not cancel as they said the order was being processed/shipped. To make a long story short BS... is what this was. The order didn't go out until 2 1/2 weeks. I told then that when I rec'd the package I would return it (not accept it from UPS). I was told to accept it and they would be sending me a return label. So I waited and accepted the package and decided to open it to see if maybe the dresses would fit. Anyway there was only (1) dress in the package instead of (2) like I ordered and was charges $297.00... Well I have been emailing with no response from this company... I have called 3-4 times and put on hold 15-1=20 mins just to be told that label would be sent for my return and then refund. Why not refund my money for dress never shipped was the question on last call.The man was very rude saying that I would get a call back to let me know of my return and refund... Needless to say, NO CALL YET. NO LABEL YET & no refund. Do no order from this company... Not worth the aggrevation. I'm still battling for my refund

Ordered two blouses which looked beautiful in the catalog. Received them in a timely manner. Coldwater Creek looked okay but the quality of the fabric was a cheap velour. I decided to return them. It is ridiculous to have to pay $6.95 In return shipping. I returned them before a payment was due on my Coldwater Creek credit card. I was charged a late fee. Any reputable credit card company would see the returns as a payment because it removed that amount off the credit card. I called them to close the account and remove the late fee. They closed the account and then tile me because the account was closed they couldn't remove the late fee. What? Of course they could. They choose not to. After going back and forth with a supposed supervisor in customer service I agree to pay the remaining balance. I explained I would come after the due date because of the day I receive my pension. They agreed to not give me a late fee on the following bill since they could see I had already set up the payment. Get the bill today and there's a late fee. What a bunch of liars and thieves.

Love it, love it, love it
Love it, love it, love it. The clothing from Coldwater Creek is first rate -- excellent quality and size range. There is no upcharge in prices for petite, women's, or tall clothing. The organization of the website is very good and so are the search criteria (you can search by size, color, just pants, only casual dresses, etc) -- it makes navigating and specific item searhes very easy.

I love the website a little more than the regular catalogues and stores due to the selection. Coldwater Creek tends to take a color palate and use it for a season. So if their palate is red/black/white and you love those colors, you will find the majority of the clothing to your liking for that season. However, if the color palate is orange/green/tan and you don't like that, there isn't much else available. This is where the website comes in. It is great to be able to look at styles and colors from the previous season(s) in addition to the current season's merchandise.

The customer service at Coldwater Creek is amazing! Coldwater Creek obviously take their customer's satisfaction seriously -- and they work at making the customer happy. The telephone reps are wonderfully informed and can and will search not only warehouse but store inventories to find the right size/color for particular items that you want.

An amazing but true story, I purchased a very fancy evening dress for a charity event that didn't fit. When I called to order a different size, there were none left in the warehouse. The customer service rep took down my name, phone number, item number and size and said she'd check store inventories every now and then to see if someone returned this dress in my size. 3 weeks later I got a call from that rep that a dress in my size had turned up in a store in another time zone! Did I want it? YES! The other store called me, took my credit card number and shipped the dress to me the next day!

One last thing about the website, sign up for e-mail alerts! E-mail alert customers often get 1 day notice before the general public about sales (for example take 50% off everything on the website!), free shipping, and clearance markdowns.

Excellent company, excellent website.

Have not received my order
Does anyone else have this issue? I ordered 2 items and as of March 1st Coldwater Creek haven't moved on the tracker. I finally got through to someone at the company and they lied and told me it was at the post office for me to pick up. I had just been there and the tracker didn't indicate that either. I went to the post office and they typed in the tracking number I was given and told me the package was waiting to be received by the post office. The status hasn't changed in 3 weeks and when I emailed customer service they sent me the same useless tracking number. Yes, I get that you created a tracking label. The problem is that no one has given that package to the Pat office so they can deliver it to me. Tomorrow I'm calling my credit card company and reversing the charge. They can use their tracking number to route the package back to themselves. This company was sold to someone else at the end of November 2020. I'm guessing they are just keeping people's money at this point.

A Lot of Frustration
I used to work for Coldwater Creek back before Coldwater Creek filed for bankruptcy, and I love their clothes. I've been looking for shirts I can wear on my job that are simple, comfortable and professional, and when I heard that the Creek was still around, I knew their No-iron shirts were just what I needed. Its a shame that shopping with them is so frustrating, because few companies have clothes that fit me so well.

