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FedEx tracking was very confusing and I spent a bunch...
FedEx tracking was very confusing and I spent a bunch of time with them on the phone. Once I reached the right person BannerBuzz Canada were very helpful. The product itself is great and BannerBuzz helped me with the tracking issues. Quick to respond and thorough

Dishonest Company!
Worst company ever! Dishonest practices and incompetent shipping department. I was guaranteed delivery of a custom designed banner for a clients wedding day on the 20th and didn't receive my order till the next day. BannerBuzz Canada stated several times I was guaranteed delivery by the 20th. Then the night of the 20th I called freaking out and they guaranteed me delivery by 9am the following day. Then they changed it to 10am by the time we got off the phone. Imagine how stressful it was when at 10am it still didn't arrive I looked up tracking again and it stated not till 12pm! I called UPS right away and they informed me that they didn't even generate the billing information for shipping to take place until the night of the 20th! I didn't get it until AFTER i already had to leave for the wedding this backdrop was for! I had to refund the client several hundreds of dollars because of them and they can bet that I am super super angry. They completely dropped the ball here and cost me hundreds! I am furious and will be contacting my attorney to recover my losses and leaving their company a VERY detailed reviews everywhere I can. Their staff was dishonest with me and cannot believe this actually happened. Their company ruined the live photo booth event for my clients wedding day. When I contacted them again to let them know how furious I was they tried to blame me and lie and say i never uploaded the files. BS! I uploaded so many freaking times. They even verified on the phone when i called on the 18th that they did have the files but that they weren't sure they were mine because I didn't put my middle name in the upload area. Just my first name, last name, and email. Apparently that wasn't enough information to know that those files I uploaded over a dozen times were for my order. Even though my name and email address are in my file. Incompetent company who has caused me to now have a bad review coming my way for my wedding services. You can bet I would give them less than 1 star if I could.

I had a bit of difficulty navigating your website to...
I had a bit of difficulty navigating your website to place my order. I waited twice for an extended amount of time on the phone for assistance. Spoke with Yanky on chat but it seemed difficult to get that warm fuzzy sense that my order will be on time. Thank you. I look forward to receiving the sign.

Excellent service
I was looking for a company that offers custom-designed parking signs and good quality for a reasonable price. BannerBuzz checked all the boxes.

Also, the customer support emailed me to verify the design before the printing, which was really cool.

The signs are delivered in a protective paper sheets which really shows attention to the details.

All in all, from A-Z, great experience, service and the product.

Your customer service representative was very helpful...
Your customer service representative was very helpful however navigating the website wasn't as intuitive as I'd hope. Also, when I signed up for emails and it said there would be a 20% discount, I had to search the web for the promo code. It wasn't in the welcome email or auto-filled into the checkout as one would expect. It also said free shipping on orders over $99 but didn't specify that would only be for the most basic type of shipping. I'm fine to pay for quicker shipping but that wasn't made clear initially. Nor was it clear when you would receive a proof if you request one. Anyways, all this feedback is offered to help, not to complain. I appreciate your pricing and this is why I chose this company.

The design process is quite glitchy
The design process is quite glitchy. When uploading my PNG image logo, it would appear as a giant black box if I ever tried to revisit my design.

Also, during the checkout process, I wanted to add a separate billing address to my shipping address. Once I entered both addresses and pressed Continue, the form seemed to deselect both addresses and then was unclickable. This caused me to have to refresh and retype both addresses three times before it finally worked.

I got it in the end, but the process was somewhat painful. I just hope my designs were processed correctly, and don't turn out to be the black boxes that showed up when trying to re-edit my designs.

Don't. Just don't.
I also order a dated banner & paid priority shipping. The package did not arrive on said date however I did receive a text from the shipping company (DSL) my order was on it way. In correspondence with DSL I was told it was stuck in customs in India.
My package arrived 6 days late & I have been unable to recoup my money now because BannerBuzz Canada are refusing to answer.
Thankfully I order local after finding out, paid $20 more but my banner but picked up same day and it was perfect. Buy local.

Easy to navigate, well priced and quick turnaround. Products are exactly as described, and full quality even considering the affordable price point. Yes items were produced and shipped from India, but this has zero effect in order process. Shipping time was not unreasonable, would easily recommend to others and reorder more when needed.

