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The designs are cute. I bought a long sleeve swimsuit with a front zipper and I couldn't even try it. The zipper is not long enough so I could only put one arm in. There is no way to put the second arm in.

I emailed them asking for a refund and this is what Beachsissi responded:

"Aug 20,2021, 9:23 GMT+8

Hi Liliana,

Thanks for contacting.

To help you fix the problem effectively, there are 3 options for you to select:

A) Exchange for New Item: we resend you a new item with 50% off price instead of return. (Most customers choose this)

B) Fast Partial Refund: You don't need to return. We can refund USD$3 for each return item. This way can save your much effort and time.

C) Return for full refund: Please mail them out within 7 days and offer the valid returning tracking number.

Our return address is:

Receiver: Lixuan
Detailed address: Eastern Side, 4th Floor, 15th Building, Qiyate Business Centre, NO. 999, Rd Jiangyue, Pujiang Town, Minhang District.
City: Shanghai
Province: Shanghai
Zip Code: 201114
Country: China.
Phone number: *******2901

1. All returned items must be in their unused condition with the original packing. We do not accept the returned item that was worn, damaged, washed, smelled weird or altered in any way.

2. Please leave a paper slip with your order number, legible contact name in the package, this would help us to target your order quickly after received your parcel.

Contact us if you need help, we will offer you feedback ASAP."

This is a RIP OFF!

This is my response to the A, B, C option they gave me:

A) Exchange for New Item: we resend you a new item with 50% off price instead of return. (Most customers choose this) This is a RIP OFF! I will have to pay you 50% more of a new item that may not fit me again? Then I will end having two swim suits?, NO WAY!

B) Fast Partial Refund: You don't need to return. We can refund USD$3 for each return item. This way can save your much effort and time. Only $3 for something I am not wearing? You are kidding me!

C) Return for full refund: Please mail them out within 7 days and offer the valid returning tracking number.
You did not ship this from China! And you are asking your customers to send it to China to force people to decide not to return it. You know this will take more that a week to get to China and you are forcing again a decision of no return.

They suck, and lie saying they sent it from China, it is not true

Do not order from this company! I ordered 2 suits. A size large is was a higher size up then I usually wear. I am 125-130. I could not even get the suits on. My 17 year old who wears a size 0-2 could wear them. I have written 5 emails to get my money back. Beachsissi will not refund my money. I spent 50 plus and they have the nerve to tell me they will refund me 6 dollars or I can get a replacement. Well if the large did not fit the next size up want either! There sizes are false. They are scammers! Do not waste your time unless your a size 0. I am contacting everyone I can about this company. So, tired of these places ripping off people and their hard earned money. They should be shut down! Below is the large they sent and are giving me a hard time about returning this is my daughter. Keep your money and order from a reputable company! I would not give them a star but you have to give something!

If there are any problems, you WILL NOT get your money back!
After waiting literally 4 weeks for my suit to arrive, it finally came, but was missing the halter strap. After 12 emails back and forth, Beachsissi offered my 5% of my money back. That's ridiculous since they sent me a faulty suit. I really just wanted my money back, and would send them the suit back but wouldn't pay the shipping as it wasn't a fit issue, but a quality issue on their part. They wanted me to pick a different suit, but I didn't want to deal with them anymore. When I realized they would not give me my money back, I told them that I would go ahead and pick a different suit, but still would not pay shipping. They never responded. Now I'm stuck with a faulty suit that I can't wear, and I'm out the money I spent on it. I posted a review similar to this one on their web site under the suit I ordered, but that review has yet to show up. Apparently they only post positive reviews they receive, not negative. So don't fall for the positive reviews on their site. I should have been suspicious when there weren't any negative reviews to read. Never again will I order from China or Beachsissi. They should be ashamed of their business.

