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Warranty Work
Lake City, Fl Camping World

Made an appointment to have two recliners repacked under warranty. I initially spoke with Krista in service who scheduled my appointment for the next day.

Upon arrival I spoke with Krista who had all my paperwork ready for signing and we did a walk around of my unit. Within 30 minutes CampingWorld had the unit by the bay ad were getting ready to install my recliners. Approximately 1 hour later I received a call that the recliners were replaced and the unit was ready to be inspected.

I went inside and noted they had installed the new recliners. There were some foot tracks from going in/out of the unit, which should have been cleaned since I brought it to them clean. But overall the recliners looked great.

I saw the Old recliners they took out and disassembled in the boxes the new ones came in. Not thinking about my remote controls which were left in the storage compartment of the old recliners, I hooked up my unit and drove home.

When I got home and parked my unit, I went to do a further inspection on the recliners, upon opening the storage area I remembered this is where I kept my remotes for stereo/tv/outside tv. I immediately called camping world and told them the remote will be in the center console of the old recliners. About 15 minutes later I got a voice mail from Krista advising they found one remote. I advised her that all 3 are kept together ALWAYS, and to please have someone go thoroughly through the boxes to ensure they are not overlooked and thrown out.

It has been 1 hour since I last spoke to Krista, let's keep our fingers crossed they find the other 2 remotes, doesn't make sense you find 1 and not the other 2?

I will keep you all posted, as of this review I will give Camping World of Lake City 4 stars out of 5, if they find my other remotes they will receive a 5 of 5

A Double Whammy in One Day
On June 26th I ordered a 5th wheel stabilizer tripod from this company. My wife and I have been a "Good Sam" member for many years which is currently owned by Camping World or vise versa. The Customer Service Representative (Josha) took my order and charged my Visa card $156.00. When he went to finalize the order with me he said the tripod was going to be shipped to someone else that I didn't even know. I instantly stopped him and told him that was not me and to correct the information. He said my credit card had already been charged and that he would have to call his Billing Department to stop the order and request a refund. During the same phone call he went through my personal information once again to correct the order. He charged my Visa Card once again in the amount of $156.00. I was beginning to feel like he was trying to rip me off. He had my information on the computer from an prior order years before and had an old email address on record that I no longer used. I had him correct that information so I could get an update of the refund statues as well as this current order. I never received anything from that day in my email reflecting any and all transactions from our initial contact. After several weeks I contacted my Visa Card Company to open a dispute from the first messed up order. After about a month and still no contact from Camping World I finally received a refund. Ok, now for the grand finale. The second order made that same day for the correct purchase of my tripod finally arrived. The box was severely damaged with a hole in one of the ends. When I opened the box to check the contents I noticed one of the telescopic metal adjustable arms was missing. I contacted Camping World and let them know. CampingWorld said they would send me a FedEx return label by email and to send it back for a refund. I photographed the contents, taped up the damaged box as good as I could and waited for a shipping label. It took over a week and another phone call to finally get a shipping label via email. I sent the package back and per the tracking number, it arrived at their distribution center. As of this review I still haven't received my second refund from Camping World. My credit card company said it can take up to 45 days for this to be resolved. I once again opened a dispute to have it on record. I had to purchase a tripod from another business so my wife and I could go on our scheduled vacation. Over $300 later and two months have passed and still now resolve from Camping World. My Good Sam membership will no longer be renewed after all these years if this is the kind of customer service I come to expect. You be the judge!

Buyer Beware
If there were zero stars that's what CampingWorld would get! BUYER BEWARE!
Where to start, ok the beginning I purchased a brand new camper and the the salesmen told me that they would install the hitch I already owned with no charge then when I went to pick up the camper he stated that It would be $350 to install it which consisted of 4 bolts the hitch was set up Not having tools with me I had no choice. Then when I get home I noticed the microwave was not secured and hanging out no screws in it at all, the entry door would not secure without using the dead bolt and all the interior doors had scratches with deep groves in the pocked door I couldn't see them going threw the walk threw of the camper. After several hours on the phone countless e-mails I finally got it in. Then when I picked it up a instant water heater was stolen from inside my camper, the door still didn't close right several more e mails and countless phone calls not returned I finally went to another dealer but couldn't get it repaired there under warranty so back to camping world. They finally replaced the entry door, the door had gaps where you could see daylight on one side and the silicone around the door was smeared all over the side of the unit. They did not attach the aftermarket screen door handle I installed on the new door I notified the service agent so he sent out a guy who tried to screw the screws in the brand new door without pre drilling pilot holes mangling the new door I told him to stop and that I would do it.
More phone calls I kept getting the run around no response to my e mails and phone calls. I then filed a complaint to the better business bureau. Then they finally called I brought it back Again driving from Rome to Syracuse each time. They fixed the gaps but the door still didn't close right and then when I get home my led lights were taken from under the kitchen counter and about the tv console on the roof. I called again sent to voice mail again after calling several times I finally got the service manager Mike I suggested that one of their service techs must have taken it for another camper he said no, so someone must have broke into my I assume secured camper while on their secure lot and taken them.
Not the tv or other items of value but they went in and looked under the kitchen counter and in the cabinet on the ceiling and just took them.
So he said email me phots and I will call you right back. No call not surprised.
Do yourself a favor Shop somewhere else!

Bad Service Experience, Camping World of Ocala, FL
We recently purchased a used Class "C" motorhome from Camping World, Ocala, FL. A week or so after delivery, we returned the unit to the Service Department for several issues: Install additional satellite receiver, check water leak from fresh water tank, check loose hose and wire from under dinette slide, and check roof for condition, replace coach radio.
When CampingWorld finished, they said the satellite couldn't be checked until we added it to our DISH subscription. They said they obtained a signal... they couldn't have, because when it came back... there was no signal and the front receiver was no longer working. The dish was working before we took it out and upon return, it needs replaced.

The water leak was from the low point drain that wasn't closed after the unit was prepared for sale. We were charged $136, including $58 in shop parts, to close the drain valve. That should have been closed following the preparation.

