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Bob's Discount Furniture

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DO NOT PURCHASE FROM BOB'S FURNITURE. We ordered a bedroom set, spent just about $2300 for all pieces (although, a package ONLY comes with one bedside table? There are two sides to a bed.) plus shipping which is a mandatory fee despite the large cost of furniture, and the white glove service. We ordered product at the beginning of the month but the first available delivery date was at the end of the month. Thank God we got the white glove service so that Bob's Discount Furniture could not blame us for faulty product. I had to take off a total of 3 days of work for 3 separate appointments, plus HOURS of waiting on hold to resolve each problem after every one. The hardware did not come in the bed kit, so I was left with pieces scattered in the bedroom. I was told the hardware would be rush delivered and I would receive a call within the hour to schedule the completion of the bed. The delivery men brought in the rest of the items, put feet on each pre-built dresser and left - they said they are given 4 minutes per item, which clearly caused them to run out without a second glance. I later found out that none of the pieces were inspected properly before they ran out, nor did they walk through each item with me to do so. The drawers on the dressers were hard to pull in and out and leaving marks on the dresser walls (obviously misaligned). I received NO call following, and when I had to call in to check on it, hardware hadn't even been ordered and they claimed this was an issue with the items being out of stock. The hardware was finally ordered, but delivery information sent was to deliver to the wrong city. Another couple hours on the phone, and days later to have that rescheduled. Hardware finally showed up, and I had to spend more time getting more delivery men out to put it together, and have someone inspect/repair the dresser drawers. Another day off work, they came an hour early and rushed to put the bed together. NONE of the drawers under the bed sit flush, and one drawer is obviously broken. The crew leader said that the original delivery men didn't inspect the items before leaving and he couldn't fix any of the drawer issues -?! Another couple hours on the phone and time wasted, had a THIRD delivery scheduled for a new bed and tall dresser sent (at that point, I was going to live with the other sticking drawer issues). That appointment date came around and I never received a time. I called again, spent another couple hours and was told that my account stated they were waiting on ME TO CALL to schedule and that NOTHING was on the account about a dresser. I did call, I was on the phone for an hour when I was told it was all scheduled - WHAT? I was told the items are out of stock so the only option is for an exchange and to pick out new product. I bought a set, the set is DEFECTIVE, it has been a month and a half and I'm being told to START OVER? Absolutely not. We asked for this to be removed and a full refund, we want none of it, nor anything further from Bob's Discount. The associate said that was not an option. I spoke with the Supervisor who also insisted that was not an option. HOW IS THAT NOT AN OPTION? I was told because we accepted the furniture into the home. Of course, it was delivered and needed to be set up per the white glove service. I DID NOT ACCEPT defective items, and that is what I was left with. She caved and allowed for a bed refund. So, I would then need to get a new bed that does not match the rest of the set? No, not acceptable. We purchased goods that were defective and wanted to return them, and they refused. So much time has passed, so many hoops jumped through and SOOO much extensive time and effort put into something that cost a small fortune to many. We immediately called the credit card company to dispute this. THIS WAS A SCAM.

Goof Proof and Service a Joke
I have been a Bob's furniture customer for years and you would think I learned my lesson. We I didn't! I guess you get what you pay for.
Less the 8 months ago I purchased a dining room set and it was just problems since day one. The day of the delivery the 2 men that did the delivery left my things in the garage because one of their employees had a hurt back. Why would you even send someone who can't do their job for this service. My husband had to come home form work and bring the table set upstairs and set and assemble it. Mind you we paid for this! We called and we did explain and we did get a refund. Ok nice.
About 3 months ago we found that the table top was leaving strikes and paint was coming off every time we cleaned it. I tried every thing to clean the top with the same result. While cleaning we found that the edge of the table was splitting. I called the goof proof that I purchased and he "repaired" it. It is so noticeable and a S****** job! Just this pass 2 weeks we notice that the table had two big bubbles. I called Bob's because I just have had enough. I was given the manufacture email to send some picture and Bob's Discount Furniture said it was water damage and if I had goof proof to call them and tell them about the accident. Basically telling them a lie! There no accident! We don't use the table much and I have had all this happen. I went to Bob's store where I purchased the table and the general manager helped me get a number to see if they can further assist me. I called and had a tech come out. The tech was rude from the beginning saying he doesn't do this kind of work and there was nothing he can do because there is water damage. Like how is it water damage. The bubbles are in two different spots and if that was the case it would be all in the same dame area. Who in this world would buy a table to cover it up! That was his suggestion! Mind you if I wanted to I will call goof proof and claim it was damage and issue resolved. But the moral of the story is Bob's has bad service and buying insurance is a scam. I should have known this because this has happened before. Oh and when I spoke with the lady today she told me I should have gotten a care kit for purchasing the goof proof insurance. Really was I now. I will like to know where that kit is and maybe I wouldn't have to be dealing with all this mess! Now i'm left $2,700 short with a table that is an eye soar to look at! You better believe I will not let this happen to me ever again!

I am writing this hoping no one else shops at Bob's Discount furniture.
It all started in July... I bought my first set of furniture. Sale person was kind, at first, then when my set didn't get deliver on the dated he stated, I called the store and spoke with him. He stated will I do not get paid until you get your furniture, I stated will you took my money the same day. Not my issue. When can I get my furniture and it would of been nice to get a phone call stating it wouldn't be coming so I didn't sit home all day.
2nd problem the furniture came after i called the customer service people some nice some not so nice. Bob's Discount Furniture told me it will be another week or two.
Furniture come in, I asked the driver to set it, he said no he couldn't I did not have that service, I said yes I did,,, they didn't speak English so very hard to understand each other. I put it together, and it was damaged, frame is broken on the couch, and the chair was just a mess from the stitching not correct to broke where the noise when you sat on it was so loud. I went to Bob's store explained the whole thing to the manager Frank who is awesome in my eye.
They schedule a time for someone to come out and look at it. Again I wait in all day to get a phone call at Three in the afternoon that the guy had an emergency at his his and wasn't coming. Again all day waiting on them. Now four days I missed from work, still have broken furniture and dealing with rude people
So, They finial state they are refunding me my money to find out it is store credit, Okay so I pick out a new set them I do not want the same people delivering it I want some one else because they did not know what they where doing. Okay all set, nope!
They come to deliver the next set, guess what same guys and they go to put this one together and they brake the set.
I then tell them take it back. Well they don't have room on truck so they schedule a delivery truck to pick it up the next week, but it wasn't scheduled correctly so again another day waiting on bob's. 4 days so I am fighting with another manager to get this piece of junk out of my house and give me my money back.
So they tell me they will work around my schedule well they do not.
I was scheduled for first stop today to have pick up the couch, nope was the 4th so they lied.
It has been a nightmare since July, and I still waiting on my money to be refunded.

Dishonest company
This was the first and last time I will ever buy anything from Bob's Furniture. I ordered a dining set in June. When I put the order through, the expected delivery date was less than a week. I never got it until August.

