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Shipping issues
I ordered a part for my car and asked to have it expidited. After having it pushed back 5days I gave up and canceled the part as I needed to repair my car right away.
3days after canceling this part I receive a text that part was on its way. I contacted the company again. And let them know I was not needing there part as I. Got part somewhere else.
CarParts told me I had to pay for the expidited delivery.
To me expiditing means from date ordered not when they feel like getting part to shipper.
They sent a return form that says I have 2 to 3 business days to return the part.
Well does that apply when I ship only back to them?
I suggest staying away from this company as they do not do shipping as they should.
Please beware whom you deal with because this company has caused me a headache.
And are very unprofessional.

I have to start out that this is a wide spread problem with internet retailers. CarParts offer parts that they say are in stock but in fact are manufacture direct ship. I ordered a set of AFE manifolds from which stated that they were in stock. After 7 days the order said Processing. I contacted to inquire what was going on. They informed me that it was a manufacturer direct ship and it was back ordered. So I called AFE to find out when they would have them in stock. They assured me that they had over 100 in stock. They also were nice enough to see if there was even an order from in the computer. After 7 days there was nothing. I waited another couple of days and checked with again and I got the same answer. Then I explained how AFE told me that they have over 100 in stock and they told me that's not what it says on there end. Now it 2 weeks later and was just told that they basically have no answers and that I should just keep checking my order status. For reference I ordered a catalytic converter and mid pipe from Quadratec and received them in 4 days. I will never purchase another item from again. If you read this review and still order parts and have the same problem don't say I didn't warn you.

Very disappointing.
I purchased 2 brake lights in a package deal. For some reason CarParts were being mailed separately & came with 2 different tracking numbers. I figured they would be mailed together. The passenger side made it to my house in about 1 week. But the driver side was never even handed over to FedEx and was never mailed out. So I called carparts about 2 weeks later to ask where my light was. The guys first excuse was "Because of covid-19, FedEx is late." And I told him the package never made it to FedEx from car parts because the tracking said FedEx was waiting for the package to arrive from carparts to be mailed. So he said "So what do you expect us to do?" I told him I expected my light to show up or if possible can they overnight me one. He said he had to ask his boss. He came back & said that it was ok to overnight me one and I should see it in 2 days. But instead? I got an email with a refund. So I decided to just buy another one. But I found out they are $32 pc. If you buy them separately vs. a package deal they are $24 pc. & this doesn't include credit card purchase fees. So I called to file a complaint and the woman I ended up talking to in customer service said she'd send me a coupon to buy another one for $24. I thought everything was good but it wasn't. I entered the coupon code & it was for $1 off of the purchase. Very, very scummy. This was my first and last time dealing with

Terrible Company to do business with stay away FAR AWAY
I contacted by phone on 6-4 to confirm the product I needed was in stock ready to ship. I was assured CarParts had 3 in Inventory so carparts created a Quote# with pricing and date of arrival.
I paid for the product, with a ship date confirmed of 6/4 arrival on 6/9. I checked several times for updated shipping info and decided to contact by phone the current number listed on my PayPal receipt. The number is disconnected *******866)
I then contacted the sales dept. Marge in the sales dept apologized and researched this order, She said this product was not in Stock and it would be 25-45 days. I requested a Refund. She said she would cancel the order but will take up to 30 Days for the order to cancel. This company lied cheated and of course has my money with no part

The package arrived as car parts would not cancel the order and I opened the box and 85% of parts are Missing. I have emailed but as of this update no reply from them. They still have my money and now I have a very pricey paperweight

I ordered injectors for my truck. I placed order online. I was charged within 5 min at my bank. I did not receive my confirmation email. Reviewing online order it said my address was somewhere in TX. Thus begins the nightmare's. I have spent three hours total call time for 6 calls trying to find my order and correct the website sending all parts to sum address in tx by default. The number for their shipping CO.@; LSO call number is listed wrong and has no way to contact them to locate anything as customer reps try to tell me call them as CarParts have no system access for anything shipping. Called them back again for 45 min on hold. The service reps never can help, just ask for a supervisor. Fast forward over 2 weeks... i got my replacement order. I WOULD RATHER LICK DOORKNOBS IN CHINA than order anything from this place ever again. Rock auto or summit like usual.

