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Very disappointing
I ordered 2 pairs of shoes for my wife. After 10 days the tracking indicated that Boutiquefeel has not left the warehouse. I contacted the customer service team to check progress and they replied that they had cancelled my order.
I asked if the order could continue and to advise the delivery timescales and they advised that had already cancelled the order.
Personally I won't use this company again. I am trying to unsubscribe from their marketing emails, but even that process does not work!

Utter Disappointment
My experience is and continues to be very disappointing and hurtful. The quality of the products is nothing like the picture online. The material is poor quality and the workmanship is just deplorable. Buttons falling off even before you fit the clothing, threads hanging from every where. Nothing fits properly. I spent over $230 and I cannot get a refund. Boutiquefeel are trying to negotiate 30% and coupons. I need my money I don't need their crappy clothes.

Disgruntled in GA.

I was told that items cannot be returned and was being convinced to keep them when I clearly stated i will never wear these poor quality clothes. I was only communicated to via wattsapp and my request for email or phone calls were all denied. I was told that I am “troublesome” for requesting my refund. I was offered a 30% discount which I refused. Until now the matter has not been resolved but they have my money.

Very poor customer service with no INTEGRITY
I bought a few items of which none of them fit. Contacted them right away to return them. Received the label to return items - I had to pay for the return myself. There were no additional instructions. Spent $81.50 and returned the products on 5/21. As of today 6/26/21 - Boutiquefeel cannot locate my items even though I provided the return label and printed out the order and order number inside the package. They claim without the tracking they cannot do anything. I have fight with USPS for a receipt that I am not sure I can get - they not only have MY money but I no longer have merchanise and they choose to do nothing. Very very poor! I will blast them every month if needed.

Blue plastic face mask
The quality of material used, the color and transparency feature is great. Unfortunately, I can't use it because it's way too big for my face and ears. If I don't move it's okay comfortwise, despite it looking obviously too large. My children told me I looked like Darth Vader. That was an exaggeration, but that's feedback proving it's much too large. If I lean forward it slides down and off my nose and hangs around my chin. So if you ever make a much smaller size for women or teens with narrow face, I'll try one of those.

Website jumps around probably due to too many offerings
Website jumps around probably due to too many offerings. Size chart and item description for could be a bit more informative but hey, we are slaves to China. I'm looking forward to the day when there are so many Chinese/Americans that Boutiquefeel are forced to change their sizing charts. I see more and more BIG Chinese boys everyday which means China is going to have to formally educate their own or demand the fat Americanized lot back home and I promise you, once Americanized, their people no longer belong to them.

I am so happy, you made me want the things I forgot,...
I am so happy, you made me want the things I forgot, you took them away to make me remember who I was going to be before I forgot and then you let me have what I wanted and I grew to understand the value of my worth and you grew with me which I am so impressed about as I thought you were a cheep smut shop but as it turns out you are a king looking for a queen. So thanks for reminding me, your cloths are lovely - I've just got to get into them, and I really really can't wait to wear the; x

Misleading pictures
Unfortunately, the three tops I ordered bore very little resemblance to the pictures on the website. The pictures made them look like good quality items, well shaped and nice material. Sadly, two of the tops were huge and shapeless, one was a completely different shade of blue, one was much smaller than the medium size it claimed to be, and all looked and felt like cheap nylon. Boutiquefeel just looked cheap and nasty. All have been returned for a refund but you don't get the shipping costs back.

The did respond fairly quickly to my emails but it took three emails before they sent me a return address. Each time, a different person answered and it was obvious they hadn't read the previous emails.

I had an account and wishlist, and it completely disappeared
I had an account and wishlist, and it completely disappeared. I had to start all over. Now I have no saved items that I might have purchased... I have trouble logging in, and suddenly there's no menu item for masks and bananas? Your entire "claim to fame" in your advertisements that brought me here... Really you're the only decent outlet for them. Every style, attached to clothes, or with clear parts or shields... Please put the menu items back. I discovered the rest of your products ONLY because of the lace mask...

