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50 customer reviews of is organized large scale scamming, AsianBeauties, AnastasiaDate, AmoLatina, African Date... AsianDate are all the same, criminal scamming dating sites which are owned by a Russian holding company. It is registered to Malta (august 2016). Reason for this is that Malta is one of the tax havens in the world, also it´s banking laws makes money laundering very easy. Group Limited is the parent company of all these criminal websites. />
Russian mafia owns Group Limited and they are making several million dollar annual profits.
I know personally few Russian women who have told me directly these things about this website and 2 of them have actually worked in AnastasiaDate, as a hired scammers.
Of course there are some sincere women, but they are very small minority. Truth is, that it is extremely difficult to find honest women in there who´s purpose is to find husband.
With my experience I would estimate that maybe max. 20 % of these women are honest and rest of 80 % are hired workers which get percentage salary from their local agencies, depending how many their scamming letters men are reading and how many chatting minutes men are spending...

The fact is that biggest cash flow to this holding company comes from large-scale organized scamming. Whole business is based on scamming which are running professional criminals.
Practically every local agency has involved this criminal activity, in Russia, Ukraina, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Latin America, Africa etc.

For All men I can just say, stay away from these criminal dating sites, only result what you get is that you´ll just lose your money.
I was in Asiandate website over 10 months, and I learned a lot what comes to these women scamming strategies. When you have got experience about these websites you will learn to know several signs which shows, is the woman hired scammer or sincere lady. And believe me, most of them are hired scammers.
I am not going to enumerate the countless details how you can identify these scammers and liars.
I will just say, that Scammer does not usually never reply with single letter. She will send 2-4 e-mails to you daily, so that she can get maximum profit.
Do not start this kind of correspondence or result is, that you will just feed a scammer and this criminal dating site organization.

Also, all in all chinese women are more or less conservative /decent, quite different than most western women. If your e-mails includes openly sexual (horny) sentences, then you are dealing with scammer 99 % certainty.
Also, yes there are lot of single women in China whose incomes are very good, also even very wealthy women whose are owning a lot of property. But if lady already in her first letter are advertising this matter and are saying that you don´t need worry about money matters if we have relationship, you are dealing with scammer for sure...

And, do not respond any chat invitations!, almost all these ladies who are spending their time in chatroom are hired scammers...

If you have registered to this website, and after you do not use the website anymore, I recommend everyone to terminate credit card and get a new one because of security reasons. There has been several cases that have made illegal credit card charges. Beware!

First of all let me start out by saying that when I...
First of all let me start out by saying that when I signed up at I didn't know what to expect. Now (unfortunately, or maybe more fortunately) I do.
The allure of meeting, or should I say POTENTIALLY meeting such nice looking women made me stay longer than I really needed. I met some pretty nice women on this site. If I was really meeting (chatting, and corresponding) with the women pictured in their profiles. Later I'd come to find out that anyone can begin a dating website. And that anyone could also purchase profiles from companies for a price.

Lily I.D.# 1241879 got in contact with me through a pop up profile one night in August 2014. She gave me her flight info, and the date (October 20th 2014) she was coming to meet me. I jotted this info down thinking that finally I was going to meet my Mrs. Right. Wrong. As the calendar neared her arrival date I received a letter in my inbox from her. She said that she wasn't coming to meet me after all, because her mother had fallen ill. And needed surgery. Coincidence? Convenience? Soon her letters to me waned. And she appeared infrequently online. In December 2014 I didn't chat with her at all.

Ying I.D.# 1223535 said she wanted to meet me in my hometown. I agreed. She led me on for approximately 9 months. When the time came she told me during one chat that the Post Office had lost her visa. And that she had to wait thru it's cycle to reapply for a new one. When I called her in October 2014 the website charged me 50 extra credits for a phone conversation that ran around 13 minutes. I got Ying's personal email info, and her phone number. But when I tried calling her a recording said that her phone was "powered off". I got this recording every time I tried calling her. I did email her personal email a few times. But by November 2014 she didn't want to communicate with me anymore. When I email her now I don't get any replies.

