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Wrong size delivered!
On 7/15/20 Catherine's withdrew money (47.85) for my product... on 7/17/20 I recieved my product in the wrong size! On 7/18/20 after calling customer service I recieved a $20.00 credit! On7/19/20 Catherine's withdrew (47.70) on my new order on 7/23/20 I recieved my correct order... I also called customer service 7/23/20 spoke to Toloria and said Catherine's owed me $$$ had to literally argue for over 30 minutes with them trying to state they owe me NOTHING very disappointing!

Thieves and frauders
Ordered almost $400 in pants on august 25th. Delivered in 2 shipments. 2nd shipment contained the wrong items despite having the right packing slip. Customer service issued a return labeled after almost a week of back and forth of them saying the images of proof were too large for the email. Tracking the package says it was received on september 19th and 2 months later and many ignored emails later, still no refund. Catherines has stolen nearly $140 from me.

Worst customer service I've ever experienced.
I had an issue with Catherine's overcharging me for shipping (I'm in Canada) a couple of years ago. Catherine's customer service refused to back down until I went to the Better Business Bureau, and it was resolved within a day, in my favour. I didn't shop Catherine's again until this past summer, thinking I'd give them another chance. Catherine's were having a sale, so I tried to make an online purchase. Every time I tried to place my order, I'd get a message saying it didn't go through and to try again. I did that four times until it worked. Then I received four order verifications from Borderfree (Catherine's partner), though NONE from Catherine's that my orders had gone through. I called Catherine's customer service immediately to make sure that I would receive only 1 order. The rep assured me that I'd receive only one. I received 4. Luckily, I was planning a trip to the states so I was able to return 3 of them easily. Back home, I tried to place an order once more. The order went through smoothly and I thought I'd have no problems this time around. When I received a package from Catherine's, I was shocked to see that I'd received another customer's order. I contacted them through their website (because the international customer service phone number doesn't always work) and explained what happened. I asked if I were going to receive my actual order, how to deal with the order I received. (Canadians don't get the option of being able to return things for free. We have to pay the shipping.) It became a gong show. The rep asked for photos of the items I received, with the tags visible, and the info on the packing slip. I sent them, exactly as asked. The rep said she couldn't open the "attachments". (I send them in the body of the email, and not as attachments.) I tried again. Same result. I tried sending them one at a time. She was able to open each of them, but said that I'd neglected to display the tags in the photos. I sent the identical photos AGAIN, with the tags/numbers circled. (I've included one of the pics I sent to Catherine's, as requested.) She said she couldn't open my "attachments". Not once did she address the issue of if I were going to actually receive the order I paid for (which, btw, was double the amount of the other customer's order) This went on for two days, In the end, the rep told me that my payment would be refunded immediately, I would NOT be receiving my order, and that I should "throw away" the other customer's order. (I donated them to a shelter.) When I received my next credit card statement, not only had I not been reimbursed, I'd also been charged for the other customer's order! I contacted them once again, and was told that my refund would take 6 weeks and they'd remove the other customer's charge. I did receive my refund eventually, but ended up paying the other charge because I just couldn't face dealing with their customer service again. I will never shop Catherine's online, again. I wish I could say I won't shop them ever, but they do sell good quality plus-sized clothing, and that's difficult to come by.

Order Update Day 15
I was finally able to get ahold of Catherine's via chat. This is after numerous attempts to call them and told that I would need to try again later as Catherine's were just to busy with phone calls to answer the phone. I asked to cancel my order, but they said since it is processing I cannot. They claim that it is increased order volume. This order has said that it was "processing" since day 1. My favorite part of this conversation is when they said "make sure you check out our clearance items!". Not happening.

Coupons - Too many rules/regulations
I purchase most of my clothes from Catherine's Plus Shops and have done so for the past years. However, I am very displeased with the coupons that are issued by this store. There are so many restrictions on which items the coupons can be used on that I am ready to switch stores to make my clothing purchases. Don't give me a coupon for 25% off and then tell me I can only use it on certain items. This is very confusing and misleading. Thank you for listening to my concerns.

Do NOT buy from Catherine's online.
I purchase two swimsuits from Catherine's. Catherine's sent a huge size pair of capri's that I DID NOT order! I have called the company 5 times, Was on hold twice for 30 minutes, once for an hour and 15 minutes and was actually hung up on at one point. I have emailed twice. They have yet to respond! Their customer service is awful. They deserve negative stars. I will probably never receive the swim top I ordered or will not be reimbursed because they will not answer the phone or emails! I wished I had read reviews prior to ordering! Save yourself time and money! Do NOT order!

