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Personally very pleased!
Firstly, these canvases were made so very sturdy. CanvasChamp are heavy with little built in hooks and a cute little sticker that says "Made with Love"! The photo came out great on the canvas and it's just overall the best made canvas over ever gotten.
Secondly, it did take about 2-2.5 weeks to get in the mail. It's coming from over seas so I am understanding. I was very patient and honestly almost forgot I ordered them until they came in which made it such a fun surprise! Like, you forget you order it and then it's like a gift on a random day!
Lastly, my photos came out great and I will recommend this company to EVERYONE! I know people leave bad reviews because of the shipping but the work that they did was amazing and for an amazing price!

Scam artists
I ordered 4 canvases which I received couple months later from INDIA. The quality was very poor. All were blurry. One did not even have the whole picture on the canvas. In early May I reached out to customer service. I reached out in early May via the online chat but got no responses. I got an email back acknowledging the missed chats. I responded and explained the issue and was asked to resend the original photos. I was surprised CanvasChamp didn't have that. I sent the original photos after a week. Today I got a response that due to the 90 day limitation they cannot reprint or refund me my money. Their lack of customer service (which others here have commented on here) and the poor quality of the canvases is appalling. I wish I had seen these reviews before I ordered. Don't waste your money.

Bad product quality and customer care
Very bad experience with product quality and customer care

I made an online order for a 30X40 wall print for gifting my friend who bought a new home. I received the copy 2 days before and found that the signature at the bottom right corner of the image is printed as 60% cut off to the border. This is a very basic quality check which can be done before printing. I reached out to customer care and CanvasChamp are saying totally non- related explanations and not giving me an answer why the printing person didn't do the basic check to see if the text at the picture is cutting off. Customer care is very bad as they only encourage to send email and they respond with simple one sentence relies without any resolution (I have asked to reprint it without text cutoff).
I will never recommend this to any one else.

Please stay away if you want to get your images print properly.

25 days and my order still isn't in the US!
I ordered from Canvas Champ nearly a month ago and my order is currently in Jamaica, coming slow boat from India. The delivery date promised, when I ordered, was 2 weeks ago. Meaning, I should've received the package 2 weeks ago. I placed an order with them once before that took 15 days to arrive and the quality was good but I won't order again. It just takes too long and you're left wondering if you'll ever get your product (a way overdue Valentine's gift). My first order was late too, but the 2nd order is so far ridiculously late. Next time I'll order from a company in the US. The cost is about the same anyway.

Hidden fees, broken delivery promises
I ordered a photo puzzle that had "delivery by feb 23". It didn't appear on shipping until that day. It didn't leave the plant until the day after. I understand shipping delays due to covid but the product wasn't even ready by then. Not only that, it came from india (even though I ordered from Canada from a Canadian website) and had $20 of duty charges! Nowhere on the order did it say there may be duties or extra fees, plus I wouldn't have thought it would coming from a Canadian company! I'm asking for a refund but i haven't heard anything from customer service. Very unhappy over here.

Edit: finally got a hold of a human at canvaschamp and CanvasChamp refunded my shipping fees ($15) and promised that the duty would be paid, but that's not confirmed yet.

Inconvenience in delivery
It was my first time ordering from Canvaschamp I was soo excited but my all excitement went away soon. I ordered some photo prints on 16 june 2021 and it was to be delivered by 29 june 2021. When I checked the status of delivery with my tracking number. First of all CanvasChamp chosed DTDC courier service which is yet another poor courier service. And the status showed RTO as CIR done but the order never reached me neither the courier service contacted me nor i cancelled the order... After that I went for the customer service and they said they would put my concern to the DTDC team... Now what... I wanted by order by 29 june and According to the DTDC tracking system it says RTO. Now what?!
It was first time and after some reviews from other people about the service and courier system I am really worried about my order. Still I want to remain respectful to everyone. If the Canvaschamp team would read this please resolve my issue without any further inconvenience.
I am going to wait till July that's it.
Also I have given 2 stars because I am not sure about the quality of my photo prints that I ordered. But service wise This was my not so good experience.

