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I got ripped off
Broken head light lamp mount... faulty alarm system, frayed serpantine belt, battery was leaking acid, battery connection cables frayed by rodents and corroded... which told me the car was sitting somewhere for a long time. The body paint and clear coat was blemished throughout the vehicle, the tinting on the rear window is peeling off... I cant get a 14 day car rental so I can have the body cosmetic work fixed because I am responsible for the covering the complete upfront costs of the car rental. After the the costs are paid then Carvana will reimburse me 400 dollars of the total costs. I will NEVER buy again from Carvana. Eventually Carvana will get caught up with by the authorities... stay clear of Carvana. Nothing is a guarantee with dealing with them.

Another Carvana Delay
Another Carvana Delay

My car was scheduled to be delivered on Wednesday October 30th. But now its November 6th. I was told this is Carvana's M. O. I was hoping for the best but Carvana got me too. I'm seriously thinking about canceling. It sucks because my credit went down when they checked my credit... and Im paying for insurance on a car I don't have.

It's so frustrating.

I would never recommend or use Carvana again.

The worst
I never never had this experince i buy a car with carvana Carvana give me a date to deliver the car and they delay the deliver 3 times with many excuses finally they gave me another day but the car never came i call and after a least 20 min waiting they answer and made me wait for another 15 min finally this guy said i see in my computer your car deliver is delay 2 more weeks so i waist money i have to pay my bank for a loan i never use fot a car i never get and i lost my loan. I will never neverrecomend this company and i put zero stars it i can!

Warning: Bait and Switch!
I purchased a truck on Carvana that Carvana described as a Ford F-150 Lariat Edition. When they delivered the truck, a week later than promised, it turned out it was an XLT edition, worth about $10,000 less than the truck they advertised. When I looked again at their ad, the outside photos were blurry (intentionally?), so the badge couldn't be seen that revealed the actual model. When I pointed this out they said "oh, sorry about that, would you like to return the truck?" Duh. After returning the truck, it took them over 2 weeks to return my money. Dopn't use Carvana, they will pull the bait and switch on you. I rejected their arbitration agreement, so if anyone wants to join in a suit...

Not for me
I've tried to leave a review but Can't get it printed. Long story short, Carvana did everything Carvana said they would do but only with great effort and patience on my part. WORST: my SUV was to be delivered between 130-230. I get a call@ 0900 in my Drs office from the driver. He is on his way and will deliver at 1100. I already have a wonderful plan ready to go starting with me returning my rental at 1pm and having a friend transport me to meeting destination on time. But he was in his way. I tried to rearrange time with my friend. No go, he has a dental appt. So I call another friend that works. Now, I am 71, live alone and have mobility issues. I find a friend to help, but I have to rush to meet the driver after my appt 35 miles away to get there at 1100. Thirty minute check out over. Now it is about 1140 but I still have my rental and now my new vehicle. I have to return the rental so I must leave the new SUV parked at Walmart to go get the rental back. Lunch traffic now. Rush to Hertz, my friend on his hourly lunch meets me at 1215 at Hertz after I check the car in. Now it is full blown traffic. My friend using his lunch hours drives me clear across town from North to West back to the busy Walmart parking lot. He hasn't eaten yet, nor have I taken a break since the 0900 phone call. Get back where new SUV parked. What? It is 1250, 1 hr and 50 minutes since initially meeting Carvana and my transporter is still there. He was sitting in an empty Carvana truck running in the ac Texting! I thought you gotta be kidding after NO WARNING of a change in time, rushing 35 miles to
Meet him at 1100, not 130-230. Just the driver saying he was loaded and was on his way. Way too early! So he doesn't see me but I see him, tinted windows, truck running, clearly texting. I get in my new vehicle, now exhausted from rushing, recruiting new help at the very last minute with no notice. I let the vehicle cool down and I continue to watch him TEXT. I leave Walmart and the driver still TEXTing in the same place I met him at 1105. It is now 1255. Totally unacceptable. Totally inappropriate and Totally beyond inconvenient. Unnecessary considering he was doing NOTHING but Texting and chilling in his truck. Note, the day before delivery after 15 way too long of a wait, I did get a TEXT telling me my RAV4 was going to be delivered the following day "In to my loving arms!" Please! Also, there was paperwork that needed signed prior to delivery or the vehicle would not be left! I was told the prior week we were good to go! Now this a the last minute. Luckily with 3 long awaited for phone calls on my part, I got it straightened out. Not my fault.
Returned the SUV. Nice as described, not enough power. Return pick up smooth. Transporter on time, friendly, efficient and cut it short. Great. Would I do it again, never! Due to age and disability thought it would fit like a glove It did not and is not a well oiled machine. I spent honestly a total of hours on hold seeking information. Operators polite, but pretty much helpless and you get transferred and wait more listening to crumby rock music over and over. Once you get your vehicle, be aware! They answer with, "Welcome to Carvana, we recognize you by your number." Not the same people prior to delivery. Not the same prompts, waiting all over again, same crumby music for twenty minutes a call or transfer. I found ext #6 the most helpful. I got my money back 6 days after pick up. Inconvenient but they said 7-10 days. Would I buy from Carvana again? NEVER! Recommend? NEVER! Once you start the buying process, the deal is out of your hands without a great deal of effort and time on your part. Carvana, except for botched delivery did everything they promised but not without a lot of effort I was not planning to give. SUV picked up on a Sat, I looked on line at local dealership and by Monday noon had purchased my car from the local Subaru dealer. Shop local if you are in good health. If not, remember, you have read my review. 3 Stars was generous.

