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Don't bother!
This company is based in the USA and takes around 2-3 weeks to deliver the items.
CellPhoneCases sent me a case for an iphone 6s that wasn't suitable as the case design obstructed the camera. I emailed them and explained the situation. They emailed me back and said the case does fit. I was asked to send images of the ill fitting case which I did. Reluctantly they accepted they where wrong and offered me a refund which they did honor.
Foolishly I gave them a second chance and ordered a different more expensive case.
Again they sent a case that was not compatible with the phone, the case obstructed the camera.
I contacted them and they never even replied. Clearly they have no product knowledge whatsoever. The customer service is very poor

This product is completely amazing
This product is completely amazing. I don't write reviews but I knew I had to because this is just bananas. Grab some popcorn cause this is about to get wild. I'm a paramedic who works night shift. Picture this: You're walking outside in the freezing cold around 3am to answer a 911 call. You are in a hurry and holding a lot in your hands. You set your phone down on the outside step of the ambulance while you push everything in your hands into one of the thirty pockets you have in your pants. You run your call and then suddenly look for your phone. Your Apple Watch says your phone is not connected and your heart drops. Frantically, you find a phone and call someone who you share your location with. This isn't good. Your phone is pinging on a bridge or possibly under the bridge in the water. You immediately realize you LEFT YOUR PHONE ON THE SIDE OF THE AMBULANCE AND IT FLEW OFF WHILE DRIVING DOWN THE ROAD. And just buckle up folks because this gets even better. You also remember you just CANCELED THE INSURANCE ON SAID PHONE. Because who needs insurance, right? You drive back to where the phone's location is showing and you look. And you look. And you look some more. Oh, and of course your phone is on silent. Why wouldn't it be? Finally, you see a reflector in the road that looks a little funky. It's your phone! You found it! You know this is going to be bad when you pick up the phone. At least you found it, right? But to your surprise... THE PHONE DOES NOT HAVE EVEN A SCRATCH ON IT. THAT IS RIGHT. YOUR $10 CASE FROM DELET DELETE DELTE DELETE ABSORBED ALL THE IMPACT AND PROTECTED YOUR PHONE FROM YOUR INCOMPETENCE AND HARD ASPHALT. I couldn't make this up. Just get this case. It looks good, feels good to hold, and can withstand getting flung off the side of an ambulance onto the street at around 50 mph. The more you know.

Very good service
This is a well made durable case. I thought it wasn't going to be that sturdy but it turned out to be super sturdy and it's not easily bent. This is a tough plastic/ rubber and it's well worth the price. I would love to have a red one that matches my phone. This is a well made durable case. I thought it wasn't going to be that sturdy but it turned out to be super sturdy and it's not easily bent. This is a tough plastic/ rubber and it's well worth the price. I would love to have a red one that matches my phone.

Misleading Adverts
Firstly, the website was headed Cellphonecases UK with prices in Sterling. However, deliveries are from USA (as are returns), which makes return prices prohibitive. I purchased my first ever Smartphone (Moto G 3rd generation) and CellPhoneCases were selling what looked like the perfect case for me. They just called it a case for a Moto G, so (in my naivety) I assumed it would fit all Moto G phones and therefore fit my own. It doesn't. Their case is for a first generation. I think this should have been specified in the advert and I also think they should be very open about the fact they are based in the USA. Complete waste of money as it would cost me more to send the product back. Their response to my complaint is simply that their case is for the First generation phone.

Poor service
Wish i had read reviews first. Ad says shipped from warehouse same or next day. I think that indicates quick service. After couple weeks i emailed them to see where my case was or at least give me a tracking number. Return email said it does not give tracking numbers and 20 business days was normal because i was in Canada. I told them that was not true. I sent my ECM computer from my motorcycle to US for repairs and when repair was completed, it was shipped and i received tracking number within 2 hours and received my part back 2 days later. I have ordered many other things online and have never waited 20 business days for anything. I have no idea if product is any good as i not received it yet. Glenn Gibbons

False advertising and Bad customer service
CellPhoneCases advertise a screen protector film for the Samsung Galaxy S7, but the film does not fit the full width of the screen, even though it says so in text, and is shown to be so in the product image provided.
This resulted in 5mm of screen width to not be covered by the screen protector. This of course not only doesn't fully protect the screen, but also disrupts the touch control where the edge of the film is, as well as viewing content, since there is now a line on either side of the screen where the edge of the film is.
They tried to deny this and tell me this is normal, and did everything they could to convince me otherwise with all sorts of nonsense.
Eventually after piling on the evidence in my favour including photos which I showed them on first contact, they told me to send it back and want to charge me a 20% re-stocking fee. This means sending to America for a cost which would nearly be the price of the film itself, since it was on a big discount... I wonder why it is.