My Business's Vehicle Magnets
The design process is quite glitchy. When uploading my PNG image logo, it would appear as a giant black box if I ever tried to revisit my design.

Also, during the checkout process, I wanted to add a separate billing address to my shipping address. Once I entered both addresses and pressed Continue, the form seemed to deselect both addresses and then was unclickable. This caused me to have to refresh and retype both addresses three times before it finally worked.

I got it in the end, but the process was somewhat painful. I just hope my designs were processed correctly, and don't turn out to be the black boxes that showed up when trying to re-edit my designs.

Great Products, Great Price!
The products and customer service service were extremely top-notch! The site surfing was a bit of a "buggy" experience with a lot of hiccups and freezing on my iPhone 12Pro. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with the products I purchased.

Flimsy with Zero Customer Service
I ordered 5 shields as a initial order to try them out for our 3 restaurants. The smallest size aren't tall enough to protect diners. BannerBuzz Canada only come up to your shoulder when seated so essentially useless. I contacted the company but they refused to allow me to return unopened packages to exchange them for a taller ones. The shield are cheap looking and will blow over easily. Zero customer service. Too many options out there to waste your time with this company. STAY CLEAR AWAY!

Very Bad Customer Service. No warranty. & The Manager Does Not Care!
I have purchased a backdrop banner from this vendor. IThe metal frame broke after 2 times as used in only 2 exhibitions. After 20 minutes text chatting and another 15 minutes over the phone with Mr. Lopez (the manager) I was told that BannerBuzz Canada only offer warranty on the fabric but zero warranty on the hardware (what a joke) I wanted to purchase another backdrop but Mr. Lopez refused to offer a discount to make up or the low quality product I bought eeventhoug I am a great customer with multiple purchases. STAY AWAY... and look for a company that operate inside the USA and do care about their customers.

Pretty easy but I did have a hard time finding out...
Pretty easy but I did have a hard time finding out that you don't do women's shirts. Also, I'm not sure what kind of fabric banner I wanted: Processed or otherwise. Would have been nice to have the menu default to the last thing I entered.

I ordered a step and repeat banner for my sons birthday weeks in advance.
I was guaranteed, multiple times, the banner would be delivered on time. I offered to upgrade shipping to ensure deliver and was told no need to. The day before my party the banner didn't arrive. Even though BannerBuzz Canada provided a tracking number showing shipment, i was unable to track the package. When i called to find out where my banner was, they told me it never actually shipped out! And that it was shipping from India!
They were not willing to pay for a banner company to create a banner for my my event same day, saying it was too expensive bc of being expedited. I ended up paying $750 to a company to make my banner same day, or else I would have lost hundreds of dollars as i hired a photographer and props to surround the banner.

Deceptive. Ca site - not Canadian at all!
Placed a simple order online and uploaded my own artwork. I chose expedited shipping. Order was promised on a Wednesday, and I now found out it will not arrive till the following Monday, past my event date. I requested a tracking number and then found that the order originated in India, was shipped via Dubai and currently is in Tennessee. I am in Ontario, Canada. Their website shows a Toronto address, though now I notice is says "Registered office". I've seen other companies do this, and I still resent this kind of deception. I will stick with local suppliers who I know have a brick and mortar presence.

From designing my ad, choosing from a variety of sizes which can also be customized, and receiving my orders quicker than anticipated, I am very pleased with the results. All 3 signs were custom and matched to size, printing was professionally done and the quality and service of this company has been excellent. We will certainly be choosing BannerBuzz for all of our business advertising needs in the future.

Street signs
The online design tool was pretty tricky to use. However, the finished product is great. Also, the ordering process was smooth and the product arrived quickly. I would use again.

I needed help during the design phase. Online chat was efficient and helpful. Solved my problem for me.

When adapting my designs I find the maneuverability...
When adapting my designs I find the maneuverability a bit slow and I had to back track on my design a number of times. Overall great service/ products from what I can tell. UI could use some work, for a more user friendly experience.

STAY AWAY. Poor customer service, Poor Quality products, ALL MADE IN INDIA NOT USA.
I purchased a simple banner from them and BannerBuzz Canada royally screwed it up. The product sent was lighter in color (nothing like the original picture sent) and had white blotches on it. Second, the item was made of the cheapest material ever, and upon more research I found that the company is actually from India, using a "suite" in Georgia as their main address. STAY AWAY AND GO TO ALLSTATE BANNERS INSTEAD. Now im stuck with this cheap piece of crap and guess what? They offer no help getting refunds and could care less since they are located thousands of miles away. BE WARNED.

