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Scam! Scam! Scam!
Ordered boots December 7, 2022 with promised delivery date of December 17, 2022. When didn't arrive, requested refund. Service rep Kiki claimed mailed on December 8, and provided a bogus tracking number. Continued to repeatedly request refund or proof of mailing. Next rep was named Winky, who claimed USPS was notified to deliver order. It is now January 19, 2023, no boots and no refund. Filed complaint with Attorney General claiming fraudulent and deceptive business practices. DO NOT DEAL WITH THESE FRAUDSTERS!

Cheap Products
Customer service was not corporative, ChicMe were very hard to work with. I spent a lot of money and they argued with me over returning an item that was the wrong item sent. They charged me 15.00 to mail it back and I still have not received an exchange, honestly do not believe I will. I'm out $52.00 already. Very disappointed with the quality of the material and customer service has a lot of issues. I do not recommend purchasing from ChicMe.

It took two days for a response, and when I did get communication they argued with me about my problem. I order a lot of clothes online and have never had a problem until I ordered from ChicMe. I put a medium jacket in my cart and I was sent a small, when I inquired they said it was my fault and I had to pay 15.00 to return it and I still have not received my exchange. ChicMe customer service does not have the consumers best interest at heart. I have spent a lot of money with your company. It would have been in your best interest to satisfy me because you have lost a very good customer.

Awful quality, 3 months delivery and horrible service!
I ordered 2 dresses from Chicn ME in the beginning of October 2018, and definitely It was my first and last experience with that company!
The first dress I received in the end of November and it was very chip quality, not as in picture, I wouldnt buy it in a store for sure! I was very disappointed...
But the 2 dress I didnt receive even for 3.5 months waiting and even now in December! Company doesn't want to return money back as asked me "wait patiently". I planed to wear dress on Christmas party but I still dont have it, and frankly speaking, Im not sure how it will look like, after seeing terrible quality of the first one...

Dont recommend trust their pictures and deal with this company at all! Save your time and energy!

I went to order online because ChicMe had sale for basically everything, before I check out or use any type of discount, it says my total cost will be 171.89 BEFORE CHECKOUT so I goto check out and it said the total cost is now $380 something (which I calculated is ALL the items without the discount sale pricing) I enter the discount code and what do you know, it's 171.89 when that should've been the total cost to begin with and the discount code should have made its 94$. I tried contacting chic me for them to only ask the same questions over and over, saying that was the item total when I explained before checkout it said 171.89. They argued with me and when I pointed out, they were actually NOT using the discounting/having mark down price on the items and making the price regular price (ex: $50 shoes on sale for $14, they were actually charging the $50. ON EVERY ITEM THEY DID THIS) I called them out for it and they ended the chat with me and then I tried to reconnect the chat to only be ignored and the same with calling the number.


BAD BAD Customer Service RETURN on mistake by ChicMe
I ordered two swimsuits in two different colors one was blue and one was yellow ChicMe sent me two yellow bathing suit I asked to return the yellow swimsuit but they said Customerservice stated they don't do returns on bathing suits, I only took them out of the package to look at them to see how pretty they were then I realize I had two of the same colors so contacting the store or customer service I told them that I wanted to send one back and they were to send me the blue suit which I never got and the only thing they had to offer me was 30% on my card that's a joke so if you order some thing make sure that they will take it back or return I told them The mistake was on their end and they should honor their mistake and send me a new blue suit they had nothing to offer but an apology I told them I should not bear the brunt of their mistake nothing but an apology I'll never order from them I get they have beautiful stuff but do you know what if somebody can't read what I don't know the color words is the problem

Do NOT waste your time with this awful company. I ordered a size small dress that should come down my my mid thigh, when I got them, it was HUGE, disgusting material that felt like a bin bag, was extremely see through, and came down to my shins. Clearly a completely different dress to what the model on the site was wearing. I contacted customer service regarding a refund, I got told a few days later that if I paid for the postage to ship them back to China, then ChicMe could give me 20% off of my next purchase. If I paid £5 for the dress (which is much more than what it's worth) then I wouldn't be as mad, but I paid £23 for what I thought was a good quality dress and now I'm not getting that money back. Screw this company, don't ever buy from them.