Do not Order!
Lousy experience, delivered 3 weeks after the guaranteed delivery date. The only reason this is 2 stars and not 1 is that I haven't had a chance to open the puzzle and put it together so I don't know the quality of the product, only the quality of the customer service which was crap. I ordered a custom puzzle of one of my father's photographs for Christmas. The order was guaranteed by December 25th. A few days before I reached out to the company because I saw that it had not shipped. CanvasChamp were unable to tell me if it would arrive in time or tell me the status of my order. On December 25th I received an email that my order has been shipped, however when I clicked the link I learned that they had only printed the address label. The package did not arrive at the delivery service for 2-3 more days. This is an important detail because I understand that delivery services were overwhelmed due to the pandemic and things were running late. That would be understandable and not Canvas Champ's fault. Canvas Champ failed to have the product ready to be shipped until days past the guaranteed delivery date. This is not a problem with slow delivery on a national scale, this is a problem with this company taking on more work than they can realistically complete and failing to notify customers even when they were asking about it. I should have gone to Walgreens and gotten it there. I will never order from Canvas Champ again and can not recommend that you do either.

Edit: I strongly suspect that this review will get a canned response from the company which can be seen on every single negative review and I copied below! Laugh with me about the horrible customer service when this posts below my review...
This makes them look like they respond to negative feedback and want to do better. In reality they only cut and past the same excuse for not fulfilling their promises.
The "heavy order flow for Christmas and backlog of pending orders" were completely predictable in the holiday season. They failed to plan accordingly. They could have hired more people in help fulfill the orders (we have plenty of people looking for work,) they could have adjusted guaranteed delivery dates to be accurate and realistic or they could have chosen to only take as many orders as they could realistically fulfill. If they had said it was sold out I would have gone on to another site and gotten my gift in time for Christmas and never left such a crappy review!
I don't believe Paul K from their supposed "customer service" department. Their customer service is non existent.

"We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience caused. Due to heavy order flow for Christmas and backlog of pending orders, we apologize for the delay.

Please note, we do not compromise with quality even in heavy rush of orders, and in normal situation, delay doesn't occur. This is only a matter of time.

You will get your order delivered as soon as possible.

Warm regards,

Paul K"

Their ads lie and are false!
It was advertised and guaranteed to be
It was advertised and guaranteed to be delivered before Christmas today is December 24 still has not arrived! CanvasChamp told me my order was still in production and would arrive in January and stated that to be here before Christmas would had to paid for express shipping and it plainly stated order now receive befor Christmas free shipping! Now I have to go purchase replacement gifts and I am not happy about this at all very angry Do not purchase from Canvas Champs as they lie and falsely there ads!

Capable printer. Terrible shipper.
After a good deal of searching to decide where to attempt metal prints for my photography, I finally decided on CanvasChamp due to what appeared to be appropriately high customer satisfaction. My order arrived with one print having spots in the print that weren't part of the original image, and all three metal prints having corner damage to some degree due to inadequate packing. I was able to reach CanvasChamp support online, who offered to give me 20% off or reprint the order. Since all three metal prints were useless, I opted to let them try again.

The 2nd attempt was worse than the first, and for the same reason. Both sets of images were shipped from India. I take no exception to the long ship time, but neither set of images had any corner protection which resulted in damage in the long journey both times. While CanvasChamp might be able to print a satisfactory image, this company is unable to pack media appropriately for the overseas journey. I'd steer clear. It wasn't worth the hassle to attempt to use a distant printer, even at the budget price, since CanvasChamp went 0/6 on getting the prints to me undamaged. I'd recommend CanvasChamp consider adding intentional foam corner protection to their shipping strategy rather than hoping a couple of flimsy composite boards hold up to an overseas trip with FedEx to save themselves some money on (pointless) re-prints, as well as likely maintaining satisfied customers. Not a single metal print was usable out of the original set of three, nor the replacement order of three. Perhaps you'd have better luck if you were in Asia or Europe and the journey weren't so arduous, but I wouldn't risk it!

