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Done doing the work for Chewy as their customer
So Chewy apparently had a server crash (not admitted by Chewy to me, but to my vet) and lost a significant amount of data/communications. Then this happens:

I ordered some prescription food for my doggo and it went dead silent and was notified that the order will be canceled. I called Chewy and was asked to talk to my vet for not approving (Chewy didn't want to call). So I called vet and was told it was approved a long time ago and an email was sent. I called Chewy and was told it was not there and was asked to talk to my vet.

So I did indeed, and asked my vet to fax AND email AND CC me. The email was sent the fax was sent. I called Chewy to see if they got it and was told 'No, but you need to reach out to your vet.' I called my vet and then they told me they will email it the 3rd time. Once again I called Chewy and was told they don't have it and I need to email my vet.

At this point I asked the rep that I'm done going in circles, doing the same thing over and over to get the same result (and be continued to do it again). I asked that they resolve this critical communication failure directly with my vet so they can fulfill their duty as a reliable distributor. And lo and behold,

I was asked to email my vet.

Not so efficient, is it? I humbly suggest these mantras for their management, as their current system is designed rather to cultivate frustration and failure, instead of problem-solving, which is what was needed for my case and others as well, I assume.


Customers do not and should not do your job for you. I spent hours, called my vet 6 times and Chewy 7 times for their system failure.

Chewy invest heavily into customer service and you often don't have to wait more than one 'ring' to get your call answered. This is their greatest asset as well as their strategy of surviving (and dominating) the fierce battle of pet e-commerce market. But it's all for nothing if the customers end up working for them as well due to their lack of efficiency.


The communications between the rep and the pharmacy is OK, but nowhere near ideal.

Fax goes to pharmacy, the emails to the vets can come from both pharmacy/customer rep, phone calls are passed between those two parties and the record system is managed by the reps, but the pharmacy cannot be reached by clients... etc. What is this? If I can't talk to the pharmacist, who talks to my vet, how am I supposed to even solve your issue you've created even if I wanted to?


The data the supervisors see is NOT streamlined with the data from the customer rep.

How was my problem 'resolved'? I talked to the supervisor and was told

'oh hey, we do have the approval form!'

Immediately after I was told that the approval form has not reached the server after 3 emails and 1 fax over multiple days.


Reps can't do anything besides making/canceling orders and sending simple emails
And that is NOT good.

Reps are supposed to be problem solvers. I don't expect an insurance agent-esque track/investigate/file/report full shebang but I'd love to be offered more solutions than doing the work for them because they are not authorized to do so.

I hope it helps, Chewy.

-A customer and a concerned shareholder

Great value + fantastic service + convenience = happy customer
Chewy is a fantastic website with good prices and many ways to get the pet supplies you use most shipped to you conveniently. I found Chewy amid searching for ways to save money on the cat food I buy most often. Chewy had it in stock for about $2.00 less a bag than any local stores. Additionally, if you order $49 or more, you get free shipping. I ordered four bags to get free shipping and save money. The heavy cat food bags were not only packaged well for shipping, Chewy were here in two days. I expected savings; I did NOT expect such quick shipping. I don't believe Chewy even advertises it. A few days after my order, I received a hand-written card thanking me for my order and wishing my cats enjoyed the food.

The experience I had with Chewy's website was so fantastic that as soon as my reserves ran low, I ordered from them again. I set up an auto-ship order this time. It works much like Amazon's Subscribe & Save where you set it and forget it and products are shipped to you at regular time periods that you set up. There are multiple ways for you to change the amount and timing of the products you want, and they offer 20% off your first auto-ship order. So I ordered six bags of my cat food and got free shipping and 20% off. Again, I received the order in two days.

I highly recommend Chewy. It's a no BS, straight-to-the-point convenient site to order pet supplies from. Now I don't have to worry about lugging in big bags of food up the driveway since it comes to my door, AND I save money. My cats don't care either way; as long as they're spoiled and don't have to work for their kibble, they're good. Two thumbs way up for Chewy.

Chewy is great, if you don't mind dealing with bots. Here is a recent example: Status: Disconnecte
Chewy is great, if you don't mind dealing with bots. Here is a recent example:

Status: Disconnected
Jamal G.: Hi, my name is Jamal G., how may I help you?
Me: I have orders pending. What do you need to ship? If you can't ship, at least have the decency to say as much so that I can go elsewhere. Your lack of effective communications is not helpful and disappointing.
Jamal G.: I'm so sorry about that. Just a moment please, while I pull up your account.
Jamal G.: It seems the
Semintra Oral Solution for Cats, 10 mg/mL, 35-mL is currently out of stock.
Jamal G.: I'll remove it for you right now so the
Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Renal Support E Canned Cat Food, 5.1-oz, case of 24 can ship out.
Me: Give me a human being instead of a bot.
Jamal G.: I am human lol.
Jamal G.: Sorry no bots today.
Me: lol? That is an insult.
Jamal G.: No it's a sign for being mistaken for a robot it means sorry.
Me: Still sounds like a bot. Can you ship or not?
Jamal G.: I'm not a bot I assure you I am very thrilled the Dallas Cowboys won yesterday.
Jamal G.: I removed the
Semintra Oral Solution for Cats, 10 mg/mL, 35-mL from the order.
Jamal G.: If we have approval on file the Support E will ship in 24-48 hours.
Me Seriously? WTF?
Jamal G.: Then arrive in 1-3 business days.
Jamal G.: I'm sorry what happend?
Me: I don't give a $#*! about the Cowboys or any other sportsballers. When can I get my paid for order? What is wrong with you?
Mei: You must be a bot.
Jamal G.: Sorry I was trying to find a way to let you know I wasn't a robot. It will ship in 24-48 hours is we have the approval on file and arrive in 1-3 business days otherwise we wait for the vet to send it off.
Jamal G.: Is there anything else I can help Oreo out with today?
Me: You just proved you are nothing more than a bot.
Jamal G.: I'm so sorry how?
Me: By being inhuman
Jamal G.: I removed the item from the order that was holding it up as requested?
Jamal G.: The order will ship if we have approval on file if not then we need the vet's approval?
Me: I am going elsewhere. Where there are real people.
Jamal G.: If you give us a call we are here 24/7 to talk with you as well if that helps.
Me: I submitted approval. You are wasting my time. Goodbye.
Jamal G.: I apologize
Jamal G.: I hope you and your furry family have a great night!
Jamal G. Has disconnected.