We were told they did a "22" point roof inspection before it was put up for sale and at our request they did it again and advised that the roof was fine. Following this incident we had an independent technician check it and found numerous cracks and missing vents. The repair will now cost us more that $800. Again... that should have been done before the unit was sold.

We asked them to check a loose cable/hose underneath the dining room slide. They advised they secured it and charged $44... the cable/hose is still loose.

Camping World advised they would refund the $136.30 for the drain valve issue, but said that we would need to return the coach for the other repairs. We advised that we no longer have any trust for their service department and won't be dealing with them further.

We would advise anyone to be wary of Camping World's Service Department. We don't know what their issue is, but they've demonstrated to us that they are untrustworthy in both making any repairs or in their billing for shoddy work... if it was done at all. We are VERY disappointed in Camping World's Service and will not be returning.

Camping World Asheville, NC
Stopped in Asheville Camping World on our way to Lumberton, NC. Met our salesman, Rob, who is a decent guy. We found a motorhome we wanted and got close to a deal (not quite) contingent on test drive. Spent the next three hours waiting for them to find the keys. Finally left in disgust and proceeded on to Lumberton. In Lumberton I inquired about a couple other motorhomes in Asheville none of which were acceptable. However CampingWorld offered us several thousand more for our trade which was an old 94 Gulfstream. We went back to Asheville and made the deal after test driving. When we proceeded to the finance manager's office the presented form with the numbers. Astonishingly, they had inflated the selling price by about the same amount as the increases trade amount they offered ustotally different from the deal we made. Then to add a capper they added "shipping" at about $700. Shipping on a used RV.

I wrote to Marcus, who claims all over that "He's not happy if we are not happy" which is a load. I explained the attempt to defraud usno to him but to some young office staffer who handles emails to him. She did not seem phased by the issue which tells you alot about them. I wrote the same day telling them that I predicted the next day they would try and recoup some of that lost money they though I was too stupid to notice. Sure enough while we waited for the RV they said they needed to have a technician go through our trade. This is basically to see if you lied to them about the condition. It is very funny that they care so much for honesty from the customer but not themselves. Afterwards here comes the obnoxious sales manager together with our salesman.

He's got the result of the inspection. Our 94 motorhome has never leaked a single drop of water during the time we owned it, but the technicians claimed it was leaking. The idiot sales manager pointed to the windows as evidence. It was about 20 degrees that morning and we had all the windows closed with two adults and three pets inside a 32' motorhome. I replied that what he was pointing to was condensation. That ended that discussion.

Next he claimed that the rood and windows and doors all needed sealing and implied that we were untruthful in not telling them. I said, what did I have to tell younothing leaks. He said well the deal is now contingent on you giving us $500 to cover the costs of items that we had supposedly lied about. I argued over and over there was nothing we hid and we cannot be expected to pay for resealing the RV when nothing leaks. He persisted in the outrageous justifications of why we owed, saying they actually found $5000 worth of things we did not disclose. That was an absolute lie. However I said so you find $5000 worth of items that need fixing and you only want $500you really expect me to buy that? What are you trying to do make a 94 coach new again? However in order to get out of there I offered to split the $500. He said he was not interested in that and would not negotiate. Then he started to walk away and fearful that he would prolong our agony I caught him and said okay, I'm going to pay the $500 but I'm going to send another email to "Marcus (the invisible) about this." I followed up with his office assistant who waS UNIMPRESSED by what I considered to be further fraudulent behavior by the sales manager.

We got out of there as fast as we could. My advice, if you think Marcus the Invisible is going to help you are mistaken. My guess is that his little helpers try to placate customers and if that does not work the issue goes into the round file. If the CEO and his cronies are not moved by the kind of fraudulent behavior I experience they flat do not care.

Camping World Sales not up to speed on items being sold.
Purchased a Thomas Paine tri-fold sofa, delivered on time but missing parts and no instructions on assembly due to being shipped in sections. Called camping world to let them know that there was no instructions and missing parts. CampingWorld contacted the distributor but the distributor could not find any order # for the parts called camping world again and customer service could not find the sofa on their website even though I told them that I found it myself but their item number did not match the item number on their website, customer service could not figure out or even solve my problem of no manual or paperwork and missing parts, they said I am pretty much on my own. So that is why only two stars the sofa is nice, Oh one other thing, the website advertises different sizes I ordered a 68" and the actual length is 65" I brought this to customer service attention an again no explatation they did not know or was able to explain why the deminisions were not as advertised. So again customer service is the pits, they are not very familar with the producrs they sell.

We bought a motor home from Robertsdale, Al. I have previously written about the HORRIBLE service I got from them during the transaction. I am updating my anger at them. When we bought the motor home we were told that it is a 2017. All the paperwork CampingWorld gave us said it was a 2017. Now 6 months later we want to sell so we can get a larger RV only to learn that it is not a 2017 but that it is in fact a 2016. This means not only that we overpaid for the RV ( and they knew it) but also that now my selling price has to dropped so I have been screwed by Camping World once again.
My title says it is a 2016 so obviously I must advertise and sell as 2016.
I called them today to discuss this. I asked for the GM and man named Rick came on. When I explained my concern he looked up my file and told me that the chassis is a 2016 but the the coach itself is a 2017 and that it "happens all the time. THIS (expletive) knows that they are misrepresenting the truth of their vehicles and yet still LYING to the customers. How many others have been mislead/ lied to?
My guess is that I am losing about 6-8 thousand dollars as a result of the totally unethical lies these expletives told us. NOT TO MENTION HE ACTED LIKE IT IS NO BIG DEAL. AS he said " It happens all the time"
I just got back from an extended USA trip in my motor home. Every single person that I spoke to had nothing but negative to say about CAMPING WORLD.
We will be buying another, but not from them.

