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Do not buy plants from them!
Stay away from this company! I placed an order with them and waited and waited for my plants to ship, one of which was a houseplant. When nothing shows up after over a month, I wrote. Burgess told me the plants were in the process of being shipped. Waited and when nothing showed up, I called them. The woman told me I had to write a letter to cancel the order because she couldn't do it over the phone. Since when can something not be cancelled over the phone unless she's just an answering service and not connected with Burgess at all? So, I wrote again, and once again was told they were in the process of shipping the order. Therefore, they probably couldn't cancel it. I finally got fed up, and told them to either give me a tracking number or refund my money. Supposedly, they had refunded the money the day prior to my writing them yesterday. Funny thing is, I checked and no refund as of yet on the credit card. My advice to everyone... do not order from this company. I have no idea who or what they are, but they definitely are not on the up and up!

Mistakes are a game, regardless of how much information they have. NOT Paperless oriented.
Good afternoon,
I am sorry you really don't care that you mess up my order. I am also very sorry you are unwilling to print my emails and photos, if you need a paper for your records that much. I am sorry your record's system is so unorganized, dated, and disconnected that, although I am providing you with my order number, picture of my labels, and blooming plant, along with several emails back and forth, you are unable to work with the information we already shared, which is what you need. Is unfathomable that you want me to print the same information and USP mail. I am sorry you are taking advantage of customers such as me, that will not have the patience or tolerance to deal with your unpractical policy. I am sorry that you are unable to understand that these plants mean something to your customers, in this case what Burgess meant to me. For me, is not about the money, is the principal. I had read your reviews from other customers with similar situations, I thought, sometimes people need the benefit of the doubt, but it happened to me too.
I would think that by now your "Policy" would have been reviewed, and updated accordingly, so you can close the gap towards a "High" customer rating/satisfaction. The problem is not when things go well, the problem is what do you do when things go wrong.
I can understand that Everyone makes mistakes, however, is how we owe them, handled them, how we make a right from wrong what makes a difference. A difference between good business and bad, or good friends, good relationships. I am sorry that this will be the last time I am dealing with your company or any of your affiliates. I am sorry that your company does not shares good practices. I am sorry your bad reviews were true. This has been waist-full and disappointing, you made it very hard to do business with. I paid for my products, I trusted you, I planned carefully, I planted the plants, nurtured them, care for them, to find out I received the wrong rose. Not what I wanted nor needed. However, your policy wants me to jump through "hoops" as if I am lying; my efforts and time invested does not count for anything. As you see in the picture, I did care for her.
I am sorry you treat your product like worthless things. I am so upset, everything in my garden is loved and care for, unique and individual.
I am so sorry I trusted your company to be part of it.
Good luck.
Verónica Griffith

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From: Burgess <*******>
Sent: Tuesday, August 15,2017 11:38:37 AM
To: Verónica Griffith
Subject: Re: Ref: Plants Non Arrival - Order 1068188

We apologize, but we can not process this request by email and will require the label to be mailed to us along with your photo(s) and written request.
Thank you, Customer Care
On 8/14/2017 3:00 PM, Verónica Griffith wrote:
Good afternoon,
As I suspected, the plant is not Climbing Orange Velvet rose that I ordered. I believe I received a Saint Joseph one.
Please review the email attachments (photos). Couple photos with a place and time stamp of the rose's blooms, the others are my shipping labels. I hope we can resolve this issue without any difficulties, or additional inconveniences for me. I believe the fix should be simple and straightforward. I am a botanical, nature lover, who believes in paperless, recycling, and less carbon footprint on this world. It goes against what I believe to print a paper with a explanation, a photo, take my label, which has additional items in it, and send it to you via regular maling, when I am providing you with all you need for your records and mine through this email.
I growth wild flowers, and used only organic products in my gardens, including my grass to help the bees, birds, and the ecosystem in general.
Hoping you are able to understand the nature of my request, and the expectation I have set in regards to your response.
Thank you again.
Verónica Griffith



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From: Burgess <*******>
Sent: Friday, July 28,2017 2:55 PM
Subject: Re: Ref: Plants Non Arrival
To: Verónica Griffith

If you believe you have received an item in error, return the shipping label from the package with a photo or bloom sample of the item in question and a written request explaining the problem for a replacement.
Thank you, Customer Care
On 7/27/2017 9:04 PM, Verónica Griffith wrote:

The name is Veronica Griffith, and the address is BXXX XXXX XXXXX,
Thank you,
Veronica Griffith

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From: Burgess <*******>
Sent: Thursday, July 27,2017 12:10 PM
Subject: Re: Ref: Plants Non Arrival
To: Verónica Griffith

We are sorry to hear of this. Please provide the name and address to which the order was shipped so we may access your account.
Thank you, Customer Care
On 7/26/2017 10:25 AM, Verónica Griffith wrote:
To whom it may concern.
My roses and Hosta Francen have arrived in perfect conditions, however, I am sure that one of the roses is not the item I ordered. I ordered 2 Orange Velvet climbing roses. Theses roses are by far my favorite, hence I have planted them in a very special spots in my garden, which were meticulously designed and picked, based on the wonderful features of this specimen, such as its dark shining leave, spectacular blooms and color, and its outstanding aroma. On the one I suspect is not an Orange Velvet, there are a few blooms about to open, so I will know for sure, she is not a Orange Velvet. I am little disappointed to the least, my order took longer than previous ones, and I received the wrong item. I have a similar experience with a different nursery, reason why I decided to deal only with your company.
I wanted to give you heads up in regards to this, since as soon as the roses opens her blooms I will be sending you a picture as a proof that she is not what I ordered.
Please advise what should I do on this event.
Thank you,
Veronica Griffith

Don't order from Burgess!
Don't order from Burgess! Last year I wasted almost $200 for plants that did not arrive until well after the planting season for them passed. When Burgess did arrive, they were in very poor condition, with a good bit of mold and slime. No one answers the phone, and their customer service email results in an auto reply, so it is clear no one monitors it. I sent my plants back, but never received a refund. Save yourself some heartache, and order from a reputable company.

Last order
Have ordered from them in the past with about a 30% success rate. Burgess claim you can return for refund, but there is never anything left to return. This year I made a $11 order of stuff I can't get anywhere else on April 10th, with $10 shipping. On May 4th they charged my account. Still don't have my items. Have contacted them many times and they just keep saying it is coming soon. Asked them to at least refund the shipping as it is ridiculous to pay that much and wait this long, but they didn't even address that. Really doubting I will even receive this order at all. Don't recommend purchasing from them.

Most Plants are Thriving
I was surprised to see negative reviews. I've been ordering from them since about 2011, and vast majority of plants grew very well. Those that did not grow, was probably my mistake in planting. When we ordered 12 knock-out roses, and three of them did not grow, Burgess sent us 3 replacement roses quickly. But the 3 initial ones that we thought were dead eventually started growing as well after a few weeks. We bought numerous strawberries and raspberries from them, as well as vegetables and evergreen seedlings. I would say 99% of them are doing great. Actually, when I ordered batches of 25 strawberries, all the batches always came with more than 25 plants - something like 28-29. Same with ranunculus - the packages had more bulbs than indicated. This year I ordered 18 peony roots (two collections). Only 2 of them died from root rot after I put them in the ground. But the rest 16 have grown several low stems very quickly, and I even saw flower buds on two of them (they got killed by recent temperature dip, but nonetheless I was happy to see them grow that much since being planted in August-September). I have to add that for peonies I used fertilizer. I think that eburgess has been a very good company to order from.

Poor service matches quality of its dead plants
I ordered plum trees and strawberries in early 2018. Burgess arrived when the time was appropriate to plant them. They were dead. I waited several months to give the plants a chance. Never any green. I've been gardening for decades and never have I seen such poor products. In 2019 I contacted the company to get the wretchedly inferior stock replaced. The company's representative said that if I sent a copy of the cancelled check and an explanation of the problem, the plants would be replaced. I answered the next day. I contacted them again this week to see when my plants will be in and the company said too much time has passed. It said it has no record of my submission. Never did I receive my mailing back, so I assume the company received it. My position is that the company should honor its promise, which it has chosen not to do. The products are inferior and the "service" is even worse, in my opinion. Buy from a more reputable company that sells decent plants. You'll be happier.

