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They let Indians steel my money
I booked a trip then cancelled due to medical issues. Capital One company that booked my trip is from India called the company said I would lose 25% because I did so on the 16th and not the 15th which I told them they are in INDIA and it's impossible to get in touch with someone to cancel. So I called my bank. They refunded all my money for a month then said it was a valild purchase and gave them back all the money. They both point the finger at each other for getting what was rightfully mine. Which is over a 1000 bucks after the 25% so I took all my money out of Capital one and put it into Chime. And I am taking the INDIAN Company to small claims court where a judgment in my behalf will cost them a pretty penny as no one can invest in a company that owes

Hands Down to Capital One
This company I have been with now for about 5 years. I started with my credit card and now I recently on June 27 got my Auto Loan though. Capital One do pre-approvals were Capital One see if you qualify with a soft pull and it don'e effects your credit score. Once you are pre approved then you just take what they send you and go get your car. I was shocked that they made it so stress free. On the other hand I had the issues with the dealer, not Capital One. Everything is so simple I can make my car payments and credit card payments all from one log in. It is so great and their rates were nice.

Capital One will nickel and dime you
After months of paying on my balance. I finally got to the point I could pay them off. I made 3 payments in March. One to lower my balance, my monthly payment and the 3rd to payoff my balance. I login and selected the statement balance option and paid it off in full. Capital One decided to charge me interested after I already paid my monthly interest.
I have called twice, but Capital One won't cancel the extra interest. I've sent an email to *******, but no answer yet.
I also paid off PNC & Bank America too and they did not do me this way. I strongly suggest you get some other credit card.
These guy (Capital One) will nickel and dime you.

Horrible Customer Service
I will never open up a Capital One Credit Card again. I called the customer service number to help with an interest charge on my statement and the representative refused to reverse the charge. I have been a Capital One customer for over three years and you best believe I will never use them for any service again. We are in the middle of a global pandemic where most companies are graciously offering to help customers in anyway possible. I am completely shocked at the way I was mistreated on the phone. The representative also said your feedback will not be heard. I hope someone from Capital one reviews this feedback. This should be unacceptable during a time like this.

DO NOT USE CAPITAL ONE CREDIT CARDS! Capital One does not back their customers and will allow other companies to scam you! We purchased a hotel stay with out Capital One credit card. The hotel (Kivoya at Luna Blanca/Room 0902) scammed us. First, we tried to work out the multitude of issues we had with Kivoya with Kivoya. Unfortunately, Kivoya is not a reputable company and refused to work with us. The first issue that arose with Kivoya was the lack of customer service when we arrived. Everything went down hill from there. The room was filthy, there were no towels, the dryer was a fire hazard, multiple items within the condo were broken, and what was advertised to us was not available. To top everything off, none of the three sliding glass doors to the balcony where capable of locking. This was a MAJOR concern. Our condo was on the 9th floor and we had children with us (ages: 16-3 yrs old). The sliding glass doors could have easily been opened by the toddler. If for one moment we turned our backs or were asleep, the toddler could have opened one of the three doors, went onto the balcony, climbed on one of the tattered chairs, and went over the edge. Since there was no customer service available during the evening, we were forced to use rope (that we fortunately had in our truck) to tie and secure the doors closed in order to protect the children and adults within the condo. The next afternoon (that is when staff decided to show up at the office), we brought this MAJOR concern to the attention of Kivoya staff. Capital One were very rude and unkind to us and treated us as if we were nothing but a bother to them. We asked them politely to fix the multitude of issues were had brought to their attention. The Kivoya staff treated us like we were garbage and reluctantly sent cleaners up to "clean" the room (no vacuumng though as we were informed by the cleaners that they didn't even have a vacuum), that did not actually clean but wiped some stuff down. We were forced to clean our own room (without being able to vacuum). Kivoya also sent up repair people who did not fix the issue but attempted to rig the doors to stay close. Of course, their rigging attempts failed and the doors did not lock. They sent repair people up again. At this point they fixed the center sliding door (the one in the living room) but left the two bedroom sliding glass doors broke. We informed Kivoya that the sliding glass doors in the bedrooms were still broke. We even sent them videos. The repair people came again and fixed the sliding glass door in the master bedroom but left the second bedroom (the one with the toddler) broke. At this point Kivoya refused to do anything else to repair the doors and we were forced to rely on rope to keep the third sliding glass door lock. These issues were not even they only ones we had and brought to the attention of Kivoya. After attempting for weeks to work with Kivoya, I turned to Capital One believing they were supportive of their customers and asked them to help rectify the issue and refund us the total we had paid to Kivoya for breech of contract, multiple safety issues, lack of customer service, and false advertisement. Capital One took Kivoya's side and refused to accept the proof we had against Kivoya because it was in the form of a video. Capital One stated that they DO NOT accept videos from customers. We are so appalled with the way Capital One has handled our case that we paid off all the products we have with Capital One (5 credit cards and 1 vehicle loan between my husband and I) and will no longer use those cards or do business with Capital One. I know our refusal to give Capital One anymore of our business means nothing to them but it means the world to us. We refuse to do business with companies who aid in scams. I will spread the word as much as I can about Capital One and their poor customer service and support to as many platforms as I possibly can. Hopefully, my actions will help to prevent another family from being scammed by Kivoya and then denied relief from Capital One; the company they believed would stand by them.

