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Charged for services that was cancelled never received
AT&T doesn't care about customer satisfaction. I signed up for internet service to save up some money. You have to self service installation. Equipment did not fit my actual internet box. I could not connect the Internet fiber. Installation was supposed to start on 7/4, called to cancelled on 7/10. Sales agent tried to convinced me to keep their service. I was already dissatisfied as I am not a technician to install internet service. Cancelled my service. On 7/28 I was charged for $70.31 for a service that I never used as it was cancelled. Representative couldn't do a refund back to my account. Spoke to their supervisor in India, who literally pointed out that it was my fault for not removing the autopay from the account. Supervisor mentioned about the closure given to the customer about autopay. I asked to refund the money back to my account, supervisor stated AT&T could not do a refund to account that is closed.? I replied back to him, so you are telling me that AT&T cannot refund a money taking from my account for a service that I cancelled NEVER used because the account is closed? Hummmm but AT&T can take money from a customer's account when the account is closed? That doesn't make sense and is terrible customer experience. I mentioned there is a huge "gap" in your system if isn't enough to recognize when an account is cancelled and still charged a customer. Supervisor said " the only gap I see is that you did not cancelled your autopay"Literally for real is the customer fault! This happened on 7/28 first attempt to dispute. Called the middle of August to asked about my dispute status. Representative mentioned "you will be refunded $61.31 in the formed of a Visa Prepaid card but it will take 30 days, I said ok, is fine. Received via mail a letter of the removal of the autopay requested on my original dispute, confirming the action taken by the agent but also asking to add another payment method to charge any outstanding balance! Seriously, AT&T you guys took $70.31 from my account for a service that it cancelled NEVER installed! You owned me! A week later received a monthly bill reflecting the -$61.31. I waited patiently to received my refund. Called again on 9/1, representative took some minutes to provided me with an update but finally mentioned that refund of $61.31 was put on a Visa prepaid card that was mailed on 8/26. I said well but haven't received anything. She said but it may take up to 14 days, she try to see if she could tracked the mail but nope there is no way. Is now 9/11 and I have not been refunded the money that AT&T took from me and I doubt they will. However, already submitted a claim dispute with my bank since is been since 7/10 when the service was cancelled and they have not make any effort of acknowledgement of their mistake. They don't care about how they treat customers all they want is to sell and have customers to resolve our own issues or concerns!

Just waiting to finish my phone services contract with AT&T and switch to another service provider. Please don't do business with AT&T

ATT wireless phone trade in scam
One of ATT "In home experts", came to my residence to check on the work of a technical workman who corrected my landline problem. Then I asked how much it would be if I brought my 2 cell phones over from Consumer Cellular.
He then explained his role as a "In-home Expert" with ATT. He said AT&T can give "Deals" to people that are not available in the ATT stores. Further more if I would trade in my, and my wife's iPhone 7ATT could give me and my wife. A new iPhone 11and he had 2 in his vehicle.
He also stated that ATT could also port over my land line phone number onto my cell phone because it happens to be a DUAL SIM phone, therefore I could cancel my land line all together and still receive calls from that old land line number. That sounded good so I took him up on his offer to bring over my, and wife's both cell phone numbers and my old land line phone number to ATT.
WHAT HE DID NOT TELL ME -Meaning, we were LIED TO!
1.He did not tell me: That in order to get this trade-in deal I had to add another line to my account. When he learned about my land line phone number he said they could port that number over to the new Iphone 11 and I could answer and make calls to and from that number as well as my old cell phone number. That would solve the problem of adding another line without TELLING ME that was mandatory to get the deal. But, since my wife had no need of another phone number on HER phone, he had to make up this story about needing to use a *bogus number to get back in the system to port her phone over from the pervious provider. He obviously knew if he told us the truth we would have never done the deal. This was an out and out lie to prevent us from knowing the truth, which would cause us to cancel the transaction then and there.
2. He did not tell me: That this plan that I signed up for, had the the Advantage Protection plan attached for both phones, costing a $40 each per mo. Was MANDITORY!
3. He did not tell me: That each phone was charged $23.34 PER PHONE (as if we were buying the phones from AT&T and it was like a monthly payment as if we were purchasing the phones) for the first 30 days or until our old phones get turned in, and even in that capacity, THOSE PHONES had to be EVALUATED as to their WORTH, which would be put against the price of our new iPhone 11's, meaning we would still possibly have to pay more money on a monthly payment to own the phones after 2 years.
4. He did not tell me: If we wanted to return the phones and cancel before the 14 day "Buyer's remorse" law in California (which he did not mention at all), that there would be a $50 "Restocking fee" PER PHONE!
5. He did not tell meThat I had to pay the TAX on the two iPhone 11's costing basically $700 each. Which was at least $108.00 Plus other activation charges. He just said that was the down payment to get started, I thought it would go against the monthly usage of the phones.
*In Home Expert installing BOGUS NUMBER on my account
Michael Skaggs the In Home Expert employee number ATTUID# MS525Q "SAID", he could not make the software function to port over my wife's phone, *******969 because he said it "Wouldn't take", and he couldn't get back into the porting software with the same phone number sohe used a bogus number to get back in so he could port her existing number over. That number was still on my wife's NEW Iphone 11, that we COULD NOT REMOVE, and that number was still on the phone when we turned it in at the local ATT store in. Later I learned from a friend who had the same exact experience with AT&Twith turning in his old phone for an iPhone 11, that in order to get the trade-in deal you have to ADD ANOTHER LINE to your account on that particular phone! Now that explains why he made up this story about needing to put a bogus number on her NEW phone (which was a dual SIM phone) to satisfy the parameter of having to add another line to our account, without telling us the truth.
WHICH MEANS: I WAS LIED TO! The "In home expert (un-named here) just added that other line to my Wife's new phone INENTIONALLY and made up this story about needing to use a different number to get into the sytem! If he told me the truth, I would have NEVER condoned going through with this transaction! And, I just had a conversation with a friend that said the same exact thing happened to him when he traded his old phone in to ATT, that ATT attached another phone number to his account without telling him directly.
In looking at my bill on line I find that that bogus number which I NEVER gave my permission to add to my accountwas listed on my wife's phone as her additional phone number, and would be costing us $45.74 a month if I haden't cancelled both cell phones with ATT on 02/04/2020 and TURNED IN both phones to the ATT store in Mission Viejo Ca.
When I called the cell phone number the salesman gave me, I left 3 messages on his voice mail, and two texts describing this and other issues. To this date he has NEVER called me back. I also got his supervisor of this also. SHE never has called me back as of 2/26/2020. What a scam they're running here!
When I called tech support I asked "What would my new email be, since I was canceling my Cox. Net account. Tech support told me "Oh that's no problem you can keep your old email addresses. I asked how that could be possible if I didn't HAVE a Cox. Net ACCOUNT?! They said, "Don't worry you can do it, we're not sure how it works but you can keep your email addresses.
I just got an email from Cox saying all my email addresses associated with Cox would be deleted in 60 days. This statement that you can keep your existing email address permanently was, and still is an out and out lie, and all of the tech support people are telling potential customers this same lie.
I have that "", email attached to many places that do financial processing and it's critical to have that in force, therefore I have to cancel the internet portion of ATT and reinstate Cox to prevent a lot of potential problems.
When I signed up w/ATT cell service, I had to fill out an exhaustive form, and I checked NO on Paperless Billing, NO on Autopay, and the NO on the Advantage Protection plan. I called tech support, and billing, and they told me that those choices we logged in as recorded.
THENATT sent me an email that said thank you for signing up for the Autopay, the paperless statements, and the Advantage Protection Plan. Then I called again and some tech support person said they would remove me from those things. They kept sending me emails saying, "Thanks for signing up for paperless billing etc.
I called ATT tech support again and they said, "No you DON'T' have paperless billing but ATT just sent you that email because it 's the same one they send every one". REALLY!? In accessing The Ripoff Report I find that there are about 129 complaints against ATT Wireless and many of them are for the SAME scam as this!

AT&T Uverse - Non-credit of payment despite bank proof of check having been cashed by them
This is an update to my original review below:

AT&T finally responded once I reached the office of the president. After much time. Aggravation and frustration, we determined the underlying problem, though no explanation of why this issue arose.

The underlying issue was corrected, my funds were finally credited, and AT&T provided a courtesy credit for all my troubles.

This does not change the fact that their customer service does not follow SOP, training seems lacking, and I should not have had to reach out to corporate executives to have this issue resolved.


I spent an inordinate amount of time on the phone, getting shuttled from department to department, providing the requested documents as requested via the Payment Inquiry Website provided by Supervisor Alex Molina (Claim # 5307778, Incident# *******00116) during a 60-minute phone call on 3/30 which commenced at 2:00 pm ET.

I then spent 45-minutes on the phone with my bank in order to arrange for a copy of the requested copy of the Electronic Fund Transfer provided by my bank (Bank of America) to the ******* email address provided by Accounts receivable Supervisor Horatio Caesar during a 45-minute phone call 4/3 which commenced at 10:55 am ET.

I have automatic payments set up through my online banking, which sends a check for more than my bill amount, to avoid any shortages based on the varying bill due to days in the month. I send this payment two weeks ahead of the due date.

On 3/13 my bank sent a payment of $155 for my March bill, due 3/27. I have attached the EFT showing you deposited my check, which my bank indicated was deposited by you on 3/21, yet I started receiving non-payment notices and termination threats. At that time, I should have had a $24.60 credit in my account.

After discussing the issue as described above, I issued a check for the $130.40, despite you having already cashed my prior check for $155.