They Lied!
I ordered a toilet for my RV from At the time I placed the order, it said it would ship in 8-10 business days. 2 weeks later I called for an updated status and was told the item had been backordered, but had been shipped by the vendor and was in-route to the warehouse and would ship soon after. I was also given a $15 credit for the inconvenience. I was told I could use it on any future purchase. I asked if it could be applied to this purchase, which CampingWorld did. A week later I received an email stating the toilet was backordered. I called to get an update. I was told the ones that had been shipped the previous week went to other customers and they didn't have any updates on when my order would be received. I asked to cancel the order. I was told they would and that I would get a full refund in addition to the $15 credit. Today I received a refund that was $15 less than my order. When I called, they told me I had already received a $15 credit and the refund was complete. I guess the 3 weeks of promises to ship is no longer an inconvenience they are willing to pay for when I cancel the order. Won't be buying anything from again. It's ridiculous that it takes two weeks to tell me the order isn't available and is backordered to begin with.

Misleading marketing and business Practices
Camping World, St. George
Misleading Marketing and Business Practices
Our experience with Camping World, St. George, Utah has been the worst of all of our personal property and real-estate purchases in our lives, which have been long and full. Being more seasoned we struggled with the sales tactics of our sales person, repetitive, use of fear as an incentive, empty promises, and although we visited several times because CampingWorld had a couple of coaches we like, she never seemed to remember us or any of our previous discussions.
Although the prices were not great deals they appeared to be fair and close to market value at first sight even with the built in incentives like credit if you would finance through the dealership. No cash deals or you paid a handsome ransom. Once we had decided on a used coach with the features we wanted and convincing ourselves that the coach was worth the several thousand dollars we had budgets over our intended budget, we made an offer. We refused the first negotiation because there offer for our 5th wheel in excellent condition was far lower than any of the other dealers (4) in the area. We sold the 5th wheel in one week for $5,000 more than their best offer, and then returned to complete our purchase.
The first thing added was a $1250 dollar prep fee. This was not included or shown on any of the marketing information and was added straight on to the negotiated price and not included as a separate line item. The maximum docking fee allowed in Utah was also included as a separate line item. We were assured many times by our sales person that the condition of the coach and the walk through and training would be well worth our value. As we entered the coach we discovered that the batteries were dead and we had to hook to shore power to see if the electronics, equipment, slides and awning were functional. The RV was not very clean and it took three trips by the staff to clean the refrigerator, whip down the cabinets that were smeared with a chalky substance and clean the smeared and dirty floors. We maybe got 20 minutes of walk around and training and only on the things we asked about. We spent over a week re-cleaning stocking and figuring our many details.
After agreeing to continue the purchase with the added fees we reported to the business manager. He of course wanted to sell us warranties and guarantees for the coach. We declined, but after several minutes of insistence, promises and the threat that if we didnt purchase it NOW we would be able to, we put our trust in his assurances and promises and continued. There were two separate warranties which he discussed as a package or individually depending on what was most convenient for him. He assured us that it would ONLY cost $30 dollars a month, that only included on piece. When asked what it would cost if we wanted to pay cash and not include it in the finance, he said about $7,200. When you add the two lines up on the purchasing contract it was closer to $9,200, which I didnt study in detail for a couple of days after the purchase. When we signed the documents, the warranty for the chassis and coach was stated as a single amount, the extended warranty on tires, gel coatings and interior were given as a single figure, about $900+ but if you read the small print you need to multiply that by 4 to get the lump sum amount on the purchase agreement.
So after $10,000 dollars in additional costs we asked for information about when the coach chassis was last serviced, everyone passed the buck, no one seemed to care about finding an answer, and after I finally expressed my frustration I got a promise the have the coach serviced, which they did at a whopping cost of about $70 dollars. After reviewing the documents and discovering the misleading statements and figures I had been given I requested to drop the warranties and guarantees we started another round of denials and refusals. Now it is time to move forward and hopefully inform others of the deceptive practices incorporated by this Camping World dealer.

Buy from anywhere else
If I had it to do over again, I would never buy from this company again. The store in Ashland Virginia has the worst customer service I have ever experienced anywhere. We went in on a Sunday to look to possibly trade in our camper for a new one. We found one we liked. CampingWorld appraised ours and we agreed on numbers. We set up an appointment to take delivery of our new one for later that week. We arrived for picking up our new one. Of course, they were not prepared for us even though we had an appointment. Then the sales manager takes us outside to our trade in. He goes on to say it needs about $6,000 in repairs, so if we could go ahead and give him a check we were good to go. We tell him he is not getting a dime from us. We had already signed the paper work on Sunday for purchase and trade in. Is it our fault they did not do a thorough job, HELL NO. So then 5 minutes later he comes back and tells us he found a wholesaler that would buy it so we were good to go. What a snake. 3 hours later we were finally able to leave with our new camper. We take it that weekend to Cape Hatteras. My wife takes a shower the next morning and the water heater on the electric side is not working. No biggie got it to work on the propane side. After her shower she asks me to go in the bathroom and shows me water coming from under the tub. I open the access panel and the drain in not even connected to the drain pipe. We call camping world to get this fixed. We took it to one in newport news since it is much closer to our home. It has now been there 2 weeks, and they have not done a damn thin yet to fix it. They are waiting on approval from warranty. This thing left the manufacturer not right. We want to use it soon and we are waiting for approval on something that was never right to begin with. SAVE YOUR MONEY. CAMPING WORLD SUCKS!

