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No chapped lips since using. Lips feel/look softer/fuller.
I learned about CityLips via an ad on Instagram. I had never felt like lip plumpness was a major issue for me, but I am 46 now, and any help I can get is appreciated. I decided to go for two tubes of clear gloss, which I apply religiously morning, night, and probably several more times throughout the day. I was born with pretty full lips, but CityLips has given my lips fantastic texture and fullness. Even in frigid NYC winter, I have had NO lip chapping since using this product. My lips feel soft, smooth, and I love the Ylang Ylang scent. I went back and bought two tubes of colored gloss. I think this is an excellent product, with no stinging or irritation unlike the drugstore plumpers.

Favorite Body Cream
I've used so many different body lotions and creams and butters, and CB's InvisiCrepe is my favorite. It makes my skin look and feel better than any other. It hydrates my skin, and it keeps it hydrated all day and all night (and sometimes all day again...). When I use this body cream, I don't suffer from dry skin or itching. And it absorbs quickly. I don't have to wait an hour to get dressed after moisturizing! And it does what it says: my skin looks less creepy, plumper, more youthful. The only things I would wish to improve is the sustainability of the packaging, and it's more expensive than my other body creams. That said, you often get what you pay forand this is a powerhouse body cream.

Invisible InvisiCrepe Body Balm
On May 28th I purchased 2 jars (5 oz. Each) of City Beauty InvisiCrepe Body Balm@$86.00 plus tax or $92.45. I was so happy to have found this product with it's glowing reviews. Oops that purchase was a huge mistake on my party and I know better! I have completely used both jars. I applied this cream twice daily on my thighs using a circular motion in an upward direction as indicated on the instruction card. I kept thinking that it would work soon; maybe when I use the second jar! What was I thinking?
My crepe skinned thighs look just like City Beauty did when I purchased this product or possibly worse!
I suggest you don't spend your money on this product, buy some extra groceries.

Save your money
I bought the lip plumper and the wrinkle filler. Neither work. The lip gloss plumper is just very thick and gooey lip gloss. That's all it really is. At first I thought the wrinkle filler might work? And if it did I was prepared to buy city beauty out. The directions say to keep dabbing until the wrinkle is fully covered and let dry before adding makeup. This is crap! First off it comes in a lotion like cream that is white. So does not blend in with my skin color. And to let it dry you woul wait forever because it takes forever to dry and when it finally does dry it leaves cracks in the wrinkles so quite obvious it's there. So you have to rub it in just like face cream. It fills nothing. Its face cream at it's best. So far I've tried 2 city beauty products and both failed to deliver what City Beauty promised. This is the most expensive lion gloss and fave cream I've ever purchased. I feel ripped off. I will not purchase anymore items from city beauty and will continue to look for a product that will do what it says it does. Believe me people. Dont waste your money.

Worst experience ever!
I ordered the lip plump, on 03/26 I received an email with a tracking number stating it was shipped. A week or so later, the tracking still said "label created". I contacted them, City Beauty said due to delays and the increase volume carriers were not updating scans (never heard or experienced this one before). I gave it the benefit of the doubt, waited another week, same thing. I contacted customer service again, got the same answer. I replied that 2 weeks to update the scan is a little too much. I was asked if I would like a replacement order, I answer yes please. On 04/06 I received an email stating that they placed a replacement order for me and I would be receiving another email with a shipping confirmation and a tracking number on the next couple days. A few days later, still no email, I contacted them. Got the same reply about delays on carriers. I emailed them again saying that I wanted an answer to where my order was. Until today, no answer, sent another email. The products might be the best in the world but I'm never ordering anything else from them.

Over charges
City Beauty deletes all their negative reviews on their IG and website so shoppers never know the truth. City Beauty charged me $35 for my first tube and my bank account had already been drafted before I could confirm my purchase. The next screen after choosing what I wanted offered a promotion 2 tubes for $50 and I fell for it. Turns out, I'd been charged an ADDITIONAL $50 totaling $85! Again, most online shopping sites give you the opportunity to REVIEW your shopping cart before just charging you. I requested a refund and they claim they already shipped my order not even a full day later, mind you I placed the order on a Saturday morning. They're asking me to go through a whole refund process therefore it'll take over a week to get my money back that I didn't even authorize. Never again!