While checking my account today, I discovered that you have now issued a bill for $282.77, still showing the $130.40 as past due, despite your now having cashed two checks totaling $288.40, and had the audacity to charge me a $9.99 late fee, despite my account being noted that a payment was already sent.

Tried to get AT&T Internet
Tried to get AT&T Internet. Jumped through the hoops and was given a date and time for installation. A day before the install I received an email saying AT&T couldn't finalize the order... even though it had been confirmed last week. I spent an hour on the phone trying to get the situation resolved. Spoke with a "supervisor" who would waive the $99 install but she couldn't get the installation done on the original install date. Told her to cancel the order and account. She wanted me to hold for a few more minutes to see if she could get someone to resolve the issue. I told her I wasn't waiting any longer that I would give her my number and she could resolve the issue and call me back. If she couldn't she should cancel the order. Obviously no call back and they did not cancel either. Tried another call this morning and told the agent I wanted to cancel. She placed me on hold and after a while I hung up. I just go off the website chat with a live agent. I gave him all the info to cancel. After all this he told me I had to call another number. Here is a transcript of the chat:

An AT&T U-verse agent will be right with you. Your place in queue is '1'.

Welcome! Thank you for being a valued AT&T customer. My name is Glenn D

How can I help you today?
Jeff: I want to cancel my account
Glenn D: Hello, Jeff. Good day.
Glenn D: I'm sorry to hear that you want to cancel your account. May I know the reason why?
Jeff: AT&T Order Number: 38P9RK4VJXXX needs to be canceled
Glenn D: I see. May I know if you are currently subscribed to Uverse service?
Jeff: Cancel Account Number: 13843XXXX
Glenn D: I can help you look into that.
Glenn D: Just to make sure I am looking at the right account, may I have the account holder's name and your 4 digit passcode, please?
Jeff: Jeffrey XXXXXXX XXXX
Glenn D: Thank you for providing the needed information.
Glenn D: I already validated your account.
Jeff: You have what you need to cancel the order and account. I appreciate your help but I have wasted too much time already to stay online any longer.
Glenn D: I do apologize for that. I'm working on your request now. Please hold for a while.
Jeff: I'm not holding any longer. I am not here for the amusement of AT&T
Glenn D: I do apologize to keep you waiting, Jeff. But when I attempt to make the change for this request on your account the system is showing I am not able to do this over the web. This may be for security reasons. You will want to call *******020 *******020 and provide your main contact number, then when prompted, say "cancel service" and you will be directed to a representative that can assist you.
Jeff: You can contact the number you gave me. I am done trying to contact AT&T. I won't be here when the technician arrives next week to install the service so it will be a waste of his/her time. I wasted over an hour yesterday with AT&T so this is it.
Glenn D: I do apologize but I am unable to make a call because we can only accommodate our customer through chat service. I'm sorry for that.
Jeff: OK then. The tech can show up next week and no one will be here. This is the last of my attempts to cancel.

Stay away from AT&T... the worst customer service and they can't even process an order properly. Supervisors can only make $99 decisions.

Awful customer service
Here's a shout out to AT&T, and how awful your support team is! Yesterday my office had an appointment to get our internet hooked up between 9am-11am.
At 1pm AT&T were still not there, so I started calling. After getting a run around of security questions (which I had just updated the day before, but apparently they didn't save them properly) I was finally told that my ticket had been assigned to a tech, and someone should be there in 30-40 min. He also told me he was going to keep an eye on our account and would call me back with any updates. (Never called back!)
At 3:30pm we still had no internet and no information about the status of our order, so I called again. This rep told me there is a tech assigned to our ticket, and tried reaching out to the tech several times while I was on the phone with him. He told me the tech guy wasn't answering, but he left him a voicemail telling him to call me. (Never got a call from the tech!)
At 4:30pm I called again. This rep told me there's a tech assigned to your ticket and you're next on their list. (Keep in mind this is 5 1/2 hours after my appointment time!) I then had to tell the rep that we would need someone out there soon b/c we do not have access to the WiFi room in the office after 5pm. He then continually tried to change our appointment to Saturday. Even though we told him continuously that we will not have access to the room so that won't work. At that point we demanded to speak to a supervisor. I was told I would get a call back in 15-30 min.
An hour and 45 min later I got a call from Tamara, the supervisor. I explained my situation, and she looked up my account. She then told me there was not an open ticket for my account and a tech was never assigned to us. I then proceeded to ask why 3 different customer service reps had told me there was a tech assigned. She had no answer. So either she was lying to me about how techs are assigned tickets or they train their reps to lie to their customers. (Not really sure which is true here, but very unprofessional on their part!)
Because I'm not the owner of this business, I asked her for a contact number so she could talk to my boss. She tells me she doesn't have a phone number. I then ask her for an email address, to which she replies, she doesn't have one. So you're telling me that a company that provides phone service and internet service doesn't provide their supervisors with the proper resources to give good customer service to someone who has wasted hours of their day waiting on your tech.
Also, if what she said was correct and a tech was never assigned, why wouldn't you have someone reach out to your customer to let them know!
Could you imagine sitting down at a restaurant, ordering food, the waiter keeps saying the food is on the way, and then 8 hours later you're told by the manager that the order never made it to the kitchen?
I was very heated by the end of the call and threatened to cancel our service and hung up! Her response was to change our installation date to December 31,2036!

Business phone is locked by the Internet Sales
My friend Maggie did contact At&t sales person, who is not very unprofessional.

Maggie is not really good at English, so she wants to find who can speak Chinese salesman. I do not know his name, but I heard my friend to just contacted the At&t Internet Sales, which she just wants to use her business number to switch to At&t about 3 weeks ago. Since she does not know English well, and the salesman locked her number, she only can find him to solve the issue. I went to At&t store today on June 14 2018, and I heard their conversations very long time about 30 mins, and the salesman keep talking his personal life, as discussing which steak my friend will like.

AT&T were talking about half hour, and the internet salesman did not do anything to contact the activation department. I felt he tortured my friend since I consider this internet sales is sex harassment to my friend. In fact, my friend is so upset, but she hold it since she just wants to get her phone number back, which this is her business contact information. It is very important to her.

They kept talking about 45 mins, and the internet sales is still doing nothing. Later, he find anther female Chinese sales (since I do not know her name) to help my friend. However, the problem still could not solve, he locked the number that At&t store staff could not help my friend active her number. About 15 mins later, the female internet sales contact the activation department, and the staff of activation let me to find any store staff to active the locked sim.

My friend and I kept working the internet sales about 1 hour and 15 mins, and my friend needs to go restroom. You know, at&t store does not have restroom provide to customer since we should not be there long time like 1 and half hours. My friend went to Smart and Final Store to find the restroom, and the Store Staff and I kept working on the problem, and her is excellent and find out all way to unlock the sim card.

My friend went to half hour restroom. Finally, my friend went back to the store, and she told me the internet salesman call her personal cellphone again. The terrible things I never heard. The Internet sales told my friend, "no one is willing to help you unlock the number since they do not have any commission. " I do not think so, the Internet sales is a lier.
But we have to be there. It takes about half hour after my friend came back from the restroom, the Store staff helps my friend to unlock and active her number. She got back her business number. She almost cry.

It takes 2 hour in store, and she spent so many time during three weeks to talk the Internet Salesman. She is so upset and got torture from his Internet sales who is speaking the same language. I am shame on that Internet Sales. Today(June 14,2018) I heard him kept talking his personal life and call back my friend to explain that is not his fault that is the store staff does not want to help my friend. I am so upset on At&t about the customer service and disappoint on the Internet Chinese native speaker salesman. I felt he just try to approach my friend, and he is not really doing his job.

During these three weeks, my friend was torture from this situation since her phone number is locked. She had many nights, which she could not sleep at night. She is so upset and angry. For her, she only holds it. You never know, the two children Chinese mother has to make her children to survive. She is afraid to see her business phone lost. In fact, she lost a lot business because the Internet sales did the wrong thing on her. She is sex harassment by the Internet Sales, and she is torturing. I do not know how to help her, I do not know why At&t hire this bad behavior salesman, and I am so disappoint on that.

I hope At&t customer service can see these words and fix your issue. I wish At&t hire the right and professional Internet sales and return us excellent customer service in the future.