Horrible product quality and customer service
Ordered several prints from this company along with another company as well. The ones we received were of horrible quality and extremely blurry. The second company delivered above expectation and product quality. Upon reaching out to the customer service about their "satisfaction guarantee" CanvasChamp have done everything to try and skirt around making it right. Funny that they attempt to place blame on the purchaser and the camera. The other company had no issue delivering a quality product with the pictures provided (from the same camera). Highly recommend looking elsewhere if you are in the market for any product from this company.

Thought I'd give it a shot
Didn't realize I was ordering from overseas until I checked reviews here. I notice many people giving bad reviews simply for slow shipping time, but this is my experience. I ordered 2 canvas prints on 10/6, received a shipping e-mail 10/7, and CanvasChamp arrived today, 10/12. I'd say 5 days for shipping from INDIA is pretty good. I'm very happy overall, my only complaint would be the wood in the frames is a bit heavy, quite a bit heavier than the frames I've received from other websites. The overall print quality is good and they are stretched well and not crooked or anything. I give it a solid 4 stars. For the price, I am very happy.

Please don't waste your time or your money on this service! Had I seen the reviews before I ordered I NEVER would have given them my money. I placed an order on May 3rd, it was an order of a photo puzzle for my nephew's birthday and smaller canvas prints for my mother for mothers day. I knew the prints would not come in time but I didn't receive anything until 3 weeks later. Part of that was understandable because of the COVID-19 crisis, but I only received the puzzle print. It is now June 9th and I haven't received a single one of the print that I ordered for my mom. CanvasChamp have changed me already for the items. I have now had to email customer service several times and they STILL acted like they have no idea at first! I never worked with such terrible service and customer service.

Theft by deception
I placed an order on nov 2 and it arrived on nov 17th. The quality of the photos was very poor an not what was advertised. However that was not the issue. The issue was that i received a photo of a complete stranger not what i ordered. I contacted customer service asking for a refund or replacement for my order. I even attached a photo of what was sent to me that clearly was not what i ordered. CanvasChamp responded within 48 hours saying they would ship a replacement. This was nov 19th. It is now dec 9th and the item still has not shipped. I have contacted customer service multiple times. They just stated that i would receive tracking info when it ships. I attempted to contact them several more times, they stopped responding to me. So i have been waiting now for over a month for what i ordered. They basically stole my money. I would not do any business with this company.

Bad size / dimensions - worthless
"All prints manufactured by CanvasChamp are Hand made and might have a +- 1 Inch variation from the size ordered." as stated in the order confirmation.

So after you order a 11x14, you should read the order message to let you know that you will not be getting 11x14, but could be getting 10x15 or anything around that size.

Their print WILL NOT fit in a standard frame because CanvasChamp are whatever size they want to make it.

DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. Their response is, you should know from the order email that we don't send you the size you ordered, but close to it. WORTHLESS if you can frame it.

BTW they use DHL, they say 2 weeks expect 3 weeks.

Why would you waste your money on this kind of company. No refund, you should know when we say 11x14 it is really not 11x14 from our web site and the note we send once you order.

Worst website ever seen
I have ordered a coffee mug at 27 November and today it's 11 November although near about 15 days. This website tells that CanvasChamp will deliver it within 5 days but today when I track it shows in production means in 15 days they are in production. And they also never pick their calls as when I call for customer support they always ask to wait for 2 minutes and cut the call... I am very disappointed I think the worst website ever seen... never but from this. And if possible I will sure and sudden file a suit... so after that this can't be happen to others...