Their Services WOW me
I've been ordering my dog food through the company for the past 2 years. Never had any issues with them, Chewy have the fastest delivery for anything you order.
I recently lost my pet frown =( but I had ordered brand new food, treats, and some flea medicine for her 2 weeks before she pass. I called the day after to let them know I would like to send back the flea medicine and cancel my auto shipment since my dog passed away. Right away, the representative told me to hold on a second and after she got back on the line, she sent her condolences and told me that she will refund everything. Not only that, she also said don't worry about the return, but instead just donate everything to the closest animal shelter (The food, treats, and flea medicine).
They really care about animals, you never hear any places ask you to donate like that. This business not only care about your pets, but they also care about the owners, the next day morning I went to work and I received a flower from this company and a note. On the note it said "We're so sorry to hear about the loss of your little one. We're all thinking of you in this tough time, and our hearts go out to you. If you need anything we're always here for you. Love-Chewy"
If I ever have any pet again I will definitely order from them again and I will recommend them to friends and family. They offer many options for pet food and any many other things.

I've been a chewy customer for six years now. I have always loved their prices. Tonight, I went online to order my cat food, and discovered a six dollar escalation in price. From 13.40 to 19.40... in one month. I called to ask about this. The explanation I received was We base our prices according to what the competition is doing. So because Amazon, and some other online pet stores are selling this cat food for $19.40, chewy has decided in its infinite wisdom that it's going to sell the cat food for the same price. So riddle me this Batman; what's to keep me from moving to Amazon? I'm a prime member And Chewy have next day delivery. What is going to keep me at Chewy? This is a question that I have an answer for... nothing. Chewy also uses Fed ex; it's the only delivery service available in my area. Fed ex is too lazy to walk up three flights of stairs to deliver my goods. Often times they don't deliver them at all. Sometimes the bags are broken when they deliver them and there's cat litter or cat food all over the box. Amazon has their own delivery service, and they have no problems walking things to my door. I once loved, I've sent a lot of friends there. But if your reason for escalating my cat food in price by 6.00 is "because everyone else is doing it," then I am gone! You've lost me. "By-by!"

It's crazy! I just read some of the reviews on this site and Chewy had the SAME EXACT issue I had! This company doesn't honor promo codes!

This company has horrible customer service. They do not accept two promo codes, which is 100% understandable. But this was not clearly outlined anywhere when I enter the promo codes. Actually when i entered both codes it show the price adjustment right there in my shopping cart total! So when I was charged full price I sent an email to their customer service expressing my confusion and requesting that a adjustment be made on my account. I received a reply from Sarah D. Who informed me that because I put two codes in, only one picked up. Whoops, my fault! I didn't see any issues when I placed the order, especially since the site reflected the price difference in my shopping card?! Understandable why I would think I wasn't getting the discount, right? Sarah D. Suggested I use the ENJOY20 discount on my next order. I was not satisfied with this response because i ordered about $200.00 worth of items so a $40 discount made a HUGE difference. I called to speak to someone to see if someone could refund me the difference because their site obviously was not working properly, reflecting a discount, even though it was going to charge me full price.

The lady I spoke to today kept interrupting me to repeat that you can't use two promo codes. At this point, yes, that was very clear. But what I was asking was for them to honor the better discount of 20% off. She also told me that the ENJOY20 discount expired in the summer, which only confirms more that their site is glitchy and their staff is uninformed with their codes. Their site reflected the discount and their employee Sarah D told me to use the ENJOY20 the next time I ordered, which is apparently expired!

The girl on the phone refused to make any adjustments and said she can't refund me anything. Turns out they can refund it, they just chose not to. She told me her supervisor Mike would not approve any refund. As I expressed my frustration to her I heard talking in the background... I asked her "are you even listening?" which she didn't reply, because turns out she took the phone from her ear and began having a separate conversation with someone else. I started to vent about how I couldn't believe she wasn't even listening and eventually she came back on the line and said "oh yea I am listening, I was just talking to my supervisor." Like this was so normal to just move the phone from her ear and start a second convo. Obviously super upset, I asked her if this was their common business practice or is this just how she was raised. She put me on the phone with her Supervisor who answered this questions and said, "she wasn't raised this way." So i confirmed "So this is just your business practice and how you do customer service" which he did not deny, he just moved on to telling me he does not see a good reason to refund me at all and this is the reason they wouldn't refund me.

He eventually suggested I go to their parent company, Pet360, going forward because maybe they would "better suit me."

This was seriously out of control. A good company with good customer service would have honored this due to the unclear rules on their website and misleading glitch on their website that showed me the total with the 20% reflected. I do most of my pet good ordering online and am a great customer and shop a lot for my pets. This company lost a good paying customer over $40.00. I understand it's only $40, but when you're spending $200/month on your pet, this make a difference and they just did not seem to care at all for customer service.

