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The 20 & 30% off coupons are extremely misleading but...
The 20 & 30% off coupons are extremely misleading but I'm sure you have heard that before. I was told that I would get 20% off my quote which was not true at all. If the 20 and 30% off coupon only gives you $50 to $100 dollars off, then tell people that up front. It might prevent you from losing customers. The T&C section on a very tiny print and far off area of the website is a sneaky way to get customers to think BannerBuzz are getting what a coupon says that it provides. I have never seen this misleading & false advertising way of doing business.

I never leave reviews on anything, but this company...
I never leave reviews on anything, but this company definitely deserves it. I have used BannerBuzz, once before, for a custom table cloth for my company and it turned out great! It actually came quicker than expected and the quality was very nice. It looked exactly how I had designed it and doesn't look cheap at all. Highly recommend using BannerBuzz, you won't be disappointed.

Great product, terrible website
The website malfunctioned terrible during the ordering process. Our first two attempts with customer service agents were also terrible. Finally we were able to obtain help to circumvent the website issue via the chat feature. That staff member was incredible. The product, itself, is lovely, good quality, arrived quickly, and was an excellent price.

First two attempts were terrible. The third agent via rhe chat system was very helpful in resolving our problems.

Great Service & Excellent Quality Sign
That was very easy to design the beautiful step-and-repeat for my daughter's elementary school 6th-Grade Promotional ceremony. When I needed help with my order, customer service helped me immediately and provided me with a better discount than the one I had submitted. Great experience overall! My only wish was that the top pole had more support in the middle so that the step & repeat didn't slightly bow, but it still looked amazing and the printed fabric was of excellent quality. Everyone was super impressed during the graduation ceremony. The school will be able to use it for years to come!

Customer service was so helpful and friendly. BannerBuzz were able to complete my order quickly and offer me a better promotional discount than I had already entered which saved tremendously on my 2-day shipping.

I have tried to place an order with your company for...
I have tried to place an order with your company for over two weeks and without success. I have a large group of women (over 7,000) who I will be visiting for a cross country tour in a month and timing was important regarding the car flags I was attempting to order. I have called multiple times and without resolution. I finally made just a small order and used someone else's card and it worked. My card works when ordering anywhere else, however, I kept getting an error message on your site.

It has met all my expectations. Was looking for a banner I could use that did not have to be rolled
Frustrated. 1. Showed shipping cost early with no way of knowing that I could change it later. Tried to do a 2 logo step and repeat and could not figure it out. Did not see a option to fade the background from dark blue on top to light blue on bottom. Also after working on it for 3 hours remembered I would like the step and repeat with one of the logod large in the center or up about 2/4 of the way. Help was not much help

When I started, the shipping estimate was 4 days from...
When I started, the shipping estimate was 4 days from now for priority. When I went to check out, the priority estimate became 9 days from now. I wouldn't have started the project unless I knew I was getting it by Friday, but went ahead and bought it since I had designed it on the site and just in case it could arrive earlier. I spoke to customer service and I wasn't sure what was being communicated except that the order would be completed overseas.

Your text support is not good
Your text support is not good. Couldn't help me at all. Your site works differently on a laptop vs an iPad but I think your support documentation only addresses laptop issues. Nothing he was telling me was making any sense, and I told him several times I was on an iPad. The experience was useless. You would get 5 stars for your product, but the test support was 1 start. Thats why I gave you 4 stars

I've been ordering from BannerBuzz for about 6 years...
I've been ordering from BannerBuzz for about 6 years now. They've always gone above and beyond to make sure my banners are the best quality possible. If I ever submitted artwork and it did not look perfect, BannerBuzz have always made sure to communicate with me to make the finished piece as great as possible. I love their small vinyl banners. But I've also had them make us HUGE pieces for tradeshows. They can do it all!

Large and small window decals
Quick, thorough customer service via chat and easy order process. BannerBuzz made sure they had the order right via phone call to avoid mistakes. Beautiful color quality of lettering, though darker than on my computer screen, as can be expected. The large 4'x8' decal was thinner than expected. It's being used outdoors and has some bubbles appearing, so it seems it hasn't stuck to the metal surface perfectly. A bit more time and rainy weather will show whether it stays put.

