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Large and Healthy
I was skeptical to order a plant on line wondering how would even ship it. It arrived in a plastic bag and was as fresh as it could be. In the first 3 days though the leaves started to curl and turn brown. I realized I hadn't been watering it enough so I watered it daily for two weeks, picked off all the brown leaves and it seems to have recovered. I'll have a better idea next summer once it starts blooming. That's why I've been reluctant to fill out the survey since I don't think they bloom the first year.

Plants are great, could have been shipped better
I orders 2 plants in dirt. Was shipped in 1 box with pot at each end. Of course, the shippers ignored the this side up symbol so one plant shipped mostly upside down and was damaged on all of its top branch endings. Since it was a Crepe Myrtle, it will recover, but it will affect the height of it for quite a while. It was healthy enough that it rebounded once in the ground, but if it had been shipped in a separate box from the Wisteria, which was also damaged but less so, it would have arrived in better condition.

My first order took much longer than I expected to...
My first order took much longer than I expected to ship. When it did ship, FedEx said the shipper sent to the wrong address. Even after checking with neighbors, the gift I intended to help lift my daughter's spirits during a difficult time has added more stress than joy. I asked for a refund or immediate replacement. I was told paying shipping is the only way it will be replaced. Even though I did that, my account says it still won't ship until May 27 or 28. This is not acceptable.

Tulip Poplar
Tree arrived in July, yes hottest time of year, had straight trunk, semi healthy leaves a little on the light green side, Planted outside, soon most leaves dried out, but tip bud is trying to leaf out. Pot smaller than l was led to believe, but tree was well rooted. It was a 1/4 size pot. L hope it produces enough grow before winter to survive the cold. L keep it well watered to help it get set. L remember this tree all over TN when l lived there, so we'll see how it does here in CO.

Yes , rep told me it was ok to place out in direct sun ,and wind . But later it did take a beating from the elements , but bud at top leafing out so we will see. Hopeful .

My little Hydrangea tree
I have always wanted a small Hydrangea tree. I came across Brighter Blooms on line. It had wonderful reviews. I ordered a lime green blooming 2'-3' tree. It arrived promptly well packaged. I also received the potting mix. I had a question regarding how long I had before I planted it. I called Brighter Blooms and my call was immediately answered, no waiting. I spoke to a very courteous employee. She answered my questions. I am trying to take good care of my tree. So far so good. I see some little buds on it. I anticipate buying another soon. Thank you Brighter Blooms!

I did above

My beautiful Blue Moon Wisteria
I absolutely love my blue moon wisteria! I did not plant it in the ground, but in the largest ceramic pot I could find. I placed it next to the trellis I would like it to crawl over, and in only two weeks, it has already found the trellis and is starting to climb! I was a little worried about whether or not I would do a good job planting it because I have never had one before, but it's doing great! His name is "Ficus", lol, and he is in direct sun, and I talk to him and water him every day and touch his leaves. I ADORE him and he's doing great! Whew. =D

Unfortunately, I did not hear back from anyone. I had planting questions, as I wanted to make sure I did it correctly, but didn't hear back. It's okay, though. I bought a brand new HUGE pot and lots of Miracle Grow fresh soil and he seems to be doing just fine. I am grateful to you. I know because of COVID, there are few available to take customer questions, and I am not upset at all. =D

Stick to ur local plant supplier
So I bought this as I thought it would be better deal, not really the plant was advertised as 3-4 feet but I'm not sure if that is for the actual tree or it's for the tallest branch.
Anyways long story short it's barely 3 feet for that price my Gardner told me I would have gotten much bigger tree for little more.
I wouldn't mind paying more but I know this wasn't even close to 4 feet.
My honest advice go to ur local garden shop and just buy it from there an judge the size of tree in person and make a decision.

Basically saying measure trees and the size should be right .
Asked me to upload a photo etc .

I placed my first ever order with Blooms last month. I ordered a butterfly bush and a rose. arrived in a tall, narrow box - about 6' long and maybe 15"x15" wide. Both plants were inside with nothing separating them. One of the 15" sides said "THIS SIDE UP," but it didn't make a whole lot of difference, because the plants had been sliding back and forth in transit - with the butterfly bush on the bottom. When the box arrived, the rose was in pretty good shape, but there wasn't much to the butterfly bush.

After sending pictures to the Contact area of the website along with my shipping experience, I received an email saying they were sorry and requesting pictures. I asked if the ones attached to my original message were not available and have received no response.

Problems resolved.
I ordered and paid for a dwarf Cavendish banana tree, 3-gallon with warranty. I received a dwarf Cavendish banana tree in a 1-gallon pot. Something like $30 price difference? I called customer service, would be happy with a refund of the difference but instead got a new tree shipped to me. I had the new tree less than a week after I called and it was a beautiful banana tree in the 3-gallon pot. So many more leaves, it is beautiful and I'm happy.

Rep was kind and efficient. Resolved my issue to my satisfaction.