Unreliable and incompetent to place phone call request of Rx authorizations. Lies about calling.
I placed my order for heartworm prevention for two of my dogs on July 13. Chewy assured me that they would contact my vet for authorization. I immediately notify my vet after placing my Chewy order so that they know to expect a request. After a few days without an update, I call Chewy's customer service for the second time. They tell me that they haven't heard back from my vet. So I call my vet. My vet states that they have not received anything from Chewy, whether it be via email, fax, or call. My vet also firmly states that they only accept calls about authorizations during certain business hours — I prominently relay this information to Chewy. They reassure me yet again that they will have their pharmacy CALL the vet.

It's now July 21, a week since I've placed my order when Chewy sends me an email about my order soon to be canceled due to lack of Rx authorization. I frantically call their customer service as well as my vet to see what the hold up is, especially since my dogs are going unprotected from heartworms due to their delay! The vet verifies that they still haven't received a call. Chewy then changes their story to say that they didn't call my vet. Instead, Chewy sent a request to my vet via an online PORTAL. I specifically stated to them that my vet will only accept phone call authorization requests. Moreover, the request over the Portal is deemed useless as my vet doesn't have access to that since their change in business ownership.

I call Chewy for the countless time and spoke to a rude male customer service representative from Dallas that said to me, "I'm surprised Chewy hadn't canceled your order sooner as this request for authorization has carried on longer than it should have. Your order will be canceled, and that's just what's going to happen since there's no authorization. You can get your vet to call us." Excuse yourself. Not only did I get reassurance from previous representatives that they would make a phone call to request authorization, but also, it is Chewy's/their pharmacy's job to reach out to the clinic/doctor. Not only did they not place phone calls as claimed, but they refused to call the vet after repeated reminders in order to get the authorization. Had I known the process would be a lengthy waste of my time receiving the run around, and that they wouldn't actually do phone call requests for authorizations, then I would have gone somewhere else instead of having my dogs be at risk without protection.

Worst customer service
My previous orders I had no problems up until this one and this one is a big one for three and today being four days my package was saying that I am rescheduling it and I'm not so the first day Chewy credit back $15 for inconvenienced and assure me it'll be there the next the next day we were just asked to wait one more day which I did I really wanted my package third day I was credited back all the money and told that my package should be there by 9 AM fourth day my package was requested from Chewie to be sent back to them after sitting in Braselton for four days i'm not going to get it it's going to take days for the money to come back because it's on a weekend and my pets are sitting with no food and the lady on the phone or gentleman to be honest I couldn't tell you who or what any more was just OK with us I am formed them and I'm going to inform this and going to inform anything else that I can get on that I will never ever suggest or use chewy again because this is ridiculous! We are in the middle of a pandemic I do not like taking my three children out and now I'm going to have to to get cat and ferret food because chewy thought it was OK to lie to me and say that it would be here today. And just so we're correct my options were to get a second package sent out or get my return and I said no the return is fine the package will show up.

I called chewy to place an order on the Paws & pals Jogger dog & cat stroller on 8/6/2019.
Spoke with a customer service representative Matt placed the Oder.
I received the Order of the stroller and to my surprise it was not anything like the sales representative had stated... I opened the box to find screws and some-other pieces I needed to put together with tools. The box came with no Instructions or did Chewy have a video on how to put this Stroller together the stroller also was not a good quality stroller it had the bed padding on inside of stroller made of FOAM!
Which had already a tear on the side of it. I called Immediately asked to speak with a supervisor regarding all these issues A supervisor came to the phone Justin D. I explained the over all situation I was having with this stroller and I wanted to send it back for a full refund of what I paid which was $ 65.27 this was on 8-9-19 Same day I received the stroller I also asked for a return label to be e-mailed to me so I can ship back the stroller Justin D. Supervisor send me a return label on a PDF which i was unable to open on my computer. I asked him to e-mail to the fed-ex location where I was going to take the stroller to have fed-ex print out the label he then stated Chewy do not do that! He then stated he was going to have his team e-mail the label on a word document early morning the next day which I NEVER RECEIVED. I then asked Justin D. Why couldn't they sent me the label NOW so I can place the label on the box and take it with me in the morning he then stated that they were very busy and I had to wait until the next day. I was not believing his stories if a Supervisor can't send how would a team member be able to have send me a label on a word document. I gave him the benefit of the doubt and waited until the next morning. First thing early morning I turned on my computer and there was no labels NOTHING from not even an explanation!
I called Chewy. Com AGAIN early morning and spoke to another supervisor who stated he would mail it to me which was Nathaniel L. I asked how long would it take for me to receive this label he stated about 10 business days which to me it was unacceptable. I needed to get this box out of my living area and needed my refund so I can place another order for a stroller. My dog is a special needs dog and is deformed. Which they all Knew for this was not my first time ordering from Chewing however I never had to send back the food I order form them as well as the BEDS ETC! I had called AGAIN THIRD TIME asking for them to fax over a Fed-ex label to the Fed-ex location so I can send back the stroller I spoke with another supervisor which was a female I forgot to write her name down with all this happening as I was sooo upset with all this drama CHEWY. COM WAS GIVING ME. AS WELL AS ALL THESE SUPERVISOR'S I HAD TO SPEAK WITH AND NONE WHERE BEING HELPFUL AND MAKING IT EASY for me to return the stroller that was damaged as well as JUNK! All they gave me was stress! The other supervisor I stated earlier which was a female I had explained to her the overall situation which i'm sure she already WAS AWARE OF FROM ALL the notes on their system. I asked her to e-mail to the fed -ex location I was taking the stroller to she then asked me for the fed-ex e-mail which I proceed to give her she then e-mailed to fed-ex which they did received and had printed out label because I made sure to call Fed-ex before taking this heavy box there. When I got there to fed-ex on 8/12/19 and they scanned the label they told me it wasn't any good and I was not able to send the box back to Chewy. Com. I went outside of the store into my car and called AGAIN for the fourth or fifth Time I lost track of how many times I had to call because of their inability to know how to do their JOBS! I spoke to another supervisor on 8-12-19 regarding the incorrect label they e-mail to FED-ex he then placed me on hold and came back to the phone asking me for the e-mail address for fed-ex which I was not understanding because the e-mail address should have been in the notes on their side because I had already given it to a previous supervisor and she e-mailed it to
Fed-ex as I stated earlier it was not the correct one. I had to ask Fed-ex AGAIN for the e-mail and I then gave it to the supervisor Brian V. who I spoke with on 8 12-19 he then emailed the same incorrect label to fed-ex they had received the first time! I had to tell him AGAIN this is the same label the other women supervisor had sent to fed-ex and it was incorrect by then you can only image where my blood pressure had resin! I told the supervisor Brian V. to stay on the line until he sent the correct label to fed-ex for the third time!
Finally the third label Brian V. sent was correct and on it's way this nightmare of the stroller went! ALL of the supervisors and customer service representatives I had spoken to from the 6th of August up to the 12th of August has been extremely stressful as well as time consuming because the people they have working at are INCOMPETENT!
To say the least!
I also have been calling for my CREDIT TO BE PLACED BACK ON MY CREDIT CARD AND TO DATE HAS NOT BEEN DONE and it is now the 14th of August going on the 15th tomorrow they have there item I WANT MY CREDIT BACK ON MY CREDIT CARD SO I CAN PAY FOR MY OTHER STROLLER I HAD TO BUY FOR MY ANIMAL!