I had trouble with the website in going back to check...
I had trouble with the website in going back to check on the flag pole and spike base. Each time I went back it started my order over. There was no way to add them--as BannerBuzz were not showing up in the cart--but I could not add only those items without a flag. I called the "800"# twice, (the call was dropped both times) to get walked through the process both times to find we could not just add the accessories.

I attempted 3 times before getting it correct the separation...
I attempted 3 times before getting it correct the separation of shipping it to my work, while using a payment method associated with my home address. This should not take three attempts to complete.

Also I wished I could see what the logo would look like on the mug before placing the order. I realize I will receive a proof, but it would be better if it was possible to see a better rendering of the final product at the time of ordering.

Terrible experience
I've chat with the customer service on the chat while placing my first order specifically asking whether I should place order of 500 bookmarks with 5 designs or 100x 5 for which I was told 500 with 5 designs is fine. I have saved the copy of the chat. I placed an order stating what I wanted and a member of design team confirmed in writing that this is what will be delivered. There was a week back and forth between us about the designs as BannerBuzz kept zooming on some of the designs when sending proof. Fast forward couple of weeks I received an incorrect order. They answer was: sorry you can't have 500 bookmarks with 5 designs, 2 of our people you dealt with were wrong and you have to pay another $178 plus postage and wait another 2 weeks. I ASKED and was GIVEN instructions to proceed with purchase. How was I meant to know that's not the correct way? I paid express post to get the bookmarks in time and now I have to not only pay again (for what could have been already paid) but the wait another 3 weeks with all the back and forth. Absolutely disgusting customer service. Sophia and design team need to be retrained if they are unable to provide a correct answer. Absolutely shocking. Stay away from this company.

Customer service has been very un-helpful offering...
Customer service has been very un-helpful offering only worse solutions than I could find on the website itself. There was an advertised promo code that mysteriously "expired" even though it was still being advertised with no explanation or expiration date mentioned. The customer service supervisor said he would give me $100 off to make up for it (less than 25% off), yet with a different promo code that was advertised on the website, I could get more than $100. Pretty ridiculous BannerBuzz wouldn't match the advertised promo code discount. I won't be doing business with Banner Buzz again.

First time perfection!
In a time crunch and living in a small town where turn-around time isn't the quickest, I took to the internet to find a flag. Upon a google search, I stumbled across banner buzz and took a chance based on reviews and company promises.
The turn-around time was immediate; an instantaneous confirmation, artwork mock up in less than 24 hours and product received within 5 days!
The quality was so good, I ordered 2 flags! I won't hesitate to do business with Banner Buzz in the future!

Software editing and reordering is horrendous
Software editing and reordering is horrendous. It's impossible to reorder a design... and customer service/support gives out "standard responses" and keeps repeating them. BannerBuzz must not speak English very well since they just send you the same exact answer every time. Then they tell you to put it in the notes for the design team... who never follow up with the customer!

I feel that your website was not clear about the fact that I needed to order a screen stand and screen separately. What good would a stand be without a screen. The item was a promotion and seems to have sucked me in for double the cost I originally anticipated.

When the screen finally came it was incredibly difficult to figure out how to attach it to the stand. The instructions are terrible!

The representative barely spoke English. The follow-up email was a stock reply and was not helpful.

Not a good one
Not a good one. Virtual assistants have no idea the products. I placed an order off only after having a long conversation. Customer service is extremely bad. I do not recommend... Would look for more localized businesses if I were a prospect customer.

Company keeps sending me emails about finally placing an order as a business; but refused to address the issues I had as an individual ordering.

Very difficult to find what I was looking for
Very difficult to find what I was looking for. Almost went to a different vendor to order this because when I went to reorder from my last printing it said the 2.5x6 banners were no longer available. I found this product through a google search and not your website. Pretty frustrating that a substitute wasn't suggested. I needed one more banner to fit in with the ones that I ordered last year.

The chat room was not very responsive; nonetheless,...
The chat room was not very responsive; nonetheless, the representative told me that hardware can not be sold separately. I purchased adjustable screen sneeze shields (the panels only) in error when BannerBuzz were sold individually. Now I see they are sold as sets; too late for me however. Now I just purchased 3 more sets plus 3 extra hardware sets for my first order. I'm not very satisfied with this company.

