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Order #20388036 is missing FEDEX said they left at...
Order #20388036 is missing FEDEX said CanvasPeople left at door. They didn't I'm having them investigate. I never had a package missing neither does anybody in the this community community. Meanwhile I saw other packages in front of neighbors entrances I sent you an email so that you may also search on your end to notify FedEx I have gotten no response from you. On another order the pictur was terribly cropped. I added a border to see if it helps to place on canvas. The canvas does not have to be the picture edge to edge the picture can be put in the center with the border around it. Again I have gotten no reply

I would give a 5 star and I should, but I had to heavily...
I would give a 5 star and I should, but I had to heavily tweak the image I used b/c the first time I uploaded it, I couldn't shrink the image to your canvas. I had to enlarge the image to just under a 1 inch dimension under your given size in order for it to not stretch outside of the frame. Other than that I'm excited to see how it turns out. Please let me know asap if the image is distorted or pixelated in way shape or form. It shouldn't be b/c the image was made in vector and had a 300 rez.

I have been ordering from canvas people for over 7...
I have been ordering from canvas people for over 7 years! I love the quality of their canvases and I have only had to deal with customer service once when a canvas arrived damaged, but CanvasPeople were wonderful in sending a replacement to resolve the issue. The reason for 4 stars instead of five is that the promotions are confusing sometimes and the site doesn't allow you to see all promotional offers to allow you to pick the one you're looking for.

Coupon code in email for $4.99 shipping showed up as...
Coupon code in email for $4.99 shipping showed up as applied but ~$25 at checkout (plus tax). Very small print indicates some sizes excluded but searched and could not find which sizes excluded. So had to one by one go to smaller size, each time re-importing the photo and editing it and filling in info only to get to checkout to find still expensive shipping, to eventually find that the 16 x 20 would honor the deal. Lousy experience and makes me feel you are trying to fool me.

Love the canvases but I feel the shipping is way too...
Love the canvases but I feel the shipping is way too high. Otherwise I'd buy more.
I shop from an online club every month and never pay this much in shipping. I'll have a box full of shampoo conditioner lotions cleaning supplies etc (so you know it's heavy) and only pay $10 shipping via UPS. Or I can ship via USPS for a few dollars more.
The shipping costs here have definitely changed my mind several times about purchasing in the past.

Overall the process was decent but I am not happy with...
Overall the process was decent but I am not happy with the options to edit the photo size and position. I could not zoom out even though there would be bars on either side and it would not have mattered since the photos were dark on those sides so would have blended. So options to work with image layout could be better since the image cannot be manipulated to fit without going to an outside editor and re-uploading on a non-standard size photo.

Checkout not user friendly
Checkout not user friendly. Had a previous order that I searched trying to figure out how to remove and when I finally got back to the order it then gave me the option to remove it, but not initially. Then it asked for the promotion code, which from the beginning it said it was already applied, so the fact that it was asking again for it made me go back to try to find it and I ended up signing out. Signing back in I couldn't find my cart, so I started from the beginning again and at the end I ended up with 2 of the same thing. I thought there has to be an easier way to remove the one, but there wasn't. I finally found where it asked how many I wanted of each, I tried that, couldn't change it to zero, went back and it then gave me the option to remove. It should not be this difficult, but it was. Very exasperating!

I absolutely live canvaspeople products
I absolutely live canvaspeople products. Very well made, great prices for amazing quality. Customer serviceis fairly expedient and gets straight to the point. CanvasPeople don't tell u & they don't sale u loads of bullhockey. I have been going thru canvas people for the last few yrs for all my canvas needs. I have never been dissatisfied of any of their products. I am greatful to be able to afford canvas people prices & quality. Thank you canvaspeople

I clicked on an ad where the picture was free, I only...
I clicked on an ad where the picture was free, I only had to pay s&h which was 19.95. At the end of checkout, 19.95 went to 34.87. Where it showed s&h only being 1.95. I ONLY proceeded because I had been thinking anoint getting the picture of my grandson on a canvas before I saw the ad. And even though I KNOW I could have purchased the same canvas for less at Sams or Walmart... I'm not big on going to stores, I prefer online shopping. But I don't think I'll use this website for any further purchases. Deception is a pet peeve of mine.

It's pretty easy to order online
It's pretty easy to order online. Not hard at all. I will have to be completely honest and say that I have had some bad experiences in the past, I'm giving them another shot during a sale CanvasPeople are offering at the moment. I will see how it goes this time.
If you would like to know my bad experience, I ordered a print, it was for a gift that I had been putting together and was very special. When the photo arrived it was a plain all black canvas with nothing on it. So I didn't have my main gift and it ruined what I had put together. That wasn't my main issue though it was the treatment that I had received in the process of getting a new print and how they would be charging me again. Yeah it didn't blow over so well. I did finally after a lot of arguments receive a new print and it turned out pretty well. There is a better company that I deal with now and I believe they have better product because it's a soild wood back frame that is so sturdy and the pics come out beautifully. Way more of a professional look and cheaper. Anyways I am giving them a shot again during the sale like I said previously.

