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More details can be provided for the lights as I had...
More details can be provided for the lights as I had to go to the manufacturer's site to get width and height details. And most importantly, the currency of the prices should be made explicitly clear during the shopping process (i. E. list the prices showing the currency). Most people do not expect USD prices when the site is called Canada Lighting Experts.

I ordered 30 lights in 2 orders
I ordered 30 lights in 2 orders. Second order had big price increase. Then I counted wrong and to order a 3rd light, price jumped again (shipping charged). I tried to call company but got tired of waiting on hold. I also don't understand why CanadaLighting
Re shipped from Canada - Richmond Hill (close to where I live) yet I paid duty and all, including GST was billed in US dollars. This doesn't seem fair to me.

Frustrated with shipping
I ordered 4 lights. Three are on delivery and expected to arrive in another week (this is over two weeks from ordering in-stock lights). The fourth light is "missing". The only thing good about this is that I can get the lights I wanted - not sure when CanadaLighting will ever arrive. If you are ordering from them be patient, but follow up quickly so that issues don't arise. I was too trusting. Lightless in Calgary and still waiting over three weeks later.

It wasn't clear until the checkout that prices were...
It wasn't clear until the checkout that prices were in USD. Fortunetly the light was on a great sale so it was worth the exchange rate but its very decieving. Perhaps include both rates in your listing price? If your charging USD make the estimated canadian equivalent standard or make it very clear prior to checkout that the price is USD. Not super fine print

It was lovely and the selection is great
It was lovely and the selection is great. Only downside is the misleading US price, that's only revealed that is in US dollars upon checkout. Given the name of the site is "Canada Lighting Experts", it's normal for one to assume the prices on the online store are in CDN dollars, so it was a bit of a shock to see it. But otherwise, great shop, lovely products. Can't wait for my ceiling fixture to arrive.

Shame on me. I read the reviews and still ordered. The ratings on this site are likely fake because if you look elsewhere their reviews are terrible. The 25 dollar refund for not receiving your product within a week is PER ORDER NOT PER PRODUCT THAT IS LATE. After 2 weeks my order still has not shipped. I suspect I have been ripped off and CanadaLighting are just stretching the event out. Beware this company is terrible to deal with. My email to them bounces back as undeliverable

I have used Canada Lighting Experts for many years;...
I have used Canada Lighting Experts for many years; when we renovated our home, we sourced 90% of our fixtures here. The variety and quality of lighting made it possible to create the exact feeling we wanted for every room, and the strength of the shopping filters cut the time required to sift through the possibilities. Our lighting choices still bring a smile to our face every day. Not something many people could say about their lamps and ceiling lights!

"Canada" Lighting?
"Canada" Lighting? Charging in USD? That is not clear until one has finished shopping. It's sneaky. And the shipping fee is added too at the very last second. So one has to mentally add another 35% to it all. It leaves a bad taste. Don't mislead by omission. Be upfront. I bought it anyway because I'd spent too much time on the purchase, but I won't be back.

It is a very easy to navigate website and has excellent...
It is a very easy to navigate website and has excellent service when I called to ask about the "no lamp" in the Fett. I was assured by the agent that it did not mean it came as shade only, but with the standard incandescent which alleviated my concerns. He was very helpful and I'm so excited to receive my lighting for my new home

2 Month Delay in Shipping
I cannot speak to the quality of the items on the website (although CanadaLighting did have good prices-- even with the exchange rate, and a huge selection) as I never received my order. I placed an order for a chandelier on May 22, and they processed my payment and sent me an email letting me know I would get an update when my item shipped. Quite a few weeks went by and I had not received my shipment email. I went back and looked up my order status and the expected ship date was extended from June 5 to June 25th (they never reached out to let me know there would be a delay, I had to find the information for myself). June 25th came and went and still no shipment notification so I checked my order status again. Another delay, this time until the end of July. I believe they processed my payment before checking to see if they actually stocked the light fixture I had ordered. At the time of ordering, there was no indication that the light fixture was on backorder. I cancelled my order-- if they cannot process a shipment in two months I doubt it ever would have happened. I am also still waiting for my refund (their policies page said they process refunds in about 24 hours, so that isn't accurate either).

It's a shame that I cannot give a better review for this company. I was really looking forward to hanging the chandelier in my dining room as it was quite unique and I haven't seen anything similar to it in other online retailers. It would have fared better if they had waited to charge me until they could ship the item -- like lots of other online retailers do to avoid this very problem.