I paid for white glove delivery- one of the chairs was completely damaged. We were told they'd send someone to exchange it for a new chair. Fine, whatever. We didn't complain- things happen. No one contacted us as promised, so after HOURS (yes, literally hours) of trying to get ahold of someone and repeatedly getting disconnected the representative told me that Bob's Discount Furniture had no record of any damages and offered a "discount" off of the completely unusable chair. I told him I ordered new furniture and I wanted new furniture. Then he said he could send someone to "fix" the chair and that if it wasn't able to be fixed the repair person would swap it with a new one. This is completely ridiculous, but we said fine and made the appointment because I didn't have any time left in the day to argue about it.

The repair person shows up and argues with my husband that he can fix the chair. They take the cardboard off and the chair is literally destroyed, as we told them initially. He then made my husband talk to customer service. They are going to send a new chair to my home, which is back ordered for at least another month. Oh, and the chair will arrive unassembled, so we will have to make ANOTHER appointment to have someone come and put it together.

Bob's customer service is a nightmare- it may even be worse than Comcast, and we all know how Comcast is. If you're looking for new furniture and trying to save a little money by choosing Bob's- don't! It's not worth it.

We ordered a sectional, bed frame, dresser, dining room set and new rug for our new apartment. Our delivery window was 10am to 1pm for March 6th. We explained to our salesman at Bob's that we were unable to even get into our apartment until at least 10am (when the apartment complex opened) and asked if the delivery could be pushed back later in the day. The salesman said he would write a note to the delivery guys to relay the message. We were on our way to the apartment at received a call at 9:40 that the delivery guys were at the apartment ready to unload, we said we were on the way but wouldn't get the key until at least 10 and if Bob's Discount Furniture could possibly go to their next delivery and come back to us to not hold them up, even though they were 20 minutes early. We got the key at 10:10, and the delivery guys drove right past us and left us without our furniture. They didn't come back that day, or the next and couldn't deliver everything until 6 days later. The railings for the bed were scheduled to come a week after original delivery, but when the furniture was delivered, our order ended up being completed for some reason, deleting our railing delivery from the system some how. They rescheduled the railings for two weeks later. I ate dinner on the floor and sat on lawn chairs for 6 days and slept on the floor due to their screw up. I tried contacting the customer service to get answers as to why the delivery was such a mess, and I was given no information, no apology and no help. I asked if the delivery fee could be waived for the inconvenience, and was given a hard no. I was offered a $50.00 gift card to the store for compensation, but declined as I will never be purchasing anything from their stores ever again! Horrible service all around. No one seemed to care about the trouble we were put through! Do yourself a favor and spend a little more money elsewhere. You'll more than likely have a much better experience anywhere else!

To anyone who considers to purchase furniture from Bob's... DON'T! Customer service is terrible. I am a very disappointed customer. I purchased a bedroom set from the North HIlls Store, Pittsburgh PA. My salesman Archie was phenomenal, awesome. However my first indication of a problem, was when my salesman tried scheduling my furniture for us to pick it up to avoid a delivery charge of $129. Archie thought the set I was purchasing was being discontinued so I indicated we would take the floor model if need be. The manager came over and did some things on the computer and said, if we scheduled it for my husband to pick it up we would not be guaranteed that the items would not be sold out, so he bamboozled me into paying the $129 for delivery. The items were delivered on Saturday. So we spent the day taking our old furniture apart and cleaning. When my husband began putting the new bed together, we discovered there were no side rails or hardware. The store closes at 7, so no call until the next day. Now the fun begins... try calling the store, get stuck in leaving messages, no person to answer. Finally get through and I was told to call customer service. Forty minute wait... then talk to a person, Bob's Discount Furniture will send out the parts (I can't just go to the store and pick them up) Fed-express... 5-7 DAYS... more like Pony Express. At this point, my husband and I are sleeping on our mattress on the floor! We are not children and have phyical issues that we should not be on the floor. Then on Tuesday, no parts so I was able to get in touch with Archie who apologized and said he would have his manager contact me. No call from the manager. So Saturday (a whole week later) I went to the store with my daughter-in-law. The salesperson, Al who was at the door, treated me completely disrespectful, so I told him to have a manager come to speak with me. After total rudeness, he did, the manager said he would look up my order and call me... I said absolutely not, I will wait right here because I can no longer sleep on the floor. I sent my daughter in law in to look for Archie and Al stopped her and was completely rude to her! Another customer witnessed the entire scene and stopped to give me his number as he was leaving the store due to what he witnessed and would not purchase anything where they treated customers as me and my daughter in law were treated. The manager came out with a print out saying the parts were not mailed until THURSDAY! And could only say, I'm sorry. But no option for rectifying the situation with the furniture or the salesperson Al! So I called on my way home to the 800 number the phone call took one hour and 45 minutes before a person answered the phone! The call lasted at least 45 minutes and still we will be sleeping on the floor. Still no rectifying the situation. Also my husband called the manager and told him he did not appreciate the way his salesman disrespected me at the store and all he would say is he told me he was sorry for the way the salesman acted and my husband said it wasn't good enough because the manager did nothing to fix the situation with the bed and he laughed at my husband on the phone! TERRIBLE TERRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE! NEVER SHOP AT BOB'S DISCOUNT FURNITURE... and trust me the prices were not really a discount.

Horrible customer service
After we purchased 2 couches online we started experiencing the worst customer service we have ever experienced.
We ordered couches at the end of May and Bob's Discount Furniture were delivered the first week of June. We paid extra to have them delivered and set up. After the delivery guys left we attempted to use our couches but one of our couches didn't work properly. We spent hours on the phone trying to get someone back out but the soonest they could schedule someone was over a week. When the tech finally got here he realized he needed to order a part before he could fix it. That took another week. After the part arrived to our house it took another week to get the tech back out so we are looking at 3 weeks of time that we couldn't use our couches due to the techs not making sure they work properly before leaving. We also had to wait an extra week to have them delivered due to issues with their delivery driver tracking system.
Now the couch isn't working again. We have called repeatedly to get someone out here again but the wait times have been hours long before we can speak with someone. It has been so frustrating trying to get this worked out.
We were also told we would receive a refund to our credit card for the delivery charge. We have spoke to three different representatives regarding this and have again spent hours on hold to try to get this fixed. Each representative has told us something different. The supervisor told us it would be credited to our discover card, the second representative said it was already credited and to double check and the third representative told us it would be credited to the bobs account. Why would we ever want to purchase something from them again? The money should have been credited to our discover card the first time we spoke with someone. I have truly never experienced such horrible customer service and I hope to spread the word before someone else purchases something online from them. Especially if they plan to spend thousands of dollars. Bobs has no problem running your card and taking your payment but you are screwed after that. I can understand covid being the cause of wait times but not for a broken couch that we've had 3 techs out for and being told something different every time we call in that is just very poor communication and very poor customer service. As of 7/21/20 our issues have not be resolved.

