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This site has been a terrible experience of scammer...
This site has been a terrible experience of scammer after scammer and most everyone on here are from other countries. What a waste of money and time. To make matter worse after 4+ months I finally meet someone whom I am enjoying getting to know and my subscription expires.

I sent an email to customer service concerning my ability...
I sent an email to customer service concerning my ability to search for my perspective criteria. I got no response.

2. Better Search criteria: When you select age, there should be a box to input the preferred age range.

3. "Race" or Ethnicity is important for some who want to date within or around there chosen cultural, ethnic, or racial group. This is the freedom of choice in dating and praying for a mate. When you select the race, ethnicity, or cultural criteria, the result of the selection should be the only results view for that particular instance.
3. Searches for the "exact" selective country.

I find it really deceiving when you activate a profile...
I find it really deceiving when you activate a profile of someone who is not a paying customer. I came back just to take a look at who is currently on here and you re-activated my profile WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR MY SIGNING BACK UP! That is deceptive and unfair to the people who are on the sight and paying for full access! see my profile and believe that they are also communicating with someone who is active on the sight! It makes me wonder if the guys that I see are really there or not! Even so, I decided to try the sight for a few months, but almost didn't because I don't feel like there is any way to know if the guys that I am seeing profiles on are even participants on the sight! Why pay for that?

Loving the integrity of the site
I haven't had a chance to find out if this is a good site or not, but so far, it seems that the site and its owners are honestly trying to match Christians with other Christians. Plus, are tolerant of people who have been widowed such as myself so although we are less likely to be matched with a single (never married) Christian, we are more likely to meet 'born again' Christians is my guess.

Difficulties with Christian Cafe
Difficult to navigate, individuals shown are not from my part of the country or even province, unable to delete people who keep showing up as 100% match which are not the case at all. The matches are quite variable, not reliable, very frustrating to reply to a potential match due to erasing the reply if you navigate away from the page at all.

I haven't received a response as say 24-48 hours.

Sir John
Downloading pictures tricky. I'm not an IT guy so it took awhile

So I uploaded pics and I got an email saying have no pictures. This has been frustrating. I'll try again tonight

They just said they didn’t get pictures, that’s it. Maybe a phone call to walk me through it to see what I’m doing wrong?

The people are few on this site, mostly people from...
The people are few on this site, mostly people from other countries trying to move to the US. The owners of this site are deceitful, use terminology to confuse and scare a person from simply cancelling their card from being charged each month. They make it impossible to find where to even go to cancel auto-renew.

Sneaky Practice
Generally, I think the Christian Cafe is a good site - I think those who post profiles tend to be genuine Christians. My complaint is that automatically sign you up for auto-renewal payments without telling you. It is also not shown when you look at your settings - and it is very hard to find on their web site. This is supposedly a "Christian owned" company. Even secular web sites where I have an account plainly show whether I have auto-renewal for payments. I think the Christian Cafe is being purposefully sneaky about trying to take more money from you - BAD - VERY BAD!

Truly, I cannot give an objective opinion until after...
Truly, I cannot give an objective opinion until after I've had interaction with others on the website, but thank you for asking. SUGGESTION: Make it crystal clear whether or not, if a person joins mid month, would receive only a half month of service or a full 30 days. As I joined mid-month, I have no idea what my expiration date is, and that's a bit disconcerting.

Can't Give a Review Till I have had time to use it.
I can't really give you a good rating at all. Not yet! I have installed all my information and pictures, but I have not been able to experience looking, reading and searching at how the dynamics of this singles site is set up. I have no idea. Only recommending to ask me or any other new customer this question after have been on the site and tried it out for a week or two. Don't you think so? It's like you are asking after ordering a meal at a restaurant, how was the meal before it is even served. Correct?

This site has issues that some do not talk about like:
This site has issues that some do not talk about like:

1. Scammers (story from the ripoff report)

Date: Submitted: Friday, July 10,2009

Topic: Christian Cafe Online Dating Services International Dating schemes, Military dating scams

Reported By: — St. Petersburg, Florida

"I was contacted by a fellow I met online through C Cafe. Online. He told me I had to communicate through a satellite system that I had to participate in while he was in the military. Using the Name that Is real Ts2 on the company that is legit. I bought into it. I sent $560. In a cash receipt through Western Union oversees to England. No delivery of services was rendered. I contacted the original company, have no record of me of any purchase.
They are scamming probably hundreds of American Dollars from these women, Like myself who are dumb enough to send with out check the fidelity of the company first. I would like to help catch these scum balls out of there evil international tricks. First we got to get the person out of the way. Help I am in the middle of a scam artist wanting more money... I will not give any more money for sure. I have been Scammed!

St. Petersburg,, Florida

2. Bias (complaint from the complaints board)

Topic: Discrimination Disgrace, Christian Cafe, Ottawa, Ontario

Author: The Exposer-Revealer

Date: Posted: 2011-10-07

"It is an absolute shame and a disgrace when one has to write about a Christian site that is supposed to be a hallmark for christian equity and equality in this secular world but the time has come for its disgrace to be exposed.

