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Days later and car has still not been collected
I am very dissatisfied, after sending in all my documents to where I purchased the vehicle to be then advised after my vehicle was not collected because I did not send in the paper work to Ceva as well. CEVA Logistics rescheduled days later for collection with the vehicle to be dropped off 5 days later (it's only an hour from the pick up and collection points!).

I again tracked my vehicle down and discovered
it was not collected on the day I was advised and it now won't be collected until the following week.

I am in urgent need of this vehicle for work and had I known this would have happened, I would have gone with another supplier.

Good verbal communication when you get through to operator.....
Good verbal communication when you get through to operator which can take sometime. The only issue is with tracking online with none of the dates being accurate. The car is intransit online in one area 14 Nov and then in another area it says that it is waiting for despatch on the 18 Nov. Vert confusing and tracking system does not seem to live.

I called 132277 as I had a question regarding my ability...
I called 132277 as I had a question regarding my ability to amend the booking if required, including requiring an understanding of any potential fees and limitations re: timing. The customer service professional talked over the top of me while I was trying to explain my question, and was a short with me when I expressed that he hadn't answered my question properly. It took a long time to get the information I needed to allow me to progress with the booking.

Was recommended CEVA by other car owners who had vehicles...
Was recommended CEVA by other car owners who had vehicles freighted from other states. Initial enquiry and booking was frustrating felt very unpersonable, it was just like CEVA Logistics were *** questions at you and they were really hard to understand. When you spend money on a vehicle you want your customer service to have some kind of understanding around the logistics and concerns of transporting your new purchase across the country. I nearly choose to go else where because of this but many of our friends praised your service.
Cost effective compared to other quotes we received.
Communication at time of delivery here in South Australia was fantastic, though there were issues and it didn't get delivered to my door as originally planned, communication regarding this was great as to the reason why and an alternative was made to get it delivered the very next day to our choice of repair / mechanic. This is the kind of customer service that should be received right from the start.

My car was ground up restored and built from an original...
My car was ground up restored and built from an original *** Toyota Celica Supra in perfect condition and transported from Perth to Sydney. *** kept me updated online with their tracker and any concerns addressed by their call centre. I used the Premium Enclosed Service and it arrived on the day stated with a friendly call from the Depot in Minto without a mark. CEVA Logistics even covered the seat and footwells to ensure it stayed clean. The drivers genuinely cared about the cars and *** did too. Thanks again, will definitely recommend.

Overall not a bad service, however I paid for express...
Overall not a bad service, however I paid for express and the vehicle stayed in the yard for 3.5 days. Arrived on a Saturday morning 8am and delivered on the Tuesday afternoon. Given it arrived early it could have been delivered sooner not just what until the last day of expected delivery times. Even the driver said he could have delivered sooner. Strange!! Appears to be a little bit of money grabbing here, just my view.

Fantastic experience
Fantastic experience. I had my Alfa *** transported from Western Australia to New South Wales. CEVA Logistics collected from my sisters address and delivered it to my location. Vehicle was in great condition when it arrived. Loved the tracking service online and knew where the vehicle was at all times. 10/10 service. Very impressed with the focus on customer service! Received a personal call from the team 24 hours before delivery to confirm drop off location.

Shocking compang to deal with! Terrible service
Having a car transported from queensland to victoria. Online tracking is useless. If you call you get an overseas call centre who read off the incorrect information from the online tracking. Unable to speak to anybody in Australia regarding the status of my vehicle even though it is 3 days late. Have been calling everyday and told i will get a callback, still hasnt happened! Very frustrating.

Will not try booking over the phone again!
Will not try booking over the phone again! International call centre people can not understand English and I could not understand them. Extremely frustrating and asked for the Sydney number and the person was just as rude and 5 hours waiting still for someone to call back. So I decided to take a look online instead, much easier than dealing with the people you have taking bookings. Sorry but I nearly looked else where!