Great products, Horrible customer service!
Bobs seems to have a great selection of furniture and so far I love the product we purchased from them. However that is unfortunately the only positive comment I can give regarding my experience. The customer service I received at this location was absolutely appalling. The salesman and manager that I spoke with were incredibly condescending during my whole time in the store. The salesman did not seem to know anything about the furniture he was selling and kept asking me for the specifications of the entertainment center I was buying as he did not seem to know anything about it. When he finished his part of the sale, he brought his manager over to "double check" the sale, and then Bob's Discount Furniture both proceeded in trying to pressure me into things I had already said I did not want to purchase. For instance, I was very confident in my husbands and my ability to pick up the furniture and put it together ourselves, but the manager and salesman were very doubtful that we could do this and tried over and over again to tell me how difficult it would be and get us to buy their white glove service. They also said if we picked up ourselves it would take 3-4 weeks longer to come in than if we had it delivered, which ended up not being true at all.
Then we were told our entire set had come in when actually only half of it came in. Once we received all the pieces we discovered that they had not given us all the screws we needed. We wanted to call the store and tried at least a dozen times over several days to get ahold of someone at the store and no one ever answered the customer service phone. We even called the corporate office and had them transfer me and I was never able to get anyone to pick up so we just went to a hardware store to find something that would work.
They have great products, but I will never shop there again.

Unsatisfied Customer
I bought the twin bed/box spring and bed frame for a guest room for the holidays. This was NOT a smart purchase nor would I recommend to anyone. I didn't bother trying to return since I needed it asap and because I bought this particular one knowing it was inexpensive but truthfully, it isn't inexpensive, it is just cheap. The stitching is undone and falling apart all around the edges. Mattress and box spring are not the same size and no matter how many ways you try to line them up, Bob's Discount Furniture won't because they are neither the same size nor actual rectangular shape. When you sit on the mattress, it completely depresses, the sides will sink all the way, and the cheap springs will be visible through the mattress. The springs also hurt terribly and VERY uncomfortable. I bought 6 inches worth of extra mattress padding (which gets very pricey) to compensate for my guest using the bed. The bed frame does not lock into position for twin size nor even in the small position, does the twin bed actually fit. There's a gap. For all these reasons, the bed frame and bed never stay in place or is falling off. I jammed the bed between other furniture pieces so that its not annoying for my guest to constantly try to figure out the puzzle of making the bed in the morning, distorted products that do not line up and the frame that keeps pulling apart and the bed that does not sit in the frame properly. Lastly, the leg/feet of bed frame are not finished edges on all sides. It's jagged and dangerous and I strongly recommend you do not purchase this as it will cause injury unknowingly. I was wiping the floor around the bed from all the dust and loose threads after I made the bed and the jagged edge of the leg scraped a layer off my forearm. It was really bad and bleeding badly. I still have the scar on my arm 4 months later and this was December 2019 that I purchased the bed and this occurred. I wrapped cardboard around the legs so my guest doesn't hurt herself. Needing something inexpensive was the reason for purchase however you can find much higher quality products at Amazon, IKEA, Costco for same or better price. In fact, because you need to purchase extra padding because of the cheap mattress/springs, it is most definitely NOT worth buying products from Bob's. You can easily find very good, solid, functional twin bed frames at almost anywhere else for the price Bob's is asking. I only purchased through Bob's for convenience of making one purchase of all items together. Shop around, you will find that Bob's is not the best deal for inexpensive purchases. The only plus on the shopping experience is that that they had a very good automated delivery system in place that you can track as you begrudgingly wait for your furniture arrival and the delivery men were very pleasant and polite.

Sales woman and Manager have horrible Customer Service skills.
I would never buy from or recommend Bob's Furniture store in Southington. This was the worst experience I have ever had with any purchase after several previous purchases and I just found out that the original Bob has sold the business so no wonder the Manager and Sales associate have no customer service skills what so ever.
From the start our sales woman after she made her sales was complaining and gave us her whole life story and using very vulgar words to describe her ex husband, we were appalled but she already had her sale. Bob's Discount Furniture first gave me a time frame for this past Friday between 11:15 to 1:15, then Friday morining at 9:00 they sent a text stating they would be there in 1 hour and 15 minutes, well I was at a dr appointment so when they called to say they were in my driveway I told them I would be there and 15 minutes and they stated well you do know this is a drop off! So of courses I said no this is not a drop off! REALLY! So they put three huge boxes on my porch in the rain. I called the sales woman and she said I did not want the white glove I told her I never heard of the white glove, as we were going back and forth you couldn't get a word in with this obnoxious woman, she told someone on the other side of the phone oh I don't have time for this. I then asked to speak to a manager who she said comes in at noon and he would call me, no call from him so at 12:45 I called him. He didn't care either and his customer service skills were even worse then the sales woman. He said he would call me back to set up for a team to come and assemble the furniture and no call after an hour and a half so I called again and he says It won't be today he doesn't know when someone would get out there but if I want they could come and pick up the furniture. So they are coming but not until 10 more days to pick up the furniture which will still be sitting outside in the rain. It just shows how they really care about their products and customers.

Next time we will go somewhere else
We purchased our sectional couch in April. The sales girl told us that we can customize it to our liking as we only wanted 3 of the 4 pieces. She told us that the metal bracket that would connect the 4th piece would be covered with fabric so it would not show. The couch was delivered with the bracket on the outside. When i called the store and spoke to the manager he said there was some "miscommunication" and proceeded to try to talk me into a smaller 2 piece couch.

Also when the couch and pillows( included) were delivered there were many frayed fabric strings from the seems. As the delivery men were putting together our couch i sat at my kitchen table with a scissors. (Not something I should be doing with a new purchase. A hefty purchase at that).

I have learned to live with it as my husband and I were debating on purchasing the 4th piece in the future when we move and have more room for it.

Fast forward a couple of months we have noticed holes in the seems of the fabric cushions. I called next day to make a claim for someone to come out and fix it as we purchased the Goof Proof warranty for 5 years. The CSR told me the system is down and Bob's Discount Furniture could not look up my account. I asked about the other phone numbers in the brochure and asked when I would call those and what each company covers. One number is Guardian. He says they cover any 1 time accidents. ( not sure what this means as how do you predict there will be one accident but whatever). When I questioned the FabricTech phone number and if I should contact them with this FABRIC issue he says "I dont even know what that is, I am not familiar" IT IS PRINTED IN THE BROCHURE.

It all boils down to Customer Service. Customer Service is what sells. Next time we decide to purchase furniture, it will not be from Bobs. They don't even TRY to reconcile the issue. You get what you pay for and unfortunately we paid $1,334.00 for horrible customer service.