SezAnnie: From the Great & Good to the Bad, Ugly & Beyond! Re: AT&T
WARNING! Do not enter into a deal with AT&T for their "special" triple play, Internet, Cable & Cell with free phones or BOGO deal. On May 5th, 2019 we negotiated a triple play deal with AT&T in an attempt to lower our monthly bill or at least keep it the same as it was with another provider which was giving us basic cable & internet coverage ($150.00)for way too much money. (our flat $70.00 cell bill [seperate provider] brought both to $220.00 a month. The deal offered to us was that AT&T could keep our bill at the same $220.00.(give or take a couple of dollars) with a BOGO S10e with unlimited everything. Sounded good to us as we were in the market for new smartphones. Before leaving the store we had to pay $61.00 for the 2 cases and an additional $100.00 (taxes?) There was also a discount for autopay. We were also told that the first month's bill would be higher, but not to worry that it would even itself out over 2-3 months. This deal would be a 2-year contract which we were fine with as we would not have an increase for two years; for most of our lives, up until now, we were happy AT&T customers. Done deal! The first charge to hit my credit card was for $400.00 dollars. What the frack! Remember, we were to expect a higher bill, but $400.00 was a shocker. As we were told, we figured that it would adjust over the next couple of months. The second bill (June) was $219.00 which was what it was going to be on a regular basis. OK. But where is the adjustment on the $400.00!?!? Right? Month three WHAT! The... a $330.00 charge.
Since then I have had two convo's with reps from AT&T. I asked what were those charges for? AT&T were for "whatever" and that my monthly bill would be $255.00. I asked about the adjustment on the $400.00 & $330.00 bills... I was told that they were the bills for their services rendered and no adjustments were due. I have a letter going out to Corporate, one already sent to AARP (If they did this to us... there are more people that are trapped into this kind of deal as the buyout is $350.00) BTW, if you purchase your phones on a payment plan you will not be able to transfer your cell phones to another carrier unless you pay them off. Today I'm going to pay off the phones and I am in the process of seeing what my next step is to handle this situation. I'm thinking of going to our local news station (like NY's "7 on your side") and go nationwide. Hopefully, you will all repost this so that other's who are in this situation can come forward. And, others will stay clear away from AT&T. We as a community/country have to stop companies like this who take advantage of people, especially us seniors. The total cost, to date, is $1,049 for 3 months. In addition to what the payoff of the two phones (approx $700.00) brings the total to $1,749.00 paid in three months. When I spoke to the rep I asked her what the cell phone portion of the bill was, she gave me a figure of $176.00 (approx), that is $106.00 more than we were paying for unlimited everything with our other cellphone carrier. Please keep thins post going. Thank you and have a blessed day!

Too much hype
I have been with ATT for about 8-9 years? My rant is not about the TV Service, but the wireless and company policy and service. I have gone through so many of their wireless packages. You expect a fixed bill but the darn thing is always fluctuating. On day I thought about calling it quits and going to another service. My BF was trying to persuade me about going in to his service and he almost convinced me if it wasn't for the fact that ATT had "add a line and receive an incentive" catch. I tried transfering my BF's number in to my account, and I kept having issues. When I finally did it and ordered the phone ONLINE, the next day I received an email saying that AT&T couldn't verify my identity, I called ATT and they told me that I had to go to the store and provide ID for the purchase. I went to the store and the store told me that ATT canceled my purchase and that I just need the whole thing again. I explained my grievances to the associate and he told me not to worry that they would take care of me.
Fast forward on to my first bill, I called ATT Rewards center and told them that I hadn't received the 250 incentive for adding a line. After 2 hours of back and forward with customer service and the rewards program associate, they told me that I wouldn't get the incentive because it wasn't done online. I know is not the employee's fault because they are enforcing policy, BUT apparently I wasn't the only person with the same issue. The customer service associate after hearing me out told me that he was going to put a request for a manager to call me. Although they couldn't issue the 250 Visa Rewards card, they can check if some sort of credit could be granted on my bill. The associate said that someone was going to reach me before the end of the week. Fast forward, no one ever reached me and when I call I get a run around. I know I shouldn't be sour about 250, but ummm... the waste of time and lies kind of got to me. Everything gets swept under the rug for them. I wish there was a way in which all the customers can organize and decide in a period of a week to just moved their service elsewhere. Sadly I am stuck with them until I pay off the two new phones on my account.

OH and I traded-in my iphone 7 online, it says estimate up to $60. When they got my phone they didn't give me exact number on how much they were going to give me. They issued me a $20 reward card for that. PFFT! I rather get my phone back and sell it on ebay. My phone was in great condition, fully functional. No explanation to why I received 20 bucks.

AT&T bait me for phone trade-in and stole my paid-off phone with no credits
I am a victim of AT&T and its predatory and fraudulent act of baiting customers with misinformation and then trying to increase the prices of my cell phone plan.

AT&T advertised a $700 trade-in credit for my paid-off iPhone XR 64GB to upgrade to a new phone. The trade-in offer for this particular phone popped up on my AT&T app when I was going to pay the monthly bill. I followed through with the trade-in-offer link. It clearly showed that I would receive the upgrade credit of $700 for my phone and my plan. I chose iPhone 12 Pro Max for $1100 and paid the sales tax in advance on 04/09/2021. It showed that I would pay $400 over 30 months with $13.33/month in my monthly bill. Then I handed over the existing phone to the local Mountain View AT&T store on 04/23/2021 (Invoice # *******1006182).

Within the 30-days of switching the phone, I contacted and inquired about the phone and credits or return. The representatives assured me that I would get the deal, and the adjustments would be reflected in the bill in 3 cycles. However, now AT&T says that I am not eligible to receive $700 credit. The reason given is that I do not have an unlimited plan. If the app warned me of the ineligibility or prompted me to upgrade the current plan, I would not have done the trade-in for certain. On the other hand, my plan was sold back then as an unlimited plan. Before my current plan, I used to pay overuse of data, and AT&T upgraded the plan to an "unlimited plan," saying that I would not have to pay again for overuse of data. However, AT&T may have either changed or obsoleted the name of my plan and categorized it ineligible. I would not have traded in the phone if the AT&T app had shown me that my plan was ineligible or needed an upgrade.

AT&T charges the full amount of $1100 ($36.67/mo), and also got my paid-off phone, the iPhone XR 64GB (IMEI *******03339892). The worse is that AT&T charges for the phone I returned. When I call to inquire about it, then AT&T removes it, but it is another headache.

I am seeking $700 credit, which will incur $13.33/mo of charge over 30 months to my bill, for the phone I returned according to the trade-in offer. If not, I want to revert the deal to restore to the previous status because I contacted AT&T within 30-days.

Stole Money From Me, Refused to Involve Supervisor
An acquaintance had paid me cash to pay his phone bill with my card a few times. We had a routine that ensured safety and trustworthiness for both of us. I would not save my card info in the account and left a message with AT&T notes that it should only be used when manually inputted by the customer. Let me just emphasize that we were thorough and we both know for fact that neither of us did anything wrong.

One time after payment I saw on my bank statement that AT&T had double-charged me. I know it was a double charge because it was the exact same amount with change and happened at the same time, 1AM.

I called them only 2 days after the transaction when I had noticed this and explained the situation. AT&T said it should not take more than 48 hours to refund me. I look back a week later and the charge had not returned, so I called again.

This time they said there was nothing to refund because they used the money. I asked them why they would use my money instead of giving it back to me, and they just said "I don't know, it was just used." I insisted to speak to a manager and file a fraud complaint that their company had stole from me, but they kept saying they weren't allowed to speak to a manager. I was passed around to a few low level employees where nobody had any power so they could bull$#*! with me as if they were actually getting me to someone in power.

I could not even have them leave a complaint that I would never shop with them and would recommend everyone against AT&T. I have an amazing phone company with the cheapest most innovative technology and service around called Republic Wireless. I worked at Best Buy for a year. I told AT&T that they would potentially lose HUNDREDS of customers because of me. I routinely told this story in warning to others again and again and it made a real impact.

AT&T stole from me. I could have sued them in small claims court (it was under $250 thankfully). Let that sink into your head real good. A company committed FRAUD and none of their employees cared to have the courage to actually help me. I say courage because I worked in customer service 3 years and I damn well have the courage to do the right thing.

Worst service ever
Just lost another hour of my life online with AT&T "technical support". Has anyone ever had good service with this company? My service has been poor at best since day one, but I could make do. A couple of months ago, my wifi hotspot started pulling extreme amounts of data for no reason, my usage hadn't changed, and I was getting alerts early on in the month that I was near my limit (this is the first time I've ever experienced wifi with limited gigs and it's COMPLETELY ridiculous). I finally called to challenge it this month when I was alerted less than 10 days in that I was out of data. The "customer service agent" informed me that he could only see the last week, and that I had used 53 of the 100 allowed gigs between the 12th and the 18th, completely impossible since I have not taught nor taken a zoom class, had not watched a minute of tv, had disconnected all of my smart home devices, and was running only my computer on the hotspot for work, which in the first 5 months I used it was only consuming about a gig a day. I asked the agent if he could look at a particular day, and he could, so I asked him to look at the 13th. He counted the gigs he saw that I used and said, "it looks like you used between 8-10 gigs that day." I said, "Oh really? I wasn't home that day. I was 200 miles away for the whole day." AT&T jumped to reset my account and zero it out with a fresh start, and then mysteriously the SIM card light went on. After doing all of the troubleshooting and reset steps, I took it into the store, they replaced the SIM card and the light turned green. I brought it home, and the light was back to red. I got online with tech support and had them run a flash update. No dice. All red lights. I called customer support AGAIN to request a replacement (the device, which, when I paid it off early last fall, started suddenly getting alerts that I was due for an upgrade, was still under warranty for another 75 days. The device is less than 10 months old). After another few hours lost, the agent told me that though AT&T sells the devices, I had to do the replacement through the manufacturer. He gave me the website for NetComm, which looks like a total shell/sham company, and after reaching out to them MULTIPLE times with no reply, I call customer support AGAIN tonight. After another hour and a half lost, the "supervisor" assures me that the store near me has them in stock and I can get it replaced at the store. I call the store to verify before I make the nearly hour drive again, and of course, that's not the case. They have them in stock to sell, but they will not replace a defective device. This is the absolute worst technical service and customer service ever.

