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Disappointed :(
My husband ordered a prop on 7/14. Item was "in stock" yet on 7/16 receive email stating part delayed by manufacturer with "back ordered - no current ETA". My husband said cancel the order if can't give you an ETA then cancel. So same day I sent an email to cancel order. In turn I get no-response email stating that "due to COVID answering email could take 8-10 days. 10 days have past and no email response. Instead we receive the part on 7/27 which is too late. I'm now current on hold with them and my position in place is 166 with an estimated hold time of 45 minutes. They say they will give me a call back and I won't lose my place in line, however when I picked this option they asked for no phone number, nothing and said you'll get a call back before end of business day" and hung up. Every now and then it sounds like someone is pressing buttons on the phone. At this point I cannot recommend this company due to their customer service, or lack thereof.

Don't waste your time
Don't waste your time. Ordered a part, paid for overnight shipping and will not answer emails, can't find out anything. update your "track order" once every 3 days so you stay in limbo not knowing diddly but they are very fast at withdrawing payment so they have your money but you don't have your part, information on your part, shipping details, tracking number or anything. Won't waste more time calling either as according to other reviews that is a scam as well and don't need the runaround or more frustration. So avoid this business. Better to pay someone a little more for far better service.

Carburetor arrived broken
The carburetor finally arrived yesterday after 5:30pm ET ( 6 days after being ordered). When I opened the box this morning I find the parts box loosely packed in the shipping box. When I open the parts box I find the air adjustment screw is broken off and the spring and black cap are loose in the parts bag. The carburetor should have been packed better by you so the parts box would have not been bouncing around in the shipping box for the past week.
The delay in the shipping has put me in a real bind for time, forcing me to use this broken part by using the air adjustment screw from the old carburetor. These new style air adjustment screws from Yamaha are notorious for breaking off and you should have known better and packed the carburetor so it could not move in the shipping box.

Totally screwed up my order
I called in on Friday to order a part for overnight. Customer service associate said, "sure, that overnight will be $35." I paid and then arranged for my mechanic and shop time. Come to find out, no, the shipment will not arrive overnight, I had to be a shipping expert and know that Saturday shipment is a completely different thing and the associate did not bother to tell me that. I called back on Saturday to explain the situation, ask for a refund for my overnight charge that was not actually overnight-- and asked how requesting "overnight" means 3 days later-- said I can go suck it basically. are crumby dishonest jerks.

I ordered a part and had it shipped FedEx ground then...
I ordered a part and had it shipped FedEx ground then I got an e-mail about 5 days later that still didn't show that it was shipped. So I called to ask why and the person on the phone said just got the part and were going to ship it that day. Well I needed the part now so I told him that I wanted him to ship it 2-day express. He then added the charges for 2-day express to my bill. Well 7days later when the part still wasn't there I called to ask why and they said that it was shipped ground instead. So then I wanted to get refunded for the extra shipping charge and he said he would have to get the manager, well he just forwarded me to a phone with a recording. So I called him back and said I want to talk to someone and he said he'll get me the managers direct extension but when it rang I just got the same recording. I know this sounds trivial but I could tell from the first time I called that the guy answering was just a jerk and was doing all of this on purpose. I also don't think that he needed to get his manager to refund the shipping charges. I was sure when I changed shipping that he was going to send it ground just by the sarcasm in his voice. This is NOT a professional or customer friendly Site!

Great for consumers not so much for full service dealer.
Being a full service marina with sales, service, rentals and storage we purchase most of the items we need directly from the manufactures. Occasionally we need parts for a brand we are not direct with. We signed up with and gave us a "commercial" account with discounts appropriate with our business. However, they took away our commercial discount and started charging us tax because we "didn't purchase enough" from them. So the shade tree repair service who isn't direct with anyone but has a tax id number ends up getting a better discount than the full service dealer that is trying to take care of his customers. What's wrong with this picture?

