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I agree it is hit and miss
I agree it is hit and miss. Out of about 15 papers, two of them really were bad. The last paper was full of plagarism. I submitted and it was returned with a note from my instructor that she couldn't accept it. I'm lucky I wasn't expelled for plagarism! I was given 4 days to fix it and send it back. I asked Best Essays to fix it and was told I would have to submit a plagarism report. Where the hell do I get that from. I sent the paper to them with my instructors comments. But that wasn't enough. I paid $140 for a paper I cannot use.

The other paper was a disaster also. I paid about the same price for a paper BestEssays did wrong and didn't follow the instructions. I ended up writing my own paper.

If you have the money and time to gamble, try them.

These people are SCAMMERS
My essay came out 100% unusable. I literally could not salvage one single sentence from my essay. The writer obviously did not speak English and it more than showed in the final product. For example, I will provide some of the "funniest" sentences from the paper.
"In history people change; BestEssays do things."
"In history you have to take the shortage time possible in revolution"
"Men live very early in the morning"
After I had to start my essay from scratch and write it myself hours before it was due, I requested a refund. They offered me only a 65% refund with no explanation or excuse as to why they wouldn't do a full refund. I literally paid $130 for an essay that I didn't even use one sentence of. Please please whatever you do, do not use this website.

Lowest essay standards!
Got a mark of 55/100 while paid for all the services, including first class paper, top 10 writer and proof-reading by editors!

BestEssays do not care about the satisfaction guarantee as it is only some words!

And if you have a deadline, the 14 days free revision is bull$#*! as you will not have enough time anyways!

Also their customer services are bunch of liars as they told me they guarantee a first class mark and now they are telling me that is not true!

Do not trust this company and their services!

Research paper
Prior to using this service I did some diligent research and read reviews about this website. I was skeptical at first due to some negative reviews but I decided to choose Bestessays. The writer did an overall good job on following the prompt and my paper was done before the deadline. There were a few grammatical and spelling errors that I was able to easily fix so it was no biggie. The works cited page was not in the correct format so I had to fix that as well. Minor inconveniences I can live with. Customer service was nice and helpful, but a little pushy on trying to sell extra services that aren't really needed. Overall the writer did a good job and the service is legit. Saved me precious time. Thank you. is deserving of five stars
If I am to give BestEssays a rating, I'd give them the highest one. I just ordered a dissertation chapter from one of their writers, one I have used before and liked (you can ask for the person you want to write for you specifically). The chapter was excellent, so I plan to send him the entire thing now. I asked for a small revision in it and he sent it back a day later, free of charge. I have no doubts that they'll handle this assignment greatly, too.

Don't waste your time and money and risk your college career it's Never on time
It's never on time. I want suggestions on other essay services because bestessays was never on time. BestEssays submit a half done /half assed paper upon the deadline without any notice. When you complain to customer service it seems like there's nothing they could do than to give you empty promises. They writers don't follow the agreement at all. If I'm paying for a urgent deadline there should be precautions when you can't make it. But they would keep on dragging it on til they eventually upload a finished paper but by then it's useless to you and they don't care. Don't ever use this website. Use something else or write it yourself.

A blend of HELL and $#*! re-branded!
How could you resort to racist exploitative tactics only to serve your selfish interests? What have you got to lose when you fairly remunerate writers so that BestEssays are motivated to deliver quality to clients? Why make the client, who blows a hole in their pocket to pay for your services, bear the brunt of your unethical motifs to churn in more and more money at the expense of quality and humanity? And then you still have the audacity to open numerous client sites to deceive unsuspecting customers! Dumb and evil!

Website is a SCAM!
I paid $163 to have a an essay with atleast 3 paragraphs and a full page of sources written. Not only was the product late being finished but I wasn't even able to access it until after my deadline! When I finally was able to access the trash BestEssays claimed was an essay it ended up being a bunch of random stuff very poorly written by someone who doesn't even clearly speak english! When I contacted the company for my money back they said they reviewed my product and that the couldnt refund because the "writer" if you could call him that had met all the instructions... this site is a SCAM! DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE!

Absolutely Horrible!
DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT use this company when seeking assistance with any type of coursework. The writers and the customer support people BestEssays have working for them are so incompetent and quite honestly, I believe they do not possess the educational qualifications it takes to keep this business alive. Each and every person I have dealt with was FILIPINO and I can tell that these are individuals who are not educated whatsoever. They claim their business is located in the US/Canada, however, each and every person that you deal with in this company is located in the PHILIPPINES. Just like when you deal with outsourced customer service reps in the PHILIPPINES, these people are working from there as well. The work that they do contains nothing but grammatical errors, elementary school level writing skills, and don't even get me started on how they lie about their writers having degrees. I swear that all they do is google the info they need online and plagiarize someone else's work and hand it off to you as if they did it themselves. I put too much trust in this company not once, but twice and both times they have failed to deliver. They provided work that was not acceptable at a graduate level and acted as if they had PhD's in the subject matter. They also delivered late and begged for an extension. I will upload proof of our conversations. I'll make sure to leave this same review on other sites so that others do not fall for this big scam.