Not a 7 day money back guarantee.
Traded in my car and got a good price $17k, added an additional $7K to complete purchase. Decided after 2 days that I don't like the car so I picked another one and no problem scheduled delivery of 2nd car and pick up of 1st. While on the phone the rep said you can watch the website and if you see something you like more you can always change it out before delivery. I found what i really wanted, started the purchase online so wouldn't get snatched up, called customer service to make sure all the funds would be applied to this car and Carvana told me " So sorry your deal has to be rebuilt and it will take 20-40 BUSINESS DAYS to do anything with your account. " I can't get my money back until then. What about the 7 day money back guarantee? The car I finally found was an additional $3K you would think they would want to make a sale, i didn't give them the additional money since they have basically frozen my account.,. I can't return the car I don't want to the local Carvana. I have to keep it and I am responsible for it (insurance, storage) until they let me know when they are coming to get it. In the agreement I got when took possession of the car it says they will pick up the vehicle the next business day as long as it's within the 7 day window. I am without a vehicle and $24k. 20 to 40 business days could be 2 months! Merry F*****g Xmas from Carvana

They're scammed on your selling car
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Carvana Westmi...
I got offer from Carvana online for my Subaru for
$18,800. When I came to its office at Wesminster. A
Guy named Dan did not even look at me though he
Know I was the one the car he was supposed to help
Me out. He went to do his 'job' and just talked to me
When I came to him and told him I have an
Appointment. Very disappointed at the first sight.
And then he went to inspect my car and said Carvana
Could not take the car today because the condition
Is 'not great' as I input. What happened with my car
As he showed me were some scratches and dents
From front, rear and a little bit at the trunk gate. He
Told me to change the condition from 'great' to 'ok'
And I did. What happened next is the website was
Not responding for a while when I tried to re
Appraisal my car again. Can you believe it? It was
Then still $14,800 offered. The price went down for
Nearly $4000 for just condition as showed above.
I'm went away immediately. What they showed was
They seemed to ignore customers who want to sell
Cars to them to squeeze more profit right away
When you get their facility. So DON'T SELL OR BUY
CARS FROM CARVANA. They're scammed and that's
Why they re willing to have customers to return cars
After buying because they buy cheap and sell
Expensive. A very terrible experience. They offer you
A fake price when you sell your cars and when you
Get there, they make it much lower. I did see many
Reviews online but when I had my own transaction,
Can prove what people disappoint is very true.
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Really needs zero stars at this point
Can't believe how terrible it's been Carvana are not all it's cracked up to be and don't have your back I've been waiting on my car since 3/31 was supposed to get on my birthday they cancelled the day before and rescheduled without my availability for 4/15 at 11am I request off work and an hour before I have to leave to start driving I get a text not a call to tell me that the car was damaged and they have to send it off to be repaired. They don't call you back and don't give a $#*! that you have had to pay for a rental car for a half of a month and not to mention insurance I've been paying for since before the first pick up. They are unprofessional and think that an apology is enough when you call "I'm sorry ma'am unfortunately this happens" they need better staff and need to back their word better. Lie without issue and somehow they still have a bunch of good reviews on their website... I call bull$#*! no way all those reviews are real. Worst experience I ever had buying a car. I am going to a dealership today and more than likely going to cancel with them all together