Worst Experience Ever. READ THIS REVIEW!
I placed an order online for the new iPhone 13 pro max plus to set up new service and transfer my number from my current provider to AT&T. After running my credit and accepting all terms, uploading my ID, AT&T charge my credit card and everything was a go. That night, the order was canceled because they couldn't verify the order was placed by me. I call in the next day and they reapplied for everything for the second time. Once again, I uploaded my ID and they charged my credit card again. The next morning, the new order was canceled yet again. I call back in and they walked through yet another new application. Again. I uploaded my ID, we checked all the boxes and yes. They charged my credit card for a 3rd time. They promised everything was good to go. By that days end, I get yet another email stating this order was canceled for the same reason... they dont know if the order actually came from me. The following morning, I actually drove over an hour and a half one an AT&T store and explained everything that was going on to the store manager. She looked up the order.and found the problem they were reporting was my zip code was incorrect on the phone number port with my existing provider. The store manager called into AT&T and in turn, ATT, myself, the store manager and the rep from my current provider was all on a 3-way call to resolve the issue. Everything was finally good to go. They even processed my trade in on my current phone and was good to go... the order was placed for the phone and yes, my ID was uploaded once again by the store manager AND yes, my credit card hit again. I left happy and was anticipating the arrival of the new phone. But when I woke up the next morning... yep, you guessed it. It was canceled AGAIN, for the same reason... they couldn't verify the order actually cane from me. I called in once again and the rep on the phone said I had to reapply in person at the store... which is an hour and a half drive one way. I asked if when it canceled my phone order, if it also canceled any pending contract and she confirmed it did. I said thank you but I'm taking my business elsewhere. AT&T... You are a complete waste of time and you lost my business for life. There is no way anyone should ever have to go through this. Not only did you charge my card 4 times, but you also put an additional $1 hold for each transaction on top of the original charges. I hope you release these $1 holds too. You deserve nothing from me. BEWARE FOLKS! This is shady business practices. How can you not verify the order came from me when you had my Social Security number, my ID, my phone number, my address, and you ran my credit... not to mention that ive even went in person to an authorized AT&T retail store and went through the entire process with the store manager who also had my current provider on the other line confirming my account with them to you. Are you waiting some sort of DNA blood sample? Never again. Go elsewhere folks... trust me. Read others comments. Google their complaints. It's very common with them.

Corporate Crooks!
Back in October of 2015 I had AT&T come out to install a bundle with Direct TV, and UVerse Internet and Phone. The procedure I was told, was to initially hook up the internet and phone, then a Direct TV person came out later that day to hook up the Satellite (AT&T needed an internet connection for the Satellite connection). I was going to keep my current phone through the cable company, but use the UVerse phone service as a fax line with a new number. First off, they cut off my home phone service and changed my number rather than just installing a new line with second number. Second, when they were finished botching that job, the Direct TV installer showed up. I was informed, after having my landlord and husband work with him to find a suitable spot for installation, that they were unable to get a signal and the Direct TV Satellite could not be installed. They left.
I was told numerous times there was a 30 day "NO HASSLE" satisfaction guarantee. When I realized not only had they cut off my cable phone line and changed my phone number (which I never got back because whatever AT&T did prevented the Cable company from ever getting back my number), but the bundle I agreed upon (3 Services Together) was not complete, I decided I would just stick with my Cable Company and cancel the Uverse/Direct TV incomplete bundle altogether.
It took me over 12 service representatives to get nowhere, at one point connecting me to a Spanish Speaking Operator, who then transferred me to a book store... I even tried to call back after that! When I exhausted all my options I called back the installer, who contacted his boss, who got me on the line with someone who "SAID" they cancelled my service and I would receive NO bill. I was told how to return the equipment to the UPS Store and promptly returned the equipment... that day... less than 4 hours after the failed install.
Shortly after I get a bill for $81.96 and immediately called to inquire why. I figured the bill was just automatically generated upon initial installation and was a complete mistake, boy was I wrong. I was again told I had a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and was WELL withing the time limit, they told me they took care of the balance and I THOUGHT that was the end of it...
Got a bill the next month, called again, same situation, we are sorry we have zeroed the balance and everything was taken care of...
Got a bill the next month, called again, same situation, we are sorry we have zeroed the balance on your account and everything was taken care of...
Next month: FINAL notice arrives in the mail. I spoke with a Gentleman in the Credit Dispute Department at AT&T to ensure this was taken care of BEFORE it was sent into collections. He assured me he had completely taken care of the situation.
1.5 years later, after delving into my credit what did I find? The unpaid balance from Direct TV. Funny because I never even got the Satellite installed in the first place. The only services I even had (for 2 Hours) was the UVerse Internet and Phone.
My credit score was very good, so I didn't even think there were any issues, Bought 2 new cars, no one said anything about any issues on my credit. I am in the process of buying a new home, now I find that I have an outstanding unpaid balance, of a mere $81.96. Not going to hold me back, but really AT&T? Really? How are you even still in Business, how do you keep any of your customers when you make it near impossible to even get to the right person without jumping through dozens of flaming hoops?
My experience has highlighted some completely unacceptable business practices and even worse Customer Service practices of this company. If I were you I would stay as far away from AT&T products and Services as you possibly can. They don't keep up their end of a bargain and they can't seem to fix the simplest of problems.
Shame on you AT&T, Shame:-(

Good price, good coverage, LOUSY support
So I just got my first iphone in Jan 2017. Set up with AT@T for their gophone plan. Pretty good deal, and so far no issues with coverage.
I was set up right from day one with AUTOPAY. Gave them my credit card, was told I'd actually get a 5.00 a month discount for doing autopay. Great.

SO today I got a rather scary text saying if I don't make a payment by. My phone would be cut off. Now everyone I know KNOWS I don't do texts. But I texted back that I was on auto pay.
Only to have that bounce because AT&T don't receive texts. Swell. They send them to me ok but I can't reply?
So off to their site I go. Contact us. as so often happens now, brings up a page of services I have to pick from. Found gophone, called, and of course get the typical voice mail from hell autobot. Now this is NOT something a pre programed thing can fix. I need a HUMAN. GOOD LUCK! Every term I could think of, "agent, customer service, person, human, BRAIN," only sent it around again with "so I may better direct your call do you want"
MY GOD WHY can't a company the size of AT@T HIRE HUMANS to pick up the PHONE! "How may I direct your call." How frigging long does that take?
I really miss that.
When nothing, (including at this point a slew of cuss words) got me past the autobot I started blabbering gibberish. FINALLY got the "I'm sorry I can't understand you let me connect you." OH HALLELUJAH!
And I was connected directly TO INDIA!

Nice girl, but could barely understand me. Seriously. LONG story but finally I got it across, if I'm on AUTO PAY WHY do I need a text. Everything will be charged monthly, I can see it on my account, stop texting. Once she got past MIS pronouncing my name, even after I corrected her, and figured out what I wanted, and apologized about a dozen times for my inconvenience. (Yea right.) Finally she put me on hold, then came back with no more texts ok? Good. Thank you. Have a nice day and I hung up.
Thought I was done but no.

Some time later, and I'm sitting right next to the phone. I got a missed call alert. Phone never rang. Some 800 number so thinking this is most likely some spam I googled the number. Guess who. AT@T.

New to using smart phones, I just wasted some time fiddling with it to be sure I actually have it set to ring. And I do. And a little while later it did ring. Same 800 number. This time I got a guy directly from INDIA who also could barely speak OR understand English.
He asked if I had stop getting texts. Now mind you, it's been like one hour since all this started. Only ever had the ONE text and hopefully the last. So I told him that. And of course he didn't understand. Asked me again if I got any contacts from AT@T. I then said well yea, my phone suddenly sent a missed call alert but never rang and it was your number. So this guy goes off on a long explanation on why I can not call their 800 number. How it does not accept incoming calls.
TWICE I had to explain to this nit wit I DID NOT CALL. YOU CALLED ME!
Then got the multitude of apologies again for my inconvenience all of which I could barely understand. GEES!
I finally lost it with him. Shouted "doesn't AT@T hire ANYONE who actually speaks ENGLISH?"
Yea I know, not really this kids fault. But still. A company who is all about COMMUNICATION should do better. I just hope this was a one time thing and I don't have to fight with them every month like I did with boost.
(believe it or not, their customer service is even worse.)

Nothing worse
11 At & T phone, none ever worked. Finally I bought an At &T apple and changed my plan from from pre-paid to a regular contract, that too didn't work and I sent it back, about August, until now Nov. 21 never got the credit for the phone (have to dispute with the credit card) and went back to the prepaid account but still paying as a contract. To make matters worse, the present phone turns itself off, impossible to even make a phone call and I only use the phone about one hour a week and still can't get it to work, so I called *******878 wait and finally was told that because I had the pre-paid, even though I was still paying for since August for a contract plan, I had to call 888-288339, now, like many corporations nowadays, not only I had to wait for 48 minutes and of course the automated system asked my number to "transfer me to the right department", but, as I said, as method to discourage people from calling, a system of endless repetition is now in place in many organization to really drive you out of your mind, so I had to hear the same page of advertisement for 48 minutes, then the lady told me that she was sorry because I was transferred to the wrong department; I explained to her that the automated voice, the AI, would ask for the number and always transfer me to what AT&T say is the wrong department (I've tried that number many times before) so, she promised me that the number she would give me would be for sure for the prepaid and they would be able to help me and it was *******525 and, you guessed it, it was for activation and if you said your phone was activated they say "Good by". WHAT A RIPP OFF. I'm here now f or over two hours with a phone that I c an't even turn it on... and that is the time when I need it, when I go out shopping, so if I have an emergency I can use the phone. For a phone I paid over $60.00 a month, to use for about 1 to two hours a week that never works, with a company that had stopped offering customer service... this is a real rip off and with the plan of Technocracy Corporatization, aka new world order, clients are being subject to unfair treatment and unable to complain... everything is controlled by an Artificial Intelligence programed not to respond to the client but to the need of the corporation to get rid of the client, taking the money and avoiding providing the service and to think that AT and T used to offer customers service... now, their phone never did work, but at least you had someone to fix it, if temporarily... now, you have nothing

