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Bed Bath & Beyond

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If I could give zero stars I would.
I made an online purchase in June. Both items from this order arrived damaged. When I contact customer service it's always I need to do this and that or no one knows what I'm talking about. I have been promised a refund that never happened. The last person I spoke with said it could take 30 days! Funny thing is it only takes one day to take the money from my account. Here we are the end of July still no refund. It is not my problem these products arrived damaged. Never have I delt with such horrible customer service. To top it off when I last spoke with customer service I asked 5-6 times to speak to a manger before she finally put me on hold then comes back to say no one is available. If I do not receive my refund I will be seeking other actions. I am so disgusted with the lack of customer service and competency to even fix the problem in the first place. From the beginning I said I just wanted a replacement which was such a process and for somthing that was not even my fault I had so much responsibility. Bed Bath & Beyond had the nerve to ask me to pick up an item I couldn't even lift and bring it back to ups to even begin shipping a new item! I don't want to be contacted by anyone. I want my money back and that is all. I have already replaced the damaged items with another company.

Yay! Bed Bath and Beyond!
Okay... I love bed bath and beyond. I love their shower curtains, I love their towels, and I love their... weird bird shaped... I don't even know whats. Bed Bath & Beyond have everything I love in a website: free shipping (although it is set really high at $99), and the ability to shop in CAD.

My only real complaint is that when Adam Sandler made "Click" they did not actually add... a Beyond Section. With Christopher Walken. Oh well. What can you do?

In all honesty though, I feel like BB&B changes their stock too often. I like being able to replace certain items in my home with the exact same item (so it feels like the kids never hit them with a basketball in the first place!). Also, it's really hard for potential customers to find items they're looking for after seeing them on pinterest.

When this happened to me with a ruffled shower curtain, I was sort of crushed!

Smooth transaction
I placed an order around Christmas time. The day after I placed the order - due to unforeseen circumstances, that gift was not needed. So I called to see the best and easiest way to handle it. Since I have a BB&B near me - I opted to receive the item and then take it back to the store. Waiting in line at the store - reminded me why it's not good for me to go INTO the store. All the cool stuff Bed Bath & Beyond have around the registers - and always only 1 person at the register... just to make you look at the cool stuff. I'm convinced that this is done on purpose, because there was no shortage of personnel in the store. Anyway, I returned the item - quick, easy and painless. The way it should be. So... nothing special... but then nothing horrible either! Whew.

Pack and hold a winner, and customer service was unmatched!
My son decided to go to an out-of-state college. We had to furnish his dorm room, and since we were flying there, I bought everything ahead of time at the local Bed Bath and Beyond store. Told them I needed to pick up the items in Stockton, CA and Bed Bath & Beyond set me up with a registry through their Pack and Hold program. I had a good time walking around the local store with a scanner. Prior to my leaving the store, they printed out the registry to make sure the Stockton store had the items in stock.

When we went to the Stockton store, they had a few items pulled. I wasn't surprised because I had just ordered everything less then 24 hours before. I think if I had given them more time, they would have the carts full when we got there. The staff were all very gracious, but the manager, Briana, was exceptionally kind. She knew we were struggling to find several items and ended up giving us 20% off our total bill for our troubles! I was blown away by her customer service skill and would definitely shop at the Stockton store next time I'm in town.

Horrible customer service! The worst!
Horrible customer service! First Bed Bath & Beyond placed my order in store, I got out of there with my email confirmation and my bank charge notification. Then 7 days later I call to keep track on my order and they tell me there is no order, that I didn't pay for it. I check my bank and in fact there was no charge so I decided to place it again. They gave me a$10 discount for the inconvenience and gave me a very weird confirmation # and then I never got an email. So i call 3 days later and they tell me again that there is no order. But mind you, my bank is charging me twice. The horrible store is located at 30 international drive Flanders NJ. And all these ladies here do not know what they're doing. And the customer service over the phone is worse, the guy apparently wanted to sleep or go home, he wasn't there for customer service. Still haven't received my money back!

