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Charged me but did not publish my post
I paid for a month of service hoping to post a job and find a caregiver. The website would not post my job and listed it as "pending" until the end of my membership. When I asked them about this apologized but also refused to refund me for the service they were unable to deliver. They said they could not give me a "free" membership even though I had already paid for a month I could not use. To add insult to injury, they actually asked me to pay the fee to renew again!
Obviously, I will not be renewing again after this experience. This was unfortunate because I have used them in the past and found good people on there. For now, I have found someone on another site for sitters, and would recommend that one or networking with local parents/online groups to find someone locally.

No customer service
If this was possible I would give 0 stars. I have sent them 4 emails and no one is responding, their customer support service is beyond poor. I contacted the company on all Social media platforms but I am still sitting with an unresolved issue. The fact that created an online company and only provided one form of communication (email) and choose to pay NO attention to is sickening. This company is quick to deduct service fees but never available to provide the actual service!

Unauthorized Charge on Credit Card - Charged for services NOT rendered-BUYER BEWARE
Thought I wanted to use their service, filled out the online form. After inputting credit card information, I changed my mind and closed the tab. captured my CC # and charged me anyway. I IMMEDIATELY contacted them via phone, email, chat within moments of a "confirmation email" regarding my enrollment. No answer on phone or chat, had to contact them via email ONLY and told them what had happened, that I changed my mind and they would not cancel the charge or account. VERY unprofessional and frustrating. Submitted complaint to BBB for their practices.

Name discrimination and Racism
I applied with experience for the housekeeper position but was targeted for discrimination due to the sound of my name.
It's hard to find a good flexible job but to wrestle with a company policy without meeting them is disgraceful. refused to hire me and never explained why nevertheless the position is still available on indeed. I'm a God fearing woman that feel when something is not right. My Lord told me they racist. I hope this company turn from their evil ways and help people earn a living no matter what.
The Earth belongs to God and technically his children should live comfortable without problems. discriminates against people based on their name and nationality even though we all human beings.
The Holy Bible instructed me to have compassion and use wisdom to help make life better but was not concerned because of my name causing confusion, the bible warn me and proves that hatred still exist, woe unto this company!

Take money without any notification
Signed for Premium service on 11/3/17, used the service till 11/25/17 and afterwards getting charged in a regular basis without any notification. All communication goes to gmail account under "Promotion" folder. So far around $640+ being charged silently. Found out from latest credit card bill about the regular charge. Called them and response came back that would remove the premium service and will revert back last charge. Now, my total loss is around $640 with for this carefully crafted scheme to get money from customers by the name of one month service agreement. What a shame!

Don't trust Katie Klein as a nanny
Be warned about this girl Katie (Katherine) Klein. She is one of the most selfish and evil people I've ever met in my life. And she is incredibly violent. The scary part is is that she's a nanny even though she hasn't had a nanny job in many years. If you're considering getting her as a nanny on I strongly encourage you not to because she has a record of assaulting strangers in public, attacking me, attacking my friend and even attacking her mother. What's even scarier is that she's due to have a baby in two months.

Your pricing is deceiving
Your pricing is deceiving. I was understanding that I would be charged $12.95 per month and you just took a whole $155.40 out of my account. Then charge even more for silly stuff like featuring your ad and seeing if messages have been read. I get you are trying to make money but that is absurd to treat people that way knowing you have probably millions or at the very least thousands of people using this site. Some of us are really struggling right now but you just take like its ok or something. That is really horrible to treat customers that way.

I subscribed twice to premium on the app and...
I subscribed twice to premium on the app and both times there was an error where it failed to go through even though my card was charged. I couldn't respond to messages in that time. I tried calling but the customer service line directed me back to the website then hung up. I put in two emails on the website to customer service and no one called be back. Fortunately Apple canceled my subscriptions so I wasn't charged for nothing. I am now trying to subscribe on my computer since the app failed.