Save yourself the trouble and take your business to a credit card company who cares about their customers and will accept the evidence you have, PLEASE!

PROFILE ACCOUNTS - RUDE and DISRESPTFUL -- This company picks who Capital One want to help and than gives reasons saying your not eligible for help. Capital One is one of the worst companies in banks, and credit cards how they treat their customers is atrocious - They have the slogan "What's in your wallet" nothing because you have taken everything and expect more - Stay away from these cards and this company in my opinion. They charge high fees, and they have outrageous annual fees. Go with other companies if you are trying to get your credit fixed or establish credit don't use Capital One -- They do profile accounts based on who you are in my experience they say they want to help those who suffered from covid yet they don't take into consideration that people are STILL hurting and getting kicked out of houses, losing jobs, and trying to get jobs this world is a mess right now and companies like this need to be put in check to help those with fees and trying to work with them. I hope that sometime some of these (managers) or (supervisors) can experience what other's do it's not always the best route to be on the other end asking for help and asking for a courtesy.

Boo Capital One Credit Card & Customer Service - They Don't Care About You!
Boo Capital One Credit Card & Customer Service - Capital One Don't Care About You!

1st receive letter that 'Most All' Benefits will be Deleted...
2nd cancelled my account telling me they sent me a letter by regular mail asking for me to send my ID and Social - copy of my card and driver licence
- "I Never received this letter
3rd After my account was cancelled I called to find out why... I was mistreated and lied to several times... First rep told me they 'only' want copy of my driver license (faxed it in)
4. Told me they do not have copy of rep conversation telling me to only send driver license - supervisor said they have it (lied)...
Told me does not matter what rep told me, they want more?
5. Then I learned reps I was talking to are not American - they were from Philippines

Please Note to Always Ask to Be Transferred to an American Rep... I thought they were bringing finance sensitive reps back to USA
I guess they lied again... Can somone tell me what 3rd world countries know about American Culture when most of population do not have even 1 credit card - yet they are telling Americans making rules for American Finances on a personal level - They Don't Even Have Our Banks in Philippines?

My account has been open over 2 years, in good standing and mostly paid early never missing a payment. If I had a bad account that would be different - they report to credit bureau for 2 years and if my social was fake they would know minute of my original application and my credit history is excellent

It is Not Fair business practice
Super Bad Aweful Treatment from all customer swrvice reps and their supervisors

Here is the take - since all benefits were cancelled they are playing childess games to close all accounts from that specific credit card as they introduced a bunch of new cards

It feels like they feel they can lie to their customers and care little for us. Feeling empowered from top down - who cares about you - we have whole countrie's money - you are to little to do anything People Please Stand Up for Humanity and Fair Treatment

They could have simply changed to new card instead of good customers questioning what have I done wrong to deserve this bad treatment All those nice commercials are oppoaite how they treat and uss you

Best Wiahes to Everyone
Make Sure What is 'Not' in your wallet
Stand Up - Be Heard

Terrible customer service
The executive offices have to be the worst hands down with customer service. Capital One will respond to a complaint but not give their information so you can't reply. They refuse to admit when they mess up! They stated in a letter "In your submission, you stated that you reached out to Capital One numerous times without resolution. In your review if our call records, we were unable to find any calls as you stated in BBB" I replied asking how that is possible and happens since I spoke to Whitney at *******455 extension 291-7035 and dates and times and voicemail left like 9/25/19 at 12:26pm and left a voicemail again 10/20/2019 at 4:15pm. So it wasn't logged? Why not? And they replied with this vague response saying they already replied to this and agree with their reply none the less. Didn't address my questions or answe how it was possible it wasn't logged and never admitted they were wrong or apologized. Incompetent customer service especially higher up!