Do not Shop here
I had a terrible experience with this company. I purchased 3 bating suits online and it took 3 weeks for them to arrive. I contacted them multiple times ( by email because Beachsissi do not have a phone number at all because they are located in china) They kept telling me me it was coming, but didn't give me a way to track my order and seemed brief and annoyed every time I reached out to them. After receiving the bathing suits ( which you couldn't buy different sized tops and bottoms you had to buy the entire suit in one size and as a woman- that is hard for us bc everyone's body is different.) So the suits didn't fit me. They did not tell me returns/ shipping anything to china is at least 100$ so now I am stuck with these bating suits that don't fit and no way to get my money back. I told them I was very upset by this and they frankly didn't care bc they hade my money and I think that is all that mattered to them. Also poor quality.

Scam do not order from this place
Long story short... i ordered 5/20, Beachsissi took money out of my account on 5/20.
Received mercandise 6/4... requested return 6/5... received email back 6/6 offering me $50 and asking me to sell the swimsuits, the are cute and your return will get stuck in Customs. This is a scam, they offer returns but have no intentions of returning your order. I emailed back nastily give me the ship address for returns and the packing lists for the items i received (there was no packing lists with the order). DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE... I am hoping I will get my money back but it will be a fight. In addition there is a limited on days you can return which they dont tell you in their disclosure. If it is 30 days from order date 5/20... and i received on 6/5... i dont have much time. I day already wasted with the reply email tell me all the bull$#*! instead of sending a return label or info on where to return. BEARE OF THIS SITE...

Fraudulent business!
I purchased 4 bathing suits, which took a month to receive.
I was given the wrong sizes for 2 out of the 4 requested sizes - it should have been easy - just needed large.
All the bathing suits were way too small.
Beachsissi did not want me to return the items, the wanted to just send a different size. When I told them I only wanted one or two of the bathing suits but choose four so I could see which one fit best, they refused.
After much back and forth, I told them I am returning all 4 bathing suits. I had to pay for shipping, $23.50. I got tracking. The tracking said it reached China.
Two months later, they still said they did not receive my package.
I reported them to Paypal and I won the case- I got my money back.
Horrible company! In today's day and age, we really do not need to work with international companies like this when we have third parties like Amazon that better protect us.

I ordered a cover up and a swimsuit. It took over 2 months to receive it after many failed attempts to cancel / get info on arrival, this us AFTER I even paid for expedited shipping. I feel so dumb I didn't look for reviews first. Their Facebook page has turned off comments and likes... bc Beachsissi are FRAUD! They are a fly by night company out of China that takes your money and sends you crap. I ordered an XL in the cover-up and it barely fit my 10 year old daughter and it kept shedding weird particles. The swim suit I ordered was an XL too and it did not fit at all and did not look anything like the swimsuit in the picture. I contacted the company to get a refund and they only give you 3 ridiculous choices. You can return the items and pay over $40 to ship them back for a "refund." Aka they claim you never returned it and you'll never see that refund... or option 2 you get $3.00 per item refunded back or option 3 you buy something else and they'll give it to you for 50 percent of the price. WHAT IN THE CRAP KIND OF COMPANY IS THIS. They don't speak English and no phone number, only an email address. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM! THEY NEED TO BE SHUT DOWN FROM SELLING IN THE U. S!

Product doesn't fit, but awful return/exchange policy is the worst part
Wife bought a bathing suit for $30 that does not fit her normal size. She requested to exchange it for a bigger size and was told she had to pay for shipping to China at the extra charge of $15. After contacting the company via email, she was given 3 options:
A) Exchange for New Item: we resend you a new item with 50% off price instead of return. (Most customers choose this).
-(but buy another bathing suit?)
B) Fast Partial Refund: You don't need to return (this was amended to say it did need to be returned) we can refund USD$3 for each return item. This way can save your much effort and time.
(That's 1/10 of the price BTW)
C) Return for full refund: Please mail them out within 7 days and offer the valid returning tracking number (which means pay $18 for shipping).

So BeachAssissi gets 1 star for a smaller product than advertised (as is the case with most clothes from China) and terrible return policy that is suspect.