I think it's really hard to get an understanding of...
I think it's really hard to get an understanding of what actually DOES. There really should be a page that basically says "we help match you up with people looking for jobs doing what you need done" or words to that effect. I honestly could not tell without doing research elsewhere, and reading very fine print, that it is sort of like a glorified, expanded Craigslist that isn't free. Don't get me wrong--that is still hugely wonderfully useful! I just wish you'd come right out and say, YEAH! This is what we do." :)

Be aware! Also fall victim of this deceptive and fraudulent company
I signed up for one month subscription and posted one job. Then my job got "rejected" without giving a reason. Then keep charging me monthly fee for the "one month" subscription for over half a year till I realize it. Of course you are not getting your money back, even though I never used the service for ONCE after $300+ was charged. Their membership clause is "deceiving". Stay away and use other reputable sites that's built on a honest business model for your service needs. I am going to try to dispute through my credit card company. Wish me good luck.

Don't throw away your money! Scam!
After paying their fee I was met with zero customer service, with zero jobs.
I applied to every single job had on the entire site, in every category and not one job came my way.
And no customer service to help or explain anything.

I had a great resume and I find work in these fields on my own with ease.

This site is just a money grabber. Isn't any actual work offered, they just post up these jobs to fool people into paying for their site.

Now you know.
Anyone who says different just works for the company.

This company is a scam automatically bill your credit card but don't really provide services. I posted a job that got ridiculous applications from under qualified applicants thinking they deserved $35-$50 an hour. I scheduled an interview with one girl who was a no call no show for the interview. has been charging me $40 a month and I haven't even gotten so much as an interview for my posted job, let alone filled the position. This website seems like a scam and a waste of money. They took my money but as far as I can tell, provided no service. Scam!

Unauthorized billing.
This company is not only flooded with complaints similar to mine, but also have the arrogance to bill people during these hard times for services never asked/authorized. I have contested these charges to my bank and filed a complaint to my Local District Attorney Offices, Consumer Protection Unit, about the matter. This is outrageous. I will leave reviews everywhere. If anyone wants to participate in a YouTube video about their illegal billing practices, I will start a short video soon slurpppe gmail

* Update:

(The no so caring) replied to my posting and, not so surprisingly, lied. In 2018, I complained about their illegal billing practices and I received an email from one of their customer service employees stating, I quote - "I went ahead and refunded your last charge of $60.00 and your credit card will no longer be billed. Please note that the refund may take up to one week to appear on your bank or credit card statement" Yes, you read it right "your credit card will no longer be billed" I never upgraded my what became a "basic account" at this point. Yet, they started to bill my card again in April 2019! These people are deceptively lying and stealing. My local District Attorney Office, Consumer Protection Unit is on it and I will seek legal advice too on top of making a YouTube video. *, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

** New update 05/22/20

My Local District Attorney Office has taken on the matter and is investigating the company. If anyone wants to participate in what could be a class-action suit, email me at slurpppe at gmail

*** New update 06/07/2020
My Local District Attorney Office has started to investigate the case. Now talking with several attorneys about filing a class action against this repulsive company.

****New Update. My Local District Attorney, Consumer Unit, has been backed-up due to COVID but now they're working on their case. 02/08/2022

Beware of renewal scam
I opened my credit card summary today and noted I was charged for an additional year subscription as a provider to CARE. Unlike every other company that renews subscriptions, CARE DOES NOT give you an advance notice of your renewal. Thus, giving you no option to cancel. After many frustrating searches on their inadequate site I finally found the one hidden page to cancel my account. The other, more obvious pages, only give you the option to Upgrade your basic account. I cancelled my account on the same day it renewed and contacted the support team at CARE to please refund their one year renewal charge. ( I had also paused my account for several months up to now). The personnel team absolutely refused to reimburse me for the membership charges for an additional year. Yes, this is another greedy scam of a company.