This site falls far below the standards of what a christian ought to be in terms of impartiality and fairness. On the site there may be many members composed of other ethnic compositions that of course are found on the testimonial section of the site.

However when it comes to the homepage section or introductory section of the site none are there to be found. Imagine a christian site that is supposed to talk about brotherhood and sisterhood but cannot even practice it even on its own homepage in terms of ethnic equality.

What a shame and what a disgrace and Christ right now must be so ashamed and displeased! It therefore is indirectly saying that brothers and sisters of other races are good for some distant corner on the site but they are not good enough for the foremost part of the site which is its own homepage.

What an unchristian thing to do and what an unBiblical thing to do. This flies in the face of what the Bible says about equality (I Corinthians 3:8, Galatians 3:26-28, Romans 10:11-12, Romans 3:21-22, Colossians 3:11, Acts 15:6-9) in terms of its own standard of Biblical ethics

This christian site may come up with some "loophole" lame excuse to "challenge" this but any time you challenge clear Biblical precedent for equality set in the Bible with some inferior challenge you are nothing more than a compromiser and lukewarm and you stop being impartial and start being Partial in your practices as the Bible clearly forbids (James 2:1-4). In other words you are very disobedient and rebellious to the very Bible you claim to uphold and stand for!

Compromise when it comes to christian equality should never stood for and any site that attaches the name christian to its site and says that it is a supporter of Christ but compromises on this core Biblical principle should be outrightly condemned!"

This Christian site needs I think to conduct itself in a better way or be closed down.

Site not available in your region
It happens so often that i am forced to write this review. It keeps on saying that site not available in your area but we have some great offer(which actually is to join some other website owned by them) want that a member joins and pays for two sites owned by them and this happens most of the times i try to login. I didn't expect that from someone who runs a site with a Christian name. I wont ever be a member of this site again.

I find online dating difficult
I find online dating difficult. A lot of the cues from social interaction are missing. A wink or a smile are rarely enough and a carefully written short introduction often goes un-acknowledged. I've heard different opinions on building a profile: very basic dont give too much info so can get to know you gradually to be thorough so they don't waste your time if they wouldn't be interested.

I remember when this site was affordable, nearly all...
I remember when this site was affordable, nearly all things could be done for free. Now it's all about money. It's disgusting. And it doesn't even have that many born again Believers on it looking. So why charge so much? And don't tell me "A year is only $100; it's the best deal!) because nobody wants to be on here for a year. The brief "2 day FREE gifts" are only meant to get you talking to someone long enough to have to pay. I remember when even when you didn't pay you could see who messaged you. Now everything is hidden to force you to pay. So gross. So unChristian. This is becoming more and more like fake Christian Mingle all the time.

Good for the most part but I would like to be totally...
Good for the most part but I would like to be totally anonymous because I know exactly who and what I'm seeking in a Christian sister/woman. I don't want anyone contacting me, for their own good, that I haven't initially sent a message to. It's not that I don't love my Christian sisters/women, it's because of height and their personal relationship with our Lord JESUS CHRIST And HIS WORDS.

Hi So
Hi So,

A few things I am noticing that are concerning to me:

1) If I state that I am a female Christian why does the option Female Christian show up for me as an option to see if are online? The females should not be able to choose females that are NOT biblical.
2) Every time I specifically select my criteria in what I desire in my future husband, there are never any results. I constantly chose states that are close by and yet I am given a mixed basket of men from other countries instead of specifically from the states I checked for location.
3) I am only interested in men with a certain age bracket which is from 36-40 and they must be caucasian (white men). I can never just get what I asked for, other ethnicities are thrown into my search, which is equally frustrating.

This is only my 4th day using this and I am already frustrated. If you all would make the necessary changes to the major problems I have noticed early on, this would be a great turnout.

Site Review so far
I would like the option to delete the highlighted members you have selected for me. I breeze by that page because it is not relevant without options or updates. I do not like the location options, its much to rigid. I would like to meet Christian men in my state, not my region and certainly not around the world. I feel like it is forced upon me and the search option is much much to broad and irrelevant. I get tired scrolling through the entire list and log out after a few scrolls. Its not easy on the eyes and a bit frustrating. That should be my option not yours. I do not want to see profile with no photos, those profiles should be removed from option to view until post a photo. Please be selective about the profile photos. Some of not very good shots with many people in the photo, I do not know who I am talking to. I appreciate the fast customer service and quick answers to my set up and concerns. I believe this app has alot of potential is the distance option can be fixed. Thank you for the opportunity to provide you my feedback.

Very quick, informative and professional. I felt they had my best interest and that is very important to me when dealing with people.

I like that your site has questions that allow and...
I like that your site has questions that allow and bring out the spiritual side of people, unlike secular sites. I stopped using secular sites for this reason. If there ever was a person of real faith out there, you could never find them. I have only been here a few days, but have met several women that are interesting to me. It's not all glamor and fake, but real people, for the most part.