Great Inventory
I live in a small village on Lake Gatun in the Republic of Panama. There are lots of locals with old 80's and 90's small outboards of all makes. All of them have lots of hours as use them daily on their cayucos (hollowed out log canoes) to commute to and from their homes and haul farm products and supplies around the lake. I have been ordering parts from for about ten years for these people and they have never let me down. Their online catalog has allowed me to order all sorts of parts that are not even available in Panama. I have only had to call them a couple times but on those occasions the people I spoke with were knowledgeable and helped me sort out identifying the specific part. I recommend to others as the go to store to find outboard parts.

Stellar Performance
"I needed a lower unit on my 2014 Yamaha F90LA. It seems these were on a nation wide back order. However, had seven listed on their website at the normal retail price. Information on the website indicated would price match other retailers. I called and spoke to Will. I gave him the web address of a retailer that offered the lower unit at a significant discount. Will looked up the item and matched the price! And because the item was over $149, it qualified for free shipping. This was ordered on a Thursday and by Friday I had a tracking number with a UPS scheduled delivery for the following Tuesday. If UPS delivers, I'll be back on the water long before the Dec 24 back order date. Thanks Will and the rest of the people." - - UPDATE - - I installed the lower unit without any problems; twas a perfect fit. I checked the oil reserve and it was full. I topped it off and down the bayou I went. Smooth, easy shifting, and good pee stream. This will be my ‘go to' shop for anything I can't get locally.

Every part is in stock yet 12 days later no idea if anyone is working there
12 days in and not one person can give me an idea when my parts will ship! Horrible customer service! Supervisor too lazy to see how many orders are in front of mine? The parts are all in your own warehouse and have been from day one! Not one other business has treated me and my business partners like this. I have ordered parts and other things from every place you can think of on the net lately and not one company had a delay getting them to me. You should have warned everyone you laid all your employees off in your warehouse instead of making excuses that are not true, having customers waiting forever with no darn idea of when anyone will get around to shipping my parts!

Poor shipping, poor communication, poor customer service
I won't be doing business with this company. I have a new marine repair business and was hoping were going to be one of my suppliers. I placed an order on May 7th and other than receiving a notice that shipping would be delayed 3-4 days, I have heard nothing. It is now May 19th and my order has not been processed, they won't return my email's and the person I finally talked to at could give me no answers or look into why it has not been processed.
I will call tomorrow and cancel the order and receive my refund.
PS: there was no delay in them taking my payment. I am very disappointed with there professionalism.

I ordered from their site didn't get a confirmation email but my it was charged to my account. Some places are slow with the confirmation emails so I didn't think much about it until a few days later after my parts didn't show up. I called to check and said my order doesn't exist and I was the 2nd person to say that. I didn't have my part numbers in front of me so I gave my motor info and the parts I needed. Then the wrong parts come in and now they want me to pay for a restocking fee for their mistake! NO CUSTOMER SERVICE will NEVER buy from them again. Oh and I believe they pay an outside service to handle the phone orders, or at least the people workings for them know nothing about boats.

Most Unethical vendor I have ever dealt with!
I needed a fast delivery of remote choke switch (and its mounting hardware) for an old Johnson outboard motor. Checked Google and found very few vendors had the part and only one offered fast delivery -! said they had it in stock and I would have it in 2 days so I ordered it on May 26th 2019 AND agreed to pay another $11.00 for the two day delivery. When I placed the order they guaranteed delivery by 5/29 (and unknown to me immediately charged my credit card the full amount including the $11). THE VERY NEXT DAY I received an email saying shipment of one or more items would be delayed but offered no new delivery date. After 2 more days no delivery date so I called and was told that the switch had to be shipped from their vintage parts warehouse to the main warehouse and would take a few more days. Five days later still no parts and no new shipping date! I call them again on June 5th and this time was told "we never had those parts and needed to order them." I asked "if I cancel the order how long will it take for you to credit my card" and was told "oh you can't do that you'll have to request return authorization after you receive the parts (the parts they haven't even shipped yet)". I blew up and demanded to speak to a supervisor and eventually was connected to someone named Casandra. After she asked if I still wanted the parts if they were shipped that day and I said yes. After several minutes on hold while she was "talking to the warehouse manager" she they would be shipped that day guaranteed next day delivery. The next day I received an email saying they were shipped on that day June 6th (a day later than promised but OK) UPS guaranteed next day delivery with a tracking number. HOWEVER, here it is June 8th - no parts received - and all the UPS Tracking site has ever said is "shipped June 6th". Now I can't prove this but I'd bet all they ever did is scan a label they had put on an empty box!