Fraudulent and exploitive is taking advantage of small businesses during a pandemic. contacted our small family owned preschool and told us for 200$ a year they'd send us leads for hiring staff. They failed to inform us they'd charge us for each lead whether we accessed them or not. They've wound up charging us 880$ in the last 2 months. The management is deceitful, fraudulent, and has lied about contacting me and my staff. They are very unethical and if you look at their reviews on, they have over 450 reviews and are rated at 1.3 stars. Stay away from this evil business

The Logic in Paying when You need a JOB?
I am quite aghast and dissatisfied by the advertisement needed for one looking for a job. There is no logic in paying to upgrade to premium when this is a job hunting site, the whole point in being the person needs the income to survive financially. The site is a scam as it did not advise new comers in search of a extra income that would have to pay monthly. The adverting is also quire atrocious as there are no unlimited options! This is counterproductive and just a waste of finance.

Kicked off the site and no reason given.
The site was useful and helpful until without notice my account was terminated and an email stating that users can removed from the site at the sites discretion. Upon attempting to find out a reason from customer service on the phone I received the response that representatives are not allowed to give a reason for termination of a customers account. I was told to look at the faqs. I had already looked through the faqs and could find no reasonable explanation. It seems it would be helpful to offer customers a way to rectify any violations or explain their side to clear any misunderstandings. Very disappointing.

No refund. For no use
I was under the impression that I downgraded from "Premium" to "free." I get a charge on my card for Premium membership and immediately e-mail the site. said that they have downgraded me, but I will keep my Premium status until the end of the billing period. They will not refund me even though I have not used the Premium account to message anyone, or apply for jobs. On top of that, they make it hard to actually get a hold of anyone. Most of the messages are automated messages and not a real person.

Stole my money and won't let me cancel my subscription without giving my SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER
DO NOT use this site. make you pay for a background check before they tell you that they will require your social security number. If you decide you are not comfortable providing your SSN, there is no way to finalize your account, meaning no way to cancel your subscription. It is a complete scam, they took my money for a service they will not be providing. The only way for me to cancel my subscription will be to go through the bank. I tried contacting to no avail, this is a COMPLETE SCAM.

Didn't even finish my profile before getting screwed
I was informed about from a family member who has used it for months now. I went to the same link and everything, however, I was asked to add my card info and my social # whereas my cousin was not asked. Right when I saved my card info, I got charged. I then got to the SS page, and I backed out. My account isn't finished so I can't cancel the apparent subscription I now have. And I'm worried about my money being somehow stolen. Even if it's $1 every 12 months… I'm scared that my card info is out there.

Scams and addicts
Not only have I been overcharged after signing up for a monthly account then going round and round to get a one month refund which refuse. But they also had provided me with one sitter that did not get my child out of bed or feed her as of 1 in the afternoon. ( I was watching on video). And another sitter who stole my dogs tramadol and was high when I came home. This is the worst company I have ever associated with and I am embarrassed I did. Please please do not use this company they are repulsive. Negative stars.

Used it for 30 days NOT happy It's a subscription for 30 days on the short term higher cost side and sign up for yrly membership it's cheaper monthly rate. I opted for one month, smart move! I felt my messages were being "throttled" bc all 7 people I messaged within 7 days I got ZERO response so I opted to cancel, that's where you get there phone number. But was told by phone I could get a free subscription but it cut me off within my 30 days I'm NOT HAPPY! So nothing was free for me. And I don't get message access so what's the use?

Rip-off artists
Don't bother to go here. I join the ranks of dissatisfied customers who was not refunded a credit for 4/1-6/30/20 even though I contacted them on 3/30/20. My mother is 94 and can't afford to pay me back for the THREE MONTHS of "membership" not used. Actually, I haven't used the site since January. Now with being laid off because of corona virus, took the money out of my account and ran. They put a credit in there and took it away the next day. Heartless!
There are other sites you can use instead of this dishonest one. Some examples are: Sitter City, Urban Sitter, Home Instead, Rover, etc. Got to "" and get alternatives. RIP OFF.