Not impressed.
Ordered last week because I need the parts tomorrow. My only day off to do the repairs. First contact was today. Where instead of calling my cell which is the number provided. CarParts call my parents house phone and leave a message there. Apparently having to verify my shipping and billing. I call and they cannot tell me why they contacted my parents. Still dont have the parts ready because my call was for nothing. The guy on the phone tells me the computer has to verify it. So why was I needed to call them back. They have no answer as to why they didnt call the correct and only number I provided. Wont upgrade to over night shipping. So now Ill be waiting for parts to show up and either have to do the repairs after 12 HRs at work. Or wait another 8 days for my next day off. And still at this moment dont know if they are even coming because apparently I have to wait 24 HRs for their computer to verify whatever it is they need. I wont use this company again and sounds like a few of my friends wont now either. Great prices. Poor logistics.

I would give this company 0 stars! I placed an order and when I went to check out, it told me there was an issue with my payment and to try another form of payment. I was concerned so I checked my checking acct to find out that I had a pending charge from them but no order. I called customer service 2 times as the customer service agent was truly incompetent and rude. I wanted to cancel an order that had not been placed but had a pending charge on my bank acct. After being on the phone with them forever to make sure I got my money back, a while later I received an email saying CarParts cancelled one of the items on the order. I wanted the whole order cancelled. Had the customer service person had a different attitude, I would not have cancelled. Still waiting for the resolution. Don't bother ordering & i will pay extra instead of using this company ever! Order with caution

Thanks a Million
My elderly neighbor backed into my driveway hitting my new car and damaging my side fender. I immediately went online looking for a reasonable priced fender I could afford and came across this website which had the fender i was looking for. I was a bit skeptical because the price was so dirt cheap compared to what I know my dealer would've charged for it, needless to say I ordered the fender on a late Sunday night, Monday morning I received a phone call from a very knowledgeable representative who wanted to make sure the part I ordered online the night before was indeed the correct part and thank god he called because I had ordered the wrong part, he walked through step by step until we got the correct part ordered and by Wednesday morning my fender was at my front door and my car was in and out the shop by Friday afternoon. Everything was advertised and if i ever need any automotive parts again CarParts are my first and only choice. Thanks again

The worst customer service EVER
I had the worst experience with this company, and then after CarParts sent the wrond dang window switch for my maxima thry tried to sell me the exact same parr AGAIN... and the sales rep argued with me, telling me i was wrong... that it was the correct switch 100% forsure... then why did the front 2 switches both not have the auto roll down feature... and if u try an use this switch tjey offerd on a 2002 maxima, well it wont work an will blow relays an fry a window motor bc the power an ground wires are in different pun locations on the boards... and then they didnt offer the correct switch when i askd about it... so when i orderd another drivers side orderd, i thought i was atleast due over night shipping bc of THEIR mistake in 1st place... HECK NO they said... they gave me a big fat whopping $6 off my order and regular ground shipping, which last time took 10 dang days... oh but they said it would b here in 3 days... LMAO... yeah freaking right... this was biggest bunch of crap i have had to deal with in awhile... a group of pre schoolers couldve ran the sales and most def the cust serv dept allot bttr... so im 1 very pissd off unhappy customer... can i give a -10 stars showing my oh so great experience i had... i wont buy from this company AGAIN..

Up graded without being asked and wrong part sent.
I oreder a performance break kit that enclosed ceramic pads and "blank" rotors. That means their solid. What CarParts sent me blank front rotors and the rear one's were up graded to the performance one with the holes and slashes in them without asking me. On my car with my rims you can see my rotors. It pissed me off so much because I had no choice and had to install them as I had my car torn apart and my old ones were bad. So I told them for sending me what I didn't order they should send me matching front rotors for free. And of course they said because I didn't order the performance rotors they won't send me new front rotors. Well I told them you didn't send me what I ordered and didn't ask me if I wanted my rear rotors up graded. The second thing is I ordered a wiper motor relay for my truck and it's guaranteed to fit and it didn't even come close. I've never heard of a business giving an up grade to a customer and not asking them first. They jest didn't have the rear rotors I ordered and instead of telling me and giving me the choice to cancel my order they jest sent me what they had. Will never do business with them again. Go check them out at the BBB look at the complaints about them.