Customer Service non existent
Was looking at used Motor home online on Their website. I made contact via the phone and was advised someone would contact me. A short time later Geo contacted me. We talked all day about the motorhome and he answered all questions I had. We made an agreement that my wife and I would come see it on Saturday. Geo kept asking me to make an offer and I told him I would need to drive and inspect it first. Geo said I could put a fully refundable $500 deposit down to hold the unit, I advised him that if it sold it sold and that at this point, I wasn't putting a deposit. The next day Geo text me that CampingWorld had dropped the price. After talking with him all day and getting more information, he again asked me to make an offer. Due to a couple issues with the unit, Geo had told me they couldn't get it financed through their lenders. Due to this I called USAA and they approved me for whatever amount I needed to purchase a motorhome. I told Geo that I had financing ready and I made an offer I made an offer of $8,000. Geo said that offer sounded good and that in order to take the offer to the manager he would need to have a $500 deposit. I told Geo that was fine and gave him my credit card info. A few minutes later Geo told me that the manager was not accepting any deposits because they had so many people call wanting them to hold that particular unit. Geo said that I needed to get down there as fast as possible if I wanted to look at the unit and make an offer, due to the interest in it (2 hour drive). I asked how many of those callers had placed a deposit and was told none. I asked if the manager was willing to accept my offer, contingent upon the unit being in the condition they said it was. Geo stated that the manager wasn't going to consider my offer until I saw the unit in person. I then withdrew my cash offer and denied them authority to charge my card. Playing games from the manager tower costs you customers. I'm sure one of those many wanting you to hold that unit will appear... Since they have turned off reviews on Facebook page, I'll just leave this right here. UPDATE, at the urging of the Facebook messaging from Camping World Oakwood, I gave them my telephone number Yep you guessed it NO ONE EVER REACHED OUT TO ME. This place is ridiculous and I'm glad I didn't waste my time and money driving the two hours to deal with idiots. BTW the motorhome still sits on their lot, unsold, I'm guessing all those potential customers will arrive at any moment!

Camping world of ocala
Camping World of Ocala's after sale support is nearly nonexistent. When I stopped in at their office on January 30th (a few days after I bought a new 2017 Winnebago Aspect 27K from them) I asked for help with a warranty question. The lock/unlock button at the
Driver's position would not control the coach door. That meant
When we stopped I had to use the lock control to lock the
Front section doors; then I had to walk around to the other
Side and use a key to lock the coach. Not acceptable.

At the parts/service desk I explained the problem to the man at the
Counter. He was unable or unwilling to help. Eventually I
Spoke with a Mr. Gordon who knew what I was talking about
But said he would discuss it with a colleague and get back
To me. I still await any response five months later.

After swallowing my disappointment that morning I decided
To do it myself. A three-inch small rod was missing between the two holes where It had dropped down. I replaced it and it works as expected.

What wasn't expected was their failure to take any noticeable
Action on my problem. Had I not been working with mechanical
Problems from long before anyone in their organization I would
Have been SOL.

Their finance officer's help also was subpar. I wanted the
Title made out to my trust and registered in North Carolina. She
Could not do either task so it cost me a few thousand dollars
More in taxes to make up for her inadequacy. In addition I
Must do another transfer when I return home.

Camping World is Incompetent
We bought our RV from Camping World in 2015. It only made sense when we had an issue to take it to them for service. What a mistake. In the fall of 2017, we took the RV to Longmont CW for a plumbing problem. The toilet would not drain, some sort of blockage showing the tank was full when it wasn't (unusable until the issue was solved) CW had the RV for the summer and on to the winter. Then in the spring of 2018, we were able to take it out but found the same issue occurred. We had experienced a huge hail storm and extensive Hail Damage that needed to be repaired. Returning it to Longmont CW. Again CampingWorld had it so long that they had to winterize it because it was not complete. When we got the RV Back in the Spring of 2019 we discovered a huge hole/gouge in the top overhang as big as a pie plate. The drain plugs spayed out water when you turned the pump on. And the toilet was still not draining. With it being our first trip out for the year, we had to jerry-rig the drain plugs to limp through the camping trip. On return home we took it directly to the dealer to show them the damage, drain plug issues and black tank drain issue. CW kept the camper to repair the drain plug and black tank but the damage was hearsay because we didn't see it before we took it from the lot and they couldn't tell if it wasn't there before we dropped it off. They gave us an estimate for the repair that was outrageous. However, they would fix the plugs and look at the tank again. While there they discovered that when they originally installed the hitch plate, it was welded and could cause damage and told that it should never have been done that way. CW was to take off the weld and repair it. But they lost the plate while they had it in for repair so had to replace it with something else that was not stock and had to put spacers in it to make it work. With the estimate for repair so high, we decided to take the RV to another repair shop and let it go. We immediately took the RV to another dealer. Only to find in the transport there the new hitch plate they put in was damaged and unusable. So bad that we had to purchase another plate. We finally got the drain plugs repaired properly and the damage repaired. We still have to see if the Black Tank drain problem is fixed. Our RV has not been used for almost 3 years due to CW and their incompetence. I would not ever take my business to CW again.

There isn't a 0 star catagory!
I'm mad at myself for ever buying from CW! I should have known better. We bought a new Thor Aria in 2017. In January of 2019, The rear A/C quit. It was under manufacturer warranty so we took the coach back to the original CW that we bought it from. CampingWorld replaced the unit and I thought (foolish me) WOW what great service. However, since they replaced it, we have had numerous water leaks inside that we discovered while on a trip far from home. When we got home, we took the coach to our local RV repair and asked them to please check the unit. They found that CW only installed the unit with 3 bolts instead of four leaving a gap that allowed water to run under it and into the ceiling. The roof is now decaying and is upward of $13,000 to fix. I contacted CW CEO, Marcus Lemonis and of course, they take no responsibility. Surprise! I have since found there are so many victims of CW unscrupulous ethics that there is a FB page for Victims of Marcus Lemonis and a website /> Bottom line... stay away from CW. I wish we had listened when we were looking to buy. We are stuck now and have no choice but to fix this with no help from them. Our morals will not let us trade this coach in just to pass the problem on to the next unsuspecting customer. That would make us no better than CW and I will not ever be that person.