Zero customer service
Booked online 1/12, emailed paperwork as requested, on 5/12 when I followed up CEVA Logistics had lost the paperwork and then found it. Ron in customer service promised to come back to me with an ETA, no call. Again 6/12 I rang, "I will send Ron a message to get back to you". Now on the 7th day from booking, I message again via the website, with no response. Do yourself a favour, find a local guy with a tilt tray, dont rely on these guys.

Zero customer service, will not return calls as promised.

The process was very easy
The process was very easy. The only minor item of note was that when I originally called for a quote and to discuss the process the call centre operator did not seem to know about the car details although I provided make and model. CEVA Logistics sounded like they were not in Australia. All other aspects went very smoothly and all staff I dealt with at the two depots were excellent and very professional and friendly.

I have a corporate accept IM5800
I have a corporate accept IM5800. I rant to make a booking and got a quote. Said wanted to make a booking and was told I couldn't book, someone would call me back. No one has called so I went on=line. Cant access my corporate account despite registering a number iff times. Jabe made booking under my private name, with no corporate discount at a much cheaper price than I was quoted on line. You need to improve your system considerably

Oh wow. Do I have a doozy for you. I ordered a couch from Amazon to be delivered today. It is a larger couch, but this apartment complex has many people with bigger couches. I paid for the ROOM OF CHOICE delivery which includes two flights of stairs, because I live on the third floor. I received a knock on my door and was greeted with an agitated man. The CEVA Employee informed me that my couch is here. I cleared a path and told him that is my room of choice. He then got even more irritated and said that the couch did not fit in the elevator. I pulled up the ROOM OF CHOICE agreement I had paid for, and I showed him where it included two flights of stairs. I asked to speak with his manager about the agreement and he spouted back that he was the manager, and nobody was above him. Then the CEVA employee went back downstairs. When he returned, I reiterated that my living room is my ROOM OF CHOICE. He then said the couch did not fit in the stairs. So, I went with him. At this point he was furious. It was a tight fit, but I am pretty sure I could have shimmied it along and made it work. He kept saying he was going to scratch the walls. At this point the apartment manager came out. He saw this and promptly started berating her. She stated that couches of this size had gone up before, and maybe we could vault it then go up the stairs. The CEVA employee was not there to hear or listen to any help. He kept arguing that I had not paid for white glove service, and that he would not honor my ROOM OF CHOICE agreement. I showed my apartment manager the order and the agreement. The CEVA employee then went on to say it only includes two flights of stairs and I was on the third floor, so it is out of agreement. But I tried to explain basic math to him that from 1 to 2 is one flight and 2 to 3 is the second flight… so that is two flights. He took time to calculate in his head and realized his error on this small item. The building manager then asked why not open the box and move it that way. The CEVA employee got especially angry at this suggestion and told her he can't open a box without White Glove service. The interesting part here is that he never offered for me to purchase this White Glove Service he just kept saying I did not have it. After being yelled out senselessly by this CEVA employee, my building manager tried to show him the other stairwells. The CEVA employee continued his verbal assault on her and the other front office employee. I asked him for his name and a business card. The CEVA employee informed me that he did not have any cards and refused to give me his name. He then stormed outside to call his manager, that he denied having earlier. I used this time to call Amazon and talk through my options. She confirmed I had purchased ROOM OF CHOICE delivery, and that it did include two flights of stairs. At this point the CEVA employee and his cohort stormed back into the lobby informing me that CEVA Logistics would not be delivering it, and that I would be receiving a call. I was already talking with Amazon, so I just waited. They stole my couch from the lobby, loaded it onto the truck, and left the property. So now there is a rogue delivery truck with a CEVA employee who stole my couch rolling around Florida. I filed an official complaint with Amazon, and I am thinking of contacting the police. I have informed Amazon that I do not want these CEVA employees ever on our property again as they posed a threat to security of me and our property manager. Their actions ruined my experience of getting a new couch.
I hope nobody else had to experience this specific CEVA employee or CEVA at all if they continue to allow this sort of behavior to persist. This is absolutely atrocious.

