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We have bought two iPhones, one set of ear buds and a phone case. Everything arrived quickly. Everything has worked perfectly. The first iPhone we bought, my husband is on year 4 with it. He will likely replace within this year or next and we will definitely purchase through BackMarket. I just replaced mine 3 weeks ago and it has great battery life. The camera works as it should. No glitches. I was able to set it up with my service provider with no issues. The emails BackMarket sends are also helpful. Back Market contain links on how to set up your new phone and connect directly to your carrier. I am very happy with the quality and service I received. I bout a phone that was listed as "Good" I really had to look the phone over to find any blemishes. There are no blemishes on the screen and tiny little scratch on the edge of the phone. Can't see it with a case on it. I also like that they cut down on waste by not sending massive amounts of packaging, no headphones... who uses those plug in headphones from Apple anyway? Our phones did come with the charging cables. No cube, which is great since the phone I ordered works on the chargers you can lay your phone on.

Take my advice…
So I ordered twice on back market
The first time was from matzuma and Back Market took the money but didn't validate my order after 2 days so I cancelled and had to wait a week to get my refund which was so long.
Once I recived my refund I decided to try again as I really needed a new phone but this time I went with BEST4TECH
They validated my order and sent it out in 2 hours after ordering
They did take abit longer then they said they would to deliver- I ordered on a Friday morning and it said 48 hour delivery but they don't include weekends into that time
Anyway after the weekend went I got it on a Tuesday which is not 48 hours but I guess that's my fault for ordering on a Friday
Coming to when I recived the phone it was good condition concideribg I paid for fair which is the cheapest condition
No scratches on screen visible
No scratches on the phone visible
A small dent on the back of phone edge couldn't even notice tho and abit if wear and tear on the back camera lense nothing to affect taking pictures tho
Anyway the only downside was the speaker was horrible it says they check the phone but the speaker didn't work so they don't check it properly
I did complain to best for tech they said send the phone back via post - out my own money I think - and they will fix it which was okay of them
I was quite reluctant to do this however Beacuse I heard quite a few horror story's on the reviews of not getting the phone back or hearing back from some of the retailers
Lucky for me I checked the phone the day it came and I had 1 day warunree left with apple on the phone the previous owner must have paid for this before selling the phone to best for tech
I took it down to apple the day before the waruntee ended and got it fixed
Apple checked the whole phone
Screen back battery everything and it was just speaker that was wrong so I would advise anyone to use best for tech rather then the other refurbishers on the app and the price was quite good too for a phone in the cheapest condition "fair " which I paid for
For 400£ I got a iPhone 12 which apple told me had been bought a year ago which isn't bad
Would recommend only recconend best for tech tbh but I could have just gotten lucky who knows.

Excellent Transaction From Start To Finish
I love my new (refurbished) iPhone 11 Pro Max and am writing this after using the device for over two weeks.

After local tech professionals suggested Back Market for refurbished iPhones, I navigated with website with ease and found Back Market to offer all of the options that I was interested in plus a better than average cost. The reviews sounded legitimate, so I took a chance. Back Market notified me of delivery updates and accompanied me, during the brief wait, with entertaining emails along the way.

I selected the "excellent condition" option and am very pleased with my new (refurbished) phone. The iPhone 11 Pro Max arrived quickly and in perfect condition. Cosmetically, it is flawless, and everything works without any problems. The transfer was easy enough with a few tweaks and a bit of assistance from Verizon. I definitely made one of my best purchasing decisions by choosing Back Market and am happy to highly recommend this company for all of your refurbished tech needs.

Excellent business! Excellent merchandise!
Excellent customer service too! I was nervous making a purchase for a great IPhone 8 with a tone of storage for just under 200.00. I'm thinking. I hope that this phone works. Then Back Market asked me to give them my address again. I'm like. I already did that but. Ok. Please, I hope that you are a good company and please ease my mind. And someone replied back to me instantly, and was very nice. Also told me about when I would expect to receive my phone. Honestly, no one ever knows when it comes to shipping but, the package arrived very close to the day that was told to me. My phone. Is STUNNING. It works perfect. I already read the reviews and to expect the battery to need charged every day. No prob! It runs nice and smooth. No scratches or dents or cracks. Just a beautiful phone. I called 1800myApple the day I got it and they helped me set it up with my iCloud, it all checks out! And waaay better that fair condition. Seriously! Thank you. I'll be back! My grand daughter will need her first phone and I know where I'm coming to get it! Here! Not the other companies that charge twice the amount! I'm very grateful!

What a mess
Here's what happened to me, hopefully it's the exception, not the rule. I ordered a phone that based on what it said was unlocked for Verizon (and others). I contacted Verizon to switch my service to the phone, and when I gave them the IMEI #, Back Market said it was locked and that I should contact the seller. Back Market said the same thing, and also said this happens sometimes. (My reaction was - clearly whether a phone is unlocked or not is a key issue for the consumer, and one i'm assuming the seller can check before shipping, so why is one being shipped without making sure...) The seller said sorry, send it back, and asked whether I wanted it replaced or refunded. I said 'replaced,' given that i had already bought a phone case for that model. The next email I received said 'Good news! A full refund has been made to your credit or debit card.' I asked someone from Back Market to get back to me and explain this, but I haven't heard back. Other than an email asking to give (more) feedback, and this: 'Unhappy? Contact the seller.'

