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Bailey Street Home

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Refused to replace item that arrived damaged
I received a candle holder with a big chip in it. I immediately requested a replacement. I received an email asking me to send pictures, which I did. I have followed up with three emails. I tried to call but was put on hold for over 20 minutes. Bailey Street Home have not responded since the initial request for pictures. I will NEVER buy anything from them again, and I encourage everyone to stay away!

So far, just OK
So far, just OK. I do wish you would offer a true wood piece, instead of composite wood. I really do NOT respect composite - I would rather not have that in my home. Regarding your "Up to" 25% off offer when one makes their first purchase, it is not a good feeling to see that the "up to 25% savings" is in fact 5%. I feel kind of bad, kind of led-on by that. The best part of this transaction was the rep on the phone, who was lovely and patient and very helpful. 5% off is better than nothing, but I don't think you should tell people "up to 25% discount" and then give them 5%. Tell us closer to the truth - like up to 10%... that is not such a slap in the face. Thank you. All else was pleasant. But, do offer more real wood, please. I would come back to you if I thought I could find real solid wood products.

The item I purchased indicated "Save 10% on purchases...
The item I purchased indicated "Save 10% on purchases over $200 with code: TAKE10." That code didn't work and when I called customer service, I was told that was the lowest price. I expect to pay what is shown on the web site. I should have received the 10% off, as indicated.

I never heard of Bailey Street Home...
I never heard of Bailey Street Home... just starting to replace some fixtures. Saw a light I liked on Ebay and saw you were the company and located your website. Excited to finally find a 3 light flush mount fixture. Most are 2 light and trying to get more light in an office. Will be looking for more. Seems like great value and easy to place an order.

Fantastic price!
Fantastic price! Our chandelier broke in a windstorm last night - and we had two. I was in a panic thinking that there was no way I'd find another one, and also that it would be crazy-expensive. Not only did you have one, but you gave me a fantastic deal with an extra coupon. Thanks, I'm a hero! :)

Purchasing this faucet light as a gift for friends...
Purchasing this faucet light as a gift for friends who are gutting & re-modeling of their home. The site is very easy to maneuver yet I had unexpected difficulty with a coupon. Called in and within moments the coupon was entered on their end and the order was placed. Very impressed with the help received. Definitely will recommend the products & people that make this company click! Thank you Bailey Street Home!

I thought I placed an order a month ago
I thought I placed an order a month ago. Noticed I still had nine objects in my shopping cart. My order has not been completed. My fault. Just wondering if there could be some type of notification to people like me who still have items in their shopping cart. Good experience so far though. Easy to order. I think the sale price was very good compared to places I've been looking. I like the style of the outdoor lamps that I ordered. I'm excited to receive them and hoping the quality is very good. It's my first order with Bailey Street Home.

RETURNS are a big problem even if product is faulty
I purchased a wall clock, that was presented in multiple shades of various woods. It arrived in a flat grey paint, that also covered part of the "brass tones" in the numerals. I reported the problem and that I wanted to return the item. Return "approved" if I pay for return shipping! Return shipping was $70. I asked them if this could be modified or shipped back at their reduced rate. FI was only told to return with the return slip in 10-30-days or it would no longer be accepted. I payed $120+ for the item. I told them I will keep the clock and give it away... but I would review the issues on their website. NO RESPONSE. So here it is. REALLY BAD TO DO BUSINESS WITH. I DO MUCH INTERNET SHOPPING OF HOME FURNISHINGS, DECOR, SUPPLIES, ETC. THIS IS NOT A FRIENDLY COMPANY, WILL NEVER BUY HERE AGAIN... and I spend thousands every year doing my shopping on line. These guys are not good business.