I have only had the membership for a few days. I hesitated joining because it's expensive and the discount of $5.00 is a poor discount. I am paying in u.s. dollars. I have no intentions of moving out of my City at my age, when my family that I have left lives nearby and we need each other. However, I thought I would take a chance and see if there would be an interest in someone within my area. There is one gentleman that I felt I would really like to connect with and see that he had viewed my profile but was last on line Dec 6 I believe it was. I have tried sending messages but because he is not a paying member it seems useless and hopeless. Some sites allow you to pay a little extra and you can send someone who is not a member an email and are allowed to respond. It's like a game on this site. Maybe you could make some improvements in that area so that people do have hope of connecting with someone they are interested in. Not just hope that before your time runs out that- that person gets a membership. Remember, it shouldn't be all about disappointments and luck if that person is not a member.

The No. 1 International Bible( Christian) Dating Directory
I am happy being a member of this dating site because most of the members are genuine born again Christians. The profile pictures of the members are decent ones reflecting the Christian faith compared to other Christian dating sites. When I see a member dress like non Christians in a dating site, it disturbs my spirits and I quickly move to the next profile.

Good prompts
The prompts are a good place to share your background, but most importantly your faith story. It's challenging in other sites to know whether or not someone is truly a follower of Jesus or just nominally labels he/she as Christian. So far I haven't had any negative experiences with the members & everyone has been respectful. The only draw back is that not many people seem to be familiar with this platform in Kentucky where I live. Leaving mostly long distance options which is not ideal or my preference. Also, there are many inactive profiles or not even filled out. Don't know if there's an option to get those deactivated after a certain period of time.

It really hasn't been a good one but not because of...
It really hasn't been a good one but not because of your website. The Christian women that are educated from a secular or worldly institution don't seem to know how to relate to me as a fellow born again, John 3:3, We are even suppose to love even our enemies, Matt 5:44; how much more the Brethren? Of course, that's why I see the same faces on this site and it's sad for them. We shouldn't expect our Lord GODS' Favor and blessings if we don't live by HIS WORDS.

I like how you encourage Christians to be their utmost...
I like how you encourage Christians to be their utmost for His highest while on this site. I wish there were more men, however, who are laid down lovers of Jesus in my age group. Can you please tell me if I am missing something in how to connect with them? So far, only 2 have come up -

Thank you Christian Cafe
Thank you Christian Cafe. I had been out of the dating arena for nearly 18 years as that is how long I have been with my wife. One year dating and nearly 17 years of happy marriage. Now that she is gone I realize that I may need to meet another sweet, kind, intelligent and beautiful woman. I have had so many contacts that my confidence level has gone up through the sky. This is the place to meet single, beautiful christian ladies.

1. I would like to be able to search BY COUNTRY.
2. I suspect many of the profiles are of former members, because many of my sent emails are never even read.
3. It would be good to have a gentle way to indicate "Thank you but I'm not feeling the chemistry!"- and stop further interaction

Okay, It is mostly that men don't seem to realize...
Okay, It is mostly that men don't seem to realize that only a wink is not communication. And other issues that it would be good for them to receive some training on how to present themselves as a man. I do this, work with Christian men ( and women) to help prepare them for a future healthy happy marriage relationship.

No instance messaging.The system needs to be more easy...
No instance messaging.The system needs to be more easy to use.
For instance on going mail received doesn't show time only previous message will.One needs to know the exact time message was sent.
Not sure also if you using US times for everyone.Its difficult people like me who is the UK.

I'm still learning how it works
I'm still learning how it works. There are some things I wish were different (already gave feedback :)- -control of what info is shared like city location and birthdate. I realize I can put a fake one, but I'd prefer that being optional. Also wish I could restrict who can see my profile (certain age ranges, specific criteria).

The site design it alright
The site design it alright. It's terrible not being able to see anything without paying. I'm paying over $100 on a gamble that one message might pan out, because paying $40 for only a month seems nonsensical to me. Please enable *some* measure of vetting before the paywall.

Meeting people the easy way
Billing was easy and the price was appealing as compared with other similar sites. I like that once a contact is made the contact remains in your contact list until you actually delete them. I have been on another site where contacts will automatically disappear without any notice. I could never understand why this would happen, but it is frustrating, Christian Cafe is not like that and I really appreciate that.

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Description: is a leading online dating service that specializes in connecting Christian singles seeking for long-term relationships. Found in 1999, so it can be said to be one of the earlier Christian dating site exclusive for Christian daters. It is a Christian religious organization and ministry serving a Christian market, based on Biblical beliefs and teachings.

Christian singles visitors can connect with others as soon as they create a simple profile, after responding to several multiple-choice questions, as well as written questions. By creating a profile, the user receives a generous 10 day FREE trial period (7 days for joining, 3 more for posting photos), where they have the opportunity to participate at no cost to them for the full 10 days.

Address: 128 Banchory Crescent, Canada, K2K


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