I am very heavy, and it's hard to find good quality clothes that fit me and are still meant for someone middle-aged. When I found the website, I immediately ordered a shirt, just one, to make sure the fit was the same. I never found out. The shirt never arrived. I watched on the tracking as Fed Ex got it as far as Memphis and then it disappeared. Not CWC's fault, but frustrating all the same. They refunded my money and offered me a discount and free shipping on my next items.

So, I bought a similar top and a tank to go under it. While the clothes are everything I remember, I'm a little frustrated that it took so long for them got get to me--nearly two weeks--for an exorbitant shipping fee. Two-day was only $5 more, I should have gone with it. Included in the packaging was a certificate for free shipping that expired, literally, the day I got my package.

But, the clothes were everything I needed and hoped they would be, so I got online to order more. I chose a shirt, a tank to go under it and the free cami they were offering. This is where things got me steaming.

They apparently ran out of the shirt AS I WAS ORDERING IT. That's right. It went in to my bag and then I couldn't buy it because it was gone. I couldn't find any of the tanks in my size. I went back to choose different colors and found they were suddenly sold out of a lot of colors in my size.

I love CWC clothes, and I want to buy them. But I can't buy what they don't have. I need to decide whether or not it's worth the frustration to remain a customer.

Sizing of clothing is inconsistent - their sizing guides are useless
I just bought several items at the Coldwater Creek sale, Coldwater Creek were marked final sale, no returns or exchanges. I called customer service hoping that I could exchange for a size that would actually fit me, their response was "NO." I have bought their plus size clothing for years, but recently their sizing is all over the place. I was drowning in a size 2X when in the past a size 2X fit me perfectly. I followed their sizing instructions and still the clothing did not fit. I am sick of dealing with this company, their clothing is always overpriced and buying them on sale makes for a reasonable price which is what Coldwater Creek should actually be selling them for. I have bought lovely clothing from online sales at high end department stores and when they haven't fit I've been allowed to exchange the item. Coldwater Creek will not make it if they don't change their pricing and sale practices. Signed a former Coldwater Creek shopper.

Dress in same condition as received
I bought a dress for a June event. Received and took out of box. Strong chemical smell to the dress. Didn't think too much of that other than it sure would need to be aired out. Tried the dress on, wasn't real happy with the fit. Waited a few days until my daughter came over and tried dress on for her, she agreed with me that the underarms were cut too low. I decided to return the dress with the given smart post label. A couple weeks later I received the dress back with a note in the box stating Coldwater Creek don't accept worn clothing. Well I did not wear the dress! A better explanation would have been helpful. There is no soil anywhere on the dress and the tag is still on it. Customer service defends their "inspection dept" and I asked if I can talk to the inspection dept to find out why they feel this dress has been worn. I was told that's not possible. Customer service says maybe I should try sending the dress back again. Now I feel I'm between a rock and a hard place. Do I buy another box to return the dress (because the original box is very damaged from all the shipping)? I don't even have a smart post label to return the dress. Will the dress just be sent back to me again with very little explanation? To say the least, I'm not a very happy customer! This was my first time buying and my last. This was a very weird experience!

OH DEAR! Worst customer experience ever.
Double charged, lied to via email. Lied to on the phone. No accuracy or transparency or even mediocre communication. RUN! I ordered two shirts on October 30th. One was back ordered for Dec. 5th, not great, but OK. I had to call to find out it was still on back order on Dec. 9 for Dec. 15th. I asked for 2 day delivery. Cool. By Dec. 16th I found out Coldwater Creek can't deliver 2 day to a PO Box, so I called to fix that, and was told I'd have the order by the 20th at the latest. Just got an email saying it had shipped to my PO Box, 2 day delivery. Upon calling --AGAIN-- I was told that the email was wrong, the item was "reserved for me", but hadn't arrived to them, although they'd generated a FedEx tracking number and wouldn't arrived to them until the 22nd at the earliest. And they've already charged my account for the 2nd time for the full amount of the order of two shirts. I told the customer service manager I no longer wanted the item, and was told that it was too late for me to cancel the order, as they'd already assigned it to me. BS. Basically every agent I spoke to either didn't do what they said they were going to, or was completely unhelpful. I will never, ever shop with them again. Don't bother. They are a mess.

Never again
My wife tried to order two items from the catalogue with painful results. When she first called she told the young man on the phone that she wanted to check that the items she wanted were still in stock before preceding any further. Under protest he did so but when she was assured that the items were in stock he made the sarcastic comment "maybe we can now start". My wife then told him that if was too much trouble for him maybe she get another agent to help he changed his tune and my wife ordered two items to be sent directly to our daughter. One item was sent to our daughter but the second was sent to my wife who called customer service. The young lady in customer service ignored the miss-sending of the item and kept insisting that Coldwater Creek needed our daughters bank numbers to complete the purchase. My wife finally gave up, told the girl that she would now resend the item ourselves to which the lady merely said "that's good" and ended the session.