Just Don't
We ONLY have Internet with AT&T for over a decade. AT&T, (to put this blatantly) AT&T DO NOT CARE about going out of their way to facilitate your concerns or needs, through their service they provide you. You want file a complaint? Good luck! Seriously, good luck getting in touch with any management that cares or would go out of the way for your concerns. City folks should be extremely happy, but when it comes to people living in rural to suburbanite areas... AT&T is a joke with their service! Seriously residents from rural to suburban areas) We're still set "UP TO" (I URGE YOU, to look at the contract before signing) as my husband thought we would receive a 10mbps service and pay for that amount. I asked them why should you guys charge me for that speed when it's not 10mbps nor anywhere close to it. Our mbps sits at between anywhere from 2-6 mbps. Actually, let me take that back, OUR ENTIRE TOWN even worse in the outskirts, that has internet services with AT&T is sitting between those numbers while AT&T "supposedly, upgraded" us to 10mbps service, and we do get charged as if we run this 10mbps when we're not even there! Again, 10 years, and the only reason we still have this chicken turd company, it's because we're too far out, for anyone else to service us. Or as I had a tech explain to me, that they would have to come out to this tower and expand the distance for us to run better than it is now. So, okay... let's say I get an attorney, yeah, they'll shut you and your attorney down with the "power" AT&T have. The only optimistic thing about AT&T however, is that they know how to charge you, and boy oh boy! Don't you miss a single payment with them. Only then are they "concerned" for you, and you will know it! So they have ways to get you better service folks, but there's just "too many moves" involved, you know. How pathetic. ELITISM at its finest! I do plan on moving out of this area, in the future. You can count that AT&T will never be uttered from me, nor considered. *whispers* EVER. I do get asked where I work at, and trust me AT&T you can count your sweet "A" I'll never recommend them to you, as I said I'll utter Sprint (even though I have no clue how they are) than utter your company name. Maybe since the last tech that spoke to us joked about, "Maybe you should live in a city" (Glad I didn't hear this in person) but, how amazed I am, that reading a review on another site AT&T is the top company in resolving customer issues! Hmm, from when was that awarded to them? Maybe, about 7-10 yrs ago? That's must of been AT&T pulling those moves out of their rear ends. AT&T are very prideful in getting your money, and telling you to conform to their service ( Again, for those idled in the rural to suburban areas) just ask anyone in my hometown. Sincerely a resident from Hempstead, TX. (Also, that has helped in detouring most clients, saving them from your company in my areas or anyone that ask me of you guys). It's just "too many" moves for me to fabricate and gloat over a company that mocks your lifestyle options, much less gives two cents about their customer service. My rate on this is really a negative 5 star if only, it were available to me. I'll leave this review one way or another. Yeah it kept giving me issues just for me to post this review, with the way it is. Certain websites wouldn't allow it due to "inappropriate language". Take the F and don't forget the U.

Stay far away from AT&T... go anywhere else for service
In June I went to my local AT&T store to see if we could save money switching from Sprint. My husband has AML leukemia and we are in a tight spot financially because of his illness so we needed to cut our bills as much as possible. I was given a written quote on what to expect for our monthly bill. Which was less then I had been paying at sprint so we decided to switch and trade in and port our numbers over to AT&T. We traded in our phones that were accepted by the store, have receipts stating the acceptable conditions of our phones. AT&T said it will take 2-3 bill cycles to see the credits to my acct. So as of September's bill... still no credit so I called customer service. Was given the run around and was tied up on the phone for almost 2 hours between all the depts. Finally I got to speak to a rep in the trade in dept (Who was rude and sarcastic) that stated that the my phones were rejected because of the conditions. Stating they would not work, and were basically destroyed. THOSE PHONES WERE USED UNTIL THE MINUTE I TRADED THEM IN and protected by cases, so I don't know what happened to them in between the time I surrendered them for trade in till then. So I was told by the trade in dept there was nothing I could do. I went back to the store last Tuesday and was told they would look into my problem. It is now Saturday and I have called them several times with no call back. Today I spoke on the phone to a rep in the conflict resolution dept. who flat out told me that in the eyes of AT&T there is NO CONFLICT... even though I did not and will not receive my trade in allowance and basically too bad for me and they don't care that I have a receipt. He actually tried to sell me another line to add on. He was heartless and obviously I was bothering him by making him talk to me and told me that me calling all the time will get me nowhere. Didn't care at all what has happened to me and that I had written proof from their store. This situation has caused my family a great financial burden at a time we are at our lowest. They do not care about their customers. The man I originally dealt with at my local store and one representative I spoke with on my 2 hour phone fiasco were kind and truly tried to help but all the others were of no help what so ever and I had to plead to talk to a manager.

Very poor performance and worse reliability.
One would think that a company with such a stellar past performance as the nation's telephone system would be able to manage a digital network. It's true that AT&T are hampered by an old physical infrastructure designed for analog telephones, but that should still be a step ahead of carriers who have to build everything from scratch. And there is NO excuse for the miserable management that prevents their own employees from doing a decent job.

First, lets start with a fact about their "U-Verse" fiber network: Its not fiber except for some of the backbone. Customers are connected with copper cables. They promise multi-megabit bandwidth to the customer, but their backbone is badly overloaded. Most internet connections are bogged down so badly that many times they time out. The browser may report "URL not found" until you try a second or third time. Streaming videos (i. E., Netflix) will pause until enough data is received to continue, causing annoying breaks every few minutes.

Next, if the poor performance wasn't bad enough, its a world ahead of NO performance. On average, I lose ALL internet service for about 24 hours out of every week. Sometimes I get a notice online that they are about to do some repair or maintenance, and will be out of service for about 15 minutes/ "About 15 minutes" really means until the next day, and usually requires a call to their "customer service". That call is ALWAYS frustrating because "customer service" is apparently staffed by Asian high school students trained to follow an exact script. Nevermind that the same problem has occurred repeatedly and is always found to be a configuration error in their network, they *always* tell you the problem "must" be something you did in your home. Nevermind that on each of those prior occasions, they sent an AT&T tech to the house who found absolutely nothing wrong. Nevermind that service is mysteriously restored after someone finally calls the core network group who insist there are no problems with the network... Uhuh... If we are to believe customer service or the field technicians, they cannot contact the core network group to find out what they did to restore service. Against the rules.

Finally, there is the whole contract thing and the AT&T acquisition of DirecTV to offer a bundled service. The "bundle" consists of an AT&T contract for internet, and a **separate** contract with DirecTV for television. AT&T installed their cable, and DirecTV was to show up two weeks later. Except they didn't show up and the tech lied and said he was onsite. So I called, and they got a tech to actually show up. Then they said my location couldn't receive satellite signals. Another lie - I ended up calling DISH network, who installed their satellite service the next day. DirecTV cancelled their contract, but I was stuck with AT&T because *that* was separate! Adding insult to injury, this makes AT&T even higher priced, and it was already the most costly.

AT&T does ONE thing right as far as I can tell: they make a point of grading their field service based on customer reviews. The result is that the field service people do everything possible to help the customer in a professional and courteous manner. Unfortunately, since the real problems are in the backbone core network, and the field service are not allowed to contact the group responsible, there is little they can do to improve the abysmal service.

It is particularly galling that I cannot get honest answers from AT&T. I have spent 30+ years as a technical consultant to our government and a few allied nations, focused mainly on network communications. I have been the chief troubleshooter for several global networks and can diagnose many problems with a little factual data. But AT&T hides behind glossy marketing fluff and false promises. Instead of fixing problems, they merely deny them. I should have expected that their commercial service would be no different than their government service, with which I am all too familiar.

BOTTOM LINE: If you have a choice, choose another network provider. No matter how good the promises made by AT&T sound to you, know that you will be sorry if you sign any contract.

Being charged for devices returned since October 2019
Horrible Company!
SO I upgraded my account due to At&t having a promotion buy one 11pro max iPhone get one iPhone 11 free and also added 2 lines to my contract so for that rep advised I will get another iphone8 free. So I then received only 2 devices the iPhone 11 and the iPhone 8 but missing the iPhone 11 pro max so after a few days I called At&t to find what was the delay then I get that according to their records I never ordered it mean while that was the main reason of me upgrading my account and rep told me oh in order to get the deal you will have to re do the order pay taxes again and return the first order so I am like great you guys screwed up but then I have to pay twice so I agreed and paid for corrected order and the rep was specific that when the corrected order arrive to send back the original order so that the account match so it was just what I did. I sent both devices back on as the rep told me to do to find out until this day AT&T have not received the devices and they have been returned since October 2019. I have proof receipts tracking information photos I even contacted their 3rd party warehouse where supposedly they process the return devices and when I called the first time they advice me they received the devices and gave me a Newgistics website to track the information they provided me so I did and it shows that they processed and received the devices mean while every time I call At&t including OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT CUSTOMER CARE due to me filing for a dispute the rep there still not being helpful and basically told me well we cant find the device so we have to charge you SO UNPROFESSIONAL! How I did my job as a loyal customer for over 10 years and some how am I being held accountable for devices that between the post office and At&t warehouse lost then they want to now charge me for it Obsoletely unbelievable and for those customers that are having issues I highly recommend to report At&t to the BBB and proceed with Legal actions. How a multibillionaire company try to steel from middle class customer and pretty much call you a liar over the phone when you have all of the proof that the devices were return. REPORT THEM TO BBB! Would love to have a word with the At&t president CEO!