All three plants arrived in pretty good shape
All three plants arrived in pretty good shape. The Spartan Juniper came without any damage. Very healthy. The lilac had snapped branches but this was unavoidable as it's very wispy. The yellow jasmine also had a damaged leaves/vines but overall plant was in great shape. I like that the roots of these plants were not damaged, leading them to adjust quicker and better to the new environment. Only would mention that the lilac tree needed to be staked as it will not stand on its own. Perhaps you want to include that in the package or let customers know in advance. I had to improvise with a broomstick. Would recommend and order again.

Was a little disappointed in the plants. Bought four plants, gardenias 3 gallon size. The first one was great. Nice and full exactly what I was expecting. Next one about half the size, next one about 1/3 the size, the last about a 1/4. Last two didn't look very good. Waiting to see how do when planted and had a chance to grow some. I was expecting all of them to be like the first one since I ordered the 3 gallon. Disappointed because of the placement I wanted full nice bush.

Very nice but didn’t resolve my issue even after I said I would not have bought two of the four if I had purchased them locally.

Little Lime Hydrangea Tree
The tree was delivered to a side door off the kitchen that is rarely used. It was very hot that day and the tree sat there for a while until I saw an email that the tree was delivered. I walked the perimeter of the property and found the tree and immediately planted it. The tree was well packaged but there were still a number of broken stems which were dried out and had to be removed. The tree appears to be doing well in its new location.

I was unable to apply a “first time customer” discount code that was sent to me. It appears that you cannot apply more than one code since you were also offering free shipping at the time I purchased. That shouldn’t be the case.

Very good selection, but not so good shipping
Brighter blooms has perhaps the best selection for different hydrangea.
However, on arrival the plants did not fare well. Most were crushed in the box and required severe pruning. Customer service suggested we give them a rest in a cool, shady area to recover. After 2 weeks it looks like will all survive, though, at least two will take much longer to fill out. I will probably try to buy locally next time and be assured healthy stock is obtained. For the price of these, you would think that healthy stock would be guarenteed.

Made suggestions about nursing the poor stock back to health

I have a family emergency and need to cancel this order
I have a family emergency and need to cancel this order. There is no place to do this on your website. I placed the order yesterday and tried to contact you only a few hours after I placed the order. I completely understand that during these times you may take longer to provide personal service, but an on-line cancellation or email would be helpful. I apologize that I had to cancel, but I will be away from my home for an undetermined amount of time and cannot receive or care the plants now.

Olive Tree
I ordered an olive tree as a gift for my brother who lives in another state. As far as I know, the tree arrived in great condition. Ordering on-line was super easy and I appreciated reading customer reviews about this item. Am super excited to see it for myself and will be thrilled once it bears him fruit as he and his wife adore eating olives! Seriously, though, who doesn't?! Never saw anything like this tree for retail before. In fact, I was extremely excited by the selection of trees and plants offered for sale by this company.

All three plants that I ordered in Mid-November came about a week later. The plants were large and beautiful and healthy. Since I bought them on sale I could afford larger than anticipated. The 7 gallon lilac has 10-15 branches about 15" - 18" tall. I was amazed. The 1 gallon purple smoke tree is strong and even though we've had a cold snap, the leaves are still beautiful. The 2 quart Love Hydrangea has such large green leaves. Can't wait to see them all grow and bloom.
I always buy Root Rocket for all my plants. I've seen such beautiful growth from all the plants. I know the roots must be doing better than plants that were already here without it.

Buying dead Rainer cheery tree
I bought Rainer cherry tree 6-7 feet tall, under order nomber 130105546 with all fertilizer
Need it, before 15 days.
When i received it was almost dead, I called them told me this is from transportation wait for a week it will be ok. Now pass 15 days no life in the tree, i call them again, they told me now wait for one month more! The dead tree will alive again!
They are cheating me, and considering me as stupid, to belive what is dead will get life again.
I asked them to return back my money, but no answer

Tree Replacement
I had inquired about a Weeping White Cherry Tree we had ordered that looked a little questionable (no root ball, just kind of fell out of the burlap sack), brighter blooms immediately sent a replacement tree and now it is thriving. We are very pleased with the whole experience and will continue our patronage!

We sent our inquiry complete with pictures and received a response within a few days that already included our shopping information for the replacement tree. We are very pleased with the whole process and will definitely continue our patronage!

Great Products and Customer Service!
I received my order well packaged with the utmost care and instructions. My plant arrived damaged, but Brighter Blooms' customer service team went above and beyond to expedite a very healthy replacement for me. I am very pleased with the educational materials provided in my order on caring for my plant and instructions for additional assistance. Highly recommend Brighter Blooms! A++++++++++

Outstanding, outstanding, outstanding customer service in expeditiosly replacing and resolving my damaged item. Also, Brighter Blooms' educational materials included in my order is a big plus for helping me grow and maintain my plant. A++++++

I discovered BB last year (2020)
I discovered BB last year (2020). I started with a small apple tree, which survived a fairly cold winter. Now, in spring 2021, it has several beautiful delicate pink flowers, and seems to be thriving. Next came the pomegranate tree, and it arrived well-packaged and healthy-looking. I have high hopes for it also. Today, I ordered a fig tree, and am looking forward to receiving and planting it. Brighter Blooms has delivered quality plants so far, and God (and weather) willing, my efforts and expectations will be rewarded.

