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What Discrimination Looks Like while Banking when Black
I went into the Bank of America branch on Boylston street, Boston location and got a rude awakening of what discrimination feels like. While I was there, the check that I deposited got stuck in the ATM. I saw one of the employees assisting a Latin American woman (on the white side), so I waited for her to finish with the customer and explained my situation. Then I asked if she could assist me. She said in a nasty voice; that she didn't know how to use the machine and that I would have to contact someone outside the branch. Not at any point did she walk over to evaluate the problem. Instead, she continued to be dismissive and cold.

I explained to the employee that it might be something that she could help me with since the ATM was prompting me to go back and put in the amount, but I could not find where to enter the transaction amount. She proceeded to ignore me and move on to an Asian customer that had just walked through the door. Talk about passive-aggressive. At this point, I knew that she wanted me to feel inferior, so I decided to speak up for myself, explained that I had a check worth thousands stuck in the branch's ATM, and to either assist me or call a manager. Again she argued that she did not know how to use the machine, but I held my ground.

Finally, she came over, pressed a few buttons, and it turned out that she ‘did know' how to use the machine.
Frustrated by the employees lack of professionalism, I asked to speak with the her manager. That's when I learned that the woman discriminating against me was the branch manager. I left in disbelief. I felt like I was being pitted against the other two customers because, in her mind, I did not fit the demographics of that area. The message that I got; is that my business is not as valuable because I am black.

After experiencing this level of disrespect and unfairness from this branch location, I hope Bank of America does something about this systematic racism amongst its employees.
I'm sharing my story publicly because I hope people will start speaking up. And finally, I don't want anyone else to go through what I went through.


On a almost weekly basis, I continue to get the following "alert" message from Bank of America. I am not now noW have I ever had an account with "Bank of America," if - in fact - it does exist. If you get a similar message, DO NOT EVER give your account number over to this website!

Dear Bank of America member,

We recently have determined that different computers have logged on to your Online Banking account, and multiple password failures were present before the logons.

We now need you to re-confirm your account information to us.

If this is not completed by March 04,2011, we will be forced to suspend your account indefinitely, as it may have been used for fraudulent purposes.

We thank you for your cooperation in this manner.

To confirm your Online Banking records click on the following link:

Thank you,
Bank of America Security Center.

Please do not reply to this e-mail as this is only a notification. Mail sent to this address cannot be answered.

© 2011 Bank of America Corporation. All rights reserved.

Worst Home Loan Experience!
I was working with Asterio on my first home purchase, I am reaching out to you because besides being very upset I am also very stressed out, this process is not going as smooth as when it started and although I understand buying a home can be a long process and it being my first time, there is a lot I am not familiar with but I do understand how important communication is and right now communication is what is lacking in your home loan department. I have a family I have to take care of, I also have a move out date on my apartment agreement, not to mentioned I might lose my 5k deposit I put down on my future house and possibly even lose the house, and on top of that I had locked in a rate that has now changed, I don't understand what is going on, so as you can see these are the reasons why I am so upset, frustrated, worried, stressed,. The underwriter assigned to my loan is taking too long to communicate what is needed and therefor my agent has requested an extension for the third time and I am terrified that it will not be approved, and I will lose my deposit and house.
My family and I have anxiously been waiting for this day, today I am scheduled to close and receive the keys to our new home. Unfortunately this is not the first time that I was scheduled for closing! My family and I are packed, ready to move out. My apartment leasing office had granted 3 more days to stay until May 10th. And just now bank of America is telling me I will not close until maybe tomorrow! I understand that Star Radoc is now out of the office for medical reasons and he will no longer be able to assist with the remainder of the closing process. Which no one had mentioned this to me! Karen Hopkins, Todd Malone, John Howarth, Garren Campbell Bank of America had said they will help me to have a smooth transition for closing, they just have been giving me the round and round! As you can imagine this day is very crucial and important. Hope you can understand how important and meaningful this situation is to us. Unfortunately I have not had the best experience with the home buying process with Bank of America. I will never recommend any one to bank of America.

Well first of all I get a promotional offer from AAA for a bank of America credit card, with a 0%apr offer on purchases for 15 billing cycles (as most banks offer when they're trying to get you to sign on) so I applied at AAA and instantly got approved. I get the card in the mail and pay off my heating bill and a couple others things to avoid any interest whatsoever. I pay a couple hundred on my first bill and when I got the second bill I see almost 6 dollars in interest fees. I tried contacting bank of America with the number on my card and on the bill and had no help at all, went to AAA and Bank of America said all they do is the application process and that I needed to go to bank of America to discuss the issue. So I do and I dealt with the most rude person imaginable at there office in Dewitt NY, she was no help at all but she did get someone on the phone who I had to speak to for about 30 minutes in their building trying to get this righted around, the guy called me back the next day and said it was all sorted out. I just got my third bill in the mail today and they messed something up, it shows the promotional offer which is great, but their still charging me almost 4 dollars in interest for some reason, now I have to deal with this process again. This is absolutely ridiculous, anyone I've talked to is very unorganized and not very knowledgeable at all. I've wasted so much time chasing them around. They are complete Crooks, if I was some old lady they could have really robbed me blind. I'm sure it will get sorted out but no one should have to deal with this kind of stress and nonsense. I went as far as to bring the promotional offer with me to the bank when I went in, I mean come on. Just watch out if you decide to bank with these people, keep your guard up.