Yanchao I.D.# 1217591 sent me a popup chat profile giving me a sad story about her father dying in a car accident in 2010. And how he'd left her all this money. And that she wanted to share this with me. She led me on from March 2014 to September 2014. When she finally admitted to me one night during chat to go elsewhere. And that she couldn't live with the fact she'd been duping me all these months. She accused me of not loving her, and that I was cheating on her by chatting with other women. She broke off communication with me in late September 2014.

I've deleted all my accounts, and now do what I should've been doing to begin with. And that's meeting women in person!

Just another money making machine
This site is just one of the long list of Alla Gubenko sites that fall under the umbrella:,,,, and AsianDate all operate under the same modus operandi by utilizing local agencies to provide profiles of pretty girls for you to talk to endlessly for a fee.

The simple economics of it is the website keeps 60% of the money you pay and then 40% is sent to the local affiliates; these provide the girls and profile data. This is how sites like this are able to claim that they do not pay the girls for chatting to you or answering your emails, but this is just semantics because the local agency is paid and they in-turn pay the girls.

The local agencies hire girls with ads on for Anastasia date, the ad usually goes along the lines of Models and Interpretors wanted. It is rare you will see a local ad for girls looking for marriage. The Asian and Chinese sites use baidu/backpage and other sites to advertise the work for models and Interpretors.

The interpretors are paid for each letter or chat they get a response too, they will very often be operating multiple models profiles, you will notice some emails are addressed to %name% or %man% this is so they can copy and paste multiple letters quickly and the site inserts the names name of the profile they are writing too. You can even find google chrome addons to automate the process even further. So that Wang Fang you are writing to is just as likely to be Wang Wei.

They make it difficult for you to swap contact details because they want to keep you ensnared on the site paying $$$ per month. They usually try to hide behind IMBRA (International Marriage Broker Regulation Act), although if you read the act it is only partially relevant and certainly does not apply to non US citizens. The other excuse they use is for the protection of the clients which is a bit laughable.

Some of the girls are genuine, but that number is actually quite small, so be prepared to spend between $5,000 - $10,000 before you find the genuine ones and that is before you have even flown out to meet her, even then you have no guarantee she will like you.

Please keep a sense of reality, if you are 50+ and look like elmer fudd why would a 18 year old model that could easily pass for a Victoria's secret model want to be with you? Are you a secret millionaire that can afford the life of a sugardaddie?

There are plenty of other sites out there that charge a flat monthly fee for unlimited letters or chats, also they do not block the exchange of personal contact info. But although you will find pretty girls on these sites you will have to lower your expectations from 18 year old victoria secrets class models to something a little closer to your own age and pretty but not stunning.

But of course if you want to spend thousands of dollars each month chatting to pictures of beautiful models to inflate your own ego, then you are in the right place, but just bare in mind, you are just as likely to be talking to a male interpretor! But hey if that floats your boat too then you are certainly in the right place and good luck to you.


Asian is a scam.
I have written conversation from this company regarding their immorality of their women and them saying AsianDate do not allow sexually explicit words to be discussed on letters or chat. If you want to see proof I will show you through your email. All of these girls most of them are looking for sex. I had one person said that she met a guy who was given it to her really hard. For all you stupid guys who say you had success on Asian, you are liars. You are all paid by the website or someone you know from that website. This is how this website works.

What they will do is ask you to call them using "call me" or send a gift which costs about $100-$400 of American money just to be able to send them information like your email or telephone number. Once given them your email or telephone number. They may only contact you once by email and all the other times they are going to contact you on Asian Also, if you tell them that you will only talk to them once by phone to exchange information, like email and telephone number. They said oh, that's invading their privacy, which is very sure sign that they are trying to only get money from the guide customers.

Only use their free minutes to get one to talk to you tell them that you are strictly going to give them a call once to exchange phone number and email. If they do not want to exchange information. Tell them to F off and move on to the next girl using your free minutes. When you do find the right one, and she replies, constantly to your email off the site, then you know you have a real thing. If the only reply wants to your email and insist on talking to you on their website. Then you know if they are paid on the website.

When you are also online on their website, look at all the chat boxes on the right hand column of the screen. Those chat boxes that says they want to talk. You are all automatically sent to every person that they can try to draw the guy to them. Once you get on their chat box. They will get angry if you leave the chat message, and then come back on after they replied even if you tell them why you are doing that, they still get angry.

