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I love this place
10dollarmall IS GREATTTT! I ordered a purse, shoes, a few bottoms, and a cardigan from them and I am SO GLAD I did. I'm not sure if the pics I added are showing on this review, but I wore suede tan heels with the tan, teal, and black pattern dress I got from them on date night with my husband and all I can say is that the outfit definitely did its job lol. ClothingUnder 10 are in America, so no, it is not a scam like sammydress where they are shipping you clothes that fit a 10 year old from China. This place is legit. I ordered on 5/12, received my stuff on 5/15... THREE DAYS FROM CALI TO GEORGIA FOR A BIG ORDER AND I PAID LIKE $6 FOR SHIPPING. AMAZING! It all arrived on my doorstep in a big box and two big white packages. It was like Christmas, I was excited and I'm 20 years old! The quality of the shoes is great. I purchased quite a few heels and two pairs of sandals. The heels and wedges I got are great quality, and easy to walk in which is a plus for me because I never was a fan of heels and ended up buying 7 pairs, and I LOVE each one lol. The dress I bought is obviously made from a durable material, not cheap at all. It surprised me but it does say on the website that they do not MAKE these clothes, they get them from retailers who no longer need them so you should not judge the quality of 10dollarmall if you DO get something bad, you should judge the company whose name is on the product, because they send you the clothes with the tags from the companies still on them. The sizes are true to fit, I was a bit worried because I'm 5'5'', have a small waist (25 in.), larger butt (size 9 or have to go up to 27-29 in waist labelled jeans to accommodate my butt) and large breasts (D's) that keep growing so I'm reluctant to buy clothes that I can't try on. But I followed the chart and everything fits, nothing is too tight (some things are a little roomy, IMO). If you read a review and something didn't fit a girl, she could've gotten something that wasn't true to size... ORRRR it is probably because she is lying to herself about how small she really is lmao... I found another website, that sells clothes for 5.99 or less and bought all my shirts from there which was a MISTAKE. I wrote a review on them as well. Next time, I will just buy everything from 10dollarmall, because the cost of shipping on ($20 for 8-12 business days for the same size order) coupled with the fact that it's a week later and they just shipped my order last night at 7 pm (AFTER I pointed out the fact that my order was being sent to Canada to their customer service) AND THESE TWO COMPANIES ARE IN THE SAME STATE, does not make any sense at all! DO NOT SHOP THERE. But enough about 599fashion... I did have an issue though, when I placed my order the first time, they put it on hold and kept it on hold even after I did what the verification email stated. When I called customer service, they COULD NOT tell me exactly why it was on hold, and told me to wait until the end of the day, it will be off hold and I need to make sure all my billing info is correct... my billing info was 100% correct and at the end of the day it was still on hold. The next day, I called to cancel my order and just re-ordered with PayPal (this way my order was not put on hold because PayPal guarantees your info is correct in their eyes, I guess). I think they put my order on hold because I was trying to spend over $300 the first time. Then I decided to spend half of my money at 599fashion because of that experience. Customer service gets a 1 star for being dumb. When it comes to ordering, make sure the amount of money you spend isn't too large (crazy, I know), all your billing info is correct, or you use PayPal so they don't hold your order! But everything besides customer service is great. Oh yeah, I changed my current purse to the purse I bought from here because it was bigger, roomier, and even cuter than that one. My purse is faux leather red and looks freakin' awesome. 10dollarmall can have aaaaaaaaall my money because I will continue to spend $150+ here! Keep being great, you guys!

I ordered around $400 worth of product from this site...
I ordered around $400 worth of product from this site in January and was only charged $17 for 3-5 day shipping which came right on time on the end of the fifth day. The package tracker I was linked to in the confirmation email was frozen in California up until it was delivered to my house; that in combination with the other reviews about orders never coming through on here had me worried. I ordered before I read reviews on here (I'm brilliant, obviously) but I was worried about how things would fit so I ordered the next size up - my logic was that I could always get it taken in if it was too big.