Received wrong product
I have requested an address/packing slip so I may return the incorrect item. I ordered an item in November 2019. Received the wrong item January 9 2021. I have emailed several times, including photos of both my invoice of original order and the box which indicates its contents on the sides.
Yesterday I received an email indicating that since I have not responded my case is closed.
I have tried calling- only to receive an answering service instructing me to email.

Any advice?
Also - "overall rating". I left blank as in zero stars. I was unable to submit return unless I indicated "a star". I would not recommend this company.

Great service, albeit little pricy and misleading
Selection is absolutely fabulous. But please, please make everything in Canadian dollars. It's misleading to have a website that is called Canada lighting experts, and make everything so clearly Canadian, but all the prices are in USD. Reality is most people (like I did) wouldn't think it would be in USD because it just doesn't make any sense, and we won't go reading the FAQs off the bat. I only realized right when I was going to submit my order and I hadn't budgeted to spend that much.

Also please cover returns.

I already purchased lights once and you have refused...
I already purchased lights once and you have refused to take them back even though CanadaLighting were not clearly marked as needing spikes and 120V. Then when i didn't have spikes I ordered spikes and now they're the wrong lights. Very disappointed but i need these lights to finish a job and then I'll never use or recommend this company again.

Terrible return communication- returned two lamps - paid $50 for shipping - and then never got my return. It's been over a month now and no response from the company when trying to reach out for an update. I'm now out $200. Don't trust this company.

UPDATE: I checked the order status of my refund on the company's website and CanadaLighting have mysteriously DENIED my refund, without attempting to let me know in any way shape or form. The items were returned in their original packaging, never installed, in brand new condition. There is absolutely no reason to deny my refund. Will never order from them again. Save your money; order from a reputable company with a transparent refund policy and an actual contact phone number. I feel like I've been conned out of my money by a bunch of crooks.

Website is basic and good
Website is basic and good. The chat was helpful in answering some questions. But I didn't feel there was enough information on the material of the light fixture and the helper couldn't find any more info than I could find. Also... you cannot call yourself "Canada Lighting Experts" and charge in US dollars. That is NOT Canadian. So I would give lower stars just for that. You are a US company so don't use the word "Canada" in your title. It's deceiving.

I'm pleased with the information on the products, however,...
I'm pleased with the information on the products, however, it's EXTREMELY misleading to be called Canada Lighting for the purposes of conducting business in CANADA when you charge in USD. You do not disclose this information until the very end of the purchasing process. As an American, how would you feel if you purchased from a site that appeared to be US based to find your price is in Euro's when you get to the end of the purchasing process. This is easily rectified by posting pricing with $USD with each items price. The way this is handled seems intentionally misleading. I truly hope the rest of the purchasing and delivery process goes smoothly since we are off to a rocky start.

Exterior Sconces /Lights Timarron are a pile of RUST
I ordered 2 Exterior Lights Timarron on Aug. 28,2016 and installed them.
In July 2021 I had to take them down because CanadaLighting were totally rusted through and dripping rust when it rained. They were made of non-suitable material.
I offered the seller CANADA LIGHTING EXPERTS to return them, but there was no answer within 6 weeks.
Obviously they are not willing to take responsibility for the lousy product they sold - Customer Service = 0!

Overall, a good first time experience
First time shopper with Canada Lighting. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the experience. Based on other reviews I've looked at, my suggestion would be to take a good look at the policies etc on their website before ordering. The company is US based, the items are listed in USD, and the items are shipped from the US, but all taxes/brokerage fees/duty are included. My order was relatively small (3 items - just under $100 USD), but I saved over $90 CDN compared to buying the items in Canada from a popular big box building store. Two of the items had the one week delivery guarantee. CanadaLighting were just over 2 weeks arriving (to northern SK), but that also crossed over New Years. The shipping rebate was only $10 USD instead of $25 because my order was under $100, but that is stated in the website if you look. No issue calling in and getting the rebate. The last item arrived today, so I got everything within a month, which I'm satisfied with. All the items I ordered had the correct specs in their listings.

One thing that is on the website that could be misleading is that on many items there is a maple leaf logo that says beside it "Canadian Manufacturer Ships from Canada". Which is totally bogus, since they do ship from the US, and since I can clearly look up the same items on other websites and see that they are made in China or wherever. In my opinion, stuff like that should be cleaned up on their website. But if I need more lights sometime, I wouldn't hesitate to shop with them again.