Horrible customer service! No product, no response
I ordered a bumper for my Ram 1500 on May 2nd - website said it was in stock, and delivery was estimated May 7th via FedEx. My AMEX was charged $334. Today is May 16th, and still no bumper. FedEx has no information, because CarParts still have not received a package to ship. I've tried to reach someone at, but their online chat line is disabled, their 1-800 customer service phone line leaves you on hold forever and no one picks up (the worst wait time was 45 minutes, all while their hold message brags about their excellent service and reputation!), their Chicago-based fulfillment number gives you a recorded message telling you the department is closed and to call back during business hours, even when it IS business hours. I've sent 3 separate emails to their customer service email, and have received an automated response saying they'll reply in 48-72 hours, but no emails with any answers. I've disputed the charge with AMEX and turned it over to them to try and get a resolution. Horrible experience!

Misleading of Part Availability
I found a radiator on on September 22nd that indicated would be shipped to my home and arrive the next day. I purchased the radiator and almost immediately received an email that my order had been received. Within an hour or so. I received another email that my part was being shipped. When I awoke the next day I received an email at 7:01 a.m. indicating a delay of the shipping of my part. It went from receiving it on Monday September 21st, to Friday the 25th. Needing the radiator right away I immediately went on the website and completed a cancellation form. Feeling confident the order would be canceled I called another parts company who informed me CarParts would deliver the radiator to me by Wednesday September 23rd. As of late afternoon Tuesday September 22nd. I received an email from indicating that my radiator had shipped. I call customer service and they are closed. I then opt to use the chat feature. "Bryan" informs me that once a part leaves their facility period that it cannot be brought back. I've been a shipping and receiving manager for 8 years in San Bernardino County California. Customers cancel or change their orders with me frequently. UPS in USPS both have websites where I can intercept a package and have it returned to my warehouse. I was informed by "Sarah" that they did not have that ability. I asked her if I could receive a return authorization number now in preparation for the part arriving at my doorstep. She said that I would have to wait for the part to be delivered in order to request a return authorization number. And she proceeds to apologize for ANY inconvenience not being able to get a return authorization number has caused me. This is where I lost it.

Sorry to have caused me an invenience? This entire ordeal with this company has been an inconvenience. They first identify the part as being available to ship and arrive to my doirstep by Monday the 21st was the first convenience. Receiving a second email informing me that there would be a delay on my order until Friday the 25th was the second inconvenience. After I submitted the cancel order. I received a third email informing me that the item had already shipped from the warehouse (after I canceled it). This was another inconvenience. And when I did a "chat" with "Bryan". He informed me that once the item left the warehouse that there was no way of recalling it. I've been a parts manager for the past 8 years. There have been several moments when a customer changed or canceled an order and I've been able to contact the UPS or USPS HUB and intercept the package. So yes. I'd say this has caused me an inconvenience. Are all of these inconveniences worth just an apology? I've been a customer service representative for over thirty-five years. One inconvenience for one customer happens. Two inconveniences to the one customer is one too many. Two inconveniences for one customer in a span of two days is a s**t show. This goes beyond inconveniencing a customer. This is complete carelessness. Businesses are struggling to remain open during the Covid-19 pandemic. I'm in complete shock over how disarrayed this process has been.

The part fit fine but the shipping was the worst I've seen. When I put the part in the cart the shipping options all showed the same result, 2 days which makes sense since I live like 2-3 hours away. It could have easily been put in us mail with the cheapest postage available and been here on time, but it was sent FedEx smartpost instead of ground and it took a week. FedEx took it from Wisconsin past where I live to st louis then back to Springfield IL then finally to me. Real smart right? I could have gotten it from the west coast faster. Because of this I had a pissed off customer that was without her vehicle for the week. This happened to me one other time when I ordered from the JC Whitney junk peddlers and upon further research I saw that is a division of JC Whitney. Surprise Surprise! Don't waste your time with these companies! I've never had this problem with Rock Auto. I had to eat the cost of the part and only charge labor to satisfy my customer. Never again! I've lived in central Illinois over 45 years and I can tell you NOTHING GOOD comes from Chitcago!