Warning - warning - warning - warning - warning!
We are trying to save you from making the mistake we made.
Refinished our house with different items from Bob's big furniture from a mattress to living room furniture, barstools, etc.
Our reclining couch has broke, with two hours on hold, and having the good proof protection our couch has not been fixed after 3 months of waiting, a technician came buy and said he had the wrong part and left quick. Still waiting.
The living room chair is made so bad we are nervous to sit on it.
We ordered online At Bob's discount furniture, four barstools. When we tried to put them together the screws would not tighten into their threaded holes, very poor craftsmanship, we had to re-box these four barstools and ship them back, we have not received our money back for these barstools it's been two months. At this point we realized we need to cancel the mattress immediately which was a king size and the best brand. Bob's Discount Furniture were fighting me all the way, Insisting that they were going to send it to us anyway, however I told them we were to not except the mattress On the attempted delivery and we did get refunded. Our lamp finally showed up after a couple of months it was cracked and the box was crushed,?
We did get a wooden end table for the living room and so far it doesn't seem like we have any problems with that, so far
Overall the experience has been horrible and can only hope that this reaches at least one of you that are smart enough to just take our word for it. This is not about you reading this and Savng you money, really, it's about taking business from Bob's discount furniture as they don't deserve it and as you can read there are many that feel the same way.

Stay Away
The customer service is pathetic once Bob's Discount Furniture have their money. And NOT working people friendly! In the store was fine, but after that things fell apart. We went into the store and Patricia helped us. We ordered about $3000 of furniture on January 12th. Delivery was set for January 17th, so we took off work. The 17th came and everything was fine except the loveseat was the wrong color. The delivery driver just laughed and shrugged. We called customer care and requested they deliver it the next day. The lady on the phone gave us a lot of attitude, but finally agreed to add it on to Friday's delivery schedule for after 1:00pm. So we had to take off another half day of work. Low and behold the delivery people came at 11:00am instead of 1:00pm. Well since they were supposed to come after 1:00pm and decided to come two hours early, we weren't home yet. We offered to open the door lock with an app but they refused to deliver it. So we called back and were told they would reroute the drivers back that day. But nobody showed up. So today, January 19th, a full week after purchase we still don't have our loveseat. We called again today and had the unfortunate experience of talking to Shaunice (or Shauna?) and Bree. Shaunice had a "don't give a flying f* attitude" and Bree made it clear she could not care less. Neither woman made an effort to help us get our item in a timely manner, neither had good customer service skills, both refused to allow to speak to the delivery manager, and neither cared about making this right. In addition the general attitude and tone of voice Shaunice used was abhorrent. They both offered to ship it to the store, but claimed the truck for Tuesday was full so it wouldn't be able to be delivered to the store until January 29th. Since we have jobs (because how else could we afford furniture), we wouldn't be able to pick up our loveseat until a FULL 3 WEEKS AFTER PURCHASE! That's unacceptable! Like most people. We work Monday-Friday, and it's not easy to just skip work. But Bree and Shaunice could not care less. BOBS refuses to deliver to our area (Calvert County) on Saturdays when we are actually off work and could take delivery. Truly pathetic. Perhaps if Shaunice and Bree have so much disdain for customers, are ineffective at problem solving, and are unable to deliver adequate customer service, they should find an alternative career choice. Terrible all around. And we still have NO SOLUTION TO HOW TO GET OUR LOVESEAT!

Worst Furniture Shopping Experience Ever
My wife has searched for a stand for our 65" HDTV for more than a year. She finally found a piece she really liked at Bob's; a LACY 4DR/4DWR Console In Chadwick White ($624.33, delivered). The first one delivered was damaged (it looked like someone had tried to repair damage on one of the rear corners. Bob's Discount Furniture left that piece while we waited another week for a replacement piece. The replacement was also damaged. My wife spoke with customer service about her frustration. We were willing to keep the first piece if Bob's offered a reasonable discount; they offered $149.70. That was almost enough to cover delivery and taxes; we declined. We were then told that that they would make a "special" delivery which would involve examining the piece before placing it on the truck for delivery. Because of the special attention, delivery would take 2 weeks instead of the usual 1 week. We would rather wait than get another damaged piece. The delivery was very annoying; using Bob's delivery tracker, we saw we were stop #4, but they were at stop #5. When I saw them at stop #8, I called to find out why we were skipped. It was very frustrating time trying to get someone on the phone, then we were told the driver's could deliver in whatever order they felt was better (so the tracker can be useless. Te piece arrives and at first glance, it looked okay. Then my wife started to wipe it down, as it was very dusty. Only then did the damage become obvious. There were at least 6 or 7 issues. We called and told Bob's we wanted to come back, get this piece, and refund our money. They wanted to send someone else to fix the piece or have us come in and pick a different piece. I told her, we don't want another delivery, another piece, or wait until another 2 weeks (the earliest they could send a repair technician) to have someone come fix it. She told me they couldn't refund our money, but offered store credit. There's no way I'm ever going to buy anything from them when they couldn't deliver the piece I wanted undamaged.

Are you looking for a furniture store that's easy to work with and has great customer service? DON"T GO TO BOB"S DISCOUNT FURNITURE! Nov 2019 we ordered a grey loveseat and sofa. Told it'd be in March or April. April comes & goes- no furniture. Multiple phone calls and hours on hold we are told there was a delay. We went along with it because we figured Covid delayed things. 2 more months go by. No furniture. More phone calls and hours on hold for the salesman to tell us it's still backordered. We can't get hold of a manager. Manager won't answer or call us back. Another 2 months and Bob's Discount Furniture deliver the WRONG color! They gave us Red, not grey. MORE hours on the phone. Finally we get to speak to a manager. Manager says the order was put in for 2 sofas instead of sofa and loveseat. We manage to get a measly $200 back. In Sept 2020 we finally got a delivery. They gave us 2 sofas and said the loveseat would be delivered Nov. Guess what? That didn't happen either! The delivery of our love seat got rescheduled to Christmas Eve! When they arrived with the loveseat we were told it was going to be an exchange and they would take back a sofa. We got back on the phone to try to arrange for us to keep the both sofas we'd been using since Sept and get the loveseat that we'd been waiting on for OVER A YEAR and we were on hold for another extended period of time! Transferred to multiple people. When customer service finally got us to someone who could help, they did NOTHING! They wouldn't help us AT ALL even after ALL of their mistakes and delays. We will NEVER purchase from Bob's again and we will NEVER recommend them to anyone!

Poor customer service towards Vets
On May 2020 I proudly closed first home during the COVID epidemic. After my closing, I decided to put my trust, and money into Bob's furniture store and ordered a sofa for my new place. I placed the order online, on May 22nd, but was told I would have to wait until June 20th (nearly a month) for delivery. I was ok with that because I got activated (in the Airforce) and I knew that there was a backlog with most companies due to COVID. On June 19th, one day before my delivery, I received a phone call from Bob's stating that despite the long lead time, and the promise of delivery, the only had 2 pieces available to my 3 piece sectional. I did find another couch that I was willing to accept in place of the coach I previously ordered and was willing to pay the difference. First, the gentleman told me it was only $180 more and that coach would be available and shipped to my house the following week, then the gentleman admits he made a mistake, that the other coach was close to $400 more! I asked them due to the inconvenience is there anything Bob's Discount Furniture could do to work with me and I was told no. I also cold the store personally spoke to a sales associate and was told the same thing. I was very shocked Bob's could not do anything to make up for their inconvenience. I work for the AirForce and I also work very hard and have made many sacrifices. I am floored by Bob's response to my problem and that they were not able to meet me halfway and rectify this problem. This is why I am leaving an unsatisfactory review. I planned on furnishing my whole place using Bob's furniture, but due to this I will never buy anything else from this store and will advise my family and friends to do the same. I guess this is how Bob's treats their Vets. UPDATE... on June 21st, the date of delivery, I was informed they now only had one piece of my delivery out of 3. They would have the rest of my pieces by August. Still not willing to work with me, so I canceled my order and will go to a furniture place that actually cherishes and values their customers.