Excellent product for re-hydrating your skin
I have always been a little skeptical about creams and lotions that say City Beauty will erase my crepe skin lines. I have also done a lot of research on many different lotions and "potions" LOL! But after reading about City Beauty products and what their InvisiCrepe Body Balm contained, and after putting shorts on this summer, I decided I would give this product a try. From the first time I slathered it on my legs, arms, and neck, I knew I was hooked. I had never, ever, felt the kind of silkiness and hydrating feeling from any lotion before. I am now on my second order, and I am definitely HOOKED! I feel like my skin cannot go without the hydration I feel when I apply it, and for many hours after that. And the Added Bonus is, my legs and arms and neck truly do look much better. I can tell it is making a difference. So THANK YOU, CITY BEAUTY, for your amazing product!

From thin and unhappy to thick and full!
I shy away from any type of injections or cosmetic enhancer where my face is altered so I was excited to give City Lips a try because it claimed to be a non invasive alternative to lip injections. I am pretty pleased with the product and will be buying it again. It actually does plump my lips up and it definitely does hydrate them. I did find it was a little hard to put color on top of the gooey clear City Lip product but if I lined my lips with a liner and used the clear on top of it then I got the color and lip enhancement I wanted. Over all I think the product probably hydrates more than it plumps but there is no stinging and really, no uncomfortable feeling at all.

InvisiCrepe Body Balm
I'm 60 years old and just in this last couple of years my skin has gotten dry and drier... i tried natural moisturizers like coconut oil and Vit-E, was already drinking lots of water but my skin was still dry, like a dessert. Then this last summer noticed my legs where getting creepey crape, Ughhh! A dermatologist recommended Eucerin... and said there was nothing i could do. Well... those words don't set good with me so i persisted in doing my "home work", reading about dry skin and so forth. I eventually ran into the City Beauty site, it was very educational and seemed to be a straight shooter regarding their products. I ordered the Crepe cream... 2 jars, still on my first one and have found that my skin feels so much better, looks better too! I don't have pictures of my legs. Lol. But hopefully will still convey that "This is good stuff"!

To all of you out there! I am from Australia and trusted this company by placing 1 order.
Not only was I charged 40% more than the advertised offer, City Beauty continued to withdraw regular amounts from my credit card by creating bogus orders that I had never requested and charging my credit card for unauthorised purchases costing me hundreds of dollars!

City Beauty tricks you when City Beauty send you the receipt where they sneaky include 3 jars per month in your receipt when you have never agreed to ordering further THREE JARS PER MONTH... Totally unrequested! Who or why would anyone agree to order such quantities! I never agreed to CityBeauty to any subscription that would enable them to charge my credit card on an ongoing basis without my authority! I just made ONE purchase!

Do not make any online purchases from this company, do not give them your credit card details... if you have already placed an order ensure to check your account and watch out for unauthorised charges. Unauthorised charges equate to fraudulent activity! I am very disappointed and furious as it creates so much distrust! Affecting many other honest online businesses! MAKE THEM STOP! I requested immediate refund... will post if I get refunded! URGGGGGG!

InvisiCrepe Body Balm
I don't like leaving reviews, but I love this product. Being a few months off 50, you always worry about wrinkles, thin saggy skin and a dull complexion etc. I have been using the InvisiCrepe Body Balm for approximately a month now. I have noticed my neck looks better, my skin is smoother, firmer and plumper. I have also been using it on my hands and arms. City Beauty look so much better, they do still have a way to go, but already the results are great.
I've been using a number of City Beauty products since the end of January this year, and all I can say is that I'm hooked. Yes, a true City Beauty junkie.
OK the products and shipping etc can become costly, but the quality and amount of product needed to use, completely counter balances it out. I've been using the same jar of InvisiCrepe Body Balm at least twice a day for about four to five weeks. The jar looks like I've hardly made a dent in it. You can't do better than that.!