Spent 5h Misleading Me about How to Fix the Phone They Bricked
TL; DR: AT&T bricked my phone and drove me in circles contradicting themselves a dozen times over the course of 5h when I tried to get it fixed
A while ago, AT&T told me to check if my phone was going to be retired when AT&T sunset their 3G network and said that if it was, they'd send me a "similar" replacement phone that would work on the new network. Mine wasn't on the list and is a 4G phone, so I didn't think it would be retired. They sent me a replacement phone anyway, and, last week, activated it automatically and deactivated my current phone. It turns out the new phone is worth 25% of my current phone, charges on micro USB instead of USB-C, has 25% of the storage, 1/3rd of the RAM, four fewer megapixels on its camera, and 500 fewer mAh on its battery. The other day, the website was down, so I figured I'd swing by an AT&T store quickly while I was out to either get a proper replacement or get my old phone reactivated; the replacement's non-WiFi internet and hotspot were also borked.

11a: I head to AT&T store on University.
Customer Service Representative (dialogue paraphrased for brevity): Oh, it looks like they thought you'd already activated a new phone. *fixes internet/hotspot issue* I can't help you with the 3G sunsetting issue, but a corporate store can. [Falsehood #1]
Me: Where's the closest corporate store?
CSR: Fitchburg. [Falsehood #2]

12p: I head to the Fitchburg AT&T store.
CSR: I can't help you. Call support.
Support [after ~15 minutes on hold and ~35 minutes of them "checking my phone"]: You can go to any store and get any new phone for free. [Falsehood #3]
Me: Really? I'm at a store right now. Can you say that again so we can both hear?
Support: The store should give you any new phone free. [Falsehood #4. (Even though it's the same one twice, the CSR didn't speak up until Support was off the phone, so I'm counting it.)]
CSR: I can't give you a free new phone, but a corporate store can. [Falsehood #5]
Me: I thought this was a corporate store?
CSR: No, the closest one is by West Towne Mall.

1:30p: I head to West Towne Mall AT&T store.
CSR: You can choose one of three phones: a flip phone, a similarly bad Android phone, or a slightly less terrible iPhone that's still not as good as your old phone. [Falsehood #6]
Me: I'll take the iPhone, even though I strongly prefer Android phones.
CSR: We don't have one in stock, and can't give you our display model; if we mail you one, we won't be able to discount it. [Falsehood #7] *calls Washington Ave store twice, but they don't pick up* Drive to the E Washington Ave store to see if they have it in stock.

2:30p: I arrive at E Washington Ave store.
CSR: We don't have one in stock, and even if we did, we couldn't give it to you because we aren't allowed to discount iPhones unless we mail them. [Falsehood #8]
Me: Really? I was told the opposite.
CSR: If you don't believe me, call Support.
Me: I believe you believe you, but I think Support's going to tell me something different.
CSR: I won't talk to Support for you.
CSR2: I'll call support and CSR'll tell them on speaker with you that we can only mail discounted iPhones so we can sort this out. [Falsehood #9]
Support Robot: It will be 30 minutes.
CSR: *disappears*
Support [<30 minutes later]: Can I help you?
Me: WTM CSR says I can only get an iPhone in store, and EWA CSR says I can only get one mailed to me. Help?
Support: Really? Can I talk to EWA CSR?
Me: Sure. *looks for CSR in back room*
CSR: You can't be here!
CSR2: *tells Support that no one can give me any replacement at all, misgendering me the whole time* [Falsehood #10]
Support: I can't give you a replacement.
CSR2: We're done with Support.
Me: So what do I do now?
CSR2: Call Support.

3:20p: I call Support.
Support: I can waive your upgrade fee and give you $300 off a new phone. [Falsehood #11]
Me: Okay, what phones can I get?
Support: A $600 iPhone. Or you can buy a new Android phone at full price, but we'll still waive the arbitrary $40 upgrade fee. As a favor.
Me: That still sounds like you're bricking my phone to get more money out of me. Is there an option that doesn't involve paying for the privilege of continuing to use a phone of similar quality to my current phone?
Support: I can't reactivate your old phone, but a store can. [Falsehood #12] It'll still be bricked in February though.

4:20-4:40p: at the Fitchburg AT&T store
CSR: *tries doing that, but it doesn't work* Sorry, mate, you're SoL.

AT&T / DIRECT TV - Is this Exploitation of the Elderly?
AT&T / DIRECT TV - Anyone else feeling - BULLIED?

I know it cant be just me that feels like AT&T are being bullied by AT&Ts Direct TV unit into paying a bill for service not received.
I wonder if this falls under the label, Exploitation of the Elderly?
Im not talking a lot of money here, its around $82. Multiply that by millions of victims! This obviously is not about the money but the principal. Do the corporate execs look at the way their middle management and on down are handling their business? Thing is I have been an AT&T customer since 1981 when I first moved to Florida! Thats what, 37 YEARS as an ATT customer? I have never, ever missed a payment. I have used ATT for house phone, wireless phone as well as internet and TV and purchased many ATT phones. You could say I have been a loyal customer. My reward for such loyalty? ATT is in the process of ruining my exemplary credit rating. It appears they want to SHOW ME whos the BIG BOSS and all for the sake of $82. How, Why read on.
So, besides being your normal everyday GREEDY CORPORATE PIGS there's this:
We were moving to another home 30 miles away. We called AT&T / Direct TV to cancel our TV & Internet accounts (March 26th 2018). We received confirmation of cancellation and were instructed via email to. Take your receivers, modem and remotes with you... and also told verbally to take the large and small Genie boxes so that the technician could install them. At this time we had asked if Direct TV was available in the 8 storey condo building we were moving to and they assured us yes, there would be no problem as they had checked to ensure service. We were given a date of Thursday 29th March for a technician to come out and get our TV set up and re-connected with a four hour window of 12pm-4pm. I drove the 35 miles and waited for the tech. Six hours later he had not arrived. I had called several times after the initial 4 hours was up and was told that the tech had showed up at our old address! They asked to re-schedule for 2 days later on Saturday 31st March 2018. I drove 70 mile round trip again, I waited, and waited. No show again! When I called to find out why, I am asked, could you be there tomorrow (SUNDAY!) April 1st from 12pm-4pm?
(I wondered about April Fools day too). So they say third times a charm. It is now Sunday 1st and the tech shows up, Yaaaaay! Then, after 5 minutes, he tells me that he cannot get me connected to Direct TV because our side of the building did not have Line of Site or a clear way through from their satellite dish to their communications satellite or whatever!
Sorry, he says, only the South side condos are able to have Direct TV.
Oh Joy! So now the tech tells me that I will need to get my genies and remotes etc sent back to Direct TV and that I would be getting information telling me how to do this. Well, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday come and go, nothing so I find out on line where I need to ship the ATT equipment and the following day April the 4th I ship them via Fedex. (Yes I have receipts). I have all the receipts, confirmations, bills, statements etc. I need for court if this is where it goes. ATT / Direct TV gave this debt to a collection agency which I believe is a direct attempt to ruin my credit. In fact they sent me a letter stating in part that this may seriously affect your credit rating. WITHOUT DOING A THING TO MAKE SURE THIS WAS A VALID CLAIM.
Thats the BULLYING part that just makes me nauseous

I believe that ATT / Direct TV does not give a damn about anything except for MONEY, MONEY and more MONEY no matter who they hurt doing so.

It seems AT&T is run by your typical Exceedingly Greedy Corporate Executives.

Nice job AT&T / Direct TV Directors! Are you feeling good now?

You're day is coming!

Your day is surely coming..

Refused to correct their mistake
In February of 2018, I entered an AT&T retailer to switch from Cricket pre-paid to AT&T monthly service. I had hoped to take advantage of a buy-one-get-one promotion. Since I was coming from Cricket, I worried that I didn't qualify; the salesman assured me that I did qualify, so I signed up for myself and my wife, paying taxes on two $750 phones, assuming that I'd only have to pay the cost of one.

After three months, I wasn't receiving the credit to my bill for the second phone. I called customer service, who could not explain what the problem was. AT&T credited my account for some of what I was owed, then assured me the problem would be fixed the next month. When I received the next bill, the problem had not been fixed, so I called again. This went on for 7 months (two of which I made while abroad). Each time I called, I spent an average of an hour on the phone with customer service; each time with the same result: some kind of credit to my account followed by the promise that it would be resolved.

Finally, in January of 2019, I called customer service once again and was told rather rudely (after I got a little belligerent myself) that I actually did not qualify for the BOGO because I had moved from Cricket.

At this point, I went to the store where I first made the purchase to talk with the manager. I naively intended to give the phone back, but was told that I couldn't because it was used, and was now locked in to a phone purchase to which I had unwittingly committed. But the manager assured me that she could get the BOGO credit to apply to my account.

In February, it hadn't applied, so I went back; the manager said she'd check on it. In March, it hadn't applied; nor in April or in May. I returned one last time in May of 2019, when the manager told me that because I hadn't qualified for the BOGO initially, there was nothing she could do. This IN SPITE OF THE FACT that it was her associate who misled me (whether intentional or not).

I'll admit I'm fortunate that I received as many credits that I did for a program I didn't qualify for. But this was not my mistake: I was assured that I qualified and then, after A YEAR had passed, was finally told a mistake had been made and that there was nothing to do about it. So either I was lied to to make a sale, or the associate did not have all the information that he needed, and AT&T refuses to make it right.

Once these phones are paid off, I plan to never do business with AT&T again.