They send dead things
I ordered a couple apple trees, hydrangeas and grapes from Burgess. I thought the prices were excellent which turned out to be too good to be true.
Everything looked dead when it arrived (packaging was a white plastic shipping bag) but I'm familiar with dormant plants so I planted everything. I have a lot of gardening experience and was a little worried about them. The hydrangeas did ok but the apple trees and grapes never showed signs of life. I called the company to get a refund and Burgess said they would only replace (probably with more dead stuff) if I sent the original shipping label. The original shipping label was on the white plastic bag that I didn't think to save because who does that? I kept my receipt though, which turns out to be useless. They said I should have read the disclaimer before ordering. I offered to send the dead stuff back as proof but they refused. Finally they said I could fax them copies of my credit card statement to prove I paid for them. In reality, we all know I paid for them because the order would never have been shipped! But I jumped through their hoops and sent the fax. Over 2 weeks later I get the fax back in the mail stating I need to send the original shipping label. :( I talked to my credit card company and they said my claim was very weak because I didn't send the dead stuff back (even though Burgess told me not to) and also because I was now over the 30 days. I have been played by Burgess. I feel violated and there's nothing I can do about it. Do not order from this company. Save yourselves! They suck.

Don't do it
I ordered SEEDS in February. Several emails later over the past 3 months and Burgess still cannot tell me when they will ship. Requested a full refund a couple weeks ago, still don't have my seeds or refund.

Expect this: On Apr 22,2021, at 8:40 AM, Burgess <*******> wrote:

Thank you for your email. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I do not exactly know when your items will ship.
Thank you, Customer Care

On Apr 28,2021, at 9:37 AM, Burgess <*******> wrote:

Thank you for your email.
Your cancellation request is still being processed. We will try to catch the order, but we are not always able to. Cancellations are not guaranteed unless they are requested within 24 hours of order placement. This is stated on our website and in our order confirmation emails at the time of purchase.
One an order for merchandise is received by us we immediately make arrangements for preparation and shipment. The orders enter processing usually within days of being placed. After processing has begun, it becomes very difficult to cancel an order.
Thank you, Customer Care

On 4/26/2021 2:28 PM, Debra D wrote:
That's too bad. Send me my money back.


Order in July 2020 delivery May 2021?
Ordered privet hedge in July 2020 expecting to get plants in a few weeks. Called company and was assured that I would get my order in Oct when it would be the best time to plant the hedge. Oct 18,2020 I called company and was told I would have to wait until Spring 2021 to get the plants because Burgess didn't have any. Person I spoke with was condescending. Implied that it was my fault that I didn't read the catalog which said they would only ship if they had plants in stock. I would figure that they could get plants in 4 months from time of order. I would assume they probably would never have sent me a refund or the plants. I am pretty sure I will never get my refund but I am positive I will NEVER do business with this outfit again and will be sure to spread the word about their awful business practices and attitudes toward their customers.

Dan Deines

They don't even know what they offer!
I was looking at heirloom seeds in their catalog and was wondering how to find the heirloom seeds on the website so I emailed them. After a few days I received a response that said "we do not carry heirloom seeds". WHAT? So I send them pictures of their catalog and say you have heirloom seeds but I can't order them online? After another few day wait I get "Look them up by product number". So in short, this company doesn't even know what Burgess offer! I ordered from them anyway thinking just one person didn't care much but I wish I would have read the reviews first. Now I'm dreading what my order will look like or when it will get here. It has been 10 days so far.

Bad Customer Service
90% of the plants I ordered were dead. I thought Burgess were just dormant, put them in the ground and watered and waited. After 30 days I wrote the company and got back an email saying in order to take any action we need you to send us the original shipping list. This list was stuck on the side of the plastic bag the plants came in and was no longer around. I sent the date of my order, the order number and list of what I ordered. They obviously had a record of what they shipped. Customer service means nothing to these people so do not get taken in by all their promos. There is a reason for them

What customer service?
Ordered plants April 16,2018. Cancelled via email on May 21 due to hot and dry Texas weather. Burgess still shipped a few days later. I refused package unopened on June 4. Called Burgess on June 13 regarding refund. Burgess claimed no record of return. I sent them copy of receipt for return. On June 26, no correspondence or refund. I called CS and questioned status. After a several minute wait, I was told refund was "in process". I asked why I had not received any email about refund. CS rep stated she did not know why, but she had heard the same complaint from other callers. Still no correspondence, but received refund (less shipping and return cost) on July 9. Customer service is virtually non existent with Burgess ( except to help you place an order). Once Burgess has your money, they do not want to make any returns. Will NEVER do any business with this company again and I suggest you do the same.

