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No news
Due to the nasty, disrespectful, dishonest statements about our president today., Nov 11, from the morning crew, I turned it off and have no intention of turning it back on, ever. No evidence of voter fraud? Has not conceded? Will not allow Biden to move in or hire his administration? What world do those people live in? I have not heard one decent word about President Trump, the First Lady, not one of his many accomplishments, no list of his first 100 days in office, no mention of the 4 nominations from other countries for the. Nobel Peace Award. Why would any president concede until the election is finall and certified. All this comes from the very people who never accepted the 2016 election. The democrats spent 4 years of doing nothing but one investigation after anotherr, based on lies, not one thing for the country. It is unconscionable, disgusting, evil, and true disservice to every person in this country. No president has ever been treated so horribly. You all should hang your heads in shame, and think about all the illegal activities that were uncovered, and not one was the president, his family. Or a Republican, before spewing false accusations.

Gayle kings got to go!
I have enjoyed watching CBS this morning for many years. I record and watch it while having my morning coffee. When Charlie Rose and Nora O'Donnell left my ratings went down for CBS.
Gayle King is a racist and gives her opinions and insults people she doesn't like. It's quite evident what her party choice is. That's fine, we have freedom of speech, it's a gift. I don't enjoy watching someone else give their opinion and criticizing someone I like.
What happened to the good old days when Walter Cronkite gave the news. He gave the news didn't criticize or analyze and it was not repeated for days on end.
It was sad watching President Trump & First Lady Melania Trump exit today on Inauguration Day, Gayle King and The Major criticizing him, his administration and his speech, why!
CBS I am gone.

Need broader scope of news
I generally watch CBS Morning News and Evening News each day, but I admit I have been flipping to other channels trying to find something other than George Floyd and Black Lives Matter coverage. Yes, these are important news stories and I think CBS blanket-covered it, BUT there are other news stories that are important. I live in Florida, so I was interested in the tropical storm that hit our neighbors in Louisiana last weekend. What about those two missing children in Idaho? What about the upticks in COVID? And what's going on with Prince Andrew and the Jeffrey Epstein case? PLEASE! Stop fixating on only one thing and give us a broader scope of all news. Thank you.

Honest and integrity are evidently are eliminated completely
I have seen all network news broadcasts become propaganda for the left. I have been on this planet for a long time and what a shame.
Just this week their news consists of the condolence call that out president made.
The actual newsgrabber should have been the collusion scandal involving the Clintons, then FBI director Robert Mueller, former atty general Eric Holder and President Obama. I feel that this is just the tip of the iceberg regarding the treasonous acts of former officials in supplying Russia with our uranium used to produce nuclear warheads. The Clintons made hundred of millions in rewards for their deceitful actions. Shame on all those involved! I pray for our children for what we have done will never be forgotten.

Racial disparity
I know I'm tired of African/Americans or people of color are making this a racist virus. Who's the racist here? What about all people, even the "clear" non color people are not immune.
It's sad CBS interviews an older, obese black woman with her mask on incorrectly to be their "victim".
Maybe the story is for all to wear mask correctly and address existing health issues: obesity, hypertension, etc and follow the guidelines!
I was recently at the grocery store with my mask and following distancing, I noticed that other African Americans were not, no mask no distancing!
Stop being a victim and follow the guidelines!

Corona virus reporting
I watch/watched your national broadcast of the news for years and have noticed that your coverage of pertinent information has progressively gotten worse as the years have gone by. No longer is there unbiased honest reporting, but rather politically motivated snippets taken out of context, and words used to sensationalize facts. One example of this rhetoric is the quote "Corona virus has killed...". Yes, some have died of a virus, but the word killed is a little strong... it's a disease, not a terrorist! I've also found that I can find out more about the world by listening to the BBC. This is sad, and unprofessional! Shame on you! Now tell me why you didn't even report this! />
I found that this news was encouraging, yet nothing was said about this or any other facilities that are gearing up to manufacture these vaccines. I can't help but feel that the non-reporting is politically motivated. The other event not covered by the major news outlets was the prayer march in Washington DC this past weekend. 100,000 people peacefully gathered, yet this is not news? Really! I don't know who makes these decisions, but I'm demanding better! I refuse to watch and waste my time on your news or lack there of!
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CBS is blatantly sexist
This morning (5/16/19) I read a news article about the abortion bill in Alabama. Whether your views on abortion, this particular article was labeled:

"Alabama just criminalized abortions and every single yes vote was cast by a white man"

So why CBS does it matter if white men voted on this bill? Why does your writer have to point this out? Why is it important to highlight this fact?