Never been so disappointed with Customer Service
First of all, what a big mistake to leave my 20% off coupon on one in-store item at home. I went in to the store located in Franklin TN on Cool Springs Blvd to purchase a Cuisinart Panini Maker. I tried to use the mobile text offer to get the discount but get this... the coupon doesn't arrive for 24 hrs! Anyway, Bed Bath & Beyond refused to work with me on avoiding the time and expense to return and get the appliance in time for my Mom's birthday. Seriously? I asked for the manager and district manager's names which they obliged. It was a great way of saying "Yes, I deserve the Retailers Moron Award." <<>> So, we ordered the Panini Maker from Amazon for just a few dollars more than the 20 OFF net price. (Free shipping by the way). A few things that I hope they consider as I'm going to share my story on various websites and their corporate office. My parents own a cabin rental business and maintain the properties with everything that Bed Bath and Behind the Times sells. My parents are just DYING for a reason to see overpriced brick and mortar Neanderthals who play discount games close their doors. Oh well, I hope 30 bucks was worth it!

Bad store, Bad product. Bad Customer Service
Since the last time I returned something to Bed Bath and Beyond their policy has really changed for the worse as far as customer service is concerned. I had bought a CRUX coffee machine 60 days prior to it failing. I brought it back with the receipt 2 days later with the belief the store would readily take it back. NO WAY! Cashier said my return was late. Manager had the same determination. He gave me CURX's phone # and told me to deal with it. These people are getting paid to spend their time dealing with these companies whose products Bed Bath & Beyond represent, but I, the customer, was sent home to do this job, which took hours of my time, which as a senior is precious. Despite my limited time I felt there was more I had to do - to call out the store and the product. The BBY manager, it turned out, gave me the # for his headquarters rather than CRUX's, which took some time to find. When I got to them, I asked where they were located and was told Canada but ultimately found out their coffee maker was a Chinese product. When I asked for a return shipping label they said they didn't want the coffee pot back. This was actually a piece of garbage that would become part of a landfill as many of these products had and will. One of CRUX's websites has product reviews, many of them coinciding with mine. I wish I had read them before the purchase and knew that Bed Bath had become so customer unfriendly since the last time I returned something when it was a great experience. Well, that's the last time I'll buy anything there. I subsequently bought a Cuisineart coffee maker for 1/2 the price Bed Bath was selling it for at Costco.

The worst heartless company I have ever shopped at! I asked for a refund for the Beyond + membership that I signed up for on March 17,2020. I signed up because I wanted to redecorate my house but due to the virus I can not. All the stores closed a few days later and the online shopping has limited or out of stock items. AND shipping is slow, but it does not matter because I can not afford to buy anything. Well, Bed Bath & Beyond refused to refund me. The girl on the phone said she and I quote "I DO NOT CARE about your situation and I am dealing with a world wide pandemic"! SERIOUSLY, everyone is. Well, I called to complain and the girl hung the phone up on me! For your best interest DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS MEMBERSHIP OR SHOP HERE! These people dont care about their customers and the prices are inflated anyway. Honestly I have never had an experience like this before. I am speechless.

The worst customer service online and over the phone
1st Bed Bath & Beyond ship me something with missing parts
Then I have to contact them 7 different times trying to get them to ship the pieces to me. They say they will. I get a reference number. Half the time they dont even type full sentences and when you call they don't know what to do. After a month of this the last person I spoke to made no sense, told me there was an order put through for me but then told me I should just go in person and exchange the item. Really? Now I have to go out of my way to do an in person exchange when I paid for shipping for a reason. My entire family and I will no longer do business with this place. They just lost 14 customers. I attached an image of one of the examples of the incomplete sentences they responded to me with.

Lost their way
I have been a faithful customer of BBB for over 20 years and used to give them 5 stars gladly. Not any more. Bed Bath & Beyond now use COVID as an excuse for poor customer service and poor quality products. I purchased a vacuum robot from them which was defective, another defective one was sent as a replacement (or maybe the same one, it displayed the same problem) and now I have been waiting for another replacement and instead I received a refund without any explanation. If you try to call/chat the waiting time is over an hour (70 minutes is now their "standard", in reality it can be more). The email option seems available on their website but if you email you get a response that email is not monitored because of COVID, so you've just wasted your time. So Customer Service is practically non-existent. BBB has become a source of frustration, they will lose their customer base with this attitude. I know I am one of them, I'm done dealing with BBB.