150 pt "inspection" is a joke... they missed crucial elements
Carvana's inspection system is absolutely ridiculous! Apparently, Carvana did not drive the vehicle more than 40mph or they would have felt the intense steering wheel vibration and the alignment was seriously off balance. The vehicle veered to the left. Under the hood, there were 10 missing rivets that keep the front cover down. The lights were attached with zip ties. I paid 52K on a 4runner TRD Pro, didn't mind the price because it's exactly what I wanted. However, with that price you would expect an honest, thorough inspection. Carvana was neither honest or thorough. I will never purchase another vehicle here nor would I recommend anyone else to. The only plus is they picked up the vehicle and returned my money.

Very Bad Experience With Carvana!
I would've normally given a 3-4 star review because most of the buying process went okay - except my car was delivered 2 days late because they, in their own words, "hit a speed bump" and I had to re-sign all of their documents all over again. The reason for my 1 star review is their horrific "registration process". So, 16 days after my car was delivered, in their own words,"the Carvana team has reviewed your paperwork and has sent it to our 3rd party vendor". Why would it take 16 days to do that? But then, 3 weeks later, 37 days after my car was delivered, with only 1 week before the temporary out of state registration I was given expires, once again in their own words "we greatly apologize for the delay" and "we're so sorry we messed up". Why couldn't that be done in 37 days when I could've walked to DMV and back repeatedly in that time frame? But wait, it gets better, today with 4 days left until the registration expiration, Carvana sent me a shady looking "90 day non resident" thing for me to print out on a piece of paper and attach to my car where the actual license plate is supposed to go. It's winter here in Michigan, how exactly do these morons expect me to attach a piece of paper to my car? Beware, I've had a very bad experience!

Bad Carma - Worst experience in 50 years buying a car
Worst experience ever had in 50 yrs, from the beginning the paperwork had the wrong truck color, spoke to 5-6 advocates over 7 days trying to get these documents fixed, one advocate George, promised to call or email me by 6:30pm of day 6 to let me know what was happening but never did. Overall I spent 4-5 hours calling Carvana and couldn't get anyone to listen, & being told once again a support ticket has been sent, 4-5 so far, but to no effect plus Carvana kept sending me emails that the truck was to be picked up at 12 noon on Wed. And bring my insurance & drivers lic. & sign my documents which were still for the wrong truck and wrong color, then Carvana lost truck and kept telling me a different date to pick it up, on the morning of day 7, the original delivery day, I had enough of this merry-go round and canceled my order.

Simple sale and pick up of my vehicle
Simple sale and pick up of my vehicle... I was very hesitant to use Carvana to sell and pick up my vehicle. I went ahead and tried it and was pleasantly surprised how easy and painless it was. I did everything from the comfort of my home and avoided the typical pushy sales people. My only concern was that I couldn't reach someone by phone To answer some questions and provide reassurance that I was understanding everything correctly. I tried calling several times/days. However, the chat feature finally answered my questions (after a bit of frustration on my part).
On the day of the scheduled pick up, the Driver texted me to provide me with the exact time she would arrive. She was pleasant and professional and again reassured me that everything would go smoothly. Once she arrived, she quickly looked over my car, had me sign some paperwork and I gave her the keys. On her tablet, she then showed me that my payment was being processed and I also received an email myself stating the same. I would recommend Carvana to everyone who wants to sell out-right and receive a fair offer. (I did check Carvana‘s appraisal against another online business as well as KBB. Carvana's came in higher than KBB!)

Don't go thru the hassle. Carvana tell us we're approved they just need an absurd amount of paperwork sent in so i send it, only for them to tell me they can't deliver the car because they can't verify employment. Which I understand that's an obvious part of a loan process but they received pay stubs and talked with my husband's employer. But because there was an old website for my husband's company and that phone number has changed they couldn't use that. So after a month of dealing with them I finally told them we're going somewhere else. Don't waste your time. I've gone thru previous loan applications and have never heard of anything this ridiculous.