Do not do business with Deanne M Alsman, aka, Deanne M College and any of her dozen internet theft companies and be ready to file a complaint with the Illinois AG and the BBB, maybe federal consumer protection won't hurt either. All of the companies are operated out of an apartment complex or an empty field.

Here is just some research I did in an hour. There must be dozens of pages of her scams on the internet:

Deanne M. Colledge, President
Fax Number *******691

More of her fake companies, that are plants, jewelry, etc.

The location of the nursery where I spent $91 dollars on plants is an empty field or apt. Complex:

More people she ripped off:

More of her companies to avoid:

Direct Gardening, House of Wesley, Royal Dutch, Burgess Seed & Plant, Exciting Gardens, Four Seasons Nursery, Inter-State Nurseries, Farmer Seed and Nursery, Kelly Nurseries, or Honeycreek Nurseries

It has taken me over 3 months to receive parts of my order. Burgess never answer their phone, their website is down most of the time, owners are not from the US (Just had to be blunt), and they offered no refund or any kind of customer service. Over 90% of my order is still missing and they said my order would be shipped in 2 weeks from when I originally placed the order, which was over 3 months ago. After I had emailed them for several weeks, I received an email from them asking for an alternative address such as a PO BOX. Are you crazy. What are you going to send my a bunch of trees to my PO BOX? They also told me that I had to investigate why my own order which I never arrived. Plus they also were not helpful in giving me any kind of tracking number for my order. REALLY I AM NOT KIDDING. This company is the biggest joke and has fraud written all over it. The good news is that I put the charges on my military CC and sicking those guys on these yahoos. Leave the country or run a business with some integrity. Tired of these type of mom and pop shops that are more concerned about taking your money and essentially robbing you than making an honest living. If someone pays in good faith for a product, you should send them the product, otherwise that would be called fraud (among many other things as well). Based on the reviews and no recognition from the BBB, I can certainly see this company being a thing of the past soon. With no customer service, it is hard to have a lucrative and growing business.

************************THESE PEOPLE ARE STRAIGHT UP SCAM ARTISTS. DON"T ORDER! YOU WILL BE SORRY! ***************This company is a total and complete scam. Ordered over $200 worth of plants. $175 worth was dead on arrival. Planted watered and waited patiently-- nothing but crispy roots and sticks. Called and was told to send 1) a letter explaining what happened 2) roots and sticks that did not grow 3) shipping labels, and I would be issued a refund.

I did EXACTLY as prescribed. FOUR weeks later I called to inquire status and was told I had been issued a VOUCHER 2 weeks prior that I could use to order more DOA plants! Even so, the voucher NEVER ARRIVED! The "supervisor" was useless and kept reading policy to me over and over like a robot..."If you wanted a refund you had to return the plants within 14 days." FIRST there was no way to know within 14 days if the plants would grow or not. SECONDLY the 14 day mark had well passed when I spoke to their representative over the phone and was told I would get a refund. Told I could write a snail mail letter to "Grace Avery", but she would tell me the same thing... so basically "Don't bother! You're just screwed!" THESE PEOPLE ARE STRAIGHT UP SCAM ARTISTS. DON"T ORDER! YOU WILL BE SORRY!

Leader In Dead Plant Mailing
I ordered from this sham company. Because of covid Burgess said orders would be running late 2-3 weeks. After 4 weeks I contacted them regarding my order. They said it was in shipping, when they bothered responding at all. After 5 weeks I asked for a refund of my order. I was told it was just being ready to ship and rhey could not refund. After 7 weeks I again ask for a refund, nothing. After 8 weeks it showed up missing some plants. I sent a message stating the shipment was incomplete. I'm still waiting for a response (after three weeks). I planted what was received and only two plants lived. I sent a message stating their plants never germinated. I have heard absolutely nothing from them. I gave them one star only because zero was not available. This company is a sham that offers defective and inferior products. STAY AWAY FROM THEM!