Complete disaster
I tried to order a macbook air for $900. My purchases were rejected FIVE TIMES for "suspected fraud" despite using different cards, calling my bank to approve the purchase, and trying on another account. I cancelled another order while it was pending as Back Market had not refunded me yet for the "alleged fraud"—back market told me the seller processed cancellations and refunds. I contacted the seller, who told me they had no record of me in their system and no idea what was going on. Oh, and then I received yet another "fraud" email for my most recent effort to buy it with yet another card, and Back Market said they simply didn't know why I received the email and I hadn't been rejected yet. At this point, I have spent hours on the phone, send thousands of dollars back and forth, have two $900 pending purchases on my card for the same laptop and no answers from anyone about whether I'll even receive a laptop or a refund for my cancellation. This has been an incredibly stressful and bizarre experience, unlike anything I've ever seen, and they have not so much as offered to override the waiting period or directly assist me—or just give me a basic discount like other companies would. Severely disappointed, stressed out, and exhausted.

Very Good Deals
If I could have, I would have given a 4.5 star rating.

Back Market is a hub for 3rd party sellers/refurbishers. I bought a Pixel XL through Back Market, but the seller was Omnipoint Mobility Solutions. At this time, this is the only purchase I've made involving either of them. The condition of the phone was listed as "Good", and the price was $95. Delivery was fast; customer service always responded within one business day, and the appearance of the phone is better than I expected.

Of all the challenges I've had with this phone, only two are worth mentioning. One, the battery started dying after having the phone for only three weeks. I guess Back Market don't replace the battery while "refurbishing" the phone. Had I known this up front, I might have been willing to round my rating up to 5 stars. The seller says, "we will attempt to solve the issue, and if we can't we'll send you a replacement." I have yet to send it in, so I can't yet comment on the results of that service. Two, the "Double-tap to check phone" feature doesn't seem to work anymore, even though the feature is turned on. So I now have to press the power button to check the phone.

But, even if I end up having to pay for a new battery a year from now (after the warranty ends) through yet another company, it still seems to be a good to very good deal, as this phone and others of similar class seem to cost around $300-500 (refurbished) elsewhere.

Bait and switch
There's a reason backmarket doesn't post photos of the actual phone you will be buying. It cost me at least $100.

I purchased a iPhone 11pro 256gb phone; I chose "excellent" condition and paid the premium price of $630. The primary factor in phone pricing is phone condition: fair, good and excellent. All phones are described as functioning properly.

The phone I received did NOT meet the backmarkets criteria of excellent condition. It was fair at best. The phone appears to function normally with the notable exception of battery. It is apparently depleting power more quickly than it should. The screen in the earhole for the speaker was dirty…gross.

I made my displeasure known to backmarket and the "refurbisher" MOBILE WORLD NY LLC. Backmarkets response was to work it out with the refurbisher. They're (MOBILE WORLD NY LLC) response was to send it back and await their refund.

I made the decision to keep the phone. The primary reason was the time it would take to complete the refund. My estimate it would have been at least a week. In the meantime, I have no phone or I buy another one. I would have been out $1300 until MOBILE WORLD NY LLC issued my refund…IF Back Market refunded the entire amount.

I would have preferred and accepted a refund of the difference in price between excellent and fair condition phone. I was not given that option.

My transaction and any transaction with an online retailer is based on trust. I read the reviews (after the fact!) for MOBILE WORLD NY LLC, mine was not the first transaction in which a customer was sent a substandard phone. My point being MOBILE WORLD NY LLC had a record and therefore knowledge of a bait and switch/deceptive sales protocol. They did so with backmarkets awareness as per reviews on their site.

Backmarket touts that their refurbishers go through a stringent screening process to ensure qualitative customer service. Backmarkets hands-off approach is indicative of their complicity in deceptive business practices. MOBILE WORLD NY LLC did offer a refund but I should not have been
Put in that position. Had they simply conducted business with integrity you would have been reading a positive review.

There's a reason MOBILE WORLD NY LLC doesn't show you photos of the actual
Phone you're buying. They are aware of what they are doing and have gotten away with it with backmarkets approval. I suspect their relationship is based on commission. They took the calculated gamble that I would not send my phone (others made the same decision) back and won!

I was ripped-off for at least $100.

Be very wary of doing business with MOBILE WORLD NY LLC and backmarket.