Over priced Walmart styles and quality
All items found in stores and on the website are found in Walmart. The 30.00 bedazzled and printed shirts and moo moo dresses were top style for the 80s. Catherine's do not have stylish blazers, for the young large size career woman who will need to go from the office to a dinner party. They do have everything a person who enjoyed the late 80s and early 90's.

Update is needed on the retro sweaters. I thought they had everything but a sweater with a animal on it... and there it was..

Never again!
I've been a loyal Catherine's customer for years, but NO longer! I ordered several items on 4/8/21. On 4/26/21, I received an email that my order had shipped. (In that amount of time, the old Catherines would have had it to me already.) By 5/8/21, I still had no package. I attempted contacting Catherines customer service (what a joke to even call it that) via email and also via phone with no response. One day I finally got through on the phone (after 45 minute wait) only to have the representative tell me Catherine's couldn't help me until 30 days after the shipping date! They wouldn't even answer why my simple investigation into the tracking number revealed that the post office was still waiting on the package from them and therefore the package really hadn't shipped at all! It is now over a month since the supposed ship date and I am on hold once again trying to reach "customer service". My credit card company is the next call. I am so disgusted about Catherines! I wish I could shout it from the mountain tops to Stay Away from Catherines!

I can't use that language here
Catherine's have a program going on right now that says spend $50 today and receive $25. But what that means is spend $50 today and receive a $25 catherines cash coupon for a future date where you then must spend another $50 to use the catherines cash coupon. So, really it is spend $50 today and get a coupon for $25 off for a future date of catherine's choosing and then we will let you spend another $50 on that date and let you use the coupon you spent your original $50 that you thought you were gonna get $25 for was for the day you they called today in the program notice stenciled on their front door. How cool would it be to have a store that told you up front look spend $50 today and we will give you a coupon for a future date we choose and then if you want to redeem it, you must spend another $50 to do so. Ohh, I get it---then no one would fall, ahem, I mean go for it cause it is misleading and dishonest. Okay, I get it now. No thank you.

I've been shopping at Catherines in Poughkeepsie for the past 4 years. Buy all my clothes there. L love this store for several reasons. It does not matter who is working in the store I always receive first class service every time. The staff always goes out of their way to be helpful. I'm always shocked at the register by the final total. After Catherine's count all the discounts and perks, my bill is always much lower than I expect. I love the fashions and it is very rare that I walk out with out buying something. LOVE LOVE this store. Wouldn't shop anywhere else.

A store that gets my fit with style & Sass!
Recently, I visited Catherines in Parma, ohio(store 5777). I have always found the clothing at catherine's to be for the "older" crowd, im 32 and need clothing that is flattering but trendy as well! I needed a bra bad. My mom and I were blown away at the level of personal care this wonderful store gave us! Both employees worked together to give me information on the many types of bras to get my perfect fit! Andrea Ramos was so patient and stepped me through to my fit down to my activity! The biggest shocker was the variety and flavor of clothing catherines now has to offer! I am really looking forward to the social events Andrea hipped us to. Forever grateful. Thank you to the store, 2 employees and most of all. Thank you Catherines!

Overpriced, cheaply made, no customer service, RETURN POLICY IS RICICULOUS
Ordered some things online. Came too late for what I needed them for. Fought in store trying to get the refund, Catherine's so gladly said they could handle. Would not take the refund. Called Customer Service. She told me yes, no problem, only to come back and say you will just have to mail them back yourself. 3 minutes earlier, she was sending me a prepaid label. I paid with my debit card through Paypal for an added level on security. I repeatedly stated I did not pay with Pay Pal, I paid with my checking account, Too bad. Funny, another lady trying to do a return was having problems also. STAY AWAY... AND SAFE YOURSELF SOME GRIEF!