I was completely astounded by the number of issues with my CanvasChamp order!
Their initial delivery time is much, much longer than stated. When contacting them for updated delivery times, their phone and chat service falsely claimed multiple dates and times that proved to be completely untrue. Also, although this delivery requires a signature by receiver, the package was left in my doorway without a signature which left me unable to examine the package prior to acceptance. I ultimately discovered the packaging and print were badly damaged. It became obvious that their packaging is completely inadequate for delivery from as far away as India. After receiving poor customer service, poor delivery service and a damaged product, CanvasChamp would not reimburse me, but only offered a 20% refund or ship me a new print. Due to this, I unfortunately had to opt for the new print. After receiving the new print, I was astonished by the poor quality of the print. I'm extremely disappointed on many levels and would not ever recommend this company to anyone!

Cannot recommend
Used this company for two metal prints. The first shipment arrived quickly but both prints had black lines. I contacted them and CanvasChamp agreed to send new photos, which they did. The new metal prints arrived together laying flat against each other (no padding between the photos-scary). In addition, both had odd spots on them which I think was oil? One photo had odd white lines. When compared to the first batch, then seemed slightly better but by no means could I try displaying or selling these prints. It's reject office photos now. The quality is just terrible. I'm cutting my money and time lost... moving on. When you see a great deal, just check around before buying. I didn't and I'm out $ BTW, the photos do come from India which I did jot expect... I would like to find a low cost printer.

Awful company. Placed an order December 1st. Had a GUARANTEE delivery by December 21st. CanvasChamp hadn't even shipped it by then. I called them and emailed them. I was told "not to worry, we promise it will be there by December 24th". Guess what? It's December 24th and the gift I ordered for my girlfriend for Christmas is NOT here. Do not order from this company. Check the reviews online, awful service and the do not care or stand behind their guarantee. If you want a good laugh, go on their website and read their "confirmed reviews" and then do your own search online and see what people really think and put up with from them.

Horrible in every way
Do not order prints from here. I used to have prints done here, and CanvasChamp were very decent for the price. At some point they changed their production company and things have gone downhill dramatically. I waited 2 months for my order and when it arrived it was completely wrong. The mat wasn't even real, it was just printed onto the paper. The frames were a completely different size than I ordered. The prints themselves were very low quality and blurry even though the images I sent were high quality. The back of the frame was duct taped together. I had ordered from them before (the same exact frames in the same exact size) and these new ones were completely different and horrible quality. Even if I hadn't had the old ones to compare them to I would have asked for my money back, these quality of these prints was completely unacceptable.

I complained to them and sent them extremely detailed information about all the issues. I included labeled photos of every issue, and photos of the old prints that were done correctly for reference. They told me they would correct the issues and send me a new order free of charge. I waited another 2 months for this order to be fulfilled, and had to exchange a ton of emails with them. SO much work. The corrected order finally arrived and was completely wrong again. 2 of the 4 pictures were exactly the same as the first incorrect batch, and the other 2 were the wrong size again and had no mat at all.

I am not a high maintenance customer. I have been incredibly patient, waiting much longer than the website said it takes to fulfill orders. I understand that with the pandemic things are behind. I tried to work with them to correct the problem. After all this I am throwing the prints in the trash and getting my money back.

I have been trying to leave my experience in reviews to warn other people about this, and I have found that many of their positive reviews seem fake, and barely make sense as if they were computer generated. Finding a place to leave a real review is very difficult. I wish I had noticed these things before spending my money here.


Color reproduction unacceptable
I really wanted to love Positives:
- Prompt response to questions and queries
- Timely delivery. The expected delivery was March 17th and it was delivered on March 17th at 12:30 p.m.
I ordered a 30"x25" metal print and paid 100+ USD for it. The print was very dark and the colors were very different than the colors in the JPEG that I used. The trees are all dark brown (CanvasChamp are green in my photo). I am very disappointed by the print quality. In fact, the print is so bad that I am not going to hang it in my living room.

I really wanted to like and recommend CanvasChamp, but unfortunately, I am not going to recommend them for metal prints.