Gluttonous liars
My wallet was stolen, I reported it as soon as I noticed and was given credit. It was denied (as always from what I've discovered reading reviews) so I appealed. Was told that you'd be getting in contact and the reveal of credit wouldn't go through until the appeal was decided. That was the 24th.

I got laid off due to a NATIONAL DISASTER. You know the one that your vending over backwards to look like your helping out the little guy deferring mortgages and all that jazz? Yeah that one. I have 5 sons. Find out today that with no warning (and definitely NO contact with me!) The appeal had been denied and you KNOWINGLY threw my account into the red by reversing it, you KNEW there wasn't anything in there AMD you did it anyway!

Ok, I screwed up, I completely forgot I had my pin written down (reason for denial) I'll take it as a hard lesson learned, I even said that. But to tell me that there's nothing you can do is BEYOND the pale! Your talking the last check im getting and have absolutely no shame in it. You literally took food from my kids mouths in lieu of doing ANY investigative work. Your company acted like you were doing me a huge favor by reversing some overdraft fees, fees that wouldn't have occurred IF DUE DILIGENCE had been done.

I immediately call to either be transferred or on hold for almost 2 hours before being told that your taking my last check. That's it, you can't do anything.

But I can. I am going to make sure this treatment of one of the people your supposedly in such support of is everywhere, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Instagram heck, I'll even figure out Twitter, as a warning to others of exactly what kind of disgusting business practices you condone. My family is already closing all accounts with you and im going to make sure that while you may have a newly single mother's little paycheck it's going to cost you in lost interest in years to come. Now I got to ho figure out how to feed 5 boys on 100 bucks. Thanks for that, cause this mess wasn't hard enough.

Bank of America is not what it use to be. The tellers are trained for excellent customer service but that's about it. The rest of the bank is a gamble. When I was looking for banks I asked my friends and people I knew in the area what Bank of America thought of it. Their answer was: Avoid; it's terrible. When you have issues that require customer service they can't hear you. Some issues get fixed in a so-so reasonable time frame while others drag on way longer than they should.

I tried them for a while and they were right. It's a good adult beginner bank but after that it's all up to you. Just like any other bank it's a business to get your money. They'll nickel and dime you like crazy to try and fine you monthly fees. Then when you need help it's hit or miss. Every now and then I'll get a 800# rep where their English accent is so heavy I often have to request someone else. I don't mean to be rude but when you can barely understand them and you need to be sure they do the transaction correctly the first time you can't take the gamble they don't understand.

We have a couple of Bank of America's in the complex I work at. Some of the tellers that come and shop after work are obnoxious. We have one lady that's so obnoxious that she'll harass us over one cent being off. Complain horribly if one of her coupons doesn't work... She is so money conscientious it's obnoxious.


I am Canadian and before i open the account, I asked if I could increase the point of sale limit temporary for large purchase, the bank manager said with confident YES.

Ok fine, I drove 3 hours to the States and open the account. I planned for my trip where there's no BofA in the city. I called BofA 2 weeks ahead and informed them about my trip and so Bank of America noted it down and wouldn't block my card when I used it in different city. I also called them to confirm the increase of my limit and they said no problem at all.

Ok, all the CRAPS started to happen! When I was on the VACATION trip.

1. They still blocked my card even I informed them that I would be away. I called them and they unblocked it and 2nd day, it's blocked again!

2. I was in the store to purchase something very LIMITED and the store would not hold for longer than few hours. I called BofA Customer Service, they REFUSED to increase the limit for me because my account was TOO NEW. I called my branch manager, she said impossible and would call them to find out. I was calling back and forth long distance and finally I called the branch again and was told the "Branch Manager" LEFT for the day. What the hell? She didn't even solve the problem and left home?

3. So I don't have any money except the USELESS bank card. My option is to fly to the closest city which took 5 hours flight to get my money! Finally I called friend to make a wire transfer to pay for the merchandise.

4. After many days and I am no longer new customer. Again, I have to purchase something else and called the customer service to increase my purchasing limit again. This time I was told the MAX limit is only $5000. What? Because it could go up to the balance and I confirmed this when opening the account. Now it's changed? Why I deposited LOTS of money and nobody set a limit? And when I want to use my own money and there's so many restrictions?

5. Ok, fine. If I can't use the card for large purchase, I thought I could do wire transfer. But guess what? They only allow $1000 for each transfer! $1000 for wire transfer? Are you kidding me? To go beyond that, I have to get the verification code to my cellphone. And guess what? Canadian phone won't work! So how do I get my money? Drive 3 hours to the branch?

It's stupid enough that all these craps happen. I want to use my own money and there's so many restrictions! I am finding a new bank. No more stupid Bank of America which I thought the largest bank in the US.

Vanessa was Rude and WRONG
On August 13th 2020 at around 3pm I talked to VANESSA who works in the consumer and small business department and I had the WORST experience I have ever had being a Bank of America customer.

Backstory: I opened a business bank account on August 7th. I called in to open an online account and I was told that I could not open an online account because I did not have my checking account number and I was also told that I had 7 days to fund the account and that I had to go in person to do so since I didn't have my business debit card or my business account number yet.

I called back again a couple days later and talked another representative to confirm that I only had 7 days to fund the account. I called because alot of bank's are closed in Georgia due to covid so I would I have to drive pretty far to get to a bank that is open and before I do that I wanted to confirm that this 7 day rule was true. The agent on the phone tells me I have 30 days to fund my account.