I bought a 2017 Nissan Armada from Carvana in April 2017. The Carfax said no reported damage. The back bumper paint started flaking off and a local body shop told me it was because it had been repainted and repainted poorly. I was never told of this by Carvana who never identified this repair. When I contacted Carvana Tyrone gave me the brush off and said nothing Carvana could do. I suspect they are buying damaged cars cheaply repairing them and then selling them cheaply as was the case in mine. I will never buy from them again!

Carvana is HORRIBLE!
Carvana is HORRIBLE. See the pictures I added here and this will prove to you what I'm saying is true. I ordered a car. Twice Carvana cancelled the order for no reason cuz I have great credit. I didn't even get a notification from them. I just found out when I logged into my Carvana account. They had me getting insurance for this car. Had me waste my time. Then cancelled me and didn't even bother sending me an email to explain why. I called them, and when I explained the situation they simply gave me some vague stupid nonsense, similar to the one you see on the pictures, and hung up with me still on the phone. No call, no email. Nothing. Save yourself that stress and don't buy your car from them. Go to Vroom instead. I'm sure they're better.

I ordered a car on July 3rd from Carvana to be delivered in one week. Carvana delayed the delivery 4 times and 1 month passed. Every week they called me at the delivery day, saying that the delivery was gonna happen that day, later I received a text message just 2 hours before the delivery, saying that the delivery was delayed again. This happened 4 times. The reason they gave me was that the car's rear bumper needed to be replaced because its paint got damaged for some reason they could not explain. There is no communication between their employees sitting in their room and looking at a computer with employees at the shop. Customer services didn't know where the car was at any point. They couldn't even call the shop and learn what was going on. The person I spoke to said he could only email them and call me back but he never called. At the end, they recommended me to pick another car and that car was delivered on time, on August 6th, without any issues. Also, I asked for a reimbursement for the insurance I had payed for a month, plus my commute to work every day for a month. They only gave me $350 discount for the second car I ordered, but they didn't reimburse me for the insurance I had to pay for the car I didn't even own. The amount of discount they made is not even half of the money I had to spent in last month. I needed to pay for Uber $35-40 every day to go to work and if I had to take public transport, I lost 1 hour on the way, every day. And I payed $330 for the insurance so my total expenses were around $1000 plus many hours spent on the way to work. I am really disappointed for the service I received. Delays can happen, I understand but they should have been honest with me with a realistic delivery day and make reimbursement for the money I lost because of their mistake.

Bought 2 cars from Carvana, both were a huge hassle
I recently purchased my second vehicle from Carvana and it has been a huge hassle. I purchased the first vehicle from them in 2019. The purchase and delivery process went smoothly overall. I did have to send in the signed contracts 3x because Carvana kept claiming they didn't receive them (although I also signed them in person upon delivery). That was annoying but overall just a small hassle. However it was a sign of things to come.

I paid my money and had my car but then the issues began. I was on the phone or chat with them constantly trying to get the registration accomplished. The reps I spoke with were totally confused and every single one gave me different information about what paperwork they still needed and what was delaying the process. My temp tags expired and I called them in a panic multiple times and they finally extended it another month. Finally I got my plates and registration documents. It was a hassle but I figured maybe it was a glitch.

I recommended Carvana to my mom and she bought a car from them too at the end of 2019. Multiple hassles, like the delivery guy didn't show for weeks and then suddenly appeared one day without any notice.

Fast forward to today. I purchased a car Aug 1 2020. They took my money and delivered the car, that part went seamlessly. Since then it has been an absolute nightmare. I have literally spent all day on hold multiple times. ALL DAY. 8 hours and no answer. No callback on their automated system. There is no other number to call. I dread calling them because I know it will be an all day event. Every rep I speak with has a different story, a different claim. I have to push them to look deeper and then they always ask for different paperwork or to send the same paperwork multiple times. My registration paperwork has still not even been sent in to the DMV and it has been 2 months. My temp tags expired long ago and they say I have to deal with it myself. But I cannot because I don't have TITLE and they haven't sent in my registration paperwork so the DMV doesn't know it is "in process" and won't issue temp tags to me. But they simply refuse to help. The reps just repeat a canned response something about Covid causing delays at the DMV. But they haven't even sent my paperwork in so how can that be the problem?

Overall, the car buying process is pretty good as far as getting a decent car for a decent price, delivered to your house. I love that part. Yes both cars I received have had small issues as well. Last time I tried to get them to pay for repairs, this time I just threw up my hands because I simply can't be on hold on the phone even more hours.