I know this thread is a bit old and I may be out of...
I know this thread is a bit old and I may be out of turn to bring it back out from the woods.

However this thread is the fourth result in google when I search for ' review' so I felt I should post my experience.

In short, my experience was great.

I have a 1990 mecury 2-stroke outboard V135. Most of the fuel lines inside the engine that connect the fuel pump to the carbs, oil line to fuel pump, carbs to carbs, etc. have become hard and cracking over the years. I wanted to replace all of the internal fuel lines and was the only online store that I could find that had the exact part #s for my engine. I could have went to my local mercury dealer and had them get the parts for me but I usually do not like hassling them unless I am going to have them do some work for me as sell parts at cost with free shipment to their dock 5 min. Down the road to me.

Now, keep in mind that mercury has changed part #s and superseded one part for another since my engine was built; and I do not have the cross-walk that shows what part was replaced by what. I am not sure if maybe this is also what other folks here were experiencing without knowing but I won't speculate on that.

Anywyas so I ordered all the fuel lines with the part #s I knew of, cheaper than the OEM price from too. After placing the order after about a day the order was updated to show that they cancelled some of the parts and said they were superseded by other parts; they then added those newer parts to my invoice without a change to cost. Had I not been checking on the status of my shipment this would have been completely transparent to me.

About a week went by since I placed my order to the time the fuel lines came in; all sealed in their own quicksilver packaging as I would expect.

The fact that I am able to type in the original OEM part numbers for my engine and will take care of figuring out if and what they were superceded by; at a reduced cost from the manufacture price is a sale and satisfaction to me.

I cannot attest to from the past; perhaps they were as bad as the folks here have pointed out. As of today in 2011 however, I wouldn't be able to agree.

I am not a mechanic, I am a simple boat owner/lover who does his own engine repair/maintenance at home.

As the below comments metion...
As the below comments metion... DO NOT ORDER FROM THESE people. Very disorganized. Hard to get intouch with. And are SUUUPPPEEERRRR slow with shipping. I also was charged the day the order was processed, internet said shipped on the 9th, theye rude lady on the phone said the 10th and the even more rude Manager, Chris Powell, said it would be shipped on the 13th... and i have to refuse the order or drive to lake placid to get my money. He doesnt know me... that parts not here tomorrow as stated again today on the 13th- i will be in lake placid. I can not believe these people. The first lady hung up on my husband becaude she told him"you ordered a part that was out of stock" and he said it said you had 10 online- thats why i chose you! No answers or customer service- just pure rudeness. Hope this saves someone some aggrevation and $$."

Do not order if there is any chance you may want to return
Revision... after numerous attempts I did find someone on "on line chat" that was able to talk to a manager and get them to take the return. Took a lot of work and $15 for shipping and $30 restocking... but did finally take it back... I did tell them I was posting reviews... that might have helped my case... ""Do not order unless you are 110% sure it is the right part and do not plan on returning it even if it does not work" - As soon as I opened my package I knew I ordered the wrong part... A $200 starter... No returns on anything electrical... A brand new starter still in the box... I offered to pay restocking as well as shipping... no dice... What on-line vendor does not take a part back that has not been used and not even a day old? Read the fine print... do not plan on returning anything to them... as I further explored, they define most items as electrical..."

When I ordered on may 6th the site said in stock then after a couple of days one part was not in stock so instead of shipping the part say was in stock they wait until the other part comes in, now here it is 3 days after the part was supposed to be there I have not heard anything I dont believe for an instance it has anything to due with covid unless your whole staff is infected and if that is the case should you still be selling products and spreading it. Get off your duff and send my order or give me a reasonable reason as to why it takes 24 days to ship something you said was in stock when i ordered it.