I wish I could rate them a ZERO... Dont waist your time. I have been waiting over a month for my order. I ordered a GLASS screen protector mid-June recieved it in July BROKEN. I contacted the company by email (the only way you can contact them) explained to them it can in a paper unpadded envelope delivered by US mail. At first I thought CellPhoneCases would remedy the problem as they replied they would resend it. I just gotthe replacement in the US mail and guess what... same paper unpadded envelope and suprise surprise it BROKEN.

Dont get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with sending it US mail. This issue is that they send them in a paper envelope as if they were mailing a letter to grandma. How in the ham sandwich do they expect it not to be damaged in delivery.

Case and Cover
Finally received the replacement-this time with padding so this one is good but doesn't stay on... So all the people needing proper goods, quality cases-GO ELSEWHERE!
CellPhoneCases do not even send an apology with a replacement case as good will. You think that there would be a bit of PR given due to long standing issues of defective, and shipped damaged product.
So all in all:
Service=0 but have to give 1 star=after 2 months this is a definite 0.
Product quality-1
Pricing-1 do your homework-Amazon free shipping***
Happy with Purchase=is a definite 0 but have to give a 1 star

Super bad service
I made an error when I first ordered. And CellPhoneCases changed it. The site said ships in 24 hours... been over a week so I emailed them to cancel. So I got this email telling me that its insane to try to cancel an order that they have already HAD to go get from some bin and switch it. I was also told to not email them again. Jerks customerservice sucks! Takes u 3 days to answer an email telling me it shipped yesterday! Save ur money I hope when this case arrives its not total garbage. Go to Amazon and order not this business.

High Quality and Pretty at the same time
I just received my order from and am very happy with the products. The cases fit perfectly and are high quality materials. I chose a Tuff brand cover and it protects the phone very well and it came in a fun pattern too! The price was very reasonable, comparable to Amazon, which I was concerned about ordering from because of all the fit and quality issues, you just never know what your going to get. If shipping is free I'm NOT going to complain about it taking a few days to get here either!

Ordered cell phone cases bad and no refund
I am highly disappointed in this company. My wife ordered a cellphone case for my Samsung 5 on June 5th. CellPhoneCases gladly took money out of our account. They did ship out my phone case two weeks later but the case was in truth smaller than what they marketed. We called the number via research only yo leave a message. We followed instructions via their website how to return package and they would in 5 to 1p business days after verifying they got their product back. We never received our $19.00. I have called their 818 number. My wife has emailed their website email and we have yet to hear anything. Poor business model.

Don't waste your money
Terrible service. This is a one man show business with UPS store address. I received the wrong item. According to them, CellPhoneCases sent what I ordered. Their website is confusing. Assuming I made a mistake, I still expect assistance and replacement. No response after 2 emails and 2 calls. Phone is voicemail only.(I wonder why). They only responded after I involved PayPal and they did it with a sarcasm, pretty much calling me stupid. Then they expect you to pay 8 bucks return for a 10 bucks item. Not mentioning terrible reviews on the Internet which I definitely should have read first. Check out,,, even Better Business Bureau and Yelp... this site is slammed with complaints... Pathetic.

Excellent Case..
Got the case before I the new phone arrived. Compared to my previous case for the XR (Slim Shockof) this looks more refined. Not very bulky though, actually surprisingly slim. Not sure how well it really tects compared to other, more substantial cases (hence the 4 Stars). The design is more engineered with the frosted back and some technical looking design in the inner frame. Grip is nice and it feels solid and rigid. Will comment more once the phone arrived. UPDATE: I am positively surprised. After attaching the Shockof case to the phone I have to say it looks really sleek for a tective case. It seems sturdy enough to tect against common drops. It may not be the most tective case around. So if you are looking for something that withstands the most extreme conditions, you might need to look somewhere else. But for everybody else (me included) I expect this case to perform really well. I therefore upgraded my rating.

Macbook Pro Cover
I purchased a protective clear cover for my MBP 13" retina screen computer. When I finally received the item, it was not what I had order. The cut-outs for the plugs/ports were not even close to that of a MBP and the size of the case was. 75" too wide and. 5" too tall. As does not have a phone number, I had to send an email via their website. CellPhoneCases responded that I'd have to pay for the shipping back for exchange or credit. The item was only $13, the cost for shipping would be at least half that adding to the overall total costs for something THEY sent in error. I pointed this out and they have not responded back with any resolution or offer to pay for the shipping back. This business seems quite dubious AND unprofessional. I'll NEVER order from them again. At least I'm only out $13.

Do not recommend if you live in Canada
I live in Toronto Canada. I'd ordered iPhone Charging/Sync cables which I received almost after one month. As per the tracking, it took almost 10 days to reach to the Canada border. But the tracking system stops updating once parcel arrives in Canada. It took three weeks to arrive to my place, during that period i'd no clue what happened to parcel and whether I'll ever get it. I wish I'd ordered the same from Amazon which would have arrived within 5 business days. I would not recommend if you live in Canada unless you have lots and lots of patience. Good luck!