Customer Service Above and Beyond
Ordered an avocado tree as a gift for a friend. Brighter Blooms was outstanding from start to finish. First with selection of an excellent tree, then with vigilant shipment tracking to assure the tree arrived at its destination safely and in good condition.

Spoke once with Brighter Blooms to ask for help getting FedEx to expedite shipment of the tree because the shipment had gotten sidelined in California in a hot, arid climate. Brighter Blooms got Elvis, its team member to work with FedEx. FedEx got on the issue immediately, called me and the tree was back on its way within a day. Very, very impressive customer service. Really impressed Brighter Blooms has the throw weight to get FedEx to call the customer!

Gorgeous yard, Brighter'blooms
Healthy plants/ trees every single time! Been a very pleased and happy customer for over three or more years now. Also have found items at Brighter'blooms I wouldn't have found here at my local greenhouses— Very cool

My Olive tea shrub that I purchased last spring didn’t make it through the winter unfortunately, I remembered I had a one yr guarantee on shrub... I phoned them up, explained situation and my new replacement Olive tea shrub just ‘today’ was planted in my courtyard-Yeah! Much thanks sent your way!

I had been looking for a flowering plum tree locally...
I had been looking for a flowering plum tree locally and couldn't find any. After doing a search online, I found the website. I saw all of the great ratings and found exactly what I was looking for. had great ratings, great descriptions and was only 2 states away. I'm in Virginia, so having these trees shipped from South Carolina shouldn't take long, leading to the trees not being in the shipping system for a longer period of time and therefore hopefully the trees will not be affected.

Ordering was very easy and products were delivered within a reasonable amount of time. I was interested in ordering a sentry maple tree, but the shipping charge was so high I ordered two azaleas and received free shipping because of the total amount ordered!
The azaleas exceeded my expectations, beautiful plants! The tree was basically a stick with a couple of tiny branches with leaves. I Expected it to be "fuller" for the price, but hopefully it will look like a tree soon?

Excellent condition, well packaged.
The ornamental grasses I ordered came in excellent condition, did not look very stressed at all. They were QUITE root bound, so I had to trim them up a lot before planting them. It took about 5 minutes per plant, I've never had to grab shears to rip off the root ends before! They were so matted my hands were no match.

BUT, I planted them and heavily watered for a few days, and they're all doing quite well in my yard. These plants were pricy, but definitely worth it for the quality.

Hard to Find Plant
I had looked locally for a specific kind of tree, but no one carries it. I found it online at Brighter Blooms and took a chance on a sight-unseen purchase from a company that was new to me. Communication and tracking were excellent, and my tree arrived quickly. It had some damage to the trunk, so I notified Brighter Blooms right away in case the tree failed to thrive. offered to replace it without waiting to see if it would live. What excellent Customer Service! Replacement street arrived a few days later in excellent condition. Thank you Brighter Blooms!

Described above. I had used the online form to notify Brighter Blooms of the problem with my tree, but I didn't receive an email acknowledgment, so I called to make sure my message had gone through. The representative took time to look for my correspondence, viewed the photos I had attached, and immediately made arrangements for the replacement. Can't ask for better service than that!

I would like it easier to filter by features (e.g...
I would like it easier to filter by features (e.g. Plant, flowering, patio, price low to high, etc). The first screen I was presented to confirm purchase had an unexpected, unexplained total of $1,049.99 and a "discount" of $995.00 to leave my correct total for my order (including shipping and taxes) at $79.24, but this seemed completely random and disconcerting. I don't understand how or why this happened, but it makes me leery of recommending Brighter Blooms based on this experience.

Purchase of a Tree Rose
My purchase went smoothly, and the rose arrived well-packaged and with a nicely damp root ball. It was shipped during an especially hot period and a number of its leaves got crispy and died, but there are still a small number that are gamely recovering from the shock. I planted it immediately in a container and have been babying it to help it along. I see some tiny new leaves forming, which is great. I fully expect it will do well, it seems very healthy overall despite the heat shock.

I was able to obtain a money-back warranty for a wisteria tree that didn't make it, and the agent was quite helpful in determining if my tree was truly dead and qualified for the warranty.

Fantastically healthy trees
Great information about what the trees will produce and what grows well in our area. Great web site. We have used other web sites to purchase trees and literally received an 8" stick. We took a leap of faith and, my goodness, how happy we were when we received the trees. We quickly planted the fig tree and the D'Anjou pear tree and are both thriving and growing like crazy. I know they will be great fruit producers and will always only use Brighter Blooms to purchase our trees from now on.

Order was fine; box was demolished
While I had a great experience with the items shipped and received, I will unashamedly describe that FedEx had absolutely demolished the box. The box was split open, as well as folded almost in half. The items inside seem to be suitable and have survived up to this point, but the root bag on one of them had been damaged, rendering the 'ball' unrecoverable--once again, a FedEx issue. Shipping was on time as expected, and other than the box looking like it had been punted the entire trip, everything was fine.

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