If it wasn't bad enough, the article goes on to contridict itself at the end by saying all of the Republican women voted in favour of the bill too. Not only is your writer on the $#*!ation level of Rian Johnson, you are blatantly sexist for attacking white men over nothing.

Anti Trump to a horrible fault... poor biased reviews and reporting
Each time I tune into the morning news with Gayle and her colleagues, I find each one of them angry and full of hate for President Trump, or as Ms King calls him, Mr. Trump. Such disrespect to the leader of the Free World and CBS backs all of the disrespectful remarks, eye rolling and faces made. I just do not understand. My parents, my teachers and pastors have always emphasized respect for our leaders, even if we do not agree. Clearly, CBS knows nothing about respect. I am sorry to realize this is a steady pattern with your news staff. Mr. Biden is not going to do well if CBS News decide to attack him in this manner. Why are you trying to tear down America...

Fallen to a new low using fallen heroes and traumatizing their families
Just watched your CBS evening news 9/4/20. We've been concerned about the loss of journalistic ethics in your obvious slanting of the news to support your narrative, but you have sank to a new low when you dishonored the fallen military and traumatized their families with the false reporting of the Atlantic article. John Bolton came out and publicly denied Trump ever said such a sickening thing about our fallen military long before your evening news aired. It was expected you would still push that false story, but to not mention Bolton's denial indicates you have lost all honor. You have become the National Enquirer of national news. To call you yellow journalism would be a compliment. It is frightening that there is no longer any trust in our public news stations - it's is like living in Russia or China. You've lost all public trust. We will no longer watch your station or patronize your advertisers.

Since election has become horrible
This is a hard one in that I always have read CBSNEWS for years. CBS News use to be left leaning for sure but I could count on 60% of the articles being solid to read. Now since the 2016 Election season it just went to the dogs. I hate that everything is a knock to the President and that they skewer every single subject to insult or shame anyone who agrees with the President. It's disheartening that grown adults act as children and have dropped to such a low level of discourse in todays society. As well every subject has become so tightly wound around political correctness that saying certain truths is sometimes a no no. They also seem not report all the facts or whole story nowadays. I find many articles are only half the facts or view points and they leave it that way because telling the whole story would hurt a policy they want to have or contradicts what they have reported on earlier. I read sites from the far left to the far right to get the whole truth, CBS is on the left and wavers far left sometimes. A good 10 years ago they were closer to the centre but now anyone who is honest, really honest knows that is no longer true. The majority of the articles never takes into consideration on how the average person feels but tries to manipulate the reader to the views of very liberal ideals. The wording of articles makes liberal ideas and view points as matter of fact rather than it being their opinion and nothing more than that. If you chose to read CBS NEWS it would be advantageous to read other sites to get the full and balanced view of everything of what is going on. In my opinion I see CBS is farther left than they want you to believe. No news site nowadays is free of biased opinions but thoes who say they are fair and balanced should try and live up to that. If you have conservative ideals then CBS NEWS is not the place to look. If you want the middle ground then it would be good to read Breitbart and then CBS and then the whole story will be in the middle somewhere between them.

Tired of one sided news
CBS News need to take the "News" title off their shows in morning and evening broadcasts. They are not reporting a fair assessment of the stories. I get tired of hearing all the liberal angles of their reports. Top stories of Cops shooting blacks but no mention of blacks killing white/black kids/adults all over the US. Those are stories too. Just because Gail is black we shouldn't be subjected to her biased reports. There are other news stories that affect all citizens that need to be Broadcasted. Quit focusing on the pampered big city Liberals and reach out to the many more hard working Americans out there. Gail is not even a professional news person only there cause of her connection to "O". I try to be fair and balanced by watching different news shows throughout the day, but I can no longer watch CBS. Time for another change!

