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Brand Builder
Best Version Media is not a direct response advertising tool. It is a brand building tool that reaches into affluent neighborhoods. The magazines provide local businesses a mechanism to align themselves with specific neighbourhoods. Best Version Media offers businesses a smart way to build relationship and trust in a family-friendly community magazine. Ask yourself, who do you do business with? My response, people I know and trust... a very difficult proposition in today's society where many people don't even know their own neighbors. Neighborhood magazines bring the community together and for the right businesses who understand the essence of branding, Best Version Media too are brought into that circle. ROI is a challenging term in today's marketing world... it used to be relevant when there were 2 or 3 forms of marketing available in a local area to monitor and track. We live in a very resourceful society where recency is often given greater credit than what initiated our appetite in the first place.
In my experience working with this company, response takes time. This style of marketing is about building loyalty and long-term relationships within a community.

If I could give a zero
Stay away. This publication did noting for my business it was a total waste of time and money. The term of my contract was misrepresented and after getting out of it "early" which was really on time and owing a one month fee COVID hit and tanked my business by %75. Even knowing this Best version continued billing me and added on late fees knowing full well that I could not even pay my rent let alone a bill I really didnt owe THANKS BVM thats really considerate. My $180 is a drop in the bucket to a company that size and a big hit to my small business where im struggling to stay open BVM doesnt care

Best Choice We Have Ever Made
We started this journey with a desperate prayer and will to do whatever it takes to work life balance. BVM allowed us to take that leap, the leadership from CEO down to division manager and even our own colleagues validate each day, we did the right thing. We work closely with local businesses to get in front of their dream demographics. We have 5 magazines and are constantly getting business owners who receive the magazine who want to be in the magazine because Best Version Media see the powerful branding platform. We love working and living in the communities we serve.

Switch and Bait
Just stay away its that simple. Signed a contract went through2 new sales reps in 2 months, and than didn't have one for another 4. Send me a proof for an ad, and need it back in less than 24 hours with pictures. Sales people are scammers and offer one thing but don't deliver. Best Version Media know they have you stuck by their contract. Don't make the same mistake a lot of us have, you are better off putting the money out for free than to pay and deal with the hassle of Best version Media.

Love the Publication. BOTH as a receiver of neighborhood news and as a Sponsor
I'm a huge fan of where I live and those around me. So fun to get a monthly publication that highlights the people and places nearby. Love hearing about local businesses, their owners, and the people who reside close to me.

As a sponsor... it's a no-brainer. I'm a real estate agent who would love the opportunity to serve the neighborhoods around me and this is a great and easy platform to share about the services that I provide to clients.

Mislead and tricked! DO NOT USE!
The salesrep. Was untrained and mislead us with the lack of knowledge and lack of communication skills. Complete scam! Provided a 1 year contract/ad package in writing and then changed the written contract to reflect fees rates that were not discussed after the fact. After speaking to them on the phone about the matter it was confirmed that the organization is being run by a group of disgusting human beings.

Professional & polished publications
We love advertising with Best Version Media! Their publications are polished and professional, yet warm and friendly, reflecting the communities in which Best Version Media serve. Our sales rep is on top of it, making my job easier. We appreciate the work they do, and continue to expand our reach as they open in new communities.

Quality leadership and a quality magazine
When you advertise getting new business is never a guarantee, I found the Publisher of the magazine to be sincere, staff was attentive and the quality or presentation of magazine was very professional. I would not hesitate recommending BVM to someone looking for targeted advertising.

Historic Midtown Living is an informative magazine...
Historic Midtown Living is an informative magazine about my neighbors. It is well-written and contains thoughtful articles about those of us that call Historic Midtown Mobile home. It's a wonderful magazine and is always a good read.

Changed my life
This opportunity is only for those with drive and goal minded individuals. Must have good work habits and be coachable. This has given me new chance in my career to be great.

Patrick Avery - Division Manager - Great Lakes region

Junk mail. Nobody reads it
Our local Best Version magazine has been through three different owners in three years, and I can see why. Best Version Media tell people it's a community publication and readership is very high, because the content is local. Baloney - this thing is full of advertorials, a generic recipe, and a nice looking cover story highlighting one family in the community (which is usually one of the advertisers). The only people who get excited about this thing, read it, and display it on their coffee tables are the advertisers themselves.

Look, I get that branding campaigns are hard to track, that it takes time to build relationships with high-end neighborhoods, etc. but this isn't the way to do it - it's not reaching these people if they just throw it away.

If you're not careful, you'll be roped into a 3-year term without realizing it, and I spoke to a few of the other advertisers who said they were auto-renewed for another three years.

