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It's a nightmare
Stupid me, I actually read all the bad reviews, but I still purchased the product, because I was curious, and stupid.
Turns out all the bad reviews are true.
The customer service on the phone all sound very friendly and willing to help, but from the voice and accent I think it's the same person, just use different name every day...
And Auto Forward can't really help you much, they will forward your questions to the technicians. And it's through email, you can't talk to the technician on the phone. After I did whatever they told me to do and set up, but it's still not working. So they keep writing me the same thing and wanted me to wait for 24-48hrs for my data to download, of course after more then a week still nothing happened.
It's a nightmare to ask for the refund. Again it could be the same person in refund department, no matter his or her name is Jacqueline, Billi or Nicole.
They agree to give my money back at beginning, but of course I didn't get it. So I wrote to them again, then they told me I am not eligible for the refund. After several emails to explain and question, they started to ignore me...
So keep away from Auto-Forward, Highstermobile and Easyspy, they are all the same company.

Positive Experience with Auto Forward
I want to take this opportunity to share with you my positive experience with auto forward spot. I used auto forward spot to monitor my daughter's iPhone. I thought she may be getting involved with the wrong crowd and as a responsible parent wanted to make sure that everything with her was still okay.

Auto forward spy was very easy to use. All I had to do was enter Apple ID and password and I was able to access all the information a responsible mom needs to see. Of course there were many text messages that I didn't approve of and even if you phone conversations I heard that I didn't like too much, but overall I'm happy to say that my daughter is still on the right path and I feel much better is responsible mom knowing that I am looking after my daughter in such a way that will keep her out of trouble and away from the wrong crowd.

I urge any responsible parent to use auto forward for their child. With today's digital world the way it is, you can never be too careful


Bad ALL Around
I purchased this product, and the very next day was on the phone and email support because none of the features worked, yeah it showed me some information, but only what was still on the phone at the time which I didn't need any sort of software to see! Auto Forward told me "just wait a little bit, it loads in bulk so it will not populate right away" 2 days went by and nothing new was uploaded, so I called and cancelled and asked for a refund. A week later I followed up on my refund and was told I would not be getting one since I activated the license key and there was uploaded information to the account. So much for "100% Guaranteed to work!" "Risk Free, Guarantee" So now I get to dispute through my bank. I only had the product for a total of 4 days and had contacted support immediately with no resolution, I think that constitutes a refund! DO NOT USE THIS APP UNLESS YOU LIKE TO THROW MONEY AWAY, in which case I can give you my number and you can just give it to me instead, I probably have better tracking skills than this app anyway.

Professional staff and useful product
I don't normally write reviews, but in this case I felt I should. I have been scammed a few times by software that I bought off-line but mostly with soulful monitoring software that I've tried from other companies. So I was very cautious before I bought auto forward. I am delighted to say that I am very pleased with my purchase. Not only did the software work flawlessly but their support staff exceeded my expectations. With the other company that I used, I will not mention their name, I think I was left on hold five or six times and never got anybody on the phone to actually help me. This is not the case with this company. I called one time, got a knowledgeable person on the phone who answered my questions and solve my issue that I was on my way. I couldn't be happier. Thank you very much also forward for your professionalism and expertise.

Very misleading and lots of BS reviews
When I was trying to shop software, I went with this one as all the reviews I seemed to be able to find were positive, including the youtube testimonials. I went with this product, I did read you needed the target device to install so that is fine.

However, it does not state anywhere that on an android the phone needs to be rooted in order to pull any social media. So for the price you pay on a non-rooted phone you get text messages, MMS (sometimes) call logs and some browser history. GPS tends to be pretty inaccurate and photos are hit or miss.

It takes DAYS to update, currently, it's only showing messages, phone calls and browser history from 3 days ago. The customer service is alright, Auto Forward do respond but they generally just told me to wait or would only answer some of my questions.

It did not restore ANY deleted messages. I had installed it looking for deleted messages from less than a week ago and got none of them. I even sent a message and deleted it while the app was running to see if it would appear and got nothing.