Teamwork of excellence triumphs over an individual employees lack of tact.
I've been shopping at Bed Bath & Beyond for many years now, and will continue to do so. My wife found a blender for a screaming deal online at BB&B at a particular location that was too far to drive to. So we went to the local BB&B to see if Bed Bath & Beyond price match their own stores prices and an incident occurred. Long story short, the sales team couldn't locate the same item online so we left the store (a manager told my wife she had a "magic phone". My wife pulled it up again at our house and I drove back to the store to bring it to their attention (how to locate the deal online) and was not spoken to favorably. I was told, BY A MANAGER, that I had 1 minute because she needed to go see her grandkids. I didn't go there a second time to get a deal, but to inform them of the extremely low price online and how to find it so they could remove it from their website. After that I called their customer service line and left a complaint and was contacted within 24 hours. The 1-800 customer service phone rep was terrific. I believe his name was Clifton, or close to it. Brooke was more of a regional customer service manager and she was quick to contact me, ready to listen, addressed issues regarding the manager that told my wife she had a magic phone and me that I had 1 minute, and best of all, though I wasn't expecting it, Brooke even offered us the appliance for the amazing deal we found online. Kudos to Brooke!

HORRIBLE Customer Service
Do NOT buy online! I ordered a Christmas gift online and when the package arrived, which was addressed to me, it had someone else's order in it with their packing slip. I called customer service, which by the way I was told Bed Bath & Beyond do not have a customer service dept in the States, and they were very condescending and rude. The first one hung up on me, the 2nd one did not follow through on what she told me she was going to do and the 3rd one out right lied to me. I wanted a refund for the order, not a replacement. I finally filed a dispute with my CC company. To make a long story short, BB&B disputed my dispute but luckily I kept all email correspondence but had to go out of my way to go to my bank to get the information to them in order for them to make a decision on the dispute. I won and got my money back but it was the most horrible experience with a company that I have ever had. I will never shop in store or on line with this joke of a company.

President and customer service does not care about their customers
Too many shady activities by this company to go over all Bed Bath & Beyond pulled in recent years. They sold us a robotic vacuum that turned out to be used even though we bought a BRAND new one, for example. Their most recent poor service had a woman (Ebony) checking why an item that I was confirmed was coming was not even shipped days after the online sale. She said she would e-mail me back and follow through to get me an answer but never did.

I was misled when I called back again after not hearing back from Ebony. Lorraine told me the item was out-of-stock. I researched and found it in California. After I found it, I contacted Lorraine again, and I was told it WAS available in USA but as a Canadian I could not get it. I bought it online at their Canadian site and it showed available when I did so. Worse yet, they were STEALING my funds. They removed my giftcard funds to pay for the item and only because I called twice am I getting my money back. They were keeping it.

They did NOT notify me the item is out-of-stock. They put my funds back only when I said they will not get away with keeping my money when nothing was sent.

When I complained to the corporate customer service manager Munraj, instead of helping me, he said future orders of mine will be cancelled. He now is trying to cheat me by not giving me my Canadian giftcard value in $Canadian dollars. He wants ME to suffer for exchange rate fluctuations.

Gene (Eugene) Castagna, the president, could not care less about their customers. I wrote a heartfelt message to him, only to have it passed back to Munraj. Poor management and they do not care about longtime customers.

In store shopping has deteriorated and often what inventory states is in store is not - but I still enjoy in person shopping. However, NEVER NEVER SHOP ONLINE EVER. Just read about Bed and bath online shopping, read Better Bureau online shopping complaints. From my experience, you will end up with another full-time job for months fixing a disaster 100% of the time when using their online, and 100% of the time your order will either stay "in-processing" with nobody being able to explain why, or a month or more later you'll discover the gift was never delivered and nobody contacted you to let you know or explain why. This is NOT AN ISOLATED experience, it is almost guaranteed Bed Bath & Beyond will NOT ship your order, nor notify you they cancelled it from their end. 100% of the time, nobody can tell you why, nor will they EVER tell you what happened regardless the email/phone/etc. Method you try. Read details in the aforementioned link.

BedBathandBeyond corruption
I placed an online order with Bed Bath & Beyond, using caution I paid via Pay Pal.
Long story short, I did not get the item for various reasons.
After a second phone call to BBB, the customer service representative & I came to a mutual agreement with the promise of a full refund to my Pay Pal account.
For more than 2 months I have attempted to track down my refund. I have printed emails, (with dates), from BBB customer service claiming the refund was processed & sent to Pay Pal. Pay Pal insists Bed Bath & Beyond did not receive the refund.
I am not going away, I am not going to stop until my refund of $224.68 surfaces.
Pay Pal sent a personalized email to me last night advising that effective immediately, they have made policy updates to the user agreements.
Perhaps Pay Pal will be more careful in the selection process; not all merchants doing online business are honest, isn't that right Bed Bath and Beyond?