Bias in reporting the News fairly
Norah O' Donnell should be ashamed of herself, and also the News channel she works for. Watched tonight, and for many nights an seen the continuous bias reporting about the President & the Republican party. And of course tonight when two big stories about to Democrats Eric Swalwell and his connection to China not a word. Just like Hunter Biden and a investigation launched by the Justice Department. Again not a word. And then Ms. O'Donnell stars in a commercial about honesty in reporting, what a joke. Oh by the way I'm a democrat. Plus I'm stopping watching your fake news channel, till you report the news fairly. Stop with the fake news Seen your rating is 172nd. Do you wonder why?

Time For Change
Why is Gayle King so negative, looking for the negative in every comment that someone makes when she does an interview. Like this morning, she called out her interviewee on a statement this lady made about a group. She always gets her digs in or "her views", part of the reason why news has fallen to the waste side (being polite). Love the co-anchors, when CBS News report on issues, even political, you don't know where they stand and that's how it should be, need to change Gayle out. While she is decent, I don't feel like this is the correct platform for her. When you report the news you need not be bias, keep your feelings to yourself and use this platform that you have been blessed with to report news in the correct way. Pushing your opinion etc. does no one any good.

CBS This Morning, bring Norah back or make some changes.

They spin lies constantly
1st I want to say I used to be a Democrat but because of media like CBS and CNN who continuously lie and spin the truth to fit the bad democrats way of business Who own these companies and back pedophiles, if they're not pedophiles themselves, Also if Gayle king is so much for black lives matters why is she consistently trying to start a race war instead of helping her people stop burning down their own cities, I know why, she's trying to save her friend Oprah and whoever else is getting ready to go down at CbS For your little cult club of the rich and twisted, the game is up, watch as people disappear from the spotlight lol

CBS being racist
We are tired of every time a black person gets arrested by a white cop gets put on the news with only the view of that it is a black person and a white cop, not the reason why he was truly getting arrested. The black man gets arrested at the door to his house by white cops, but did run a red light and ran from the cops and had marijuana! If a white guy ran a red light and ran from the cops he would get arrested, but the only difference is that it would not be put on the news. CBS are being racist with only seeing that it is a black person and white cops. Look at the facts and present ALL the facts. Also SO TIRED of Gale King always taking the side that fits her race and her agenda. She needs to be replaced and hopefully by a Latino or Asian as we believe the would be more objective and actually report TRUE NEWS! TIRED OF THE SAME BLAH, BLAH, BLAH...

Just do the news. We don't need personal comments from the Anchors.
What happened to reporting just the facts without the Anchors using the news as their personal sounding board.

Since when is it OK to report on un-vetted internet stories and pet videos as serious news stories.

The viewers should be aware that the news stays on television do to advertisements. Maybe it's time to begin boycotting the companies that pay for advertisements during the news until this style of reporting is stopped.

Stop watching not only the CBS morning news but all of the other network morning and evening news programs until CBS News change their format. If you can't stop watching completely just watch the first few news stories and then turn it off. You will be less stressed and happier.

They try to control with what they say and how they say it!
When nora takes over a show to once again talk about politics it makes me wonder what the network really wants-to control what CBS News tell you or to push their own political agenda. If a network news show wanted to report the news they should do that and not pound what they want to pass as news. Then she lies to the world and no one really sees it. Its just like congress needing term limits starting NOW! Enough of the politics of reporting what congress is doing. Why, nora, do you NOT report on what they are NOT doing-thy are not doing their job(unless you count begging for money a JOB). Be more real cbs and all the other networks. Also quit lying.

Racism seems to come in many forms. This morning on LA's Channel 2 news, Gayle king said
"HILLBILLY" Elegy. About a movie, I understand that. But is It OK to say Racial slurs? Racist words include, Hillbilly, trailer trash, white trash, cracker & redneck. Just because same ignorant
Person make it a movie title, Does not mean that it should be ignorantly said on national TV. If we want racism to end then we need to stop using racist terms and talking about racism directed in one direction. Those kinds of words do not unify or bring together anyone. Black, white, We are all just people who need to stop putting labels, especially negative racist ignorant remarks that I heard on TV today. Sad
Robert P.