I made the mistake of buying from this company after Beachsissi showed up in my social media feed. BIG MISTAKE! I can't even complain now to the BBB because they don't even provide a company address or phone number anywhere! Their return policy states they will accept returns/exchanges, but that is not true. They would not provide a return address (only state NOT to return to the address on the shipping label of the products because that's not their business address). I don't even know what country this came from, other than it's "." All three bathing suits that I ordered were the same size/brand; however, they came in three totally different actual sizes (one a child could wear) and one was in the middle and one was larger. They made me email them tons of photos twice only to tell me that they would not give me a refund of my money - just discounts for future purchases and a nice note! Lastly, they agreed to just a 8% refund!?! Please don't make the same mistake I did by purchasing from them. I wish I could report them, but they've already made that impossible...

Overall ok
I ordered my swimsuit around May 6. Then around May 16 I received a text saying my order had been shipped. I was very worried because the tracking number would not allow me to track order. Then the emails I sent where responded to but Beachsissi where not of much help either. I was giving them until today before I contacted PayPal to be Reimbursed. Well, yesterday I got home and guess what was in my mailbox? Yes FINALLY my swimsuit! Due to coronavirus orders are taking longer to get out which is completely understandable. I do love my swimsuit! It is true to size and was exactly what I ordered. I paid $30 something for it so no it's not top Quality BUT with only paying $30 for it how can you expect the quality of a $120.00 swimsuit? I'm very pleased with my order and will order again when this coronavirus is over so it will not take as long to come in. Overall I am pleased

Returns are not as promised on website
I purchased a bunch of suits because prices were good and I wasn't sure if my size. Their website makes it seem like returns and exchanges are easy. Beachsissi are not! I spent over $150 on suits, and was returning 3 suits worth approx $100. I was returning within the 15 day time limit, I contacted them to start the return process. They offered for me to keep the suits and they would refund me about $20. I didn't want the suits and that was less than half of what I paid for them. I went ahead with the return. The return itself was over $25 dollars, but at this point i was at least recovering the amount of one suit. I got the correct return address and got a tracking number and mailed my package. It has been almost 2 months and I have not received my return. They keep telling me they need to receive the package to issue a refund. That was not stated in their return policy. Supposedly it is in customs in Shanghai. So I guess I am out my money. I will never order from here again. The whole reason I ordered suits was because I could easily return them. Nope.

Customer service
I ordered a swimsuit and decided, that since it was coming from overseas, and the length of time it takes for ANY purchase from ANY company to get to the USA, I was concerned it may not make it to me by my vacation. I contacted this company by email, Beachsissi responded quickly, and told me they cancelled it, but if by chance it was already sent, would refund my account once they had it back. Thankfully it wasn't processed and my PayPal was immediately credited, even before I got the email that told me it would be. I received a personal note from the customer service lady. Yes, it can take over a month to get your purchase, it must go thru customs many places, which is not the companies fault. Just make sure if you order something, to expect lengthy delivery times. But as far as customer service, they are top notch. Return shipping is expensive, but it states, shipping to you is free, but return is not. Read all the fine print before you place an order so you aren't disappointed or upset.

Terrible Customer Service, Refused a Refund!
If I could give zero stars I would. I ordered a swimsuit and unfortunately it didn't look anything like it did online. Obviously swimsuits are going to look different than how Beachsissi do on the model, however the top was so cheaply made that the padding made the swimsuit look horrible on. Also, the material was cheap. First off, my complaint comes from their return policy. 15 days? (Most businesses will give you 30 days) Yes, typically enough time-- but when you need to reach out to customer service via email for a return label... it's ridiculous! They don't get back to you in a reasonable time like they claim they will. ALSO, we're in a pandemic. This is the new norm with ordering clothes, etc. I was offered 20% off if I ordered another item, instead of a refund. After the quality of the suit I ordered I wasn't about to get stuck in the same trap. DO NOT order from here-- doesn't matter how cute the swimsuits look.

Beware. Ridiculous and impractical return policy.
Beware! If something doesn't fit, it may cost you more to return your items than your amount of purchase. That's what happened in my case. A 35 dollar bathing suit, cost 57 dollars to return to China. Why Beachsissi doesn't have a distribution warehouse in the States to return to is beyond me, especially as a clothing vendor. It's too bad because Beachsissi have cute things and nice quality. Here's what their reply email said when I initiated a request to return:
Thanks for contacting.