Company had gone downhill FAST
HOW IS THE OVERALL RATING ALMOST A 4 WHEN EVERY REVIEW IS 1-STAR? I have been a loyal customer for over a decade. Even joined the "Beyond Plus" program. Sorry to say I'll never shop here again. BED is the first word in company's name, yet the 3 stores near me have NOTHING on their shelves... just a smattering of sheets (mostly one brand and clearance), only clearance mattress toppers in odd sizes only, no comforters in stock, barely any pillows, etc. Sadly they've turned into a thrift store, selling random food items, makeup and As Seen on TV junk. Bed Bath & Beyond always look like they're going out of business. This was once a place I could walk out with what I needed- now they say you have to buy online. And by the way, their online shipping and customer service is HORRENDOUS. No one answers the phone and shipping takes several weeks to over a month (and I PAY for a membership!). Also went round and round to cancel my annual membership. Thx for ruining a good thing- bye bye!

NEVER purchase anything online from this company. I had to placed an order with someone on the phone because there is no place on their website to add my promotion code. Bed Bath & Beyond were able to place my order with my promo code, however I received an email from the purchase department 2 days later asking me to call them *******797 - no one EVER picks up and their answering machine says they will call back within 24 hours (NEVER HAPPENED). NO ONE WORKS THERE. I was forced to call several times per day and still nothing. Then I forced to call customer service and they can't do anything about it because it's not their department. I'm currently waiting on the phone to speak to someone who can do something, anything about my purchase. What a waste of my time.

I purchased 3 of the same items on July 19th. On July 21st, Bed Bath & Beyond were delivered. Once the boxes were checked, I realized they sent me three of the incorrect items. In fact, they were not even close to what was on my receipt. I immediately made them aware explained that these items were needed for an event on August 1st. I did order the correct items, Bed, Bath, and Beyond made the mistake. Customer service told me I needed to return the items before they could send my correct items. I'm not sure how me fixing their mistake was priority, especially since they had my money. But they sent me a return label, and I put those labels on all three boxes and put out front. They were supposed to pick up that Monday, but they were still on my front porch when I got home from work. I called on Tuesday and they said they would come on Wednesday. All boxes were out there all day. When I returned from work, one box was gone and two were still left on the front porch. Needless to say I still to this day have not received my items that I needed yesterday. I'm currently on hold trying to fix their mistake AGAIN! And have been on hold for 1 hour and 17 minutes. I need everyone to know how frustrating this company can be. My daughters college registry was also with them, for this same event, and she has only received two of the 13 items purchased from people. If you can find your items somewhere else, you are better off. I work 50-60 hours a week and do not have time for this inconvenience. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME, just avoid or go in person.

Do not allow critical reviews of their customer service
On January 25, I ordered two sets of dinnerware that I thought would compliment one another. Bed Bath & Beyond are the same pattern, one blue, one white. The blue set arrived intact but the white set had a broken dinner plate and a broken salad plate. I emailed customer service on January 29, the day that they arrived and asked if I needed to return the entire set for replacement or, just the two broken pieces. I received an auto response saying that they would contact me within 48 hours. When I hadn't heard from them by February 1, I emailed again and received the same auto response, but no one contacted me. Yesterday, February 8, I left two reviews- one positive for the blue set and a less positive one about the white set with the broken dishes. They published the positive review right away, but today, I received an email asking me to resubmit my review on the white set. They highlighted a part of my review in their email to me so I assume it was the part they had a problem with. (Please see photos.)

So, my issue is that after my payment was accepted on 12/19/2920, my promised delivery date, was changed. Called customer service and spoke with numerous reps, who were in fact rude especially "Emily", I believe this rep was an over seas rep. Refused my contact to speak with a supervisor, that's all I wanted. Guess what guys, she hung up on me. I called a fourth time and ask to speak with a supervisor, I Vogt a rep who was very cordial but was unable to assist me in cancelling my order. I asked to have my order cancelled, waited on hold for an hour, which totaled with the other cakes over two hours. At that moment part of the same day deliver was deliver, but the other items totaling 250. Just completely disappeared, I have no refund or do I have the items I ordered. I am tired of BBB, which should be reported to the BBB, Better Business Bureau.
You know, you can spend your hard earned money to support this business and in the end you are treat as nobody's...