I ordered a dress for a NYE celebration on December 17th. On December 19th I received a followup email stating my order had been shipped. For an entire week I kept tracking my package and FEDEX kept relaying to me " PENDING ESTIMATED DELIVERY DATE". I just checked it again today after reaching out to chicme and it states my package was just shipped yesterday and will not arrive until January 4th. I now have to go out and spend more money just to find a new outfit for NYE. Smh. This company is misleading their customers by having them believe there packages are coming from the United States, when its actually coming from China. I will definitely NEVER USE THIS COMPANY AGAIN!

I ordered clothing over a month ago that still have not been shipped! I contacted customer service and ChicMe BLATANTLY lied and said my item was shipped its been a week and like all my other orders from this SCAM site they have created the label for shipping but have not handed the package off to the mail. I contacted them again almost a week ago and there is no response and no package. If I would have known it takes OVER 6 WEEKS to get my order I would have not ordered! By the time we get the clothes we ordered they will be so out of style and out of taste! But the absolute audacity not to even reply to the customer? NEVER EVER AGAIN will I order from HERE!

I have never been so disgusted by a purchase. ChicMe nail you with no returns on lingerie, swimsuits, etc. and obscene return freight charges. The materials are cheap, the stitching is sloppy, the lingerie/swimsuits do not come with liners so you cannot know if they are actually brand-new since everything comes in plastic envelopes with a sticky seal. They are the epitome of false advertising. The pictures are gorgeous, probably ripped-off of someone else's site or stock photography like Getty images... The only reason to buy from here is if you want a 1x use halloween costume. Even then, better off paying $5 more on amazon since they have some buyer protections in place. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!

Horrible Service
My order (I paid about $25) arrived 1 week later than expected and not only was it way too big but also very different than on the pictures. I asked for a refund and got told that I could have $5 and a 40% off coupon. I ended up not even getting the $5 because ChicMe said that that was a wrong information and I could only get a $5 coupon which would expire within a month. The person answering for customer service changed every time and obviously didn't read the previous messages. I was really disappointed and since I won't order anything else from chicme, the only possibility for me was to either keep the order or senf it back to China and to get a refund, while I would've had to pay the shipping which is very expensive. I ended up keeping the order.

Don't order here
I orders a dress 7/12/19 for an event happening on 7/26/19, before I purchase my product I chatted with customer service, asking if ChicMe can expedite shipping and of course I will pay extra and ask will it be possible to get this dress before 7/26/19, they said yes we will notify our carries tobget that out ASAP, so I got confirmation and devoted to order, couples day went past I didn't get any notification or tracking number, so I reached out again, mind you this place is in China, so our morning is their night! She(lex) finally gave me a tracking number, after several days of the tracking not being updated, I get an update and the dress was to be delivered 8/3/19, a whole week after the event, finding that out the day before I had to scramble for another dress which! I just got the dress and to return it would be more than I got it did, I will never shop at this place again, if you do shop here go through amazon to get you 2 day shipping. Chicme is the worst never again please don't do it and the quality is not the same as the pictures

I placed an order on February 7,2020. When I had not received it 3weeks later I tracked the item. It was still in the warehouse. I was confused and contacted customer service. I recieved an email stating that the item is popular and she would get it out ASAP. I responded when can I expect the item which she responded it would be 5 to 10 business day to process and up to 20 to deliver. How is that ASAP. I ordered the outfit for my birthday part which is March 21st and it will not make in time despite ordering well in advance. I am really upset that ChicMe didn't reach out to me and let me know the item was going to be significantly delayed. I will not be using this site again very unreliable and poor customer service!

Do not buy anything from them. Nothing is like the picture!
Omg the cheapest fabric and poorest workmanship ever! I would not want anything from CHIC ME even for free! ChicMe try over and over to make offers for discounts instead of refunding your money. Here are photos of the dress ordered on their website and what I actually received. Do not waste your money! They are scamming people and making money by not refunding folks for INCORRECT/MISREPRESENTED ITEMS! Check out the pictures and take a good look at the design and fabric. They sent me a cheap, poorly designed, badly sewn totally different dress and they have the nerve not to want to give me a refund. Terrible product and terrible customer service!

Very upset
I placed my order April 27th and wow ChicMe finally shipped may 5th, how funny may 9th still in Shanghai, To me this company is ripping people off, If they didn't have product then they shouldn't bill people until they do, I will never be ordering from here again, I think I have been scammed, almost two weeks and still in Shanghai, this is not right, if I knew it was going to take this long I would have cxled my order and ordered else where, NOT HAPPY WITH THIS COMPANY AT ALL, and what is really upsetting no contact to even know it hadn't shipped till may 5th and tracking order still in Shanghai, go figure, NOT THE WAY TO RUN A BUSINESS not contacting people that order and taking there money before items even shipped...