It is the best ever.
I am 73 and have been through so much make up and lipstick and all cosmetics. Good lipgloss and sticky icky lipgloss, pink lipstick and red lipstick that burned my lips. City Lips is a real treat after all of the others I've tried. My mouth is small and has a scar on the bottom lip and another one on the top lip - the top not noticeable but the bottom has a keloid since I got it at 14 mos old, so I didn't think I was a candidate for fillers or needles and Botox and all that. I waited to long I think, my skin is so thin. But this product makes my lips pouty and lovely and helps with the little lines above. The first time and every time thereafter. It is moist, stays that way and really helps heal the lips. I want more!

It's worth the buy
I truly do like using this product! It actually works so great and I did have some doubts about it. I was thrilled to find that it helps a Iot! I think my only dislikes' per say are the smell (really just not very appetizing, at all) and just how sticky the gloss is (its impossible to wash off my hands if I have to clean off the applicator, its just rediculously sticky.)
My only true issue' is that I do not have an account I can login to is pause', skip the month', cancel', etc. It would be more convient than emailing my request, getting a reply asking for details, then I reply (I am replying to a totally different person who tend to email back making it obvious City Beauty have not read the previous emails), and then I have to email again in hopes I gave them all the information so I don't have to keep going back and forth! Its frustrating when I would rather just do it all myself.

Time Will Tell
I am a very active young 61 year old female. I have spent most of my life outdoors swimming, hiking, biking, running, as well as being a P. E. Teacher. With that said, my skin has seen a lot of sun, which has led to my crepe skin. I have tried every lotion, ate fruits and vegetables, and drank the water, but to no avail. So after reading the reviews about City Beauty, I decided to give it a honest try. Believe it or not, I am seeing results for the first time in my life! I feel better about wearing short sleeves again, but I am not confident with wearing shorts YET! I do wish the jars were bigger for the price, but as my mother always said... beautiful things come in small packages.

It Works
I'm not going to lie, this product actually works. I was very skeptical at first because I've ordered lip plumpers before and they're pretty much a crock of crap. My first use I was kind of like, "eh okay", but then I reread the instructions and saw that this is actually more like a treatment then just a one-time use item. So I began to use the product as instructed and notice a major difference. I already have pretty fleshy lips in the first place, but not only has this product given me a plumper pout but it's actually helped me respond better to some of my other less effective plumbers.

I definitely recommend this product, when used CORRECTLY. Don't expect your lips to come out looking like Kylie Jenner's suction device... but if you're looking for a little juicer pout, this is the product for you!

No plump lips here!
Thought I would give this lip plumping magic potion a try. City Beauty offered a 30 days money back policy. Nothing to lose right?! What I didn't expect at check out was nothing short of how deceiving add-on offer.
Here's my personal experience:
1.) ordered two with shipping at $78
2.) before committing to the order, another window popped up and asked if would considered three with free shipping for $88.
3.) However, that's not the case. A few days later, checking my Paypal statement, I actually paid $78 AND $88 for 5 freaking tubes!
4.) I called customer service- a complete waste of time.
5.) Received product, gave it a few days to see results of my new plump lips... sadly, No Results.
6.) Emailed customer service requesting return label- haven't heard back. Will call them and demand refund- if not, Paypal will make sure I get my money back one way or another.

"Beware of the offer at the end before placing your order".
I could have written the exact same complaint "Beware of their upselling tactics". If the risk of ruining their reputation is worth $34.99, what does that say about them? Exactly feel the same way, it was switch and bait and very very misleading. WHY would I order one at full price then two more at a sales price. That was the choice I thought I had. Now I am told I have to take both packages to the post office the same day it was delivered - hello, I work, in order to get a full refund. The hassle is on me to correct for their misleading sales tactics. Too bad since their product is amazing. But I don't do business this way or appreciate being misled. Looks like it's been going on a while since I noticed Melinda R.'s complaint is from July of last year. Pathetic.

I bought the City Beauty cream from City Beauty. After applying it on my face following their guidelines, I had a severe reaction the following day that made my neck, my face, and particularly around my eyes, swell badly, with bruises, pain and itching.
All this landed me to the emergency room at a Hospital in Walker, LA. The swollen, pain and itching lasted around 10 days.
The company ignored my request to compensate me for my inconvenience showing me a lack of compassion and understanding.
Think twice before buying this dangerous product and applying it to your face.