Overall I found the advertisement for this to be incredibly misleading. The reviews seem to be scripted and are definitely not accurate. Yes you can remotely access stuff on the phone, but you get nothing other than what you would see on the phone itself. Definitely not the right choice for me, I feel like i've wasted money at this point.

Overall it was good
I must say that this was a very good application for me to use. It was very easy to understand. Very easy to start using and it made the data from the telephone. Easy to read in the online account. I did notice that when the device had an Internet connection that data uploaded more quickly than when it did not. This wasn't really a big deal because I don't think I had to wait more than 5 to 10 minutes for the data to appear in my account anyway. For some this might be an issue but for me it was not. I took advantage of the call recordings and listened to just a few. Nice clean recordings that were easy to hear with good sound quality. All in all this is a very good app and will serve people well will looking to monitor a mobile device. I could see how something like this could be misused when put in the wrong hands.

Its stated on the website, no hassle 30 day refund period no questions asked, this is completely false, i have had software for a month now and it doesn't work, and when i asked for a refund Auto Forward disclosed THE REST of the disclaimer, it states that once you download it the refund is void. Avoid this software! LISTEN TO THE OTHER REVIEWS THEY DO NOT REFUND DON'T MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE! HERE IS THE REFUND POLICY. Online Refund Policy

Within 30 days of purchase please submit your refund request to *******

Our Refund Policy is designed to ensure you will be happy with any purchase you make from us. Within 30 days of purchase, if you are dissatisfied with our software please submit your refund request via email to ******* Submitting your license, Customer or Invoice ID with your request will help to expedite the process.

If you have just changed your mind about our Purchased Software. We offer a 30-day goodwill refund policy in the event you change your mind after we accept your order, but before you have either activated your license key or used our software. The entitlement applies for 30 days from the date on which you download the Purchased Software.

Reasons why we may refuse your request for a goodwill refund. We are entitled to reject your request for a refund where you have successfully used our Purchased Software for its stated purpose or we have provided you with Purchased Support Services, where the 30-day period has elapsed, where you have misrepresented yourself (for example, representing you are a consumer when you are a business user), or where you are otherwise in breach of our terms. If there is a disagreement regarding your extent of use of our software, we may request that you either deliver up your device so we can inspect it to establish the extent of any use or provide sufficient evidence of your use of our software so we can properly investigate the matter.

Requesting the refund for a goodwill refund. Please let us know by doing emailing us at ******* Please provide your name, home address, details of the order and, where available, your phone number and email address. Provided we agree you are entitled to the goodwill refund, we will refund you the price you paid for our Purchased Software or Purchased Support Services by the method you used for payment. We will make any refunds due to you within 14 days. If we accept your request for a refund then you must immediately delete our software from your device/s

Activation of license key or data uploaded to your account. No refund will be due if the license key is activated or if any data from a device is uploaded to online account.

This is a scam.
I truly believe anyone who rates this higher than a 1 is in their corporate office. I downloaded on my IPhone and it did work. I need a day to tell you of the messages and re-routes the site gave me. Then within 15 minutes, I requested a refund. I tried another phone and paid again (believing I would receive a refund for the first download). The exact same thing happened. I then immediately requested a refund on from the second phone (device). I received an email on 05/14/2020 saying I would get an refund within 4 - 7 business days. I have not received it. I called a recorded message stated how to request a refund. That was bogus. Now I am being ignored all together. I had to file a complaint with my bank and allow them to get involved before I received a refund. Auto Forward had to just take the money back. Do not buy from these people.

No more late-night waiting
My 11-year old loves hanging out with his friends and he's almost always not home. He rarely tells me where exactly he goes and most of the time I end up waiting up for him until late at night. 2 months ago I finally granted his wish to have his own smartphone but I made sure it's loaded with security features. One of the apps I installed was Auto Forward. I chose this among all the monitoring apps I've searched for online because their GPS location tracking and geofencing features sounded promising. After 2 months of use, I can now verify their claims. I get regular updates on my son's location and get notified every time he's within the areas I've set. Thanks to Auto Forward I get to monitor exactly where my son is hanging out.