Trouble at first! Covid didn't help.
I ordered 2 separate orders totaling over $1000. 00. One order was extreamly important to me. My mother isn't doing well and we have 5 acres to make spectacular for her! So 60 giant peonies which come as tubers. The next was Burgess dwarf rebooting lilacs ( 40 of them)! Here is where it gets bad! Well I ordered before covid hit. The lilacs along with several other plants were sent usps. Well several months went by. My package finally arrives much to my surprise it took 4 weeks to get to me! Now I have ordered from them before and from when Burgess ship it and it gets to my door is usually 3-4 days! Ok well most of the plants were very very very dry. I immediately get them into nursery pots and get them watered... out of the 40 lilac plants only 17 are alive. I contact them send in the shipping label and wait. I sent everything in sept. Well I got my replacement plants last week and they are gorgeous! Ok they forgot to replace my wisteria which were also dead but I am just thankful for my lilacs! My mother will get to enjoy there beauty! I know this company is not perfect but if given a chance they keep their word. I also found out they ask you to give the plant 6 weeks to see if it leafs out. If not then contact and send label.

Worth it for the price
I actually really like eburgess. The plants do take a while to ship and Burgess do look dead on arrival because they are still in their dormant state. I had to laugh and think "wtf" when I saw that the tree and bushes I ordered simply looked like twigs. However, after following their planting instructions (1 part original ground, 1 part top soil and 1 part peat moss) most of them are starting to really flourish after 3-4 weeks. They tell you to allow 6 weeks for the plants to adjust to their new home; and I have rocky clay soil that is not very plant friendly. The plants they send are just babies, which is why they are so cheep, but if you have the time and patience, you will end up with a nice garden for about a quarter of the price.

We ordered 7 roses and 2 climatis during March, 2017. Had to wait 2 months until the "time was right". We received the shipment May 23rd, 2017 with each plant packaged in an individual plastic bag, and all 9 plastic bags packaged within 1 larger plastic bag. It was obvious 6 of the 7 roses were dead, and the 7th had a slight hint of green, but the 2 climatis were ridiculous! Reading the propaganda, assuming what was said about them being dormant may be true, I planted them. On 6/1 I called and informed Burgess Burgess were obviously dead. The first customer service rep told me yes, I agree, send us the shipping label. When I called back the same day to confirm the address I was told no, I had to wait 6 weeks. On 6/14 when it was obvious to anyone they were dead I called back and was told very nicely that I had to wait 6 weeks, and even if I sent in the shipping label no action would be taken until 6 weeks. On 7/5 I called again to ensure the mailing address for my claim and was told a whole new line of bs. I could receive a credit, but in order to receive a refund I would have had to send the dead plants back within 3 weeks, and I had no option except for a credit. I asked for a supervisor, and was given the same load of crap, almost as if it were scripted. I will NEVER do business with Burgess again. They company is crooked and unscrupulous. Once they get your money they will lie thru their teeth to keep it. Buyer beware... do NOT buy anything from Burgess! Lowe's, Home Depot... pretty much any nursery where you can see your plants live. I replaced all 7 roses from Lowe's at less cost than I paid for dead twigs at Burgess.

Terrible service
I live in Wisconsin. I ordered some roses through this company. I received them on MARCH 1. Their site says Burgess ship to the warmer states and the south starting in March. These plants should not have been shipped to me until the very earliest in April. When I wrote them to complain, they told me to "store them in a cool, dark location". I shouldn't have to store them. I expected them to be shipped at the correct time, and I would plant them then. I told them I not only did I not want to store them, I have no garage in which to store them. They told me I could return them. Why should I have to go through all this inconvenience and trouble for their mistake.

Terrible Company
I ordered several hundred of dollars of plants including fruit trees, climbing roses, white pampas, grapes, blueberries, and catmint. I also bought several fruit trees from Stark Brothers at the same time. The Stark Brothers' trees came well packaged and healthy, and quite a bit larger for the same price. The Stark Brothers' trees all survived the winter and are doing wonderfully. I had several issues with Burgess' plants from the start. The majority of them arrived moldy or even dead. You can only get a refund for the first 14 days after receiving the plants, so if you are unsure whether Burgess will do well, send them back immediately! They offer a credit or replacement plan up to 1 year. They do not care if all the plants die when the competitor's are growing great! I wanted a refund for the obviously poor plants that I had purchased and given the benefit of the doubt that maybe they would survive. I was faced with an incredibly uncaring and obviously less than enthused supervisor at Direct Gardening (a sister company to Burgess) who refused to budge about the refund policy and who became less cordial the more we spoke. They didn't care and told me that I should have sent them back when I first got them if I was unsatisfied (at my expense too!). Now, I am stuck with replanting all of the terrible things again with no guarantee that they will survive, all the time knowing that I could get a better quality plant for the same price elsewhere. Out of 82 plants/tress that I purchased from Burgess, 63 died. Out of 12 trees from Stark Brothers, 0 died. They are all in the same area, and they received exceptional care. Burgess and Direct Gardening will never have my business again. Please go to other companies. You will have a more enjoyable gardening experience for your effort, trust me. Stark Brothers and Great Garden Plants are two that I have dealt with regularly, and they are great!