I bought a laptop, which happened to be stolen, Back market initially took no blame in this explaining that Back Market were only a "platform" of which sellers can use to sell electronics. Stolen electronics! A message popped up on my screen it was theft protection informing me that they knew my location. I had to turn it over to the police. I was furious! I just recieved that laptop I thought would be fine. So without a laptop I was out of work and explained this to them. I told them that I want a refund or a working laptop that I could use for work comparable to the one I just bought. They took their time finding me one, I asked them to please make sure it was in working condition before they sent it. Meanwhile I'm still out of work and lost my place to live. Finally they sent me a laptop exactly like the one I had bought, but Alas, it wouldn't stay connected to the internet! So I was unable to use that laptop! Meanwhile I found one locally and asked if they would just refund me after I gave them confirmation that I sent the laptop back. They were real rude and mater of factly stated they tried their best to make it up (ya by sending me another laptop that I couldn't use) and I would have to wait for the laptop to reach them and go through the refund process. Unwilling to help me anymore this whole ordeal took 2 1/2 months to rectify and for me to just end up with my money back. But that 2 1/2 months out of work I lost my home,, almost my job, and made my living situation really hard without a laptop that I thought I purchased that would be fine to work on. They didnt want to accept any fault saying they were just a "platform" and refused to give me instructions on how to leave a review on their website. They knew I would tell the truth about how they would do buisness! Do not buy from them! They will take no responsibility and the item may be stolen! Like mine was!

I can't tell you how disappointed I am in this site. I found an incredible deal on an iMac after searching for a couple days. I put the order in and a week later when the shipment finally comes in - IT'S THE WRONG COMPUTER. The specs are about a quarter of the speed, a quarter of the memory and 3 years older than what I purchased. There isn't a number to contact BackMarket directly so you have to put up with a bunch of delayed emails via their site. Since Back Market are only a middle man for the suppliers they basically said sorry, see if the supplier (Deal Plan IT) has another one. No they don't. Imagine that. It brings up the question of "how do you end up sending the wrong computer?" You would have to check the specs before you put it in the box, no? Is this some sort of scam? Are they fleecing people out of money who don't know how to check the specs on their computer? Is BackMarket even vetting their suppliers? What sort of protections are in place for the consumer here!?!? In the end, I have to end up shipping the computer back to get my refund and I'm out the time and money (from loss of revenue). I'd steer clear of this company - they don't deliver what they promise.

Highly variable quality of sellers, check individual Reviews
Buying Refurbished comes with risks and BackMarket is no better. BackMarket has a mix of variable quality sellers so check individual seller review before you order. The fact that Back Market have some sellers with pretty poor reviews is worrisome but I guess that's the business model. Takes a lot of scrolling to find the seller reviews but it's there.

I purchased a phone listed as fully functional, and on arrival it wouldn't properly charge due to poor connection port for the charger. The connection felt wrong (didn't click in) and immediately triggered an error message saying the connection is poor. It would charge for a moment then stop and repeat.

The seller replaced the phone with some convincing, but the whole process left me without a device for an extended period of time, and left me highly skeptical that the replacement phone would last. I don't know what reasonable phone refurbisher can't identify a faulty charging port ‍. As of this review, the replacement made it to 5 months which is great.

Would I recommend BackMarket? Sure, at the same level as Swappa, Amazon, Best Buy, decluttr or eBay for refurbished - only when you have time to be without a device for troubleshooting, and be sure to scrutinize individual seller reviews. Then cross your fingers.

Worst experience ever! Stay away from seller named Wireless Boss! He's a total crook!
I just bought a refurbished iPhone advertised as "mint condition" from them and paid extra for FedEx 2-day shipping as I urgently need it. My order and payment went through and one day later I just got confirmation the seller shipped it using normal USPS mail. According to USPS tracking, Back Market haven't even picked it up yet! I tried to contact Back Market via their website but there is actually no option to speak/call/chat/email them... What the heck!? They literally offer NO CUSTOMER SERVICE! So, I paid extra for fast delivery and the seller sent it using normal USPS shipping and there is no one to speak to? First time order will also be the last! Now I just hope the phone will be in a good state (I asked for a mint one, so if it goes like the shipping, it won't be...) I went for it because of the good reviews on TrustPilot but finding out there is no way to contact them is defo a no-go for future purchases! Buyers, be aware of this!
Update 1: phone was shipped with standard USPS shipping and not the 2-days expedited shipping I paid for and delivery date is now after the weekend (I ordered on a Tuesday) which is highly inconvenient as I needed the phone for this weekend. I contacted the seller and asked for at least a refund of the shipping price. NOT happy!
Update 2: Seller contacted me and is happy to refund the shipping cost, so I raised the score to 2 stars. USPS did a good job for once and I received the phone today. The phone was poorly packaged (thrown in a cardboard box on a little plastic holder but no real protection or way to ensure the phone would stay steady during shipping) and I'm just glad it wasn't damaged in transit (bear in mind we're talking about a $700 phone if brand new, $500 refurbished). Phone works fine but I paid for a "mint" refurbished one and clearly, the phone is far from mint. The screen itself is spotless but there are many scratches all over the phone's body and the camera's lens is damaged on the side. I'm just glad I got it on time and it actually works but I won't re-order from Lack of real customer service (no phone line or way to contact anyone) and sellers who clearly couldn't be bothered, the experience is far from being the best or satisfactory, especially when you buy something that pricey.
Update 3: I am lowering my rating from 2 stars to 1 as I just had another bad surprise with that phone. I tried to take a few pictures and realized there were dots all over the pictures. I cleaned the camera lens with a lens cleaner spray and a shammy and tried to take pictures again only to have the same results. There are dark dots all over the place because the lens is scratched and damaged. How can someone sell a phone like this as mint. Clearly, no quality control checks were made before the phone was sent! I am not happy at all!
Update 4: Seller came back to me offering a $30 partial refund on a phone they sold for $500 advertised as mint when it was truly worth $300 max! Total and complete crook! If you buy from and your seller name is Wireless Boss, I would advise you to run away and buy from another seller, this seller is a complete and utter conman! I will seek legal actions if they do not come with a better partial refund offer! I will defo open a case with the BBB.