Very poor supplier
Only two out of the 4 items of tops ordered came correct, one came the wrong colour that I ordered it should have been Apricot it came White the customer care team said all shades vary? Unbelievable answers. The second wrong item was a different tag lable on it and the fit was for a size 10 I ordered Large customer care gave me a discount on this item.
My over all exspeariance using this company again is stay well clear! Please every body.

Very very poor excuses made to my complaint

Not what I expected
I had to return 2/3 items purchased due to poor fit. I ordered a size bigger just to be on the safe side, but I found the cut out shirts to be snug in my shoulders and upper arm area. Just not a comfortable fit. Customer service was excellent. Quick response and very pleasant. Gave options for returning items or keeping them at a discounted price. Probably should have kept them because it was pricey to ship them back. Not worth the money I lost in the process. You live and learn. Hesitant to order again due to sizing issues.

As noted above, customer service was excellent. Quick response. Gave me options on returning items.

I ordered what looked like a few quality masks to go with various outfits. Never received an email. After 3 weeks I had no way of talking to customer service so I filled a dispute with paypal. Only then did I get any sort of confirmation on my order. When Boutiquefeel arrived after a month they were not the same masks I had ordered. Flimsy and low quality, not quite the same colors pictured. One of them already broke. I asked for a refund and they offered me $4 back of the 25 I spent. Will not be using them again

Scam Company? What arrived is not what was advertised - caveat emptor
I do not know how this company has managed to get such positive reviews. I ordered 4 Christmas ornaments at £6.99 each with postage whih was close to the same amount. I had read reviews, the company looked legitimate... but what turned up 8 weeks later looked nothing like what was advertised (a cheap chipped metal badly painted trinket, not a glass bauble) and I have since realised that the product photographs have been taken from another site. It's another Wish! It's clear some people have had positive experiences but I am certainly not one of them, £40 thrown away because I know there will be no refund.

DON'T EVER buy anything from these people! Boutiquefeel deserve less than one star. I ordered on Christmas Eve and it still hadn't arrived by the end of March in spite of assurances it would but was slow due to covid. When I asked for a specific date after about 15 emails I was finally told the product was out of stock and wouldn't be available again! I doubt they ever had it! Lies and disgusting (lack of) customer service. Even the refund wasn't given in full and I had to write yet again to get the excess. DISGRACEFUL DISHONEST COMPANY.

Not what expected
Poor customer service, took forever to come, tried to cancel but was unable to because no one got back to me in time. Had to buy a different dress from another company. When this dress arrived it was poor quality, didn't fit right and was not how it appeared on the site. Very disappointed. Can't return now because I'd have to pay shipping which is have the cost of the dress! Not worth it!

Awful customer experience. Wanted to cancel my order because it wasn’t going to arrive on time. Emailed them several times .Took forever for someone to get back to me. By the time Boutiquefeel did, I was told that I couldn’t cancel and that I could return the item once it arrived but I would have to pay shipping (which was almost the cost of the dress), I wasn’t going to pay for it twice! Emailed again and no one ever got back to me! I will never
order from them again!

Still not received!
I still haven't received one of the items I ordered. I do not want to return the other items until I receive the final one as I don't know if it will be suitable or not but I am concerned that you are going to tell me I am outside of the refund period. The communication from you has been awful, it's very hard to get an update and even the items I have received took longer than expected. Yet despite all this, you were very quick to take my money. Extremely disappointing.

I still haven’t received one item which was paid for a LONG time ago and also haven’t received any further update on when I will receive it. How on earth do I manage the returns when the delivery dates are weeks if not months apart please?

Sute is nice great prices and good deals, only thing...
Sute is nice great prices and good deals, only thing make me feel uncomfortable is when I press on item to look closer and go back to page with all items it's throw. E back to the begging of catalog which is annoying cz I already. Are it far down. Only option is to press add to chart button but I can't zoom in from there if I need look close up. This is only issue which stopped me of giving 5 stars.If this will get fixed It will be perfectly comfortable to use it, Its my first order and I hope quality will be just as good as it's on pictures. Thank you!