Cheap Inferior Parts.
1. I ordered control arms for my Toyota Camry, because the price was 1/2 price of even discounted Napa parts. I was suspicious of this price from the start, but I thought, "Who knows,. Let me try and see", but the parts were visibly of inferior quality, and the rubber grommets were so thin and deformed that CarParts came apart just from touching while my original Toyota parts were 16-years-old and still in a pretty good shape.
I never installed their parts.
2. I called them, and they tried to tell me that I had to pay for return shipping, but they "made an exception" and waved it, yet I first received refund less shipping, and I had to call again to ask and explain that I never used their parts.
They agreed and gave me a "full refund" which was still 8 % less that the full price I paid.
3. I gave them 2 stars instead of 1, because they still "made an exception" and gave me a "full refund" (which was almost full).
In the rear view, perhaps, it was my fault that I considered this online site because of a very low price over a reputable Napa or other physical stores where I could see and inspect the parts (and return them if defective), and I ALMOST risked my and my family lives by ALMOST installing these cheap defective but very important parts on my car.
Be careful with this place.

Bought a a. C compressor and it was not the one that I needed. CarParts sent me refund papers through email. Said they was not gonna pay for shipping either. Ok no problem. Sent it off and they reiceved the package got an email from them. Then got an email saying approved refund back to your card take 24-48 hours. It was a week later I called my bank and they said they would open up an investigation. I called the car back all week same thing. Here is your reference number lol. I dont need that i need to know why my money has not been processed to my account yet. That is not helping me. Its 430 and i have been on the phone with them the FTC the lawyer and my bank since this morning at 9 am. I am so tired and upset I dont have time to waste on this. A man named Romeo he said ill call the billing dept and see what is going on in one hour. Its been over 5 hours. I am guessing they send parts out but the are knock offs and they will not refund anything back to you.

Stay away from these Asian Crooks!
These guys are company of Asian crooks located in Asia. Their customer service line connects you to a team of "no can do" crooks in the Philippines. The price posted on their website for a pair of Ford Escape sealed headlight assemblies looked terrific. However, what CarParts shipped me was a pair of defective and broken headlight assemblies that were likely reject returns that they simply re-boxed, and shipped to me. Not only were they not sealed along the top seems (water will pour in), but more deplorable was that the side mounting tab on the driver's side unit was snapped off and sitting placed neatly on top of the unit when I opened the box. As if whoever fulfilled the order said "oh well, I'll include the broken tab from this defective unit and the poor customer (sucker) can try to super glue it back together". Finally, the halogen bulb socket on the same assembly was detached from the rear casing such that the beam cannot be adjusted nor hold stable when the vehicle is driven down the road. These were definitely defective units returned or rejected that this company intentionally repackaged and shipped to me, knowing that they're never going to accept them back for refund.

To make a long story short, when I called the customer service toll free, I first got Charlotte, followed by Juliette who claimed to be her supervisor, and finally Mr. Ace the Manager of Customer Service, all in Philippines. Bottom line, is that the crooks refused to approve a return shipment, and refused to refund my credit card. This company is a total scam. They advertise terrifically low prices because they ship defective, cheaply made in Asia, knock-off products. To make it totally deplorable, often what they ship their customers is the repackaged defective returns of those same cheap products that likely were returned to other Asia suppliers, or even to themselves or a sister company. I've noticed that other websites such as have the same look and carry the exact same products displayed int the exact same order and prices when you search for them, so stay away from them also. Do not believe their advertised return policy because the truth is that they have none.

Moral of the story is as follows:

1. You get what you pay for.
2. If it sounds even maybe too good to be true, it probably is.
3. If you like to hold on to the money that you have, then stay way far away from,, and all others that look similar.

A tremendous waste of time.
Recently purchased SET-REPP 314301-6 fuel injectors for an '85 Porsche 911 3.2 ltr from This SET-REPP part is promoted by being an "OE Replacement" and a "Direct Fit." These are NOT to be regarded as "replacement" injectors and here's why:

First, '85 Porsche 911's come stock with low impedance Bosch *******158 injectors measuring 3.1 ohms. SET-REPP 314301 are high impedance injectors measuring 15.1 ohms. These impedance-different injectors are NOT interchangeable without altering the ECU/injector drivers. Reason being: each type of injector requires a specific amp/power/signal to operate correctly not to mention preserving electrical circuits. Reference for this: />
More, the pindle cups of the SET-REPP parts are not configured like stock pindle cups. The discharge plate in the SET-REPP model is recessed within the cup that has what I propose being too narrow of an opening. This narrow opening may---may---cause interference with the injectors spray pattern should the exiting spray of fuel make contact with the edges of the hole. Testing the spray pattern of these injectors was planned, however, ohms were tested beforehand eliminating the need to go go any further. What the SET-REPP pindle cup does do is make that part appear similar to the stock part when looking at the injector at a certain angle---the angle product promotion images are show.