Miss Tucker

Cold day in hell before I would do business with Bob's
The couch and bed I received from Bob's are fine.

Their service is absolutely terrible. Based on my experience two separate interactions, I will not be doing business with them again.

When purchasing my couch, the salesperson really pushed the "Goof Proof" plan, stating that accidental spills were covered under the plan. I shelled out $50 for this plan. Fast forward: I spilled coffee on my couch and submitted a claim through the website. Bob's Discount Furniture denied it. I resubmitted a claim on the phone. They responded to me, again denying the claim, and attaching a copy of my specific coverage details under the plan I purchased. Verbatim, the plan says as follows:

A) Fabric Basic Accidental stains caused by any food or beverage normally consumed by humans; mold and mildew stains caused by food or beverage spills; stains caused by human or pet bodily fluids."

I'm not sure how accidentally spilling coffee on my couch somehow does not meet the terms of this clause, but getting someone on their live chat or phone service that could explain or even better, offer help, is impossible. I may as well have flushed $50 down the toilet for all the good this plan does me. I feel misled by the salesperson and completely un-valued as a Bob's customer.

The other significantly negative experience I had with Bob's customer service was when my furniture was [supposed to be] delivered. They gave me a delivery window for my furniture on a Friday afternoon. I made arrangements to leave work early to accommodate the window they gave me. They showed up 4 HOURS EARLY. Therefore, I was not home when they showed up. I frantically tried to make arrangements to leave work and come home, and the delivery men told me they would wait. They did not wait and were unable to deliver the furniture within the promised time window. Customer service was unapologetic and somehow made the whole fiasco out to be my fault for not being at home when the delivery arrived. I had to escalate the issue multiple times before I got someone who was able to actually help me. He promised me an expedited delivery time but still was unable to get me the couch before the weekend, leaving me to entertain out of town guests without the benefit of the couch I had bought, paid for, and been promised in time.

Bob's rescheduled the delivery for Monday morning at 8am. They showed up on my doorstep at 6:30am, violating my complex's noise curfew and waking me up. At least I finally got my couch.

TL; DR: it would be a cold day in hell before I did business with Bob's furniture again.

Stay away!
I give Bob's Discount Furniture 1 star because there is not an option for negative. I purchased a dining room suit and it came in 5 different deliveries over 4 months with numerous pieces delivered damaged and I was home waiting on a delivery on a Saturday and Bob's Discount Furniture never showed or called to cancel. I opted for the "white glove" delivery where everything was to be put in place and assembled with all packing materials hauled away. Yea right. I came home when my wife was present for the delivery and had to set up the room. The furniture was just dumped in the room. Another delivery I had to put together the china hutch, they just placed it on top of the cabinet and left. I had to install the glass shelves and mount it to the cabinet and put in the proper place. During one delivery the delivery team was speaking Spanish and my wife was very nervous because she could not understand them, but they were able to speak English to inquire on the authenticity of a painting on the wall. (yea no doubt at sometime in the future I will be burglarized.) When I discussed all the issues with the store manager they advised I would receive my delivery fee back at bare minimum and while the delivery was still open I should order more furniture because it would be delivered for free with the return. Yes, all lies. I was offered a $50 gift certificate on a future purchase. I would never make another purchase from them so I told them to keep it. They further stated it is their policy to not return money on a purchase, so the store manager is part of the fraud of this company.

WORSTE POSSIBLE EXPERIENCE. HORRIBLE! They dont even deserve a star
I've never written a bad review for anyone in my life but this sale was the biggest disappointment I've ever dealt with in my life.
I walked into the store with big signs saying that "You don't need credit to purchase" GREAT, I have great credit but just didn't want to open any new lines of credit at the time. So I chose my couch and I ask the rep, what the return policy is and the rep responded clearly. "You have a 60 day return policy with full refund" I though great, so I sit down and I ask her so how do payments go? Considering there's no credit involved? Do I just pay Bobs? She said YES. She took my info which I figured was normal obviously considering I would owe them some money. Dealing with the delivery team was an absolute nightmare! Customer service did nothing to resolve it aside from continuing to reschedule my delivery! Delivery team kept lying saying Bob's Discount Furniture were calling me to deliver and they didn't get any answer which is a complete lie! I even sat outside waiting for them aside my phone and no one ever came. They insisted on lying and did this for two dates of delivery and customer service has no control over this? I mean this is who you hire? People that make your customers suffer until they get their delivery? RUDE RUDE DELIVERY TEAM AND JUST PLAIN DISHONEST LAZY PEOPLE THAT OBVIOUSLY DONT WANT TO GET THE JOB DONE I called about 40 times before I finally got my delivery from BOBS FURNITURE! I am beyond angry and unsatisfied. I received my furniture and decided it was too large for my house. I called the following day to hear by customer service that "BOBS DOESNT RETURN ONCE DELIVERED" this is unacceptable, I was told different! I wasn't told that they DO return. They had nothing more to say but NO. Then I find out I have a new line of credit opened through a bank to finance this purchase which I wasn't even informed regarding this! Im just so disappointed at the kind of customer service these people have. Its unreal. I've purchased a lot of furniture in my past but never dealt with such unprofessionalism.

This is THE WORST company to buy furniture from! I ordered my furniture on 3/9/18 and I was told that my furniture would be delivered to my home on 3/12 between 1:30-5:30. I received a phone call stating that the company would not start delivering furniture until 1pm so my time window was pushed back between 2:45-6:45. Which was fine. I continued to track my order on their site and realized that Bob's Discount Furniture give you a time window, BUT the actual time of arrival (directly underneath) is the time that your furniture will actually be arriving to your home; and that time does not fall in that time window you receive when you order your furniture, its hours later. I called a second time to ask why they have two delivery times and to confirm that my order would arrive between 2:45-6:45 and during this call I was informed that my delivery time was pushed back AGAIN (but no one called me to inform me, once again) and when i asked why, i was told by a representative that she does not know why, but she stated that my order would definitely arrive at 8pm that night, the trucks were on time and my time would not change again. At this point I have no choice but to accept the 8pm delivery because I called out of work for the day to wait for my furniture delivery and all I wanted was my furniture because I have been without furniture since the time Ive placed my order with BOBS. After that phone call, I waited about and hour and I tracked my package again and my time went from 8pm to "unable to start". I was pissed. I called to figure out what that meant exactly, I was told that my order had to be rescheduled for another day BUT NO ONE CALLED ME TO INFORM ME! I called 3 times and not once did a representative inform me that my order had to be rescheduled; so at 7:13pm I was told that they did not know why my delivery was not being able to be delivered that night, their trucks were off the road already and I had to reschedule, but my furniture was supposed to be delivered at 8pm... how?. I requested to speak to a manager because the cs rep was so rude, when I spoke to the manager and voiced my concerns, she tells me I have to reschedule my delivery, and I ask her will my furniture be here first thing the morning of 3/13 because I think thats fair, she informs me that the earliest time that she can get my furniture to me is 3/16 in the afternoon or the following week and that she A MANAGER did not know why this happened with my furniture. When I asked her why I could not receive my furniture the next morning, she informed me that they cancelled all deliveries for the day of 3/13 because of a snow storm, which I am still waiting to see because outside of my window, there is no snow storm happening. I requested every penny of my $1800 because of the lack of professionalism and carelessness. I found a raymour and flanigan outlet that had better furniture and it cost less but I got more than what I ordered from bobs. I will NEVER order from here again, lesson learned.