Disappointed at how customers are treated I have informed the company for COVID issues before my accident and after the whole country was shut down for a year but that didn't stop this company from
Breathing down are necks and charging interest on a bill that over 50% of us where having trouble paying! Which to me is shameful and when I do get on my feet to try and make payments I am told that my account will still go in to collections since because of all of the above and the fact that since I couldn't make payments those interest fees kept my gap insurance from covering the remaining balance completely. This is just one big circle rip off and everyone involved should be ashamed of theirselves.

Terrible customer service very rude unprofessional
Sometimes it is hard to believe I am calling a real credit card company when I have dealt with multiple employees that are so unprofessional that when there is a language barrier that is severe enough that it requires asking them to repeat themselves that Capital One in return pretend they are not on the line and even hang up. Multiple times I have called with simple inquiries and am on hold for 20minutes or more while they " check" their system. The last person I spoke to was "JB" that was the only information he would give. No customer service representative number or anything and when he couldn't answer my questions he decided to hang up on me. He did this after twenty minutes of pretending he could not hear me as I asked him to repeat himself. Also in the past I was escalated to the top level of management and left her multiple voicemails to NEVER have my calls returned. She did however send me a letter apologizing for the customer service issues and encouraged me to call if I needed help- only to never answer or return my calls when I called her. If there is any other option for your credit - CHOSE another company!

Customer service?
My experience on Capital One customer service

Step 1: Contact our Customer Service team.
Step 1: Contact our Customer Service team.
Step 1: Contact our Customer Service team.
Step 1: Contact our Customer Service team.
Don't worry about the rest step, because well trained customer service team will keep tell you:
You have to pay even we all know it is a scram, but as long as scammers have your information, we will charged to your new unexposed capital one credit car.
Also forget the rest complain process, because nobody can get their contact information from us, unless you are scammers.
Step 2: Speak with our Executive Response Committee.
Step 3: Contact the Office of the Capital One Ombudsman.
Step 4: Contact the Ombudsman for Banking Services and Investments (OBSI).

Cancelled My Credit Card Because I Paid On Time
Capital One decided to cancel my credit card immediately and without warning. When I called customer service to ask what happened, Capital One said that they had to cancel my credit card simply because I was, "paying it in full on time every month, and this is not helpful". So basically, being financially responsible and being dependable with timely payments isn't allowing them to charge exorbitant interest rates of 24.99%, and in my case, it is hurting their bottom line. When I asked what I could do to fix the situation, their advise was for me to take my business elsewhere. As soon as my final payment clears, I will be going to a different bank for a credit card.

Rude and unresponsive customer Service
I request a balance transfer on July 10. July 16th, I received statement from Capital One. I thought it was done deal. I was wrong. The balance transfer never was executed. The reason I chose Capital One bank because it was supposed to be easy for me, it was not supposed to make my life more difficult. Today is July 30th, my credit score went down because my debts increased from $3500 to $7000. I have to pay $70 transfer fee for NO BALANCE TRANSFER. BBVA bank charged me a fee for not paying what I owed by the due date. I wasted my time everyday by calling Capital one bank customer service representative. In Addition, I talked to one of supervisors, her name is Anpenajia. The supervisor was very rude, she told me I'm not patient and tried to cancel my transaction because she was just tired and annoyed from dealing with me. I know something is not right with this transaction. I never experienced such bad customer service. Capital One has cause me a lot of problems and stress. Representatives were not helpful and Capital One did not care at all about my problem. Never ever will have any deal with Capital One bank!

Never do business with Capital One.
In February 2017 a person in Fort Worth, Texas, bought a blender at Office Depot and charged it to my credit card without my knowledge or consent. I have had numerous contacts with Capital One about this, and yet the charge remains on my account (5 months later), and each month a late fee and interest is added to my account. Capital One knows the name of the person who charged the blender; Office Depot knows the name of the person, yet I am saddled with the charge. I will never knowingly do business with Capital One again nor will I ever darken the door of an Office Depot. This has been a 5 month nightmare, and I fully expect it will continue.