So: fast forward to arrival day. I came home to find a huge box on my porch. I think multiple boxes would have been easier given how many things I got, and the box was starting to rip through the packing tape from the weight. I can't list everything I got, because it was well over 30 items, but the quality varied from one item to the next. Most of the shirts are quite sheer, which wasn't how ClothingUnder 10 appeared in the pictures; some were a pleasant surprise and some were a let down. It's getting harder to find shirts with substance these days; I'm not really into the "sheer" look, as I enjoy not having to worry if my bra is showing through my top, but that's fashion for you I guess.

The fit was a bit tight in some of the things I bought. Two pairs of colored jeans, for example, made by the same company in the same size fit differently and more tightly than I was expecting from the size chat the site provided. Other things were a bit big but I worry about the gaps in sizes in ordering the next size down, especially for my body type (I'm relatively average everywhere but with a large chest) so I can deal with the loose fit. Additionally, I bought some makeup which is decent enough; the eyeliner pens are a big difficult to use, but the eyeshadow palettes were pretty awesome - 3 colors for so cheap, gotta love it. I also bought a bunch of shoes - mostly flats, but also two pairs of heels, and I have to say that they're all gorgeous. I do want to note that their faux-suede shoes tend to get dirty very quickly, and I've noticed that the bottoms of some seem fibrous, almost like a cloth bottom. Some of the garments came with many little threads hanging off but a quick clip with scissors takes care of that.

I will note that if you are washing anything, use the most delicate setting you can when both washing and drying, and try not to use hot water on any of them. They are fairly fragile feeling because the store does not use the best quality fabrics, and I had one of my shirts (a basic long-sleeved black button-down that was my favorite shirt to wear at work) shrink in the dryer because I dried it on regular heat with the rest of my work clothes.

I used my new purchases during a weekend away to visit friends. I got compliments all around on my outfits, felt adorable, pretty, and confident the whole weekend, and that's what I take away from this purchase. Overall a good experience, would buy from here again.

An Online Shopper’s Heaven
UPDATE 03/16/2017
I was VERY sad to see this company fall. ClothingUnder 10 stopped taking online orders in mid February 2016 and completely pulled the webstore offline on 2nd May 2016. Never saw a store like this before... I wonder if there will ever be another...? There are similar stores, but none quite like this was... is by far the BEST online discount clothing store I have come across to date. Not only does it sell GREAT QUALITY, ADORABLE CLOTHING, SHOES AND ACCESORIES at UNBELIEVEABLY LOW PRICES (all under $10), is also has great Customer Service.

This Shoppers Heaven is not just a store, but a whole online shopping experience, with social interaction on their websites forum, a personal profile with the ability to upload photos, befriend other shoppers, send private messages, review products and more. The site features an OUTSTANDING REWARDS SYSTEM, unheard of at any other online clothing store, which gives customers the opportunity to earn up to 15% OFF all purchases, while interacting with other fans and making new friends, on the website. But thats not all; as if that was not good enough, their facebook page often gives customers the opportunity to win FREE GIFT CARD GIVEAWAYS, for purchases on their website. And no, these giveaways are not fixed; because I have won quite a few and I have no affiliation with this company.

I became a customer three year ago and have created a completely new, quality, beautiful wardrobe, without breaking the bank. I cannot express enough, how EXTREMELY PLEASED I am with this company. As long as exists, thats where Ill be shopping.

Personally, I have had an AMAZING SHOPPING EXPERIENCE with and I HIGHLY RECOMEND it!

For photo samples of items I have purchased, check out my 10DollarMall profile:

I placed an order with TDM in early May for an event...
I placed an order with TDM in early May for an event at the end of the month. I waited patiently for about a week and a half for my package, at which time I was informed that FedEx has sent the order back to CA (from Virginia), because of a "bad address". Now, I've never had a problem with my address before, so I found this odd. I called and the company was quite nice about it, offering to reship to another address once ClothingUnder 10 received the package back. Well, that took about two weeks, at which point my event had already passed, but I still wanted the clothes. They shipped to my work address, and again, the package was returned for having another bad address, and the package was shipped back to CA again. I offered to give it one more try, and the people at TDM said they would ship it via USPS, since they had "recurring problems" with FexEx. Well, I got a call today saying that in order to send it again, they wanted me to pay the shipping costs a second time. I told them I thought that was ridiculous given how long I've been waiting and the multiple delivery attempts. Without offering any other solutions, I was told that I could cancel the order and get a refund. I was shocked that the company would be willing to lose a customer and future orders (which i had in the queue- over 150$ worth!) over a measly 5-8 dollars in shipping. I wont be using this company again, as there are plenty of places I can get cheap clothes that wont take a month to arrive. If your company has "recurring problems" with your shipper like TDM with FedEx, then maybe TDM should look into a new shipper! Facebook will confirm that others have this problem as well. Buyer beware.

Pretty Good!
I know this site has received a lot of mixed reviews. My experience with this site has been above average and I will continue to use this site for several reasons. First, the quality of their merchandise is good. I have purchased several (10+) sweaters for myself and my husband and all of them have been the heavy duty, thick, plush sweaters I expect to buy from a trendy higher end store. The sizes fit well for both me and my husband. I also purchased several pairs of shoes. ClothingUnder 10 were decent quality--very trendy and sturdy. The second reason I love this site is they offer fast, flat rate shipping! I pay $6.99 and have received all of my orders in 4 days or less. Lastly, I love the prices! Even though most items are only $10 they do have sales and the prices are even lower.

The only cons I've experienced shopping with this site is that one pair of shoes that were improperly sized (a half a size to small). Also, I accidentally ordered more than one particular item (which is very easy to do on this site). I checked out and then saw the mistake. However, this site does not allow you to modify an order once it has been placed--even before it ships-- like most sites. I immediately emailed and called the company so I could have the items removed from the order prior to shipping to avoid having to return the items. The items were shipped anyway and an email reply was sent post shipping.

Overall, this is a great site, with great prices, good quality merchandise, excellent shipping and average customer service.

I have ordered over $150 worth of items from this site.
I received 1 email to confirm the order was "submitted", promised i would get another with live tracking details however nothing there was nothing to follow it up with. I was given a useless tracking number and tracking site which "does not recognise my tracking details". Its been over 2 weeks since i placed the order and the money has been already been deducted from my account. ClothingUnder 10 WONT reply to my emails! And WONT return my calls!
Funny enough when I went to shop online from another site called -, I decided I would Google their location first (to check for shipping details etc) and SURPRISE, SURPRISE it is supposedly the EXACT same location as 10DollarMall... Coincidence? I think not! **THIS RANG WARNING BELLS!**

DIY Experiment: If you don't believe me click on this link ( which will direct you to the contact details of including their "location".
And then click on this link which will direct you the google search of that address. (https :// Com. Au/search? Q=3515+Main+St.+Suite+201+Chula+Vista%2C+CA+91911&oq=3515+Main+St.+Suite+201+Chu... 69i57.1151j0j8&sourceid=chrome&es_sm=93&ie=UTF-8)

->I rest my case...

Uality. Or I wasnt gonna get it, I just knew something was gonna be wrong. But I absolutely love every single thing that I got from here so far. My experience is wonderful. I ordered 10 dollar mall 2 days after I ordered from Ambiclubwear and I got it 4 days before I got my stuff from amiclub. I got this package extremely fast I think within 3 days and I really had low expectations because some of the reviews made me think that something was going to go wrong, either the clothes were going to be wrong or poor qUality. Or i wasn't going to get something but I received everything everything everything was a very good quality to me I also even ordered a shirt that I thought was too small and I just knew I was going to have to give it to my little sister but I didn't. Its a really good shirt I love it I love everything that I bought I would probably rather go to this site then I would even go to the mall because it's cheap it's good I got a pair of pants that look so good on me for $10 at the store is probably about 30 I love everything I bought I would recommend it to everybody that I know but I think I want to be selfish just keep it to myself just because it is such a good site everything is awesome I love everything! My whole experience with this site is wonderful right now. I'm about to shop now!