By the way with both purchases when I went to the DMV and told them what Carvana was requesting they told me all these things should be handled by the dealer/seller. VIN inspection, SMOG, etc etc all should be done prior to sale. And. Beware, look at the contract because yes, Carvana charged me for those things and didn't do them.

I wonder if I will ever get my tags and title?

Overall, I would recommend Carvana if you want a car that you can't legally drive and you love being on the phone for months with multiple people who give you the runaround. Caveat emptor.

Acceptable product delivered but poor management servicee
I think this is a balanced and fair review. A lot of reviewers gripe and fume about the poor customer service. It is true, but not because of the employees, but because of the Carvana programmitic organization that is created by its management in the long middle game of trying to close the deal. You cannot reach out to anyone specific - you are shuttled between a robot chat, random chat people, and folks called advocates that have varying degrees of talent. Often there is nothing Carvana can do until Carvana systems align to allow them to deliver their product. Apparently they are popular and keep getting enough business that management does not pay attention to the gripes, even to this day. Regardless of responses to comments, they are obviously largely canned responses and not real, or else I would not be giving them a 3 our of 5. Two days ago I would have given them a 1 or a 2. Finally I got my car and the delivery person was exceptional, even though she was 40 minutes late. Bottom line is that people ordering from Carvana simply need to re-align their expectations. It is a non-personal middle-man service that is not keen on listening to you. But if you are patient then their mechanical system will likely eventually come through. If you know that going into the deal you will be a lot less frustrated. Meanwhile, competitors are ripe to steal the business if they can just add a little bit more personal service.

Stay away
I tried Carvana in June. I ordered car signed documents. Delivery was cancelled 8 times. Spent endless hours on the phone calling them. Promised manager would call several times, no call. Someone at Carvana told me Carvana are not allowed to make outgoing calls. Not once did they call me. They gave me run around about title. After reading these horror stories best thing I did was cancel the whole deal and go to local dealership. I truly feel bad for people stuck in the Carvana nightmare. Government needs to look into this.

Won't do positive equity deals
Submitted a offer for a trade on our F150. Went to purchase a Ford Bronco Sport. It said I would get back $109 because of positive equity. Paid the $100 deposit to hold it then went through the process to purchase the Bronco. When it got to the part about the trade in it said my trade in is worth more than the vehicle I'm purchasing and to call them for the next steps. I call to be told Carvana can't give a refund for the small difference and I would have to sell the truck to them then purchase the Bronco. Two customer service agents had to get in touch with someone higher up to confirm and were confused as to why they couldn't just do the trade.
This would make me have to pay $3,000 in taxes and registration fees instead of $600 because it's not a trade so I end up on the losing end. The Bronco was already over priced by $4500 from msrp. I even said to just give me less on my trade then. Nope wouldnt do it. They make it too difficult. I had better experience at car dealerships. One agent said the refund system is all messed up. I think it's because car values were so high in May that they bought so many vehicles from people they ran out of reserve. I've heard of people not even getting paid by direct deposit from them after selling a vehicle to them. They are very shady and really could care less if you buy from them. What's interesting is they have a recording while you wait on the phone that even says they will pay the difference on a trade in. Clearly false advertising. Don't do business with this shady company.

I have had the worst experience ever with carvana. I would rather go to the dealership then ever purchase a car online now because of the experience I had with them. Carvana sent me a car that did not pass inspection at all. Upon arrival the car tires clearly needed to be changed. The car was not properly detailed either. I have a friend who works for carvana and told me each step they take to make sure a car is "carvana ready". Well if a car that won't let you accelerate pass 20mph during a TEST DRIVE and then starts smoking and giving off a burning smell is "carvana ready" I'm good. Even the woman who dropped off my car said that it was ridiculous and told me I cannot except the car. I had no options on whether or not to keep the car cause I simply couldn't accept a car that wasn't even inspected! I was on hold all day and only fed apologies and said I would be properly compensated since they literally sent me a car that could've put me in physical harm if I drove that thing for more than 2 minutes (the test drive lasted literally one minute.) 24 hours past after they reassured me they would call me back with help and an explanation as to why my car was not inspected and what was exactly wrong with it. I had to call them back myself for the "higher up" who was helping me to be rude and completely unconcerned with my concerns. I had no explanation as to why the car was smoking still after being reassured they would get to the bottom of it. And they were only gonna offer me $250 for my next purchase off them if I was to. I of course said that was unacceptable and then he proceeded to offer me $500 which didn't even cover how much I paid to get the car I was supposed to receive shipped to me. I'm pissed. If they have no care for they customers safety then I will not purchase from them ever again. I cannot believe I now have to start this process of purchasing a car all over again because Carvana is a lazy company. You need to hold people accountable for inspections and make sure everything checks out so people who are literally giving you they hard earned money can actually drive the cars yall out here giving. Do yourself a favor and don't purchase a car from these people. Customer service sucks and they got $500 for your pain and suffering. Thanks for ruining the past 48 hours for me. Was supposed to be celebrating my first big purchase. Carvana is def not the right choice when looking for a car.