Pleasant surprise!
I had been searching on Verizon's website for a deal on a cell phone. Its truly pathetic. Best was $1000 option, $50+ a month to your bill, or choose a basically horrible phone.

In comes Back Market. I found your website by pure searching. I had never heard of it before. I was shocked at the affordable prices for used phone. I wasn't looking for a brand new phone or a top model. I was looking for a Galaxy S9 or S10 to replace my S7. Here it was. At a price of $220!

I did my research on your company. I vary wary of scams. Your prices, not going to lie, seemed to good to be true. Well, this is a true as it gets! This company should be as big as Ebay, Amazon, etc. I didn't have to deal much with customer service, because I didn't have to. The email alerts were extremely helpful. The invoice and tracking was awesome. The shipping at first seemed very long, but your systems updated in real time and I received the phone 1 week SOONER than originally quoted.

This won't be my last order. I couldn't be happier with the service you provide. I couldn't be happier with phone I recieved. This was just shy of brand new. And just shy was it didn't come in the OEM boxing. I think I can handle that. I've had zero issues with this phone. It was as shiny, sleek, and reset as a brand new phone.

I 100% recommend this company. And for me, it will not be my last visit! Thank you for exisiting!

Returned the purchase but never seen my $700 back!
I bought a refurbished MacBook through BackMarket almost a year ago. It was in a a way worse condition than described which happens, I understand, but i did not want it. So i reached out to the company requesting a return/refund. Back Market issued me a return label and I sent the product back immediately. It has been almost a year now - tons of emails, phone calls, online chatting etc... but i am still trying to get my $700 back for the product that i returned. A person named David from their company is "personally taking care of my case and making sure that I will receive my refund as soon as possible". 2 month ago he stopped answering all the emails, and not accessible over the phone. I keep getting promises by other employees of the company that he will reach back to me since he is the only person who is taking care of my case now. But i have not heard any update from David or anybody else neither received any portion of my refund yet. I have all the correspondence on file and this case is going to the case soon if I don't get my refund.

Screwed me twice shame on me
Bought two iMacs on Backmarket and both were scams. One had a shattered screen, the other had numerous serious problems although both were listed in "excellent" condition. (One vendor changed the condition to "very good" after I bought it.) This site is built on people with crappy computers hoping you will just keep the computers Back Market sell you with false descriptions and poor refurb jobs because its too much trouble to get your money back. I tried them twice and both times the computers were ripoffs. And Backmarket could not be bothered to help me. I wasted hours and hours of time, effort and money and eventually got a refund but lost software, time and energy. After lengthy complaining the best they would do is a vague email about how this is not typical of them. It was certainly typical for me. This site was an absolute joke. Do not believe the endlessly cheerful, bubbly messaging on the site. They do not have decent quality control on their vendors. I do not think my two experiences were exceptional. The fact that they could not give a rip about how crappy my experience was is what really made me mad. Shame on them and theirUS1659603 bubbly messaging BS.

Pretty great
Lost my phone recently, needed a replacement for a bit. I decided on buying a refurbished one as a temporary phone, and saw BackMarket as my first google search. Clicked through it, not knowing what to expect, and found some amazing deals on a phone I really liked (Oneplus 7 Pro). I was a bit skeptical in the beginning, since buying used could always be a bit sketchy, but I saw a bunch of positive reviews, and a free return policy and full refunds if we didn't like the product. Decided to buy it, and I was impressed with the product.

I got regular emails from BackMarket informing me about the shipping process. Whether it shipped out, how long to wait, almost there, your product has been delivered. Phone came exactly when Back Market said it would, in a nice enough box. Included were the phone, the charging cable and the wall adapter. I was very impressed by the phone quality, overall being in nearly perfect shape, with only some superficial tiny scratches on the screen that can barely be seen unless you hold the phone in a certain angle against a light source. Generally, the product was in good quality, factory reset, and 256 gb as specified by the site. Battery life is great. Your mileage may vary of course, given that these are all refurbished products so each one may be slightly different, but I trust that BackMarket does the proper quality assurance checks to make sure we are satisfied with our product and not being left disappointed. For reference, my phone was under the "fair" category, since the "good" and "excellent" categories were sold out. I think my quality was much more than fair. I recommend

Teacher needed an imac for vertial learning
Legit! I worked Covid-19 spring, Mar-June, and summer school with a little school issued laptop. I had to make a change, and have used macs for most of my life. I also needed the pay from summer before purchasing. I researched different places, types of computers (i5, i7, memory, monitor and video quality, price, return policy, and finally delivery time). After everything it came down to price and delivery time. Back Market won, and Back Market delivered, however there were two issues. My box was partially open, which didn't seem to be an issue, and it may have had something to do with the second issue or not... however my xomputer arrived with no operating system. It may have bot been too much of in an issue if we had some really strong internet, but we live in a canyon and that seems to effect what is available to us. So, I kind of freaked out. I had had to wait to pretty close to school starting to order, waiting for summer term pay. Anyway, through email to Back Market I had a start up usb on my front porch within two days of pulling the computer out of the packaging. The computer is like brand new! The customer service was amazing! And, I highly recommend this company!