Print Quality Lacking
Canvas arrived in a timely fashion but the print and build quality just aren't there. I typically use other services- got a coupon for a hefty discount at canvas people and thought I'd print something for decoration in my studio (I'm a professional photographer, so I know how to prep a file and make a canvas pop) but the quality of the final print is so poor I wouldn't even give it away. I have since ordered a print from another company (using the same file) and it's gorgeous. I cannot recommend Canvas People.

I am a photographer
I am a photographer. Some websites are so complicated that even I have trouble figuring them out! This was so easy and quick that anyone should be able to do it. I also like that the defaults are set to 'no thanks' for add-ons. You leave the choice up to the customer. I was scanning the internet for a company and your free offer caught my eye. But if the quality is good, I will absolutely be back. Love the design and user friendly web experience.

One for Two
As noted above, the larger canvas was horrible, even though is the one I paid a significant amount of extra dollars to have perfected. My mother doesn't even want it/refuses to take plastic off/keep, let alone hang it on her wall. I don't blame her. The smaller canvas was nicely done, yet I paid no add-on charges to improve quality. My nephew lives in FL, nieces in NY near grandma…there's a large age difference between him and the girls so we rarely get them together for a picture - so very disappointed.

Easy process, understandable but makes me feel so...
Easy process, understandable but makes me feel so stupid with all the expensive offers for tiny lil pillow for my kid... if I would click yes on them that would be a pillow worth more than my Gucci shoes!
Plus at the end if I wasnt feeling stupid enough, after I picked the photo, loved it, spent time to choose it... I see that shipping is basically so high as if I would just buy it elsewhere with no "free" coupon. I mean... why say free?

I was worried it would be a trap type thing where shipping...
I was worried it would be a trap type thing where shipping and handling would end up being like $70 or something crazy that would in turn essentially just be me paying for the print. But I was delighted to see there were no traps and no sketchy stuff. So much so, that I actually added some extra stuff to my original purchase. So thanks so much! I absolutely intend to print through you guys again, that of course, is assuming whether or not the print comes out looking how I framed it and the quality is above 300ppi ideally lol.

My go to for canvas prints
Love my canvases I've ordered and shipping is always been pretty quick. This is my third time ordering from CanvasPeople. I ordered 4 different prints this time around, usually I order only 1 at a time. I don't understand why each one of my prints were charged for shipping separately, but all 4 were sent in one shipment together. Seems like the individual shipment cost for each print makes up for the promo codes that was used for percentage off on the prints.

I have tried to order numerous times
I have tried to order numerous times. From 3 different accounts, 3 different computers. I have had nothing but trouble. I have to call customer service every time I want to place an order. Before Christmas I ordered from another company. I didn't want to, but I simply could not get my order to go through. Customer service seems to fix the problem and then when I try to place again, the same thing happens. Kind of getting tired of the hassels.

On a few of my canvas prints there is a seam line in...
On a few of my canvas prints there is a seam line in the middle. It's vertical and not so great to look at.
I ordered all my artwork prints from canvas people because I ordered from all the competition and canvas people is best.
CanvasPeople use real wood instead of cardboard in the canvas frame.
I do think the shipping is a RIP off and only order if there's a shipping discount.
It's not right getting charged for shipping on each print when they come in 1 box.

My canvas cost was $26.95 while ordering on my computer
My canvas cost was $26.95 while ordering on my computer. Then I saw your promo for 80% off plus cheaper shipping, but only if I signed up by text. So I did and went through my phone to order and to my surprise my canvas cost jumped to $29.20. Then I went back to my computer and since I was logged in, the price changed on my computer too. Why is it that once I decide to sign up for your texts and a discount, the price of my canvas goes up? That is not a good business practice to make me feel like I'm getting a promo only to help me in the end save $0.81. I have pictures and screen shots of my order if you actually care to look into this. I hope that it's maybe something I missed, but an explanation would be great.

Your checkout screen is a bit confusing
Your checkout screen is a bit confusing - it showed my saved card & it was highlighted but there was no button to click to check out. I emailed requesting assistance. Then I tried clicking credit card at the bottom of the page and entered the same card information that was under the saved card and then the blue checkout button appeared and I could place my order. You should consider adding a button or space to put the security code under the saved card info so that when the code is keyed in, then the checkout button is displayed enabling one to complete their order. Just saying - needs some work. If I had not ordered from you previously and was pleased with your work, I would have gotten discouraged and said "forget it" "If CanvasPeople can't make it possible to place the order after I have created my item and entered my data, I'll not waste my time with them.