Terrible company! The worst banking experience I ever had and I have experience with multiple banks
I can't express my frustration with this company, this is the worst banking I ever had to deal with, and trust me I had multiple banking experiences before. I had to file a dispute for the same transactions multiple times with no resolution. I provided clear evidence that the transaction was to be refunded and Capital One still closed the case without solving the problem. It took me 10 months until a part of the money got refunded, still fitting for my money.
I would not recommend this company to anyone. If you want a bank that cares for you as a customer and helps you with your money, trust me this is not the company. They will not make an extra step to solve the problem, and when it's about money, there is always a problem.

Very disatisfied customer
Very dissatisfied, upset, and out of a card for my trip due to capital ones horrible customer service and compassion less experience. I opened a credit acct with capital one and was awaiting my card in the mail. After 5-7 business days as promised I called to ensure all information was correct and was told to wait until Thursday 10/15 Friday I contacted capital one Capital One told me to wait until Monday 10/19 Tuesday i contacted capital one and told them i was traveling outside of the country really needed my card, they offered to expedite it 2-3 days and then the call dropped. I called back to ensure this was processed and the representative told me that she sees it was requested for 4-5 business days which was not what we spoke about previously. She said for further expedited i would have to speak to a supervisor so i did who was the rudest person i have spoken with, did not seem interested, did not want to help me. She told me they only expedite if it means certain deadlines etc. Now i got so frustrated after waiting 2 weeks having run around, dropped calls no one called me back and said if you cant expedite it i wont be here so you can cancel it. With no hesitation she sure did! Now i am out a card. My initial reason for calling was that i needed my card that they promised 3x i was more than patient and will be outside of the country otherwise i wouldn't go through the hassle. Now I called back and said you know what don't cancel the acct just send m the card, the acct was already cancelled one minute later and a supervisor put in a request to reopen i received a call back from Bruce who told me it cannot be reopened because i agreed to cancel it, yes i did say cancel it because she was so rude to me and it seemed like no one cared to help and i was given a run around, i work for customer service myself and understand i am not trying to be difficult but why would i want to do business with a company that has such bad service, no follow up, no compassion, and no possible other solution to at least act like you care about your customers. No one will reopen my acct so now i would have to re-apply affect my credit score and wait guess what 2 more weeks for the card hahaha This is ridiculous i have never had to complain about a company but I cannot bevel at least for all inconvenience nothing at all was offered to me for help. I guess i will take my sunniness elsewhere, make sure everyone knows how bad their service is! I already have an act with capital one and when i first got it about a year ago again my card was not deliverable to my address i don't know why and they expedited the other one, for this reason i asked it to be shipped possibly to my work when they expedite it. I had no complaints as a customer for a while loved their service but i expect the same great service the second time around. If you cannot do what i asked for at least offer me another option, compensation or minimum compassion. Very easy to cancel my acct in a minute but not as easy to offer your customer anything or to send them a new card!

Experience has been great, but high interest rate.
Capital One has been my credit card provider for several years now. Capital One have increased my credit limit a few times without me ever having to request it. Each time, they increased it by $1,000. I started out with a $750 credit limit and my current credit limit is $3,750.

I also recently upgraded to their Quicksilver rewards card, so I am earning 1.5% cash back on EVERY transaction. I had received the offer to apply for this upgrade several times via email, but I didn't take advantage of it until they actually sent me an offer to upgrade without even applying -- so I didn't have to enter/update any of my info such as my income, didn't have to have my credit pinged, or anything like that. Kept my same account, card number, due date, interest rate, etc. I was really pleased.

I think I've only dealt with Capital One customer service once, when there was an unauthorized transaction with my card (although I had not lost it) and I requested a new one. To my memory, the phone call was very quick, easy, and smooth. Got my new card with no issues, and I was not charged for the unauthorized transaction.

I have never had to carry a balance; my card has been paid off in full on time every month. Therefore, the high interest rate has not affected me. My interest rate is 22-point something, not quite at the very top of the high end of the interest rate scale but pretty high up there. I have not tried requesting a lowering of the interest rate, but I plan to. It would be nice to know that if I ever do have to actually use it as a CREDIT card and carry a balance if I find myself facing some sort of emergency, that I wouldn't have a monstrous amount of interest to pay. The interest rate is the only reason I didn't give a full 5 stars.

I initially got approved for my card with them back when I had no credit history and other cards would not approve me due to my lack of a credit record. I can understand a high interest rate in that situation, but since I've been with them for several years and paying reliably, I think a lower interest rate is in order.

I saw another review from someone whose Capital One card apparently got canceled because the card was always being paid off on time and Capital One wasn't making any money off him. If that's true, thank God that hasn't happened to me and I hope it doesn't. That's really concerning if true.