I did this same review on's website for this product. I also attempted to load low res photos. Photos were not accepted. My review required confirmation via an email supposedly sent me... that email remains unreceived. This dysfunction wreaks of implying reviews are possible when in reality the company does not allow customer reviews. Did I fail in to do the review process correctly? Possible but unlikely.

If you send and email to CarParts automatically and instantly reply it taking them 2-3 days for a person to respond.

NONE of this is suggests a company interested in quality control prior to offering car parts. Nor does it suggest there being a genuine interface so customers can comment/review the products they sell---for the edification of the company and to the benefit of future customers. Instead, I was obligated to determine the parts bought from were NOT as the conmpany promoted them to be. In a nutshell, what delivered me was a tremendous waste of time. What of the individuals who buy these injectors and possibly other parts from that don't or can't invest the time to confirm a part is indeed correct? I'm a disgruntled customer not only for myself but the others this company has the potential to fail for. BUYER BEWARE.

See photos attached.

Customer Service AWOL
I ordered a bumper cover for my 2015 Hyundai Sonata sport that said "guaranteed fit". I got it, and it did not fit. This was only found out once I had my bumper off of course and the part was unreturnable. Anyhow I tried to contact customer service multiple times through email, and waited over a month for response. I waited on the phone for forty minutes as well with no answer. The reason this is a three instead of one star review is the fact that I was able to get ahold of either their parent or sister company JC Whitney. CarParts responded within 48 hrs and issued me a full refund within 1-2 days after that. They said I could either return the part or not. I was very satisfied with that customer service experience, but I didn't think it was saving grace enough to warrant four stars. The only reason I was able to get ahold of anyone was by reading an old comments section from a question on a help site on a google search, learning that they are affiliated with this JC Whitney company.

Worst Customer Experience Ever
I ordered a set of mirrors for my Ford F250. I received the driver side mirror but not the passenger side. I called customer service on 8/4 to inquire about the missing item. I was told I would have to wait about 48 hours while the back office contacted the warehouse to check inventory, then I would receive notification by email with a new order number and tracking for the replacement. After waiting 48 hours without any notification, I called back on 8/6 to inquire, only to be told that I would have to wait 1-3 days while the back office contacted the warehouse to check inventory. At this point I became upset as I was being given the run around. I asked to speak with a supervisor and was refused. After being on eternal hold, 1hr-35min, I was disconnected. I immediately called back and another CS rep read my account history and told me that SHE could check inventory via her computer. She then told me that I would receive notification in 48 hours with a new order number and tracking info. My replacement mirror should arrive 3-5 days after that notification. As a customer, I don't care about the back office, nor do I care about the inventories. The customer service experience showed me that this company does not value it's customers or our business. The correct way this should have been handled was a replacement part should have been immediately shipped at the time of my first call. Then the "back office" could take their time figuring our the inventories and what happened. Common sense dictates that only 1 of 2 things occurred. Either the warehouse shipped it and FedEx lost it, or the warehouse didn't ship it. In either case, there would be no loss to the company because if FedEx lost it CarParts could file a claim against FedEx for the lost item or it was never shipped in the first place and that is self explanatory. This company has MUCH room for improvement in customer service. Heed the warning and choose a company that will value your business.

Contacted via email by a customer advocate on Sunday 8/8 who wrote, "Normally we we issue a replacement or a refund after 24-48 business hours but we haven't receive any notification if the part was lost in transit nor was not shipped by the warehouse. We would still want to help you get the replacement and but because its a weekend and we don't have any warehouse available. We will process the replacement on the next business day".