Worst Customer service of any place I have bought anything from.
I hate to even give them 1 star but it didn't have a zero! This may be a long review but should be read. I also reported them to the B. B. B., ReviewFeeder and several other sites so far, and I'm waiting to see how it is handled.
My name is Brandy Phillips. I bought a camper in April of 2019. I have had several issues. Let me start by saying I paid full listing price for the camper I bought. CampingWorld actually charged more than they were supposed to.
Problems since day of purchase.
I had 2 dates set for delivery that the camper did not come. No one notified me that they were not coming. I had to call and ask where they were both dates that they did not show. When they finally brought it, It was supposed to be cleaned which did not happen. It was dusty. The refrigerator still stunk like a dead animal. The vents were filthy, the main vent cover still broken, the windows were all dirty, the floors, shower, cabinets, sink and toilet were all dirty. Nothing was done. We can't get the smell out of the refrigerator. The fireplace was broken and supposed to be fixed. It was not. I had a pricing issue, I was charged more than I was supposed to be. I finally, after many attempts was told it was for a destination package which is not listed anywhere or approved by us. It was added without my consent. I was informed that it is supposed to be for hoses, etc? I don't have the hoses they say I paid for or the "E. T. C" whatever that may have been. This is the newest issue as of today. I have not received my title or tags which I paid for. I have spoken to and even went to the clerks office in my County and they absolutely do not have any paperwork for us on this. I can't take it anywhere or get insurance on it due to this. I have sent multiple requests this to be dealt with and that request was sent to several people at the Nashville lot. At this point I want to return the camper and get my money back. I feel that Camping World of Nashville is lacking customer skills and careless when it comes to appointment times, funds, guarantees were in no way fulfilled. My next step is to take the paperwork, emails, texts and marketplace messages to the attorne. This has now been over two months since the purchase and none of the staff I have dealt with is willing to deal with it. Since I filed the complaint with the BBB they wrote that they had come to a resolution with me. I had not spoke to them at that time. I certainly did not and have not come to a resolution. Camping World did however get with the BBB the day U fikesmd there complaint with the BBB. To bad nome of the employees, managers or even the C. E. O. Marcus Anthony Lemonis could find the time to speak to me. I hate the company has treated me like I am insignificant. Camping World depends on it's customers. I hope if you are reading this that you think twice about purchasing a camper from Camping World.

Ticked Off
Totally ticked off with your company! I ordered a Thetford 35 gallon portable tank 8 days ago. I received order confirmation AND a second email stating that it was "in process." Granted it was suppose to be delivered this coming Monday, but no change had happened to my order. So, today (7/22/2020) I call your order support number. Got nowhere after I'm hold for 30+ minutes. I call Marcus' VIP number. Once again on hold for nearly 20 minutes. Finally talk to someone only to find out that my order is BACKORDERED. Why was I not notified? I ask how can we make this right. I was given two options:

1) I can wait for it. No telling when it would come. Maybe not until November, who knows.

2) Refund. I chose the refund. I wouldn't have bought it in the first place had I been told it was back ordered.

So, I ask about other stores who might have them. YOUR website said Grand Rapids store had some. I will drive 2.5 hours to get it. CampingWorld call the store directly, nope they don't have any. Belleville Store says they have some. They won't match your OWN WEBSITE price. They would sell it for $379. Mind you I bought it for $211 OUT THE DOOR.

For a company that wants to tout customer service and Marcus giving you a "direct line" that goes a general phone line and then on hold again, that is a JOKE.

Ryan did offer me a $15 voucher coming in the mail can't even email it.

I'm sorry, but for a situation where everyone is SOOOO concerned with Coronavirus you would think your ONLINE orders would be working. I'm extremely upset with Camping World. I am NOT satisfied. I will be leaving poor reviews with friends and family and anywhere I can.

This is not a threat, but I can see what people would much rather deal with Amazon. I want to help out local state businesses. I have been blessed with being able to live pretty comfortably during this time, but then this junk is pulled on your customers. We leave Friday for a two week camping trip. And Camping World has let me down something terrible. VERY UPSET AND DISAPPOINTED. I see at the bottom where Marcus says, "if you're not happy I'm not happy." Well, I hope this is brought to Marcus' attention. Which I know it won't be. This will be buried or deleted. I'm not dumb. I would think Camping World would bend over backwards to make this work. Maybe not.

Unsatisfied Customer

Great Inventory - Great Sales - Horrible Service Dept.
Sometime back I wrote a review of Camping World's RV service. I gave them a failing grade at every turn. Now 2 ½ months later nothing has changed. We purchased our Coleman 2515 on March 19 which means we have had it 4 ½ months. The camper has been in their shop for over half of that time! Based on our current experience I would say that Coleman campers, bought from Camping World, actually have a 6 month warranty because even with the most minor warranty repairs the camper will be in the shop more than a month.
It would be different if the repairs had been something major like a failed air conditioning system or electrical system that required full replacement. But these have been, or should have been, quite minor issues. The refrigerator door latch was improperly installed and needed to be replaced. The drawers were also improperly installed but the repair would require about 6 feet of furring strip, cut into 4 sections, and 9 to 12 wood screws. There was a leak between the awning and the camper over the door that would require a bead of silicone caulk. The most major issue was that Camping World installed a rear view camera, which we bought from them at the time we purchased the camper, in a way that keeps it running constantly with no way to turn it off. It's like having no "off" switch on the headlights in your car, the battery will run down in short order.
Bottom line, we have owned the camper 4 ½ months and have been able to take it out camping for 8 days! Unless you are comfortable ignoring the warranty on your camper and make all the repairs to it yourself I strongly advise you to purchase elsewhere. Don't just look at the features of the campers or be swayed by the warranty, check out the complaints about the repair department of the place you are planning to purchase your camper. If you live in the Tyler-Longview-Marshall area I can recommend Hayes RV in Longview. That's where we purchase our first camper and were I really wished we had purchased our second one. Their service department is outstanding, fast, and efficient. The only reason we did not purchase our second camper there was that in March (when we were looking for a larger camper) everyone was out buying campers and Hayes inventory was quite low (probably because of return customers). I wish we had just waited till their inventory recovered from the rush and made our purchase there. Learn from my mistakes.