Scary, mean customer service associate... scared to come back in the store to shop
I had been to Westminster, CO store to purchase 10 pants, and a few dress tops and thought Catherine's were drop dead gorgeous, and the manager at that store was very helpful and friendly. Then I came back to the same store a week or so later, and decided to return a few pairs of pants and exchange them for other ones. I came into the store with my mask on, and was told, "You need to back up" in an ugly tone by the cashier with dark hair, whom I was told Miranda, who was a keyholder and cashier. She treated me as a sick person. I was not sick and I was wearing a mask. I backed up as she said, and waited and was not helped. She did not tell me it will be just a moment. She made me stand there for several minutes without saying anything and messing with her paperwork. I asked her if she knew how long the wait would be, and was told, "NO, when I'm ready". As I scooted up some when there was no one in front of me, she said, "YOU NEED to scoot back" again in a yelling tone. I was appalled. I scooted back again for the 2nd time, and she said it again a third time. I know how to social distance and wear a mask as no one was standing in line in front of me and the register had a face guard across the desk. I was treated like a sick criminal person. I told her that she didn't have to be so rude and she said, "If you smart off at me again, I will call the police. I got scared of her and left the store, because she was sturring up so much drama with me for no reason at all. I had never even met her before and I have been a customer with Catherines for a long time. I left the store angry, and then went to the Lakewood, CO store. I bought several pairs of pants there and then told them what happened at the Westminster, CO store, and the lady there called over to that store to get her name, and told Miranda at the Westminster store while I was standing at the register that I was going to report her to corporate, and told her to notate something I did. I didn't do anything to her. She refused to wait on me. I also wanted to buy an extra pair of pants at the Lakewood store, and was told I couldn't do that because she had already closed the register while I was still in the store with no warning. She didn't even ask me if I wanted to buy anything before she closed the register. There is not nearly the selection of clothes to order online and there are more nice looking clothes at the Westminster and Lakewood store. I didn't ever get ahold of the store manager of the Westminster store where the employee made threats at me. It was very irritating. How could you treat someone like they are a criminal or a sick person when all I wanted to was buy some clothes. It's a shame because now I don't have a catherines store to shop at anymore. They used to have a Catherines in Aurora, CO and closed that one down because of leasing issues as I was told. The Westminster store has very nice pretty selection of clothes but are so rude to me. How could they do this to someone? It should not be allowed period. I never have this experience at other stores I shop at. It's ridiculous how they can just discriminate against someone for no reason. I would like to get a hold of a district manager over these stores. I'm scared to shop there anymore because she threatens to call the police on me if I tell her she is being rude. Now I can't shop there even though I love their clothes. I can't get a hold of the store manager over that store. I have no way of knowing when she is working and scared I might get the lady again who threatened to call the police on me because I told her she was being rude. She is a drama queen, and targeted me to pick on when no one else was in the store. I can't believe your company would allow this to happen. That is harassment, and running off business. Your company makes money from people who buy clothes and she should have never refused service to me and threatened me the way that she did. I don't appreciate it, and I plan to take this to corporate.

Disappointed in customer service over and over again
I always give a company a chance to make things right before I give a negative review as I understand in many cases it can just be a misunderstanding or a small error. That is not the case with this company. Catherine's do not answer Emails. They ignore their customers. They are notorious for bait and switch advertising and the quality of their products are sub standard. They clearly stated 50% off the product in the photo if you put in the code, I did, they didn't honor it. I called customer service. They said it doesn't apply to that product. I explained it said it did in 2 different spots in the online ad. The customer service rep said they would have some contact me. No one contacted me. They are the "walmart" of speciality clothing and they will charge you what the feel like not what they say.

Horrible website performance and rotten design
I attempt to shop Catherine's using Safari on my smartphone. The site hangs, freezes, then reloads. I use Safari on my smartphone and do not have this issue with any other site except for Catherine's and Lane Bryant. Despite numerous complaints from me, Catherine's haven't corrected this horrible issue. And, on the rare occasion I am able to click on an item, you have to click on an item, then use a drop down box to see if it's available in your size. That's stupid. Why not have the sizes in tiles as well as the colors? That way you can click on either a size or a color and see if it's available without wasting time.
Most of the time I just give up and use Avenue instead. The quality isn't as good but their site actually works and it's laid out in a user-friendly format.

Money hungry
I opened a credit card with Catherines. I needed a new card and requested it three times. I never got one. A salesperson talked me into charging. Catherine's said I was one day late paying my bill because I sent it through the mail. They shutdown my credit card would not take the late fee off for a person who had spent over $2,000 in one year through other payment methods. They were rude on the phone they lied about not sending me a credit card so that I could manage my account online. I do not buy from them anymore.

Extremely poor delivery service
I ordered a package of womens underwear on 4/7/21 and as of today 4/26/21 (21 days later) I do not have my package. Customer service tells me I choose the CHEAP delivers service the U.S.A. postal Service...$14.99 for a small package of nylon underwear. Customer Service says it is not them... she said the post office doesn't work on Saturday and Sunday. That's news to me. I have Saturday delivery here. I WILL NEVER PURCHASE ANOTHER ITEM FROM CATHERINES UNLESS HELL FREEZES OVER.