Chewy isn't cat friendly
Chewy is biased towards dogs and their target audience is dog owners. Chewy don't tailor their email responses to their audience. They assume everyone is a dog owner/lover, using boiler plate language like "give us a bark if you need anything else" and "have a tail wagging great day" even if you contact them regarding a cat product.

They have numerous tv commercials, almost entirely of dogs. In the rare occurrence there is a cat, it's in the background, hardly noticeable. In one commercial, a spokeswoman talks about not having to lug heavy cat litter from the store, yet there isn't a single cat in the commercial--only dogs! I contacted their corporate office and told them given cats outnumber dogs in pet ownership, I would think they would want to target cat owners as well, but instead they project themselves as being biased towards dogs by excluding cats from their commercials. The fact they never responded is very telling.

They are selective in which negative reviews they post. They only post negative reviews that are inane (ex. Product stinks, pet didn't like it). They wouldn't post my review which provided constructive criticism and scientific evidence --product caused diarrhea and vomiting even after ruling out other possible causes--because they didn't want it to impact their bottom line--sales.

There are plenty of pet retailers who love cats and who appreciate the business and feedback of their owners. And Petco and Entirely Pets will match other retailers' prices.

Caldwell's Soft Sided Pet Carrier, Black

Smooth skies are ahead with the Caldwell's Soft Sided Pet Carrier. Approved for travel with most major airlines, this carrier comes with all the bells and whistles to keep your furry pal comfortable. Featuring a full zippered opening on one side and half zippered opening on the other, it allows you to place nervous or excited pets without resistance. It also comes with a bolster bed plus another one for backup, which are placed on the MDF panel for comfort and support. And with built-in zippered pockets, you have just the convenient place to store his favorite treats and travel supplies!
Key Benefits

Airline-approved with a full zippered opening on one side and half zippered opening on the other.
Made from durable, high-quality microfiber with mesh panels on the front and side for ventilation.
Comes with two soft, washable fleece bolster beds plus one rigid MDF panel for support.
Measures 18L x 10W x 13H inches and is ideal for small dogs and cats up to 22 pounds.
Easy to clean and folds flat for storage. Comes with an optional, adjustable and padded shoulder strap.

What's Included

Soft-sided carrier, (2) soft washable fleece bolster beds, (1) rigid MDF panel, and removable shoulder strap

For dogs and cats up to 22 lbs. Make sure this carrier will fit your pet. Measure your pet first.

DO You need more detail please go to this link:-

10 stars for Chewy! deserves better than a 5-star rating. Things will hopefully not change with Chewy's excellent customer service in either the new or far future.

I live in a small ocean side community in the San Francisco Bay Area. It generally takes a while for companies to send us stuff we order because there's only a 2-way highway getting over to us from the greater SF Bay Area. Not a problem with Chewy, though. My most recent order was yesterday on Wednesday. It involved 4 different products. The CS rep said it would arrive on Fri or Sat at latest. (Only group I know that will deliver on a Sat.) But it arrived today! Here on the coast we are not used to that kind of fast delivery. And this is not just recently. I've been ordering from Chewy now for at least 9 months. Arrivals of merchandise is always fantastic.

I used to order just about everything from Amazon. In fact, I was ordering books from them when Chewy first started in Silicon Valley. Back then, they had an unparalleled customer service for what they supplied (chiefly hi-tech "bibles" back in the day). They talked to you on the phone, and they delivered. Sadly, that's no more. You cannot talk to a CS rep there anymore, & I've waited up to 3 months for so-call Amazon Prime.