I agree, that CampingWorld are the nicest LIARS you will ever meet. DO NOT TRUST THIS STORE when purchasing a used camper! We gave them a down payment on a camper May 14,2021, were told we had to wait 2 weeks so they could get it cleaned up and ready for us. Camper needed some TLC and minor repairs, but told us "all appliances SHOULD work" since sitting outside and can't see them working. May 27,2021 we picked up the camper, wasn't plugged in as "they said" in their shop they didn't have any cords available, and the residential refrigerator runs on an inverter so they installed a new inverter... but why wasn't the inverter working? (Should have known then they are liars!) So we could NOT check the TV's, AC, fireplace or temperature of the refrigerator either, but were once again told that they "SHOULD all work". Drove 12 miles to our place, then had to finish work as this was a week day. 5 hours later we finished work, plugged the surge protector in, then plugged the camper in, and none of the appliances worked. It was late, figured we'd check tomorrow for fuses, nope! AC turns on, but doesn't cool, neither TV works, Fireplace turns on but doesn't heat or have lights, refrigerator turns on, can hear motor run and lights work but doesn't get cold nor does the freezer. Igniter on stove doesn't work either. To top it off, the sensors aren't working. But to find out, the black water tank is full of someone else's crap, toilet paper and paper towels. HOW NICE…NOT! And then there was the SAFETY issues! 2 tires were at 40lbs not at recommended 110lbs, a live wire was sticking out where someone removed a light and not protected so a person could have been shocked, no clearance light and no grease in the bearings. So NOW they want ME to pay for repairing all of the appliances. WHAT A JOKE! DO NOT DO NOT TRUST WHAT THEY TELL YOU! Make sure you see EVERYTHING work BEFORE you buy a used camper for this UNTRUSTWORTHY store! If you want to buy from these people, prepare to get a lawyer for what will follow. Have contacted the Corporate office 5 days ago, STILL waiting to see if they do anything or plan to make it right! Will keep you updated as further steps might have to be taken! But I would agree with the fact that they are all nice, just VERY UNTRUTHFUL!

Do NOT buy from Camping World
Do NOT buy a RV from Camping World. We dealt with the one in Nashville. It was a disaster from day 1. CampingWorld don't care about you. They are as bad as a sleazy used car salesman. All they want to do is get you in there, sell you a RV, and then get you out and hope they never see you again. Without going into too much detail, the first one we bought without knowing anything about RV's, was too heavy for our truck. Its weight was right at the limit of what Ford said we could pull, which means if you're doing nothing but short trips on a straight and level road with no hills, you might be ok. They told us they thought it would be just fine. It ended up tearing up the rear end of our truck! I swear that's true. $1300. 00 worth of damage. We had to go back to Camping World in Nashville and trade in for a lighter weight one, and lost money on that deal as well. Also, we had a water leak issue that was found behind one of the kitchen benches (about 5 years after purchasing the RV) when we were replacing vinyl furniture that had torn up already. Our insurance wouldn't pay for the water damage because they said it was caused from a manufacturing defect. The manufacturer wouldn't help us because 5 years had passed. It cost us $2000 to get it repaired. I wrote to the CEO of Camping World with all the facts and information and sent a copy to the manager of the Nashville Camping World this past January. Didn't hear a word back from them at all, not even a denial. So PLEASE go anywhere else but Camping World. I wish we had.

Service departure is HORRIBLE!
Service department is terrible. Bought a 2019 Grand Design Momentum camper, in Feb. 2020, due to Covid first trip we could make was May 2020 and we had issue with our Black Tank release value first trip out. Brought in for fix, advised what would happen, CampingWorld had camper 2 weeks, and bottom was Cut and Taped with tape hanging off. NOT the fix they told us. Got manager involved - they would look into a fix... was called put in writing(yup in writing) the fix they would do to correct the issue. Brought camper back, reviewed again the fix they would make which included a corrugated material being added to bottom, was told 2 days for fix, all parts in, 10 days later it's ready and I pick up camper. TAPE again which is hanging off. No corrugated bottom like they said and to add to it, I now have hanging lines/wires all over the bottom, one of which is just about dragging on the ground. When we asked why they didn't do the fix they said they would I was told we just didn't... when asked about hanging lines... was told"I can go run and get Zip ties"(seriously?). I have all the info in writing, I have pictures I've attached 3 of them here you can see the Bottom of my camper with wires hanging, and the tape. Yes TAPE I live in New England. That will hold up great during our winters with the salt they put on our roads... Service department does not care clearly, and as for trying to reach someone, you have to leave multiple messages for a return call. Please avoid them, go elsewhere. I wish we had!

I purchased a 2006 Cougar - cash and I was disrespected from the start, because I did not want to finance something more expensive. My RV was perfect for me and I was very excited to have found it. I actually had to argue with the finance manager, Al, because I did not want to finance! He even threatened to sell my RV to someone else for a higher price, even though I put down a deposit.
After I was able to get the paperwork completed, I did my walk through, I had a scheduled time, and yet, Camping world El Paso had me wait nearly 45 minutes to do my walk through.
During the walk through CampingWorld did a great job showing me basics, but did an even better job lying about important functions, such as the heat and the black tank valve. Even though the official check list marked my furnace was fully functional, when it came down to turning it on as the temperatures dropped below freezing at night, my furnace does not work. When it came to empty my black tank, I came to find that there is a fault in the valve release of my black tank. Yet another thing that was checked off as working at full function and is not. So I reach out to camping world and receive no response. This is beyond an "as is" issue. These issues should have been resolved before putting the RV on the lot for sale. INSTEAD THEY PUT AN RV ON THE LOT FOR SALE, ADVERTISE IT AS AN "ORANGE TAG SPECIAL" AND LIE ABOUT THE FUNCTIONALITY TO GET IT SOLD QUICKLY. Avoid Camping world at all costs, unless, that is you enjoy being lied to and disrespected. If that is you, have at it. But who is that crazy? Not me.

Camping World Alvarado Tx Nightmare
Darlene K.
Burleson Tx

If I could give this place less than a 1 star I would. Our camper was damaged last Father's Day in a sudden storm. We took it to Alvarado back in June 2020. It needed the outside kitchen repaired, new awning, the roof replace, one door replace, and the awning around one of the slides. 4 times CampingWorld have called saying it was completed and 4 times it was not. The outside kitchen has not been fixed, the white door was replaced with a beige door with black trim, said they threw our old Door away ( they did not and then tried to fix the hole it it) shoddy work, next they never even attemptEd to fix the slide out, put the skin on crooked on the roof and the antenna on backwards. Three times we were told they would fix the roof correctly. They were paid to put down brand new wood on the roof and they never replaced the old wood. They keep calling and saying it is done and they have not touched it. It has sat out in the hot sun and damaging hail for almost a year. Faded the entire outside of the camper. We have continued to make payment on it and the storage facility ( we do not want to lose our space) to the tune of over 6800 dollars. The insurance company estimated these repairs at close to 10,000. We have been lied to over and over by Leisel who works there. She hides when we show up, doesn't call back and lies about management. Introduced us to a Victor Mills and said he was the Service manager. He is not! He also has not returned one single phone call. He has not touched our camper in a month when he promised the last time he would personally see to it, that is was fixed and call us in two days. It has been almost a month.