This is their address:

9361 Canoga Avenue,
CA 91311

When they're trying to make you buy, City Beauty promise the world. They offer free shipping, discounted rates and a grand 60 day money back guarantee. I wanted to like this product, but after only a week of use, my face was so dried out that I developed fine wrinkles on my cheeks. There were no noticeable effects at all on my sagging jowls after a week. I stopped using the cream because I didn't want to suffer the consequences of continued. I called customer service and was told that I had 2 options, either return the products and shoulder the cost of shipping, or keep the products and they will refund 40% of my money. Now tell me, is that a money back guarantee? Buyer beware.

InvisiCrepe Body Balm
I have only been using this for two weeks and I do believe it is actually making a difference in the appearance of my skin. After I ordered, it arrived in a timely manner. I was surprised that the containers were larger than I expected, which was nice! I put it on every day. The instructions were clear. The communication with the company was great and no problem. I ordered two of the InvisiCrepe Body Balm and hope that when I am done these two I can be sure it is helping my skin before I order more. I put it on my neck and legs. It feels very hydrating and my skin feels so smooth and seems to last all day. Even after a dip in the pool! Sorry, I don't have any photos.

What happened with InvisiCrepe
I have been using InvisaCrape since June 6th. I am using it on my arms and particularly on my upper thighs. I am 69 years old and I had noticed that I was experiencing the type of skin problems on my lower arms and upper thighs that this cream was supposed to treat. So I have been using it everyday since June 9th. I have to say that I have seen some difference in the appearance of my forearms and my upper thighs. Each area does not look so wrinkled. I am going to continue using this cream for at least another 5 months to determine if it will stay the same or that I will have results better than what I have had so far. I would love to see more improvement. I am gratified to see at least 60% improvement and those areas. I didn't expect this so soon. I am glad that I took the chance and bought the product. If City Beauty ask me 6 months from now how things are looking I would be glad to update.

I was skeptical!
Being in the beauty industry my whole life, I was very skeptical about another lip plumping product! As I fast approach my 60's yikes, my lips are getting smaller! I kept seeing Coty Beauty pop up on my FB page. So in a weak moment, I decided to try it ( 60 day money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose!) I received my package and immediately opened it. WOW, firstly the packaging was very impressive, then when I put it on, double WOW! I loved the feel of it on my dehydrated lips. It lasted on there for what seemed like forever! I applied more before going to bed, can I just say AMAZING! I woke up in the morning with the softest feeling lips! I looked in the mirror, and thought is this my imagination or do my lips look better? Well, all I can say is this product is absolutely awesome! Yes I highly recommend it! Yes I am ordering more and yes I am going to try the color ones too! Trust me you won't be disappointed, take the plunge and see how amazing your lips will feel and look!

This product actually does what it says it does!
I used this on one arm, to compare it with the other just to see if it did what it says it did. AMAZING. One time use I could see a difference and my skin felt moisturized and looked visibly smoother. My mom and I are using it (she is 91 and her arms are... typical... for a 91 year old.) She too is having an amazing change. Just because of that I went ahead and ordered the face lifter cream and the dark spot remover. City Beauty just arrived but I can see the lift already. This stuff is great! I have read reviews where it does not show up or shows up late... ours arrived in a good, timely manner so I do not know what happened to their orders. I am happy with my results.

Disappointed. Am seeking a refund. Defer from purchasing from this company.
I ordered this product in early April 2020. It arrived July 2020. I used it as directed. It has proved to be unsuccessful nor has it even lighten the dark spots as was advertised. See photos.
The advert says shipped within x days, That only means it might leave their premises within that time. It does not include the other two months in transit. The delay cannot be blamed on the covoid restrictions as I ordered and received a parcel from within a 4 weeks during that same time.
As the product doesn't work, I am seeking a refund. I have written to them with proof of purchase and photos. City Beauty advertised returning the product isn't necessary but I have offered to. Watch this space for outcome of my refund.