Case and Cover
Well- I have just opened my product that was received in the mail Friday-May 24 2019.
As you can imagine I have waited quite a while now for the replacement- over 6 weeks.
I received an opened item and the screen cover is cracked!

Susan Bordun

Mon 2019-05-27 1:03 PM;
Susan Bordun

Here is a copy of my email. Am I disappointed-Yes I am.
Would I recommend at this point? No.
Do I expect a refund-yes I do. Will I get one? No I Won't. This isn't there policy. This company doesn't even get one star and you can't give a 0.

Good morning:

Just received in mail-the product was cracked!

Also the package had been opened prior!

Does anyone check product before it is sent out?

I would like a replacement and I am sending what I received back.

Very disappointed.


Order two Cell Phone Screen Protectors
The first order all three glass protectors arrived cracked. The second order arrived the same day and that screen protect wasn't cracked. CellPhoneCases were both in plastic cases which ponders the question how did one order get cracked and not the other. I'm wondering if the first order was shipped cracked. I tried to do quick return on the website but the site loops into infinity for returns. I've sent an email to support but not expecting much. I'm guessing they figure for $10 people will just forget the hassle of returning. I WANT MY $10!

Total rip-off company. Take your money and don't send product. Stay away
This company is nothing but a scam and ripoff. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY just to be frustrated. I'm going to law enforcement to see if I can bring any type of consumer charges and seeing and attorney to see if I can sue these people. It wasn't much money on my part, but if CellPhoneCases rip off just a fraction of the people that order then JUSTICE is in order. TERRIBLE company, shop any place but this place. These folks may think its funny to rip people off but with me personally, i have the resources and time to make their lives miserable... Hoping I can sue them or (BETTER YET) have a U.S. attorney agree to purse these people for wire fraud, fraud, and about 20 other federal statutes they can be charged under. The owners behind this company may think they are cute and funny but I predict right here, today, that they have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER that ripping me off for $14.03 could possibly lead to over a decade in federal prison for them.
I will keep the readers updated on my progress.

Rip Off Company
Lousy customer service. Cant reach person to correct their error in sending wrong item. No phone number, operate out of post office box at ups store. Only receive canned responses, ie return policy, I pay postage and 20 percent restock fee for their error. Right, it was my fault, not. Do not take my word, just read all the online complaints and BBB complaints. Warn everyone you know about this piss poor company. If you have been taken by them, contact California Attorney Generals Office. Their is strength in numbers.

Not Ethical for Operation / Not Responsible for bad products
I start with the fact that their only marketing tactic CellPhoneCases use is free shipping. Well I would love to have average of less than 10 dollars paid but didn't have to wait for weeks. The 2nd and most important issue if there is a bad design, they use the excuse of used item that they are not gonna refund you plus they will take the possession of the item you paid for. Legalized rip off! They don't care if they carry items with bad design that jeopardizes a 1000 dollar cellphone. Mine the edges of the case was below the screen height which is subject to crashing the display if it falls face down. What kind of protection is that?! They also have 20 percent restocking fee even if your item is unused. Also you need to pay for the shipping back and if you want exchange pay again for shipping the new item. All in all they are miles and miles behind an average service quality you get from places like Amazon. I mentioned "Not ethical" because they intentionally not reveal drawbacks mentioned above and customer finds out when they are already roped in!

Super bad support! Super bad company!
I ordered a screen protector for a Samsung Galaxy S7. CellPhoneCases sent a screen protector for a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. I contacted them and requested they send a shipping label for me to return the item and that they also send the correct item. I got no response for 2 weeks. They then said they often send their items in mismarked packaging and I should check to make sure it wasn't correct. I did and told them it was too long and didn't have the right button cutouts. After several days they demanded pictures. I sent them a picture of the original box, a picture of the sent screen resting on top of the phone and a picture of the item side by side to the phone. That was a week ago and I still have had no response from them.

Not sure how they can tell what they're sending when they place their inventory in boxes that say the item is something else. They make so sense whatsoever and do not reply to fix the problem.

STAY CLEAR OF THIS PLACE there should be a - star for this place
I ordered a case on 6/14 emailed them on 6/18 CellPhoneCases said it was shipped on 6/17 checked with DHL they said they only have a electronic notification of a package but no package there yet so i emailed CellPhoneCase again they gave me a line it takes 24 hours for package to get out and 2 to 4 days to delivery its now 6/20 DHL emailed me the package is there now and will be here on 6/22 ok so i ordered it on 6/14 it got to DHL on 6/19 but was shipped on 6/17? Never again my wife ordered her case from another place in UT on 6/14 and had it on her phone 6/17 at 6pm

Rude. Corrupt Business.
CellPhoneCases sent me the wrong product. When I wanted to return it - which, its not any good as it was a screen protector - I noticed that they didn't have a phone number and they didn't send me a receipt with my order information. That has never happened to me before, I order tons of things online.