Maybe one of a thousand might be real
I have been on and off Asian Dates for a couple of years, and I can assure you that it is the biggest rip off site online. First of all, the pictures are all made to look great, all you have to do is look at the videos underneath their pictures or the ones AsianDate send you and you will get the shock of a lifetime. Of the 6000 + letters I have received that I could read for free, only one actually read my profile and remarked about where I really lived. To read a letter and answer is 16.00 dollars. One girl has written me 455 letters over the last 2 weeks. If I was actually stupid enough to read any of them, that would have been over 3,200 alone. And if you notice their profiles, especially if they try and chat with you, they are all doctors or business owners and millionaires. :) Of course, if you read their profile, they are 20 years old and the profile says they are a student. I did have 3 women on there out of thousands, actually Google me and find me to write me an email which of course is against their rules. Also, don't fall for the 2.99 sign up deal. What they don't tell you is that once you go over your time limit, they automatically start charging you 16.00 and you will find 3 or 4 of those charges taken out of your bank. I wish there was actually a real dating site like theirs that wasn't anything more that a total rip off. If you look at the pictures of the parties that they try to sign you up and get you to come to China. There isn't one pretty girl at all in attendance. That should tell you enough. The testimonials are all made up. Not sure how they get away with being such a scam website, but hopefully one of these days they will be shut down.

The biggest $#*! I've ever seen
I spend a lot of money on this site in almost 2 months. Morons you have to ask when there are problems don't understand your questions. Blocked me four times and now the erased my account. Agreed with a lady that I would meet here in April or May, but addresses are not allowed in your letters. Now I think I have to fly to China and to ask a local newspaper to help me because of this rubbish called If you want to waste your money please send it to my account and I will donate it to charity. What a complete $#*!!
And if someone does not believe me I can send him 30 or 40 screenshots to prove it!
Herman Jansen The Netherlands

A normal strong password is not possible for this site. Already tried it several times. I've never had this kind of troubles in my entire life. Instead of a datingsite it becomes a little bit of a horror to me. Hope I can meet my date very soon so I can close this horrible episode on the internet. And please don't misunderstand me, I'm not talking about the ladies.

When I open my review I see that next to mine is a story of Asiandate, perhaps there are even more of these fake-sites. It's oh so fine and oh so great, AsianDate only think about us the customers. Thats also why they removed the option to date-a-lady of course. See how many members we have, see how many messages we sent daily. I know someone with a very small mustache who had even more members seventy years ago. Why don't you tell us how many profit you make, how many marriages there are because of Asiandate? Two out of a million? That's why they have these insane prices? That's why I can't camshare with a lady, an option they have. I can reach my friends via skype for free in a little village in Serbia you can't find on a map. Only to reach a lady in Shanghai is impossible. Friends in America I can reach, I can reach the whole world only Shanghai is impossible. I also tried a phone call to exchange contact information with a lady. In her profile she mentioned english speaking skills advanced, after three letters b, o and r she only could speak slow-down. After that I tried spelling with the International ABC as there is Alfa Bravo or Amsterdam Baltimore. Even that did not work so I only can say its all fake. Even her voice which I listened dozens of times from a video I did not recognise. I think I better can contact our local police and the American embassy in The Hague to ask the FBI to act, I will offer them my laptop to see what a bull$#*! this Asiandate is. Normally I wouldn't offer my laptop to anyone, but to stop these cri... ls everything is permitted I think. Who wants to join me? Please share all your complaints so I can drive to the Hague to offer them all.

22-07-2016 For all the positive liars on this site, probably employees or paid helpers of (please read Asiandate, Amolatinodate, Africandate, Anastasiadate maybe even more) here an "UPDATE".

"After explaining my complaints and demanding to close my account and to stop my membership I received the following message":

Dear Herman,
Thank you for your email.

I am sorry to know that you have some concerns regarding lady's willingness to date with you.
Let me assist you in that.

We understand that it can be upsetting when a lady decides she would rather not take it further with you, but we assure you that there are lots of opportunities to meet the right lady for you on AsianDate.

We can always check with lady if she is ready to exchange her contact information with you before you can go ahead and reserve a phone call. Just please let us know her ID number and we assist you in that.