Well let me say I do believe you get what you pay for...
Well let me say I do believe you get what you pay for in most cases... and this is not exception. My advise would be to zoom in on the clothing and see the brand name Mudd is a good brand and good quality I was happy with that purchase... now ClothingUnder 10 are selling another brand called YumYum it runs about 1-2 sizes too small and the website says it is a perfect fit! So I tried to return the items... hey i have 365 days to do so good deal right... Wrong! I print off the return form expecting a lable also and i dont get one... so at first I was like how much could it really cost to ship a small box back... 15.00! Oh no are you serious?!?! I am only shipping 4 items back and I already spent 9.00 in shipping on top of the 90.00 in merchandise I bought. So I called the number and the rep advised me that the customer is responsible for all return shipping cost but she would make a 'ONE TIME EXCEPTION' and email me a return shipping label. Oh 'ONE TIME'? Okay so guess who wont be buying anything else. Just becarful with what you order the deals are good but you don't want to have to return anything!

I like this website so much that I even sign up to...
I like this website so much that I even sign up to receive email updates about what's on sale. I bought fancy jewelries: necklaces, earings and rings and was happy about. Some necklaces are are not very good, well ClothingUnder 10 are cheap, so you get what you paid for. If you lower your expectations you wont be disappointed. Why expect for gold, when you paid for copper? I wish I can show a photo of a ring for $1! It was on sale. It is so pretty I can sell it for $10 or even more! I gave it to my son's girl- friend and she was happy about it and told me she's gona wear it everyday! I also bought 2 cologne for my husband for father's day and he was so happy about it! He didn't know how much it was.
They sent me like a check list of all the stuff I was ordering in my email, then they sent me a printed checklist right in the package. I could say they are professional when doing business. I could have given it another star if they can add more selection of products to their website. Overall, I like this website and would continue shopping at their store..

I ordered a pair of shoes and a skirt from this website...
I ordered a pair of shoes and a skirt from this website and it took them 6 days to receive the order. Then ClothingUnder 10 ship it to somewhere within the state they reside in. I ordered these products on november 20th and it is december 11th and i still do not have my things. When i called to see what was wrong the lady on the phone seemed like she couldnt do anything right. I spelled my name for her slowly and when she reads it back to me she messed it all up to where it isnt readable or speakable. I live in Norfolk Virginia and when she said you reside in northport va, i almost lost it. It is right in front of you on the screen how can you get this wrong. I called them in the beginning of december and was told itll take 2 to 3 days for them to get the product back and 3 to 4 days to get to me. I just checked it and the last time it moved was the same day i called it. They still do not have my stuff. Im calling tomorrow to get my money back. I rather spend more or use another website. They dont know how to run a business!

I ordered 24 items from this site
I ordered 24 items from this site. Things for my son and myself. When I received a package a week and a half later it only contained 12 items and ClothingUnder 10 said I would have to take up the issue of my missing items with FedEx even though my missing items were not even on the packing slip meaning they NEVER SENT them to me in the first place. So irritated. I am missing over $100 in items and the first girl I talked to didn't even want to help me she acted like they had done nothing wrong. I am a single mom on a budget and that is why I ordered things from this site because they were inexpensive and I thought it was going to be cheaper, INSTEAD I am out $100 worth of stuff and they are going to "see what they can do about it". The supervisor Laura I talked to was most helpful but couldnt give me any answers as to when and if I will ever see any of my other stuff, she had to send my info along to someone above her. My advice is don't even bother ordering, you may never even see any of your stuff.

I purchased a pair of jeans, a dress shirt, 3 pairs...
I purchased a pair of jeans, a dress shirt, 3 pairs of briefs, and 6 pairs of Fila socks for my boyfriend for his birthday. I was really amazed by the quality of the jeans and dress shirt! The briefs kind of sucked though, but what can I expect? I was getting three pairs for under $10, so I should have known better. The only thing that annoyed me is ClothingUnder 10 didnt send me the socks, and in the invoice they just circled the socks... how am I supposed know what that means? But the good thing is I called and left a message and they called me the next day and refunded my money for the socks because they were out of stock (they really need to update their clothes sooner because they keep things on the site that are out of stock). So I think that their costumer service isn't that bad. This site is a good place to buy clothes, but look out for certain brands! Because there is some really good brands of clothes, but there is also some that won't last :( But... I was happy in the end.