The first time I ordered four prints, and they were...
The first time I ordered four prints, and CanvasPeople were printed and shipped in 24hrs and I received them within 3-4 days. Loved that. The second time I ordered just one print, and it took a week to print and another week to ship. I wasn't happy with that order, I almost didn't get it in time to gift it to my friend. I ordered both the same way. There needs to be more consistency so shoppers know how to plan purchases. 4 days versus 2 weeks to get a print is a huge difference.

Well, I was shopping and had several canvas picked...
Well, I was shopping and had several canvas picked out and upload into my cart. Upon checkout I realized how outrageous your shipping was per item. Don't advertise a great deal and then try to make it up in shipping. Very poor practices. I was very disappointed in my experience and did not order the multiple canvases! I feel the shipping was too expensive for this one "free" canvas, as well, it is not really free after all, is it?!?

I experienced some confusion on the offer for a free...
I experienced some confusion on the offer for a free 11x14 canvas. Unfortunately I wanted to purchase other canvases as well, but the prices on the free canvas offer site, for the other sizes were much higher than the non free offer site. It was not much of an offer in my situation, I was disappointed. I did place an order anyway as I thought the other prices were reasonable. This is my first time ordering, I wish the free offer had been available on the other site. I have several pictures I hope to make into canvas, hopefully I will be satisfied with these prints, and maybe be able to get that free canvas at another time.

I love canvas!
I love canvas! I have ordered several items from them and everything comes fast, well packaged and the perfectly printed. I will be ordering a lot more. Since the passing of my husband in March I have filled the house with pictures of him for our son (4 years old) it really helps him to see his dad. The quality is excellent and I'm so grateful for such a wonderful place to fill these orders during such a difficult time. Thank you

I ordered 4 canvas portraits separately, but within...
I ordered 4 canvas portraits separately, but within the same 2 days. Only received 1 and was told that CanvasPeople would resend the other 3 and that was 3 weeks ago. I have received 2 portraits that I ordered well after this and have received both of those. Haven't been able to get a response since that time. I am holding off ordering anything else until I receive those portraits because one was $89, as I got a large size for this huge blank spot on my wall.

I came to your site today because of the advertised...
I came to your site today because of the advertised 4.99 11x20 photos. It was a screaming deal. Or the 10x14 for 1.99. And then when I checked out, I see that you are charging almost $20 for shipping. What a disappointment and very misleading marketing. I have ordered from you multiple times and I've NEVER paid that much for shipping, ever! Integrity matters. I will be looking around for a new company to print my holiday canvas pics this year.

I've ordered more than 15+ canvases from canvas people...
I've ordered more than 15+ canvases from canvas people with the discounts CanvasPeople email me and always a pleasure, great quality pictures with very affordable adds on frame make every canvas looks professionally done, I usually ordered from 16x20- 18x24 for less than $75 including adds on and shipping already. You won't regret ordering with them and I make sure all the photos I provide is more than 9MB+ and always happy and satisfied with the results and they will give you a free magazine each month for free, although I don't really read it, just look at the celebrities pictures and fashion is such a great deal! Thank you canvas people for always sending me free canvas, that I save about $150+ paying full price and you charge me almost nothing $0-$9.99 if I wanted to upgrade to a bigger size. You always wants to make me charge lol my house is full of pictures of my kids, me and my pup. I love this website and company, they know how to tickle you basically. I would definitely recommend this to everyone who loves canvases to put to your wall for memories to stare at. I Love You!

The shippng is way too much
The shippng is way too much. I was expecting a 10-12 dollar ship cost and was really surprised at the actual price. Also your 11x14 price that was crossed out was $106.00. Sorry to say you're not fooling anyone with that "deal". I'm thankful for the free canvas but I know I'm not saving 106 dollars because a regular 11x14 canvas cost about 35 dollars through a pro lab. It makes your site lose credibility is all! Enjoyed saving the $15 dollars and I will be back because of the convenience of your site! Thank you!

Picture of soulmate
Wonderfully excited. Couldn't wait for it to arrive. Very anxious. Daughter got me started. Found it to be very comfortable in holding my husband urn. I keep it inside of the pillow. Sleep with it. Carry him almost everywhere I go. Even to the beach too. Most of all I can I have him with me as I sleep throughout any time of the day. The poster board it was beautiful not having to deal with any glass frames. Bottom line I love it, love it.

I can't zoom a small amount and center a picture...
I can't zoom a small amount and center a picture... If I zoom just once, it's cuts off the arms of the people in the photo. I can't see what it looks like to add special features sick as sepia and black and white until after I place my order, and there aren't other features such as color accent, which are extremely easy and available software options to add. At the end, it is too easy to accidentally add a pillow just trying to scroll up past it to look for the regular place order button that isn't even there. You actually have to tell them no thanks to something you didn't put in your cart to order.

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