For CapitalOne if you try customer service at *******825 or any numbers listed on your card. Expect to talk to someone with an accent you can't understand! Your customer rep. Has no authority to do anything for you. Once Capital One put you on hold, plan on waiting a half hour or so before they answer. Remember the whole company makes it money off of a bait and switch for it's incentives program. Do business with a bank better than CapOne. CapOne is so bad at customer service (according to the BBB) that it ranks about 20th in banking. Get yourself another bank! Get yourself another card. They are selling your information and not paying you for it.

Can't get my retirement money out of CapitalOne. Ignoring all requests.
I have insructed another financial intititution to transfer my retirement IRA account from CapitalOne to them since CapitalOne has announced that Capital One are resigning as retirement custodian and by Jan 10,2022 I have to transfer my money somewhere else.
However, for the whole month Capitalone is not processing the transfer request from that another institution that I instructed to rollover my IRA to claiming that signature is missing on the form. But it is A LIE. The signature is there both mine and the new bank representatives. All is good on my side.
This is very frustrating and stressful.
I am now seeing this is as a tacit agreement between CapitalOne and Millenium Trust to get hold of clients money against their wishes.
I have consulted my lawyer and he will be filing a lawsuit in case my IRA account is moved to Millenium Trust even though I requested it to be transferred to a different financial institution.
And now I am finding out that Millenium Trust Company was a few years ago involved in a ponzi scheme with IRA accounts and there were class action law suits. This is a disaster.
I am sending letters to the SEC and will raise this with my contacts in the media who will follow up on this and make it newsworthy. I am not letting them touch my money. Enough is enough.

Capitol one fires employee over disconnecting abusive caller
Capital One is a horrible company to work for! Capital One are now allowing customers to belittle, curse and scream at their call center employees and then when the representative disconnects the call they get fired. My sister has worked over two years for Capitol One, she's accomplished a lot within the company with high scores in her dept and never had any issues with her performance. In her position she gets a lot of nasty callers I mean nasty -I have watched her get upset continuously for two years while hearing customers yell-cuss and scream and threaten and say vulgar things and I had to watch her eyes water up on many occasions while she took the meanness personally and I would tell her screw them they are just ignorant people. Well with a very high performance record and never any problems or never being written up a caller called in three times cussing each of the people on her team and when Tammy received the call she asked the young lady not to cuss and tried to continue trying to help her. The lady then over talked her and kept telling her to shut up when she was just trying to help the customer and after awhile my sister told her she had to end the call since the lady was cussing and yelling and she could not help her. Her manager did not ask her about it but instead sent it to HUMAN RESOURCES and they came to the conclusion after hearing the call they were firing her. Three other managers heard the call and said she did nothing wrong and even said they would have terminated the call. Today Human resources called my sister and said that basically they would rather keep a piece of $#*! client that cusses and had no class over an employee of two years with a perfect performance record and that makes me wonder who in the hell runs that company to allow this to happen. We may not be able to beat a National company since they have expensive lawyers and I cant touch that -But I can let my friends and the world know that Capital One does not treat their employees like they should and I am disgusted that they would aloud verbal abuse to their employees. Telling someone to shut up and cussing several times is not only disrespectful to the employee but it is also borderline verbal abuse. Capitol One has no dignity to fire a hard one person that wants to work and has been nothing but a good representation of their company. People do not want to work these days but the people who do still get $#*! on for no reason and I am personally sick of it. And to the woman that called 3 different representatives cussing and yelling and caused my sister her job, karma is real and you will get yours.

Sometimes if you stay with it they will grant you a refund
Thanks to an ill-fated flirtation with a company called Asian Date not only was I scammed but ridden down to the ground like a rodeo calf with fees, charges, and credit card debt thanks to a fraudulent illusion!

When I finally realized that the little Chinese princesses that wanted me so badly were just staff writers probably getting commissions for writing letters and getting replies I contacted Capital One customer service and told them what had happened. Capital One weren't very optimistic about being able to help but they did allow me to send evidence of the Asian Date scam. Luckily after months, numerous letters, phone calls, rebuffs, and finally the question of criminal fraud by Asian date getting pushed up to their corporate services division I got a response, a conscientious employee who fought for me, and they refunded all charges and cleared my credit record. They did send 2 checks to me that I had to disregard that were supposed to be kicked out automatically by the system, but after getting the cleared up and telling them I would take legal action for having been sent checks they would not honor, I at least got the debt cleared and the balance removed from my account with my charge privileges restored.
Advice: Whoever you do business with check reviews online. 2) Do not trust or do business with Asian Date, China Love, Charmerly, Asia Charm, or any other of the Russian owned Asian dating or overseas bride service clones all created by the same bloodthirsty vampires who would exploit you like a blind prostitute in a whore House!