Newbie here so not filling in profile just yet
Newbie here so not filling in profile just yet. I will give opinion of a site I found when looking for wholesale or discount clothing.
Womens, mens, childrens, clothing. Purses and jewelry, maybe more selections? I bought some tops for women. Delivery was no problem. Clothing I purchased was decent but not Macys or Kohls equvilent. More like KMart. What Ir eceived was 3 shirts and a purse. All but 1 item was $9.99, the other shirt was on sale $4.99! Happy with my tops. Also bought a purse, all are $9.99. The 1 I bought is cheaply made, however for the price it is okay with me. The site has phone number and I called with a few?'s and received courteous answers. If you arn't looking for designer labels or quality, will find good deals. Only problem I had was getting the right size. Some clothing in a medium as example, may run larger or smaller than you would think. Gives models measurement which doesn't help me much. If you want bargains, this store has them.

Great Quality Clothing
Well this is my second time ordering from 10DollarMall. I have to say that I was a bit worried ordering the second time because I read a bunch of reviews, some where bad then the majority were good reviews. So i had a big order it had 31 shirts in it, womens & mens, I placed the order and it was delivered right away, I had no problem with the order getting shipped out, that was great. When I received my packages I made sure everything was just as I had ordered it, and it was all perfect. The reviews that say the quality of the clothes isn't good is because you have to be careful what you order, you can clearly see what material each blouse is, therefore getting the ones made of good material. Everything I ordered came in the size I ordered it which was ALL SMALL. Besides one shirt came in Medium but it still fits okay. I will definitely tell my friends about this site, the clothes are great quality for the cheap price that you pay, Beautiful as well.

I looooooooooove 10 dollar mall!
I've been shopping online for about a year & I've only got 1 thing I wasn't happy with & that was due to a rip in a shirt, I buy everyone I know stuff from here & ClothingUnder 10 all LOVE IT! You litterally can get some expensive name brand stuff here but you don't know it until you get it & look it up. I bought a complete out fit head to toe & I mean under garments, shoes, purse, wallet & accessories all for under $30 because most was on sale for a couple dollars but no more then $6! (I'm a extreme diva) so this was unreal & the compliments never stopped from my friends & total strangers! Why pay more when you can look awsome for this price! :) also if you follow thier measurements then things should fit. I'm VERY curvy in my bust & hips with a smaller waist & I've not had a problem yet in sizing. I tell everyone about this place even if I don't know them, I should be thier spokeswoman I swear ;) HOW DID I LIVE BEFORE I FOUND THIS PLACE! :)

The absolute worst experience I ever had, DO NOT ORDER...
The absolute worst experience I ever had, DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. Their sizes were actually almost two sizes bigger than ClothingUnder 10 claimed to be and when I tried to return them, it was hell. At the post office I paid $13 to ship all my stuff back, I didn't wear any of them at all, and a couple weeks later I received all my items back in the mail. I called customer service and they said that the items "had strong smelling perfume on them" I don't wear perfume and the clothes smelt brand new. I explained that to them and asked to speak to someone in charge and they claimed no one was there at the time. My mom gave them an email address so that they would confirm on getting more in touch when someone was there and still no call and its been two months. Luckily I can regift most of the clothes. But I'm extremely disappointed. It's a scam that makes cheap clothing and looks nothing like the website.

I really wanted to like this site...
I really wanted to like this site... I ordered 2 pairs of jeans and got them 5 days later, so their shipping time was pretty good. Before I ordered, I measured my hips to make sure ClothingUnder 10 would fit. I measured the same as the model for both pairs, so I got the sizes they were wearing in the photos. I try them on, and they're WAY small. I read the size chart and measured... definitely not true to size. When I called the 800 number, I was told that I would have to pay to ship them back and pay for the right size to be shipped to me. Then she advised me, and I quote "I would keep them and give them as a gift."... That would be fantastic if I had money to buy people gifts with, but the whole reason I got them was to save money on something I really needed. For an online store, their return policy is pretty ridiculous. Money wasted... lesson learned.