Problems with quality and customer service
Ever since the company reopened under new ownership, the quality has sharply declined, the prices are higher than ever, sizing is crazily inconsistent, and customer service is wretched (except in the stores). The only reason I still shop there is because Coldwater Creek carry pants that fit me well AND come in tall sizes. But I have to order 3 sizes of every pair of pants, even if I've tried that style before! I might need a size 12 in one color and a 16 in another color, both in the exact same style of pant! I recently had to cancel a back order and couldn't log into their website because I'd forgotten my password. The password-retrieval option didn't work, either. I called CS and waited on hold for *20* minutes, listening to the same horrible country western song repeating on endless loop. The CS rep did take care of it but I will be very reluctant ever to order from them again.

Shipping problem & poor customer service
I think Coldwater Creek needs to be more specific in how Coldwater Creek ship. Is it going to be shipped UPS or USPS? I live where we can't have US mail shipped to physical address. If you are going to ship USPS I have to put PO BOX. If it's UPS I have to put physical address. Or is it FED EX? No clarity. I put both addresses because I was unsure. I never received it & It was sent back to them. I called & was told that when it arrived back to them, they would send it back to my PO Box. After another week went by, I called to check the status & was told I would be refunded in 10 business days & if I wanted to re-order then I could. No one told me that the first time I called. Why couldn't it be sent back to me? The customer service person I spoke to didn't seem to care that I was upset or unhappy & showed no willingness to make things right. I will NEVER EVER buy another thing from Coldwater Creek. It has now been 3 weeks & I have not rcvd a refund nor the boots that I ordered & it looks like it will be another 2 wks before I get my refund. Poor customer service!

Sadly, I can't give 0 stars
I have been a Coldwater Creek customer for 20+ years. Let me stress that was the ORIGINAL Coldwater Creek. This current bunch shouldn't even be allowed to use the name. I ordered one item - a sweatshirt- on 1/19/21 and immediately received an order confirmation. The following day, a "pending" charge appeared on my credit card. On 2/2/21, I had not received any further correspondence and the credit card charge had not cleared, so I called Customer Service. After holding for about 20 minutes, I finally spoke to Kevin. He researched my order & said "they" had not charged me correctly for the tax and when Coldwater Creek tried to re-bill my credit card, the charge was declined. After quite a bit of effort, Kevin was able to rebuild the order correctly & get my approval for the charge to my credit card. He assured me my item would be shipped quickly. I received a shipping confirmation (sort of) on 2/4/21. Actually, the tracking number took me to USPS & said "A label has been created & USPS is awaiting your item." Well, I signed up at USPS for tracking info & updates. They never acknowledged receipt of my item. After about 3 weeks, I emailed Coldwater Creek Customer Service. It took about 5 days for a response to be received. The response said: "Thank you for contacting Coldwater Creek.

Please note that the United States Postal Service has an alternate hub prior to arriving at your local USPS hub to assure that all items are safe for mail recipients as well as postal employees. We truly appreciate your patience during these unprecedented times. Your Side-Zip Medallion Print French Terry Pullover should be shipping out any day for you, though there is not a precise delivery date listed as of this email."
SERIOUSLY? I have ordered DOZENS of items online "during these unprecedented times", many of which traveled via USPS. Not one of those items took this long to not only get to me, but just simply to arrive at USPS. I am beyond angry. I called Customer Service on 3/1/21 & requested a refund. Unfortunately that has not happened as of today. My next step will be contacting Better Business Bureau and FTC. My advice... DON'T ORDER FROM THEM!

Patience and research is required.
It appeared Coldwater Creek was practicing "bait-and-switch" tactics on their website. There are too many details to properly explain here what all happened, but I wrote up the ordeal in its entirety and emailed it (on 9/16/18) to three factions of Sycamore Partners, the owners of Coldwater Creek (Coldwater Creek also own other retailers such as Belk and Staples). Lo and behold, I was contacted by the Chief Executive Officer (of Coldwater Creek) about 5 hours after I wrote the email. He apologized profusely for all the trouble I experienced when trying to order an item that was shown at two different prices on the Coldwater Creek website (of course, I wanted to buy at the lower price, but was refused that opportunity by several different order takers at the Coldwater Creek call center). He and I agreed on a solution, and he promised someone would call me the next morning.