DO NOT EVER USE THIS COMPANY! Lies lies and lies! CEVA Logistics do not care. Items were STOLEN from my vehicle, paperwork and books upended in the glovebox, vehicle damaged, delivered with warning lights on the dash, blatant lies from delivery drivers and so-called "customer care". My claims case was closed before they even looked into it and Ceva never notified us of that outcome. Completely inadequate communication and customer care.
Vehicle was delayed several times, they don't know where your vehicle is and you can never get a hold of anyone in customer care or complaints. They do not care about your vehicle, they do not care about the customer.
Never will I ever recommend this company to anyone.

Ceva Logistics took thousands of dollars with no intension of providing any service.
Beware anyone wanting a car transported by Ceva Logistics. The website takes your money $1873. 97 then gives you message saying we have taken payment but will not transport the car. We had a equally negative experience speaking with with logistics company CEVA's customer service when we used their website to book transport for a vehicle we bought from Grey Brisbane to be delivered to Cairns. CEVA Logistics say its a glitch and wont refund our money for two weeks and wont collect from Greys auction yard.

Easy fast transaction!
I booked me car to be moved online. The forms were easy to complete. I then had to pass on some finer details, your customer service was smooth and efficient. I received a call on pickup and arrival, on time and my car was securely transported. I could not be happier, job well done...

Dexter was efficient and easy to deal with. Most happy.

I would like to say that my experience in NSW was quite...
I would like to say that my experience in NSW was quite poor, while in *** was excellent. I'm rating this 5-stars as *** from ***toria was able to turn around a very poor experience prior to my car arriving in ***toria. She went over and above to assist me in receiving a car a certain day, fully understanding that the next business day I had all my *** *** and Inspections lined up. I really do appreciate this extra care to accomodate my reasonable requests. Would definitely recommend *** and Ceva. If only everyone in the company was like her.

It was a pleasure dealing with your staff (thorough
It was a pleasure dealing with your staff (thorough - friendly & price rite) I've dealt with 2 other carriers in the past with no complaints , the difference being good service .You were originally recommended to me via one of your drivers, originally I didn't ring you guys because I thought you were too big & possibly costly - once again pleasantly surprised thank you.

I went with CEVA purely based on price but also found...
I went with CEVA purely based on price but also found each of the staff I spoke with to be great. The only reason for the 4 stars instead of 5 stars is on the day I wanted to collect my vehicle I ran multiple times late in the afternoon to check someone would still be there (traffic was really bad) and it rang out. But other than that its been a great experience.

My car was picked up on the arranged day in Brisbane,...
My car was picked up on the arranged day in Brisbane, and delivered to my home address in Adelaide well within the estimated delivery time.
The truck driver called before coming to my residence to make sure someone was home on the day.
He was very friendly and obviously keen about his job and had a passion for cars.
I should most importantly add that the car was delivered in perfect condition. Very happy.

Have moved 4 cars now with CEVA
Have moved 4 cars now with CEVA. My issues would be as follows:
1) No feedback wrt a condition report when dropping the vehicle off. You drop your car and leave with no paperwork at all. Quite disconcerting.
2) Tracking service update is very slow. The car has usually arrived and the tracking still shows its departure from port as Planned.
3) On the last car movement the vehicle was late with no notification.

The website experience honestly is terrible
The website experience honestly is terrible. Recalling a quote requires half the information to be reentered. Correcting a mistake requires going back almost to the start and it too is almost a complete workover. Your telephone support, while polite and well meaning, really struggle to understand the issues I was trying to discuss and appeared to have minimal subject matter expertise on your core business.