Scam Artists
The guy tried hard selling me. He didn't tell me I was signing a contract and said sign this if you are interested a little. Then it popped up a contract and he said you are advertising with us. The magazine has not ran and I have asked not to be in it or charged multiple times. Best Version Media stated you signed a contract. I said do not run any ad I don't want it. Then someone I have never spoke with sends me an add they made up for me. Which 1. Doesn't represent what I do 2. Is attached withe an old company I used to work for 3. I ASKED multiple timessages to stop contacting me. It's okay I've changed my debit card and consulted and attorney. So if they try to take my money or run an ad I do not want... they are toast.

Campaign over and still was billed $1200 and never got back
I signed a year contract for advertising. At the completion, I was billed for 4 months after my contract ended. I was sent a copy of the magazine and the advertisement each month. After the contract, I never received the magazine and was still getting billed. One day, I noticed on my online banking and realized. The Company absolutely fought me all the way and would not re-reimburse me whatsoever. I don't know if Best Version Media ever had business in print because the magazine stopped in my area and I never receive a magazine.

No stars!
Really... no stars. A terrible experience from beginning to end. Screwed up, promises not met, just a horrible experience. I asked several times to be let out if the commitment for several reasons, first for promises not fulfilled, then we hit hardship and Best Version Media threatened me with attorneys. Do not advertise with them!

We Love Our Community Magazine!
We love our community magazine! It's nice to learn about our neighbors in a positive, happy and community driven magazine. Really enjoy the recipe section and my daughter loves the Kidz Corner. And really love supporting our local small businesses that are so awesome to bring this monthly magazine to us.

Ad and Sponsorship
When we were approached by the Southbury Neighbors Magazine - it sounded like a great idea - and as Best Version Media explained their target audience - etc. I asked about the length of the agreement which included an expert column and advertising. I remember hearing we had a one year exclusive, and the first right to renew after the first year. We we optimistic. 15 months later I come to learn we have a 3 year agreement with no out! I the first 15 months I spent over $10K in the sponsorship and advertising - with NO LEADS - not a single lead! We have asked to be out of the agreement and they have refused. People who I have talked to in our town - laugh when we mention the magazine - they say "you mean the magazine that goes straight to the trash?" We were duped - and shame on us for not sending the agreement to a lawyer to review. I would never recommend doing business with BestVersionMedia - I feel deceived and they have no accountability towards results. Con People!

Misled Local Small Business
Best Version Media are small business frauds. I have 2 months under my belt with zero response. We have tried to cancel and were told that it was a 1 year contract, however I was never shown pages 2 and 3 of the contract, nor were any of the terms of the contract even discussed, misplaced trust is a hard pill to swallow. One of the biggest mistakes a company can make is to not even try to find a compromise for a mutually beneficial outcome. Never in 40 years of business experience have I been sold a larger bill of goods or been treated so poorly when I showed concern for my advertising investment Run fast, this company does not care. DO NOT advertise, total waste of money in Saginaw, MI

Waste of Money
Stay away - Far far away!
Best Version Media make you sign a 36 month advertising contract
Nobody does that - That should have been my 1st clue I was throwing my money away
A reputable worthwhile company wouldn't need a 36 mo contract - You would re-up after 1 year if their product was worth anything
For half the price I can advertise with Town Money Saver, reach 10 times the audience and have been getting over 4x the sales

Positive Experience as Sponsor
We are currently advertising with BVM in the Weston Neighbors magazine and it has given our music school exposure in our community, assisting with new student enrollments. We were also grateful for the opportunity to be featured and look forward to when the business will be in the 'business spotlight' next month!

Your magazine is so helpful!
A wonderful place for us to go to learn more about our neighborhood, and to find good businesses. Over the last couple months I have called two advertisers (one roofer and the other a painter) on things we needed done. I called them... because Best Version Media chose to sponsor our neighborhood magazine.

Scam Artists
I was hard sold and then asked to sign if I was interested and then it said I had a contract. I ran with it for over a year and it is useless advertising with absolutely no upside. I gave them a 60 day notice to discontinue Best Version Media refuse to let it go. This is worse than Yellow Pages.

BVM is the most rewarding job I have ever had
BVM is the most rewarding job I have ever had. Best Version Media allow me to set my own hours to work in conjunction with my family, aging parents and personal appointments. Absolutely top-notch team all working together. It's a privilege to work with amazing people at BVM.