Horrible service
You know what I'd had about enough with Bob's furniture and I want everyone to know about the terrible experience my husband and I are having. We ordered a bed set that comes with a dresser chest but it was on back order so I waited. The day the bed was delivered the delivery guy told us the draw was broken and that's why he did not bring it in... understandable. The problem comes in when I get a call from customer care saying the dresser was undeliverable because it didn't fit through the door. So I asked the rep how when the dresser is assembled inside to which she responded "you're right" but did not acknowledge the lie smh. Then she was supposed to submit a request for a Wednesday night delivery after 6:30 and call back to let me if it were possible. I told her before ending the call if that time didn't work I want a Saturday morning. Thursday afternoon I get a text about scheduled delivery between the hrs of 3:15-7:15 on Saturday. At this point I'm livid because it has been a month and a week without the dresser. I called customer service and requested a manger and was hung up on. I called back and got the same rep and I called him out on disconnecting the call and he denied it. He didn't even have the decency to apologize. Not to mention if it was a mistake why not call back? I requested a manger AGAIN and was told she's with another client so I asked for a call back. 45 minutes later and I still haven't gotten a call... so I called back and asked for a manager and the rep asked why and I told her to check the notes in the system because I'm tired of explaining this to which she laughed. After some back and forth I finally got a manager that was not exactly the most pleasant person to deal with. She constantly cut me off as I tried explaining the situation but then she would get upset that she couldn't get a word in... but she made it nearly impossible to explain and her only response was "I'm sorry we cannot guarantee timeframe requests" but never addressed the falsified reason for my item being undeliverable and the rep disconnecting the call with me.

By the end of the conversation nothing was changed so I decided I just want my damn dresser so I made sure I was home by 3pm today. Now the dresser NEVER CAME. My husband called and apparently it was delivered and signed for. Bob's Discount Furniture couldn't produce a signature copy and the rep handled the call as if we were lying! What are we to gain by having two dresser chests in our already shrinking room since we've gotten the bed and lamp table!? Did you want a picture of the empty spot where the dresser should've been!? This is freaking unbelievable! A month and a half ago this order was placed and we've gone through so much crap with Bob's Furniture and all they could offer was a reluctant redelivery with no sense of urgency! I'm so disgusted and done with Bob's Furniture. Don't order there! Save yourself the hassle.

My experience with the store itself was good. Love all my furniture (3 rooms). Was talked into the "Goof Plus" warranty. Three years later, the arm on my sofa broke. I filed a claim explaining I was not sure what happened, I have a son with special needs and he was not able to explain what happened. Bob's Discount Furniture denied my claim. So I asked his care taker if she saw what happened and she explained to me that he tripped getting something from his desk and fell into it. I offered the explanation to Guardian, who is the company for Bob's claims. They told me it was already closed and will not be considered:

We have reviewed the email below and unfortunately once a claim is filed we are unable to go back and change the cause of damage or any other details. When the representative began filing your service request, she read a disclaimer that stated she would be asking you for specific information regarding the damages you were reporting, the information you provided her would determine the eligibility and once the information had been processed, it could not be changed or altered. You agreed to the disclaimer and continued filing your service request.

Thank you so much for your understanding in this matter. Please keep in mind that while Guardian did find your claim ineligible for coverage at this time, your warranty is still valid for any future damages reported in accordance with your warranty guidelines and validity requirements. It is always advised that declined damages be repaired by a licensed service technician and for you to maintain a copy of the invoice from the repair work done. This invoice will be required by Guardian to service future claims on these areas.

Worst Customer Experience In My 44 Years
Purchased a bed for my 12-year old son that he researched and picked out. We had never purchased from Bob's but the initial service at the store was fine. It has been a month, and 4 failed deliveries since, and we still don't have the bed. 1st delivery-forgot headboard (left boxes), 2nd delivery-failed to show up, 3rd delivery-delivered wrong bed, 4th deliver-materially damaged product.

As far as I can tell the problem exists as a result of the inability of the storefront to communicate with the Customer Care. People at the store were generally nice and sympathetic (until today) although ultimately unhelpful in resolving the problems, as their only solution is to pass you off to Customer Care, where you are just a number, and where Bob's Discount Furniture actually don't care about you or your problem (you're lucky if anyone even calls you back). We have wasted countless hours trying to resolve. At one point, I asked for a refund and was told that was impossible since I still had 2 giant boxes containing pieces of the bed in my house. The GM suggested I drive it back down, after which he could issue a refund (he wanted me to resolve his problem). When I told him my car wasn't big enough, but he could follow me in his truck he refused. While they offered to comp the delivery fee after the first failure, no additional compensation was offered after failures 2-4. When I asked for the name of a regional or corporate person to contact to file a compliant, the information was flat out refused.

Today after the 4th failed delivery, I called the store multiple times (at the direction of Customer Care to reschedule delivery), and a clearly frustrated and annoyed GM (Steve) initially told me I had to reschedule through Customer Care (the merry-go-round started again), and when I challenged him he tried to deflect the problems and actually blamed me for his company's deficiencies. His actions are what eventually resulted in me locating this site (as well as consumer affairs) to vent my frustrations through public review... which is unlikley to help me resolve my problem, but may help some other poor sap avoid this company altogether. When I asked Steve if it would ever be delivered correctly, he said he can't make any guaranties, and doesn't want to fail a 5th time, so he prefer I just cancel my order (he begged actually)... this is one of their GMs acknowledging defeat, great face for a store. The other GM (Jeff) is significantly more polished and customer savvy, opting to use common sense and not toss gasoline on an already stressed situation. I'd say Jeff should be promoted (king of the simpletons, so to speak), but he's better off finding a job with a better operation... Steve is clearly where he belongs.

I've never shopped at Bob's before, and I will certainly never shop at Bob's again. I've already told (what is now a sad and yet comical story) to everyone I know, and I will continue to warn friends and family about Bob's until my eventual death. You've been warned... unless you are trying to recreate a month's long Punk'd or Candid Camera experience for yourself, stay away... Customer Care is a total sham, they don't care. Worst customer experience of my life.