The future of car buying is not Carvana.
The future of car buying is not Carvana. Carvana's verification process for down payment funds (my bank does not connect through plaid) and loan (since my loan is through a third party) is tedious and time consuming. The only reason I wanted to use Carvana was to avoid spending half a day or more dealing with high pressure sales people. Instead, over the span of a week I spent half a day or more in my office and on the phone dealing with Carvana's verification process. Be prepared for long wait times with Carvana's "advocates" and dropped calls. Carvana's process does not make life easier, it merely aggravates the car buying process. Do not recommend. Stick to your local dealer. Even assuming I can close my current deal I will not use Carvana again.

I do have a life outside of writing reviews! I just feel I should be fair since Wayfair did make this order right!
I was notified that the one part of the bed was damaged (I'm pretty sure it was FedEx's fault). To keep it short, I was receiving different updates from FedEx and Wayfare on the location of my order and why it was heading back to Wayfare instead of being delivered to me. I spoke with the customer service representative and she looked into it further for me. I told her that I do not want to bed if it does happen to come back to Wayfare. She then cancel the order and refunded my money - all of it except for that of the mattress which I did receive with no issue.
I just want to be fair and why I'm following up.

Buyer Beware
Where do I begin! I financed a car through Carvana February 2021. I paid the car off fully April 3o, 2021. I have gotten approximately 4 or 5 temporary plates. Last one expired September 22,2021. And Carvana say they can't issue anymore, so, I can no longer drive my vehicle. I have been waiting for my registration since February and my title since April.
I would never recommend Carvana.
I wish I had never went this route!

Carvana messed up and didn't care
I initially had a good experience selling my car to them, so I decided to try and buy from them. I selected a car, provided CT driver's license, registered it in CT and bought CT insurance for it. At the end of the process, Carvana asked where I would like it delivered on a certain date. I was going to be in NY that day so picked a NY address. I signed all the contracts and paperwork. Days later, I was told that I needed to fill out some NY DMV paperwork. I reached out to Carvana asking if the vehicle was registered in CT, why would I have to fill out NY DMV paperwork. They had no answer but assured me they'd get back to me. 11 days later, 1 week before scheduled delivery, they send me a reminder about the NY paperwork so I reached out again, reminding them that they failed to get back to me. I spent 3 HOURS on the phone waiting for an answer. Even the woman on the phone was frustrated with her managers who had no answer for hours. They finally admitted they made a mistake and that all cars delivered to NY needed to be registered in NY and they "missed that". I gave them a nearby CT address to deliver to instead, 10 miles away. They said they cannot deliver that car to CT now, only NY and only at a new date where I will not be around, a couple of days before my current car lease ends, which means I will not have a week to look over the car. They offered me nothing for all this trouble, not even an apology. I have lost the time available to me to find another vehicle. I'm out the money I've been paying to insure a car I do not have. My credit was lowered by their credit inquiry. Even a slimy used car dealership is better than this.

I purchased a 2018 Wrangler Unl from Carvana... easy buying process... financing was through Bridgecrest... everything went down from there.
Bridgecrest is horrible to deal with. Carvana will tell you to call with any problems, but Carvana do not help at all. The customer service people at Carvana will just tell you to contact Bridgecrest... and that is just a fresh hell. So... best choose another car dealership or find your own financing. Both do these companies, Bridgecrest and Carvana are not ethical.