After reading the other comments, I have decided not to waste my time anymore with them. Order 2 Rashberries, 4 blueberries, and 2 blackberries on the parcel 1 of 2. Burgess took a month to get it to us, and when they did the order wasn't right. They sent us 4 blackberries and 2 blueberries. Then it took another 3 weeks before the correct plants got sent, which we had to pay for again. Then took another few weeks to get parcel 2 of 2(around 2 months to receive 2 of 2), instead of reaching out and letting us know that they ran out of what we wanted for the vegetables in parcel 2 they just took the liberty to choose what they wanted us to have as replacements, instead of just giving us our money back. With reviews of them not honoring their commitment to the customer I figured the less troublesome route is to find another place to do business with. Amazon did amazing with both timing and what I actually order, and on top of that the plants are doing better then those from Burgess. Amazon has excellent customer service and can take care of customers better then burgess. If you have the money to blow, then Burgess is okay. But if you don't want to pay for something inferior that may come way later then when you need it in the ground, Amazon is a good place to go, the plants that we got from a seller was veteran owned also, and these vets did a fantastic job with the care they provided.

Zero stars if I could! I ordered 48 green giant thuja trees along with other items. I rototilled 300 feet and placed fabric along with drip system for these so called 3 foot a year growing trees. Then had to wait for shipping an extra 2 weeks to receive mostly green trees that were 9 inches at best if you add the root to the equation, planted along with the pep start pills according to customer service phone instructions. After a couple days the trees were wilted and after a week Burgess were dead, along with everything else I ordered. I tried to get a hold of customer service and line has been busy for a year and a half. My next step is BBB see where that gets me. The catalog shows great vegetation and results but I believe they are a scam and their returns are a scam. STEER CLEAR OF THIS COMPANY...

Bad Customer Service
I recommend not doing business with them. A couple of years ago I ordered about $78 worth of fruit and flower plants. On arrival I was surprised to find that all the plants were basically roots in plastic bags. I right away knew that these plants are not going to grow. Anyway, I went ahead and planted them. Couple of months later none except one that was a grass showed any sign of life. I emailed Burgess with my order no. To tell them what had happened. Burgess wrote back saying that to take any action, ie to replace the plants or refund the money the order no., my name, address is not sufficient, they need the shipping no. From the delivery package. Obviously two months after the delivery I didn't have the package saved to provide the information. The order no. In their computer would have given them all the information they needed, but they chose to come up with this excuse for not to refund or replace. That was my worst experience with a purchase I had made online.

Not honest.
To all who read this. Please, please do not waste your money. Pay a little more & buy name brand or buy local and face to face. These people show nice pictures but ship total garbage and when you finally get through by phone or email Burgess give you bunch of BS & want you to write a letter and all that junk. They even told me that I have to pay extra processing fee for their own mistake that they even admitted to it for add the missing item that they charge me for it once. They are listed under <>.
For me it is not the money any more, but the principle. People need to expose these type of bad businesses so the good one can survive. I will report them to Illinois Attorney general, Chamber of commerce, BBB, social media and anybody else that I find. They really pissed me off.

A Horrible Company with Horrible Service and Products
This company is nothing but a joke. I ordered 2 roses and the order came in a plastic bag and both "bushes" were broken in several places. I was told by the company to plant them anyway. So I did, and I wound up with bushes that were much smaller than Burgess would have been, but they grew. When they bloomed, they weren't at all what I ordered... not even close. I emailed and they said I had to have my original shipping label. Why would I still have that?
Then after a little more back and forth with them, they agreed to make an exception on the shipping label if I provided them with my CC statement proving I paid for them.