So now I have one rep telling me that I have 7 days to fund my account and another telling me I have 30 days to fund my account but both agents told me that I can open my online account for my business account by calling in once I had my checking account number.

The rep who told me I had 30 days to fund my account sounded less certain to me so instead of risking it I decided to waste 1 hour of half of my day and go to the bank in person. Better waste time than have my account closed is my thought.

So I go to the bank and fund my account and get my checking account number.

I get home and I call to set up my online account and that's when I had the misfortune of talking to Vanessa.

From the beginning of the call she sounded like she didn't want to be bothered.

She asked me the name of my business and I told her and she said she would put me on a brief hold while she pulls up my account. It seemed odd that she needed to put me on hold just to pull up my account but that being said I was okay with that and didn't feel one way or another about the action but it did feel odd.

Then she tells me she's having problems logging in and asked me if I wanted to call back at another time. I was fine waiting…I just wasted almost 2 hours having to go in person and stand in long lines at first outside then inside. So of course I was fine waiting and I told her "take your time I will wait"

Then she asks me what I needed help with and I told her I wanted to set up my online account. She tells me I can't because I have not returned some paperwork in the welcome packet.

I expressed my confusion because two other reps told me that I could set up my online account once I funded the account in person and had my account number.

Then Vanessa goes on to say I would have to go back in person to set up my online account or wait for the welcome packet. At this point I was frustrated because I just came from a 1 hour and half trip to the bank and I mentioned setting up my online account to the teller and I mentioned that I was funding my account so it wouldn't close and that I would call to set up my online account and the teller never expressed to me that I needed to set up the account in person…

I told Vanessa what the two other reps told me and I asked her what the rules were in regards to funding my account. She says "I need to transfer you to the sales department because Bank of America know those rules. I service accounts I need to transfer you"

And I say "I never talked to the sales department I talked to your department and they told me two different things…

She says "I need to transfer you to the sales department because they signed you up" so then I had to reiterate that I signed up online and I NEVER talked to the Sales department (keep in mind…in this exchange she's raising her voice and I'm matching her voice tone).

I also restated what I was told by two different reps…At this point I'm so confused I just want to know the rules…So I ask her "Are you saying that you can't find out the rules in regards to how long I have to fund my account" and she says "I'm not saying that"

First of all she didn't answer my question and second of all if she can tell me the rules (keep in mind two other people in her department told me the rules so I don't believe her) why is she trying to transfer me? It's like she didn't want to help at all!

At this point she tells me to lower my voice. (In my mind I'm speaking in a way to match her voice tone). Then she immediately says "I gave you an answer and you need to call back another time goodbye!" (she did not give me answer!)…At this point I'm yelling "do not hang up do not hang up" she puts the phone down for 5 seconds (I can tell because I can hear the background) then she hangs up and I know because I heard a click.

So then I call back and I talk to a different rep and GUESS WHAT!
Apparently I CAN open an account online just like the other two reps said! So I opened my online account!
This rep was also very nice like all the Bank of America reps I usually speak with.

So now this begs the questions.
Why did VANESSA tell me that I could not open an online account when I could?
Why was Vanessa so rude in her tone of voice?
Why did she hang up on me just because I was asking questions to get an understanding of the situation (which is a reasonable thing to do when when you were told by two other reps that you could open an online account (and they happened to be right!))
Why did she claim that she could not tell me the rules when that was obviously a lie as well! ( all three business account service reps were able to tell me the rules except her)

To sum it up:
Vanessa was rude!
Vanessa was Wrong and most likely a liar!
Vanessa could have caused me to waste an additional hour and half if I really needed to have an online account.
Vanessa hung up on me!
Vanessa lied! (She lied about not being able to give me the rules pertaining to my account AND she either she did not know that I could open an online account or she lied on purpose!)

The reason I'm writing this:

I want to have it record because if there is a pattern of behavior like this from Vanessa it needs to be dealt with. Everyone has a bad day…If she was just having an off day that's okay! But I felt like it was my duty to report this because if this is more than just a bod day and if Vanessa has a history of behaving this way then the Bank of America I know and love should NOT tolerate this behavior and take appropriate action!

The website was such a challenge to get onto
The website was such a challenge to get onto. Short version: 1.5 hours on the phone with customer service to help me get on with a temporary password, only to have to go through another hour on the phone later when the temporary password didn't work. By the way, the first hour of each of those calls was because of the multiple numbers that have to be pushed and the wait time and the one disconnection from the BofA side. Calling them sucks! And, if you need to get on the website, you'll need to call if you have a problem!

Bank of America basically suck in general.

I closed my account and switched to a nearby credit union.

Guess what?

My credit union doesn't charge me to have an account (B of A did). They don't charge me for replacing lost cards (B of A did). They don't charge me for bounced checks when I accidentally have one about once a year (B of A did). They have weekend hours (B of A here doesn't) and they give me about a dozen free checks a year - more than I'll ever need (B of A didn't) and they actually greet me with a smile (B of A NEVER did) and when I had trouble with getting online, I was online in about five minutes with the assistance of my credit union people (the phone call took all of two minutes to connect with a rep).

Any time I had a question in the B of A bank, I was told to "get online or call the number"... If I came all the way to their bank, do I want to go home and get online or get on the phone - Uh, NO WAY! My credit union always helps me in person, with everything I need... So, F U B of A! I'm so glad I left and I'll never go back!