To help you fix the problem effectively, there are 3 options for you to select:

A) Exchange for New Item: we resend you a new item with 50% off price instead of return. (Most customers choose this)

B) Fast Partial Refund: You don't need to return. We can refund USD$3 for each return item. This way can save your much effort and time.

C) Return for full refund: Please mail them out within 7 days and offer the valid returning tracking number.

My interpretation:

A) Keep the item that doesn't fit and buy another item that may not fit for 50% off. Eventually you'll get there and we'll make a few more sales in the process.
B) Fast Partial SHIPPING Refund. Sweet. Whoo Hooo. Party. $3.00 Really? Hahaha.
C) Don't return to the California address shown on the the package you received. While that may be cost efficient for you, it's not for us. Please send to Shanghai instead, and be sure to pay for tracking so that you'll be deterred from returning anything. That way we are guaranteed a sale.

Last comment: When I took the light weight - less than 5 pounds - package to USPS, the worker, after she quoted the shipping price, said "Yeah. That's how they get you."

Until Beachsissi offers a reasonable return policy, I will not do business with them ever again.

Good experiences with this company
Maybe I was just lucky but I've had several good experiences with this company. My first order was exactly as per the website and arrived in good time (we live in an isolated area and are used to delays so it might not have seemed 'timely' to city dwellers) the second order was the same. I had been ordering surf swim tops one size up in case this was an Asian 'petite' manufacturer, and tops were slightly loose, so third order I decided to try a size down, I mistakenly ordered S instead of M (I had been ordering L) so when it arrived it was too small, and as it was clearly my error I did not expect any return policy, but Beachsissi agreed to send me M for half the cost and I kept the S (which I gave to a friend). I know this could be seen as a scam if you don't have a friend and it was their mistake to send a wrong size or a poor fit, but this was my error so I was pleased with the result. I've been wearing the surf tops for nearly 2 years and still have not thrown out the first one, though it is really faded in the sun now from constant use, but the stitching has held up in sea water, so the quality is good. Surprised to see so many negative reviews, as I was happy with multiple orders from this company.

Fraudulent ad. Avoids returns
Do not recommend!
I bought four swim suits and none fit. Beachsissi are not equal to US sizes as they claim. Now they want me to pay to ship them back to China instead of the warehouse in the US where they came from.
They offered to send me one free one in place of the four I already bought!
See emails they sent me below
We accept return. It's just our warehouse is in China. Return shipping cost is on customer's part.

We only want to protect your benefit at most.

Return shipping cost is high, it takes long time, we can only refund you after we receive your return.

That's why we recommend you exchange for another new item by half price instead of return.

Or we can send you 1 new item for free, without any charge to replace return. You even don't need to pay for shipping cost.

Kindly please consider this.

We have a solution for this problem: we will resend you new items with half price or 1 new item for free.

For the received items, you just keep it, and no need to return it back. Is it OK?

Trying to save you an expensive mistake!
I re-read the return policy on the website multiple times knowing that I was ordering several swimsuits with the plan to return one or two I didn't like. I placed my order & received my shipment, to find that none of the suits I ordered fit me. I contacted customer service to request a return & was given the run around, multiple options such as: they'd send me one free suit, I could get $3 back per suit without returning, etc. I pushed to request a full return, and was told, "ok, but it's very inconvenient". And inconvenient is right! Although the suits ship from the US and there's a US flag in the top corner of the website, the returns must go to CHINA. The price through any carrier to ship to china, even a 3lb box is anywhere from $80-170, more than the stupid suits. So, I am pretty much out my money as it's near the end of summer & not ideal time to re-sell swimsuits. I'm hoping to save people the expensive mistake that ordering from Beachsissi was for me!

Believe what you read... DO NOT ORDER from Beachsissi!
I ordered 5 swimsuits 1 month before a planned trip to the Caribbean. Beachsissi gave no estimated delivery date but charged my credit card immediately, which should have been a red flag. My order did NOT arrive in time for my vacation so I had to buy swimsuits elsewhere. When the shipment finally arrived, all items in my order were included correctly. The quality was pretty good, considering the cheap prices. However, I no longer needed them and didn't love the fit of any... agree with other comments about the bra cups being weird discs and not placed in proper location. Customer service did provide return instructions to send back to CHINA but warned they will reject the package if I shipping costs exceed $30 because it will cost them too much tax to receive it. Turns out, the lowest shipping cost is $35 to send it back! Huge lesson learned! Never again will I order from a company in China... DON'T BE TEMPTED BY THE LOW PRICES!