Camping World, you have failed in every possible way.
Camping World is good at one thing... telling you what you want to hear. Otherwise, CampingWorld have failed in every possible way. Right from the get-go, it was high pressure sales in Toledo, OH. They want to push you into payment plans even when you have CASH to buy the fifth-wheel you want. Once our RV arrived to us in Arizona, we quickly realized that it had been leaking for MONTHS, causing interior damage and mold. Taking it to the local (Avondale) Phoenix Camping World for warranty repairs was a nightmare. It sat on their lot for almost FOUR MONTHS while they lied to us, claiming they were awaiting parts, when in actuality they had failed to answer emails from the manufacturer so the trailer was left to sit INDEFINITELY until we tracked down the right people at the manufacturer and basically did their job for them. When we finally got the trailer back, one of the other major repairs was not done properly and we were left at a campsite with a kitchen slide that would not retract. On top of it all, I (stupidly) ordered an expensive water filter through them. After waiting close to 3 weeks for the filter, I contacted their catalog customer service. They guy was unprofessional and unhelpful. He basically just said he'd call me back because my item was supposed to ship from the manufacturer. After waiting hours for a call that would never come, I had to call the manufacturer directly and was able to get my water filter shipped to me.

Best place and best salesman to buy an RV.
We had a choice of a lot of RV places to choose from and I started checking places online. The salesman Zack Lee contacted me within a few minutes. He asked what I was looking for and showed me 3 Rv's immediately. We corresponded through text messages until my husband and I were able to go see the campers in person. Zack was so helpful, explained things thoroughly, had so much patience allowing us to go from RV to RV comparing things we liked about the various campers. I got sick with the flu, then walking pneumonia and he sent texts almost everyday checking on me to see how I felt. Once we were able to get back over to the store he showed us back around as campers had come and gone. He worked with us every step of the way until we finalized our purchase today. He showed us how EVERYTHING worked in each camper. There is no way that any other salesman could have been any more attentive or knowledgeable than Zack. I will say everyone at Camping World was nice and friendly and always offering to help. While Zack showed us each camper he explained what things were, where things were, how various things worked, what came with the campers and what didn't come with them. We enjoyed our buying experience at Camping World because of Zack Lee.

Terrible Service
Went to Camping World in Kingston, NY. We had an appointment but we were treated like CampingWorld didn't have time for us and they were rude. It was the beginning of February and freezing out. We were left to look at the trailer ourselves with no electricity to check things out. We were looking to purchase a Keystone Raptor which was listed for about $80,000. We were left in an office waiting a few different times for over half an hour at a time. When someone would show up to talk to us, they didn't answer any questions and would act annoyed that we were asking questions and get up and walk out and we were left sitting again. We put $500 cash down for a deposit and they said they we would have to submit an application. We told them we had very good credit and they said they ran it and it wasn't that good. When they called back, they said they were surprised that we had such good credit. (Well did they run it or didn't they when we were there?) They kept contradicting themselves. We then told them a couple of days later that we decided not to go through with the sale as we weren't happy with the way we were treated. We asked about the deposit and was told they would send it right out. We have called and emailed several times trying to get the deposit back. No one ever responded to us and it is now May and we still have not received the deposit.

Multiple issues
Ok week four with trailer in the shop #camperworld, now remember this trailer isn't even a year and CampingWorld where supposed to have the parts ready when I took it in so the family would be back in it as fast as possible with the Covid-19 pandemic going on. When I called on week three the tech was off and surprise there where no notes in the system on where they where with it. I called the #MarcusLemonis #Marcus Lemonis #samgood and got a call from a store manager about trading it off and called them back three times and no call back and yes left messages! In my opinion I do not recommend shopping or doing any kind of business with them. I was willing to work things out with them because I understand stuff happens but I'm not thinking this is just a one store paperwork mess up any more now that I have been blown off by two stores. I even told them that I was will and knew that I would be loosing money trading it in and they still couldn't even call me back. So please pass this on to all your friends looking for a #traveltrailer #Rv #Fifthwheel. Oh yah the family is still jumping from hotel to family houses and thank god we have not fought COVID yet.