Waste no time on this!... Use a better option:.''Solidarity Hacker (AT) Gmail (.) com''...
I tried this App and it did not function properly so i tried a hacker as recommended by a reliable friend...'' S O L I D A R I T Y H A C K E R at G M A I L. C O M ''... This hacker is a trusted and reliable hacker, After 24 hours of contact with him, He sent me a link to a secured platform which includes communications history from my cheating husband's Samsung S plus mobile. I had unlimited access to such apps including but not limited to text messages, phone call logs history and it's audio conversations, whatsApp, instagram, snapchat, Viber, Kik, Tinder, imessages, and all other mobile phone Applications located and operating on the target's mobile device. I can now also, confidently recommend the trusted services of the mobile phone Spy hacker:...'' S O L I D A R I T Y H A C K E R (at) G M A I L (.) C O M ''...

Buyer Beware
Tried to download app., which did not take to my phone. In addition, Auto Forward somehow added an additional $30 "Premium Support Package" fee which i did not request. I immediately requested a refund, within an hour, and every week for 6 weeks was told it was "on the way". After that, they went ghost and will no longer reply to my emails. Do not attempt to call, because there is no customer service via phone. Spoke to my credit card company, but now the 60 day window for disputes is closed. That is why they kept telling me for 6 weeks "the check is in the mail" to drag this out lol. They are very nice via email in lying that your refund is on the way. Very unprofessional in tacking on additional non-requested services/fees, lying about receiving a refund, and now unresponsive. Read their refund policy "fine print" before purchase, because all of this appears to be in their policy of doing business. Don't let them cheat you out of $100 as well. I did not receive their product for payment.

It was a great app to me until I was ignored along the line.
It was a great app to me until I was ignored along the line.
My ordeal with this people was quite painful.
Days after days and weeks went by and I never received any updates concerning the phone I wanted to spy. I had to do my personal research then I found whiz_hackpro. Their service was seamless and Auto Forward have a fantastic customer and sales support. Their phone line/whats app is *******201. I feel you should all try them out too. You can message them
Info@ whizhackpro. Com. You could used telegram (whizhackpro). They have a user friendly website also whizhackpro. Com. They did mine a very short period of time and they were giving me updates as the work was in progress. Thanks you can share your experience with them after using them also.

Stay away!
After purchasing their product, we received the instructions on how to install it and realized that we wouldn't be able to install it on our device. I contacted the company (THE ONLY way to contact them is through e-mail), and Auto Forward replied through e-mail that they would issue a refund and it would take 5-7 days to appear on my card. After the 7 days, I contacted them again, indicating I had not received the refund and they said they had had a problem and I should see it in 2-3 days. When I didn't get the refund, I contacted them again and was told they put a tracer on it and I should see it in 2-3 days. After this went on for a month, I replied saying I still hadn't received the refund and they have completely ignored my e-mails. I have sent 5 e-mails now, with no response back. If that's the type of customer service they offer, you don't want to have anything to do with this company!