So So
A little disappointed in delivery time. I paid a little extra to have it guaranteed in 6-10 Business days and it took 18. At least I got it. When I received it I looked at washing instructions and such and the particular one I ordered is not for treated pool use. No chlorine. It did not state this on garment description. I, however, do not swim in pools so it was not a big deal. Hand wash only, which is typically how I wash my suits so that wasn't an issue either for me. I live in Michigan and swim in the great lakes and rivers. I am not exposed to salt water. In reviews it said order a size larger which I did but top was still too small and bottoms too big so sizing is the biggest issue. I'm a medium bottom and a large top but because it was a set both pieces had to be the same. I ordered an extra large. Price was average for what I ypically spend and considering I ordered online there's no guarantee about the fit unlike trying it on in store. Bathing suit was what it looked like in picture it just didn't look the same on me because I'm not built like the model... That's understandable. LoL. If you see a suit that catches your eye keep in mind the size and proportions of the person modeling it. You can't expect the same fit and look unless you are proportioned exactly like model. Overall I'd say not bad for ordering from an unfamiliar site online. I read several reviews about returning items and I'm not even going to waste my time. I'm sure it will fit someone I know.

Really like what I ordered, but buyer beware
I realized I was in need of new beachwear, considering I've been wearing 15 year old tankinis and old water aerobics Speedos. I ordered from Andie, Summersalt, and Venus and got the size wrong on all of those and had to return them. I guess I lucked out with my Beachsissi order. I hemmed and hawed about the size for the one pieces I ordered and decided on size Large (even though I am quite slender—but I'm tall with a somewhat long torso and this is an Asian company where women are more petite). Whew, the Larges fit and Beachsissi are really cutes suits. I also ordered two tankinis in Medium and they fit. I ordered 2 cover ups that are very cute. BUT, I also order a swim short—the one with lace on the side—and they are cute but defective with a wonky seam on one side. It appears I can't return them! "It's just return is a little inconvenient." That's what they wrote to me! It looks like they will send me something in exchange. I'm still not sure how this will work. Bottomline—their stuff really is very cute. I know the one pieces I ordered will be my new favorites. If you are absolutely sure of your size, go for it. If you are averaged sized, the one-size fits all cover-ups will work for you. But if you are at all unsure of your size, you may be stuck with merchandise that doesn't fit. So be careful.

Swimsuits are a joke!
I ordered 5 swimsuits from Beachsissi. I only received 3... but you better bet your sweet ass Beachsissi charged me for all 5. I tried on the 3 suits I received. I'm 5'3, weigh 125 lbs. I guess I should have ordered an xxlarge bc if I had of farted in one of these so called medium suits, the dern thing would've busted at the seams. So after I finished squeezing myself into these micro mediums, I realized how crooked the bottoms were. Ummmm excuse me, but the last thing I want to do is have one whole side of my labia exposed. I mean maybe if someone was throwing hundreds at me, but that wasn't the case. I looked like I had been melted and poured into this terrible, cheap ass, crooked, half my vagina hanging out the side swimsuits. Ladies if you wanna look great at the beach, stay away from these fools. Spend your money at a real company, preferably one whose top priority is covering up those lady bits