If you have any specific lady that you are interested in, please let us know her ID number and we will proceed.
If you do not require any further assistance and you would simply like to delete your profile, please confirm this in your next e-mail and we will proceed accordingly.

If there`s anything further that we can help you with, please don`t hesitate to contact us.

I would love to know how you feel about the service you received today. Please click the following below and let me know how I've done:

"After a while I decided to ask them for this help they offered and send the ID of two ladies, and yes you can imagine that I've got that big help they offered to me. Not at all of course.
This was the message I've send:
Again I try to reach you because the last letters I received from customer service weren't quite inviting to go on. I would like to know as you proposed if the following two ladies are willing to exchange contact information.
B! 23@$ (ID: 1234567) and RT$32% (ID: 7654321),
Waiting for your reply,
Kind regards Herman"

This is the answer I've got yesterday the 21-07:

Dear Herman,

Thank you for taking the time to contact us.

We do understand that you would like to exchange contact details with the indicated members on our site. We would recommend that you set up a reserved phone call with these 2 ladies. This will allow you to exchange contact details with them during the calls and allow you to talk to them outside of our site. You can set up a call at any time by clicking the Call Me button in a lady's profile page or by asking us to do so on your behalf. Please do remember that you are charged 100 credits to setting up a call on our site. The 100 credits cover the first 10 minutes of the call and are refunded back to you, if the call is not successful.

Should you have any further questions, please don`t hesitate to contact us.

We would love to know how you feel about the service you received today. Your feedback will help us offer you a better service on our site:

As you see nothing at all not a word about the promisses they made. All this crap I can find on there site and again it's "running in circles and getting nowhere". Could someone please give me the number of the FBI because the headquarters of this bunch of cr... s is in New York

Rocket scientist here but had one of their girls tell me the whole thing of how the site works
I say rocket scientist in jest. I had already been scammed out of a lot of money on their sister site Amolatina. But I figured with 1.4 billion people in china maybe I could find one real one. SO I joined and as the other site Very many beautiful women. Writing as soon as I log in. Only difference was this site the messages were very vulgar and some just down right sickening, Examples. Will you let my daughter suck you off while I watch to make sure she is doing it right? Ladies 48. Me how old is she? Lady: 12 years old. That is down right ill. Site response oh we do not allow that kind of thing! Me a week later then why is she still on here. Others Do you like to play with your dog? Me sure I love my dog. Her me too last night when I got out of the shower he knocked me to the floor and we had sex. WTF. Site response well the women can say what AsianDate want, So finally I find on every sexy looking woman that sends all pictures with a face so we start talking, Then I saw what I thought might be the one. 5ft 7in 132 pounds wow what a shape. So Sexy one "Shuri" clearly fake. But " Fag" WOW said all the right things, was going to meet me in OCT. 1st this year, but it comes and goes. She says she is scared to come alone because she thought a girlfriend was coming with her. Okay lets keep talking I really like you. So she is on a lot so I ask why. She says she has a task to complete so the site does not cost her anything. Okay that was one of my theories. So we continue. I feel she is really starting to like me for real. Still questioning because of Amolatina. So I question her she says okay I am fake, I am really fake this whole thing is fake, There are you happy? SO I call her and the site a whole lot of not nice things. Call customer service up they Say She was just up set and wanted you to go way because you said such mean things. I said no I did not say them until she said she was fake. Well as i said I felt she really did like me. So I told customer service to "F" off and i went back to talking to her because I still had a lot of credits. So we started chatting again for another 3 weeks. We were talking of Marriage and walks on the beach every day. And now me coming to her first. One day we were having a loving talk when i said I still have questions. She said Daddy you have doubts of me? I said no more like a question for you to answer. She said it is doubt. I said okay. I told her or my questions and she started saying you believe the site over me? They are fake all of it. You should not believe any one from china and then started telling me all about how bad china is, then I said okay, now I have doubt, hahahah
So then I asked strait to her because I Felt she was being truthful, SO I asked her what was her role on the site and how did she get started. She said Truthfully, I said yes! She said she joined well over 2 years ago, Had told me 6 months, Then said thee is no task to do. I get paid and I do well here. I asked did you get recruited by the site? She said yes. She said do you know what the VIP on your profile is for. I said yes it is to show I am a sucker and have spent money on this site. SHe said yes and lets all the girls know to go after you. The next day asked customer service to take VIP off my profile they said "NO!" she also said she did not get my emails because customer service read them and did not rely if there was any personal info. I call customer service to see why she was not getting my letters, they said we have to translate the letters > said you didn't do it before, and she speaks english really well her text a written very well. They said what do you mean text we only have letters? I said text to my phone. He said you can't do that. I asked why it is a dating site right? He said because you did not pay for that. I laughed and hung up. Told her what he said and she said yep they read all your mail watch how quick mine get to you. Boom I had a letter from her. Hahaha Wow. So she said she was sick of working for the site and wanted to leave and get married to an American man. I said I already asked you to marry me. She said lets leave together. I said okay lets wechat. She says okay. So we joined wechat and I left the site. She did not and our talks got less and less now nothing. I guess that money they pay is just too good to leave. Even to come live in the greatest city in America, not just my thoughts but voted as, Virginia beach and live and walk on the beaches of the worlds largest resort city, again not my thoughts fact. Heart broken Rocket scientist, Dennis

