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The "NewOrder" discount code will not apply at checkout...
The "NewOrder" discount code will not apply at checkout (it disappears after going through the billing address page.) I called customer service and was told to purchase the order in full and I would have $50 refunded back to my card after processing. I do not feel comfortable doing this, but cannot afford to wait another day to place my order.

Fairly easy to use
Fairly easy to use. Would be great to have more helpful pop-up instructions on how to work with the different layers when you want to place a layer on top of another. I'm used to other programs that have "back" and "forward" prompts. Took me a bit to figure out I had to use the opacity knob to have the lower layer move to the top.

Deceiving coupon codes first time customer coupon codes...
Deceiving coupon codes first time customer coupon codes that were none applicable to my purchase! All the codes came back invalid. Even called the 800 number and lady there told me the codes don't apply to my purchases even though it doesn't say that online. Very unhappy. If my graduating senior daughter didn't REALLY want this for her grad party I would have walked away without it.

I started a chat today expecting Customer Service to...
I started a chat today expecting Customer Service to just answer the question I had or direct me to the product I was looking for. Kim did more than that! Kim created my order based on my specification, put my product in my cart, and even applied the Cyber Monday discount! This made checking out super easy! Q! Thank you, Kim!

Good prices but difficult CS
On my part, it was EASY to do... But techs were confused about a pdf having low resolution and I could not explain to them the pdf does not deal with 'resolution' it is a linear based format. So even if i loaded an image or part of layer that was low-res, it would print just as i saw it, low-res. Anything else, i. E. vector graphics would be sharp because of format saved. Then an issue with shipping address I put had me concerned. And to ask them to change it, in English, was a nightmare. But it all worked out. And i am happy with quality of product. So 4 stars for product, 1 star for shopping experience.

NO, i just did in previous window.

I appreciate the sale pricing
I appreciate the sale pricing. However, I found navigating the website extremely challenging. It may be because I am not a member of the print community that I found it very difficult "self designing" what I thought would be a simple project. I called your customer service number twice and got the same agent both times. He was extremely patient & helpful. I have my fingers crossed that my project comes out as I hope it will.

I waited on hold this morning for about 15 minutes...
I waited on hold this morning for about 15 minutes until it said I was number 1 in line, then it kicked me into leaving a voicemail. I still haven't heard back but I think I finally found what I needed. It looks like the website changed from when I ordered banners last year with pole pockets. It was much harder to order this time around, but the price is why I order with them.

Good Products, Good People
Any difficulty was website related: The order process on the website was squirrely - I had to repeatedly input my billing address, and finally had to start over. Also there is a coupon I could have used or a 10% discount for my first order, but there was no place to input this info, so I did not get the discount. I got help via chat option. Everything was resolved quickly. Very nice people.

Your online designer is very responsive and easy to...
Your online designer is very responsive and easy to use. I made two mistakes though that cause me to lose 45 minutes of work. Mistake #1- I did not save periodically so I lost everything when I made mistake #2. Mistake #2- I dragged an image from my computer to the designer screen. Don't do that! The image took over the website and I lost all my work. Only upload images through the designer app. Do not drag them in. I am very happy with my experience and look forward to receiving my first banner.

Would give 5 stars if not for the fact that i call...
Would give 5 stars if not for the fact that i call the number and the call drops half of the times i call and the people i email dont get back to me in a promptly manner also because when my business said Best Of Signs would really rather pay in a way other than credit card (echeck, ACH, mail in check), you guys were quite inflexible. Your silver lining was that the customer service representatives were extremely helpful the times i was put through to them.

You guys are the best interface and design tool for...
You guys are the best interface and design tool for the custom vinyl license plate stickers. I want you to know that I've tried several (3 or 4) other places so far, and the level of entry (learning curve) is way high at those other places. I was able to upload, resize, and preview in <2 minutes with your site. It was amazing!

If this comes through OK, I've got a couple other larger pieces to order, and I will absolutely be coming back.

Literally the best price around!
Literally the best price around! One area of improvement is having a preview of archived orders for quick access. I don't like having to download all work again just to see the work I submitted previously. Other competitors such as Vistaprint have a copy preview available and it certainly helps with time management when you are doing mass ordering for a company.

I wanted to use my FedEx account to ship my order priority...
I wanted to use my FedEx account to ship my order priority rather than use your outrageous shipping prices. I was even offering to email you a label, but you refused. Not a good experience at all. It is obvious form your explanation on the phone that shipping costs are actually used by you to recoup the costs of production and materials not just shipping. Cheers.

Fantastic Banners for Event
This site was recommended to me, it was easy to navigate with many design options and choices for banners, which is what we were specifically shopping for. Got a great first timer discount code as well and shipping was seamless with updates on design review, approval and shipment estimation. Will definitely be using this company again for our sign needs and recommend it highly to others!