Ugh, Just go to Target. What a nightmare..
I had a nightmare guys... Let's talk about the extremely eye catching, ladychop smashing, poor quality swimsuits that Beachsissi has for sale.
Yes it took two months time to receive my swimsuits.
Yes Beachsissi charged my card right away.
Yes I asked to cancel my order, and to be given a refund while my shipment was still in China per the tracking info I was given.
No, I could not receive a refund or cancel my order while still in China per Beachsissi email. I was told to wait longer, especially because of their holiday.
Yes I asked Beachsissi several times not to send my order because I no longer wanted the items while still in China after waiting 4 weeks.
Yes they still sent the order, and advised me to keep tracking it while I was tracking it while still in China.
Yes my order arrived, again after I waited the second month.
Yes they are extremely poor quality, and 2 suits have holes in them. I'm talking the elastic is the only reason that these swimsuits are not falling apart on the floor quality. I'm talking if I shut both of my eyes, played baseball, and a round of darts while sewing all at the same time, I would end up with the swimsuits that I've purchased from Beachsissi quality. What in the raggedy, donkey riding, hockey stick slinging, Michigan style corn hole playing, hold my beer, Fred Flintstone, sideways, backflip, flip flop, bundle of nonsense is really going on with this company!?
Yes I'm from Michigan, and the only bad thing about the above question is the word raggedy. Well folks, that's just what I received, 3 raggedy swimsuits.
Yes I contacted Beachsissi several times, sent them about 60 pictures of the damaged goods via email.
Yes I asked for a refund via email.
Yes I provided emails, screenshots, my grandmother's toenail clippings, and every other thing they requested before refunding.
No I did not get a refund per my bank account.
No they will not pay to ship their products back per Beachsissi email.
Yes I will have to pay 30 dollars to ship back, which is about half of what I paid for the products in the first place.
No in my opinion it is not worth the money to do so.
Yes Beachsissi told me to order 3 more suits from their site, and I would have to pay 35 more dollars in flat shipping to receive them. That was their resolution to my problem.
Well someone slap some butter on me, and call me a biscuit, what a celebration!
Yes the customer service is terrible.
Yes I am stuck with 3 swimsuits that I can't wear, give away or donate.
Yes Beachsissi told me to give the swimsuits to a friend via email.
Sadly, I had a nightmare that turned rather slowly into my reality.
For the love of snow cones, just go to Target.
No I do not work at Target or know anyone who does, but I bet you 35 dollars in shipping charges, Beachsissi, that I will be shopping for a swimsuit there after dealing with this company.
No I do not recommend Beachsissi.
Yes I'm trying to make light of a terrible situation that I had with the company Beachsissi, but my statement is true.
The End

SO MANY REASONS: The items took 32 days to arrive. I ordered several suits. Beachsissi did not fit as the size chart indicated. Tops were ordered all the same size; some are too big and some are too small. Some bottoms are too big. The items do not offer support in necessary areas. It took 8 days, numerous emails, and two representatives to finally get the return instructions. Although the return policy specifically states, ". Due to our reasons, the goods received are damaged or not correct, and the consumer is not required to bear the shipping fee for this reason," yet I am told I am responsible for shipping. Incorrect manufactured sizes (all tops were ordered larges, yet none fit the same or fit at all) is definitely due to the companies reasons. Furthermore being offered $20 or a new item does not even come close to the $150+ I spent on defective items. The suits were returned today as finally instructed. I paid a $43 shipping charge. I will update when and if I am refunded.

No ability to return items that do not fit - DO NOT order anything from this company
My total loss in this experience with Beachsissi is $265, and hours and hours and hours of effort trying to work with representatives at Beachsissi to return swimsuits that did not fit me.

I strongly recommend that no one order anything from this company it is absolutely not worth it.

Here's my story I hope it helps inform other customers.

I placed my order for several swimsuits (did not know what size I needed, so purchased several to try on) on January 8,2020. The swimsuits arrived two weeks later and some fit and some didn't.
The company requires that if you need to return something, you must contact them within 15 days. I contacted them within the 15 day period and notified them of the returns I needed to make. Their first response was:
"we will resend you new items if you agree to just pay half of the new item.
For the received item, you just keep it, and no need to return it back. Is it OK?"

When I said no, that I would like a full refund of $185, Beachsissi came back with a few more options:
A) Exchange for New Item: we resend you 2 new items with free price instead of return.
B) Fast Partial Refund: You don't have to send item back, we can refund USD$3 for each return item.
C) Return for full refund: Please mail them out within 7 days and offer the valid returning tracking number.

I chose option C, packaged everything up exactly as instructed, I worked with the USPS and sent the package back to China, and it cost me $80 to ship it back.

Three weeks later the package arrived in Shanghai and it sat in customs for 4 months until June 2 when I was notified that the package would be returned back to me.