Had issues with shipping but quickly addressed and resolved.
I had previously wrote about my frustration in receiving the part I ordered with expedited shipping as well as the fact that I was told different shipping/arrival dates by 2 different customer service reps as well having been given an incorrect tracking number which added to the confusion. I am happy to say that addressed my concerns in less than a day, explained the reason for the different dates provided and gave me the correct tracking number and the item I purchased arrived today as the tracking number indicated. I wanted to update my original overall rating on ReviewFeeder but the site won't allow that so I decided to write a new review and replace the old one. I have never had a company address a complaint as quickly and efficiently as Mary H and Evan S did who were the two who reached out to me. I can say that the item I purchased which I bought for my motorcycle was by far the best priced one I found on the internet and as my motorcycle is an older one, I'm grateful I was able to find it. I would purchase items from in the future and just anticipate a longer wait time for items that are more scarce.

Worst site ever, I ordered 3 parts and after two weeks...
Worst site ever, I ordered 3 parts and after two weeks of checking the tracking information on the site, 2 out of the 3 parts finally arrived. Of course that did me no good, so i emailed customer service - since you can't get a live person on the phone. And the response back was to check with all my neighbors to see if got the part. REALLY - the reciept said the part was not shipped. After telling them it's not in the neighborhood and that the part was not shipped i finally got a response that they were going to ship it again, it's been another 2 weeks and no part, as others have said you can just tell that they have no intention of fixing the problem. Stay far away from these people, they take your money and that's it.

Oh how I wish I had seen all these reviews before placing my order.
On 6/13/15 I ordered some simple repair parts for my engine, 2 O-rings (338682) and a Throttle Cam (337458). When I ordered, it was my understanding that all parts were available.

The next day, I was informed that had to order 1 O-ring and the throttle cam, and now shipping would be 6/18/15. Ok, no problem.

On 6/19 I saw that parts had not been shipped. I called and was told that the throttle cam was on back order still, and was given a new shipping date of 6/21/15.

The new shipping date passes, and guess what? They have not shipped. I call customer service to find out what is going on. I was rudely told by some woman there that the parts are not available at this time, they are still on back order, and they will be shipped when they can get them. They also said that no one else has any, it is a backorder for everyone. So I am not a happy camper at this point, I have a boat I can not use, and no idea when the parts will arrive.

6/26/15 I get an email stating that the earliest availability for the throttle cam will be SEPTEMBER 28,2015! So just in time to fix the outboard and put it away for the season.

I looked around on the web, and found that has the part in stock. A slightly higher price, and more for shipping, but they have the part immediately available. I ordered it at 10 AM, and an hour later I got an email saying that it is shipping today. I should have it and be on the water now for the 4th of July!

So now I call to cancel the order. At least that seemed to go simple and straightforward, but we shall see if the money is returned in a timely manner or not.

Long story short, if you want to be back on the water quickly, look elsewhere for parts.

SCAMMERS! DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! Read to understand
I purchased a boat propeller from this past summer and paid with a credit card over the internet for the full price listed. I printed my confirmation receipt with the purchase price on it and confirmation number. I have the copy's still. A few days later I received a notice that my item would not ship and to contact customer service and a new copy of the receipt and same confirmation number but the price had changed! I called the customer service number for and a lady on the other end said I needed to pay an additional $29 to get the item to ship as the price had gone up. I informed her that I had already made the purchase and had a confirmation number. She let me know that I could get a refund or pay the $29 additional to get this item. Now I know why their prices were lower because charge you twice to get the item the listed price on their web site was and still to this day shows the propeller at $99 + shipping but after you purchase it you have to pay another $29 on top of that price and shipping to get it due to some "new price increase". They never let customers know and don't change the price on the web site. SO if you buy from them be aware that you will have to pay more on a second charge to get it shipped even if the site shows its lower priced. I would pursue this legally if I had the time as this is not legal but I will leave this warning for others to think about. I did end up paying the difference to get the propeller as I needed it by a date that I had a trip planned. If it was not for the fact that I live in northern Montana and don't have access to a store that sells 1978 boat parts I would have gone with the refund route. I will never buy from them again.