Ex Employee from Katy, Tx
CampingWorld lost my personal info. So a copy of my SS and TDL is floating around this great big store. My 1st day I was ignored so I tagged along with another sale men just to give myself something to do! Didn't get a time card until my second week and didn't get on the schedule until 6 days later. I had know idea what days I had off. I had to ask several times to finally get on the schedule. I was lied to by a sales manager and another manager from a different department! Now I've been waiting on my check for over 3 weeks now! I had to turn in my hours and I had to redo my I-9 and W-4 and send in my hours and copies of my SS and TDL AGAIN because they don't know where all of my new hire paper work is. So I called and said you mean all of my personal info like a copy of my Social Security card is floating around somewhere? Sales Manager said oh no it was probably missed filed. If they don't know where my paper work is then it's lost if you ask me. I have been very patience but I'm losing my kind disposition. It's turning into a game! Very unprofessional unorganized and there's a lot of married couples with years of experience working on the sales floor which makes it a disadvantage to new sales people as you could imagine they are teaming up. While one is doing the leg work the other is inside gathering all the telephone sales leads they can. So unfair
Come on Marcus wake up and smell the coffee I know this store does well in making profit however what about the morale and professionalism how employees are getting treated you need to take a better look at the Sales Managers and the training new employees are not receiving! Don't forget about the lies. I was told by a female Sales Manager that she was trying to make a BDC team for the Katy Store and that G___a, was going to train me 2 days later I found out that G___a, got fired from her position and that position doesn't even exist anymore. So how am I going to get trained In a position that doesn't even exist! They are forcing G___a to do sales and I heard she is looking for another position somewhere else! What a joke
Worst experience I've had so far with any company! Black shirts what's up with that it's 99 degrees outside in Texas and you want these sales people to climb inside RV's that get up to 140 degrees inside of them and walk a huge parking lot because 85% of the golf carts don't work and on top of that wear black shirts!? Who's making these decisions. Marcus if your as wonderful as you appear to be on television then please help this company. It would be very kind of you if you could help me get my pay check before I have to get a Attorney involved. They never talked about wearing hats or drinking water or using screen no training on the dangers of the heat. There should be some safety training implemented as well! Don't forget we are the horses they make that company run we should be better taken care of not just fed lunch here and there. Get your golf carts running change the shirts to White or something other than BLACK have safety rules and procedures Incase someone has a heat stroke or something and train the employees about the products give them a mentor and give the mentor some kind of step up pay or incentive for doing so. They showed me how to fill out 3 forms and gave us a sales trading manual to read. That's all the training I got. I had to ask sales people if I could tag along just so I could try to learn things it's a bit awkward when some of the sales people don't want to be bother by you and you don't know what to do. There were a couple of guys that started 4 days before I did and they said they did nothing the 1st 3 days. However they were paid with no problem and put on the schedule immediately, which kind of made me wonder was it because I'm a female and the only females that work the sales floor have there husband's working right next to them!

So many issues, where to begin?
I placed an order on 7/5/20. A week later, nothing has shipped. I called Customer Service and was stuck on hold for 16 minutes without getting through to anyone. While on hold, I placed an order on Amazon for the same items and saved $21 from Camping World Prices. All items ordered on Amazon shipped that day and are out for delivery today or will arrive tomorrow. Nothing will take more than 2 days from the time I ordered them on Amazon. I emailed Customer Service at Camping World to cancel the order and ensure my credit card was refunded. I followed up with a telephone call today to ensure the order was cancelled and I was refunded. Today I reached a person within a few minutes only to be transferred to Customer Service.
I was on hold for another 18 minutes before getting a person there only to be told CampingWorld could not refund me nor cancel the order. I would have to wait until everything shipped, return it all then wait for a refund. The customer service agent was beyond ambivalent. 21 minutes on the telephone with them and the only thing clear is that she could not care less about this. Do not waste your time. Save your money, Avoid this business. Go anywhere else...

Moralless Company
I received an email from camping world talking about a $0 down three months no payment deal. I found an RV trailer that I liked online and received a call from Rachel Bower. I asked about the deal and if the credit check online was a hard or soft pull. She told me that she will check and let me know. She called me back and told me that her Finance Manager Richard said it was a soft pull. I asked her on the phone what was the credit score rang needed to get this deal. She told me the Finance Manager said mid-600s. I told her I would then submit the online finance application, but not to run my credit on a hard pull if CampingWorld are not convinced that I would qualify for the deal. She said no worries. They will do the soft pull and call me the next day to let me know if I could qualify. She then texted me saying that her Finance manager Richard needed my pay stubs. So I sent them my recent pay stubs and prof of my disability statement from the VA. The next day Izzy texted me to introduce himself and ask for a copy of my driver id. I called him and asked him of my chances of getting qualified for that deal. I restated my concerns from Rachel. Izzy told me that Because of COVID-19 and my score that he is "MORE than confident" That I will be approved. He said that because of the current situation the banks are more than willing to loan out money and not to worry. I told him again to please only run my credit once. I received a notice from my credit monitoring service that my credit has been ran 3 times. I called Izzy and ask why, he said that they were just trying to get me approved. I told them, that is not what I asked them to do. Izzy told me yes, he knows. That he can see that in the email. He told me that he will let Richard know not to run my credit any more. I did not hear back from them for the rest of the day. I texted Rachel and asked her why. She told me that I asked Izzy not to keep running my credit and the three bank I applied with did not approve me. I found out later that they did continue to run my credit after I asked them to stop. They ran my credit a total of 6 times. They ran it with their internal bank 3 separate times, then ran it with 3 different banks. This place is praying on people and they used the current situation to convince me that I would get approved. Then they were just going to keep running my credit until they got me any deal all just to make a sell. I complained to their corporate office and was emailed back that they cannot guarantee approval that it is up to the banks. I emailed them back stating that I know they cannot guarantee that. I filed a report with the BBB and the FTC. All of their replies are stating that I am just complaining because I didn't get approved. My complaint was due to predatory lending and bad business practices, that they continued to run my credit even after I asked them not to. I have all the emails from everyone I talked with and I can add all the screenshots from the text messages from Rachel and Izzy to back my complaint up. This is a moralless Business DO NOT GO HERE.

Very poor customer service and accountability
Purchased an Onan 4500i generator from camping world July 20. Did not get to use the generator until the third week of August due to camper arrival delivery time being pushed back. Used two weeks and it started knocking.
Contacted the store after two weeks of use and was told to take to the Cummins dealership in Augusta Georgia. Generator had been recalled and camping world would no longer sell this item.
Took to the Cummins dealership first of September. Called several times to check on it and no one would return my call. Had to physically drive to their location to find out anything on the generator on 4 separate occasions.
Long story short after being in touch with our local gander, camping world in Columbia where it was purchased, Camping World corporate, good Sam's, and Cummins dealership, we have finally received our money back after three months. Today is November 24th. Very very bad customer service from camping world and Cummins.
Fair warning if you do use the Cummins on Riverwatch Drive, CampingWorld never return your phone calls, they never give you the same story, and at this very moment they still have our generator. You will have to go over there and talk with someone to get any information.
On a positive note, I would like to sincerely thank Don Connor who is the current manager at the Camping World in Columbia South Carolina that took the time over the past three months to try his best to help me. You are an exceptional manager and role model to all of your employees. If I make any further purchases, I will drive the hour and a half to purchase from your store. You are and outstanding example of customer service

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