Usually, when we need a phone, we usually need it fast because it broke or was lost.
So, BAD MARKET If what you do is ship phones that people have ordered online because you Back Market want a replacement phone immediately it seems you'd want to get those phones shipped, fast!
Instead, the first phone, that was purchased to be unlocked, wasn't... so it took over 24 hrs for them to answer an email and another 24 hours to send a return slip, and another 24hrs before they would send out a replacement, not over night to make up for their first error, but 2 day mail, which really took 3 days and they sent it to the wrong address, even though, I indicated the new address in 2 emails to them.

They replied within 24 more hours, that they would send another return label. But it was at an address 8 hrs away.

Each step of this I noted my frustration at not having a phone, for a week... and there was not one acknowledgment of their error, not one, until after I went to Best Buy, bought a phone and got it hooked up,( in 3 hrs,. Dang, I sure learned my lesson) all they replied is
We apologize you had an issue getting your phone.

( the number they have included for returns has a 7 month old COVID message saying they only take email)


Vinny, head of customer service, includes a link, that may address something, but it doesn't work.
They Greg Head of customer jubilation, sends me a link to a response by someone else in customer service that says, we are sorry you had issues.

CUSTOMER SERVICE. No personal, Hail Mary.

Grifters gonna grift
This is simply the worst retail experience I have ever had. This is a French company skirting US laws with privacy and import practices, but it does have a rented storefront in a condo in Brooklyn and an LLC registered in Delaware, so make sure to complain to the departments of consumer affairs in those states. New York City also has a special consumer protection division for businesses exploiting the pandemic, which, with all the Apple stores closed and the Cupertino repair center affected by the fires, this one certainly is.

I am an experienced Apple technology user and also a longtime longhaul traveler, so I am competent to evaluate both an iPhone and, given the way airlines and airline passengers often behave, what constitutes good or bad interpersonal business behaviour (and also to assess how phone batteries function during a day's worth of charge).

Back Market is not a small business; it is an international corporation operated by a group of investors. This is a France-based startup that recently reported raising $120 million for further expansion, and hired COO Raoul Costa de Beauregard away from Amazon. The owner, Thibaud Hug de Larauze, who apparently aspires to be the Martin Shkreli of cell phones, has been profiled by Bloomberg Business and is constantly featured in French media complaining about the COVID-19 quarantine.

In a preliminary communication with the Level 1 and 2 customer service support agents (but after having a payment verified), I received such a blisteringly rude and aggressive response to a question about a discount (which Black Market had offered – I didn't ask for it) that I decided I didn't want to give any business to this company at all. The reason for this was not hurt feelings, but it was obvious from the outset that the agent would not make any attempt whatsoever at mollification or customer recovery. The person could simply have said, "I understand how you read X, but it actually says Y." Instead the response was paragraphs long of condescension and gaslighting. This is never a good sign, because it means that the business knows going in that you're not going to be a repeat customer, so no point in trying to make it right the first time.

I have noticed there have been lots of consumer "slippages" during the pandemic and have overlooked a lot of small ones because small business owners are also struggling.

De Larauze doesn't seem to have much compassion for the American citizens in isolation with him, so I am imploring PayPal not only to take action regarding Back Market which has been so egregiously terrible, but to give these businesses taking advantage of the isolation, expense, and inconvenience of COVID-19 lockdown a really hard look. Given the conditions the pandemic has imposed on us – i. E. it is difficult in most places to get to an Apple store or to interact with any consumer service in person – and that Back Market is a sort of "green grift", presenting itself as focused on reducing pollution and waste when this is not true – is especially wrong.

The delivery of the product (one of the later iPhone 8 Plus models) was scheduled for a Friday and our family agreed to just basically waste the day waiting by the door to refuse the delivery. Instead, it arrived on Thursday, and intending to do us a kindness (as owing to COVID19 carriers cannot let people touch their electronic signature devices), our mail carrier, who has known me for a long time, signed herself and left the package on the porch.

Since the box was here we decided to look at the contents anyway. Having been primed by the rudeness of the customer service agent we were not "disappointed." The box did, nominally, contain the advertised "charger and USB cable." I say nominally because I do not count a non-UL-approved, non-fitting, bootleg charger and cord salvaged from the "going out of business / 80 percent off" electronics shop in "Don't Mess with the Zohan" to fulfill this requirement. When plugged the brick, wire, and phone overheated quickly, even in a power-distributing panel. I have one of the old iPhone 6Ss with the deliberately "chopped and slowed" battery and even it is still at 93 percent!

Perhaps needless to say, and most outrageously, the battery life is only at 83 percent, a contravention of Back Market's own policy. It is almost impossible to understand how the phone could even have got into this condition…this model came out in late 2018. Assuming a normal iPhone battery can withstand 500 full discharges / recharges, this phone would have had to have been fully burnt up almost every single day of its existence. I find that scenario to be extremely unlikely. The company nonetheless sold this phone as being in "mint" condition.