This email came 120 hours after my initial contact with the company. I'm still waiting for this mysterious notification of confirmation of a new order and shipment of a replacement part with tracking number. will take your money and run
So I ordered a skyjacker steering stabilizer "kit" you can look it up it is a "kit" Part Number: S978213 what I received was one shock a couple boots a couple stickers one bracket and one zip tie. None of the hardware was with it the other shock was missing and so was the other two brackets, the Ubolts and the other three zip ties plus the instructions. There was although a parts list included that clearly showed what parts I was missing from the Kit I contacted customer service by phone numerous times "waited each time over an hour" made numerous attempts on their web sight "contact us" and wrote many letters to them with ZERO response all I ever got was when I called them was CarParts was looking for the missing parts REALLY it's been over 2 weeks they couldn't just send out another kit with a return shipping label for the box of useless parts and a empty bag. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT DO BUISNESS WITH CARPARTS THEY ARE SURE TO RIP YOU OFF

Let me save u from pullin your hair out
Please do not buy from this company i Purchase an item on December 4th some reason my item get lost, CarParts cant find my item in the system, they cant even find my purchase in the system, they cant find nowhere what i paid. But my PayPal said I bought it on the 4th but they couldn't confirm a it but they sure took my money. I don't understand what was going on, now all of a sudden they actually purchase this item from my account fraudulently 13 days later when i Escalated the situation to PayPal to refund my money. Carparts decided to process my order 13 days later when i was told i would recieve my item on dec 7. But that was a lie, because it took them 13 days to process my order an then claim i brought the order 13 days later. Plus they took upon themselves an added another item i didnt even order an charge me for it, like wth. They are Literally mentally $#*!ed, Just too incompetent to even do business with. I guess an hope ill receive my item after new year since they also told me it take 7 to 10 Business days which that's not what I signed up for. So they will take your money and do whatever they want to do with it, and ship your order whenever they feel like it, if they even find it, or if you even get it. Save yourself the trouble an let me take this headache for yall an order from somewhere else this company is very unprofessional.

Fraudulent, and Deceptive Practices
This company is guilty of violating consumer protection laws. CarParts advertise products that they state are specifically designed and digitally fit specifically for your car, but what you finally get after weeks of waiting, is something you didn't order, and doesn't fit, and cheap quality, and when you contact them to return they tell you, you did get what you ordered, and too bad for you. You have to pay for return shipping. They refuse to email return label. They provide a bogus address to return it to. You are never again contacted that product was received. Never get refund. Call to customer service is waste of time because all records are erased from system of any purchases made. No order number found. No name or email found. No return info recorded. No account info. Just disappears into thin air, and so does money

Received Wrong Part
On Sep 25,2017, I proceeded to go to to order an alternator for my vehicle.
With their online selection tool, I selected a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica Base 3.8L.
I completed the order with my credit card.
When I received the part, I took it to my mechanic for installation. He informed me it was the incorrect Alternator.
I contacted to ask for an exchange... the online customer service rep (Monic) informed me exchanges were not possible, only returns. I agree to returning the part and asked for a pre-paid label. She informed me since I ordered the wrong part, i would be responsible for the return postage. I proceeded to tell her that I did not order the wrong part, I did successfully select my correct vehicle when I placed the order. She basically told me i was illiterate because their system is correct and i ordered the part for a Chrysler Town and Country van. I disputed that claim, because I know I specifically selected a Chrysler Pacifica Base 3.8L from their selection tool. So after being completely insulted, I asked to have the RMA processed and informed her I will take my business elsewhere.

Save yourself the headache, do not order from this website
1. CarParts guaranteed next day shipping. I ordered on Thursday and was supposed to receive my item on Saturday. I received 3 emails the next day mentioning that my items have delayed.
2. The order does not arrive until Wednesday the next week... How is that overnight shipping... which I paid extra for.
3. After the part arrived, it did not fit... Everywhere on their website stated 'guaranteed to fit' I even called, gave my vin number and confirmed my car make year and model number before ordering... HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN.
4. Whenever I called... they say they want to look into it and will call me back... ut no one ever calls back. Keep in mind, their customer support center is in the Philippines so they can't do much for you and keep waiting to hear back from their US warehouse.

I literally just got off the phone with them after being put on hold again for almost an hour...
Just save yourself the unnecessary headache, the savings are not worth it. I wish I paid the extra $200 and went with another supplier.