Chewy, however, is the best thing for pets in every category: price, customer service, etc. And their reps love where they work! They are paid well & can bring their pets to work! How about that. 10 stars for Chewy!

Customer for Life
I cant really say enough about Chewy are affordable, they ship quickly, returns are hassle free, and their customer service model guarantees loyalty. The site is easy to use and the app makes it so convenient to place orders whenever you think of it. Their customer service staff is professional and helpful- they do a great job!

I had an older dog who would go through phases with the food he liked. Chewy stopped carrying one that I had purchased, and before I even knew it was an issue they gave me credit for free food to find something new he might like. I tried a ramp for him but he wouldnt use it. They refunded me and had me donate it to my local rescue. Whenever I needed to return anything for any reason, they made it So simple.

They send handwritten postcards. They sent me an artist commissioned oil painting of my dog randomly this summer. And finally, when my old boy passed recently, they sent me a beautiful bouquet of flowers and their condolences.

When Im ready to adopt my next pet, I cant imagine using any other company. Theyve earned my loyalty and I tell everyone I can what a great company they are. I hope they treat their staff as wonderfully as they treat their customers.

Don't bet on getting what they promise
I had been receiving bully stick and other natural type chewies for my dogs and one had a staple in it. To be fair we don't know exactly how the staple got there but it did seem to be buried in the chew as it had been eaten down when we saw. Disturbing situation as my dog had blood all over the living room from mouth cuts (just superficial no permanent damage). The chewy manufacturer was contacted and claimed Chewy do not use staples in their facility at all and they were very nice sending me some free chewies. However my contact with was less positive. I sent them photos and they said it wasn't up to their standards and would will credit my entire last order and seemed genuinely concerned for my dogs. The follow through on the credit was a nightmare. A month and a half later 10 emails and several calls to both Paypal and Chewy and I am just now getting the credit. Chewy and Paypal refused to talk to each other I had to file a dispute to get what was promised. The dispute through Paypal was not easy as their menu prompts plus the way it was billed are not fitting to this scenario and they could not file a dispute over the phone with explanation. I probably wouldn't have thought twice about the credit if Chewy had not offered it to me but once offered they should have been able to follow through to make sure it happened. I have since cancelled my account with them. I am done with that mess.

Autoship not worth it
I have a medication setup with Chewy for Autoship. Recently, I got an email on a Sunday that this medication was going to Autoship in a few days. I adjusted the Autoship date by adding one more day. The Autoship order was set to process on a Wednesday and estimated to ship on Thursday. On Thursday night at 11:53 pm I received an email informing me that the item is temporarily unavailable. I didn't see the email till the next morning. As soon as I saw the email, I called Chewy and inquired about the item. Chewy didn't know when the item would be in stock but offered me free shipping when it became available. My problem is that I assumed that Autoship was a tool that I rely on to get what I needed when I needed it. My question for Chewy is why did I have to wait 5 days to find out that my cat's medication was out of stock? Why didn't I receive an email on the Sunday before letting me know that the item that I had on AutoShip was out of stock. I had to scrabble at the last minute to find another source for this prescription. It is one thing to be out stock in pet food but it is another to be out of stock in a medication and not give customers proper notice. Fortunately, my vet found it from one of their sources and I was able to find it from another source online, who happen to be cheaper that Chewy's Autoship price. Chewy lost my business on that screw-up.

Absolutely Amazing Customer Service!
Chewy has certainly went above and beyond for our family in the two years we have been with them. After today, I will not shop anywhere else for my pets needs.
You see... we lost our beloved Ranger last week, it took me a few days to process everything before I decided to update my chewy account. When you remove a pet from your account it'll ask why and give various reasons you can decide from. It also gives you a chance to write a note at the end before submitting. In the note I wanted to let them know, I'd continue to be a loyal customer but my shipments would change from bi-weekly to once a month or less. Keep in mind I did this yesterday (8/23)...
This afternoon (8/24) I received an unexpected package via UPS. After opening it up to see a beautiful assorted dozen roses, I read the note... It was written from Tyler on behalf of Chewy.
Talk about going above and beyond. Think about it for a moment -- would petsmart or walmart do this? Never. Why? Because those companies see you as just another $. Chewy doesn't. Chewy sees you as a real person with pets that you absolutely adore and consider family. When you make that first order from Chewy, you're family to them. Chewy have sent both Ranger and Chai (chiweenie) birthday cards for the past 2 years. We even received a Christmas card from them!
Their return policy is great as well... In the past 6 months, we tried to find the perfect food for Ranger. He needed to gain weight and keep it on, so we bought at least 4 different bags of food. He only liked one of the 4, so I sent Chewy an email and explained the situation... Without hesitation they replied back and issued a refund within 24 hours. They understand that not all animals will like what they're given, its just life. They ask that if they issue a refund that you donate whatever is left to a shelter, rescue or any animals in need. That in itself is AWESOME.
I cannot say enough good things about Chewy other than what I have said already, I'll continue to be a loyal customer and I hope if you're reading this. You will too.
Trust me, even if they are a few dollars more than a big box store... it is worth every penny. Oh and I get the food within 1-2 days via FedEx!

They sent me 2 boxes of rotten cat food, in a row!
The sent me a box of rotten cat food. I sent photo evidence and calmly expressed how frustrated and disappointed I was. So Chewy sent a replacement box.

The replacement box was also rotten. So 2 of 3 orders came rotten. I'm not saying a little bit spoiled - rotten through, putrid, rancid, full of dead dried maggots, absolutely vile.