Taking a vantage of the Covid 19 epidemic
Taking a vantage of the Covid 19 epidemic, I recently went online and Got service yesterday for the Internet and TV the only reason we got the TV package is because the deal was the only way to get unlimited Internet at least the offers that we got anyway and then after putting self install AT&T said only the TV box with no Internet when the TV box doesn't work without Internet and then today with customer service I can't get them online because it says something about the epidemic you may want to reach the agent at a later date so I talk to a sales representative and I keep telling them that that phone number does not work I've done on the phone for two hours yesterday and one hour today and all I need is Internet box and they keep sending me in circles when I told hi got service yesterday for the Internet and TV the only reason we got the TV package is because the deal was the only way to get unlimited Internet at least the offers that we got anyway and then after putting self install they send only the TV box with no Internet when the TV box doesn't work without Internet and then today with customer service I can't get them online because it says something about the epidemic you may want to reach the agent at a later date so I talk to a sales representative and I keep telling them that that phone number does not work I've sat on the phone for two hours yesterday and one hour today and all I need is Internet box and they keep sending me in circles when I told them we need the Internet for our job I can self install and it gave me the option please just send it and they refuse to send it even though I just ordered yesterday they said unless I want to re-pay unless I wanna pay $100 all over again they will not send it and they won't cancel the order and re-order it and then told me someone will come out in a week and install it and I said again I got self install and they just keep sending me in circles and give me to a number that says they have a one agent I'm gonna have to call back at a later date and knowing that they just refuse outright to help me and her using COVID-19 as the reason why I can't get mailed a box when that's the reason I needed the box in the first place and the website that I was sent to to get Internet for those that are affected by COVID-19 which I assume is for school for the children and for the job needing Internet I got sent to AT&T because they talk to selves up about being there for the situation and got my money and then just don't send me anything and tell me it's gonna be a week and just leave me stuck with that and seriously who's gonna come out in a week when the academic side is worse possibly at its worse, I mean who's going to pay the bill when we can't work online and my wife is in the medical field and needs to be working online but they don't care. That's ridiculous they take a vantage of the situation to get peoples money and don't care about the service they get.

"WE DON'T CARE!--WE DON'T HAVE TO! WE'RE THE PHONE COMPANY!"--Lily Tomlin as "Ernestine," the playfully sadistic phone operator, on the old TV show "Laugh In."

After using the AT&T website (successfully) today, to add some features to my home phone service, I tried to find a way to ask the question, "Why do some people I call see "caller ID blocked," instead of my name and number?" (I don't have blocking on my account.) After trying very hard to follow the on-screen instructions exactly, to get to a tech support person for a "chat" about this, I found myself stuck in a loop, required to log in again and again.

Abandoning the website, I tried the 800 number, found myself in phone-menu Hell, and (after finding no option that met my needs) discovered that the menu offers no option of the type "just let me talk to a human being, PLEASE!" (If you fail to select one of the menu options offered, or press "0" in desperation, you'll just be kicked back to the beginning of the top menu.)

Exasperated, I went to the corporate part of the website to find the name and address of someone to whom I could write a letter of complaint. I found none. Searching the Internet for "at&t complaint" and similar combinations, I found a mountain of complaints posted, plus an interesting report that, if you write the CEO of AT&T with your complaint, your letter will be forwarded automatically to the legal department, which will send you a "cease-and-desist" letter threatening legal action if you persist.

AT&T's attitude of "man the barricades!--the customers are coming!" is a striking contrast to that of another phone company, which not only posted its corporate address and CEO name on its website, but quickly responded to my letter of complaint (directed to the CEO), and actually had company officials (plural) call me, for further details.

The most infuriating part of my experience with AT&T was the badly-designed website. If AT&T wants to avoid payroll costs by routing all inquiries to a computer, AT&T should at least have a really user-friendly website, with instructions that can be easily followed by the average consumer. (Hey, I have 30 years professional experience in IT, and even I couldn't make the website work!) And, most important of all, the website should have a "fall-back" option: some way to ask a human being what to do next, either via chat or email. The failure of AT&T to provide this last option, on either website or phone menu, should be a red flag for consumers, and--dare I say it?--to investors, as well, since indifference to the basic needs of consumers is not a good sign for the long-term health of the company.

Customer Service Landline Installation Nightmare. Worst Customer Service EVER! :(
I have been trying to get a landline phone turned on since December 3,2019. I have spent hours on the phone with every department known to AT&T including going into your Corporate Store in person. Willam Bolster, the Sales Agent placing the order, originally told me that a landline was only available by getting a business phone. I spent hours in automated systems time after time calling, waiting, being transferred from dept. to dept. having to explain everything to every person I was referred to. No communication between reps. Was given. AT&T just kept connecting me to another automated system that kept asking the same questions I had already answered numerous times, or they would dump me with CS, Billing, Small Business Services, Technical Support, New Home Phone Installation and more to start explaining my problems all over again. I finally told them DO NOT PUT ME IN ANOTHER AUTOMATED SERVICE. I need help and need to speak with someone that can assist me that this was an urgent matter.

I was told my phone was turned on the day after the order was placed on December 3,2019. I am an electrician for a living. I checked the incoming line in the house for voltage and no power was found. I then proceeded to the back of the house and opened up the AT&T box and found that no landline was ever installed from the pole to my house. I called CS and kept being transferred until I reached Andrew in San Diego in CS. He was most helpful and tried hard to get this resolved. He apologized numerous times for AT&T dropping the ball. I stayed on the phone with him for 2.5 hours as he worked to get the mess straightened out. He had to cancel the business phone and enter a new order for the new residential home landline phone. He double checked everything before placing the order and assured me that the phone would be installed today, Thursday, December 19,2019, by 8:00 PM and I would have a dial tone before they left, and an account summary would be mailed to my home within 5 days of placing the order. I waited all day today for a serviceman to call or come to install my new phone service losing pay to do so. No one ever called or showed up. I called CS again only to be told the office is now closed. I checked my order number online and found my phone service is now scheduled to be installed on December 30,2019.

I explained the urgency of having this phone installed to at least a dozen AT&T CS reps on recorded lines each time including the original Universal Sales Agent William Bolster who placed the order for the business phone. I needed this phone installed ASAP. I informed them all that I needed paperwork of the transaction or a bill showing my account information so my Son could be paroled from prison on 1/2/20. The paperwork has to be submitted to his parole agent by mail to prove that the phone was installed without any of the services the State will not allow. After creating an online AT&T account and looking up my order number I found that I was given every service I instructed him I COULD NOT HAVE, I tried calling him and left messages with his colleagues numerous times to call me. He never ever returned my call. I ended up contacting Customer Service and had to start the whole order all over again it was so messed up. Now I see online that my new installation date has been changed and is scheduled for 12/30/19. My son will now have to stay incarcerated for another month due to the incompetence of AT&T. Thank you so much, AT&T for all your BS.

I'm going to talk to a lawyer to see what can be done about this. It has definitely caused a major hardship with my Son at the top of the list. Lost wages for myself waiting for servicemen to install, spending a total of 10 to 12 hours on the phone, being lied to that residential landlines were not available in my area and then installing a business landline and charged an additional $77 a month for a business phone that was never installed, charged for services I DID NOT want, broken installation promises, the list goes on.

My bill was paid within hours after it was posted online. They billed me with no details listed on my bill other than the charges for the month. It said on my online bill that details would follow. I still have not been refunded any money for paying my bill for a business phone that was never installed. No way to run a business.:(

I sent an email to AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson at ******* on 12/20/19 to request help with this matter after spending another hour on the phone with Customer Service with yet another customer service rep with nothing resolved. I requested to speak with her AT&T Customer Service Manager Nikki Slater and was waiting to speak with Nikki Slater when my call was transferred to yet another CS rep that had no clue of anything again and left to start explaining all over AGAIN! No notes were entered on my account for anything, not even the name of the Customer Service rep that placed my second order. I ended the phone call by leaving my personal cell phone number again and requested someone to be in contact with me. To date, no contact or staus has been provided from anyone as of 12:46 PM, December 20,2019

I also tried calling CEO Mr. Stephenson's Secretary at Ph. *******401 to see if I could speak with him in person. When calling my call was answered by a series of beeps, and then the call would end without being able to speak with anyone or even leave a message. I can't even get any help from the AT&T CEO regarding this matter it seems. AT&T has the worst Customer Support of any business I have ever had to work with. Try to leave a bad review on the Customer Service forum. I bet you can't. I tried.:(

Do yourself a favor, and take your business somewhere else. What a nightmare for my family... It is still ongoing with no end in sight.

Scott S.

AT&T Worse Company Service in History – Completely Incompetent!
The CEO John T. Stankey is running a company that is completely INCOMPETENT and CLUELESS as to how to provide quality service to its customers. From the front line staff to that of their management team, this is the worse organization when it comes to customer service. I recently requested an upgrade for one of the phones on my AT&T account. The transaction was made over the phone with an AT&T representative. I was led to believe that all of the information provided to the AT&T representative over the phone was entered into the system correctly, even after numerous repeated attempts that was stated to the AT&T representative to clarify the information so as to ensure the AT&T representative took down the information accurately and correctly.

Irrespective of this extra effort that I as a customer took with the AT&T representative, to my dismay and frustration the transaction was completely botched. After realizing, I attempted numerous times again to contact AT&T and have the incorrect information corrected. However, upon speaking with another AT&T representative who could not provide any solutions to the problem that AT&T caused. I was transferred to a number that disconnected me completely from the call. So, I did not receive any support nor answer from AT&T with regards to the issue AT&T had created initially with my transaction. It is clear to me that the AT&T staff, management and potentially its entire workforce is utterly INCOMPETENT. The staff lacks the knowledge and ability to listen to a customer and properly address and find a solution to a customers needs. Whatever training is being provided or lack thereof, the AT&T staff (specifically that of their front line staff and management team) functions more as scripted, robotic responses that appear to appease versus truly listening and addressing a customers' needs.