At 5:58 p.m. on 9/17/18, I was contacted by Coldwater Creek's customer service manager who was letting me know details of the promises I received from the C. E. O. On the previous day. She said she would send me an email with the details.

Today (9/18/18), I received an email detailing everything she told me. I've been a Coldwater Creek customer for over 12 years, and, because they resolved my problem, I will happily continue to be their customer.

Just lost a 20 year customer
I have been a faithful customer of CWC, both of their brick and mortar and online shops. I've been waiting for my favorite coat to go on sale and today I placed an order for it, or at least tried to. I tried for over an hour to get the website to accept my new credit card and finally gave up and called "Customer Service" - and I do lose that term lightly. She told me there was nothing she could do to help me with the website and that I needed to email CWC with my new CC info! Are you kidding me? When I told her that was crazy she hung up - after I had waited for over 15 mins to place an order I had been trying to place online for an hour. So guess what CWC? You just lost a customer and a $250 sale because a rude, ignorant rep. No wonder you are going out of business - you just lost a faithful customer. I am blocking all of your ads and using your catalogues for my birdcage.

I ordered Christmas gifts from the CC catalogue on Dec 12th. Every item I ordered had the note beside them, "To receive by Christmas, order today". Which I did. I received an email which stated these items were shipped and on the way. After several days I tried to find out the status of my orders on line. I was told there were no such order numbers. So I called them only to find out that one article will not ship until Dec 26th, and the other package will not ship until Jan 1st. Outstanding CC! So now on 12/22 I get to go Christmas shopping for my wife, which I thought was complete! Thanks for the added stress CC. When your packages arrive I will get a free shipping label to return those items. What wonderful customer service you have. I will never purchase anything from you again. And if my friends don't know how terrible your customer service is, Coldwater Creek will find out from me.

Not happy
I ordered this dress to try as a possible mother of the bride dress. It was delivered on time. It was way too big and had scratchy sleeves. So, went about returning it. Read over the packing slip on how to do so and realized if the item is marked final sale, it cannot be returned. I had no idea! After sales tax, the dress was about $90. I would NEVER have ordered a dress to try had I know it was nonreturnable! I called to speak to a rep. She was nonplussed. I never saw anywhere while placing the order online where it said this and I told her so. I got back online as if I were purchasing it again to see if Coldwater Creek showed it couldn't be returned. They have a scrolling message in a dark red bar with tiny white letters that scrolls about 4 different messages. The message about final sales being nonreturnable is the very last one. By the time that one came around, I had already hit the purchase button. I never even saw it. I emailed them and nicely complained and said they should change it to a message in bold print that doesn't scroll, unless it's their goal to dupe customers. They never got back to me. So, I have this dress with tags on it that'll never be worn by me. I will not be buying from this company again. Very disappointed!

Unhappy with order by date then never get til 6 weeks later if I get
I am very unhappy with how new arrivals are advertising to order by a certain date and then 6 weeks later to be told out of stock and can't get any longer. I ordered as soon as the new item showed up and it said order now to receive item by a reasonable date. Then have the promised date to be changed several times and 6 to 8 weeks later be told not making item any longer. WHAT?! You tagged my account with a hold for payment and now it is past the time to even wear A spring sweater or blouses in my area and you are still extending the date out week by another week. And the clothes are expensive and put a lot of thought into my wardrobe from CCC as that Is my primary shopping place to be told that I can't have the items promised me when I ordered by the date you said to guarantee. And this has nothing to do with the latest virus as it has gone on like this for a year. Maybe your company thinks this way of doing business works for you but it doesn't work for me as all I wanted is the items I'm promised if I order by this certain date I will get my items. Too bad as I do like the quality and style of clothing but I WANT AND DEPENDED UPON WHAT IS PROMISED TO ME. AFTER ALL THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN REMAIN IN BUSINESS IS PEOPLE LIKE ME WHO SUPPORTTED YOU

If you love abysmal customer service - CC is your retailer.
I purchased a dress on-line on or about June 15 - unfortunately I needed to return it. I drove about 30 miles on a hot Sunday afternoon to return the item to the Burlington MA store. I expected to receive a credit to my debit card within a day or two - instead the sales person tells me CC is not processing any on-line purchases for two weeks as Coldwater Creek are "redoing" the system. Although the store had other options such as a cash refund at the store they just decided that customer service was unimportant - I did write to Sycamore Partners and of course received the "we had to make a hard decision" response - well my decision is easy absolutely no more purchases from this company. I would like to write to the company CEO David Walde but have been unable to locate an address. I hope the company fails again - they deserve to do so.