WORST Customer Service
I called Bank of America 6 days ago to ask about an overdraft fee that had yet to occur, because I had a company take out an automatic payment when Bank of America were supposed to send me a bill for my last payment, since I discontinued service with them. I spoke to a nice girl who told me that I would need to let the fee go through on my account, but that I could call back to have it refunded once it went through. I called back today to have the overdraft fee refunded, and was refused. I spoke to 3 different customer service agents, supervisors, and people in the "escalation" department. They refused to help me, and did not give any consideration to the fact that I called to have this taken care of once already, and was following what I was told to do, which was to call a second time to have the fee reversed. Apparently their calls are "recorded for quality assurance purposes" yet no one would agree to listen to the call where I was promised a refund. I have banked with this company for 15 years, and they just lost me as a customer. I will be closing my account immediately.

I have not been a big fan of BOA and kept meaning to...
I have not been a big fan of BOA and kept meaning to close my account. I have had a CC with them for the longest time and I can't remember why (some promotional thing I guess). Bank of America never did me any wrong, but I thought they were on the high side interest wise and a little too eager to attach late fees. Also, I always had a hell of a time getting logged into their website (had to have this id, that passcode, this site key).

After I paid it off I decided it wasn't doing me any harm. I also looked at the rates and fees and felt that my fears of being overcharged were exaggerated. A few months later BOA calls me up and tells me my World Points were about to expire and I needed to purchase something.

No way! I said I wanted to cash them out. No problem, she said, and sent me 2 $250 checks. That was cool.

Their CC also has Shop Safe feature. If you are shopping online and want to purchase something that requires a CC, you can sign into and click-on Shop Safe. Enter the spending limit you want to impose on your purchase and how many months you want the purchase to be valid for and then click: Generate Number.

BOA will generate a new CC number & Security Code (temporary) for you to use at that merchant. This number is tied to your real number, but is only good at that merchant, for that amount, and expires in X amount of months.

The Shop Safe feature and their secure website it why I gave it 3 stars.

Only if it is your last resort
I banked with Bank of America for over 10 years. Not only are their fees among the highest in the industry their interest rates for savings snd checking accounts are among the lowest in the industry. Bank of America stack their overdraft fees one on top of the other on top of another. Granted, people should keep enough money in their accounts so that they are not overdrawn, but it does happen. While other banks are offering waivers for an occasional overdraft, Bank of America is still getting rich over these overdraft fees. And all this in spite of a class action lawsuit. Most of the time, in my experience, it takes over 30 minutes on hold to reach customer service and once you reach them, you can depend upon another one or two lengthy transfers to the correct department. After not having banked with them in over 5 years I recently received a statement saying that i had opened a new account with them. I did not and would not after my prior experiences with them. After phone calls that took over 1 1/2 hours of my time I finally got this resolved. Or, so they tell me that I did. There are much better banks with much more favorable interest rates and much better customer service. I suggest USAA, Ally, or even Varo Bank in lieu of this very much left leaning banking institution.

O. K. but I wish customer service was better
The customer service is really hit and miss from what I can tell. I opened an account the day before yesterday. I've had to call them three times since then, The first time was no help what so ever. I had got an email saying that my application was approved but there was a problem processing my deposit and to sign in to online banking but I didn't have a password or username yet because my account was new. She told me I couldn't access my account over the phone because it was new and Bank of America didn't have enough info to confirm that I was me and that I would have to drive to the nearest physical location to access my account. When I informed her that the closest brick and mortar bank was four hours away in Philly she said it didn't matter and if I wanted access to my account that is what I would have to do. Well, I wasn't doing that so I hung up and tried again about an hour later. The second was very very helpful she asked me a set of special questions pulled from various sources to confirm my identity and said that since I live outside of the (I believe this is what she called it) footprint area that I could get my account info over the phone. So that was great but when I tried to sign into the online banking I needed to verify my account and the only option to do this was by text. My phone was stolen a few weeks ago. So I had to call one more time. The woman I spoke to this time was somewhere in between the very nasty first call and the extremely sweet and helpful second call she said that I need to change my phone number and it had to be a cell phone. I'm not very happy with this. I have never heard of a cell phone as a requirement for a bank account. She also said that because my account was so new they couldn't confirm my identity and I would have to drive to Philly to change my number. So I tell her that is never going to happen and she tells me they sent a package out to me when my application is approved and if I wait until I get that I will have my debit card and be able to confirm my identity and change my phone number. When I asked her about those special questions the second woman had asked me she said they didn't have anything like that but of course they do because I had just done it. I'm really hoping that once I get my packet and my online banking setup things calm down and I won't need to call customer service again.

Closing my account after this
I've been a BoA customer for 9 years. Recently, I had some issue with Sallie Mae, who are also getting a review, where Bank of America (literally) did not process my deferment form. Naturally, I called SM to resolve that and was promised the 3-5 business day return. Great.

I call BoA. First, I get a Yasmin/Jasmin from Georgia who tells me that they no longer waive overdraft fees until after they're posted. Mind you, this used to be done 2-3 years prior. So, naturally, I'm left with little option but to wait. I call today in the afternoon and I am connected to a young man who informs me of the extra caveat that they can't waive it until they see the refund. Mind you, my account is already -$200 further down the hole than the previous amount.

With this inconsistency, I ask for an acting manager. I get connected to a young sounding, burnt out woman who basically had no time to assist (this is all after waiting a half hour for the initial help, then 12 more mins). She repeats the same line like a bored robot. "Until we see the refund." This is despite me asking the general timeframe. All this for her to finally say they do not know timeframes. Her name was Raven.