Do you have your head in the sand?
I have read many reviews of CNN and CBS News are all basically the same, except i did read one by george. George has, in his mind compared Trump with Hitler, I shake my head when I read something like this. Please take the time to review what is said, what you see and then come up with a logical conclusion, not a democratic party by-line. The media is as corrupt as hillary and that is a good place to start if you want to talk about lies, yet you want to bash Trump before he even starts to repair the country that nobama has brought to it's knees. Take your head out of the sand and just shut up for a while until you clear your head from the presidential loss, then maybe you will see the world and media for what they truely have become, puppets for the leftist agenda. I will show you honest, Trump is president but I see shortcomings to his policies, he is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, could you have said that about hillary? NO you think she is the way, wrong again. Want more? Did you see the coverage by CBS of the inauguration? All they wanted to do is focus on obama and his fat butt wife, yes he was president, I'm sorry to say, and NOW he's gone Hurray! It was not his day but the day of the new President elect, wake up and listen to the people.

Gayle King Please Read Me
Gayle King is a race hustler! She makes a living pretending black people are oppressed in America when it's the complete opposite black people get everything in America by simply yelling racism about everything if a white person farts in public it's racism get my point Gayle King if your really worried about people like you then talk about inner city violence that people like you are doing to each other talk about people like you not having Dad in home because either there in prison for committing crimes like murder, robbery and let not forget all the drug dealing CBS News do destroying people lives by polluting or neighborhood with the filth you don't talk about your people selling drugs to mostly white people do you Gayle no because you don't care about white people because your a racist who trash with folks Gayle King and your a race hustler the truth is your a fake journalist your pretty pathetic if you cared about your people start with telling your men to stop killing each other and to be real men to be dad's tell your women to stop milking the system with free everything they get welfare food stamps free medical free school free government housing FREE EVERYTHING! When your Gayle Kings kind when you get everything in America for free Gayle guess what it makes a lazy pathetic person this seems to fall quite often in more people like you so please do America a favor stop your morning garbage tell your kind there a big thing in America it's called work try it sometimes an stop hustling of the white man's back!

The news media is to be congratulated for their efficiency! A few years ago the news would often point out how a country that turned socialist could expect corruption in the near future. With their bias and support of Joe Biden CBS News are supporting socialism and the corruption is already there. The corruption is already in existence, no need for it to come in the future.
The news media has become so arrogant they think they should tell us what to think or filter what is presented. No longer do they report the issues and events and allow us to make up our own mind. The so called reporters are no longer journalist. They are commentators.
CBS had been a great news organization, but no longer. Not worth watching.

CBS Morning News "was" a great show prior to removing John and Nora. The chemistry was obvious and there was a feeling of teamwork. Anthony and John are not a good fit for daily AM news, both good in there own element, but not in this setting. John and Nora were a good influence on Gayle; however, now she appears to be trying too hard to make a point about her own personal views and comes off as bias. Not a good imagine. Loved the synergy that was overflowing prior changes, but can't watch the train wreck going in now. Do something and fast or CNN will be the only morning news you hear in households... Thank you.

Biased news casters
The Racist one sided morning news people got to go! CBS news is off my list of TV shows. I can't believe that your company accepts The blantent racism shown by the black lady. It's so obvious it makes me sick. And CBS's total disrespect for President Trump should be a sign to viewers that your company is one sided when reporting the news. Example: Today CBS News interviewed Democratic Presidental candidates. All they talked about was TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP, TRUMP.If this is all the Democrats feel is important in our country today screwing President Trump, then I predict the biggest landslide presidential election with the Democrats losing behind the Green Party! Democratic party will be a thing of the past after this election. Your morning news peoples jaws won't hit the floor going (how did he win, We fixed it so Hillary would win?) That was very obvious also from the guy with glasses and the Racist black $#*!. Why would you let these non-news biased people represent your company? Do you know that CBS morning news has a 1.9 out of 5 rating? Guess why! I'm a regular American but I can tell a Communist influenced business a mile away. That's why you let this debochary of news continue. Dave.


What happened to unbiased, objective news reporting?
American journalism is suffering from truth decay' the media have become more biased over the last 30 years, RAND study says
By Quentin Fottrell
Published: May 28,2019 10:58 am ET
U.S. news has shifted to opinion-based content that appeals to emotion; newspapers have shifted less than TV has.

"Tumultuous news cycles have made an impact on global opinions regarding media," according to a new global survey.
"Tumultuous news cycles have made an impact on global opinions regarding media," according to a new global survey.
American journalism is losing its objectivity.