Only Scam. In the end I got an email from the translator. I post that one here!
I took out the personal parts in this email that could relate to this translator as she is fearing her carreer now in China. This young women was misused. Felt guilty, left the company and never got payed a cent! She was able to filter out my personal email, when i thought i sent it to my lady. But AsianDate take all personal information out, if there are any ladies at all behind this hole site! Read and know you not even email to the girl you think you talk too. I forgave her, but never trust this site ever!

Dear Mr. Xxxxx,
Sorry for everything!
You must be confused why a stranger sends such a letter to you. I was a " translator" in that website. I'm sorry to cheat you, but I'm also a victim. My original idea is to take part-time jobs and earn some money for my after-graduation trip. That woman who introduce me to become a so-called translator didn't tell me the truth of the site. I had thought I just translated the lady's letters into English---being a real translator. But I was wrong. The whole thing is a fraud. Maybe there will be some women online, but most replies are answered by the "translators" hired by the site. I confess it's a kind of disguisting behavior and I feel guilty to do that. So I quit! I will not do for her or the site any more. You memtioned you wanted to cam-chat with the lady Xxxx, then I tried my best to ask the woman to contact that lady to chat with you. I didn't know the detials and whether they informed the lady of it or not. She just told me to write to you" the lady waited for you too, but she didn't see you." Then I found the site must be a cheat one, it cheats foreign males with their money. The site makes great profits from the exchange of letters, since I knew you need pay 5dollar to check the letter but I only get one tenth of your payment, so this site not only cheats your money but exploits my labour. You must be mad to hear this. SORRY FOR EVERYTHING. I do not want you to forgive me. At least, confession makes me feel less guilty. I cannot stop the site. The only thing I can do is to tell you not to trust the site any more.

An update review of
I joined this site just over a month ago and here is what i discovered that at least three other asian dating sites (,, and all owned by (all the three designed to Lure you to join because that is where AsianDate make million a day), I suspect that there are other online asian dating sites are part of this multi-billion unstoppable fraudulent scheme in the online dating today.
I discovered that connection between them when i noticed an illegitimate charges on my credit card by and appeared ( i will talk about that later) on my statement, I learned from the operator that all the three sites are connected.
First I will talk about how it works; The way you communicate with members is by credits, you need to buy 20 credits to read and reply to a letter, it would cost you$16 to $20 per letters, It cost less if you buy 1000 credits for $400 That allows you to read and reply to 50 letters, but you will go through that very quickly for the following reasons;!- you start receiving mail from beautiful young asian ladies and you get excited and you start using your credits, but most of those gorgeous women are actually models photographed professionally and used by agents to communicate with male members, so you think that you are communicating with a real female while you were actually communicating with an agent instead and you are burning money however, there are legitimate female member on the site who are burning money and desperately trying to connect with a real person and they keep sending you letters and including their email or wechat id but all the mail is monitored by the site and any direct contact is deleted and the same happens to your mail, it is absolutely impossible to send any clue in your conversation, so where do you go from there? That is how the site makes money.
Please stay in tune for my next update to learn the truth, you will be shocked to discover how the site changes your profile data with out your permission or knowledge. And please note that any other positive review of this site is most likely done by the site agents or it was unreliable review, I am trying to expose the real truth about this site because i fell that it is my moral obligation to do so.
I will also provide documents to support what i write here on this page so, you will read more about the site shortly and with new information.

