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I ordered glasses. Clearly were cute and cheap cheap cheap! I was actually expecting I wouldn't be able to see out of them for some reason, but I can! I haven't gone to a place to have them fitted yet, so they have slipped off my face a few times, but they've not broken! That's probably luck. Maybe a lil craftsman ship. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. Some goon might write a poor review if he sees this and say, "I bought these because of the review that says they're unbreakable." Silly little billy.

Got some new glasses fast
I ordered some new glasses after my previous ones got scratched. Since my prescription was already on file I quickly browsed for frames that matches the dimensions I wanted and used the virtual try on feature with my phone. I'd love more choices for longer arm frames, but I found ones I liked, clicked order, and Clearly came through really quickly, even during quarantine times. The frames are great and look very trendy. Much more affordable than my local glasses store.

I don't want to leave a review
Bro for some reason they're making me write a review on CONTACTS but okay here it goes. I think they're great o can see again without my stupid glasses. Thanks for helping me not be blind? Idk what does one typically write in a review on contact lenses. Clearly came a few days late actually that's not good but that's probably due to the global pandemic so I'm not that mad about it and I only had to wait like 2 extra days

Thanks Clearly
I like the look & feel of my new glasses very much. Clearly did a fantastic job.

I originally had some challenges getting my prescription info in line - but Clearly support reps helped me resolve all my issues, very quickly. I did not have any issues with the delivery at all. Either. The glasses came in fine, the packaging looked great, and Clearly feel great.

Clearly services are exactly as advertised. I would highly recommend Clearly to anyone looking to purchase glasses online.

Two thumbs up!

Great glasses fast delivery
I got the clearly basics frames and, while Clearly don't feel as sturdy as more expensive brands, they are super cute and very comfortable. I clean them carefully and they've been great so far. It took my eyes a bit to get used to the new frames (eye strain) but it's levelled out and they are great now. I got the blue light filter and the anti-smudge coating and would buy those lens modifications again in the future.

Very Satisified
This was my first time ordering glasses online.
I dealt with a rep and ordered 2 pairs. When I initially received the order, I thought this was such a bad idea since Clearly hurt my eyes so badly.
I called customer service because I wanted to returned them. Upon review it was discovered that something went wrong with the prescription.
She helped me to return the first set and reorder correctly.
I just say the second attempt was great and I am very satisfied with my frame, prescription, fit and overall service.

Excellent Deal
This was my first time buying prescription glasses online. Needless to say, I was nervous, but have to confess, the process to choose, try (virtually) and order was surprisingly smooth and easy. I was also slightly anxious about the quality of the frames and lenses, not having "touched" and "felt" them in a store.
When the glasses arrived, very fast, I may add, I was impressed with the quality from and given the value for money, don't think I will go back to buying glasses the old way!

Good, but didn't ship right.
Quick and easy shopping for contacts, and there's always a coupon code for discounts. I come back every year for a year's supply.
I had one problem this time. Clearly offer a choice of shipping companies, specifically saying to choose Canada Post if you want it to get into an apartment building. I did that, but it was shipped through FedEx anyway, so I ended up with a delivery slip and having to go pick it up myself.

Amazing company
I usually get my contact lenses from Costco and its the cheapest I've seen. However, this summer I've been working so much I'd rather not go to Costco so I ordered from Clearly and it was extremely convenient. Clearly came straight to me I didn't have to go anywhere, they also arrived sooner than expected! Clearly sent a sample size pack of gummy bears which was cool but they contained gelatin and I'm vegan so I couldn't eat them. Overall the experience was nice. I would definitely order from them again if I'm too lazy to go buy them in person.
Edit: Clearly reached out to me and sent me some vegan gummies. This shows that they are willing to go above and beyond for customers!

I needed a new pair of glasses and with my insurance not renewing until January there is no way I could afford to replace my glasses for a second time this past year so I figured I would try and I will going this route from now on. The process is easy to use and super affordable. I went with super cheap frames just to hold over for now but I actually love them! With small kids easily replaced glasses is a huge advantage.