Do not deal with this company. Came out and met an employee early last year. Told me about it and did not sign anything. A year later I received a call saying we had to do advertising, we signed a contract. I stated I did not and we are not doing advertising. Called again to harass me. Then this morning received this email "I have your card here_____ what is going on when
I phoned the number on the card the lady answered and said you are not the owner of______ and yet you signed a contract with me last may 25th
--If i don't hear from you i will have to report this I'm. Confused
Sent from myMail app for Android 707 3637 Joe
Report this? To who, the advertising police? I sent him an email back stating I spoke to him twice yesterday and to stop harassing me or I was calling the police. What kind of company would have a contract for advertising signed and then come back a year later to implement it? It's so incredibly crazy. Watch out for this shady company and their dealings.

Fantastic Support and Vehicle for our Pet Sitting Business
We have been advertising in Cane Bay Living for the past 4 years. The magazine has been a terrific vehicle for us. It is well read within our community and it gives us targeted clients which is invaluable. We also are allowed to contribute to the magazine with pet articles which helps enormously with our credibility. The magazine support has been fantastic. Teri and Mark Lloyd supported us from day one. We keep close contact with them and Best Version Media have gone all out for us. We signed up with them when we were just starting and our business has become a huge success. A good percentage of our clients come from the advertising and articles in Cane Bay Living. We sign up 95% of the clients contacting us from this magazine, which is the same percentage from our client referrals, and way better than the 50% sign up we get from the internet (website, Facebook, etc.). Our clientele has increased dramatically because of this magazine and the incredible support from Teri and Mark Lloyd.

No ROI and terrible communication!
3 year contract with only 2 leads. When our business chose to cancel we where offered many options to continue month to month. As the office manager along with owners we declined. Our sales rep * in Colorado Springs charged us for another month. I called BVM directly to ask for a refund as I was under the impression that it was only a mistake. WRONG! I was then given * number( Supervisor) to request a refund and left 3 voicemails with out any response. So then I called my sales rep * who immediately became defensive. Yelling and swearing right away for requesting a refund! Saying that I was calling her a liar and we never cancelled the contract! We told her EVERY-TIME she came into the office for at least 5 months. She told me that I was only a F*** Receptionist and didn't have a F**** Collage degree! I have never been spoke to this way in my entire professional career! BEWARE very NASTY!

*Personal information redacted by admin

Dishonest. Stay away. Do not sign their contract!
Be very careful with what your local rep tells you, especially when it is written down and compare it carefully with the contract you sign with them.

What was written down did not match the product I received. This is after I signed a 36 month contract so I'm stuck with them for another 30+ months. As of now I do not recommend this company for marketing.

Kathy Christian is Deceitful, dishonest and a liar. I have a paper she had written all the features and a price. I sign the contract thinking it was all included. I'm paying the price she wrote down but none of the features written. Kathy tells me the deadline is the 5th of each month. I have emails from her art designer David Wood telling me different deadline dates each month.
Their art designer David Wood is absolutely terrible. I had to hire an outside ad designer for my ads.

I do not want any new business owners to fall for this dishonest company.

Deceitful business practices
There is no way I would ever sign a contract obligating me for $1441 even if I lost my business but that is where I am at today with this sham company. I am being threatened with a lawsuit and collections as I type this.It is akin to extortion. Sure. Each publication caters to a different market with local content but is still BMV.The sales rep emphatically told me that I can cancel if I needed to for any reason. Especially if I lose my business! The ad did not produce but I was only in the magazine for three months before I had to close.
Run! Do not walk away from advertising with these frauds. But again, How would you know when you think you are doing business with a local?

Going to work for Best Version Media has been a great...
Going to work for Best Version Media has been a great experience. The leadership for the company is the best I have ever worked for. The opportunity to grow with Best Version Media is awesome. I was very surprised to read the negative comment because there is NO out of pocket money required to have a award winning position with this company. Which happens to be the fastest growing privately help media company and now we are international.

Absolutely Terrible! Rate them Zero Stars
Their salesman lie straight to your face with what you're going to receive from BVM. No one reads their magazines and you will not receive any leads, phone calls or business from advertising with them. I could not be more disappointed with this company and their integrity and how Best Version Media conduct their business. Just save yourself the trouble and stay away.

Bayfront Living magazine is awesome!
Bayfront Living magazine and best version media are great to work with. Sharon Thoma and her team are awesome. Sharon is honest, creative, caring and much more. The magazine is unique and making a difference in our community.

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Description: Best Version Media (BVM) is a media company that connects businesses to local residents with positive, family-friendly community publications. BVM is one of the fastest-growing companies in the print media industry.

Our award-winning company culture has been recognized by organizations such as Great Place to Work, Top Workplaces USA, Best in Biz, Stevie Awards for Great Employers, CEO World Awards and many more.

Address: Best Version Media, PO Box 505, 53008


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