American Fraud -- AsianDate
It is an estimable and courageous feat for one to expose oneself in a public forum in quest of a romantic or nuptial counterpart. Hence it is an ennobling act for someone to accommodate and facilitate such humanistic pursuit. Conversely, it is utterly despicable that anyone should financially exploit, let alone emotionally manipulate, such existential desire. is knowingly and willfully aiding and abetting brigades of 'welfare queens' in China -- female Chinese fraudsters -- to bilk American men. Its modus operandi constitutes an ongoing enterprise of unethical practice that warrants federal prosecution under the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) statute. To say that is an American fraud is an understatement. Its chronic collusion with and condonance of foreign nationals inflicting grievous emotional and economic harms on American citizens actually reaches the threshold of treason.

The sporadic cases of success on AsianDate that have been so stridently trumpeted hardly justify its exoneration. Even goon-operated gambling dens do not rig every game. The fact that suckers occasionally win does not mean that the house is clean. Ever heard of Russian roulette? For a popular online dating site like AsianDate, it is inconceivable that every bachelorette on board is in cahoot with the site. AsianDate is Count Dracula commanding an army of vampirettes to engage in vampirism. It is still possible for an undaunted American adventurer to walk away unbitten with a China doll by taking proper precautionary measures. In tandem is a list of recommended defensive and offensive measures.

Defensive measures
1. Take the initiative -- use Advance Search to look for suitable candidates based on your own criteria. Do not be a sitting target.
2. Treat cold calls with suspicion -- if she invites you, she probably invites many others.
3. Avoid the bombshell types -- any Chinese girl with a super-model look is swarmed by local Chinese princelings. She does not need a greying middle-class American wage earner for a remote relationship.
4. Avoid young girls -- you are an alien paymaster instead of a lover to her. You will never get to meet her. Would you consider going out with a female pensioner who is 35 years older than you?
5. Keep online chatting and letters to a minimum -- at one credit per minute and 10 credits per letter read and sent, you are dairy cattle ready for milking. If your target takes a long time to answer even a simple message on Live Chat, she is running the clock on you. Drop her! If the green Chat Now button next to her picture is lit up around the clock, she is a relentless milking machine. Dump her!
6. Make timely request to exchange contact information -- as soon as your target expresses fondness of you, ask her to exchange telephone numbers and email addresses with you via a 100-credit 10-minute call conducted by the site. If she says she does not have either a telephone number or email address, she is a bright-eyed liar. Cut off communications with her right there and then. Everyone in China has a mobile phone and multiple email addresses. If she shows reluctance in providing her contact information during the call, hang up immediately to salvage unused minutes for future calls. It is absurd that someone who plans to marry you down the road would balk at giving you her telephone number.
7. Upon receiving consecutive Live Chat invitations and unsolicited letters from a girl, leave the letters alone. If you like her, spend a few Live Chat minutes with her explaining that you don't do long Live Chat and multiple letters. Offer to call her to exchange telephone numbers and email addresses for sustainable long term communications. This way you confine your losses to less than 105 credits. If she backs away, it saves you the trouble of weeding her out later.
8. If a girl sends you multiple short letters each day, she is bilking you already. Ditch her and move on!

Offensive Measures
1. Federal option -- bring whatever tenuous evidence you have to the FBI and file a complaint against AsianDate. It is unlikely to result in a conviction. But it benefits no one to see AsianDate destroyed as it will be replaced by other newcomers that may be even more unruly. On the other hand, your whistle blowing will light a fire under the seat of AsianDate to clean up its acts by nailing the vampirettes and ushering in the real China dolls. Wouldn't you want to see that happen?
2. China option -- if the grudges your bear with AsianDate are so great that you must see its demise, there is an alternative. Bring copies of the vampirettes' dirty letters and falsified profile information to the Chinese embassy or nearest Chinese consulate office and vociferously condemn the Chinese government for allowing such debauchery to happen in its domain. The whole idea is to disgrace Beijing. When Beijing is sufficiently embarrassed by the actions of its own subjects, it will take forceful actions. The profiteering tramps will be sent to labor camps and AsianDate banned.