Great Prices and Selection
I'm really happy that I purchased my contacts with Clearly, instead of through my Optometrist. Great selection and prices! I should have bought the contacts that I usually where, but decided to go with a different kind, since Clearly were a better price. Turns out, the quality isn't as good, but that's not a reflection upon Clearly. I will DEFINITELY be ordering through Clearly again, and sticking with the usual brand. :)

It was great. The glasses fit perfectly. The instructions were a little overwhelming at first but it's because we knew nothing about ordering glasses. However with the help of the agents, all turned out excellent. Thank you. We are very satisfied. We had to return the first pair because we entered the numbers wrong. After some great coaching from the team at Clearly, the second pair was just perfect. We will order more soon.

Quick and correct!
My contacts arrived as expected and earlier than I expected. It was nice to try the coloured contacts but Clearly are very cloudy to see indoors. Outdoors in the light I assume my pupils contract small enough to see through the uncoloured centre. Indoors I find them very difficult to see with. However, they make pretty eyes for fun. My regular prescription with the regular blue finding tint are perfect.

Very happy!
I ordered 3 pairs of glasses and was shocked at the variety and how well priced Clearly were (I like a certain shape and nose pads). Received all 3, and super happy with all of them! I've ordered from other online places before and was always disappointed. The quality of Clearly frames is awesome, and I seriously have to decide which one I want to wear each day as I love all 3 of them! Definitely purchasing from here again!

Canada Post Failure
I am satisfied with the progressive lens glasses I received. When I reported the failed delivery of my order I was able to have a second pair sent to me without any further issues. It is unfortunate that Canada Post was unreliable in this instance but I do not hold Clearly responsible for the lost item. This was the first time I ordered glasses from and I will likely order from this company in the future.

Never again
Garbage business, said my package was going to be late after I ordered it. Clearly originally quoted like 1 week late. Did not arrive and I reached out to customer service after a month. Customer service said someone would be in touch with me about the status. No further contact from company. I then finally received my package a month later...

Garbage nonsense, can't believe you get away with running a company like this.

2nd order from clearly
Wonderful! I ordered one pair of sunglasses, and a pair of eyeglasses in a different frame. Clearly arrived quickly and I love both pairs! Prescription seems fine and frames are great quality. I used the try on feature and I'm so glad you brought the try-on back... I haven't used Clearly in the past few years because this feature had been dropped, and it's useless to try and buy glasses based only on measurements.

First order from clearly
Received my order of contacts earlier than expected, overall I am very satisfied with my experience. The fact that the free delivery is only after 99$ and contacts for 90 days are slightly cheaper than that mark is a little bit disappointing to me. I do understand that this is a way of having people order more items, but it is definitely frustrating. I will probably order again sometime later but there are definitely things related to delivery(that 99$ limit) that I would like to be different.

Wrong delivery service
I asked for Canada Post as my form of delivery as Clearly have access to my building. Unfortunately FedEx delivered instead and since they had no access they redirected the contacts to a facility about 45 minute drive from my residence. I do not drive and I live on a fixed income. I was fortunate to have found a ride after two weeks and was lucky enough they didn't send them back. Please use Canada Post in the future.

Thank you,
Gary Knight

Soooo Comfortable
I tried a trial pack and fell in love with this Brand.
Immediately I could feel the superior fit and comfort. I ordered a 90 pack as a result and haven't regretted it in any way.
I can wear these all day long without my eyes getting tired or irritated.
As I result, I wear now wear contacts more often; which is great for me, as I do a lot of outdoor activities where wearing eyeglasses is less than optimal.

Mostly pleased
I was very pleased with time delivery time, but not totally happy with the glasses. My previous pair had spring loaded arms, and I really wish I had ordered a pair with them. These are a little tight on me, plus i am having trouble getting them adjusted for me. I am scared to try and bend the nose pieces too much in case i break them. Is there some kind of directions on how to adjust them without breaking them?