Are you KIDDING me? Is this a JOKE? You want me to disclose all my financial transactions to you so you can verify something you should already have in your records? I mean, you keep records of your business, right? I even sent them my receipt in the email and they said they could only do it via snailmail. OK, now I know there's something wrong with these guys. I mean, who does business on the internet and won't take one of their own order receipts as proof? Just check it against your system to make sure it's accurate. No dice. They won't budge. Either I disclose all my financial information in my CC statement or I can't get the plants I ordered.

Nobody is this dumb. This business has to be a scam. I've now seen some of the other reviews on this site and one of them said that customer service said things had to be one via snailmail because the manager didn't use phone or email? Do they think we're morons? Who refuses to use a phone?

I order things from dozens of other sites all the time, many of them nurseries and I've never been treated this way. And I see that their customer service has come on here many times to say they're sorry and that they take pride in their customer service, etc. That's garbage. Nobody who takes pride in their customer service tells you to physically write them a letter because their boss doesn't ever use a phone or email. Nobody who has good service makes you save a shipping label for months on end until you're sure the order is right. Nobody who has good service expects you to dig up plants and pay to ship them back. Nobody who has good service expects you to disclose all of your financial transactions to prove you bought something when they should have a record of the transaction themselves. Nobody who's proud of their service sends live plants in a plain plastic bag so it can be crushed. Nobody who has good service takes weeks to answer an email.

This company is a fraud and I guarantee you that's why they have to do business under to many names. And I'm sure that someone from customer service will come on and give the same boiler plate crap about being sorry that things went poorly, blahblahblah. I don't care. If you were really sorry you would actually do something about it. I don't believe it for a second. I can see through that kind of cover-up. Get a negative review, and then go online and make a semi-contrite statement to make it look like you're actually handling the problem. It's the formula for controlling damage without having to do anything about it.

So Burgess, if you're thinking of writing a reply to this review, put it in a letter with a written copy of the review you're replying to and send it to the owners of this site.

Ordered four Pecan Trees in late Feb
Ordered four Pecan Trees in late Feb. Burgess arrived March 10th. Dormant, but very much alive. If you can't tell if your plant is alive do the scratch test, if it reveals white or green bark the tree is very much alive. Placed plants to soak for 24 hours then transplanted to large containers until they have grown more, once they are bigger we will transplant to their final home. The shipping method of this company could be better, the plants did come in just a large green bag that was shoved into our mailbox, luckily we have a large mail box. I received my whole order, and got exactly what I was expecting. Their policy does say to give your plants/trees at least six months before requesting a replacement, I fear a lot of these horrible reviews are people who don't know what a dormant tree/plant looks like. The others have prob. Had truly poor service but I would give this company another chance, so far I'm pleased!

Use any one else...
I have ordered from other online nurseries, but this one is by far the worst! I ordered some trees back in March, at the same time I ordered from another nursery, it is now May, and Burgess has yet to mail my plants, the ones I ordered from a different nursery have already arrived, and been planted, and started to grow! The number on the web site does not work, if it does, it is always busy. The only way to contact them is through E-Mail, and then you still have to wait three to four days before a response. I understand that Burgess wait until it is ok to ship them to your zone and all, but I live in FL. I can plant trees year round down here, and if they don't have things, do like other nurseries do, and let people know that items are on back order BEFORE they by them! I will never buy from eburgess ever again, and I will make sure that I tell everyone how horrible they are..

Burgess 5-in-1 plum tree *UPDATE*
I came back to do an update on a review I left here awhile back for the 5 in 1 PLUM TREE. People on here were upset Burgess received a stick verses a grafted tree with branches. As stated before, upon inspection, I recognized they're using the bud grafting method. 3 of the 5 grafts grew into long healthy branches plus a few branches from mother plant. I'm ok with this. Enough for cross pollination. We've had weird weather since early spring so I expected a bit of damage.
I'd still order from this company despite their shortcomings. They might be rough around the edges but anything I've ordered has ultimately been fine and customer service has helped me in the past.

Dont buy from Burgess!
Do not under any circumstances order from this company. I had some plants that arrived dead in 2017, I followed their return policy and Burgess sent my claim back and said they wanted to see if the plants would come out of it. I waited and this year the plants were obviously dead. I called them for replacements for the plants that I received dead and a couple more that had since died I was told that my warranty expired in April. No plants around my area were budding this year in April so I could not have known they were dead yet. I explained that to their customer service person and their response was "Sorry".

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