In China, the Central Government has the final say on whom to banish or ban. There is no relief or recourse against authoritarian wrath. Anyone who dares to second guess the decision of the central authorities will either be 'disappeared' or 'suicided.'
Personally, I prefer the federal option.

This website, as does, works on the "tokens"...
This website, as does, works on the "tokens" system rather than a paid membership. As soon as your membership is active, apparent interested ladies contact you. Although it is ostensibly an Asian dating site, lots of eastern European ladies are on it, a small number contacted me offering sex, but most looked like ordinary girls contacting me for a date. Even the young girls did not seem the least bit worried that I am 57 years old and 100% said "age does not matter", setting my alarm bells ringing. I suspect that these ladies who were keen on me were computer generated profiles designed to get me keen on purchasing tokens, but I am unable to prove this, but it is a common ploy of dating sites which I feel should be classified as fraud.

I was interested whether this website was a total fraud and I noticed that many profiles offered 3 min of free chat I decided to check this facility out. After chatting briefly on the free time to many ladies I settled on one I was interested in, so I paid the special $2.99 fee for 20mins worth of tokens, this being a special offer. I chatted to the lady for 22 minutes, I actually thought I had chatted for 20 min and I would be stopped when the time was up, but it went on a little longer. To my horror emails started to come in telling me I had been charged $15.99, a total of 4 emails came in, 2 min spaced apart. When I contacted their customer support I was told this was for "extra time" and the "bill automatically for extra tokens" section was ticked in my "settings" tab. When I pressed on this I find this is set by default and I have to "untick" this box to prevent it, and I was told I should have "read the terms and conditions".

I do feel this is set up to rip people off, it is not illegal, as AsianDate have their a-- covered on the terms and conditions, but it IS unethical, and I don't know how they could charge me $37.00 for about 5 min extra chat. They refused to admit I was overcharged or refund me the overcharge and as they are based in Mauritius you can kiss your money goodbye once they take it.

My advice is avoid and like the plague unless you want your bank account emptied. I was lucky, after the 4th payment my bank blocked any further payments as suspected fraud and I have now cancelled my card and asked for a new one with different payment details.

Incidentally I cannot seem to get my account cancelled with them despite 2 requests and they are now denying ever having my card details, despite the fact I have emails from them confirming payments and bank records showing they took money.

Total Scam
Site uses model pictures, which are real, but the person you speak with is mostly a man or woman, paid by the site to represent the pictures. I've spoke to interpreter from this site that was brave enough to tell me this information. She also stated if you want real experience don't believe ladies on this site. I found one from this site that sends letters to me and others everyday. When I spoke to her on facebook, she was married 2 years ago and was mad at the site for still using her image to attract men. Her profile is still up on site and she "sends" letters out every day.
If you pay close enough attention to this site you will find some groups of ladies are on everyday about the same time. This is because AsianDate are working shift work for this company or branch of company used for communication with men.
Also noted a lot of the women wear the same thing in their profile pics. Also some of the women have 2 or more different names on this site. Same poses, same vehicles they stand in front of. Most woman will not send spontaneous pics in places you ask them to take them or in clothes (such as blue dress, or other items to prove they are real) you ask them to wear.
Why aren't the ladies charged if they are real? It seems that you can make just as much money from them as you do from men if charge them. Would also cut down on fraud also; but we all know the workers get paid by company hired by parent company. I have almost 2000 letters from some of the ladies from this site, each would cost me 5 to 10 dollars a letter to read.
Closing site is for fantasy and not for real dating. Is fun but very expensive. If you are looking for love go someplace else. I will challenge the company to see how many person, of the millions that visit the site, have gone on real face to face dates. I bet. 0001 percent. Also note several woman that have computer generated messages and responses, say the are in the United States, or France, England, or other places when the allegedly send out messages or mail, but try to find out where they really are in the place they say they are and they will never give you a straight answer.