Horrible Customer Service
Didn't get what we ordered and approved and got the run around until I was on the phone with the owner who was just as useless when it came to customer service as his employees. We will never use them again! Save yourself the stress and loss of money and use an actual reputable company.

Short of a perfect 5 star because the checkout is missing...
Short of a perfect 5 star because the checkout is missing an important validation or digital proof review of the work. All I saw was a very small representation of the art I uploaded. This is a shortcoming compared to competitors such as VistaPrint.

Do not trust this Company they are pure Scammers.
Do not trust this Company BannerBuzz Canada are pure Scammers. They will show you a picture on their web site and will send a complete different product.
I ordered this and paid 56.00 dollars they sent me 2 piece of printed paper 2 by 3 wort a dollar each a the dollar store.
They refused any return and refuse to refund me despite the policy displayed on the website.
If this review does not appear I will make sure its shown somewhere else all over the social media and on google reviews.
What is the BannerBuzz' return policy?
If there are any errors on our part after the art work has been approved, BannerBuzz will send a replacement banner with priority shipping at no charge to the customer. We also offer a refund for the total amount. Clients must follow these steps in order to get a refund or reproduced banner. All returns must be reported within 7 days of the delivery.
Do not trust them, they have no customer service, their call center is based in India they do not even speak English you can not understand them.
Please save your money

Made in India - delayed delivery
BannerBuzz Canada don; t tell you but they make their banners in India with the result that delivery is often late - plus they don; t let you know when delays occurr and their customer swervice is awful - over two weeks they wasted hours of my time with their clunky system which would not load a pdf, then failed to deliver on time and failed to let me know - totally hopeless

Very satisfied. Will buy again
Customer service was almost immediate. Site said allow up to 48 hours for the artwork/logo to be revised for optimal quality but I had the revised copy in my inbox to review by the next morning. Free shipping estimated delivery at over 3 weeks but it arrived within a week. Packaging was strong and kept the banner from getting crunched at all. Product turned out fantastic!

Thank you for a great first experience. I'll be back again soon!

Chat support on the website was prompt and to the point

Good value and great quality
Good value and great quality. I used another company in the past and am thinking of switching over. However, shipping was a hassle for me last time. It was not able to track my shipment and didn't know it arrived-however I don't know if it is something BannerBuzz Canada can control or the carrier company so I am going to give it 5 star.

Table Cloth
I rejected my design multiple times as it seems the designers couldn't understand how I wanted it, even though I attached my own 3D image that BannerBuzz Canada were supposed to use as reference (it was supposed to make things much easier. In theory). They got it right on the 3rd or 4th time and I had to pay an additional $10 because they said they had to modify the resolution of the Logo.
I was content with the final product, the price and the shipping method. My company's table cloth turned out really nice, actually.
If you have the time and patience to deal with them, you might be happy with the result!

Dropped The Ball
We ordered an exhibit backdrop (printing with hardware) well in advance of our event. When we followed up a few days before our event, we were notified our hardware was out of stock. There was no plan to get us what we needed. We were really counting on that backdrop. We paid several hundred dollars for our order. And, to make a long story short, we got our hardware a day AFTER the tradeshow. Whatever happened to doing whatever it takes to make it right for the customer? I wouldn't be writing this if BannerBuzz Canada had let us know about the issue ahead of time. We may have had time to come up with a Plan B. But, as it happened, we only found out about it when we followed up. Please please fix this.

Quality of Product
Easy to follow website, and the discount is appreciated.
I Like the product, it is what I was looking for, but I expected thick plastic barrier not a thin plastic. I hope it will serve the purpose, the Choir Director has not seen it yet.

I was not overly impressed by the tabletop banner quality...
I was not overly impressed by the tabletop banner quality that I originally ordered. The canvas quality seemed low end. But I like the concept of the wood (bamboo) frame. Due to time constraints, I did just make another order but I will be looking for other options in the future.

Really great that you offer free design, I did try...
Really great that you offer free design, I did try the self-design tool and it was very hard to navigate, there was no way to group objects that I could find. It would also be nice if the preselects for options (such as shipping) started on the cheapest option rather than the more expensive one.

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