No one answers phone calls, emails, chat msgs to check on existing orders.
I have currently been waiting in the hold queue for over an hour regarding the status of an order and I've quickly learned this is not unusual when trying to reach this company. Calls are not answered, emails are not returned, chat msgs are not handled - you will just sit in their queue. Bailey Street Home will even leave you in the chat queue if they close for the day, despite entering the queue during normal business hours. The only way to get to a person is to say you have a new order. You will then be told someone will get back to you, but they never do. Any other reason selected in the phone/chat queue doesn't seem to get answered. Now tracking all calls/emails/chat attempts to dispute charger with CC company. Disappointing. Buyer beware. is my kind of store! is my kind of store! It has an awesome selection of beautiful products and the lowest prices I've found online. The website is easy to navigate and descriptions are helpful. I just purchased two fans that I've been watching on 3 other sites and Bailey Street Home had them at 50% less with a 10% member discount. The way Bailey Street Home do business is a win win for the customer and the company.

The price listed under the search results was $8 lees...
The price listed under the search results was $8 lees then when you click and enter your site. Once on your site I entered my email for a 25% off discount and never received a conformation email to get the discount. Then when I called the customer service number on your checkout page no one answered even though it was during the stated hours of operation. Additionally the recording provided a discount code for 20% off (night20) which didn't work.

TERRIBLE customer service, inaccurate image of product
I have been through hell and back trying to get ahold of customer service because the product I received doesn't match the image on the website (photos show what Bailey Street Home advertised vs what I got - the legs aren't the same wood or joints). I've been trying to reach a resolution on my issue for over three weeks and haven't heard back. They don't respond to emails, I was on hold for over three hours on the phone before realizing their office had closed and the system kept telling me a rep would be right with me, the chat queue wait time is inaccurate... Funny how they respond to positive reviews quickly but not to customer help emails. The "we're a small company and have suddenly had a ton of new customers and can't keep up" excuse is trite. I have nothing positive to say about Bailey Street Home and will tell my fellow designers to stay far far away. Most of the reviews that show on the main page of their website are fake, if you see this one congratulations on finding the real reviews. I know the good deals are tempting but spend your money elsewhere.

Color of item not as described
I ordered a lumbar pillow cover that was advertised as being blue and mustard in color. When it arrived, it is definitely not blue, but is gray and mustard. I had bought it to go with a blue and mustard stripped comforter and it will not work with it, but I am going to keep it anyway and try to use it somewhere else in my house. The description of the product should be revised to accurately reflect the colors of the item. It is a beautiful pillow cover, but just not blue and mustard that I had hoped I would receive.

Like product layout and suggestions of other products...
Like product layout and suggestions of other products maybe if interest to you. Had difficulty in relogging in and payment was not so straightforward. Had to scroll up to start pay process after reviewing order. Not intuitive. Love the discounts. Probably will shop here again for Arts & Craft style lighting.

No response
I have attempted to resolve an issue with Bailey Street Home for approximately one month. I left two emails because I couldn't reach anyone by phone and finally left two messages on their website. I received a ticket number, but never received any response until I left a review on ReviewFeeder. After leaving that review, Bailey Street Home finally responded, saying they wanted to help, but I have heard nothing since.

Shopping experience was below average and I think there's...
Shopping experience was below average and I think there's a little bait and switch going on. On my google shopping page your advertisement indicates that my purchase would be $582 but when you go to buy it … that price is never offered. The person I talked to on the phone was sweet, but knew nothing about the product and did not care about the price differential that was advertised vs what I ended up paying. OH! You offer me 25% off if I sign up and give you my email (so like an idiot I do) and then the coupon doesn't even work ( sounds like bait and switch doesn't it) … and now you will email me all the time and sell my email to other companies. I hope the vanity is amazing, but I will not shop here again … sorry

The shopping and payment processes were super easy,...
The shopping and payment processes were super easy, AS Bailey Street Home SHOULD BE. You'd be surprised how often that is NOT the case, especially the payment process. I also liked that they asked PERMISSION to have me do the survey and whether they should follow up. They also said that they collected my personal information only for this one use and that is great. I hope that's the truth but, frankly, I'm dubious.