I ordered two things from this site
I ordered two things from this site. I will give them credit that ClothingUnder 10 were prompt with shipping. I just had standard shipping and I received my order in three days. But I didn't like how the shirt I ordered had the tag removed. In place was a little piece of cardboard stating that due to the low prices they couldn't show the manufacturer. It was wrinkled and I put in wash. I tumbled dried it low heat for 15 mins and it still came out looking like a doll shirt. Maybe I didn't wash it properly but if I had a tag i would have known how to do the right way. They should at least include some care instructions if they remove the tags. And the jeans I bought were about as thin as paper. Good thing I bought them as part of Halloween custom that I only intend to wear once because that's about how long they'll last.

Texas Buyer
I spent $49 and some change on March 13,2015. I bought 5 items. It was delivered to me on March 25,2015. I picked the items up on the 26th of March. This was my first purchase and I ordered medium sizes. I am 5'7" and I weigh 150lbs.

The clothes fit fine. My bust is 36, waist 28, and hips 42. I was nervous to buy from them but before I purchased it the website did inform me that their shipping was in transition so I didn't mind waiting 13 days. It was also backed by Google, as soon as I made the purchase, Google contacted me informing me it would refund me my money if I did not receive my shipments.

I give it a 4 stars because the shipments did take 13 days, but the clothes I bought do fit true to size and ClothingUnder 10 look exactly like the pictures. I would recommend this site to anyone.

Well at first i was satisfied
Well at first i was satisfied. I paid for expedited shipping which is 3-5 buisness days. I was then told that it would take 3 buisness days before my order would even be processed, and then my 3-5 days would be effective. So i was really looking at 8 days before i would recieve my items after paying for expedited shipping. The customer service told me i was "an idiot if i thought i could cancel my order over something so petty". So i called my bank and had them cancel before it was processed. I then recieved an email from the company saying ClothingUnder 10 were going to try and charge me again because i had insufficiant funds. I had to block the company from my bank account to prevent them from charging. The customer service is awful, and the website is a scam.

I buy hundreds of dollars worth of clothing accessories and phenomenal boots weekly from 10dollarmall for years now! Not once was my order lost or ddamaged. Sometimes I mess up and buy shirts that aren't as cute on me as model but that's my bad. ClothingUnder 10 are so inexpensive I give them to friends I donate them to churches! People who complain should try and appreciate the fact that such an amazing store even exists! Everyone makes mistakes, even companies! Being a small business owner myself its hurtful when people write bad comments about you or your establishment! Its 10$ people suck it up appreciate the good and if you have an issue 10dollar mall is so responsive in complaints brought to their attention. Love love love 10dollar mall! Thank you!

Mother $#*!ing thief
10dollarmall my ass ClothingUnder 10 sure are some profetional thieves, i made a purchase on the 10 of february, was charge a total of 86 dollar, shiiping of internation shipping when my address is USA address, been trying to call them mf, i try emailing calling everyday everytie i email i get autorespond this bull $#*! have me so pist, if i could have find a way to get my refund it would have been nice, make matter worst they send me shipping number it was shipped on the 14 been tracking packing since then it has been 2 week and 4 day since shipping and i have not recieve my package until this mf day uuuuhhh WARNING DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SCAMING MF, they some thief, steal yah money dont sent yah $#*!. WARNING!

AMAZING! Literally one of the best online shopping websites out there. I ordered around $100 worth... and I'm in LOVE with every single piece!

The skinny jeans I ordered from them fit me perfectly- which is VERY rare for me. I have a tiny waist and curvvier hips, but I'm still a size 4. I can never find jeans that fit me perfectly, but offers jeans that are almost like ClothingUnder 10 were cutom made for me.

I've also washed everything multiple times, and the quality of the fabric holds up. The jeans are designer quality (amazing right?) and I get TONS of compliments.