I hope that this will help some people avoid the horrible experience of dealing with what my family is going through!?! Bob's does NOT return any item purchased. (READ YOUR RECEIPT) Bob's will NEVER accommodate anyone's schedule, even though Bob's Discount Furniture are the one's making the mistakes. They will send you bad merchandise and hope you just accept it, because once you sign that it was delivered, it is all on you. It is the customer's responsibility to fully inspect, INSIDE AND OUT, to make sure that you are getting what you paid for!
We bought an entire living room set from these people and paid cash upfront for everything. Just a note... THEY HATE THAT AND TRY TO TALK YOU OUT OF IT! We went and picked it up ourselves. The guys brought out my couch on a half a dolly; meaning on only half the couch was on it and the other half was bending off the back half of it. I brought it to the guys attention and asked to examine it and I was told "no, they cannot do that because they had a line of cars and if there is anything wrong BOB's will replace it, no problems." I get the couch home and there is definitely something wrong with it. The left side arm was completely wobly. I crawled under it and took a look and saw that all the wood under the arm was detached from the rest of the frame and that there was a completely broken piece of wood that was lying on top of the metal frame. I called the 800# and told them that something was wrong and they sent a guy to review. Not only did this guy try and fix the detached wood (with skills that are less then what my 6 yr old could do) but he just glued another piece of wood on top of the one that was broken in half? I called again and they told them that this was unacceptable and had an hour long fight with them before they let me know that he was NOT supposed to fix any wood on a product. That is when they said that they would deliver another one. The delivery guys caqme and brought the new one in and broke my front screen door doing so. Then they completely gouged my hard wood floor installing the new couch. (a whole another ordeal dealing with them to come and fix the damage) Well, the new one showed up and immediately my wife and I sat on it and said that the cushions were way different then the first one. I went back to the store and re sat in the floor model and realized that the first one we were sent was obviously a used/refurbished couch. Then the power button on the one side began to not work. So, we call again and tell them and they have to send someone out. We asked for a noon apt because my son had soccer in the morning and we had dinner plans at night. We were told no and that we have to cancel our plans to accommodate their schedule! So, we had to cancel our plans. The guy comes out and fixes the button and reattached the back because apparently the parts were all screwed in very loosely. I ask him to reexamine the very same side of the first couch loose arm because that one seems a little off too. Low and behold the wood frame is all broken under the couch again and also now the entire metal frame is bent underneath. He also notices that one of the plastic feet is missing on the bottom, which is why my floor is completely gouged up. He calls from my phone and reports it as such. I am now on the phone again with them again. It is either we get store credit or we have them send another couch. Seriously? I want a total refund, but again once you sign the receipt you give up those rights! I have spent a total of 4 hours on the phone and have taken a day off from work and had to cancel my plans all to get nothing but broken couches that I have already paid for and nothing but rude and attitude from their so called Customer Service! THERE IS NOTHING "QUALITY" ABOUT BOB'S OR THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE. THEY DO NOT STAND BEHIND THEIR PRODUCTS OR THEIR GOOF PROOF C+GUARANTEE!

Horrendous, only delivered half of sectional sofa, no ETA on the rest of it
Horrible customer service. I ordered a sectional sofa three weeks ago to be delivered yesterday. Delivery team showed up, and realized Bob's Discount Furniture only had half of the sofa. The delivery team called Bob's Customer Service line, where I spoke with a rep who "guaranteed" that the other half of my sofa would be delivered Sunday, Sept 20th, so I accepted the partial delivery. Today I received a voicemail that the other part of my sofa would NOT be delivered this Sunday as "guaranteed", but instead it was now "guaranteed" to be delivered sometime in October.

Bottom line, don't believe a word that Bob's Discount Furniture promises you. They repeatedly don't deliver the correct furniture, can't deliver a complete piece of furniture, and repeatedly lie to their customers with their "guaranteed" delivery dates that really aren't that guaranteed. Kind of like that Seinfeld episode with the car reservations; "you know how to TAKE the reservation, but you don't know how to KEEP the reservation".

I've spent the better part of the morning waiting on hold and speaking to rude and inept customer care representatives and their managers trying to resolve with no success. CEO Mike Skirvin should be ashamed at how his company treats customers (as evidence by all the reviews in addition to mine), and make a plan on how they can improve the customer experience and not continue to let customers down with broken promises, failed deliveries, and rude customer service.

Avoid at all costs, there are a lot of more reputable furniture stores available that won't lie to you, and will deliver what you paid for as promised.

"Customer Care" is a deeply ironic title for this department
The St. Louis area in-store salespeople were not the problem. Bob's Discount Furniture were friendly and helpful. I have no complaint with them. (Thumbs up to Dianne R. She was excellent).

The Customer Care department, however - oh, boy. "Incompetent" and "inept" don't quite capture it.

I bought and had a sectional sofa delivered in July. The love seat piece was missing its set of legs. They weren't in the truck. I can't connect my sofa pieces together as a result, but okay. Mistakes happen. I spoke on the phone with Customer Care. They said the parts would be shipped to me and would arrive within 3-5 business days. Well, they didn't show up. In repeat calls to the department, I was assured they were on the way and that I should actually have been told to wait 7-10 business days, not 3-5. That time went by too. No legs.
In the next call to Customer Care, I was told they had no record of the order at all and could not tell me what happened to the legs I was supposed to receive.


Another order was placed. I received a confirmation email from the parts department about it explaining they'd take another 7-10 business days to arrive. They did not arrive within this time. I called back again (the trick is to mash the 0 button repeatedly to speak to a human, or you'll be stuck in an endless nasal hell-loop of Bob's voice recordings) and was told to keep waiting. They actually had no system info they could give me about the order status, and each time I called I had to regale the rep with the entire sordid history of my attempts to get my missing sofa legs because nobody has added any pertinent data to my account... which makes me question what kind of system they've got going there. Sticky notes?

Finally, some 14 business days later, a box arrives containing one leg. Not the set of 4 legs that was needed. One singular, useless leg. This is well into the realm of the ridiculous now.

I call again. The Customer Care people have no explanations and apparently no ability to fix anything or to look into what went wrong (they are seemingly limited to placing repeat orders that are either comically incorrect or that disappear into the ether). Not only that, but there's no option to do this the easy way like, say, allowing me to just go pick up the legs at their warehouse or something. That'd just be altogether too sensible. The only other option they can give me is to deliver a WHOLE NEW SOFA. On top of that, they don't seem to understand why it's inconvenient to have to schedule time off work to wait 4 hours for a truck to show up and then to have them lug more giant pieces of furniture into and out of the house. (One male rep I spoke to about this scoffed at me for balking at the idea.)
But, it seems I'm left with no choice. In order to get some simple plastic screw-on couch legs, they have to pack up and truck over a whole new couch, unpack and unwrap it, pull the original sofa pieces out of my house, bring identical sofa pieces back into my house, and put the separate plastic legs on those... instead of, you know, just handing me some legs.