Do not purchase a car through Carvana
Trading for a new vehicle and getting it delivered, fantastic. Trying to make the actual purchase, register the vehicle, and get the title... Total nightmare. Their customer service is awful

I traded my vehicle and had the new one delivered. I didn't like the vehicle after a day and canceled the order requesting a new vehicle. Carvana called to tell me the new vehicle would be delayed over a week due to the Hurricane. At that time, I elected to stay with my original vehicle as I had more time to get used to it and found that I actually did enjoy the vehicle. It was at this point that I requested to pay off the vehicle and have the title sent directly to me. They stated that they could not do that at this time as the sale would need to be rebuilt and that I should reach back out to them in a couple of weeks for a update.

I reached out to them again 9 days prior to my temp tags expiring. They could not provide me a update and said they would need to send new tags. I again requested to purchase the vehicle and was sent to their finance partner, Bridgecrest. Bridgecrest stated that they didn't have anything on me and returned me to Carvana who could not provide me with any information or updates.

I reached out again to Carvana 3 days after my tags expired as I still had not received new tags or been able to put the plates (transferring) on the vehicle. I again requested to payoff the vehicle and again I was sent over to Bridgecrest. Bridgecrest flatly stated that they had zero information on me and could not help me.

I reached out to Carvana again because the tags were expired. They could not register the vehicle for temporary tags in my state so their solution was to email me a PDF of an Arizona temp tag. (I was recently pulled over regarding this though the officer was very understanding and let me go. I went to the DMV and not even they could definitively say whether or not I could operate the vehicle like this.)

I have had enough of the entire situation and resigned myself to purchasing a new vehicle through an actually dealership and let them duke it out with each other over the title. After spending a considerable amount of time and picking out a new vehicle, I still could not find a resolution as Carvana refused to give the payoff to the dealer as well.

They escalated me to a gentleman by the name of Juan somewhere in the post sales department or whatever they called it. He could not give me a solid answer as to why they would not give the payoff for the vehicle or why the resale build was going to take as long as it was. My final resolution at this point, 30-40 days after purchase was for Carvana to take the vehicle back and give me the $15,200 from my trade-in.

A week later I was told that this request was denied and that my resolution was to basically sit and wait for Carvana to figure it out and get it sorted. Their other customer service tactic was to blame me for my initial indecision and then blame their current volume without giving me any sort of definitive timeline other than the 2-3 months I have been consistently quoted throughout the entire process.

I made one last attempt to seek a resolution and basically told them that I would be going legal if necessary and their response was to send me the address to their legal team. This is of course is not what I want but their blatant disregard for their customer experience is clear. After researching the BBB and various other complaints, I easily make the statement that I am one of many that is going through this currently.

Update - 12OCT, I took the day off work and went car shopping. I purchased a vehicle and permanently parked the vehicle from Carvana. As of today, 20OCT, I still do not have a resolution and have not been contacted by them since my last correspondence with their customer service.

Carvana responded on this same review left on another website requesting that I reach out to the same customer service people that I have already been in contact with and wasn't providing a resolution.

Car didn't last 6 days
I purchased a car from Carvana without any issues so I thought. I was extremely happy wth the car til I drove it to California. On day 6 I was my way back to Las Vegas where I live and the car broke down. At this point I was in Barstow, California stuck. I called Carvana no help. I called SilverRock where Carvana called me a tow truck. But here's the problem I live in Las Vegas, Nevada and I needed to get home. The tow was for me to take the car to the shop and see what's wrong not to fix what's wrong only to see what's wrong. So at the end of the day I called AAA and got the car towed to my home paid 620 dollars. I am still without a car I've tried calling Carvana again no help. I think it's crazy how they expect you to pay for a car you can't and don't drive. I asked to be compensated and was turned down. You have to do better I went from excited to fully irritated. It's been about 3 weeks I have not had a car Ubers and busses has been my transportation.

The car you want deliver
Shopping for a car I found a car online went to the dealership never even got to test drive being he trying to sale me a more expensive car I don't want I leave do this all over 2nd dealership same thing he wants to put me in a newer more expensive car I then went to Carvana found my car I wanted got the payment I wanted everything I wanted I got not everything the sale wanted with my 7 days you really get to look over the car before you buy

Beware Carvana
If I could give a negative score I would, I HIGHLY, HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend that you DO NOT use Carvana...

My experience:
Looking for 2013 Toyota Tacoma in January, give Carvana a try. Place $100 (refundable) deposit to "hold" a truck that was in process of being "evaluated".