I teach, and will resume travel and research when I can, so the device that doesn't hold a full charge is useless to me. As other complaints have mentioned, this is no time to be forcing people into needless contact or dangerous situations.

So it's a total wash in terms of the purchase. The options are to send the phone back, of course, while Back Market still has my money, and then face an endless hassle over the refund no doubt. I could replace the battery myself, at an additional expense – I replaced an old spin up drive with an SSD recently so this seems a similar level of difficulty – but why should I have to, for one thing…plus I am afraid of what I might find in the screws loose/wires connected department inside this phone.

In terms of a "green" business highlighting its commitment to recycling…how "green" is it, really, to engage in rounds of packaging and mailing (and the related delivery driving), or of having to leave a device plugged into an electric source to get it to work?

Fortunately I paid through my credit union where I have had an account for years, and am just going to let them deal with the chargeback if PayPal cannot resolve this issue, and proceed from there. If you are a committed Apple/Mac product user, although it's a nuisance to deal with Apple sometimes as well, the Apple Care coverage usually eventually works. Although a new product plus insurance is more costly, ultimately, after this experience, I will only deal with Apple directly and consider the savings in time, frustration, and poor business practices. At least Apple store employees are direct payees. I am not naming the refurbisher or the customer service agent for that reason – BackMarket is a third party reseller propping up the gig economy. This is a systemic, not an individual problem. The company needs to assume responsibility for its quality control and contractor oversight.

This Was Not Tested, Received In An Unusable Condition Ror ANY Refurbished iPhone
Received the "refurbished" iPhone. Delivery time was good in this COVID-19 crisis era.

When it arrived the battery was charged to about 39%. We tried to charge the phone and it would not charge any higher. We replaced the battery. [Please see the attached picture of the screen which has the broken holder which was discovered when we replaced the battery.]. It still would not charge any higher. Further testing yielded the iPhone Mainboard was defective.

FYI: We are a repair center for cell phones, tablets, computers, etc. We have been in business since June 2011. We currently operate two locations.

There were severe scratches on the screen which was not only visibly noticeable, but made the phone hard to use. [Please see attached pictures.]. BackMarket is a website made up of third part resellers. The BackMarket reseller Electro Wireless refuses to give a refund for the phone.

BackMarket refuses honor their guarantee which is on their website and give us a refund for the phone.

Do Not Buy From BackMarket. Do Not Trust BackMarket to do the RIGHT Thing. We may be contacted about the facts surrounding this review.

Not Refurbished at all, sending out used goods and hoping for the best...
Not refurbished at all.
Ordered a 'refurbished' Macbook Pro Retina for 419 pounds. I had sent the company a previous email informing them I had to leave the country the day after its arrival for a contract and thus why I needed the Macbook on time. It arrived, seemed fine, went on my trip. Battery wouldn't charge within 48 hours. Cost 161 pounds to replace the battery at Apple. Basically, the Macbook was not refurbished at all but used. Ie. Traded in, wiped, and sent out again. After Apples diagnostic test, the battery had a zero cell count 'dead'. If 'Backmarket' and 'Loop Mobile' its sub contractor had actually run a diagnostic this would have been seen and should be replaced on a 'refurbished' purchase. Back Market would only offer 50 pounds as a gesture, meaning I've paid 530 pounds in total for a 'used' Macbook rather than a refurbished Macbook. Massive difference. Disappointing! Their after service refuses to acknowledge the fact that they have failed to provide a 'refurbished' Macbook that was paid for. Could have bought a used one for 250 pounds and took my chances.

Additional: BackMarket offered a 50 pound gesture. There is no wording in my emails that accepts it. I merely asked where they would like to send it, before I complained as companies like these tend to withdraw the offer if you complain. After receiving the gesture, I then asked for the full refund of the cost to 'fix' the 'used' laptop. Ie. Refund the full 161 pounds to fix the laptop. Yet, Back Market due to a lack of English proficiency, interpreted this as me asking for the entire device to be refunded. What sense would that make after spending 161 pounds on a new battery?
BackMarket have yet to justify sending out 'used' goods instead of 'refurbished'.
BackMarket is yet to justify why Back Market's customer should front the bill of cost of repairs for the laptop just because I'm out of the country due to their negligence. Its either 'refurbished' or it isn't. If Back Market had sent what was ordered or done a simple diagnostic test to ensure all hardware was ok, there wouldn't have been a problem.
BackMarket are yet to justify why BackMarket should continue to profit on the sale even though they have failed the customer and were aware that the customer needed the product for a foreign business trip before it was sent. Using their 30 day refund or exchange policy (I'm out of the country for a long contract so cant use this) as an excuse to not reimburse the customer for fixing the 'used' laptop while completely avoiding the entire point that it is supposed to be a refurbished device in 'Good' condition, which it blatantly is not.