Do not buy from this site
The pictures are deceiving, the products look NOTHING like the pictures, and the customer service is crap. ChicMe weren't happy that I wanted to refund because the product didn't look like the pictures. I sent them an email and had an argument for a while, and I was so disappointed in how poorly they manage customer dissatisfaction. After several disputes, I saw that the offer they made was ONLY beneficial to them, so I just decided to just keep the product myself. They said I will get a "discount" for my next purchase, but didn't even give me a code. I found out that it was the discount that the site was already having. But this is just a "discount" to deceive customers into thinking that they are having one, but actually isn't. After this, I was SPEECHLESS. I would never want anyone else to experience such unpleasantness.
I'm very surprised how there's 5/5 ratings here. What I think about this company is the complete opposite.

Avid internet shopper and I've never had a worse experience
Purchased 3 items from this store and ChicMe posted each item separately. It's been a good month and I only received the second item today. Quality is VERY poor - bought an off the shoulder dress and the arms are ridiculous and barely connected to the dress! Each time I've contacted them, they sent back a generic reply each time telling me to be patient. I would not recommend this store and feel they should be shut down. What they are doing is false advertising with quality looking images and poor quality product. Their website is well designed which makes it a trap. Don't be fooled by the images and prices. Sizing on the site isn't at all accurate - one of my items was a little too small and I went up a size in that and the other is slightly loose but wearable.
In short - don't waste your money.

If I could say one sentence, I would say DON'T SHOP WITH THEM
Never again am I shopping from a random online brand that I never shopped with before. I should have known when all of their pictures are of random people who don't model for them. I needed new black heels, found some on their site and spent $30.24 for them.

A month later, I received them. Take a look at the photos below, you can see the inside strap peeling off already. I didn't even bother trying them on because I wanted to return them.

So, I contacted customer service and sent them 2 photos of the shoes. Since then, we have exchanged 11 emails in the past 6 days. ChicMe first offered me 40% off my next order and for me to resell the shoes, I told them I never wanted to shop with them again and that I would never try selling these shoes to anybody. Then they said I can return it but I would have to pay the shipping fee to China (which is basically the price of what I paid for the shoes). I told them the least they could do is pay for the shipping. THEN, they told me they don't pay shipping fees but they can give me 20% refund of the price I paid. I was ok with this, since I thought I was going to get $24.19 refunded. Once I asked them to confirm, they said they would refund $6.48, not $24.19.

At this point I am so annoyed of going back and forth that I might just throw the shoes away and call it a day.

Moral of the story: stick to Fashion Nova and always check reviews before buying. Two things I didn't do. -_-

Blue Coat
I recently ordered a beautiful wool coat from this site, it took two month to arrve, i couldnt chase the order up as i was not sent a confirmation email. The only acknowlegement i received was from what i can only suggest is a bogus paypal site as when i went to contact them it just said page not found. Well my item which i paid £25.00 for arrived what a joke its not worth 25p its polyester not wool as stated an is nothing like the item i ordered. It looks like a dogs blanket in fact i wouldnt give it to my dog! When i have asked to return it all i get is no purchase order no help. How can i suppy an order no. That i have never received. Absouletly furious. After the event i have viewed other reviews and it looks like ChicMe are just liars and as someone else has stated theives. It states on the package that its a t shirt dress this will be so they dont pay tax on the £25.00 i paid. DISGRACE

Christine Baldwin

Worst customer service in my experience
This company looks great on the outside but when trying to resolve a customer service issue is an absolute nightmare I ordered an item in November 2021 and it still has not arrived I have wrote back-and-forth of the customer service department with them just constantly telling me just be patient a few more days just be patient a few more days no resolution I have asked for a refund multiple times since it hasn't arrived in over three months ChicMe will not give me my money back and then insulted me by offering 200 points toward her future purchase which actually equates to $2 US dollars this was extremely insulting to me I feel like they have held my refund hostage because they have their money but I still don't have my product