You Don't get what you pay for
The products are well presented in the pictures but when you receive it Boutiquefeel aren't the same quality as what the picture looks like which is very disheartening and it took nearly 3 weeks to get here to me. I keep saying I'm not gonna fall for these companies that sell cheap Asian junk that cost you an arm and a leg to get to you and never have I had anything that I've ordered from any of these companies be as it's a pictured. Then try sending it back, it cost you twice as much to get it there so you're basically stuck with it.

It was bad at first… until I had to get my bank involved!
Well I had ordered some things and Boutiquefeel excepted my payment but no product, got a email after emailing them and they finally told me that they only had one of the items. I canceled my order and they said that they could not give me a refund due to the bank policy, screw your policies that's my money and you can't just take it from me, so they did a credit and I received the stuff that I ordered! And I finally received my stuff. But the fight is not worth some of this clothing! JS

Not so until I got my bank involved!!

Horrible service
Maggie is a horrible customer service rep. I placed an order almost 3 months ago and it has still not shipped. Then it magically got returned to sender for being "overweight" at customs. Do not order from this company! I keep asking when my order will ship, and Boutiquefeel just copy and paste the same response, "your order will ship in 2-3 business days". Then I asked if my order had shipped and their response was "we have not heard from you so we are going to cancel your order". This company is a joke!

I love Boutiquefeel!
I have been a Boutiquefeel customer for the longest time and I love their items... prices are reasonable! The material is at times not exactly as it seems in the pictures and at times (not always, but sometimes) the cut needs some alteration. Overall, I'm quite happy with the items I have ordered over the years

I ordered 3 leggings, all size S. One is PERFECT and I LOVE it... the other two unfortunately are big! Boutiquefeel don't look like a Small size at all! Looking at the Return Policy, I will have to pay for shipping back these items when I just want to have them replaced with something else (maybe more similar to the perfect leggings that I got). Is there anything that can be done about that? I do not want a refund, but leggings that I can actually use. Thanks to advise me

Ridiculously small, Chinese sizing, not all arrived
Stay away as far as you can. I'm updating my review from several weeks ago as this has been a saga of them not wanting to refund my money. Don't be fooled by pretty pictures of their products. You will be sadly disappointed with what you receive. I urge you - do not buy from this site. The hassle of dealing with them isn't worth it and Boutiquefeel don't sell even remotely good quality products. Not to mention, their customer service is absolutely horrible, and they place no value on their customers. Never again!

They will keep on sending you messages, every day different person, asking the same questions and proofs of returning goods. It's so frustrating. They stole my £37. They got back the goods and never returned my money.

Low quality, out of stock, long delivery times
You know I love the cut but when you get these garments in and you hold them in your hand the sewing is really substandard it's irregular and the material just lacks the feel of quality is just a cheap polyester. The pictures feel a lot better than the quality of the product really is.

Half of my order never arrived Boutiquefeel said it would be two days later to ship and it's now been weeks.

My first order several months ago one item never came and they refused to help me. So they packed up a partial order skipped one item and then just set out too bad on you. That's really poor customer service.

I had one item missing out of my order and they just basically ignored me. They kept telling me to go to the post office and ask them but the package was not broken or was it opened it was just missing one of the four items. They just don't care this is just some cheap Chinese company that wants your American dollars don't give it to them.

Glad to find Santa wearing a face mask ornament
It was difficult to find a face mask ornament in December 2020, so I was thrilled to find Boutiquefeel's Santa wearing a face mask ornament still in stock in early December. Unfortunately, Boutiquefeel promised delivery before our family was scheduled to leave town for Christmas, but Boutiquefeel didn't come through. Everyone received a "2020" ornament except my daughter-in-law because Boutiquefeel didn't deliver it as promised. It was a BIG disappointment. It arrived a week after Christmas after we had returned home from my son's house.

Beware of descriptions/pictures
Shipping took forever, first off. Also, I thought I was getting a great shirt for a metal/rock concert with metal studs at the shoulders and wrists. The material feels cheap, though I could get past that. What really bothers me is the awful fake pearls that are on the shoulders/wrists rather than studs. The description says it has studs, the picture seems to show studs, but instead it's covered in fake plastic pearls. It looks completely ridiculous and I don't know how I could make it any better. On top of that, if I wanted a refund, I'd have to mail it back at my own expense, which would likely cost more (or at least most of) than what I paid for it.