User friendly website, quick and responsive chat
User friendly website, quick and responsive chat.
It's great that I was able to download the image of my previous order and place a new order.
It would even be better if you allow customers to create a custom design online thru your website, to combine graphics, images and text etc, place an order and save that design for future use (for those who don't have Photoshop).
Thank you

So far so good, the other vendor i went with messup...
So far so good, the other vendor i went with messup my order and now I am in a pinch to get here in time by the 15- it says i will ot get til the 16 even with mu priority shipment, but who ever gets this order i know in my heart you will work hard so we can have this fro the celebration of my grandson' s death -he dies onthe football field on first day of practice well community, families, administration are all in such shocked mood and we all are hurting. God bless you and yourhard work sincerely -Hunter NONNIE

I selected my color at the beginning but in the design...
I selected my color at the beginning but in the design center could not change the background color after selecting the template. The templates are set up poorly... the designs on the ends of the table are not actually on the ends when you pull it over. Would also like to see some grid lines so the left side matches the right size in placement. Also, my designs were transparent and because of the design center's white background, placing an image was a shot in the dark. My experience with the chatbox was very positive.

No coupons but great customer service
All of the coupons that were repeatedly popping up were not able to be used on my purchase- including free shipping and new order. I think that stinks.
Best Of Signs did follow up with my order to make sure I had all the things I needed and I appreciated that seeing as I had forgotten a key component. They were very helpful.

Poor customer service
Poor customer service. Called and never got a representative on the line. Sent chat and took a very long time to connect and to answer each question. Program to design sign was VERY limited. Limited background colors and only black as a font color?. This was confirmed by a rep via chat that black is the only font color offered.

I am so grateful for the "hire a designer" for free...
I am so grateful for the "hire a designer" for free over $500.00. This allows me to move forward with completing my purchase, knowing I can line up my design with confidence later. I have my logos and text and know what I want, but I don't have to stress on designing. This is a really good feature that motivates me as a customer to click on the "complete purchase" button with confidence.

I felt like I was chasing my tail
I felt like I was chasing my tail. Took me way too long to place an order and led to a lengthy note with the order. And the shipping and billing address kept overriding each other even when I hit save this address. And the 20% discount (October) didn't come to 20% of the order. And you give me a shipping date and then say shipping has been delayed. How can I determine if I will get it on time? And the chat screen kept popping up even when I wasn't in an active chat -- all while I am trying to work my way through the order. Too many chat pop-ups.

I came across while planning my daughter's...
I came across while planning my daughter's 2nd birthday party and needed a banner printed. I purchased the digital image on Etsy and uploaded the image on and when I received the banner, I was extremely happy with the quality. Here I am again this year printing another banner for my daughter's birthday. I am already aware of the amazing quality of the banner I will be receiving but in addition to that it is very cost effective for me. I will definitely be ordering more banners in the future.

I thought the website wasn't great
I thought the website wasn't great. It was difficult to upload artwork because the pop up window was bigger than my PC screen and I couldn't reduce the size of it to see where the upload button was. Customer service was also slow on chat. When customers contact customer service, Best Of Signs don't want to chat (e.g., how are you today, etc), but just want the answer to their question.

Shipping and Billing should be two separate entries...
Shipping and Billing should be two separate entries upfront on checkout. It's a guessing game until after your information, I reached out to support and Best Of Signs told me, "place your order first and then check back with us to change the shipping address". I almost went to another company but decided to see how the checkout steps would be before I finalized my payment and found you can separate the addresses later in the steps.
No one wants to place an order and then contact the company to change the shipping address after the order has been finalized as your rep suggested.
Just my two cents to make the checkout more streamlined IMHO.

Well u need to give better discounts to your loyal...
Well u need to give better discounts to your loyal customers and give better customer service when needed. I have been a frequent customer and hardly get a discount. Make sure all employees know what Best Of Signs r doing because yesterdays employee knew how to do her job and today the male employee still wasnt to sure about what he was doing. Kudos to the female employee from yesterday i wish i could have gotten her name so i could talk about her great customer service.

The menus and design tools were difficult to navigate
The menus and design tools were difficult to navigate. Several of the commands seemed counterintuitive, and saving changes seemed uncertain at times. I almost left and went back to Vistaprint for their broader design options and much easier navigation, but for the significant price difference, I opted to muddle through the controls.

I wanted to get another vinyl banner but the second...
I wanted to get another vinyl banner but the second one required me to send art work via email. My first order allowed me to upload the artwork and to review the finished product. I am going to try and order that second banner again but will only do so if I can download the artwork at the time of order and not under separate cover.

Sneeze guards
No instructions in the box. Had to call and have them emailed. The ends of the aluminum were extreamly sharp. I did not realize that the clear plastic was going to be like a shower liner. One of the polls was bend and made it very hard to put together. All in all. It will do what we need it to do but not really impressed with it. Also, the stands don't stay on the aluminum. Best Of Signs just fall off every time you move or lift up the panels. The sticky tape in the footers came OFF on the tab you pull off. It did not stay sticky on the inside of the footer stand.

she sent us the instruction link right away

I have attempted to order signs from several suppliers...
I have attempted to order signs from several suppliers and always got caught up trying to use the create your own feature. Not with BEST OF SIGNS. Its super easy. I started over 2 times. Mainly because I figured out where everything was and i knew starting over was going to go quick and I was right. If your in doubt TRUST me its the easiest set up ever! I hope the product is as awesome as the website, if so I will NEVER change!

I called 3 times and chatted with an associate 1 time...
I called 3 times and chatted with an associate 1 time... although I was reassured that my order would be satisfactory, I never got an answer to my questions. 1 associate even hung up on me when I asked him to repeat himself because there was a lot of background noise on his end. I am never going to use Bestofsigns again, and I will leave additional negative feedback if my order is unsatisfactory.

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