BUY FROM THEM! The only bad thing I can say about this website is that they're highly addicting^.^

Feeling Left Out without
I introduced so many of my work mates to this website where ClothingUnder 10 could get quality items of clothing. Whilst they were getting used to it, it closed down. How disappointed and left out I left. My husband last order was some shorts pant that fitted him so good. His friends believed that he was lying when he told them where and how much he purchased these shorts from. I have small feet and is unable to purchased grown up shoes in my Country St. Lucia. 10dollarmall afforded me that opportunity. I am really, really missing their business. Please return. The link that we are being forwarded too is nothing like the 10dollarmall.

Disappointed and left out business woman.

I am young looking and thin... first off some items are geared towards teens such as bare midriff and short minis... the items i buy are a mixture of jeans. Longer skirts and dresses... blazers and cardigans! I love the fact that things look as ClothingUnder 10 do on the website and that the models stats are listed. At 5 feet 4 inches 129 pounds i know that an outfit on a 5 feet 9 inch gal will never look the same on me! They get frequent updates on everything and you can get handbags... makeup... guys and even kid's items here! Alot better than the other budget sites i go on to where the clothes are horrid and very cheaply made! Ps customer service is great here... also!

I ordered 5 items from this site. I received my items within the same week I ordered them and I used the cheapest shipping option. I accidentally put in the wrong zip code on my order and when I called in the lady over the phone was very nice and fixed the address quickly.The cloths I ordered were nice and pretty true to size (which I was kinda worried about). I am really happy with my purchase and will continue to order from this site and tell all my friends about it. The only bad thing was I tried to use my coupon and the prices kept going up when I added the shipment, but when you are only spending $10 per item you cant really complain.

My first time ordering from this site and I loved it!
My first time ordering from this site and I loved it! I just made another order from the today! I ordered 6 pairs of shoes. They're all true to size and true to their appearances. Good quality. I used paypal to pay and It arrived within 1-2 weeks!(It arrived on the exact due date ClothingUnder 10 gave me) I don't understand why people here are saying that the tracking number didn't work at all. Well actually, it didn't work within the first day but from then on and afterwards it worked perfectly fine! It arrived with FedEx. I definitely recommend! I didn't order anything else other than shoes, so... so far I only recommend buying shoes from here! :)

This is the one place I feel comfy shopping online
This is the one place I feel comfy shopping online. I've never had any issue with anything I bought. Quality is always good. Shipping is fast (fyi late shipping and barely any updates are due to usps not 10dollarmall). Some stuff may run small but if u ignorant people read the descriptions you would know to get a size up. And if ur sure about something why buy it and then bash the site. Plus the site offers paypal service so u dont have to use your credit or debit card information. Very grateful for this site because there are a ton of other sites that sells way more expensive stuff that doesnt look as good and poorer quality.

You had to be careful, but great for the price...
I just wish they'd either update the website and admit ClothingUnder 10 are out of business OR put an ETA on when they will be back on line and running. When I ordered, I had a much better success rate than on eBay. You had to be careful and read descriptions completely, typically order up at least one size because they were cheap clothes but overall it was positive enough that I would keep shopping there except, as others have said, the site has been in "park" for months, claiming it is under maintenance. With no sign of life, I want to order again but will wait for a while to make sure all if well IF they ever come back.

I order on Cyber Monday 12/2/13 was advertise would...
I order on Cyber Monday 12/2/13 was advertise would take 6 to 9 days. I called Mon 12/16/13. I gave my order number and customer service stated it was at San Bernardino Can on 12/5/13 so It should arrive in Orlando Fl no later then 12/19/13. I called on 12/19/13. Customer Servicetstated I was mis-inform. I had to count from 12/8/13. I said it arrived in Ca on 12/5/13. How can you count from after it arrived in Can. I ask for tracking number, she stated that she would email me, I stated is it still in Can, she said no its lost. I stated just cancel and refund my money. This was the worst experience ever.

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Description: Bargain apparel

Address: 3515 Main St Suite 201, Chula Vista, California, United States, 91911


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