Really hit and miss company
Really hit and miss company. I have ordered work from them at a low standard and it has come out brilliantly, and other times I have ordered high quality work and it has been terrible. Also, some of the work I have had back has clearly not been written by native English speakers. BestEssays will only provide refunds of up to 50% but they do seem to honour these when work isn't up to par. Worth a try for the low price but its a definite gamble.

Honest take
Hi, I am writing strictly for the benefit of anyone thinking of using I am going to tell you off the bat that no person ever should use their services. I will tell you that all BestEssays will tell you are lies, from beginning to end. They will take your money and they will give you an unreadable paper. You will send it back for revisions 3 or 4 times for it to even be close to readable. That is whole lot of extra time that you were supposed to have already payed for. You will be forced to edit the paper that you payed them to write and edit. This next part will be hard to believe but it's 100% true. I get nothing out of this. The writer literally wrote Ein my essay that Albert Einstein was the head of Japan's Nuclear weapons program. That was one of the most untrue things ever written. I would have failed my whole year if I sent that in. Lastly, I will say that any positive reviews that you see on any of these review websites, at least with regards to best are completely made up and payed for. There is no way that someone who used their services would ever leave a positive review. I asked for a refund based on all the mistakes i mentioned above and was told that they would not grant me one even though their policy promises a refund if the customer is not satisfied. They will act nice before they get your money, the second you pay them its game over. STAY FAR AWAY!

Subject of Exercise Science
The writer had very little to no knowledge in the field of health or exercise. After carefully reading through the document to see what I could salvage, i saw that it was poorly written, both grammatically and it contained incorrect information on the subject. I do not think the writer was a native English speaker, based on their writings. I was able to salvage the table of contents, which was very detailed and that is what I am using as my outline to rewrite the paper. BestEssays might do better with other subjects, but stay away from sports and exercise.

Satisfying services
My papers were really great! There were no mistakes, all my remarks were ingeniously included, and most importantly, I received on time. The writer encountered some issues with one of my papers and had to decline it, but I got my money back and a discount for my next order for the inconvenience. All in all, their services were very satisfying to me even if there were some issues.

The guys who work here are true experts. Believe in them, they'll help you.
Just got an article from and it was a-mazing. I haven't written articles before, so naturally, I had no idea what I was doing. So, I gave it to a professional and he seems to have handled it amazingly, because my professor literally read it out loud in front of the class. The article cost me a little and got me into their loyalty program, so I guess they've just earned a new regular customer.

I use all the time
As a student who hates writing (most of us do, really), I really appreciate companies like BestEssays. BestEssays do it all for you and you take all the credit. I've been doing this for almost two years now and I never got caught. BestEssays has decent prices, their discounts grow bigger and bigger, and I like every paper they send. I couldn't write a better one even if I tried. Have I mentioned that I'm a terrible writer? This means that they write ALL my papers for all my subjects.

Remedially written " professional " papers
It was with trepidation that I paid to have an essay written via After chatting with a representative, being given the reassurance I would have open communication with writer and the ability to view the paper as it was drafted... I decided to proceed. The opposite if these promises happened. No response to my communication, no drafts to review and ultimately an off topic, poorly written essay that did not remotely resemble a college level essay. I might add - was delivered to my email the day it was due and allowing no time for rewrites. I reached out multiple times via chat and messenger with very little solid answers from representatives. It was made clear ( transcripts saved) that without a draft I needed to cancel order by a certain time. This was acknowledged by representative. Again, no preview. I made the reasonable request for a refund and have been given the run around since. An offer of a free upgrade on next order ( I would NEVER utilize this service again) and a message detailing why BestEssays felt the essay was acceptable. The fact they can stand behind such poorly written material, egregious over promising of communication, etc... baffles me. Do not waste your time or money. You've been forewarned.

I am very happy
I've ordered a total of six papers from them so far and have had only one problem. The company delivers on time, thats very good, but the writer did forget to add a point I requested in one of my essays. Nonetheless, the papers are all amazingly written and meet all the standards my instructors set. I am very happy with the pricing and service and will continue ordering from them :)

My history research paper was A+ worthy
I only got an A for it even though it was the best one I've ever read, but I believe that it was worth an A+. This is the first and only time so far that I have paid for something and received something better from what I expected. I hope that they'll deliver the same quality when I order again and I'm looking forward to getting their discounts (I find the pricing to be a bit costly for my budget for now).