At this point, I was extremely frustrated. I reached out to Chewy to again express my disappointment. They ignored my email for two days. I took the time out of my day to call them - customer service, while kind and professional, did absolutely nothing to resolve my issue. All I got was a refund.

Firstly, I helped, I provided them with the lot number and serial so they could track down whichever lot clearly has issues. Secondly, twice they sent me rotted putrid maggot ridden products, in a row! I should be compensated. I asked for a free order or a $25 gift card. I'm not starting a lawsuit or being unreasonable - frankly I shouldn't even have to ask! They shut it down immediately and said they can't provide any compensation - even though this took over a week to resolve, wasted hours of my time, and frankly sent me a rotten disgusting product that could have been host to pests or disease.

I will never use Chewy again. I guess Bezos gets more of my money. Chewy, beyond your complete failure to deliver a product, you really need to learn what customer service is. knows customer service!
We recently lost our 10 year old yellow lab to cancer and our family has been devastated by the loss of our first baby. In the grief, I completely forgot to remove his special food from our autoship until I received an email that it was already on its way. It was totally my fault for forgetting to update it but I reached out to see if I might be able to return it for a refund (keeping my expectations low).

I spoke with a gentleman named Cody via chat and he quickly offered his sincere condolences and issued a full refund. After thanking him profusely, I asked how I should return the bag once it was received to which he replied "please just donate the bag of food to a local dog shelter of your choosing". I was blown away. I thanked him again and I ended the chat feeling like it was one of the best customer experiences I had ever had. That is until I received a beautiful bouquet of flowers the very next day and the card read: "Thinking of you in this tough time, and our deepest sympathies go out to you. If you need anything, we're always here. Love Cody from" has a customer for life, folks! Chewy know how to take care of pets AND their humans! Thank you Cody, you are amazing and your kindness brightened up our day.

Such a Shame
My order was selected for review (at random, I assume) and held/stopped until I called them to provide "more information." Some sort of ridiculous faux "security" scheme so Chewy could pretend to be serious about fraud. I had ordered on a Thursday, hoping for delivery
The next day; I had forgotten to order earlier in the week and had fingers crossed that my order would reach me before I ran out of cat food. Instead, my order was held for no reason and I was sent an e-mail that I'd have to call customer service before they would release it. Now, keep in mind that I have spent thousands of dollars over the years shopping at Chewy. I ordered from a password-protected account. I used a credit card and shipping address that I'd used a hundred times before. I ordered low-value items which were nothing out of the ordinary. Yet I had to find the time to call them and "prove" who I was. Instead, I cancelled the order and will no longer be spending ONE PENNY at Chewy. I
Don't know what kind of stunt this was, but it cost them a loyal customer (I will NEVER be back--nor will I shop at their pathetic parent company, Petsmart). Clearly, I wasn't going to receive anything from them before I ran out of cat food, so I had the joy of spending a 12-degree December day in Chicago on public transportation (I have no car) and on foot to bring home a couple of cases of Fancy Feast. Good job, Chewy, on that "fast and convenient" angle. The good news is that I found what I wanted at Petco at lower prices than Chewy charges!

Unexpected Great Customer Service
I would like to share a positive experience I encountered with! I ordered a Cat Condo that had a 2-day shipping attached to the product. I did not receive any tracking updates on the product but it said it was going to arrive today 3/4/19 (by 8pm). Around 5 I found it odd that nothing had arrived at my apt and still didn't get any updates. I called them to update them on the fact my front office would be closed at this time and how to access my building to drop it at the front door. The customer service representative kindly added the new information to my account. Around 1830 I still did not have a knock at my door with my package so I decided to call again (thinking I would have to fight tooth and nail to get an expedited product) however, before I even had to get a "little hood" with the lady on the phone she informed me my package is delayed due to weather delays and Chewy will be refunding me the entire price of the product AND I will still be receiving my product. NEVER, I mean NEVER in my life have I ever experienced a company who would "own their mistake" and do what they just did. I am in awe and even though my Cat Condo did not come on time they have definitely earned my money in the future!

Horrible. Extremely long wait for shipping
I am so disgusted with Chewy. I've been trying to order the Grain Free Honest Kitchen dog food for weeks from the actual company, Honest Kitchen, but unfortunately they're out of stock! The employee at Honest Kitchen informed me there were ample bags available via Chewy. I hesitated due to all the reviews I've read and Chewy seems to take a long time to deliver.

I toughed it out and ordered two bags from Chewy nearly ten days ago. The shipment via FedEx has been dragging since then. Supposedly, it will be delivered tomorrow. That is way too long for a shipment. Sounds like everyone else has the same issue. I'm probably going to toss the dog food upon receipt considering it was probably sitting in various trucks in excessive heat for the last week. There's no way I'm feeding compromised food to my dog. It should not take longer than a week to receive the dog food. Chewy should give consumers the option to pay extra for adequate shipping!

Following this unacceptable experience and seriou lack of service, there's no way I'm ordering from Chewy again.

It's now the end of the day (Wednesday, September 22,2021) and as expected, the delivery has been delayed. It's been at the FedEx location in the LA area since yesterday, but as usual, Chewy continuously fail to deliver.