Suspicious partner? Use a trusted mobile phone Spy expert.***Solidarity Hacker *AT****
I was looking for how to access my cheating spouse's iPhone X to gain unlimited remote access, I read about this competent hacker in a Silicon valley handbook and i realized most modern Spyware companies like Spyzie. Com made positive comments on this ethical hacker ''SOLIDARITY HACKER at GMAIL. COM''
I contacted this hacker and within 24 hours he sent me a link to a secured and anonymous platform with remote access to all mobile Applications located and operating on my cheating partner's mobile device. These includes but not limited to whatsApp, Facebook messenger, Instagram, Viber, Kik, and all other Apps located and operating on his mobile iPhone X such as Tinder, and Ashley Madison dating Apps and many more.
''S O L I D A R I T Y H A C K E R at G M A I L. C O M'' As he was introduced as a reputable ethical hacker with a vast integrity which was why i could be confident enough to have shared confidential information with him needed to carry out the process. The hacker explained that these spy Apps are usually outdated and their developers fail to update it to meet current challenges. This hacker was recommended by 4 different other computer software engineers from silicon valley alone,...''S O L I D A R I T Y H A C K E R at G M A I L. C O M''... did not disappoint me because he had told me the whole process and asked if i wanted to proceed before he started, No surprises and no hidden charges all through our 24 hour business / services transaction.
I can confidently recommend this hacker within my capacity haven used his services satisfactorily. He is sincere and transparent in his dealings which makes him trustworthy as i knew from the start before using him that only a secretive and confidential hacker could be used for mobile hacking services. I strongly recommend his user friendly services for gaining access.
''S O L I D A R I T Y H A C K E R at G M A I L. C O M''..

Auto-Forward is a SCAM! STOLE MY $70! BEWARE!
About a month ago, I spent $70.00 to purchase this Auto-Forward Spy App. Auto-Forward (FALSELY) "advertises" that you will be able to upload this app onto your targets phone WITHOUT EVER having to touch it!

(I purchased it for that reason alone. I knew it sounded too good to be true, but I took the chance anyways. Now I'm kicking myself for it, because it certainly was too good to be true! AFTER you buy the app, only then does it explain that you MUST physically have access to the targets phone first & then you must manually download it. Only then will you be able to access their phones information "remotely" or "Over the air.")

Once I learned that I was required to have physical access to the target phone first, I knew right away that I wasn't going to be able to upload it onto the target phone like I had planned & like I really needed it to be able to do.

I immediately requested a refund of my $70. I received a quick response from a "Fran Ferrara" of the "Powerline Group" stating that I needed to wait 5-6 business days for the refund to post to my account. I waited & then on the 7th day, I emailed Fran once again. Fran then advised me that I needed to wait 2-3 more days because their server was having problems. It has been well over a week since then & I have messaged Fran 3 more times. However, Fran is NO LONGER RESPONDING AT ALL to my requests for help anymore!... (Go Figure!)

This app is nothing but a scam designed to steal your money. It falsely advertises big "claims" to draw you in. Once you've paid them your money, then Auto Forward tell you the real story about it. But by then it's too late & they've stolen all your money!
The whole thing just turns out to be one big theft ring scam!

Complete Scam/Criminals
I purchased their software for $69 which advertised to monitor many social media sites, phone calls, texts, gps location and much more. The site advertises like the phone that will be monitored will never know Auto Forward are being monitored which is a lie. You must have the phone in your possession you want to monitor & download the app & then give it permission to monitor the phone & the app remains on the phone so it can be seen by the owner. The software on both the phone I want to monitor & my phone are compatible with the software advertised on their website. I download the app on my sons phone & make phone calls, texts, search the internet, etc. and none of the activity shows up on the control panel monitoring. The only thing that is showing up is the pictures on his phone. I did not pay $69 to only be able to see his pictures. After reading the comments below it looks like this company is probably a criminal industry. In the line of work I'm in we prosecute companies like this all the time. They set up & scam people out of their money. The only way the FBI will start to investigate is if everyone files a complaint with the BBBA & If enough people bring the same complaints the FBI will take them down. I should have researched them better before I purchased their software. I contacted them & requested a refund & they would be glad to help me with my software issue. But they didn't ask for a phone number to call me. I hope this review helps someone else before they make the mistake of giving these criminals their money.

I would recommend to a friend
Over the years I've purchased many software programs online. Some worked in some of not. I am writing this review today to let you know that Auto Forward does work. I really have no interest in posting this review other than to let others know what software works and what software to stay away from. I have been the victim of a few scams so I made a personal pledge to myself to let people know which programs Auto Forward can trust. No matter what you use this program for, son, daughter, employee, cheating spouse my feeling is that it will work fine for you. Personally, I used it to monitor my daughter's phone and it worked very well. As you may know, with teens, text messages are the main mode of communication, so this was most important to me. The text message gathering work very well. As far as everything else I only dabbled lightly in it but I could see on the surface that it did gather information from the phone.