At same time, put my car (2015 Mazda CX5) on their site to sell-was offered very high value.

Toyota was to be delivered by 2/2. For "ease", switched to "trade-in" for my car toward truck.

Waited for notice that car would be available online to view. (Never came, I found it myself)

Got notice that delivery wold be delayed. Began process of trying to contact someone, anyone, at Carvana that could help me understand what was going on. Was told car would be delayed another 2 weeks.

Found out that car had been damaged in transit (broken rear light, rear bumper damage, front bumper damage) and that it would be "weeks" before it was repaired.

Continued to speak with "Executive Resolution" at Carvana. Carvana started at $150 in "compensation for my trouble", by the end of the nightmare, they offered $500.

Car was delayed another 2X. Was told that tax season "rush" was upon us and Carvana had a lot of customers to fulfill orders (just not customers who were waiting).

Car made it to Richmond CA distribution center after taillight repair and bumper repair. This time, I was told it wasn't passing smog. Jonathan, carvana rep I spoke to in Richmond told me he would NOT go through with sale, recommended I not buy car. Then later said they had "reprogrammed computer" and car passed SMOG.

Another few hours on phone with Executive Resolution and car was to be delivered "next Day".

At this point, delivery had been scheduled and re-scheduled 5X--which means that Was filling and re-filling all financial paperwork 5X and re-submitting. Also having to re-submit to my insurance that coverage would end on Mazda I was selling to Carvana and beginning coverage on Toyota I was buying.

Car delivered. Jonathan, delivery driver stated that car was not properly cleaned and offered $100 compensation to get it detailed(we are now at $600 compensation from Carvana).

Spent 30 minutes filling out all DMV and sale info with Jonathan, asked him MULTIPLE times if there was ANYTHING I needed to do with DMV--"No, Carvana takes care of everything" was his response.

Got call from Carvana later that day stating that they "forgot" to get Toyota weighed and it was my responsibility to find a weigh station, get it weighed and then drive physical paperwork to their location 40 miles away. But hey, they would"reimburse me" for that too.

Took time off work, got truck weighed, paid for weigh, drove 80 miles round trip to their location in Richmond where Jonathan and his "manager" photocopied my weigh receipt and said "reimbursement has been entered, you'll get payment next week".

2 weeks went by, no reimbursement (neither the $500 that was going to be "FedEx Overnighted" after 7 days was up, or the $100 detail and $20 weigh slip. Another several calls to "Executive resolution" and checks were all sent following week.

2 MONTHS LATER- get notice from DMV that I owed $400 in late fees for not registering Mazda I sold to Carvana.

Begin initiating contact with Carvana (again)--using online web chat, go a rep that took all my info and said they would be right back-never heard from them.

Called Carvana, spent 40 minutes on hold, then another hour with customer service rep who kept,"escalating to her management team". Finally asked to speak to her supervisor. After another 20 minutes, Joshua Hernandez came on and offered to "be my partner in working "together" to solve issues. What that meant was he would be there if I needed to call after I took more personal time and went to DMV.

Joshua did confirm the following:
Carvana DID NOT notify DMV of sale
Carvana was misleading in stating that they did take care of everything
Carvana DID NOT transfer info regarding sale of my Mazda to DMV

Thankfully Joshua promised to hang up on me several times when I pointedly asked what Carvana was going to do with regards to solving the problem and contacting DMV themselves. He was fully dismissive of the issues and my frustration and the fact I questioned how we were "working as a team" when in fact, I would AGAIN be taking hours of personal time to do the job Carvana was suppose to do, but was now my responsibility.

It should also be noted, that after the 7 day return policy was up, I finally got around to trying to diagnose the odor in car, and found that the cabin air filter was filled with fur, feathers and nest materials and the filter itself was worn through.

To note:
Do NOT trust Carvana
Do NOT trust their 150 pt review (it is patently false)
Do NOT trust that they will do ANYTHING with regard to properly handling paperwork with DMV
If you do have issues-be prepared for HOURS of your personal time working with their "Executive Resolution" and prepare to repeat your ENTIRE story EVERY TIME.

I am beyond frustrated, angry, embarrassed and upset that I thought the service would live up to its commercials/sales pitch. IT DOES NOT.

Never thought I would regret NOT going to a car dealership.

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