I asked customer service about when my shirt would arrive. Boutiquefeel were able to give me a slightly better update, but it still took a lot longer than the site said or what the customer service person told me.

Elegant but system very non practical everything I...
Elegant but system very non practical everything I go through a bunch of item and scroll down shopping and when I click on 1 item to see 1 blause when I'm done I go back all the way from the beginning again when I already gone through it start all over again when I'm already seen it I passed it but when I check on 1 outfit
The system going back all over again from the top
Should not be like that wasted our time instead continued where I seen last item
TOO much time wasted kept going from the beginning no more time lost

Very late shipping
I paid extra shipping to receive my products between 7-10 days but I didn't get them on time. There was no point on paying extra.
You should include an under lining with see through dresses and obviously charge accordingly. I prefer to pay more for a nice product once than waiting long time to receive my products and then having to make alterations or paying more for something to wear under my dress and spend time looking for that something extra to wear under.

Bella answered my emails promptly. Thank you for that Bella!!
However, I wish I received back what I paid extra for shipping since I didn’t get my order when needed even though I paid to receive my products in 10 days max. There is a beautiful jumpsuit that I would love to order, but I keep thinking on how long I would have to wait to receive it.

Customer service could be improved
The website has a lot of fake reviews! Boutiquefeel are not a trustworthy site. I ordered several items and they did not send two of the items in my package. When I contacted them they claimed it was out of stock. Then they gave me a tracking number that didn't work and said it had been shipped. I had to argue for over a month with them and threaten to report them for fraud before they finally sent me items. The items are not any different than the stuff you find on Wish or AliExpress, they simply mark the prices up. They also have fake advertising to try and suck you in. They advertise 5 items for $69 but when you add the items to cart it doesn't apply the promotion. When I contacted their live support about it they offered me 10% off but still wouldn't honor their advertisement on their home page! When I said I didn't want the 10%, I wanted to know why it wouldn't apply they $69 promotion they simply disconnected. I tried to speak to three different agents and every single one disconnected the chat when I said the 5 for $69 promotion wasn't applying. I tried contacting them from my phone, my laptop and my work desktop PC so it's clearly not a technical issue. Ridiculous.

Update: they did finally reach out to me and rectify the issue. I'm not sure why it happened in the first place and I didn't demand a response. But at least their care team responded to my issue and provided me with a resolution. Raising my review to reflect my experience. You do get what you order from them and clearly they are trying to run a decent business. The customer support could be improved as you shouldn't have to resort to leaving negative reviews before someone finally takes action.

I ordered a dress for my daughter for graduation. It arrived rather quick which was great, however it was too big. I have been trying to return it but the steps for returning are vague and it is difficult to get a hold of someone. I have emailed and relayed my desire to return but have not received a response. However, I receive emails daily about deals etc. or satisfaction but not in reference to the return I would like to make.

I emailed and Boutiquefeel responded immediately but after the initial message I have not heard back on my question which was how to return the dress I bought as it is too big.

I ordered lingerie that clearly showed underwire and form fitting (shapely) material. What I received was a limp piece of lace with cheap sewing, no underwire. I laughed and immediately put it back in the bag. When I asked for a refund Boutiquefeel said they don't refund for lingerie. TOTAL SCAM. I have begun a resolution process through paypal. I did read reviews but they clearly have people writing false positive reviews. Oh, and they're out of Hong Kong. I should have known better. (first photo is ad, the rest are what I actually received - if you look carefully you will see the sloppy stitching, no underwire, etc)

Terrible customer service
I ordered several items for my wife for Christmas. Although the order took quite a long time to arrive, it finally made it. The quality, for the most part, is okay. Stuff is not too expensive so, as Boutiquefeel say, you get what you pay for. One of the dresses however came and had a ruined elastic band and no tags (CLEARLY WORN AND USED BEFORE). I went back and forth with emails to customers service and all they finally offers was 30% off my purchase price. I told them I either want an exchange or a refund and it has been 3 days now with no response. Buy somewhere else with a more reputable company where they back their products and put the customer first.

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