Don't waste your time or money!
Bought this service to monitor our 13yr old's phone. After the install we never got current pictures or texts and the GPS locator isn't even correct. We contact them (only available through email... no phone support) and Auto Forward say it can take up to 48 hours. We wait the recommended time and it never updates. We contact them again and they say we need to uninstall and re-install and of course wait the 48 hours. We do that and get the same result as previous. All the while I'm asking in the email to just call me but they never do. We did this three times with no better results. At this point I ask (again... only by email) for a full refund because we are within the 14 day window. All we get are automated responses saying someone will contact me shortly but they never do. We started the "customer service" process on 7/29/21 and today it it 8/29/21 and there is still no refund or even a confirmation of one.
Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere. I wouldn't even give them a 1 star if it would allow me.

IPhone penetration expert...**Solidarity Hacker *AT* Gmail. Com**
IPhone penetration made easy. I had read about the effective mobile phone Spy expert...''
S O L I D A R I T Y H A C K E R at G M A I L. C O M '' After using the
Services of a few spy Apps, i realized that it was a waste of precious
Time and i decided to use a reliable, trusted and consciously
Recommended mobile iPhone ''Xs'' Spy expert. I contacted the expert and
He delivered through a platform within 24 hours after consultation. This
Platform i thought would be too complex for me to comprehend but
Behold, It is user friendly moreover with the constant assistance from
The mobile phone spy expert who followed up every bit of the way to
Ensure that i was navigating it the right way. Many thanks to the
Trusted and effective Spy expert...**Solidarity Hacker *AT* Gmail.
Com*** I would as well highly recommend his services to anyone looking
For a similar service. I gained unlimited remote access to all my
Cheating partner's Mobile communication activities including and not
Limited to Twitter, Facebook messenger, text messages, Phone call logs
History and it's audio conversations too, Tinder, Ashley Madison,
Instagram and all other communications activities Write to the trusted
Spy expert: ** Solidarity Hacker *AT* G-mail. Com **

Use Reliable hacker's better service...''SOLIDARITY HACKER at GMAIL. COM''...
I have tried several SpyApps but Auto Forward all failed in a similar way as they sent a notification to my target's device (iPhone x) with this notification the target was able to know. I reached out to a tech savvy friend of mine who explained that the security on the iphone has been updated and the spyApps have not been updated. So he introduced me to a competent and reliably trustworthy hacker...''SOLIDARITY HACKER at GMAIL. COM''... With this hacker i was able to gain unlimited remote access to my target's mobile device and all Apps including but not limited to whatsApp, instagram snapchat, Viber, Kik, Facebook messenger, call logs history and it's detailed audio conversations...''SOLIDARITY HACEKR at GMAIL. COM''... This hacker is competent and very dependable. I was able to gain access through a user friendly platform that the reliable hacker...''SOLIDARITY HACKER at GMAIL. COM''... was able to send to me within the first 24 hours after i initiated contact with the hacker.

I want to know how someone can see the contents of my phone without being anywhere near it. From what I understand this application can connect to a phone over the Internet and the person will never know. I'm coming on here today to let you know that this type of stuff is possible because it happened to me. I found out my husband was spying on my phone and using the software to do it. This type of stuff should not be allowed. I have my phone password-protected so I know he did not install anything to my phone. He does not know my password. Nobody does I don't share with anybody. I thought it was very strange seeing him when I was out with my friends while I know I didn't tell him where I was going when I was doing. Also he made some corny remarks about some text messages that I had received from a friend. This is very creepy and I feel like it is an invasion of my privacy. Anybody who thinks Auto Forward might be spied on should be cautious of an app like this. It does exist and it does work.