Ordered a pair of headlights only received one
I ordered a matching set of headlights for our Nissan. I received an email that day saying my order had shipped. Then two days later i received an email saying my refund had been approved? I had no idea what CarParts were talking about. They refunded me the price of one headlight and sent the other one to me. When I called to asked them to call me and talk about the problem they emailed me again and said they had sent me a parts shortage notice on the day they refunded my money for the one light and that I should wait 2 to 3 weeks and try to reorder the other light! They should have never sent me one light when I ordered a set without getting in touch with me first. And its been 3 days now and they still haven't gotten back to me with an (RMA) so I can send this one back and get a refund to order a set from a reliable company. Terrible service!

Order problem not resolved as promised
I ordered a part that was scheduled to arrive on a certain date; but their shipper perpetually reported the order as "Pending" with their LSO shipping service. I contacted CarParts, and CarParts seemingly fixed the problem by reordering the part and promising to use FedEx rather than LSO for shipping. But when my replacement order notice came in, my tracking number was, again, from LSO, which had *never picked up the original order*. I spent an *hour* on hold with LSO never to talk to anyone, and only a "give us 1-2 business days for update" from CarParts for an order that was already late. I cannot trust their problem resolution; they use unreliable shippers, give incorrect information on resolving problems with orders, and do not honor their promises for how their problems will be resolved. I will *not* use again, and strongly recommend no on else does, either.

Above and Beyond
I recently placed an order with and when it arrived the parts were two different brands. Since CarParts were suspension components (control arms with ball joints) I would have really preferred to have the same brand so wear and tear would be similar but I didn't notice the difference until I have my vehicle apart and we were getting ready to take a road trip so I couldn't wait for the proper replacement. After going back and forth with the company about this they were understanding and promised to make more of an effort in the future to either ship all of the same components or to at least let the buyer know there was a shortage and give a few different options to resolve the issue instead of sending two different brands.

In the end the company was great to work with and I'll still consider them for car parts in the future.

Incompetent Service
CarParts either offshores their phone operators or imports 3rd world peasants that can barely understand American English. I Spent 20+ minutes trying to order 5 basic cooling system parts. The phone rep. Gave me a tracking confirmaton number that didn't work and would be sent to my email, that never happened. The rep. Said that the order would arrive in 3-4 days of which only 1 item arrived. I called to track my order and another rep. Said the items were coming from 3 different warehouses. The rep. Said the first confirmation was wrong, then gave me 2 new numbers that don't work. I've received no confirmations after giving 3 different Dirkadirkastanis my email, spelling it out slowly using the ICAO phonetic alphabet. I tried the live chat but that rep. Couldn; t/wouldn't help and told me to use the telephone. I used to get good service from JC Whitney (CarParts) but I will use RockAuto next time!

Deceptive Presentation of Terms, Slow Delivery, & Excuses...
Deceptive Presentation of Terms, Slow Delivery, & Excuses...

AFTER YOU SUBMIT PAYMENT in small letters: We're definitely not going to ship today, because it's past 10AM!
Call to customer service goes to an off-shore agent who can only see the same information in the confirmation email.
Request for a call-back with a physical update goes unanswered.
Automated tracking number proves that part doesn't reach the carrier until the third business day, effectively doubling the delivery time.
Customer service seems to think this is acceptable performance.
We think it's a wholly unsatisfactory arrangement for providing automotive parts where transportation and livelihoods are at stake.
Deceptive Presentation of Terms, Slow Delivery, & Excuses...

Thought the sale was final
I called to get the customer service to match the price of a part that I found on another site and the customer service person was very helpful. She found a lower price supposedly for the items that I needed and was able to stay within my budget. However the next day I received an email stating that one of my items were out of stock and it was baffling to me that she didn't already know through their system that the item was out of stock. To add to Fury I was informed that another one of my items would be canceled due to being out of stock and it came as a kit so I would only be receiving one of the items from the kit. Therefore I'm still missing two items that I have to wait on my refund in order to buy. I had my car repairs schedule and now I have to reschedule them due to not receiving all of the parts in order to complete the repairs. I was not totally satisfied with the outcome of this order due to having to reorder more parts. It was at a very high moment of satisfaction and was brought down to a very low moment of not being satisfied.

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Description: Shop for discount auto parts at - the cheapest online source for all your aftermarket parts and accessories needs.

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