Worst customer service ever. I ordered product which I never received.
I ordered a product but never received it. CanvasChamp didn't even bother to email when the product was shipped or when the product was out for delivery. I checked the status on the expected date of delivery and it showed that it was delivered 3days before. When I tried contacting canvas champ nobody had any answer for me for 3 days. After 3 days when I shouted they just emailed we will tell you when we hear back from our shipping agent. It's been 7 days since I raised a ticket and nobody even bothers to reply to email or update. Such a poor customer service. It's a fraud company with no real customer service experience. If the product is lost you are at your own risk, they won't bother to even talk to you. I have literally been harassed by trying to reach out to them to give an answer but looks like they don't even know.

Received trapezoid
Terrible. I ordered a custom canvas which cost me $45.17. Not a bad price & I really didn't expect great quality, which the final product was not. However, 16x40 you would expect to be a rectangle not a trapezoid. I can't believe CanvasChamp let this piece go out like that. It's not that hard to make 90 degree angles. I sent pictures and express my displease & here's the response:

Dear Customer

We apologize for the inconvenience. Please know that as the products are handmade so there are + or - 1inch variation which we have mentioned on the website.

Canvas Champ.

Don't buy anything from here, trust me, it's crap.

Expect gross errors and long wait times for them to try and try again to get your order right...
I WANT to like this company. Their list of services are excellent and price is more reasonable than anything local. But their Quality is definitely mixed and CanvasChamp have yet to demonstrate an inability to fix significant errors on my order. I ordered 3 larger items (2 canvas and 1 acrylic print). Only 1 of the 3 arrived in Excellent quality. Two items were reprinted and customer service was quick to respond and claim this was not a reflection of their normal standard. On receiving the reprint, one of the two was excellent. I have now requested a THIRD reprint of my acrylic print and we are starting month 4 since my original order was placed. The acrylic arrived with the hardware mounted to the front of the print (how could this happen? A gross reflection of poor quality control). The reprint arrived with NO mounting hardware attached and the color/tone/depth distorted (much darker than the 1st iteration that was more accurate). Customer service responded with a canned email saying this is not their normal standard of quality and that they will reprint but I have zero confidence that I will receive a hangable acrylic print anytime in the next month. Maybe stick to canvas only? As this may be their signature product. Super frustrated.

Worst quality, Lied about receiving multiple requests for refunds unanswered.
Ordered a 30" X 30" print, and paid for print & shipping. Received the print and it was so much darker than the original that you could not make out the detail. The print appears to have been rolled up when the ink was wet, and the picture came all wrinkled. The edges were even more crumpled where CanvasChamp likely grabbed it and stuffed it into a carboard tube. We attempted to flatten it out laying heavy books on it, but it did not help. Called multiple times to them and they requested an email with a picture. Sent it too them, and no reply. Spoke with them again and they confirmed receipt of email, but indicated it would take 48 - 72 hours to reply. Time went by and no response.
Called them again and they lied that they did not receive my email. It was all an obviously an avoidance tactic. Sent another email and kept them on the phone, confirmed email address, and they again stated they did not receive email.

Out right Lies. Advised them if I don't receive acknowledgment that a refund is being processed, I would contact Visa and deny charges. Canvas Champ is not delivering any resemblance of a quality product and they have refused to refund on a terrible quality product.


No service to speak of.
Ordered a metal print in early April, which was supposed to be delivered in early May. When June came around, I started calling to find out any updated information on my order. I spoke to someone, who was eating food at the time, about my order. He gave me excuses about the pandemic and that CanvasChamp may be in the factory in a week or two. I placed a second call and received a similar response. I understand that the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone, but no communication of any kind as to a delay is not a good customer service practice. Now I really regret trying this place out, as I have serious doubts about where the business is run from and where the products are produced. Huge mistake.

This purchase was a mistake from the get go from slower than promised shipping to crappier than promised service.