My experience with this
I have been scammed a few times buying software line so I make it a point to post reviews as often as I can to alert people as to which product Auto Forward can trust and which they cannot. This is a product that does work and can be trusted. I use it to monitor my son's phone and it worked very well. I didn't find any aspect of the program that did not match the advertised features. Before I bought the program I called the number on the website just to find out if it was a legit company and it was. Kind, courteous people answer the phone who were very capable of answering the questions I had. Honestly, I asked a few inane questions just to see if they knew they were talking about because I had already done quite a bit of research about this type of product so I knew most of the answers. You will not regret buying this program you will not need to have the phone and it works very well. If you have troubles you can always call them. I did and they were there to help. Hope this helps someone who just needs to know.

I tried Spyzie, didn't work so I hired **Solidarity Hacker *AT****
I tried using the Spyzie Apps but it was not working so i hired a reliable and competent and LEGITIMATE mobile phone Spy expert:
***Solidarity Hacker **AT***** My partner started feeling funny and glues to her phone virtually all the time, talking and chatting on whatsApp, surprisingly when i get physical access and look at the Apps, it all seems deleted, including whatsApp chat and pone call logs history. When i contacted the hacker...''S O L I D A R I T Y H A C K E R *at* G M A I L. C O M''..., At about 24 hours after initiating contact with the hacker, i gained access to all my cheating partner's mobile phone communication Applications through a secured platform which was sent to me by the Legitimate Hacker/Spy expert. With the services of the competent, trusted and effective Legitimate hacker...
'''Solidarity Hacker *AT* Gmail. Com''' i was able to gain unlimited remote access to all the mobile phone communications activities located and operating on my cheating partner's mobile device including but not limited to text messages, Phone call logs history and it's recorded audio conversations, WhatsApp, instagram, Viber, Kik, Twitter, iMessage, Skype and dating Apps located on her Apps including Tinder, Adult friend Finder too, All these were on her phone which i had unlimited remote access too. The most impressive service rendered by the competent Legitimate mobile phone hacker...''SOLIDARITY HACKER **at**GMAIL.COM''... is the ability to retrieve deleted messages and media files from several months past communication history.
I will advice anyone looking for such an effective and trusted service to Spy and gain remote access to any mobile device's communications activity should contact

I would give 6 stars if I could!
This software is fantastic! I was able to spy on my husbands phone from literally miles away without having it. Naturally, I didn't believe the hype, but after I bought the software and start using it, it is easy to see why so many people have had so much success using this program. It really does work every bit as good as Auto Forward say it does. What I liked best was the exceptional reporting. I think I got every single text message that was on the phone plus ones that were deleted a long time ago. When I bought the program I asked them how far back the program will it extract text messages. They told me they didn't know that it depended on the phone's memory. I said, okay, I'll give a shot. I'm glad I did. I don't think it was one text message in that phone that I didn't get. The call recording was pretty good too. Nice clear, crisp recordings. The GPS I didn't use that much, but when I did it was pretty accurate also. There isn't anything about this app I didn't like. If your parent or betrayed spouse or anybody, you will have a good experience with this program.

WOW! This stuff really works!
I never thought anything like this was possible. My friend told me about this software so I decided to give it a shot. I cannot believe the information this piece of software pulled from the target phone. Literally all old text messages that were deleted well over a year ago were pulled. Also text messages that were happening at the time. The call recordings were really cool to listen to and like I was on the conversation myself. One thing that I really felt was amazing was the GPS. The damn thing nailed his location almost on the spot. I think it was a few feet off. Truly amazing. I am so glad I got the software. The best thing about it was a didn't have to have the phone with me to see any of this stuff. Makes really good considering that guards his phone like Fort Knox.