Not happy with my purchase
Did not realize how cheap and small the lights would look when installed on the ceiling. Bailey Street Home are so shiny they look plastic and they are very close to the ceiling and not as I envision them to be from the pictures. Due to the super high gloss the shells look plastic and it looks very cheap. How would I know this would be so noticeable when installed? Very disappointed in quality and visual appearance of this product as well as with customer service. I seem stuck with these lights now as customer service told me I could not return them & offered nothing back to me for my disappointment and paying over $100 for two very cheap looking lights.The pictures look better than the real products

Has me wondering
This business has me wondering if it is legit. I ordered an item on 02/12/2021 money was withdrawn from my credit card immediately. Receive an email "backordered" every Friday there after I get a status update it will in stock the oncoming Friday, as up to date no merchandise. I contact the customer service phone number for help and the associate cannot answer my questions and hangs up on me. I contacted via email 2 x's pertaining the order and below: Please issue an in stock Guarantee credit as per below guidelines and I receive an email back -Thank you. I will update your order to let them you are okay with the backorder date. IS THE RESPONSE BACK?
Which is irrelevant to the question?
In Stock Guarantee
If you order from us, and the item ends up on back order, we'll give you money back! Was your order over $400? You'll get $100 back. Under $400? We refund you 20% off your order! If we don't have it, we'll give you money back for having to wait.________________________________________
How to Claim Your Credit:
To claim your credit, please call or send us an email within 30 days of receipt of your product, or once you know it's back ordered. In the subject field please enter: In Stock Credit Claim. You can find our Customer Service number and Helpdesk below:
• Toll Free: *******265 (dial 3) I called this number 03/05/2021 3.28 PM EST, and was hung up on upon asking pertaining the in stock guarantee credit as the associate had no knowledge
• Visit Our Customer Helpdesk________________________________________
Do all orders qualify for the $100 credit?
• Only orders that are over $400 receive the $100 credit.
• Orders under $400 receive a 20% refund off of their order.
• Items must be on back order to receive this credit - Items in stock are NOT eligible.
• Discontinued items are NOT eligible.
• Only standard products qualify for our in stock guarantee - special lamping, custom finishes and made-to-order products are NOT eligible for In Stock credit.

I could not understand what they wrote...
I could not understand what Bailey Street Home wrote... there was a sale price and if you put a code in that they supplied, you would get 10% more off. If you signed up for emails you would get 25% off i did all that and i still ended up with the original sale price it was listed at... very confusing and misleading to the customer... false advertisement? I don't know

I had questions about the table I just ordered
I had questions about the table I just ordered. I did the online chat and was directed to contact the manufacturer. I called the number given and after a 10 minute wait, the "manufacturer" was not the actual company that manufactured so I called the 888 number and was helped much quicker. I still did not get the info I needed but the man on the phone was very courteous and took my email and let me know the manufacturer was notorious for missing some key cut-sheet info. He said he would send this along as soon as he rec'd the stat. He also said the return shipping would be costly due to weight of the dining table…. Whereas the "chat now" guy said there was no shipping charge on returns or restocking fee. I went ahead and ordered the dining table so we'll see what happens next…. Crossing fingers everything turns out well. Communication was good, just wish there were more stats on the table (is it 100% wood and what is the thickness of the wood)

Does this place exist? I think i got scammed
I ordered from them in July, a simple small end table. Bailey Street Home back ordered it to September, kind of weird but okay sure there's a pandemic. THEN they back ordered it til November. I tried to call them and email them to get a refund, and didn't get a call back or an email back. Convinced this company isnt real and i just gave my money away. It's a scam don't fall for it, i would give zero stars if i could:

I have looked at hundreds of chandeliers, and loved...
I have looked at hundreds of chandeliers, and loved yours the most! The price was excellent too. We loved the nature theme with the branches and leaves because the new room that it will be put in has a cathedral ceiling, and also a cathedral window overlooking the woods outside!

Placed order. Received the BOX quickly. Contents were nowhere NEAR what I ordered (See pictures - ordered silver/purple, received rust with purple back and RED shades!). Contacted company immediately. Bailey Street Home requested pictures, which I sent immediately. NO RESPONSE. I have emailed 3 more times, still, NO RESPONSE. I have a light I cannot use and want to return/replace, but cannot get ahold of anyone. SHAM/SCAM should've known better than to order with them.