That's according to a new analysis on news discourse. In the study, released this month, researchers found a major shift occurred between 1989 and 2017 as journalism expanded beyond traditional media, such as newspapers and broadcast networks, to newer media, including 24-hour cable news channels and digital outlets. "Notably, these measurable changes vary in extent and nature for different news platforms," it found. RAND is a nonprofit nonpartisan think tank based in Santa Monica, Calif.

"Our research provides quantitative evidence for what we all can see in the media landscape," said Jennifer Kavanagh, a RAND senior political scientist and lead author of the report, the second in a series on the phenomenon of "Truth Decay," the declining role of facts and analysis in civil discourse and its effect on American life. "Journalism in the U.S. has become more subjective and consists less of the detailed event- or context-based reporting that used to characterize news coverage."

Journalism in the U.S. has become more subjective and consists less of the detailed event- or context-based reporting that used to characterize news coverage.'
Truth Decay,' RAND

I agree 100%

Musical groups
I must say i love the show. Great stories but at the same time the musical groups that perform have a lot to be desired. Really bad. Not professional quality at all. I get that CBS News are trying to hopefully give them a little air time that they might become great stars but they are really bad. The group that aired on Oct 5th 2019 - OMG - the violinist was terrific. Thought it was actually going to be a good group until the man began to sing - should have let the woman sing because he couldnt hold a tune in a bucket and the group really suffered because of him. This is not the only instance of bad musical group its seems thats worst part of the show every week. Other than that i would give 5 stars

What a Decline!
I used to watch this program but now can hardly stand it. Gayle has to comment on everything. Tony and Anthony always concur and seem to have to smile at so many asinine comments or clips or uncomfortable setups. Worst of all is Vlad. I used to think he was excellent as a reporter, but now cannot take him seriously; since his new role is to turn everything into a laugh fest. All 4 of them fake gales of laughter. TV is always turned off during this ridiculous phony display.
I previously tuned into CBS because I found ABC and NBC morning news intolerable, but now CBS is far worse. As a result, I usually watch none. I'll read my news. It's less annoying.

What happened to CBS?
What happened to you? I used to watch Faithfully every morning Monday through Friday until the obvious Democratic platform was underlined rather than unbiased news reporting. Due to Oprah's financial support of CBS, Gayle Kings opinions and political stance go unchecked. This is not unbiased journalism. Furthermore during an interview with Lenny Kravitz Gale king interrupted the interview to mention a cell phone text she received from a friend stating how fine Lenny Kravitz is. A cell phone text to Gayle King from a friend while on Air that moment is news? Now if this was a male and it actually made news from a cell phone text to a male news reporter on air he would have been added to the #MeToo movement roster immediately. Biased journalism and gender biased interview interruptions by Gayle King - way too much for me. I'm out.

All the way around these guys are absolutely uneducated idiots. Just go read some of the articles CBS News write or watch tv. I just read an article about how cbs news claims a "slide fire stock" for an ar15 actually turns the weapon from semi automatic, into a fully automatic weapon. Do they even know how stupid they sound? A slide for stock does not switch the firearm from semi automatic mode to fully automatic mode as they claim. What's funny Is ready the more recent articles on their. Absolute dummies. Haha they must be Democrats or liberals... oh you know they study core curriculum, and attempt to abort babies at home hahaha!

Gayle King as very biased
I would appreciate if Gayle King would cease and desist lecturing the Queen of England and the Palace regarding their need to reach out to Harry and Meghan and make amends to these two immature, self centered people. It is not her job to get involved and/or speak for Harry or Meghan. Nor for the United States.

The interview by Oprah was very one sided. There was no attempt to ask questions about the other side. We were expected to believe, wholeheartedly what Meghan and Harry said. No questions allowed. I do not.

I heard Ms King also state that Harry and Meghan have PROOF. Does she get how junior high school this sounds. I used to watch this show. Won't any longer

If Ms King keeps pushing this envelope she could end up with making race relations worse. There are always two sides to each story, or even more. She needs to stand down, shut up and give the Queen the courtesy and time to look into all allegations hurled at her and her family.

I wonder what POTUS thinks about GK meddling with international relations.

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