Poor quality.
Fifteen years ago, I shopped at Coldwater Creek frequently. Then I noticed that the quality of their goods began to lessen but their prices remained the same. In 2018, I bought 2 pairs of cords. I liked the look and fit and didn't notice any difference in the shipping time. Before the winter was over, the wales were wearing off! So, in 2019, I bought a different style and the same thing happened. And I'm not talking about just on the knees, but all over. When you read about corduroy, it's supposed to be a more durable fabric. These aren't durable by any stretch of the imagination. Now this is compared to a pair of cords I bought from them maybe ten years ago. On that pair the wales are still there, even on the knees. I don't see myself shopping with Coldwater Creek in the future. I have already found better alternatives where I don't have to pay as much.

Bad Business Processing
Update as of January 29,2020. I did receive my second refund so I did get my money returned. Thank you

I have purchased a lot of items from the company over the years but recently purchased 2 vests online. I meant to get 2 different colors and I order 2 in black by mistake. I called immediately to see if I could change the order and was on hold for 2 or 3 minutes. The customer service person was nice but said my order was already processed and I could not change it. The was on December 29. I never the received my order and when I checked online it stated that there was a package but no shipping information. I waited a few weeks and asked what was going on. Coldwater Creek replied they would refund my total amount as the package was shipped but got lost. Then I waited 5 business days and no refund and asked again about my refund. I did get a refund the amount for the vests but not for tax or shipping. I asked a third time and they agreed to refund the entire amount. They stated they don't normally refund shipping, but I don't think they ever shipped package. I also think I would have received a refund I had not asked about it. I am sorry that is a bad way to do business.

Overpriced clothing, Inconsistent sizing, and Horrible customer service - Goodbye and Good Riddance!
Last spring I placed a large order with Coldwater Creek (pre-Covid-19 lockdown). I received my order within about 10 days. Much to my disappointment, the items I ordered were not of a quality consistent with what I had paid for them... except for the items I bought on sale. Sizing among the items varied greatly, even though I ordered mostly the same sizes in everything. Returned about 8 of the 14 or more garments (some not returnable due to "final sale only") in two separate packages using the company's SurePost return labels. One package arrived for credit about 6 weeks later (I tracked it), but I had to call to get my credit processed. The other package stalled out in a town of about 15 miles away. Finally had to call to get that credit processed, too! Now I see that Coldwater Creek closed shortly after I received my last credit. Feel lucky to have gotten it at this point! Goodbye and good riddance!

Lousy customer service policies!
Absolutely SUCKS! I ordered a sweater in two sizes on August 10, because I wasn't certain which size would best fit based on past experience with this vendor. The first sweater did not arrive till more than a MONTH later -- and the other one still has not arrived, more than TWO MONTHS later. I called to check, because I was concerned about it -- wanting to be sure I could still return the first sweater if the second was the better fit, only to be told that Coldwater Creek start their clock running from the time you PLACE your order -- never mind the fact that they may not FILL it for more than THIRTY DAYS! Every bad review of thie vendor is 100% true! I'm returning the first sweater and have learned my lesson. Their clothes are too matronly anyway. I don't need the added aggravation of lousy customer service policies.

This is the review Coldwater Creek refused to publish
I loved these pants, but Coldwater Creek were way too big (in my usual size), so I sent them back requesting --on their exchange form-- a smaller size. When I heard nothing for 10 days, I called and was told they couldn't tell me if they'd received the pants, they couldn't tell me if they would replace the pants, because "that's the warehouse," and they wouldn't email me if they did... I would have to call or email them if I wanted information. I subsequently emailed twice asking if my return had been received and my pants would be replaced. No response. So I called, again, after waiting almost three weeks for the smaller pants. I was just told my purchase price had been credited to my credit card (it hasn't been) because that's what I requested. That is not what I requested. I wanted the pants. It still want the pants, but apparently can't have them. (He also told me I ordered by phone, when I actually ordered online.) Customer service is totally incompetent. I've bought Coldwater Creek clothes for decades, in stores when that was available, and online. Never again. And they were such pretty pants.