I can only guess that something was wrong with the instructions Beachsissi provided me, because it would not be released from Customs, even with multiple correspondences with Customs and USPS.

It is June 20, and I still have not gotten the package back, nor received any refund.

Less than one star!
Wow, this company sucks! It's been 2 weeks and my order has not been processed. No movement at all. I emailed them because there's no phone number. The response email was exactly what someone else said in their review here. "This is a popular bathing suit so shipping times will be longer". In my second email, I provided the order # and asked for a refund. Beachsissi Support emailed back and the response was, "can you provide more details of the oder". Holy fn crap, are you kidding me?! So I forwarded them the email that shows the entire order details that includes my full name, address and payment. Hopefully I'll get a refund. This company, which is in China, (didn't know b4 ordering as my girlfriend did the 'shopping') does not deserve my or anybodys business. I really really really wish I saw all the bad reviews. I should have paid attention to where it says standard shipping is 2 weeks. Beachsissi is a joke of a company!

No real return policy
Their website states customers can return items, without any problems, within 14 days, only that the customer will be responsible for the shipping fee. You will have to send them an e-mail to receive the return address.

Then Beachsissi send an e-mail back saying: "We are sorry, we recommend against return. It is a little inconvenient. It is our return policy to offer you to keep the items to sell yourself. We recommend we send you three more items for free or refund you 30 USD."

After thanking them for the offer but kindly refusing and asking again for the return address, they write:

"Yes, you can return, it's just our warehouse is in China. Return takes long time and it could be stuck on customs. We refund full cost only if we receive your return. (Note China has no reliable track&trace) We recommend you to get 3 more items for free or get 30 USD refunded"

I ordered 10 items of which I wanted to return 6 (at 176 USD worth). I was unaware the return (to China) would be such a hassle and I was fully prepared to pay the shipping fee myself. Three more items for free would have a store value of approx. 90 USD. When asked to get that amount reimbursed, I just got a lame same repeat email stating they advise against return shipment, and offer to pay back 30 USD or send 3 items for free.

I am utterly disappointed and hoping that they will change the information about their return policy on their website to be more realistic, honest and transparant:

--> We highly advice our customers against return shipments, and we implore our customers to take note of this before making any purchases. Return shipments are strongly advised against due to it being inconvenient and unreliable to send shipments back to our warehouse in China.

Faulty product, terrible customer service
Do NOT purchase a swimsuit from beachsissi! Their products look cute in pictures, but are extremely poor quality, and the customer service I have received from them is deplorable.

I ordered a bathing suit from this company on January 8th, 2019. I received the product on January 31st, only to find that the zipper was already broken. I sent an email to the company right away informing them of the defect and requesting a refund. Beachsissi didn't respond to my email until FEBRUARY 10th, and when they did, they sent me this email:

Thanks for your email,
The zipper won't be broken, because we have inspected every products before packaging and shipping. Please take a photo to the broken zipper, we need to check what's going on with it, thanks.
Contact us if you need help, we will offer you feedback ASAP.
Thanks and best regards,
Amanda | Customer Service
Mail: *******
Web: "

I didn't appreciate being accused of lying by the company, but figured ok, whatever, I will do what they ask if it means they will process my refund. So, I sent them a photo of the broken zipper. Two days later, I received this email:

"Thanks for contacting.
Really feel regrets that you didn't satisfied.
We have a solution for this problem:
Can you handle this problem by yourself then we give you a 10% off in your next shopping. Hope you can accept, thanks~
If you insist on refund, this is the return address.
Please make sure the returned item was never worn or washed, the item should be in original condition, and send it back to
4th Floor, 15th Building, Qiyate Business Centre, NO. 999, Rd Jiangyue,
Pujiang Town, Minhang District, Shanghai, 201114
We will do refund or freely replacement after get the returned item.
1. All returned items must be in their original conditions, they should be put into the original packing bags. We do not accept the returned item that was worn, damaged, washed, smelled weird or altered in any way.
2. Please leave a paper slip with your order number, legible contact name in the package, this would help us to target your order quickly after received your parcel.
3. Please claim your parcel price under $30, and we usually suggest that you choose the post service, otherwise we will reject the parcel directly because any parcel claimed over $30 will result too much tax.
Contact us if you need help, we will offer you feedback ASAP.
Thanks and best regards,
Sylvia| Customer Service

Shipping the item back to them would cost more than the item itself, negating the entire point of a freaking refund. I told them as much and informed them that I expected a refund since the product was unusable in its current state, had never been worn, and I had no intention of paying them TWICE for a defective product (especially considering that I now had a lot of doubts that they would actually refund my money once they received the product). I offered to send the product back to them, but only if they sent me the refund first and paid for shipping.