Be aware!
Placed the order with cost $700 total 36 parts. send me two shipments, First shipment motor and 9 small parts with packaging slip showing e4verything else on back order 5 LB. In couple days received second shipment also 5 LB in the shipment one motor no packaging slip that's all. I thought, well rest of the parts are still on the backorder. Called them about week later and ask them where is rest of my order and I have been told that all of the other parts were in second shipment. After arguing with this person, which he sound like new, had absolutely no idea what he is talking about, was promised they will send the replacement. The cost of the missing parts was $164. Waited couple days, never received anything. Called in again spoke with manager Kris rudest person ever and been informed that he decline the replacement or any refund for my order. I have been told they have a 48 hour policy, if there is something missing in the packing I need to let them know in 48 hours, which I didn't of course because there was no slip inside the second shipment so I was still assuming all the parts are on backorder. I had to open a dispute on PayPal, waiting result. This is what this person Kris calling him self manager posted on my PayPal. (The package weights per UPS website are also verified at 4.8lbs and 4.9lbs, according to part weights this verifies all parts were shipped.)
Please if you order from this company and there would be some issue with your order, nobody is going to help you and you will loose you money!

I ordered a part from and paid extra for...
I ordered a part from and paid extra for FedEx overnight Saturday delivery shipping. FedEx screwed up and I had to go pick up the part@ the 'local' (30 minutes away) distribution point. I contacted FedEx and agreed to issue me a credit for the shipping charges but the credit had to go through So far I've contacted 3 times over 3 weeks to get my credit. First call I was told that the a supervisor had to approve the credit before it would appear on my charge and the supervisor would call me back. No call back. Second time I was told the that a credit would be issued because the supervisor had approved it while I was on the phone and the credit should show up in a few days. On my third call I found out that they haven't even CALLED FedEx to confirm that they would issue a credit to Now I'm waiting for the supervisor to call me back to let me know if I'll get the credit and how much the credit would be. This shouldn't happen. I won't be using for ANYTHING in the future.

This place is ridiculous
I ordered 2 small pieces for a Yamaha that was a total of $10. I upgraded to 3 day select to get it here quicker. 3-Day select means I can go ride that weekend. I ordered it on the 30th of June, shipped it the 1st. Package got lost, and I filed a claim with UPS. Boats.Net was refunded money on the 17th of July, I called on the 22nd and they had forgot about me. So 3 day select really means next month sometime unless you call and try to get a refund. So here I am 3 weeks later, no parts, and I had to call and ask for a refund. Thanks guys, you took a whole July out of my summer.
STEER CLEAR of this place, you don't get your parts and when they receive payment for using your stuff they don't refund you or send you your stuff. You have to call wondering what is going on and try to get a refund, what a joke.

Ordered an impeller from recieved an e-mail...
Ordered an impeller from recieved an e-mail that said part was on order from manufacturer and would not ship to me until recieved it and re shipped it to me, unfortunatally that meant atleast one more week for me to recieve the impeller. Once I realized it would take that long I called and cancelled my order they said they would refund my paypal account that day... Next day no refund called and was told they would do an instant refund. 6hrs later no refund, Initiated paypal dispute. Called again to find out the statis of my refund, they said they refunded my money but there was a hold on my paypal account because of the dispute and if I close the dispute the money would be trasferred. Needless to say they got my $#@!%@ money and I have nothing and no leg to stand on now that I have closed the dispute. Beware of these people they are no good...