Non responsive Customer Service
The original Coldwater Creek used to be such a great company. Unfortunately, the people who bought the product rights are very poor at customer service. On May 8th I ordered two items for my mother for Mother's Day. When I placed the order, one of the items was listed as back ordered until May 24th. Then on May 25th I received an email saying it wouldn't ship until May 30th. I didn't think too much about this because Coldwater Creek were communicating what was going on. I emailed customer service twice in June (June 22nd, June 27th) and received no reply! In the mean time CWC continued to send catalogs showing the back ordered item like it was in stock and available! I finally called customer service. The representative seemed unconcerned that they had been non responsive to my emails and simply told me that the warehouse still had the order listed as in process and had not picked it up. When pressured the representative finally said the next possible date for this item was August 4th. All of this was pretty frustrating because I was basically being told nothing! I finally asked if they could contact the warehouse and find out what was going on with this item (something they should have offered). The representative acknowledged that a supervisor could do this and report back to me and I asked them to do this. We will see if they actually follow through on this. At this point I have no confidence that my mom will receive this item! I will update my review if I get a response.

PS. The website now has a message stating that it is undergoing a system upgrade and that details on items shipped, cancelled or returned prior to Friday, June 15th are no longer available. I was able to still find my order online but it now incorrectly lists the order date as June 27th (the date of my last email to customer service not responded to by them). Glad I kept the email I received when I placed my order.

What happened to this company? Customer Service deplorable
Both the line person who answered my call and the manager she turned the problem over to were bureaucratic, gave robotic answers which didn't make sense nor indicate that there was any sense of problem solving. Utter lack of curiosity displayed by both. I was ready to drop over $200 on their brand new catalog but wondered why one scarf did not register when I tried to order it. I was told Coldwater Creek were out even though the catalog just came out, and I told them that I didn't think that was the problem, there was another issue, the site itself didn't recognize the item number, as if it never existed. She actually indicated this was normal?! I suggested that if the item were truly backordered, why didn't the site recognize the item, and give the customer a message that it was either out of stock or backordered. This was for scarf #13489 off the brand new fall 2017 catalog. It was a genuine suggestion to a genuine problem, as no other retailer handles items this way. No help. No indication they were interested in bringing it to another level or solving the mystery. Nope. They were just waiting for the call to end. What dumbasses, I felt like I was talking to a soul less agency. I decided not to spend any money on the other items I was going to order. They used to be so awesome, so sad.

If I could leave zero stars I would!
I am deeply dissatisfied with the level of customer service provided at your company.

One week ago, I placed 2 items in my cart: a pair of earrings and a skirt, both of which were listed in your catalog that I had received the same day as the order.
Upon checkout, my size Medium skirt was suddenly showing a quantity of zero (how did it manage to be placed in the cart if I hadn't selected a quantity?!) I changed the quantity in the cart to one (1) and updated the cart. However, I did not notice that the system had also changed my size from a medium to an XS. I placed the order and realized immediately after placing the order that the size was now incorrect. I called the company immediately and, after 10 minutes of talking to the customer service representative (name not known), she finally cancelled my entire order upon my request. Initially, she would not cancel the order as she said orders can't be cancelled.
I find it hard to believe that an order placed one minute ago online cannot be cancelled! I asked her to please email me confirmation that the order was cancelled; she insisted that could not be done. I should have known that this was her way of telling me that she was lying to me regarding the order had been cancelled.

I emailed Customer Service the next day and asked them to please send me a confirmation of the order cancellation. I received an email saying THE ORDER HAD ALREADY BEEN SHIPPED! Now it is my responsibility to return the items received today, AND PAY FOR SHIPPING COSTS TO RETURN THE ITEM THAT I ASKED TO BE CANCELLED!

Now I understand why Coldwater Creek is going out of business: retail clothing businesses are difficult to stay profitable in today's online shopping world, but when a company LIES TO THEIR CUSTOMERS and makes the customers PAY FOR MISTAKES THAT WERE MADE BY THE COMPANY, it is apparent why companies such as Coldwater Creek will be out of business in the near future: I will never buy any items from this company again.

-A VERY Frustrated (Previous) Customer

No longer the same it once was
Customer for 25 years. The last few years the customer service is the worse. Coldwater Creek bill you the day you order it even if it is out of stock BUT they don't tell you it's out of stock at the time. So you wait a few weeks and call to ask where is the tracking number for my order and she says oh it out of stock for a month. I said can you cancel it and the rep says no the minute you hit the buy button (and get charged) you cannot cancel it's out of their hands. It's in the process. So I finally get it 2 months later and send it back with their return label. I turn it into the post office and they tell me they turn these packages over to a second party shipping company who never sent it to coldwater creek. So much for a tracking number! So after several calls I got my money back. I am 100% done with them. Too bad because their ponte pants were the best.

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