I have been a customer for years and always paid on time and this is how I'm treated? I'll take my business elsewhere! Terrible company and customer service. I paid off a credit card balance in full. ZERO balance. Then got charged interest on ZERO dollars the next month which you'd think... hmm math being math, that equals zero. But according to capital one that equals $145. And no that isn't my renewal charge. Spent an hour on the phone with them to be transferred 4x and have the top supervisor tell me literally the exact same thing as the first person. Completely useless people working their and have no clue and no ability to do or answer questions. Here's a tip capital one. Fire all employees and you'll get the same results.

Stole $356 in rewards from me
I built up $356 rewards with the quicksilver capital one credit card. Capital One they closed the account and kept the rewards. Called and complained for about 2 hours and said they would open an investigation and get back to me. Never heard anything. Not waiting hours on the phone to talk to a manager about it again. Canceled all my accounts and will spread the word about how never to use capital one again since they basically stole money from me. Their defense was that the contacted me before closing my account, but I didn't get anything. After it was closed and I lost the rewards I did get an email, but it was apparently too late then. I'll never get my mo way back. Never use capital one again for anything.

Stop using Capital One Credit card
I traveled to overseas in December 2021 and notified Capital One that I will be using my credit card.
My nightmare started when I used the card to purchase the gifts for my family.
My transaction was declined and when I called the customer service I was asked to upload my driver lincence and I was told the card will be released between 7-10 days.
I had this credit card for 20+ years and never ever had late payments with credit score in 800.
Capital One SUCKS and were failure to provide me finnincial needs when I totally rely on them.
If I have an option, I will give them 0 star.
Don't use this card.

Swindled 135 dollars. Capitol One didn't care.
This is my review of my experience with Capitol One and why you should not apply or bother to consider their credit card services since their customer service is horrible and Capital One do little to nothing to protect their customers from fraud. On January 14th I bought 4 spy cameras and 5 Samsung SD carts from a United Arab Emirates website called Desert Cart. All together the stuff cost me 216.00, but while the 5 micro SD carts worked, the Spy cameras I bought didn't have a functioning scan code needed to activate them costing me 135.04 dollars for all four cameras that won't work.

I've attempted to ask for a refund for the spy cameras, but sadly, the website insisted on having someone pick up the things personally. I waited weeks and to no avail. Upon giving up hope that anyone would come and knowing that no one has come to pick them up, I had ask for a transaction dispute on February 25th and temporarily I got my money back. Then on March 20th I my refund has been reverse and I now owe 135.04 dollars despite evidence that no one is coming to pick these things up.

I tried disputing the charge, but my dispute was eventually reversed since Capitol One merely because Capitol One allowed this fraudulent site to dispute back.

I spent the next couple months contacting and pressurizing customer service on Desert Cart and finally I reached an agreement with them to ship the items back, yet when they arrived at their destination they still refused to give my money back because my credit card number had been changed due to a suspicious charge that forced me to get a new credit number which may or may not be connected with this site.

Yet they refused to let me give them a new credit card number and not only refused to give my money back in any way, but the site won't ever let me put in a new credit card number indicating that they are trying to cover everything up. To make matters worse, the kept asking for my bank account information as the only alternative to get my money back. I refused of course since that's sensitive information, yet despite giving Capitol One all the evidence they should need that I was swindled they refused to give my money back since far too much time has gone by. I had to cancel my Capitol One card as a result. Stick with Discover. They at least their appeal system works from what i've experienced.

HighJacked My Payroll Check
A reoccurring deposit of my payroll check had a hold put on it. I deposited the check on a Friday afternoon and will not have access to the funds until Tuesday after midnight the following week. Same Employer, same check from same bank from same account the payroll check was wrote on. I had made several calls to capital one only to have
Thier customer service reps. Threaten with an even longer wait time to make funds available. This has been the worst experience I have ever had with a bank ever. Capital one has been a head ache from day one and I would not recommend this bank to no one. Run, if you work for your money and want access to it.