INCFIDELIBUS gets the job done always, here's my story
It all started one day when I had my puppy dog mess itself up, I couldn't find any towels in the bathroom to clean up the floor. I opened the bedroom door to get my laundry basket and there Auto Forward were; wouldn't have hurt so badly if it were not my bestfriend &my boyfriend. I was really hurt &upset, and knew the only way I would be able to get to leave it all behind me and move on would be to know the whole truth. I tried asking both of them individually to tell me the truth, just to know who inititated the 'betrayal' but they both weren't responding so I knew the only way I could get the truth would be to go through their mobile phones and retrieve past &ongoing conversation. I tried doing this on my own but couldn't get much done since the spy Apps I tried using required some form of access to the phones (which wasn't possible in my case). I got really frustrated and decided to go through people's experiences with attempts to hack mobile phones and saw a few POSITIVE reviews and recommendations pointing to - I N C F I D E L I B U S at G M A I L. C O M, so I contacted this guy and he was able to help me gain access into both phones, including past and deleted chats and messages within 30 hours. I was really amazed &glad I eventually got to know the truth, and that made me move on &heal faster from the heartbreak. I appreciate the efforts and good work of - I N C F I D E L I B U S at G M A I L. C O M

Worked good
I had to spy on husband iPhone and could not find any product to do it good. Friend told me about this product and worked very good.

Very easy to get going. Had question and called person at company in person helped me out and gave me answer that I need. Best thing about this that I never needed to have his phone with me need to enter information to computer and program got rest. Typed in only telephone number and app connected.

Very happy that program like this is here for person like me to stop bad things. Program like this make life very easy for people who don't know much about mobile telephones. We had questions I called and people there were very helpful. I wanted to use stealth camera which worked very well.

Able to take a picture with the phone without touching it. Had the picture sent to me.

Not Legit at all
Bought this spy software cause it said you didn't need to have access to the phone but not true at all. So I had access to the phone and did everything it said and waited a week and kept saying same $#*! about the phone being setup. It never gave me nothing and after talking to them it was still the same nothing. So I emailed them for a refund and Auto Forward said that I couldn't because I already downloaded it and I emailed again and then they said that I was going to get my refund and said it would be returned in 3 to 5 days and nothing and that was only after saying I would give them I very negative review. I have emailed them a number of times after that and now they don't even return my emails what a joke. I wouldn't recommend this product to no one, it is a complete scam.

IPhone X's failed to load... I hired Spy expert ** Solidarity Hacker AT gmail com **
Not compatible with iPhone X, I hired a trusted mobile phone Spy expert/Hack expert ** ''Solidarity Hacker *AT* Gmail. Com" ** After reaching out to the mobile phone spy expert, I was able to gain access to my cheating partner's mobile device within 24 hours of sharing certain information with the trusted mobile phone hacker.
I was able to read and access all the Apps found working on my cheating partner's mobile device including text messages, Twitter, Instagram, phone call recorded conversations, iMessages, Skype call history, and all email Apps located and working on my partner's phone. I sincerely recommend the services of this competent mobile phone hack expert for swift similar service.

Adulterous Partner.? I Used '' Solidarity Hacker '' AT '' Gmail. Com '' To gain unlimited access!
I had all the reasons to believe my Partner was Adulterous after several signs carressing her iPhone Xs while talking on the phone. I got a Silicon Valley Tech start-up recommendation of a competent, trusted and confidential Mobile Phone Spy expert: via:*** Solidarity Hacker *AT* Gmail. Com *** When i hired the Spy expert, within 24 hours he sent a platfrom to access my adulterous partner's mobile iPhone Xs'' and all her communication activities were accessible to me in a remote manner, I had unlimited access to her messages both recent and deleted including media files such as pictures, short video clips and sound /audio music clips too. The reliable and effective mobile iPhone Spy expert:...*** Solidarity Hacker *AT* Gmail. Com *** is such a dependable service provider and very much confidential enough to have all secrets remain secured given his services. I will recommend the services of this competent and trusted mobile phone Spy expert:...*** Solidarity Hacker *AT* Gmail. Com ***...

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Is Auto Forward registered on BBB?

Auto Forward is not registered on BBB. Therefore, this business has no BBB rating and accreditation.

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