Customers need ability to wait and wait and wait
To buy from BBB, you need to be able to WAIT at every step in a tedious process. My goal was to purchase one 11.5 qt storage container. I added 4 additional smaller containers to qualify for free shipping; huge mistake. It took about 3 days to fulfill the order, then several days for shipping. The 4 smaller containers arrived in a box the size for moving with oodles of bubble wrap tossed inside on top of the 4 smaller bowls resting at the bottom. Packing slip was for all 5 bowls. Called for two days trying to report missing item; wait time was always stated as "more than 1 hour". Only other option was online "chat" and I was 227 in the queue; I'd moved up to about 116 in line when I was dropped. Waiting time for phone was never less than "more than an hour" so finally I decided to use that option; it was accurate: more than 1 hour. The person who took the call was cordial and said they'd send the missing item. Three days again to fulfill; BBB sent shipping notice with link to track. After waiting online > minute for tracking info to load, all that had loaded was BBB logo. Will NEVER buy online again from BBB; Bed Bath & Beyond clearly don't have online figured out. Meanwhile, I'm now getting daily email from BBB. Will have to move to Blocked senders to end this relationship'.

There are mistakes, and then there's incompetence and then there's BBB"s delivery service
Listen, the Bed, Bath & Beyond stores are fine - but their online experience is surreally bad. I signed up for a membership a couple of years ago, as an alternative to Amazon. In retrospect, this was foolish as Amazon, for its faults, seems to actually deliver the products you pay for. Bed, Bath & Beyond's seems uninterested in that part of the consumer experience. They've been frustrating since the beginning, but the final straw was a shipment of Christmas gifts - ordered WAY back in November - that didn't arrive. I called in mid-December, spent a half-hour on hold, but talked to a nice woman who told me a replacement would be shipped. And then never heard about that shipment again. I just spent another half-hour on the phone with them, and the good news is that I SHOULD get a refund in five to ten business days. If Bed Bath & Beyond get to it, I guess. Downside is no Christmas gifts. Upside is I've finally learned my lesson and will never order from BBB again. You shouldn't either.

0 star!
I called bed bath and beyond on Saturday because Bed Bath & Beyond decided to cancel three of my orders from my registry. When I asked them why they cancel three of my orders they told me it was not in stock. But when I went online it never said limited stock and it never sent out of stock. So as a customer I was extremely confused on why the girl kept telling me there was no stock. I was on hold for three hours from 9am-12. The lady would never give me her name told me I'm not allowed to speak to a supervisor I'm not allowed to speak to a manager finally the girl just hung up on me because she couldn't help me. So I called back on Sunday same thing happened once again nobody wanted to help me no one can tell me why my order was canceled and yet again I was hung up on. So I decided let me call back on Monday and guess what same thing happened nobody wanted to help me and they hung up on me. I'm sure you're reading this thinking that I was screaming and raising my voice through the phone but now I remained very calm because all I wanted was my money back if you didn't have the item in stock that's all I was asking for. I tried to call one more time this morning yet again I was hung up twice. I will never order from bed Bath and beyond online again! They are a horrible company and the way that they treat their customers is ridiculous! Highly recommend do not order anything online. If I could give them zero stars I would.

Refund Scam
After ordering a bed from Bed Bath & Beyond, I had selected the nearest store in my area to shop from, bought a bed and requested it to be delivered. After two days I got an email and it stated the bed was coming from California, I was upset knowing I had to wait longer but was also confused because I chose my nearest location to shop from. Since then I have been waiting almost four weeks for this bed to be delivered, after calling every day, I had been promised a refund and also the manufacturer to send out another bed. Since then, I have only been given 59$ out of the 259$ purchase I made. Currently 7/12/20 I still do not have my bed nor a refund, I have requested Devan to pick it up from Fedex a week ago and there has been no status update on this lost item. This is devastating and all the confusion is based off one simple misunderstanding on their site, I THOUGHtT I WAS SHOPPING AT THE LOCAL STORE. I specifically changed the settings to get results in my locals store and I was scammed on a bed purchase without a bed.

No option to email a website company, what gives!
Bought the Wamsutta (may have spelled wrong) 725 count in Mauve flat sheet about a year ago. Really like it and would like to buy two more but in over a year, I can never find that Bed Bath & Beyond have it in stock. When I bought it I had the advise of one of their reps but was not told that this is a hard item to get and if I wanted a pair I should buy them together. I have been checking the site now for about a year and never is this sheet in king or Cal king available in the is color.