Great until YOU have a problem
I have owned and used a Capital One Spark Business Visa card for over 15 years now, and had never had a real problem until I had a problem. I run a commercial sign company. My business was located in one of the epi-centers of the flood zone when the 1000 year flood hit South Carolina. I had 24 inches of water flowing through my business. I had to wade 14 inches of water to turn the power off to the building at the breaker boxes. The flood devastated my business. It has been a nightmare. Countless tools used in production were destroyed as well as a tremendous amount of inventory. There was no help from FEMA who directed me to the Small Business Administration who offered me a loan. No thank you. Thanks to the flood, I was already in a deep enough financial hole. No need to find the bottom and start digging. I spent all my available funding on cleanup. I was completely shut down as a result of the flood. My best efforts allowed me to begin crawling back out of the hole with my first produced product over one month later. I had been diligently trying to pay more than the minimum required payment on my balance to try to pay it down. I called Capital One to tell them I would be unable to pay my minimum monthly payment. The CS rep on the phone was understanding, but the only relief Capital One had to offer was a 3-month distress waiver they could apply to my account which would not allow them to penalize me for overdue balances. Their 18.5% interest on my balance, however, would apply and accrue monthly. I called them the following month to tell them I still didnt have sufficient cash flow to make my minimum payment. They said OK, just try to pay as soon as I could. I told them I would. When I finally had a little I could apply towards my Capital One debt, I logged in to make a payment online. My balance had accrued each month, adding to the previous months balance including their interest, so that minimum requested payment was over $1,000.00. I paid the $400 I had in hand. I still called them every month to update them on my status. It would take 3 more months of diligent work to complete a large project which we had on the books prior to the flood which had also been consuming all expendable cash flow. After collecting, I caught my balance up to current. However, my account was locked down so that I was unable to use it. Additionally, my existing card had expired and had not been replaced. After being passed around to several CS reps, I was finally transferred to one who seemingly had authority to look deeply enough into my account to find out why it was locked down. It was apparently due to my successive months of non-payment. Which, by the way, negatively impacted my credit score even though I was calling them monthly with current updates and status. I asked the CS rep if the same tragic events had happened to her husband and his business and her credit card company had treated him the same way, how would she feel? Her response was That is a personal question and I dont have to answer that. Right! Lets remain completely aloof of the real tragedies going on around us. They have no bearing on you or your company policies. Several months later, I wanted to pay off my balance in full. I called to talk to a head CS regarding a possible negotiated pay-off. Guess what? They dont negotiate balances, even though they will admit that an exorbitant amount of my balance was simply accrued interest. But thats what you signed UP FOR sir she responded strongly. NO, I signed up for a card with interest rates UP TO 18.5%. I didnt sign up to get assigned a permanently-high interest rate. After explaining all of my above extenuating circumstances to this head rep, her best and final answer was We have policies and procedures we must follow. And our policies and procedures do not allow us to make exceptions for tragedies. Can I do anything else for you? I expressed my disdain that a company so large could be so unfeeling and callous in its handling of real tragedies in the lives of their clientele. At the time I was speaking with her, a portion of Louisianna was undergoing epic flooding. As I write this, Hurricane Hermine is impacting the southeast. I wonder how many of those two regions of flood victims will find themselves additional victims of a greedy uncaring Capital One?

Worst Credit Card Experience Ever
Worst credit card experience ever! Customer service is not helpful. I sent a payment of $9,436.01 20 days BEFORE DUE date and Capital One put my card on hold for 1 week, I called their customer service and I was advise to send a bill pay to accelerate payment process, so I did! (I wanted to use my card for a big purchase and take advantage of the sky miles) I sent and additional $10,000 and even though the money cleared my bank they didn't release my account! They actually told me that the additional $10,000 will be on hold for another week. Why I'm getting punished for paying my card? Because they don't like customers like me who pay on time and in full, they want you in debt and broke.
Customer service was rude and conceited. I have the right to be upset when you are sitting on almost $20,000 taken from my bank account and freezing my credit card.
I regret opening and account with Capital One so much!

Phony credit card " rewards " program.
I had over $18.00 rewards on my Capital One credit card. I was told by customer service that I could not get my rewards until my credit card balance was paid in full. When I fully paid my balance 2 weeks ago my account automatically closed. I called customer service and I requested that my rewards go into my bank account. I was told that since my account is now classified as " closed " I am now no longer entitled to my rewards. This is a scam bank with phony "rewards ". Capital One LIED to the Better Business Bureau by stating that they have " no record of any calls " that I made to them about these rewards.