They also never sent me a confirmation email after I ordered it.

I tried contacting them via email and got automated responses that were completely irrelevant to the issue.

Problem was never solved and I wasted money because of this business.

If you look at the photo you can tell they never even read my original email I sent that accurately, and specifically talked about the issue at hand.

Stay away.

Don't go there
I bought a case for my iphone 7 and when it eventually arrived I was disappointed.:-
1. The case was a bad fit. 2. The phone does not shut down when the flap is closed. 3. The button on the side to shut the phone down doesn't work. To be fair CellPhoneCases answered my e-mail quickly but were unhelpful saying "Return the item if it is faulty but you have to pay return postage and there is a 20% restocking fee". I live in the UK so returning the item is a no go. The item wasn't expensive but it does not match the description on their website so I was miss sold this item. Wish I had read the reviews before buying.

Terrible service!
I ordered two chargers from on 4/24/18. I paid for both using PayPal and made two separate transactions. Both orders were just $4.99 each. I received one order within a week. I waited several days and never got the 2nd charger. I went to the website to track my order. CellPhoneCases only had record of one of my orders. I was smart to pay with PayPal because they had record of my payment. does not publish a phone number. I filed a complaint with PayPal stating I needed my money back so I could reorder the item. did not respond to the PayPal complaint so I had to escalate it to a dispute. Still no response from I thought they would refund my money right away so that I could reorder but they didn't. It took until May 22,2018 to get my money back through PayPal. I will not order from them again. Also the charger I did get did not fit my iPad. The website said it would fit my iPad. It probably would have cost more to ship it back than the $4.99 item cost so I kept it. So I'm still out $4.99. I will not be ordering again. Based on reviews from other customers I will probably just run into more problems.

Don't believe the website!
I ordered 2 cellphone cases from this website based on the advertisement of shipping within 24 hours. At 48 hours after order, I inquired about cancelling order. I received an e-mail saying the order was in process and could not be cancelled. I then ordered 2 cases from a competitor. I paid for the next level above free shipping and CellPhoneCases arrived before the cases from I then returned my order from The website says they offer refunds 7 business days after receiving the product. UPS tracking said received my order on Sept. 2,2020. Here it is October 7,2020 and I am still waiting on my refund.

Stay away from this site! Ran by children that don't give a crap!
Ordered a cell phone case for my LG V50 on a Monday. Received my order number but was unable to use it to track using the website. I sent two emails, one 3 days after my order and a 2nd email 4 day after my order. No reply... On the 5th day I sent a email telling them I was unhappy with the service. I then received a rude a totally unprofessional and childish reply from his team. No apology at all, just a rude child. When I finally did receive my phone it was crap quality! I would like to return this but I'm sure it will just be a fight. Save yourself the pain and just use Amazon.

This company is an absolute SCAM!
Ordered a phone holster, waited for DAYS and finally went online to check status only to find out that they'd CANCELLED the order! No explanation no refund and no notice. It wasn't until I questioned them via email (because CellPhoneCases won't answer the phone) that I get a response telling me that they've issued me a credit and that I needed to wait 3 - 10 days for the transaction to complete. I paid via PayPal which was IMMEDIATE.
The are guilty of deceptive business practices and should be filled on!

Best Quality.
Better quality than most cases in this price range that we've tried. My 13yr old goes through cases faster than TP, so this is perfect! She recently went from the 11 to the 12 so we had to start all over with cases. This is thicker and has a more "solid" design than the gel type but it is still alittle flexible. It has a good fit, easy on/off & great side protection. My only complaint is that it shows fingerprints but after using it for a month it has not "darkened" or changed color. Definitely Worth The Price.

Horrible customer service and mis-advertised item on the site
I ordered a case for my mother when she upgraded her iphone and she wanted the same case she had (which i bought her from this company so, i was a repeat customer) and when i got the new case it wasn't what was advertised on the site. It was missing a place to insert a license or picture. I let them know and CellPhoneCases wanted a picture of it. I replied saying "picture really"? It was $11.00 case and i had to be bothered with this? The reply was like no other i have EVER got from a company..."Yes, we require a picture (they could have stopped there and that would have been fine) if someone says something is incorrect. It is 2019. Snapping a photo of an item and sending it takes no more than a minute" - REALLY? I NEEDED TO BE TOLD WHAT YEAR IT WAS? HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THIS PERSON SHOULD NOT BE IN THAT BUSINESS!

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