Excellent product
Well i had my doubts at first because i found back market in a google search, i thought it was one of those scam sites that some scammer somehow got their fraudulent fictitious store featured and advertised by google. But i was impressed by the prices and read reviews and the reviews gave this retailer great reviews and critical acclaim so i went ahead and tried them out, because i had never heard of back market before didnt even know Back Market had a real app. Well i was not disappointed the phone i recieved was. Flawless. Not one problem and it came with a charger. So the next time i need a phone ive got one more store to add to my list to phone shop at. Now, i want to buy my son a chromebook so we can video chat and im thinking of getting it from back market because they have proven to me their business operations are just as good as amazon except you'd probably find what your looking for for a lower price on back market and just because its cheaper doesn't decrease the quality of the device. And my order arrived 2 days earlier than first estimated. I really like this store back market is legit and real proper and cool. I wish you well because you guys do excellent business.

Not to be trusted
I purchased a used Iphone 6 last December 2019. The phone appeared to be in the described condition and worked for some time. In September 2019, I was playing a game while on a road trip and the screen glitched and went black. It would never start or turn on again. I sent it to them., Back Market returned and said it has water damaged and screws and shields missing. Never has the phone been in the water, dropped in the water or did I take it apart to lose "screws and shield". If those things are the case then they sold it to me that way which is why it only worked for about 10 months. $160 down the drain. I am so disgusted. I am the first to admit when I have damaged something and I simply suck it up and replace it. THEY ARE LIARS! DO NOT TRUST! I should have read the reviews. AGAIN, DO NOT TRUST! WHEN THEIR PRODUCT BREAKS THEY WILL DO THIS TO YOU AS WELL AND YOU WILL HAVE LITTLE TO NO RECOURSE OTHER THAN TO WRITE A REVIEW LIKE I AM DOING... TRYING TO SAVE OTHER PEOPLE THE ANGER AND FRUSTRATION.

Kind of Warranty You'd Expect on the Black Market
I purchased a refurbished I-phone in August of 2019 for my wife from Back Market (broker), not understanding that the phone actually came from a 3rd party. Upon receipt of the phone, I noticed that a screw was half way out on the bottom of the phone. BM asked us to take it to a local repair shop (UbreakiFix) and Back Market got the screw out and inserted a new screw. UbreakiFix also told my wife that there were multiple screws that appeared to be missing when they opened the phone. They evidently had to remove both screws, open and close the screen in order to get it back together correctly. They said it powered up okay and appeared to work. Phone stopped working after 11 mos. And I returned it to their "partner" to have it fixed (under warranty). Upon them receiving the phone, they said that either we, or someone else had opened the phone, which effectively voided the warranty. BM claimed it was missing parts. The screen was in clean condition and it had never been exposed to water or excessive moisture. The phone just stopped powering up... My wife and I wouldn't know how to open the phone and it was only looked at by BM and/or their partner. Still waiting to get our defective phone back. I would steer clear of this company unless you too want to get conned by a very shady company.

If I could give less than 1 star I would!
I have bought a few things from Backmarket and referred friends and family, I wish I hadn't. All of the phones I bought went bad. Issues with the cellular radios going out etc. On the first phone I was just outside the warranty and chalked that up to a loss, (my bad). When contacting backmarket about second phone within a couple months of purchase, I was persuaded to return the phone in order to initiate a refund.

Once I contacted them with proof of return, Back Market started making excuses that they could see the phone was returned but were unable to refund me directly and that I would need to dispute the charge via paypal. Needless to say a dispute with paypal never went anywhere because I was strung along beyond my ability to request and dispute the purchase. I am out more than $200 with nothing to show except a lot of wasted time!

I felt cheated and would urge anyone considering backmarket to look elsewhere. This company is unethical and does not stand behind the marketing and claims made.


Thoroughly impressed
I've only made one purchase from this website thus far but I must say I am truly impressed.

First off, the site itself is beautifully designed, easy to navigate and user friendly. Didn't take me much time at all to find what I wanted and make my purchase.

I've never bought a used/refurb phone before. But the professional look of the site along with the info and little details Back Market provide gave me confidence.

I bought am s9 in fair condition with standard 5 day shipping. The item arrived cleanly packaged in just 2 days. I was already amazed.

The device is in my own opinion, great shape. It has some minor scratches on the screen which I smoothed out a bit with toothpaste.

Other than that, the device is in great shape. Everything works, buttons, sensors, speakers and cameras all function perfectly.

The battery holds charge well but has seen better days but that's to be expected with an old device.

All in all I am very pleased with my purchase and will say I am never buying a new, overpriced device ever again. I got the s9 for $124 I'm proud to say. No more feeling like a chump paying $800+ for a device, i'm happy. Thanks!