I will never use CEVA again
Our car was meant to travel via road from Sydney to Brisbane after being collected on the 30 August 2021 and take 8 to 10 working days. We have just received the car in filthy condition yesterday 22nd September after it transported via ship from Fremantle Western Australia! I believe CEVA Logistics lost it.
The tracking app is useless and inaccurate and stated road transport right through to delivery when it actually went on an International Ship
The call centre is a waste of time with language and communication barriers leaving us frustrated and angry with no answers each time.

Would NEVER use them again!

Vehicle not picked up on scheduled time
Vehicle scheduled to be picked up by CEVA on 15th Oct in the morning and it's currently 5:30pm & the vehicle still remains to be picked up. I have escalated the matter & was promised that I was to to advised ASAP of a pick up time by a customer service representative which was not from Australia as I struggled to understand them. I'm left in limbo & don't know when my car will be picked up. To make matters worse I had a representative take a day off from work to hand over the vehicle & lost a days wages.

The service was fantastic, car picked up in Adelaide...
The service was fantastic, car picked up in Adelaide and dropped of at our nominated address ahead of schedule. The one negative is that your over seas call center is very frustrating and very hard to converse with, I rang three times and spoke to three different people and had the same experience each time. I highly recommend finding a better call center

I had never had a car transported from interstate before
I had never had a car transported from interstate before. After doing some research, I trusted them based on online reviews, but also the feedback that CEVA Logistics own their own trucks, promoted employee safety and the experience and communication was absolutely superb. I would highly recommend Ceva to friends and family, and should I ever need to transport a vehicle from interstate, I won't hesitate to use Ceva again. Thank you for the fantastic job!

From the first moment I contacted CEVA to book my car...
From the first moment I contacted CEVA to book my car for transport From Perth to Melbourne I was greeted with a friendly helpful team member who cheerfully answered all my questions. On arrival at Perth High Wycomb Depot receptionist *** made me feel welcome and was most helpful. My friendly car attendant brought to my attention some defects ( nothing major ) that were present on my car. He has a great eye for detail. I was able to track the progress of my car up to arrival at the Melbourne Truganina Depot. On arrival at Melbourne depot staff very friendly and helpfull. The Receptionist at drop off/ pick up made me feel welcome and Josh car attendant presented me with my car in a professional manner. I was allowed time to inspect my car and was very pleased to see it was in the same condition I last saw it at the Perth CEVA Depot. I would highly recommend CEVA anytime. Also rest rooms and building complexes at both locations very neat and clean and I was most impressed with the security and found it very similar to my employer Rio Tinto Iron Ore in Western Australia. Thank you CEVA.

I found my experience with *** good and efficient,...
I found my experience with *** good and efficient, although my car arrived with a window that had fallen down but which was fine when it left the vendor. I am prepared to accept that this was a transit thing and took everything apart last Saturday and saved myself $150 at the garage by fixing a fairly difficult and complex job myself. The defect was reported to Arliegh at your Melbourne depot who was helpful.

Poor Customer Service
CEVA did not pick up on designated day and failed to ring me to advise. Multiple attempts to get in contact with someone in CEVA who knew what was going on through your call centre. No one called me back that day despite several promises. I acknowledge that the contact number at the pick up point was originally incorrect how ever, a call back in a timely manner would have sorted that out. Finally Vanessa from CEVA called the following day and things were quickly resolved thanks to her. CEVA need to stop hiding behind their call center masquerading as customer service. When there are problems, your customers need to talk to someone from the company who knows what is going on. Lets hope the delivery scheduled for 25 Oct goes better than the pick up

See above

Contact with the seller was not good and they arranged...
Contact with the seller was not good and CEVA Logistics arranged to meet in the afternoon then didnt ring and didnt call but collected the next day.
Contact at our end was brilliant, I received a call and was told when it would be delivered and it was delivered during the middle of the time frame given and the car was in excellent condition.
More care should be given to communication at both ends, not just one, but otherwise a fantastic experience.

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