They truly care about you and your pet!
I had just reordered my Wishes his cat food again. He had to have a special kind of cat food, that needed a prescription from his vet in order for me to buy it. Oh I'm telling you it wasn't easy to get I, had to get a prescription card then take that to the front of the store. Then take the food home and make sure that I reodered it pleanty ahead of time so I didn't run out of it. I, don't drive so that was another hang up to getting my cat his food.
But lucky for me I saw a something on- line about it was a life saver. No more having to make sure I could get a ride to the pet store or carry the prescription card on me. It even cost me less ordering it on line. Oh and then The on- line help I, received was great.
But now here comes the real reason i'm posting this review. Just this past week my cat Wishes passed away, I didn't know it would hurt so much to have him gone 13 years went by so fast. I had just opened his new bag of food when he passed away during the night. I didn't know how caring and amazingly kind a company could be I wasn't at all sure if I could return the bag of food because I had already opened it.
I honestly thought I would get a we're so sorry but since you opened the bag reply. But I didn't instead I received a condolence on my loss, plus a credit back on my card and all Chewy asked that I do was to give the remaining amount of the bag to the closest animal shelter to me! So if I need anything pet related will always get my bussiness plus my never-ending thanks and recognition. you deserve 10 out of 10 stars!

Do not ever order medication from chewy / food and toys no problem
I have ordered food and toys from chewy many times, Very happy each time, you get your deliver in 2 days. That's why I was very disappointed when for the first time I ordered medication from chewy.
I live in manhattan but my vet is in Brooklyn. A 30-45 Minute One way cab ride depending on traffic. The vet had the medication but I decided to order from chewy, thinking quick delivery as always, No travel time. Unfortunately anything but, a huge disappointment.
Tuesday late afternoon I ordered the medication online that had to be approved by my VET. Next day my vet approved it by 9AM. I looked online and chewy was showing preparing for shipment. Ok, I was thinking going out latest next day morning, Thursday, I called and Chewy said, no pharmacy is not the same speed as food and toys, medication. Shipping Friday, I would receive it 3-5 business days later.
Not acceptable, in my opinion medication is more important than food. I can get food anywhere, not medication. In the end I cancelled the order and took a cab to pick up the medication from my Vet. Wasted 2 days, Cab $98 Round trip, waisted 90 minutes in the cab.
I would give 0 stars for this last order, giving 3 taking into consideration previous food orders.

I've been a long time customer and my last order was messed up and the customer service I received was unacceptable starting at the bottom and going to the CEO Ryan Cohen. My order was shipped twice and I was trying to get them to reverse the order. Caralina was just RUDE (online chat) and then escalated my problem to Gina who left me a voice mail that she really enjoyed chatting with me. Really? Never spoke to her. Then I talked to a Jimmy (higher level manager) who I requested he send me that tracking info as I was out of town and wanted to have a friend pick up the package. Jimmy agreed to do this and also agreed to follow up later that afternoon on if he was able to get the package stopped. That was last Friday. It is now Wednesday and I'm still waiting for that info and call from Jimmy. He was also suppose to let his supervisor Kelly Derkin know to call me back first thing on Monday morning. When I did not receive a call from Kelly I called her back on Monday afternoon. She told me she thought the problem had been solved so she never called me back. She then ask me how Chewy could keep me as a customer. I requested to speak with Ryan Cohen the CEO. She told me she could see what she could do and call me back. She did call me back and told me that Ryan would personally give me a call at 10:30 a.m. this morning. When my phone rang right at 10:30 I was delighted. However, Ryan chose not to call me but had a man named Scott call me on his behalf. Apparently Ryan does not keep commitment as I rearranged my schedule to be there for his call. Apparently Ryan does not care if I am a customer or not so a few minutes ago, via Scott (the stand in Ryan) I severed my account and would advise you not doing business with this company. Scott made the appropiate excuses for Ryan such as he was visiting warehouses; however he really had no answer when I suggested Ryan probably had a cell phone he could have easily called me from AND he also has access to my email. Ryan, Mr. CEO, does not care about his customers!

Best Online Products/Customer Service/Selection and Good Prices
I have placed LITERALLY around 100 (or more) orders with Chewy throught the past five years or so. Back in the day, people had ever heard of them, so I bragged about them to friends and acquaintances, thus creating new happy customers for Chewy. (I'd really like a "thank you for recruting customers" coupon code or recognition as being their "number one fan and customer" in the form of a discount)!

Chewy customer service is great; you can chat online or speak on the phone with a rep at any time of day. Also, their prices on certain items truly rival, compete with, or beat the prices I see in my local pet supply stores for the same items.

Chewy has a HUGE selection anything you need for your animals - from food, to treats, to supplements to toys, to beds, crates or scratching posts. Chewy carry so many brands - even some that are difficult to find in stores or with other online vendors. Most of all, the shipping is VERY fast. (Shipping is free is you spend $49 dollars, which I always do). I receive my Chewy orders in two days and sometimes even in one day!

Chewy is a small business thus far, so they haven't gotten caught up in the craziness that happens when a company gets too big and corporate. Chewy CSRs are helplful and polite. It's nice to talk to or email a real pet lover like myself. Everyone I've spoken to there (to help me cancel an order or add to an order, etc.) has mentioned their own pets, too. It's important to hire employs who "walk the walk", not just talk the talk.

I'm seeing a lot of Chewy TV ads nowadays. I'm hoping that as they contintue to grow and get more satisfied repeat customers like me, they don't lose the things about them that make them special. I appreciate the indivitual attention I receive from Chewy. I have no complaints and I cannot image anyone having a bad experience with Chewy.