I ordered two items of clothing one red and one white. Being familiar with Asian online sites I carefully chose my size which was Medium, their size chart 37 inch bust. Items arrived and didn't get passed my armpits. I measured them ChicMe were both 28 inch bust. I contacted them and they said they would give me 40% off next order. I thought I was being very generous accepting that considering that would mean my still paying 60% extra. I went to reorder same items in larger size (disregarding their size chart and hopefully working out what may fit-so it was a risk) on check out I find 40% discount is the ordinary discount for the items, so I would pay exactly the same amount again. Over 50 plus emails back and forth and I have sent photos of packaging, labels, tags, measured items and they eventually agreed that they will give a refund (which I'm dubious about, do not trust them) once I return them at my own cost. Their website returns policy clearly states return postage will be paid by Chic Me if it is their error. I've copied and pasted their own terms back to them but they refuse to accept their own returns policy. I am AUD $94 out of pocket with two items that are wildly incorrect sized. Their website supplies totally inaccurate descriptions and totally inaccurate terms and conditions. I have opened a dispute with PayPal I am hoping they can sort it out after all my patience. I wouldn't buy another single thing from them. Please avoid. I buy heaps on line from Sammydress/Dresslily 5 star for each of those Buykud/Vivid Linen plus I use Ebay and Aliexpress. Never have I encountered such a disgusting company as Chic Me

Shady and Disturbing Refund Policy.
If anyone has called the (one-eight- one -six-five-four-eight-two-eight-eight-zero) from "Sandra" review. The refund policy is so shady and disturbing. I called yesterday 5/18/2020 to track down my package from "ChicMe" and I spoke with a gentleman by the name of carry with an indian accent he said my package was damaged and that he can issue me a refund. He asked if I had a computer or laptop in front of me I thought he was going to email me a form to fill out but instead I download this software called "teamvision" and this let him have full access to my computer and he took it upon himself to fill out the forms and at one point my computer screen blank I had to control over my computer I didn't know what he was doing I do have personal information on my computer so I don't know if any of my files have been compromised. I didn't have a good feeling at all out this, so I changed e-mail and password on everything and canceled my debit card and asked to a new one from the bank. If you call just be careful with your personal information. I still haven't gotten a cancellation e-mail or my refund.

Ordered 6 dresses for my fiancee card was approved then asked for pictures of my credit card
My drivers license, and passport before ChicMe would send the items.
The order number was incorrect, and the message made no sense. I made orders from and Yandy at the same time. Card approved, orders shipped in 2 days. I contacted chicme via live chat. The only response, follow instructions to have items sent. NO, you cannot have my private information. There is no legitimate reason you need that information. My card was processed, money received by chicme... but requested my private info. Run away people, run away... This site not only wants your money, they want to shop tour private info as well. I shop online all the time, no one ever asks for that information. Total scam.

Horrible Customer Service and So Much More!
We purchased a dress for my daughter's sorority party over 2 weeks before the party and was told 2-5 days shipping. You would have thought the dress would come in plenty of time but it didn't. The day before the party, we still had yet to receive the dress so had to go purchase another dress locally. The party came and went and still no dress. The dress finally arrived 4 weeks after ordered and 2 weeks after the party! I immediately contacted them to return the dress and found out there is no way to co tact them other than e-mail which takes forever. I was then told I would have to pay the return shipping as well when the dress didn't come in on time. So now I've purchased a dress that was late on shipping and had to purchase a much more expensive dress locally and now ChicMe expect me to pay to ship it back to them! I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the only number they have for contact is a Skype number. I would HIGHLY recommend NOT PURCHASING from these people. Their customer service, shipping and policies are horrible. I've had to return items before and have never had to pay for return shipping especially when it was the company's error. The only reason I gave them 1 star is because I cannot give them 0. Horrible, horrible, horrible company and experience! Save your money and shop somewhere else.

I only received half of my clothes I'm suing because I spent a lot of money on this site. This isn't a good site it's a scam. Please don't spend your money here ChicMe will take your money and then wont send you your items or send cheap look a like. I never want to do business with this company again. I out of so much money, I'm a flood victim and was just trying to replaced what I lost but got scammed. Please think twice before shopping on this site. It id too good to be true!
On some of the items buttons was missing, I had a whole in my pocket and nothing is actual size. I mean if you order xl its like they send you small or medium. I mean even if you get your order you can't fit none of the clothes. Something must be done bout this company!