I am resolving this issue then closing my account after this. Abysmal excuse for a national bank with its squalid reputation well deserved.

Might as well play lotto
If I could give negative stars I would. So I take a check... my paycheck... you know the ones that Bank of America used to give on the paper... after my boss makes a mistake 1 single time in 3 years and I deposit it. This terrible review is more so for BofA as a whole and not this location but the teller DID NOT tell me "This check could be held for 13 days without any good reason besides just general security that someone out there (who I guess enjoys stealing debit cards, IDs and going thru the monumental amount of trouble it takes to get a fake watermarked paycheck with your name printed on it and taking a chance that they could cash it out the next day) may TRY to defraud them or me".
She told me it would be available the next day. The next day, I got an email that my money would not be available for use until 13 days later. Called the 800 number, they told me no one could help me. Keep in mind... this is a mortgage payment amount we're talking about here. So now, if I didn't have anyone to lean on or a great group to work for, myself and my family would be without power and 15 days behind on mortgage/rent. That's enough to change your life for the worst. My BofA trust ENDS here. I will play 1000 towards the LOTTO next time... the odds are faster money are much higher.

B of A credit card for Alaska Airlines
When I signed up for an Alaska Airlines credit card I was very excited. I have used the Companion Fare option several times with good results. The 1st 2 years I was able to upgrade my seats to first class using points even with the Companion Fare option. Now I am being told that Alaska Airlines has not authorized 1st class seating yet for my flight. I made my reservations 11 months in advance. Now I am less than 3 months until departure, but still cannot upgrade my seats with points. I am no longer using my BofA/Alaska Airlines credit card for my purchases. The Companion Fare option is terrific, but if I cannot upgrade to 1st Class with points (I have 80K points available, but am unable to use them). The Companion Fare option is excellent, but I am now using a different credit card for all purchases to earn points. This is not a BofA issue, but an Alaska Airlines issue. I will probably start using Hawaiian Airlines for direct flights (SD to Maui) as well. Most unhappy.

Not customer service oriented at all
I called the bank before I went and kept getting a message all reps are busy. So I went and picked up my 80 year old dad and we drove to the bank on Zang in Dallas which is definitely NOT a hop-skip-or jump. All my dad wanted to do was get some thing out of his Safe Deposit box. When we got there there it was 30 min before closing. The guy told us he did not have time because he was already working with someone and that we needed to make an appointment. This was on a Friday and Bank of America offered 2 appts times for the following Monday which did not work for me. MONDAY I tried calling the branch to make an appt and kept getting the same message I received on Friday that all reps were busy. I then called the the main customer serv $ 432- 1000 and waited and waited. A person finally came on the phone a try tried assisting me in contacting branch to set up an appointment. After waiting for a long time, the rep said someone would be calling me back from the branch. Well 2 days later and I still have not heard anything. I keep calling but still getting the same message

My issue began March 3rd, 2021. I made a reasonably high dollar purchase online using my California EDD unemployment prepaid debit card: issued by Bank of America. This raised a security flag & temp locked my card. This is common & so I called in to verify the charge and unlock my card. The agent I spoke to was very stern & was speaking to me the entire time as if I had done something wrong & even made the remark " this Unemployment scenario is terrible, between that and everything going on nowadays never a bad time for a little retail therapy to keep you people sane". A condescending blow because he's referring to people who were laid off due to Covid as "you people" & then another additional blow to me personally regarding where I spent MY own money, which he had ZERO idea what it was actually on & was making an assumption based on the merchant from where it was bought & my previous account purchases. He validated that last part because after putting me on hold for 30 minutes to review my account he returned to inform me " after a review of your account we are NOT going to remove the hold/block on your card at this time". "You are going to need to contact your "sponsor" (which is OBV EDD) and have them submit to us a completed BENEFITS ELIGIBILITY VERIFICATION form. A what? First of all one does not just contact EDD and have them do anything. Lets just clear that part up. Getting EDD on the phone is another task that you basically need a masters degree in doing.

I contact EDD finally & am informed there is no ACTUAL Form persae. Its more like Bank of America just verify all my personal information with me and then its updated and by them continuing to to issue me my bi weekly unemployment benefits via direct deposit into my Bank of America card account th6e system on B of As end will reflect there are no more issues at all. Because why would there be any. Let me rephrase that in one of the simplified contexts I have had to use with Bank of America to TRY and get them to process the issue at its core. EDD is saying " Your account is fine. There are no issues with your claim, no issues with verifying you & no further actions we are able to take that we haven't already to inform B of A of this. We are going to continue to deposit money for you into your B of A account, every two weeks that you certify. " For the past month ANY time I would call B of A they would verify EVERY piece of verifying info they have for me including sending a code to my phone and my security question I setup. Then they would tell me they still have not been notified that my claim is verified yet by EDD. Keep in mind one of the questions they ask me when verifying me when I call is
"when was the last deposit from EDD made"? Which is usually a few days prior because I call these people every couple days. Some will tell me they COULD unlock it if they could get direct info from EDD. Others will tell me their system won't even allow it. Most will literally gaslight me and tell me I NEED to call EDD this is their issue. And some will just repeat " You need to contact your sponsor and ask for the form". On April 12th I was somewhat lucky enough to reach an EDD agent who was determined to figure this out. He filed what's called a EBP ID ISSUES LOG with the EDD technical support team to try and fix it. But still was certain and confident that there was nothing more EDD can do. I began contacting B of A daily at this point explaining to every agent at their high level dept called: RISK what was going on, all the points & repeating over and over there is nothing more EDD will do this is a Bof A issue. Why are you ignoring the fact that I am still getting payments!? Not only that but when I login to the app I can't even see my account balance or account history at all. They have all the info blacked out.