First time to order from here, so not quite done yet
First time to order from here, so not quite done yet. The process seemed easy enough, but getting items centered was my main concern along with the logo being proportionate on the flag. Looking forward to seeing the final design. Also, you all do not have NAVY on these 3x5 flags which I thought was odd. So we just went with white. If you do happen to have NAVY I would love to see my design on that. Thanks a bunch.

Great service and product!
Extraordinary service! VERY nice product at a reasonable cost. All I had was an image too small to enlarge to produce a good image on a large flag. BannerBuzz upgraded the image at no charge to produce a beautiful flag for our High School football team. Great communication from the BannerBuzz team every step of the way and delivery was much sooner than expected. It just doesn't get much better than this!

When I am in Checkout, I went to "Edit Cart"
When I am in Checkout, I went to "Edit Cart". Upon changing the contents inside the cart, I was prompted to fill out all the contact and billing information again. Process may have been faster had that information was not removed while I was modifying the contents of my cart. However, experience was great overall and the editing options on the flag were simple to use. Also, when editing my flag design, it would not let me choose "18 inches" and instead "18.02" was inserted (not sure why, possibly my browser?)

It was so hard to place this order
It was so hard to place this order. I called your customer service number which said I was 1st in line and waited 10 minutes without ever getting helped. I then emailed someone who did answer right away who told me you're doing systems updates so that's why things weren't working correctly. I could never get to a screen for my credit card info no matter which button I pushed. I hope the table cover looks awesome because I was so close to just giving up and using another manufacturer.

Complete Satisfaction
My kitchen cabinets really "pop" with the satin nickel round swirl knobs. A great access to the kitchen. I also replaced the two knobs in the half bathroom because BannerBuzz are so attractive. When I get ready to do another project I will certainly entertain ordering again to compliment other doors in my home. I am completely happy with the items ordered and received in a swift manner.

Misleading sales!
Misleading sales! Website has 20% off and free shipping advertised with tons of "fine print." Free shipping is only over $100.20% off doesn't apply to certain items. Shipping cost more than the item itself! I'm ordering for a free community church event and trying to save money for the church but this order left me less than satisfied. When I contacted their support about why the sale wouldn't work their answer was basically "too bad so sad."

DIY Garden Flags have false "safe space" in online design too.
First, I had to think hard to figure out how to get my designs out of storage and into the shopping cart. Then, my artwork was revised because it didn't allow 3 inches at top and one at bottom, however, according to the online design tool, my artwork was well within the "safe space" given when I submitted it. Make the online tool accurately reflect the "safe space" area for DIY garden flags. Also, material is thin compared to others.

Four different people responded to my one complaint about the "safe space" in the design tool being incorrect, apparently without knowledge of the others' replies.

One said the safe space was like it was so my design would turn out best. (what?)

One said "yes, we need to fix the online tool; we'll get right on that."

Another said, "Well you approved the proofs!" (Yes I did, I didn't have much choice due to time constraints).

Even when I replied and said, "PLEASE DON'T REPLY," I got a reply.

It seems clear English is not the first language for this company. There is much lost to poor communications.

Lots of options which is great, but no description...
Lots of options which is great, but no description of different types of materials. It would be helpful to have a comparison of the weight and flexibility of the different fabric options. Also, too many popups flash all over the screen. It was a good thing I read all the customer questions because when I called the rep gave me incorrect information--which he corrected when I challenged his answer and he checked.

I've yet to see the finished production of the banner, but my reason for the 2 Star rating is due to the following:
I placed my order and paid the extra fee to get my banner in by Friday. I left my email and phone number for contact info. Unfortunately, I inadvertently typed in the wrong email. So when BannerBuzz did not receive a response to their email BannerBuzz just pushed out my delivery date. If a customer pays extra to expedite a shipment, a customer is expecting that shipment. The business should do anything to try to make contact with them if they valued their business. Anyway, my phone number was never considered. So bummed. I really needed it by this Friday.

Extremely unsatisfied with the ordering process, talked...
Extremely unsatisfied with the ordering process, talked to customer service via chat 3 times over 3 days and problem was never resolved. By the time I finally figured out how to get my order placed correctly I had to spend $90 extra dollars to get it here on time. I would not recommend BannerBuzz to anyone. I haven't seen my products yet but I'm crossing my fingers that the printing department is better then the customer service department...

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