Horrible service not as advertised is the most horrible service. Most of the profiles on their site are bogus or fake. Although the care taker will show availability but when you go for actual booking, either there will be no response or there will be not availability response. If are not available then why are the profiles reflecting "available". They scam you into purchasing a membership and then they don't care. Once you have signed up, you cannot get a refund. This app is totally bogus and fake. When you ask for refund they will tell you the non refund policy which was never disclosed to me when I signed up

Deceitful Company
Advertise all kinds of help, never tell you anything about monthly payments or anything until after you set up your profile and either try to send a message or if you receive one. Can't read it until you pay them. That's all well and good if you want people to pay for a service but y'all need to be upfront about it. Shame on you. People out here need help, not you trying to nickle and dime us all to death.
By the way, there are FREE websites you can find childcare on... So... go *$&@ yourself

Fraudulent Activity
I wish I had come here and seen these terrible reviews before I signed up for I was looking for a nanny and had to sign up for the basic membership to contact anyone. Unbeknownst to me, charged me two other hidden fees in addition to the basic membership I agreed to. In totally, I was charged around $260 to send a single email to a potential nanny. I tried to resolve the issue with them, assuming that it was some glitch or mistake. However, after 5+ times reaching out to them, I kept being told all purchases are nonrefundable.

They won't even let you see older messages.
I have been a member for many years and have paid for background checks when I would look for families or the parent would offer to pay from their end. I've never had complaints but as of Nov 2021 are requiring $15 background check( due annually)even when I am not currently looking to add clients to my workload. It won't even let me check previously sent messages unless the other member is current. This is extremely annoying since they carefully monitor your email or phone number sent through their messages as a rouse for safety but actually they can control the entire process. I wanted to check on the original arrangement I had made with the couple I currently work for but as they are not current on it will not allow me to see old messages and no help with their contact us resolving the issue, no response at all. As a childcare provider in the south I have never been paid very much and always work for a weekly rate so to have the extra burden of this annual fee is too much and I refuse to continue my business through them. Other than greed there was no reason to require a background check on the many members who have been with them for years nice to know loyalty means nothing to this company.

Bad experience going from caregiver to family
I was previously a caregiver. Took a year off to start a family and signed back in to look for a caregiver. I pay the fee which was on my caregiver page, when I realized I needed to sign up on a completely different page for families, I couldn't sign up due to multiple accounts. As were fixing the problem I found local help so I simply asked for a refund I was charged on the wrong account. They refused even though it was a mistake caught right away. I tried for over a month to explain the mistake to no avail.

Maybe seems ok for care seekers, but a SCAM for sitters makes you pay to join and pay for a background check. Well, after applying to jobs and messaging back and forth I was notified that my account was removed because of my background check. Having no idea why this could be I checked and remembered that many years prior I had had ONE minor speeding ticket. A speeding ticket once is literally the only charge I've ever had. I was refused a refund. Something so common and minor disqualifying you from an account should be clearly stated in the application. Otherwise you just know good and well you're taking people's money— why should anyone expect that will get you removed? I've gotten jobs at preschools, schools, and with families privately with that ticket on my record. I can only imagine how many people they've taken money from this way. Look around online at all of their shadiness. Parents please avoid this site and take your attention to candidates elsewhere.

SCAM seriously! Please spare yourself.
This company is a huge scam. Check out all these reviews. And spare yourself. Many like me have had their accounts "upgraded " without their consent and then been quietly billed for months and months with no notice and zero consent. This company is a complete scam, have settled a class action lawsuit for this exact behavior and now they continue to do it. They refuse to refund, and dig their heels in. Absolutely abhorrent and illegal billing practices. If there are any class action lawsuits out there please email me alayna. 1213 gmail.

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