Once I found what I was looking for I wanted to be...
Once I found what I was looking for I wanted to be sure about my vanity before I ordered it. So called and got Eric and he was extremely helpful and answered all if my questions. And I even received a discount. So once it arrives we'll see how the delivery process goes and the quality of the product.

I called on Friday and was informed you were closed...
I called on Friday and was informed you were closed but that I could talk with someone today. I called today and was told I couldn't speak with someone today but could "chat" with someone today. I could not find a chat box on your website. I wanted to know the height of the fireplace screen I ordered. I took a chance and ordered it anyway. I hope it works

Bait and switch
I placed an order in July for 6 new glass top desks. Bailey Street Home were delivered mid July and did not come with the glass tops, only the table legs. We have ordered 4 of these in the past from this company and they came with both the glass tops and the legs for around the same price. This was very misleading and disappointing. To make the matter worse, I have called them MULTIPLE times now, starting in mid July, to discuss getting a quote for the 6 glass table tops that were supposed to come with the desks, and have had to wait on hold for 20-30 minutes EACH time I call, only to get no answer, or to be told two separate times that they will call me back with a quote. Have I gotten a call back or an email? NO. I have tried calling several more times to check on the status of my quote and have been on hold 20-30 minutes more each time—no answer. I finally got a call back today and the lady couldn't pull up my order number so she transferred me to someone who could, but guess what— 15 more minutes on hold and no one picked up. Surprise, surprise. It has been 6 weeks since the table legs were delivered and I still have no idea where I stand with getting 6 glass table tops.

Honestly, this is the worst customer service I have received from a company. I get better customer service from my cable company, which isn't saying much. My level of frustration is 10/10.

So happy to have found this site!
So happy to have found this site! I've had 2 sets of Vanity Lights in my Wayfair cart for a little while, hoping for the prices to go down a bit. Was able to find the same exact lights here with much better pricing! I saved a little over $100 purchasing through Bailey street home.

A pleasant surprise as I stumbled upon your site
A pleasant surprise as I stumbled upon your site. A vast array of quality items. As a Canadian, it was very refreshing to find that you recognize that there is a market of 36 million + and that we continue to have prohibitive hurdles purchasing online

Houzz, Hayneedle, West Elm & others tell us what we can buy only a very limited selection from each category as Bailey Street Home do not ship to Canada. Seriously it's 2020. They are fools to disregard the millions of consumers.

Ordering process quick and easy
Ordering process quick and easy. So glad to find this site. You have just what I have been searching for. This is MY Christmas present from my husband! I am really excited about this Tiffany style lamp because it has the Pull Cord to turn it on and off. My only concern is with safety in shipping. Looking forward to sharing this site with friends!

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Description: Our passion is to introduce you to today and tomorrow’s styles and trends in decorative home furnishings at amazing prices, every single day! Importantly, we are a product company first. Our design team travels the world, studies fashion, style and trends, then develops quality hand-crafted home furnishings with one purpose in mind – making affordable what you thought was impossible. Combining our design and product development passion with our innovative industry sourcing is just one element of how we can provide affordable luxury home decor that you will not find less expensive anywhere else.

How do we unlock the value for you? We combine our passion for style and trend home furnishing with our 15+ years of experience in the e-commerce business. We have purposefully brought the two together to eliminate unnecessary cost and unlock value for today’s homeowner working on a remodel or renovation project, or today’s home buyer who want to complete the dream of converting the house they just purchased into the home they always dreamed of living in.

Come on into our design-oriented shopping experience. You will find almost every style and trend …dream, be inspired and realize the savings you deserve to spend in other areas of your life that are important to you. We have one goal: we want you to come shop with us time after time and know you are getting the best selection of home decor products at the best possible prices, and we will back it up with unmatched customer service and satisfaction.

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