Edit - After 3 plus hours wasted on the phone with, Contacting paypal, finally recieved refund. Buyer beware

Customer service went above and beyond.
Cindy in customer service and George in tech/parts dept support were great. helped me get somethings straightened out on my order. I ordered some parts that said they would ship in 3 to 5 days but got a email a few days later telling me they were delayed till August 14th. I called back and had them ship what they had in stock and partial shipments usually have a extra cost of $7.95 but they waved that cost and got my orders shipped out the next day. I called back to find out why I was charged a shipping fee of $9.95 per order and they were kind enough to explain it to me why the change but they saw my order had been already addressed by Cindy and saw that I called and canceled my 3 parts that were not coming till August and they were gracious enough to not charge me the shipping fees and refunded me the cost of the shipping and the parts I canceled. I can't say enough good things about the way an Old man got treated and George was a great help in the tech dept - I was ordering everything I needed to turn a pull start motor to a electric start motor and was concerned I didn't have the right flywheel and was ordering one. But George) (George of the Jungle he goes by) helped me understand the flywheel I have will work fine and no need to spend more money. That is customer service - They could have been rude (but they were not)and explained everything and made it right and George saved me a lot of money he could have just said buy one (But he didn't and that I appreciated) So I read the other reviews but that was not my experience. I will continue to do business with This Company and will recommend to other friends in the Boating world to do the same - they were Great. Thanks Cindy and George for all your help. A++++++++++++++++++++++++++ in my book.


I found parts I needed urgently on My local...
I found parts I needed urgently on My local Evinrude dealer, who is very reliable, said he could have the same parts but only in 10 days. So I ordered them with and paid extra for next day Fed Ex. Well then I waited and waited 7 days later after no parts and receiving over three auto generated emails a day from the web site telling me my parts are on their way. I emailed their customer service and got excuse after excuse. I emailed the manager and just do not reply. Finally I get a email from Customer Service saying most of my parts are in and will be shipped that day. Three days later and I got nothing, so start the contact with customer service. More excuses they blame shipping, so in the end 14 days after the order and paying NEXT DAY shipping and I am still waiting for my next day parts and to top it off they only got some of the order so I still need to go to my dealer to get the other parts. I never read reviews of I suggest anyone wanting to use them should read reviews every review or blog tells tales of horrible customer care just like my deal. DO NOT USE BOATS.NET

Their shipping sucks
I was glad I found the part I wanted, "just okay" with their pricing-but after I paid for my order I got to email the next day saying that my order should be pulled within 7 days! 7 days? I only live 79 miles from their warehouse location and it took me 20 days to receive my parts. I don't think have there sh*t together and I will not shop here again.
Edited update: so now, 5 days after placing my order they send me an email that said my part will not be available from the manufacturer for another 10 days. When I ordered it showed they had 8 in stock - they never had any of my parts in stock but they demanded the money for them up front. But hey, when you pay them up front, they can take as long as they want and treat you however they want to, right? They have set my work back and additional two weeks

A bit shady if you ask me...
I placed an order on 4/10. There were two shipping options offered... 2-5 Day and a more expensive 1-3 Day option. I needed the product fairly quickly so I selected the more expensive option. After I checked out and submitted payment, I received a confirmation with the following message:

"Important Message Like many companies, we are also taking steps to ensure the health and safety of our employees and customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to school closings as well as steps we are taking out of an abundance of caution, your shipment may be delayed 2 or 3 business days. The team at would like to thank our loyal customers for their ongoing support and we appreciate your patience during this extraordinary time."

Should this have not been displayed on the order page? I emailed customer service and their response was nothing but excuses. did not offer me a shipping refund what so ever.

It is now 4/16, and my item still has not arrived. Oh well... live in learn. Never again!

Wish I had read the reviews before ordering
Ordered a water pump kit for an evinrude motor. Upon opening found that most of the kit was the right stuff but the impeller ( the most important part!) was not the right one. Luckily I found one at a marine repair shop 40 miles away and twice the cost but it got me on the water that day. Just called them to return the impeller for a partial credit and refused saying I had to return the entire kit, even though it was all just thrown in together, obviously not a "pre packaged" kit. This is the second time in a row they sent the wrong part. Will never use them again!

Update 6-8-16... I received correspondence today from and they are giving a credit for the impeller, which I do appreciate.

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