I ordered a total of 4 canvases of my wedding photos: 2 for my household and 2 as gifts for my parents for Christmas 2019. Sizes ranged from 16x20" to 22x30". Though too late to give in time for Christmas, the 2 for my parents were otherwise perfect so I let the tardiness go and figured it would be safe to assume the others were just as perfect. Why wouldn't I right? Well, BIG MISTAKE to assume that.

I was in the process of moving when I received my canvases and subsequently jumped right into home renovations so in an effort to preserve them from damage (ironically) I left them in their protective packaging. Our renos recently finished and therefore I went to decorate our walls only discover an alignment defect on the 2 prints for my household. What a MISTAKE it was to wait to check them... Outside the 90-day window, believe me. no ifs, ands or buts, you are screwed.

This is what you can expect if you DO wait to check them.

You: Hello there, I see in your FAQs that we have 90 days from receipt of order to claim a reprint however back in January we were in the process of moving and then jumped into home renos so in an effort to preserve my canvases I left them in their protected boxes. Our renos recently finished and therefore went to decorate our walls and discovered a defect in the alignment of our print outside this 90-day window.... would I still be permitted to send in pictures of the defects for reprint?

CanvasChamp: No. I am sorry. We can provide only reprint within 90 days period.

You: Wow so plainly stated customer satisfaction isn't a priority? Nor is a return customer, or a referral to a friend, or good review?

CanvasChamp: All the condition are mentioned on our website.

You: Right but when I received it do you really think I was expecting a defect and would check your return policy when I didn't expect needing it?

CanvasChamp: 90 days is long period for checking the product.

You: I was keeping it safe... Keeping what your website claims would be "100% quality GUARANTEE" and "top notch customer service" with "lightning fast shipping" which was definitely not the case either.

CanvasChamp: That is with under terms and conditions

You: Okay thanks for your lack of help. Please escalate this to your manager. I'd like to receive a phone call.

CanvasChamp: Please be informed that I am from management team and providing you best resolution.

You: A manager is the first line of defense on chats? You must get a lot of complaints.

Moral of my story, check your product ASAP because the benefits CanvasChamp claim on their website are lies, even PRE covid19.

1) "Lightning Fast Shipping" - Nope. Ordered my product Dec 2, 2019 with "guaranteed" delivery by Dec 21, 2019. It was delivered Dec 30th from India to Blaine, WA, USA. Didn't I buy this from the US??

2) "Lowest Price GUARANTEE" - Sure. I guess you get what you pay for when they offshore their product and people.

3) "100% Quality GUARANTEE" - Check you canvases AS SOON AS THEY ARRIVE or you're 100% screwed.

4) "Top Notch Customer Service" - Um. If they call the above top notch, and from a "manager" with improper English to boot, they have lots to learn.

They could have turned the situation around so easily, specially since I wasn't trying to game any system, I was legit just trying to keep my precious photos safe from EXTERNAL damage. Seriously, SO ironic. They could have taken my sadness, applied EMOTION to the situation rather than their canned responses to make this post a praise of their product and service, but instead they went with this.

So if you choose to still buy from them, just be forewarned, CHECK. THEM. ASAP.

TERRIBLE! Do not order from them
This is by far the WORST company I have ever dealt with. I placed a large canvas order for Christmas presents. When I ordered (on December 5th, 2020) it said my order would arrive BEFORE December 25th. My order has still NOT shipped, it's not even ready and it's now the 14th! When I try and contact customer service, I get the same crap response of "we are sorry your order will be late" but CanvasChamp don't offer anyway to fix it. I opened a ticket to upgrade my shipping, it is an option in their drop down to submit a help ticket for your order. I chose those to pay more for shipping to make sure my order gets here on time. The repose I received was "were sorry it isn't an option to upgrade shipping" then why on earth do they allow that to be a drop down option!?!? I have attached a photo showing it's an option but they just refuse to help. TERRIBLE DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM! Save yourself the hassle and money and order from a legit company.