Then something different finally happened when I called in on April 22nd. They placed me on hold and then spoke to someone and came back & said okay so you will need to go into a Bank of America branch with TWO forms of ID and then have the branch manager either call us or call us and then hand them the phone & then we can unlock the account! So to verify I said "You want me to actually go into a public building to show 2 forms of ID & speak to the bank manager & basically give him or her no choice but to contact you & you want me to hand over my own device that my mouth is near everyday to speak to you?" And this is on the assumption that I am able to even leave my house or feel comfortable enough to go into a bank? If I have had covid recently (Which I HAVE. 2 weeks ago!) im just SOL? L... regardless went into the bank the following day with two forms of ID & the manager contacted them after explaining this whole story to him & they said my card would be reactivated in 24-48 hours. Tuesday rolls around and would you believe me if I told you that the CARD STATUS IS: LOCKED. Still! So I call Bank of America back and talk to them I tell them I went into the bank etc etc. The agent at RISK tells me " Well then you are going to have to give EDD a call because this is obviously an issue on their end"! LOL. WOW. I hit him with all the logical points because B of A also fails to adequately note ANYTHING. So also keep in mind I have to Re EXPLAIN EVERYTHING I just did EVERYTIME to EVERY person. Which also keep in mind has resulted in more hang ups and transfers due to the rep being to lazy or annoyed because they dont know what to do then you care to know. And the hold times to get to these reps has been up to 2 hours max. Anyway. After re iterating to him AGAIN his final response is this: "Oh" here is the issue "You need to contact your sponsor EDD & have them complete and send over a Benefits Eligibility Verification form. I hung up.

This has been going on for 2 months. EDD has been actually polite and helpful and BofA has been rude, unprofessional & very condescending 90% of the time and been providing me with false and misleading information. I am relying on this money to support my family. Both of my grandparents lost their lives in a disturbingly difficult battle with this virus not even a month ago & it we weren't even able to hold a funeral service. Our children are suffering because our benefits have been unavailable for 2 months while they continue to accumulate as I certify every 2 weeks & still have not been able to return to my job. Please if there is anything you can do to help I am begging you to do so. I dont know where else to turn with this.

This is my experience during the time with bank of america.
I'll tell my full history here and how the bank of america put me in the worst time I had!

At the beginning, I am going to another country, for indeterminate time, I still have to pay some baggage to dispatch. So I called the credit department to close my account 10 days before the travel. Bank of America misunderstood me and started the process to close both accounts!

I did not realize that until 6 days before the travel, because all the money I had on the bank was withdraw and sent to the address (that I said previously thai I don't live anymore). Right away I called the bank and they to figure out everything. They lied to me and said it was fixed and the money will be in my account in 2 business days.

Missing 4 days to my travel, they block my access to the bank app, and I was unable to log in anymore. So I drove to a financial center, that i got little help reopening my account but not having my money back(so much help...) and they started a new process to give the check back to my account. Now in 5 days. The problem was this day was a Thursday, so the early they could give me the money from the check was monday night.

If ends over there is bad already l. But it doesn't end here. I called again, in both days (friday and aturday), but on the second day (saturday), 2 days for the travel. I explain they had a mistake plus all my situation, and they gave a option, or should I say fake option!?

The option they gave me was opening a NEW credit card, and once it was created I was able to create a digital version on that account and use the card right away! So I could afford my baggage payment and once the cash get into my checking account I could pay it and close both!

Why i said it's a fake option. I did open a new credit card that took me one day until shows on the mobile app. I try to create a digital version and guess what, they doesn't let do it. So I called.the bank again now 1 days for the travel to figure out that way they gave me. And the answer I got is they miss informated me and I wasn't able to use that account until my credit card be in my hands.

So basically they lied to me about the hope they gave me, and put me against the wall with no money with a travel in the next day.

The associate was able to give me the card number, expiration date, but not the Security code. And they were not able to create a digital version of the card.

Now I have a travel to do tomorrow that I can't cancel cause I don't have where this money can go. Plus I don't have money to pay my bagged and the BANK OF AMERICA are forcing me to leave the country without eat, or bringing my baggages with me. Just because they had a mistake, and accidentally stole all my money from my debit account.

I don't recomend bank of america to anyone! They don't care about they costumers, or their situation. They don't care if they made a mistake and that mistake put their costumer in a worst situation with no money!

I wish I could show all the audios I have!

That was my times with bank of america!

Worst In America
I've been waiting nearly an hour to talk to a Bank of America rep, and am writing a review with my other hand to help pass the time. This wait time is usual - Bank of America make you wait longer than the IRS. I ignore the recordings until the voice says "We know your time is valuable." At that point I yell "Shut up!"

Ah, I finally got a rep, and for once I got a good one. B of A just went from one star to two. Found out what I needed to know: whether or not my card was still on Autopay - and he also let me know that my newer Bank of America card is on Autopay as well. I hadn't heard back since I sent the needed forms, voided checks, etc. by postal mail (that's right) to set up Autopay for that card two months ago.