The only way to get this done is to let it play out like a Three Stooges skit? *deep sigh*... So be it.

I scheduled the delivery. That was to arrive today. I was sitting here waiting for the drivers with my front door wide open. I got a text that my sofa would arrive within approximately 10 minutes. An hour went by and nothing, so I checked the automated system. My delivery status was updated to "Unable to Start" with no delivery time indicated. What?

So I had to call Customer Care yet again. I just spoke with another rep who says the drivers showed up and I didn't answer the door. They took a photo of themselves outside to prove they came and everything. I asked him to describe the house in the photo. It's not even my house! They showed up at the wrong house number and then blamed me for not being there to receive the order. Naturally, the rep has no way to contact the drivers or to resolve this except to suggest another Sisyphean attempt at the same...

Welp, it's two months later. September. No simple screw-on couch legs for me... just other inconvenient 4 hour window and the futile hope that someone will someday get something right in this infuriating comedy of errors.

Needless to say, I'd advise anyone thinking of shopping at Bob's to maybe consider rubbing jalapeños on their eyeballs or stapling their fingers to a table instead. It'll be less excruciating than this nonsense.

Bob's Discount Furniture... RIP OFFS, BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, ETC.!
This is a review to warn everyone who shops at Bobs Furniture. ALL I HAVE TO SAY IS BE VERY CAREFULL! Please Read Carefully!

I have given business and bought a lot of furniture's from Bobs for many years and I have learnt the hard way not to buy their extended warranty (goof proof), its all a scam and the biggest rip off! Bob's Discount Furniture say that its hassle and tension free extended warranty, just in case anything happens to your furniture or bedding that you buy from them, you will have peace of mind and they will fix/repair or replace it. ITS ALL FALSE!

They also have memory foam mattress that they say, has "20 year, no questions asked warranty", just like the tempur-pedic but that's not even true and they say if you buy the mattress protector you will get additional protection warranty, THATS ALSO A TOTAL LIE AND FALSE! I have a memory foam mattress that I bought from them in 2009 and it is not supporting our backs currently, we have frequent back aches when we wake up lately, we also feel the shake now when the partner moves on the mattress, we informed Bobs about the problem and they send a technician to checkout our memory foam mattress, after checking, the technician gave the report that nothing is wrong with the memory foam and it doesn't look like there is a curve on the mattress. Its a memory foam which retains its shape, even if its gone a bit bad, when not being used and only the people sleeping on it will know if its gone bad because they can feel it on their body/back, just by looking at it you will never know if the memory foam has lost the support. I was very disappointed and tried to speak to their supervisor and they were sticking by their technicians report and till date we are suffering from back pain and they will not exchange our memory foam mattress nor replace it with a new one, where as, its still under the 20 year warranty. So you see that Bobs lies when it comes to any warranty they say they have. Hope this review will help everyone to be more careful when shopping with Bobs. DONT BUY ANY WARRANTY (Goof Proof) FROM THEM, YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY!

Worst Experience! BEWARE!
This company is the worst! Bob's Discount Furniture on Manchester Road. BEWARE!. Bob's Discount Furniture say everything you want to hear but fall short after you pay them. It's been 3 months since we ordered a sectional couch. We showed up on our scheduled pick up date and our full order was not available to pick up. We have been told 5 different delivery dates. We have taken off work and waited for deliveries and on each date there has been no delivery... and no call from Bob's Discount Furniture.

To add insult to injury, when you try and call them they keep you on hold for 2-3 hours and then they disconnect you. They have disconnected us 4 times now, which shows that this technique part of their normal operating strategy. They don't call you back and you have to start the call process all over again. We placed an order June 1st and August 8th we still have not received our purchase.

Today we waited on hold for 2 hours, when they answered the phone, we and got the representatives call back number in case we got disconnected. Guess what? After talking to them a few minutes they disconnected us again!

We tried calling them back and the number and extension they provided to us. That number took us to the same phone system to wait another 3 hours.

At first, they blamed their incompetence on the Coronavirus and shipments taking longer than expected. They said it was in route and would take an additional 7 days. We found out today, three months later, that the couch had never been ordered and they were not even sure if it was going to be manufactured in the color we ordered.


I am back with a great REVIEW.

I ordered from the MY BOBS Website and i could NOT have been happier with my order.

We spent a little over 300 dollars and it was worth every penny. We bought the BOB-O-PEDIC. And its the best best i've ever slept on. NOW i am not saying that it is better then the tempurpedic but i sleep way better and i notice the back pains are gone.

I thought ordering from this website was goin to be bad being that we never went in the store to check out the bed itself. But either way i am pleased with the bed its FREAKING great. I can't wish for a better bed.

The Delivery was fast and pleasant we ordered our bed on a Friday and it was delivered on a TUESDAY && i didnt have to pay for express shipping and that was good being that we don't have much money to begin with.

My one and only Problem with the store was the Rep that called me not even 20 mins after i placed the order.

He calls me and asked me what day would be best for them to deliver the bed i gave him the date and he said "GREAT" I was pleased at how fast Bob's Discount Furniture worked and then he tried this move "Ive noticed you didn't get the GOOF PROOF PROTECTION (for those who don't know what this is its a protected for the bed,). FOR 39.95 WE CAN ADD IT TO YOUR ACCOUNT".

I said no thank you because we already bought a top quality bed protected he got snippy with me and rushed me off the phone and when i said thank you for the call he just hung up on me.

Other then the call from Mr. Mean Rep i love my bed and will order more from Bobs the prices are good and the items are great.

Take a chance on them if you haven't already.

Miss. Amy

Poor Customer Service
Last month, I purchased a dining room set, television stand, bedroom set, plush mattress and foundation from Bob's.The standard foundation was too high for my bed so I was able to do a reselection for a low pro foundation. This was also too high for my bed... Laying in my bed, I can touch the ceiling.

I explained that I did some research on their website and the product details for my bed clearly states, "Boxspring and Foundation are not needed for this bed. Why would the salespersons sell me the foundation? I tried to refuse the redlievery of the low pro foundation, however, the technician said, "I can't take the foundation, you have to call customer care."I removed the low pro foundation myself and placed it another room until the 30 days arrive.

Also, my mattress is definitely NOT plush like I ordered and it is extremely firm. I was told that if I returned it on July 14th (day of delivery), I would get a credit, but if I waited 30 days, I could get a refund. I didn't need to purchase anymore furniture so I waited the 30 day period.

Well, I call today (30 days later) and I'm told that the foundation cannot be returned. I will receive a refund for the mattress with the exception of the original delivery fee ($329.99). I'm given this deal once I requested to speak to a manager (whom I never spoke to). I understand the policy for paying for delivery, but I think it is ridiculous that I lose $329.99 (original delivery fee). I explained that several items were delivered and that should be taken into consideration. If I purchase a mattress alone, the delivery fee would not be that expensive.

I'm at my wits end with this company and I will purchase my new mattress from another store.

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