Beautiful canvases
I used canvas champ for the first time this year, for a new restaurant I was opening up. CanvasChamp were having technical difficulties and I was supposed to receive my canvases by December 7 because the restaurant was opening on December 11.2018 I paid extra shipping cost in order to get it here on time. Well, it did not happen I did not receive my canvases until the 18th or 19th of December. But I wanted to give them a good review because they did what they said they would do, which is refund my shipping cost and they gave me a 10% discount on my canvases. When I received them I was pleasantly surprised at their quality. They are beautiful, I am very happy with them and I will use them again in the future. My recommendation is that if you do order from them, they come from India and they take a long time to receive. But otherwise wonderful quality!

I ordered 2 items for Christmas gifts Nov 21st with an estimated delivery of Dec 11th.
I have checked several times on the status post Dec 11th since it was still showing "In production". I have emailed client service several times and each time Bruce expressed his regret in the inconvenience each and every time and shared with me what I already know from the "my orders" tab on the site; it's STILL in production.
On Sunday Dec 20th I was told "We really understand your concern and have requested the related team to prioritize the order and ship it within within 24-48 business hours positively" Dec 22nd, 48 hrs away, still in production.
I absolutely understanding shipping delays during the holidays, especially this year. This has nothing to do with shipping and everything to do with this company making promises CanvasChamp cannot keep.
I fully expect to not see these items until well into January and I will be requesting a full refund.
I will NOT be using this company again and will actively discourage others from using them.
The 1 star is for "Bruce" and his regret in the delays...

*** update - finally sent via FedEx, from India on Wednesday Dec 23rd. Estimated delivery is Tuesday January 5th 2020. It took 32 days to prepare my order and send.

Choose Someone Else, Very Poor Quality
I ordered two items. Item was a mug and second was a hanging canvas. Quality of Mug: You can see the rectangle where CanvasChamp have to align the image to fit inside of. It's a black outline and the mug is pink and the background of the image is white. The color of the image is off. The colors were darker causing one of the figures of the image to muddy together almost undistinguishable. Quality of Hanging Canvas: I received the canvas today, which led me to write this review. A hanging canvas is just two sticks and canvas. One stick at the top and another at the bottom. The stick at the top the canvas is peeling of. Also, the side edges of the canvas have paint rubbed off. To top it off the image is blurry like other comments have stated. Just terrible quality.
* Proof: where they send you the proof to review before "printing", it's literally the same digital image you uploaded to print. Other services essentially send you the print preview of what will come out. It was a waste of money (however small the fee) to just get sent back the same image you uploaded.
Shipping: I ordered 2 items in one order to the same address. Once I got the order shipped I notice two different tracking numbers. One for the mug and one for the canvas. The mug came and fairly quickly considering the items ship from India, but the canvas when I checked the tracking ended up somewhere in Michigan. I sent them an email and they at first said okay we'll send you another and I responded to confirm they won't charge me to ship another item. They responded retracting that they'll send another and instead said that I did receive the item and sent me a screenshot of the FedEx tracking log (this was the tracking for the mug which I did receive not the tracking for the canvas, which I referenced to in my first email). I replied by once again referencing the correct tracking number and this time included all the receipts, from the email that showed the two tracking numbers to the FedEx tracking log showing it ended up in the middle of nowhere (sorry Michigan but it didn't specify where in Michigan). Once I sent them that they said they would send over a new one. I stalked FedEx and sure enough it arrived (I can't say on time because on time would've been at the same time as the mug) and they didn't charge me extra but I think it's because I used PayPal (I could be wrong as to why they didn't charge me)
Please save yourself the time and frustration; go somewhere else to print your images. There are so many other options out there. You know, if these items were for myself maybe i wouldn't have written this review but these items are meant as gifts and now I have to explain the my loved ones why their gift looks terrible. If you still choose to purchase something from CanvasChamp keep all your receipts and emails, stay on top of FedEx and expect really poor quality. I regret not looking into the comments themselves before ordering from them

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