So the simple task of entering shipping details (and getting that set of information correct mind you) is beyond and outside the scope of comprehension of AT&T customer support representatives. This is UTTERLY UNACCEPTABLE, especially in a virtual world. Based on this HORRID EXPERIENCE, where I am still in the process of personally trying to resolve the issue on my own, because I was told by the AT&T representative that I, the customer will have to resolve the matter on my own as there was nothing further AT&T could do considering the issue began and continues to be perpetuated by AT&T.

Therefore, CEO John T. Stankey, either you are not aware of what is fully happening on the ground within your organization or you are oblivious to the reality of your customer pain points. I STRONGLY SUGGEST THAT YOU FIX YOUR PEOPLE AND YOUR PROCESS! As this is one customer who has been with AT&T for over 10 years, who has had it with this level of incompetent service and I am certain there are numerous customers like myself who will switch over to your competitors.

AT&T: the company who spies on your life and steals your $$$
We have been Bell subscribers since the days when it was the only telephone company in the USA. It worked well, and the service was reliable. Then, Reagan came along with his trust-busting policy, and broke Ma Bell into regional pieces. These pieces eventually grew right back together into what we now know as AT&T, which meant the advent of wiretapping and spying on customers.

A landline used to mean you had a phone that would work when all the electricity went out, and you could call somebody for help. Now, we are hearing more and more that landlines are being dismantled in favor of fiber-optic systems. AT&T has been trying for a few years to get us to dump our landline for U-Verse. We have refused because U-Verse doesn't stay on during storms and blackouts.

Over the last 25 years, AT&T has double-billed us, charged us for calls we didn't make, and left us on hold for hours any time we called customer service. AT&T have never refunded the money they stole from us. Despite all that, we kept the landline. But this week may be the last, not because we don't want a landline, but because AT&T may have screwed us for the last time.

On May 11,2015, our telephone was tapped, and we cannot make or receive calls. We know the number and location of the people who did it. We told AT&T this information. They ran our line and assured us this could never happen. But we still do not have service, and it's been more than two days. We have to use precious cell phone minutes to make business calls. (Thank God for Sprint.) Today, AT&T left an automated message saying our line is clear, but it isn't. When I tried to call them to let them know the line was dead, they put me through to an automated service--no live human voice, no "five-star" representatives. LYING A$$HOLES.

AT&T doesn't give a damn that somebody hacked into our phone line. All they want to do is sell us a U-Verse bundle. Are these people crazy? Do they really think that after we've spent thousands of dollars and had our phone hacked, we would spend a single penny on ANY service they have to offer? The answer is NOOOOOO!

STAY AWAY from AT&T. Send them the message that talking on tin cans connected to a string would be a better way of communication than paying premium prices for this crappy company. Sprint is offering us a good deal that isn't as reliable as a landline, but costs much less, has better customer service, and works far better than the mess that Reagan created. If we don't get satisfaction from AT&T after this criminal activity, we will dump the old telephone company forever, waving a lawsuit at them as we go.

Don't Trust AT&T's claims of coverage or any free trial
I like Sam's Club but their partnership with AT&T has to go. I contracted with AT&T at Sam's Club. AT&T promised me $110 a month for three phones and the same coverage as Verizon at least in my area. On top they explained I had nothing to lose with a 30 day trial. Sounds good right! Well... I had a weak signal at my house and 10 miles of sparse to no coverage on my way to work. So I sent it all back and thought that was the end of that. They did a $380 direct debit to my credit card. Well... attempted anyway it so happens I had an issue with that card and it did go through. So I called them and reminded them of the 30 day trial. They apologized and said they would take care of it and sent me a receipt saying the same. The following month I got another attempt to debit my card this time for $271. Again I called and they gentleman said my account read balance due $0, and he didn't know what I was talking about. The following week I get a nasty letter "FINAL NOTICE" they are turning me into collections. So again I call this time they know nothing about the $0 balance and can't understand why I haven't paid my bill. I ask for a supervisor, just when it sounded like he was going to take care of it and hour and a half later we were disconnected. Well... I waited 20 minutes since he had my number and I didn't have his. I call back and ask for "Jesus" the supervisor. No one knows a supervisor by that name. I start over this time a few minutes into the call the gal says she took care of it and I would be getting a confirmation in my email. I ask if I can have that confirmation number? She replies "No" it has to be generated? But offers her name and ID number I take it and write it down. To date no email confirmation. Now a week later I again am being harassed by AT&T starting over. They advised me that they just debited the original $380. I don't see how they could have that card has been canceled. Here we go again, now I'm sure I will be getting another final notice. I'm checking into FCC complaints and I will be repeating this with every review location I can find. Why would I or anyone else do business with an unethical company like this. I promise AT&T we will never do business, and Sam's you should think twice who you associate with and vouch for.

What a nightmare! Purchased two phones in March. Paid service fees and activation in store. Signed up for service for two phones and insurance on both devises. Got my bill and saw AT&T were trying to charge me the activation fee again along with $70 dollars in other misc fees that no one can explain to me. My bill is $341 for two phones? Called customer service, nothing accomplished. Went to the store and spoke to Trevor the guy Who originally signed me up for everything. He sat there patiently with me and billing on speaker phone. Supposedly fixed everything. Left went home. I'm a kayak tour guide. Over the weekend my phone fell in the water. Called AT&T to get a replacement. Was directed to their third party insurance company. The third party pulled my account and told me "you do not have insurance on this devise". They directed me back to AT&T. Called AT&T and get the automatic first response of "your account has an excessive balance". I just supposedly fixed all that Friday and made my payment $130. Please note I've already made my first payment in April for $135... so this isn't a case of skipped payment. I have been hung up on several times and sent to the wrong department when asking to speak to a manager. They refuse to let me speak to a manager. I have spoke to Miguel, Tiara and Raina. My daughters phone now has no access to cellar data and I cannot process the insurance claim because the third party shows I do not have insurance. I have called 15 times today trying to resolve the issue. It still is not resolved! I am so incredibly disappointed with AT&T and strongly discourage anyone who is considering going with their service. I am now going to cancel my service completely and go somewhere else. What an awful inconvenience to have to get all new devises, transfer all our info and reverify all my accounts for personal and work on the new devises when I just did it all in March! This was an all day horrible experience and now I have to do this again tomorrow.
I have attached pictures of my calls. Such an unprofessional way to treat customers.
Let me add they have now put the 4 device insurance back on my account. I only have 2 devices. This was done with out concent for the second time.

Don't go with AT&T unless you want to call them every month!
Started service with AT&T March 7th 2017. We were asked what channels we watched to get us in the right package with phone, internet and Directv. Signed up and within 10 days found we were not getting all the channels I was told we would get. On March 18th called and spoke with Tacoria and was upgraded to Premium service for 2 years at $92.84 for Directv with a total AT&T bill of $132.83 plus tax for 2 years to match what we were paying with Time Warner Cable before switching. Was told to call at the end of 1 year to get a reduced internet price for the 2nd year.
Received bill for May 15th to June 14th showing a total of $197.99 due. On June 21st called and talked to Angelique. She said only notes in the system were to upgrade Directv to Premium. Nothing in their notes about matching Time Warner Cable and the price. I had Angelique cancel billing to our credit card. She would follow up and added notes that I would cancel if not resolved. She said it would be taken higher up and to expect a call back.
No return call so on June 26th I called again and originally talked to Angel explaining all of the above. She said it takes 7 days to get the recording of my March 18th call and would request it. She transferred me to her supervisor Steven. He offered to lower the bill by $22. I told him that was not good enough as that is not the price I was given on March 18th. He transferred me to the customer loyalty group. I talked to Alex I.D. number AJ006F. She reviewed the account and suggested we go with the Entertainment package plus the sports package for the Directv portion of the bill. This would be $63 for TV, plus $30 internet, and $9.99 phone for a total of $102.99 plus tax. She then confirmed she would issue a $60 credit on the current bill gave me an internal confirmation number of R*******798. I then sent in payment minus the $60 credit.
July 6th I received an email that I owed $60. I called and talked to Benjamin I. D # BY554F. He said the credit was put on the Directv portion of my account so I actually did not owe anything. He confirmed my new charge is $102.00 plus tax. He advised he was also adding another $25 credit for the inconvenience.
Today 7/25/2017 I received my new bill which showed the $25 credit but did not show the $60 credit and included a late payment charge of $9 on July 8!
I called and talked to Nikita I.D.# 300951. She initially said the late charge was because I did not send in the previous bill amount of $197.99 since I deducted the $60 credit and only sent $137.99. She said I should have paid the full amount and the $60 credit would have shown up in one to three billing cycles. I told her that was not acceptable. She put me on a brief hold and came back and said she could give me a credit of $44 which was the past due $35 plus the $9 late charge. I asked what happened to the $60 credit that she said was on the account but not yet issued and she said the $44 was all she could do right now. I asked again what about the $60 credit, and after about 30 seconds of dead air, I was disconnected. I still have not received a call back even though I was asked at the beginning of the call what phone number AT&T could reach me. I told her it was on file and she had the phone number for the account. It has been over an hour since I "instant messaged" on this facebook page that Nikita should call me back. 30 minutes since my 2nd instant message and no response either to my instant message or phone call.

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