Cheap fabric don't bother
Ordered 2 cotton wire free bras- how hard can that be? I realize bras can be hard to fit but the quality of the fabric was so poor (cheap scratchy lace)and only the exterior was cotton... most of the interior that actual touches you ( the part that maters) was synthetic and - another thing the connector on your shoulder. Shoulder strap ( a huge ring thing) cuts into your shoulder. Also because I didn't have a credit card I didn't get the advertised free returns... shouldnof read the tiny return fine print... tricksters. Do not shop!

Buy at your own risk
When Catherines actually had stores it was a good place to shop, but since the have gone to online only Catherine's have gone to hell in a handbasket. I placed orders on 4/4/21 and 4/16/21 paying $18.99 and 8.99 in shipping. I recieved one confirmation letter for the larger order and the order clearly states to allow 1-2 for processing and 7-12 business days for shipping. As of 5/3/2021 I still do not have those orders. I called to check on them and was told one shipped 4/30 and the other 5/1 and to allow 20 days to receive the orders from the day they shipped as stated on the website. I pointed out the fact that was different than what my confirmation email stated and requested a refund on shipping since they failed to make their order processing and shipping time frame. The rep refused this request and so did the supervisor I asked to speak with. I was given an Executive of Communications phone #*******168. When you call this phone number you get a recording saying their hours of operations which are Mtn time and I was calling while they should be open, and then told to leave a msg. It is pretty clear this company is in financial trouble, doesn't care about it's customers, and will not honor what they state in emails.

Loyality doesnt matter to them
I have spent $1000, s of dollars at Catherines but with that said... I made a purchase online and used a coupon Catherine's had sent me. Within a few days I had my item but in that time the price went down $70! I called requesting a simple price adjustment but was informed that because I had used a small coupon I was not entitled to the sale price! I was told to return the purchase and repurchase it... wasting my time for the same results. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE... sent the message to me that my loyality as a customer meant nothing. The small $ amt compensation would have made me happy and kept me as a satisfied customer. Shame on you

Company refuses to cancel late orders
Ordered $500 worth of clothing weeks ago. Order tracker states that items haven't shipped. After waiting on hold almost one hour with customer service, I was told Catherine's cannot cancel shipments "in process". Told them that was unacceptable. Was transferred to ‘supervisor' who told me no one could cancel my order, I would have to wait until it shipped and then send it back to them. Told her that was unacceptable. She hung up on me. The BBB needs to investigate this company, they are blatantly committing fraud.

Hassle Return & Refund Experience
I purchased a item online $36.85. I thought it was a dress with a jacket but it was only a duster. Anyway, I called to research how to return the item. I opted to drive to the nearest store which was 35 min. Away. I returned the item to the store. I was sent a partial refund for 22.39. I called to find out why I only rec'd a partial refund. Catherine's sent another partial refund of 2.05 was issued. Then another credit for 2.19. To much for a first experience!

I will never buy from them again...
I placed an order 6 days ago and no update on my account or on my order. I tried calling and Catherine's said it would be a 30 minute wait. I cannot believe the non-customer service and lack of communication. The message on the phone said that my receipt on my order would give me an estimate of when my order would arrive and it is not on my receipt. I overlooked the $20 they charged me for shipping thinking it would still be worth it, but never again. Since placing this order I have already received my packages from Macy's - there is something seriously wrong with this organization. Just don't do mail order if you can't handle it.

Worst experience EVER!
I paid for overnight delivery. Catherine's charge me for overnight delivery. My package arrived several days later. When I went to process a return, it's an order not found, even though the order was showing in my order history. They initially were not going to refund the extra part that I paid for overnight delivery, but they ultimately agreed to credit me a small portion of the extra charge. On top of it all, they charging $9.99 "return label fee. The person I spoke to at customer service treated me like I was trying to beat them out of something when I questioned the return label fee. In looking closely, their return policy does reference a return label fee, but it does not give a price. There is no way I would've ordered something knowing it would cost me $10 to return it. I will NEVER order from this company again

Absolutely worst customer service
I ordered jeans for my mom in January and was told by email Catherine's would ship in February. Received another card in the mail a few weeks later stating that they would not ship now until 3/16. Good thing I am not in a hurry or have it as a gift! So I call their customer service department because now I am getting emails showing these jeans are buy one get one. This would be a huge savings for me but it is only jeans they have in stock. WHAT? You don't have anything in stock! It's all back ordered and on top of all this they will not be expediting my order that they took two plus months to ship when it is available. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. I am worried that these will never ship and then they will tell me that it is past the time for any refunds to be issued.