Completely satisfied
I'm amazed by the professionalism of writers here. BestEssays not just high professionals, but could handle any kind of task, even if it requires outstanding knowledge or a lot of research. They are good not only in essays but as well as technical papers with a lot of research works and calculation. I'm their client for almost 2 years and they never miss the deadline. Just perfect company

Excellent first-time price and good writers
For a first paper, I got a great price from The term paper I got a week ago was really great. It was written in a great style that is fitting for my Master's level, had a solid price I could afford to pay regularly, and it came before the deadline, giving me more time to check it. BestEssays also have free revisions. Not that I needed one, but it is a very good thing to know.

Good quality, bearable prices, great support service.
Bestessays is not cheap, that I can say for sure. You need to invest a solid amount, but it pays off because BestEssays know what they are doing. After ordering from different companies (I have been burned one too many times), I think that it's wiser to invest a bigger amount in a safe company like this one than to buy cheap with risks. Their support service is really good, too.

If I could rate this place a zero I would. I had to send my paper back 5 TIMES. Not one, not two, not three but FIVE TIMES to be revised. A SIMPLE 3 page paper. I paid for VIP AND TOP 10 writer over $200. These are some foreigners that are stealing college students money. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY. Not to forget, on top of it ALL... My paper is now Past Due for turning it in to my teacher.

Cancelled my essay without notifying me which resulted me in failing my grade
I have placed an essay which i really needed help with. Order #: 82559921 BestEssays just cancelled my payment 5 days after the payment when i thought the essay was in progress! Never received an email from them until logged in. Support wasnt helpful, they closed chat on me, forced to wait on the line. And CALLED ME FRAUD!
I was forced to go to another service and was obviously late with submission.

Do Not trust them!

Great customer support
I have had various experience with numerous writing services' customer support, some bad, the rest unimpressive. customer support, however, was superb. I got a helpful response to my query from a friendly customer service personnel two hours after I put in my request. And the essay I also ordered was nice and delivered right on time. I will definitely hire again.

Good quality work but they will bleed you dry if you let them.
I needed a research paper done so this was the first assignment I asked them to do. I paid $21 a page for 8 pages BestEssays completed the pages on time and it was a great paper. However I found out a couple days later that I needed 12 pages so I asked the writer for an extra 5 pages. I paid for my extra 5 pages which was another $100+ However the next day I got a notification saying my writer refused to do the additional 5 pages. When I called them the representative was very nice and told me the writer agreed to do the additional 5 pages so I said which is it, he will do it or he won't do it? He said he would do it however the customer service representative said he would charge me again for who knows what and additional $30. Long story short is know how long your paper is going to be the first time so you don't have to add pages on at the last minute because they will try to bleed you dry if you do. I was desperate. However I am currently using them for another assignment so we'll see how this one turns out.

DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! BestEssays are horrible, horrible people. They will refuse to revise your paper if anything is wrong. They are extremely rude and heartless people. My dad passed away the week I requested to write the essay and I got back to them a few weeks later and they would refuse to revise my paper. They told me I had to pay for another essay. Most disgusting, heartless people I ever dealt with in my life. I used writing services before and they were always extremely helpful. If you want a good writing service use writing Do Not use best The essay was horrible and I paid One of their "top writers" to write it. Absolutely horrible service. I have no idea how they have good reviews, it's definitely their support team writing their reviews for them.

Bestessays have so many great things
I have been ordering for five months from this company now, so you could say that I'm their regular. I don't order as frequently as my brother because I'm rather good at writing, but I'm in college now, so I often have troubles with time. I've noticed that whenever I order here, BestEssays deliver good quality, so they must have many great writers. The support could be a bit faster since the queue is often large.

I tried, I scored, I won with!
For a long time I was using bestessays to do my school work (without anyone knowing). BestEssays never failed me, but I was still hesitating when I needed a resume. They offer this too, so eventually I gave in and decided that it's better to pay them than some services I know nothing about. For a hundredth time I say this they are amazing. Even their resumes are brilliant.

Worst Services ever
Simply put, you get you what BestEssays pay for. To everybody who orders their papers through,, and other affiliate sites, do not, and I repeat, DO NOT expect a quality paper. I dont care if you as the client pay $19-$81 dollars per page on the promise of a quality paper, there is no way, as a writer, I will put any significant effort in terms of quality to your paper if I only get $1 per page, I am constantly penalized for no reason, and have to deal with an uncooperative support system. This is the worst site to order your paper from. Consider yourselves warned.

$#*! Ty account
This company treats writers as if BestEssays are slaves. You do 15 orders for free for upgrade of which they receive payment for the orders. Additionally, they tell you to get upgrades you have to work on 150 pages at a CPP of $2 per page while the company charges $20. Something wrong?
As if they are not done, they are closing all accounts on the basis of security while they cannot clearly specify which security detail has been breached.
This account is advocating for modern day slavery.
They have no stable cpp and writers have to undercut each other in the quest to be assigned orders.
I would never want, I would never dare dream, I would not even desire to be affiliated to such a website

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