It's nearly impossible to set up Autopay or talk to a representative, and this was the first time I've ever reached a good rep at the end of the wait. So why do I put up with it? Two reasons. One: 3 percent cashback on gas, all the time. It is my default gas card. Two: they give a small percentage of their fees to causes I support. I'm sure the shares are small, but repeated over years, they add up to a donation.

Horrible Business Practices!
I just paid my credit card completely off! I have been a faithful and loyal customer to Bank of America... and since day one, I have made automatic payments from my bank checking account with no issues whatsoever! Last month, I simply changed my auto pay banking account number and expected no issues with Bank of America. I mean WHY should there be any issues?! I even kept plenty of money in both the new and old checking accounts, just in case! Howbeit, I was charged a LATE FEE for updating my banking information! Evidently, updating my banking information kicks out the auto pay! I just called and spoke to customer service... Bank of America were NOT understanding and VERY unprofessional! They were RUDE and unforgiving! Even though my history of consistent monthly payments did not need forgiveness... It meant absolutely nothing to them! I no longer respect this bank! And I will no longer recommend this bank! HIGHLY disappointed! Do yourself a HUGE favor and STAY AWAY from Bank of AMERICA! I hope this $29 fee is worth it, Supervisor Adrian!

Terrible customer service
I made a mistake and ordered multiple sets of check copies, because nothing online indicates what I have ordered. I needed 14 checks. The cost is $3 per copy and $75 max. Again, there is no confirmation page of your order prior to verifying the order. I then get 3 separate $30 charges. When I called to tell them Bank of America took off one charge. And "respectfully decline" to help me with the others. I have been a loyal customer for years... years and I made a mistake and pointed out that the ordering system is flaw. But he said there was nothing they could do. When I said this makes me want to take my business elsewhere, instead of making me feel better Nick, the manager just said "that's your choice". Clearly very concerned. It's a matter of $20 more dollars so whatever... but I am definitely going to consider taking my banking elsewhere. If you can't even help a loyal customer, what are you there to do? Hope that more people make mistakes on ordering check copies because there is no verification process (like all other sites do when requesting or purchasing things) and throw your strict refund policy to "respectfully decline" helping your customers? Doesn't seem right.

What is Wrong with Bank of America?
Last May 27th, my saving account with Bank of America was assaulted.
It reflected a balance of "0" and the title of the transaction says "Hold" "Legal Order, LTS Uxxxxxxxxxxxx". When I called today to speak to a customer service, she told me that I have to call 847-xxx-xxxx. I thought that it was a Bank of America number, but instead it is the legal firm that has assaulted my savings account.
We (Bank of America and I) have a citation to appear this coming June in the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois-Municipal Department District. This day is when we will know what has to be paid and who has to pay. I don't think that at this time this legal firm representing the plaintiff has any right to hold my saving account, not before the court day, and I don't think is right for Bank of America to hold my account without anything done in court yet. It is too early to do so, isn't it?
Other mysterious thing happening with Bank of America is related to my checking account.
My online bank statement always reflects 100% of my transactions immediately for several years until yesterday. The last transaction I made yesterday with my debit card still not posted, which is something very weird
As if my banking accounts with Bank of America have been manipulated from inside.
Strange, very strange...
It was a bad experience, but thanks to its website, I've detected the irregularities in my accounts, hopefully, on time to avoid further damages.

*Note: Bank of America has been cited as a third party by Blitt and Gaines, P. C., the latest is the legal firm representing the Plaintiff, a car maker Co. Who used to hire my ex-husband.

I am a 64 year old female struggling to live off $100 a week. Because I had to go into my savings account over the limit of the amount of times Bank of America let you go into your own savings account I ended up with a fee of $60. I called customer service and I went through three different customer service Representatives right above each other you know like supervisor to manager and so on and so forth, explaining my financial situation and the fact that I'm just getting over covid and only have been putting in 6 hours a week. After speaking to three different people and explaining that that $60 would mean me eating or not eating for a week each one of them went on to tell me about Bank of America's protocols. Who the hell would want a bank with a bank that does not give a s*** about their customers. After all it's the customers that keep them in business and each one of those representatives were just cold and calculus and truly did not give a damn about my situation. I also have an account with Wells Fargo and Wells Fargo is probably the best bank you could ever bank with because they care about their people and they're not losing anything by giving a customer back some fees I've never had a problem getting a feedback with Wells Fargo especially because I am a senior citizen and struggling. I would advise anyone not to bank with Bank of America because they are truly not a bank for America. If you have a Wells Fargo near you go to Wells Fargo you would definitely be happy. I will continue to spread the word about Bank of America and let people know that they're the worst thing that you can ever bank with.