I wouldn't recommend it
I'd give 0 if I could. TLDR, Seller gave me an older model than what I purchased. Seller and Website blamed each other, no one would honor the posting. Just use eBay, if a seller rips you off there, you'll get results

I purchased a 2016 MacBook Pro from BackMarket, received a 2015 MacBook Pro from the seller TekReplay. I was told to contact the seller. TekReplay apologized for the error, told me I'd be refunded so I could purchase the correct model and to send back the device. I Iet them know I did purchase the correct model but I was sent the wrong one. Also wouldn't it be easier for me to send back the wrong model so Back Market could send me the correct one. To which I was informed that yes I did purchase the correct one according to the listing, but the listing was improperly tied to their product so I was sent the older model. Now granted I did not find this out till I opened the box, they literally sent me an older model knowing full well I purchased the newer model. No email letting me know of the "error" or any sort of contact. At this point it's evident that they attempted to rip me off. They let me know that they would not honor the posting I purchased. If I wanted I could repurchase the "correct model" which was apparently a couple hundred dollars more. So I contact BackMarket and let them know that their seller literally tried to rip me off, and that I'm not interested in a refund, I want the model I purchased. BackMarket let me know that there was an error in their listing and that there was no way for them to give me the 2016 model because TekReplay didn't have it in their inventory. The resolution will be me getting a refund and purchasing the correct model that I want. I further pressed the issue of how this was literally false advertising and an attempt to defraud a brand new customer to their website. I point out that TekReplay has reviews across multiple websites where someone has purchased one thing and received another, and how bad it makes BackMarket look. If TekReplay doesn't have the model, and it was truly an issue with the website. Then BackMarket could honor the posting. They informed me they have no control over the vendors stock, but they would offer me a 5% discount for the inconvenience all this has caused. At this point I've already been refunded and it was over the weekend(which I work) so I couldn't mail out the MacBook. I replied back to TekReplay thanking them for wasting my time, trying to con me, and that I'd mail back the device at my earliest convenience with a tracking number, which would be Monday(I also let BackMarket know that). They said thanks, once we receive it in 1-2 business days I'd receive the refund. I let them know I was already refunded and they should count themselves lucky I'm not a terrible person that would keep the MacBook and tell them to go kick rocks. Fast forward 2 days later and now BackMarket has helped themselves to withdrawing the funds they already refunded. I sent them a less than polite email about that. I will 100% be recording video of myself mailing the device back to them with tracking and signature confirmation because I don't trust any of these people not to try to con me again. Long story short, stay far far far far far away from these people and just buy from EBay from trusted sellers.

Best Tech Purchase of 2021
Like you, I was skeptical when I first came across Back Market. It seemed too good to be true. Refurbished tech for *that* kind of price? Must be bootlegged or third party rip offs or some kind of scam! In my experience, this wasn't the case whatsoever. I wanted to buy an older model of a Fitbit but was never going to pay full price for it. I bought one a few years back for over $100 from Amazon that completely malfunctioned within a year. No way was I going to pay that much for something that might only last a year! But $20, refurbished via Back Market? That was worth the risk to me. And so far it has paid off! I've been wearing the Fitbit Charge HR day and night as instructed and it's been working as advertised. Even if this one gives up after a year of use, it's worth it to me! Highly recommend you give them a shot. I am a big fan of legit refurbished tech, and Back Market is trying to make it easier to obtain it. Heck, I bought my Macbook Air in 2012 from Apple refurbished and it's still kickin'.

Awesome Experience
I bought an MacBook Air from this company, after researching their website and seeing really great reviews. However, after my order I came across this page and my stomach dropped from all the one star reviews I saw. So it made me extra anxious for when my order actually showed up. I didn't know what to expect. But I was happily VERY PLEASED. My laptop came in amazing condition! I got the good condition computer, since Back Market were out of the very good condition laptop of the version I wanted. But I can barely tell that it is a used computer. It looks like new! Barely any scratches or dents, and the screen is perfect condition! Keyboard is also in amazing shape. I've been using my computer all weekend without any issue. It hooked right up to my wifi without any issue, and I was able to download all my personal stuff from my iPhone to my computer. I am absolutely in love with my MacBook Air computer! And delivery was well done too! I got my computer in under 3 days, without having to pay extra money for it to get to me so fast. It came in a safe and secure box and wrapping. And came right to my house without any issue. And the company emailed me the timing of where my laptop was and when it was delivered. So all in all, a lovely experience for me! If you order a laptop, I highly recommend them.

I was buying an Apple series 5 watch for my wife for Mother's Day. Yes, I had some problems. First, I paid extra for speedy delivery so it would arrive well before Mother's Day. The Watch didn't arrive until the day after. Then the watch charger wouldn't charge the watch. I really thought I'd just been taken to the cleaners by unethical scam company problems and I was screwed. THEN, I decided to go ahead and contact Black Market using their instructions for making contact. And WOW! I was immediately contacted with a very personal note of apology, immediate reimbursement for the speedy mailing charge and a phone number for a technician to help with the charger problem. The problem couldn't be fixed and I was instructed to return the watch for full refund and I ordered and immediately received another watch that is absolutely perfect. The guys and gals at Black Market are the real deal! Personal, caring service and genuine effort to be sure you are satisfied with the product you purchase. I've always been a bit of a skeptic, but this company is one of the best I've ever worked with. Thank you Black Market.

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Description: Freeing the planet from electronic waste, leading the shift towards a circular economy, and building a global billion-dollar tech company are three solid reasons to wake up in the morning. Founded six years ago in Paris, Back Market is the world's first online marketplace dedicated to refurbished consumer electronics. Back Market connects the best sellers of refurbished consumer electronics with consumers looking for a more affordable, reliable, and environmentally-friendly alternative to buying new.


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