Order Receipt:

Order ID: 326467129
Date: Tue Apr 14 20:09:23 -0400 2020
Payment Type: Visa
Order Status: Accepted

(CBIDSC-2X) City Beauty Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector - 2 Bottles
$98.00 X 1 = $98.00
Product Total $98.00
Shipping (Standard USPS International) $9.95
Sales Tax $16.19
Grand Total $124.14

Before After

Great First Impression
I was very pleased to receive my products the other day. I ordered towards the end of June, and I live in Canada. I didn't expect it before August. It's that hat Canada customs at the border for a week. Every company's products are delivered later than expected due to Covid. It's not the fault of City Beauty.
People are so quick to call it a scam.
I ordered the Invisicrêpe Body Balm, Skin Perfecting Daily Veil and the City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss. After three days my lips look fuller with fewer upper lip lines. Both creams feel amazing! My skin feels great. So far I'm very pleased with everything. And by the way I'll be 77 in a few months. I will definitely be ordering again!

Fabulous Product
I purchased this a few weeks ago. After the first application, I felt a tingling for sure. I learned you don't need a lot to get eye catching results! Anyway I have had three people compliment my lips, asked if I'd had fillers and one even said it was impossible to take their eyes of my lips when we were talking! The lips wrinkling goes away. And I can't believe it. I tried lip plumping glosses when City Beauty can out-lots of burning but, for me, zero results. The hyaluronic (spelling) acid is the key. It's widely used in various facial products and has been proven to activate collagen and hold moisture in your skin. Lessens facial lines and it did that on my lips. It's pricey but SO WORTH IT

My two new favorite products
My sister had been raving about City Lips but I never gave much thought to ordering just a single lip item so I hesitated to check it out. Finally, I went to their site, found City Lips, ordered 3 and got a discount on another item with my purchase so I picked out the Hydro Mask. Omg can I tell you that mask is the single best at-home product I have ever used. It is my go-to birthday present for friends. I gave a box to my Mom and my mil for Mother's Day and City Beauty both LOVE it. In the meantime I've been getting emails from CB with all kinds of great home remedies (rice paper masks for brown spots) etc. I learned about the InvisiCrepe Balm in one of their emails and thought I'd give it a try. I'm hooked! I'd lather it on my entire body every day if I could afford it! Will definitely be back for more of it. My bday is coming up so I think I know what I'll be getting :)

Crepe skin NO MORE
I have tried endless creams and potions attempting to get rid of my crepe paper skin on my upper arms. I was ready to go under the knife when ads for City Beauty kept popping up on my IG feed. I'm so glad I decided to try this "one last product ". I even saved the box because I knew I was going to be sending it back. It took about 34 days (using twice a day) until my tissue paper was GONE. I noticed the softness immediately and the smell is amazing. I'm now experimenting with the loose skin on my upper thigh. I do workout regularly so this is added to my arsenal. There is a money back guarantee so don't be afraid to try it. But consistency is key and your efforts will be rewarded.

Whow! It really works!
Just like many women I try any product that I believe will make me look better, which makes me feel better, so I'm happier. So, of course I tried City Beauty when I read their claims. My big GREAT surprise came when after trying it for less than a week, it does what City Beauty say it will do. Even my doctor said he had to recheck his chart to see my age because he couldn't believe I was that age. He told me that whatever I'm doing to keep on doing it. People are amazed when I till them how old I am. Believe me when I tell you that City Beauty made a big difference to how I look and feel. I purchased and use Invisicrape for my arms and neck. I use Lip Matte and now my lipstick does not bleed because I don't have the little lip lines now. I'm going to try the other City Beauty products because of the good results I have received from the items I've already purchased. I have had women at the grocery store ask me what I use that I don't have wrinkles on my neck. I now need to work on my hands because the thin skin, brown spots and blue veins give my real age away.

My skin hasn't looked this youthful since my 20s!
I'm turning 45 in a few days and I've lost 70 lbs recently. I noticed my skin was looking old and less taut. My jowls started looking droopy, small wrinkles were appearing around my eyes and my laugh lines were more evident. No more fat filling out my face, so it was time to do something about it!
I gave this product a try and I saw results within a week! The more I used it, the better and more youthful my skin was becoming. My wrinkles dimished/faded, my jowls tightened, my skin smoothed out and became more glowy. People stop me and ask me why I look so rested and youthful!
I can't wait to turn 45, especially because I look like I'm in my twenties!
I highly recommend this product!

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