Screw you catherines
There really should be an option for zero stars. If you order anything from catherines, chances are you won't get them. Grant it, I did not pay for them, not until I would have received them, but to continually recieve messages via email and regular mail, stating that said items were on backorder just to wait another month and get another message that the items are still on backorder. Recently, I recieved a note telling me to send an email or call, if I still wanted the items sent or Catherine's would be cancelled. They would contact me in the order they received the email. If you call, you'll either be on hold indefinitely or there is no answer. Absolutely horrible customer service. Well, today I get this short response via email saying they had cancelled the order and sorry for the inconvenience. Again, the items had not been paid for yet. However, they should not have strung me along for weeks and weeks on end in the hopes that I would receive the jeans. Like I said in the response email, you cannot run a business this way and expect it to continue. What it boils down to is this. There is no honesty within this company anymore. When the physical stores were still open, you didn't have to pull teeth to get the items you wanted. For shame. Anyone who reads this and all negative reviews, please, ere on the side of caution with this company. You will be disappointed.

COMPLETELY Dissatisfied!
I just received a mail order which included a "buy two, get one free" offer. I discovered that only two of the items were shipped and immediately called customer service. Catherine's stated that I should have added three items to my cart for check out and the third item would have been free. I explained that that the directions were vague and it appeared that the "system" would add the third item at checkout. I'm an intelligent woman and long term Catherines customer, and tried to make them understand their language was unclear / misleading. When I inquired about what they could to do correct the situation, I was told that because the promotion code was no longer being offered they could not help me. WHAT! I then asked what else could be done to make this right. Again, they were unwilling to find a fix. If Catherine's as a business is unwilling to work with the customer, then customers will leave, period. This isn't rocket science, get someone at the call centers who have decision making abilities and empower them to make things right. We lovely plus size ladies have options, and away I go to the Avenue.

I'm a first and last time customer here
I'm a first and last time customer here. Catherine's had a great sale and I got carried away and spent $250. I checked the return policy before ordering and they mentioned using the enclosed label and that shipping was not refundable, but I guess I forgot to read the fine print. I expected a pre-paid label with a return charge deducted that was equal to what I had paid when purchasing. But you're responsible for shipping back on your own, plus insurance. Because my items were heavy sweaters and velour warm-ups, it cost me $25.00 to send back on top of the original shipping charge! I did like the quality of their clothes, but it was all really big on me. I wouldn't recommend this site unless you're very sure of your size.

Something is wrong with an online website that allows people to sign up any email they like!
This website SUCKS BIG TIME! Catherine's sign up emails like spammers, don't first verify with one email to see of they have the correct email so not to put a wrong address on their mailing! Jesus, I am so ticked off with this nutjob store! Some plus size old lady used my email address to sign up for their mailings, and she was wrong and rude to do that. I am a teenage male, not a plus size cross dresser. Hey, if that's your thing, so-be-it, but don't just add me to your list! THEN, THIS AZZHAT WEBSITE WILL NOT ALLOW ME TO UNSUBSCRIBE WITH IT'S TRICKERY, AND THE FACT IT SEEMS TO WANT MY NAME/ADDRESS/ORDER NUMBER. So incredibly rude and ignorant that I cannot unsubscribe, so I did an online chat where the lady said she'd take care of it but failed to do so. Two-and-a-half weeks later, I still cannot unsubscribe so do another online chat. That lady also said she will take care of it. She also said she is sorry to see me go without as much as asking why I wanted to unsubscribe, so I volunteer why and she is that ignorant that she thinks an 17 year old male should still want to receive unwanted emails for fat lady clothes. Come on, I ma a kid who did not ask for these emails I was polite at first and asked to be unsubscribed, but the online ladies thinkthat I should be joyed to receive their mailings, and to that I say WTF! You people are messed up., NOW LEAVE ME ALONE!

Capris STINK smell bad
I purchased 2 pairs of capris one was black and one was dark jean. The jeans had a terrible smell it smelled like formaldehyde or moth balls? Black pair had no smell?
Black pair made in Vietnam and stinky jean capris made in China. Plus the jeans capris after one wash stunk and the bottom of pants rolling upwards really? My husband said the entire load stinks I know Catherine's will not refund my money I am calling head quarters and complaining.
I had a leather pair of shoes made in China and they had same smell. I bought Joy Mangano luggage a year ago and they had same smell one of the reviews said this is a cancer causing chemical that China uses got a refund! Buyer beware! Mad in Brandon Fl...

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Description: Catherines? Is dedicated to providing the best in women's plus size fashion. Designed specifically for the plus size woman & guaranteed to fit you beautifully. Free shipping to stores every day.

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