First Order
Quite painless first order. Had lost my previous glasses so needed to get hold of my optometrist to get the frame measurements. Received the glasses quite promptly - the lenses are great though the frame is a bit of a sloppy fit (though Clearly are supposed to be the exact measurements from my previous glasses). Not a big problem as I only wear them when working on the computer. Will consider ordering again.

Speedy shipping, one faulty contact though
Ordering and shipping was a breeze. Strangely though, the first Right Eye contact I put in was extremely irritating straight out of the box. No visible tears/particles/dust, I made sure it was thoroughly clean in solution multiple times, but nothing worked. I was worried maybe something was wrong with my prescription. Finally opened a 2nd right eye lens to check and it fit just fine, no irritation. Bit of a costly let down but I hope the rest all work out fine.

Won't exchange product
Purchased contacts online, deliver time was quicker than expected.
Problem is I ordered the wrong ones, my mistake, ordered box of 90 (3 boxes of 30) for each eye. Didn't realize it until I put the first contacts in. Called Clearly and explained the situation. Clearly said no exchange on open boxes even though 4 of the boxes are unopened and they do sell contacts in orders of 30 Said they will give 15% off reorder, that's what I got on the original order. Their exchange policy is crap

Called needing contacts for my brothers wedding and thought that since I didn't have an account, I'd have to go through the whole process of putting in my prescription etc etc but as soon as I called my order and name was brought up as I was welcomed and the order was placed right away. I told the individual helping me over the phone of the urgency to get the contacts ASAP and she told me she'll get it done. 5 days later Clearly arrived, well before the wedding. I love clearly!

Eye glasses
I am pleased with my purchase and happy that buying glasses online, without actually trying them, actually worked out very well. The glasses arrived after aprox 2 weeks from the order. Clearly are nicer than in the picture, very light frame. It did take me some some to get used to the new prescription, but otherwise they are perfect. I saved a great deal in the frame and lenses and I very satisfied with the product.

Wonderful Pair of Glasses to Wear
I really love my brand new pair of Clearly Dauphin eyeglasses. Not only do the frames fit perfectly on my nose (thus, saving me the hassle of always having to push them back up when my previous pairs of glasses slid down my nose), but the Anti Fog Lenses are a real benefit whenever I have to wear a mask (due to COVID-19).

In sum, purchasing this particular pair of glasses was well worth the investment on my end (and, a real bargain at only $80 as well).

Very easy to order
It was very easy to order & came quickly. Within a couple of days of putting in my order I received a receipt that stated I could use it to claim through my insurance company. I filled out the claim & was reimbursed the next day. If I'd known it was this easy to order my contacts online I would have done it sooner. Saved nearly $40 doing it myself rather than going through the optometrist's office for the same thing.

R/X glasses and R/X sunglasses order.
Experience was good but I find that I'm going to have to return both pairs.
I find that the R/x is not agreeing with my eyes. And the glasses slip off my nose.
I've been getting chemotherapy since August and am slow on getting things done in between treatments. Hopefully I still have time.
I've always been very happy with my glasses ordered from you but I won't be able to reorder until sometime in the new year!

Derek Cardigan Maia-54
This is my first pair of glasses and I went into the store to try on a few pairs to see what style I liked. The person who was helping me was very charismatic and gave some helpful advice and was not pushy, which I really appreciated. Clearly also sanitized every single pair of glasses after customers tried them on. The glasses also came sturdily packaged and a little earlier than the estimated shipment time and they've been holding up well. Overall a great experience.

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Description: We have Canadian roots, Canadian hearts, and a true Canadian drive. Our story begins in Vancouver, in the year 2000. The first Canadian retailer to offer eyewear online, we’ve always been ahead of the curve and have since grown to become one of the biggest (and the best) providers of glasses, sunglasses, and contact lenses in the world. Today, we help people from the west coast of BC to the east coast of Australia get the eyewear they need to hit important deadlines, watch the sun set on the horizon, and see all the amazing things waiting just around the corner.

Address: 401 W Georgia St, Canada, V6B 5A1


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