Spent over 30 minutes for a way to email them about this to find out when it will be in stock an you can't even find a spot to email them. What kind of idot has a webs ite and no way for customers to email them? All I could do is find this site and write this review to expose their terrible business practices. And seems to me their should be a law against advertising an item, you have no intention of stocking for sale.

Horrible Experience
I went into the BBB location in San Leandro Ca to do some returns and make new Purchases. First off there were no baskets outside for my return items and I had to drag my heavy items by hand and in my Purse. After gathering new items I went to cashier to exchange my recieted items. After making purchases I forgot one item and asked employee if I could bring basket with me, she said yes. Later an employee asked if he could take my basket to the front while I shopped. I said no problem. After shopping I noticed my paid items had been searched by a employee and items were missing. Bed Bath & Beyond told me they searched the camera and I did not have this item in my possession when entering. The item was in my purse because they had no baskets for me to put all my items in. Bottom line they refused to give me back my items. They never contacted police or mall security they took it upon themselves to investigate me for theft without even questioning me one time. I will be filing a claim with my local courts via my attorney.

Ordered a cool lamp online but packaging was unprofessional and disgusting. Ordered it along with another product and Instead of you guys using a separate box you open the lamp box and placed it inside. For this, i'm NEVER shopping here online again.
This is not the first time but the fourth time I've had an issue with an online order which for me it's a waste of money because I have to Uber back to return it and then Uber back home. This is a real disappointment especially for me because I joined the Bed Bath and Beyond membership club which I paid for. Free shipping does not mean send it to customers any kind of way!
THEN, when I did get the box opened the lampshade was cracked and the lamp was very rusted in certain places. I'm just gonna keep it because again it's gonna cost me more than what I pay for the lamp to return it. I don't have the time and energy anymore to go back-and-forth with this company. I've even tried to call and I was on hold for four hours. SAD

Do not buy online at this store
I ordered a table online. It was shipped promptly, and when I went to check the tracking info, I saw that it was delivered to the door, in the WRONG STATE. I called and was then told that 15 were available, but that I would probably need to wait until the April shipment. How does this make sense? I asked them to check with the manufacturer and email me an explanation. Bed Bath & Beyond said they would, but did not. A week later I called again. Again, a more sincere promise this time to email with a time for delivery. No response again. Five days later I called and was told they had just received an answer this morning (! - not sure if I believe that), and that the table was not now and never would be available. So my only option was to get a credit to my credit card, and, in these days of technology, it would take about 12 days! My suspicion is that the seller did not want to sell a table that cost over $500. With a 20 per cent off coupon. Never again with this company. Not trustworthy and very poor communication.

Great customer service outdated website listings
I recently purchased a kitchen aid attachment pack from bb&b via phone to be sure i would get the EXACT item as pictured on their website and was insured i would get the item as pictured but when it arrived it was the new china made replacement that is junk. I returned it without issues BB&B handled the return and fast and efficiently but beware of their misleading website. See below for item details it clearly says made in USA

Added to Your Cart

KitchenAid® Mixer Attachment Pack
Quantity: 1
The KitchenAid Mixer Attachment Pack is easy to install on the attachment hub of stand mixer
Food grinder helps you grind vegetables for homemade salsa or raw meat, which you can then turn into homemade sausage using the sausage stuffer kit
Rotor slicer/shredder makes quick work of shredding cheeses and slicing vegetables for a variety dishes
Food grinder
Rotor slicer/shredder
Sausage stuffer kit
Instruction booklet
Dishwasher safe
1-year manufacturer's warranty
Made in USA
SKU # 42108559

Horrible on-line service ordering furniture
I bought a king size bed on-line. Bed Bath & Beyond shipped it. I cancelled after the item was shipped. This item was free shipping. $800 dollar bed. They told me I would be charged $199 shipping and re-stocking fee. I called back with-in 24 hours and told them to go ahead and ship me the item after I cancelled. They told me I would have to purchase the bed again for the full price and they would not waive the $199 dollar fee. Absolutely ridiculous... DO-NOT buy any furniture on-line from BED, BATH and BEYOND. My second complaint is. I bought a $599 dollar picture from BED, BATH and BEYOND. They shipped it through FED-EX. FED-EX never got a signature when the item was delivered to my front door. The first picture was shipped to the wrong address and the replacement was shipped to the correct address but again for a second time no signature was obtained. Just left at my front door for anyone to steal the picture. This is ridiculous. I'm posting this message on every review site and ever social media site.

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