This was their response:

"Dear customer,
Thanks for your reply.
Hope you can understand.
International shipping. We paid the freight when we sent you the package. If we pay for the return shipping, there are doubble. And the swimsuit also need spend money.
Because we already have lowered our item price as much as possible. So for returning, customer would pay the shipping costs. Really hope you can understand, thanks.
For handling this problem, we will offer you an exclusive coupon code for your second and third order to offset the returning costs.
So we suggest you can kep it. Is it ok?
Thanks and best regards,
Sylvia| Customer Service

Ladies and gentleman, this is beachsissi's solution for a defective product: buy two more items from us in the future and they will discount them! What a deal!

To top it off, it is now February 22nd. I have been trying to get this fixed for 3 WEEKS. I have never dealt with a more incompetent and inattentive customer service team.

In conclusion, if you are thinking of purchasing a swimsuit from this company, please save your money and buy from someone who actually makes quality products and cares about their customers instead. Don't make the mistake that I did!

SCAM- Low quality, won't take returns
AVOID Product was garbage, low quality. Their return policy is a total fake. I have emailed 5 times just to get the address to return to, and all i get back are weird, non-sensical responses like this:


Thanks for contacting.

We have a solution for this problem: we will resend you a new item if you agree to just pay half of the new item.

For the received item, you just keep it, and no need to return it back. Is it OK?

Contact us if you need help, we will offer you feedback ASAP.

My email:
It doesn't fit.
Also I have found this customer service exchange really frustrating. Can you please send me the return details. This is the fourth time I've asked.

Hi Erika,

Thanks for contacting.

May I know except shipping, do you have any other reason you want to return the items?

Contact us if you need help, we will offer you feedback ASAP.

Hi Erika,

Thanks for contacting.

Our items are cute and fashion.

You can try it on first, if the size suitable, you may use it next time.

Contact us if you need help, we will offer you feedback ASAP.

Big Scam
This company is a BIG scam…. I ordered over $800 worth of clothing in 2 sizes (small and medium) Because I was not sure about the sizing. It took one month to get my oder completely shipped to me even though I paid Express mail fee. Most of them are in a very low quality and do not fit. I requested a return then found out that I have to return it to China from US. There was not any indication on their website that the return address is in China. But I mailed it back anyway because it was about $800 worth of clothing. It cost me about $170 for shipping!

The worst part all of this is, the items arrived in China Customs for over a month and the seller never picked up and didn't even notify me. I called China Customs and been told Beachsissi sent multiple notifications to the seller but the seller from Beachsishi never picked up the package.

This is completely unacceptable frat business. The seller refused to pick up a package because he doesn't want to process the return. Just unbelievable!
Please don't buy anything unless you don't care about your money.

Returns to China are on the customer and will take months to get your refund
I ordered 6 suits. I read the return policy ahead of time and it says that if there is no issue with the product and you want to return the customer is on the hook for shipping. I thought that is standard and I am happy to pay the fees to ship. I then received the suits and Beachsissi are not flattering. I ordered all ones that had long sleeves and the cut and shaping of the cups do not work at all. I emailed support asking for a Return Authorization number as their instructions state I should, and they tried to get me to either: take two free suits or a $20 refund or ship them to China. They told me shipping to China is expensive and it will take months and that often return packages get stuck in customs and that they won't refund me the money until the package is received. If this is the information they give you for a return it should have clearly stated all of this information on the return policy. A $20 refund for 6 bathing suits at about $34 each is not going to cut it. I am going to charge this back on my credit card and they can fight with my bank on how to handle this.

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