I tried finding information online about my order and...
I tried finding information online about my order and did not find any answers. I tried chatting online and did not get any answer. I made 3 phone calls and was on hold for an average of 45 min. Until finally someone answered. The woman was curt and unhelpful. She was impatient and did not provide me with the information I was looking for. I will not shop here again

I felt VERY misled and ripped off when on the final...
I felt VERY misled and ripped off when on the final page there was a note saying I would be charged in US dollars. Your name says "Canada Lighting Experts." It is natural to assume that I am dealing with a Canadian company and will be billed in the currency of Canada. I don't know if somewhere in small letters on an earlier page your website advises about the US dollar thing. If so, I didn't see it. I feel tricked, and I do not appreciate it.

I am on a Canadian site (
I am on a Canadian site ( nowhere does it say the cost is in USD. At the end when I made my purchase it says I will be charged in USD. That can be taken different ways, for example a $200 purchase; $200 could be charged and equal ~$158CAD or ~$254USD. Whatever currency you are charging should be noted at the start or beside your total, not underneath in a different box.

I don't appreciate being mislead with the Canadian...
I don't appreciate being mislead with the Canadian site name only to be told in small print at the very end that it's a US site, charging in US $.
Also, the price on the site showed a discount of 44% (I have a screen shot) but that discount was not captured in the cart, and was not honoured by the company. THe customer service rep was rude and very much un-Canadian!

Three issues
Three issues. (1) The postal code option is inoperative; and (2) Prices for "Canada Lighting" are in US Dollars - if this is apparent, I couldn't find it; and (3) I spoke with an agent this morning, who viewed my cart, but didn't advise me that a sale had just started this morning on my chosen items. It was only by looking again at the items on a browser refresh that I found this savings information.

Wonderful selection, great variety, very reasonable...
Wonderful selection, great variety, very reasonable prices, and site extremely user-friendly and easy to navigate. I was disappointed though to realize that my credit card bill will reflect USD prices. So much for my savings. I find the name Canadian Lighting misleading, hence my surprise at the checkout. Perhaps I missed this info before I started browsing your website. This would've been helpful to know before I started shopping.

Caution advised! Zero stars so far
I ordered three light fixtures from this website and the my order confirmation indicated that the availability of the items from the "warehouse" had yet to be confirmed. Despite this my credit card was charged on the date of order. Six days later I received an email confirming my order "cancellation" - I suppose that this was due to the item not being available in the warehouse. While my credit card was refunded, the change in exchange rate between the date of charge and the date of credit resulted in a $70 dollar difference - in favour of "Canadian" Lighting Experts. I have submitted a complaint to the company through their Help Desk. An email confirmation of my help request has been received indicating I should hear back within 24 hours. So, stay tuned and I will update my review based on the response and outcome.

Poor service and management
Waiting for two months for replacement and still didn't get anything. The customer service just told you the supplier didn't reply their replacement request and the only thing CanadaLighting can do is sending the email again and waiting for response. Over two months, they still have problem with their supplier. Customer service can't do anything and case manager just ignored your email. So you have to contact customer service again. Don't waste your time and money. You might get nothing.

Kichler light purchase chandelier and globes
Easy to use, great discounts and competitive prices - really happy with our whole experience, CanadaLightingExperts was WAY cheaper than other vendors and we can't believe how quickly we received our two separate orders. We're also really pleased with the quality of the product. Thank you very much for making these high end lights affordable for us!

I signed up to get a discount code, SUMMER17, and then...
I signed up to get a discount code, SUMMER17, and then the code would not apply to my order and kept telling me to log in. No matter how many times I logged in, it wouldn't apply.

Also, I'm still totally unclear as to whether the total amount I'm paying is in CAD or USD. This should be clearer. I realize you've said you're charging in USD, but does that mean it's $272USD or that it will be $272CAD after the exchange rate? You should put USD or CAD after the pricing for each item to make this clear.

First Time Customer
I was quite concerned about purchasing from this company after reading a number of negative reviews however CanadaLighting had the right products, products not found in any BC markets. Within five days the products arrived and we are extremely pleased not only with the products but more importantly with the service we received. Will definately purchase from this company again very soon.

A little bit annoyed that the %20 off sale price was...
A little bit annoyed that the %20 off sale price was available on your website for the Orwell - 3 light Bath Vanity but then when i actually clicked to "add to cart" item was not available in cart, after a few tries I refreshed the page and the sale was suddenly gone and price jumped up to $255. Not sure if I'm unlucky or this is a tactic to bait and switch shoppers. Was a little bit fishy...

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