Adding Insult to Injury
I had a horrible experience with PetFoodDirect today. I was signed up on an automatic refill of dog food for my Ridgeback, who I had to put down unexpectedly just 7 days ago. I completely forgot about the auto-refill as I have been absolutely devastated about the loss, and it was the farthest thing from my mind. At any rate - I received an email at 3am this morning notifying me the order was processing. I called PetFoodDirect at 7am about cancelling the order. Chewy said they could not cancel it, and suggested I call Royal Canin directly (the company from which the food was shipping). I did so, and Royal Canin said I needed to have one of the employees at PetFoodDirect email them to cancel the order. I called PetFoodDirect back to give them the email address & was told by a very snarky guy that "in the 3 years (he) has worked there he never heard of an order being cancelled once it was processed, and the he would send the email, but knew it was not going to work." I asked him what I was supposed to do and he could not have been less helpful.

I am absolutely appalled by the lack of concern, or lack of assistance from this company. In my current state of grief - this really was the last thing I needed, and words cannot express how deflated I feel after my encounter with this distasteful company.

I ordered cat food from Pet Food Direct for my kitty that was having trouble with throwing up his food. Friends told me to try grain free food.
I ordered the food from Pet Food Direct. In the mean time I had to take my cat to the vet for a check up. He wasn't throwing up any more but doctor wanted to see him. It was then my vet said that he would need a different kind of food (prescription) for the rest of his life. Therefore, I wouldn't be able to use the food that was ordered from Pet Food Direct which was on it's way to my house.
When it came I knew to call right away which I did. Chewy told me I WOULD HAVE TO PAY FOR THE RETURN SHIPPING WHICH WAS $35.00. The cat food cost me less at $33.00. Anyway, I read their policies and saw they did offer return policy if not happy. However, one must pay their own shipping return if they are not satisfied. They only pay shipping back to them if they made a mistake. The people working at the company couldn't care less about keeping customers. I even called and spoke to a supervisor about it. She could care less.
Now, I JUST CALLED CHEWY.COM (after my friend told me about it)... to see what their policy was. They told me that they WOULD NOT HAVE CHARGED ME FOR ANY TYPE OF RETURN. THEY WOULD PAY FOR THE RETURN AS WELL!
So I am donating the food to the Humane Society near us and say…. BYE, BYE PET FOOD DIRECT…… HELLO CHEWY.COM! All of you out there needs to do it as well. BTW…… the same food was even $7 cheaper if I had got it at chewy in the first place, STUPID ME! gives back!
So I just got off the phone with a representative because I had to make a return. I had to order a basket muzzle for my rescue pup who has fear reactivity with the vet and groomer. She is really sweet with everyone, even the vet if she isn't doing anything. Unfortunately since my pup was an in between size for two different sizes of the muzzle, I had to order the two sizes to see which would be best. Once I did this I contacted the company to return the one. I was completely prepared to pay shipping fees. The representative was really pleasant and worked out my return quickly, then she ended it with...' okay, your refund is complete and you can donate the one you don't want to a rescue or shelter of your choice'... what?!?! This was amazing. I had to tell her that we were actually doing a training/pack walk with a rescue the next day, that takes in difficult dogs from the shelter and train them. Some of these dogs need to be muzzled in the beginning and could use these. I was already bringing blankets and towels to donate but now I get to bring them a muzzle too... and this muzzle wasn't a cheap one either. It just warmed my heart that would rather you donate what you don't want or liked then have it returned to their shelves. Thank you for giving back, I know this rescue will really appreciate it as Chewy do everything based on donations!

Genuinely caring company! Good prices! Great Service!
"I ordered from and FedEx delivered it to the wrong house. (My wonderful neighbors kept the package and refused to give it back when the error was discovered--really nice.) Anyway, Chewy sent me a replacement order that arrived two days later, (even though it was no fault of theirs) and the customer service person was absolutely phenomenal-caring, helpful and friendly.
I also received a hand written postcard (even the address was handwritten--you NEVER see that any more!) a few weeks later thanking me for my business and encouraging me to call 24/7 with any questions, concerns, etc. The prices are spot -on and Chewy often have discounts. Very easy to reach the free shipping minimum, too with their awesome variety of products.
To really see the essence of this company, I feel the need to share this story. A woman's dog passed away, shortly after she had ordered a large amount of dog food. She called Chewy to ask about an RMA to return the dog food. Not only did Chewy tell her to just donate the food to a local shelter, but they refunded her money, sent a heartfelt card, and flowers, too... Talk about a wonderful company that I would recommend to anyone. I'd even patronize them at twice the price... there are still good people in America..."

Their pharmacy is TERRIBLE! It is so bad that it brings down the rest of the company.
If it weren't for the pharmacy, I would probably give chewy 4 or even 5 stars, but I have had some bad problems with their pharmacy on more than one occasion - long delays and what seems like some sort of breakdown of communication between the rest of chewy and the pharmacy. The pharmacy is so bad that it brought the rating right down.

My most recent problem with them was ordering some eye ointment for my dog's eye area skin infection.It was a bit more than half as much as it cost at the vet's, and the tube I had was almost empty. I ordered it on 29 August and didn't receive it uǹtil 17 September. In between, I followed up with them 3 times, and all that was ever done was to tell me they'd get the pharmacy to send another fax to the vet, except for that in the beginning Chewy hadn't even done anything at all before I contacted them because they said they didn't have a fax number. There was nothing stopping them getting a fax number or ringing them up. I got the fax number for them, but still nothing happened. They claimed they sent faxes and never heard back. During that time, I was also in touch with the vet who said she never got any faxes. Finally, a lady in the vet's office rang chewy and gave them all the information they needed so hopefully this won't happen again.

In the meantime, I ran out of the eye ointment. Fortunately, my dog's eye was a lot better by then, otherwise they would have just left him to suffer all of that time. They kept leading me to believe that it would be taken care of within another day or two every time I talked to them, stringing me along all of that time thinking that getting the ointment was imminent when it wasn't.

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