The following is to make people aware of the abuse and level of professionalism from Capitol One and a true David and Goliath story.
First let me express that I understand procedures Capital One are placed in an act or a manner of proceeding in any action or process; conduct a particular course or mode of action any given mode of conducting legal, parliamentary, or other business, the sequence of actions or instructions to be followed in solving a problem or accomplishing a task.
Being that said that has not been the case with what I am about to explain, we started a procedure of fraud identity with Capitol One three Months ago were they requested information concerning our Identity. On October 27,2015 we had called Capitol One concerning this issue and we sent all the required information that they asked for License or State I.D., Social Security Card and Proof of Address.
Now here were it begins after three days after uploading the Document to their page (which is the required time frame by Capitol One to revise the Documents) They said they could not read them and we had to send them again, my mother as well sent them letters because she could not send them a utility bill since she does not pay the bills in the house my Dad does. So they expressed can she get a bank statement and she replied yes, so she proceeded to get the bank statement from Harbor Bank which is her one of her Bank institutions.
We proceeded to upload the document and we waited the proper time for Capitol One to return the call that they have evaluated the Document and processed it, guess what they did not after the fifth day we decided to call Capitol One and we spoke to 3 different Fraud reps that day and for some reason they did not get the Document and could not find it. So we proceeded to send the document again and be aware this is being uploaded threw there link for Uploads, we waited again 6 Days and proceeded to call mean while threw this whole process my mother is getting sick and worried cause of this situation.
My Mother has been in this country for over 40 Years and has had Cards from American Express to other Bank Credit Cards and never had an issue with none of them, always has paid on time and has paid all her cards off, has had Excellent Credit in this country and has never been treated this way by no Company or Human Being. This is the reason she worried because knowing that she has never gone through something like this in her life and keep in mind I had expressed she is a sick woman and is not about the cards.

Capitol one was contacted again and there answer was we had not received it again so at this point I got involved and expressed my anger (I'M Her Son) and the irresponsibility that they have shown to us after speaking to different agents the Document appeared, but again they said they could not accept the Document because they were hard to read so they required for us to send these Documents again we decided to send the document from her other bank were we send the payments to Capitol One. Well long story short we sent these documents over 25 times and calls to Capitol One almost every day we spoke to Managers and called corporate several Times and we kept getting transferred to fraud department at one point the block was lifted but guess what it was put back on and that was because someone in corporate felt bad for us the only reason it was lifted.
We finally thought this nightmare was over but no they put the hold back on and again be aware we continued paying the Cards beside it being BLOCKED this whole ordeal went on for three Months and 2 days so Capitol One made a decision after sending documents over and over being on the phone for 8 Hours at one point trying to find the cause of the problem they cancelled the Cards and said they did not want us as a client.
I started investigating and asking why? We found out there's this investigator called Vince that never called us, Never Contacted us and all he did was talk to the Managers and agents not to open never the Cards due to the fact remember as I said before after the first month I had gotten Upset and fed up with the situation because looking at my mother cry and not knowing why she is being treated this way that's when I had to speak my mind to them.
Mr. Vince is an investigator at Capitol One that treated us like scum of the earth Judged us and made it a point due to the fact that I let him know what he was doing was wrong threw his Managers and Agents the man was a complete and total racist. He not only cancelled my Moms Cards but everyone that had her address in the house and had a Capitol One Card along with the last Manager that we spoke to.
Now I would like to let everyone to know were from Dominican Republic and all of my mom's kids were born in the U.S. A the country that gave me the opportunity to work for a Great Company and let me Study and gave my parents the Dream of having three homes, and to know that our U.S. A we have people like this is sad. I want to pledge and ask for everyone and these Movie Stars that promote this Card to know what they are promoting and to make sure they know whose money they take for sponsoring a product.
I hope Mr. Fairbanks gets this letter and know the kind of staff he has working for him and the way they treat his customers, I also know its tough times and being approved for a Card can help but like it happened to us it can happen to you, and to those employees that work there and feel by kissing up to people like Vince which in another statement that I will publish with the names and I.D. numbers of the people that treated us like this and spoke to us rudely. Learn to know what's right from wrong! Because if he does not care for the people who get him his pay check he does not care about you stop kissing up to people like that, he knows that it's impossible to speak to anyone in a high level position in corporate so he abuses the system and knows that the Company is too big for a simple client to do anything that would shake them, and it may be true but beware I hope my message gets out there people learn who Capitol One has working for them and stop using their Cards because besides what they did to us I stated that I would be doing this and the manager answered do what you want.

I am sad because I thought that Capitol One was what we wanted in our wallets.

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