If I could leave a zero star... I would. First, I ordered merchandise for a party and purchased express. I was advised that it takes up to 7 days to get the order and fill it. That means the 3-5 day express could never be honored and never was. When I requested a refund ChicMe offered me 2% then 5% as if it was up for negotiation. Next, the clothing was ill fit, malfunctioned, cheaply threaded. I pondered sending it back because I didn't want to be without the garments for them to resale and my money. So, I just kept it and said I would never order from them again. Well, its been 3 months since I unsubscribed to the website and I'm still receiving emails. Even after a representative contacted me and states she would take care of it. This company has the worst customer service, cheap clothing and does not honor their word. I would order with caution.

This site is scam
I ordered for 10 items from them(Chic Me) 6 weeks ago and still haven't received them. And when one of the packages finally arrived the other day I was terribly disappointed. I had ordered a red suit and instead received faded red pants without the top! And forget about their customer service-- ChicMe simply don't want to be bothered, which I find uniquely disrespectful. It's almost as though they don't care about what you have to say after they take money off of your account. Please just stick to American sites, at least there somebody will actually care about the reputation of their business. Just cancel this scam. I regret spending so much money on their site, I could have done the shopping elsewhere. I hope this helps you if you're considering this scam. Don't believe what you see on here. They have a team of employees whose main job is to create accounts writing positive reviews about their clothes and all that nonsense that I fell for. Good luck

Don't waste your money
Don't waste your money
I have been ordering from ChicMe for over a year. At first I was very pleased with the clothing, good material, fit as expected even though it did take forever to receive the items. However, the last few orders, the quality has been very poor. The sizing has been way off. Everytime I try to return an item, ChicMe come back and say I have to pay to ship it back, once received (which could be 1month to NEVER) they will refund me. OR I can get a $10 coupon or a 20% discount on my next purchase. I took the coupon a couple of times, but when my last order finally came in and 4 ouf of 6 items did not fit AT ALL, I was fed up. I contacted customer service, all they did was tell me I could return items and pay shipping costs. They just lost a customer, I won't waste anymore money on poor quality and a chance they don't fit. Don't waste your money.

Disgusted with chichic
Absolutely disgusted with my order I received today, the quality of the fabric was so poor I will never ever wear this item, your pictures make it look so fantastic, however the poor craftsmanship is disputable, you should be ashamed to sell this product. After waiting nearly 3 weeks for it ( wanted it for my birthday 30. 08. 74) ordered it 14. 08. 74, received it 05.09.2017. Your company needs to be closed down, and I will be taking legal proceedings. I will be returning my order back to you and will never ever order from u again! I will be also be requesting a full refund! I will also make sure everyone I know never orders goods from you are your con of a company! I dnt know how you sleep at night! Cheap Nasty I'll fitting clothes! Your disgusting.

Never again.
Chicme is without a doubt the worst online store that I have ever used. I have made a couple of orders and both times have had major issues. These include outstanding items after 2 months, deliveries failing to turn up and poor customer service. After one of the items from the first order didn't arrive with the rest of the order I gave them the benefit of the doubt that it would arrive shortly thereafter and as I was reasonably happy with the quality of what arrived I placed a second order. The second order was then broken into two shipments, one which eventually arrived in country but I then had to track down and pickup, the other shipment has yet to arrive. What did arrive in the second shipment was poor quality. Never again will I use Chicme. Lesson learnt!

Awful! Buyer beware!
Do not buy from this company! ChicMe also go by whosechic. That should tell you something right there! I bought five items. After 3 weeks, I had to contact them to see when my clothes would send. A few weeks later two items arrived, but prior to that I got an email shipping notification that all items had arrived. I really cared about two blazers that didn't arrive, so I asked that those two items be cancelled and refunded. A couple weeks later I noticed that they had refunded $4 (should have been $100). I had to go back to them to ask for my money again. At this point it has been five months since my order. I inquired about the last missing item. They swore they sent it and refused to give my money back. They asked for proof that I didn't receive it, they asked for a shipping label. Mind you this company has made mistake after mistake and they just couldn't fathom that the shirt wasn't in my original order. It took a week of back and forth to get $11 out of them (the shirt was $38). Also the clothes I did receive were poorly made (one arm longer then the other, an xxl so tight it wouldn't go over my head, sequins falling off). Do not buy from this company. The people are hard to work with, and I had to ask over and over for a resolution. The clothes are horribly made. Look at their ratings! Pretty poor that a company makes money on scamming people!

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