Awful client communication
I had deposited my check through the atm as I do every week after I looked at my receipt it said a hold had been placed on my check NO not for a few days for two weeks so I called one person said oh Bank of America couldn't validate the check just call the bank it's drawn on if they validate it the hold should be removed call nothing wrong with account as I am the payroll person for that company anyway and already new this so I call again get another person oh no doesn't work that way it goes through a process and comes back to us and we can't remove the hold I said I've been depositing checks from this company for 7 years you have never had a problem now all of a sudden you flag one and I have to wait two weeks my account wasn't negative there was money in there why would this be no one could give a straight answer other than oh I'm sorry I can't do anything about it I said if it was your money you had two kids and had bills to pay I'm sure you would find a way absolutely worse service and not a single person had the same answer I talked to 3 people I could understand if it was a personal check but a payroll check and to put a hold on it from the 12 to the 23 is a little rediculous

Horrible Responses
I submitted a review that excoriated the customer service response to current BOA customers. The credit card that I have with them has been placed in file 57(meaning never to be used again)! I had one simple issue that no one at the branch level was able to address adequately; when I then telephoned the bank about this issue and others, no one was willing to address the issue other than to tell me to call credit card services, which is what I did. I received an email from someone called a Response Specialist. Ironically, 4 calls and voicemails later and after a week; the gentleman who sent me the email from BOA has never responded. Im fine with it because I don't really need to be associated with a bank card that has no way of addressing important issues with its service. I inadvertenly overpaid and yet BOA has charged me; yet, the balance is more than 100 dollars overpaid. I don't know how I made the mistake but I've tried to get them to issue a refund to me which Bank of America claim is on its way. I've been waiting. On top of this, I was told that the "system" will continue to charge me 25.00 a month because i have a designated amount (which I do not; I only have my acct to autopay for the occasional "slip up" that can happen). What I do not like is the fact that any card company would charge AND deduct from my bank account on file a standard amount of money each month? WtF? How do they stay in business. I made sure, at least, that they STOP doing that and send me my refund immediately as well. I'm done; unprofessional, unscrupulous and people who are clueless too.

Literally No Customer Service
I have been trying for 3 months now to resolve an issue with a HELOC. An issue that did not happen on my end, but when BOA's systems changed over. Bank of America reported me to the credit agencies (my first EVER) Destroyed me credit score. The one person who actually DID spend time with me (almost 3 months ago) couldn't figure it out.

Fast forward 3 months, I cannot access my account - I can't even pay off because nobody can give me an accurate amount. Every time I log in it gives me a different small amount like $. 38, or $1.00.

I have sent messages through the website with no answer, I have called every customer service number I can find. I have waited for close to 2hs each time I call. I eventually get plugged into a voice mailbox that is full, then the call is dropped. I have even called the local branches and they told me 'They can't help me."

There is literally nobody that will help! I am frustrated beyond explanation. I am so disappointed that I even started banking with this bank.

As I type this I have been on hold for 43 minutes. Shame on you BOA! You will NEVER get business from me again!

Stay away
I have my business and personal accounts with BoFA. I will be cancelling both accounts next week. It started with fees and foreign exchange rate. Their foreign exchange rate is horrible, plus Bank of America whack you with a fee. If you deposit a check, even in state bank checks they will put a hold on funds for one week, not good for the cash flow. They constantly decline transactions on debit cards and it takes multiple phone calls to fraud department to have it turned back on. It will take up to 24 hours for the card to work again. Other credit card companies text you and have it back on in minutes. Some transactions are with merchants I use often like Whole Foods. Forget about trying to reach customer service if your request does not fall within one of the categories listed. And often when I call about transactions declined, I am put on hold and after half an hour they tell me there is no one o take the call and disconnect me. Long winded I know, but my recommendation is to stay away from this bank.

We have been BOA customers for years with little to...
We have been BOA customers for years with little to no problems. We always go to the smaller branch office near our home and know the tellers and personal bankers and Bank of America recognize us. We are also good customers -- we don't bounce checks, don't miss cc payments, don't demand unrealistic perks, come informed and prepared for discussions. We also have concentrated our accounts (and let them know it) so we don't pay a single dollar in fees.

Regarding the website -- I am very, very pleased with the online transfer and bill pay features. The bill pay is by far the best feature of the website, imho, as you can select a larger-well known company and have all the mailing info provided or you can enter your own pay-to person/company. We have never had a payment go missing or late and they guarantee the payments -- if something happens on their end that causes a late payment, they will cover any penalty fees.
Been using online bill pay for_years_ and have not found a better or more comprehensive bill paying service. Though I do recommend keeping all tracking numbers, we have never had a problem.

Check out all the banks and find what fits your needs. We personally recommend Bank of America.

[Just a quick story about knowing the tellers and them recognizing us -- my kids were collecting state quarters for a 50-state quarter map and I mentioned to the teller that we were missing 7 of the 100 quarters. She wrote down the 7 missing ones, gave it to all the tellers, and they collected the quarters for us over the next 2 weeks! Asked me at the drive thru if I could come into the bank because they had a surprise for us! I took a picture of my kids with their completed maps and sent it as a thank you! It IS about customer service and our branch is amazing!]

Terrible Phone Support Every time I call
It seems like every time I call them about an issue related to my checking account there is at least a one hour wait time. Sometimes it takes me hours to get thru to the person who can help me.
Today I called about an issue related to a money transfer to another bank. I informed them that this was my reason for calling. Yet Bank of America had someone call me back who was not qualified to help with money transfer issues. Her name was Jaclyn from Arkansas. She was rude. Before I could finish describing my reason for calling, she had transferred me to the wire transfers department and I had to go thru the automated system but even though I did everything right in answering their questions it redirected me back to square one, to the initial main menu which then asked me for my reason for calling. So I am back at the beginning starting from scratch and have been waiting for a call back now for another hour. So It's now been two hours and my issue has not been heard.

I will be testing other banks to find better phone support. The slow wait times has been an issue with this bank for years. I have been banking with BOA for decades and I believe the customer support has gotten worse in the last 5 years. All I want is a bank that can help me via phone with any issue within 20 minutes. Is that too much to ask? Can BOA not afford to make their phone support decent?

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