A Premium platform of... manipulation!
And a dozens of millions dollars rip-off! Like all the countless world wide fake dating sites which belong to this international internet huge swindle! A russian mafia group with a fake headquarters in NYC, but real offices in Moscow, and cash flow bank in Malta, tax paradise inside the safe European it seems that the real headquarter lies in Hong Kong now, very convenient to flee all responsibility because too far from the western market! So, you can notice that this criminal organisation is too much complicated to be clear and honest! Well, why Premium platform of manipulation? Have you ever obtained 11 consecutive letters(from 32nd to 42nd! Letter)in a row without giving before any sign of life? In Asian date, it does not seldom happen as all the letters are written by hired scammers and sent in chain! Have you ever read nonsense and full of lies letters by lures who claim to come to visit you in the next 8 days in your country?(the country and city where you live are never precisely named! Thus, the letters can be sent to dozens of thousands of men at same time!)Have you ever met a dating site where 90%of the lures claim to be business owners and billionaires, using big and luxury cars(Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin etc.)and ready to pay for all your possible debts? Have you ever got thousands of automated invitations to chat, all identical from one day to the other? Have you ever read 6 totally identical letters by 6 different women from different cities(the proof of evidence that all the fake letters are written by hired scammers who work in a central location: Moscow?)Have you ever read a letter by a young woman aged 22 years who declare to have been married for several years before her husband passed away? But when you read her profile, you will find: never married! Have you never clicked on several profiles during the Chinese night and noticed that at 3am, by a sudden miracle, the corresponding profile is available to chat? Because the hired scammers are paid to cheat all the western naive men in chats, so they," follow" your clicks on every profile! Have you ever had the feeling to be only considered as a money providers by the so called customer success team, ready to lie, cheat, manipulate you with ready to be used or totally irrelevant replies? I could continue for a long time about all the tricks of this russian mafia group, for instance how AsianDate cheat with the time of live chats you pay for, but never get in real! So, if you never experienced all these swindles, register and waste your money in Asian date(or Anastasia date, or, or Euro date, etc...! All these sites will love your money, not to improve the so called services or features, but to afford a very luxury level of life!

Scam don't believe the positive reviews
After spending a horrendous amount of money in a week chatting and sending and receiving emails from and apparent barrage of women interested, I thought is best to book two calls with two different women who were emailing me constantly to get my attention one of whom advised her visa was good for travel and she would see me at the airport soon. This is a common one from many of the fake profiles whereby AsianDate don't actually provide their flight details when you enquire and fail to turn up saying there was a problem with their visa.

As the calls were booked a few hours apart I thought it would be interesting to see what would eventuate with these two individuals. When the calls were taken I was surprised to be talking to a miserable individual who gave me her phone number which I read back and also asked her to read back my number and email address to ensure there was no problem, same for the second lady except to my surprise it was the same miserable voice on the other end! I received two Beijing based numbers which I tried numerous times and neither answered and nor did I receive either an email or call from both, nothing. I assumed there may have been a language problem despite both (or rather the one lady) reading back the email and number I had provided so called support online and asked them to ensure that both ladies had my correct email and phone number where I was advised they would look into it.

The chat sessions are also monitored and it does not make any difference at all if you try passing on your phone number in coded form email address or otherwise, there is nothing but a site employee chatting to you like many other hoax sites.
You can try the site but inevitably you will just lose your money and be wasting your time.

False Reviews. This site is a scam.
Like the ladies on this site all the positive reviews are false. I phoned 16 ladies on this site and gave them all my email address. AsianDate all wrote back once maybe twice and that was it. We went from the long almost X-rated emails through the dating site to just one sentence when they wrote to my personal email address. Then all the ladies returned to emailing me through the dating site again. They have my personal email so why would they do this. Only one reason. They get paid to chat online and by the amount of letters written to them. For the last 6 months and I have received hundreds of letters which I do not open from those 16 ladies. I recently contacted customer support and they said after contacting the ladies that they have all lost my email address. I replied to customer support by sending copies of all the ladies email addresses and documentation of times I wrote to the ladies.My letters remain unanswered yet I have had hundreds of letters written to me by these ladies through the dating site. Asian date really has no answer for me and have been caught lying.As for the letters the ladies write. There is no way that any woman would write such X-rated letters. They have all been written by ghost writers who are men. I have shown some of the letters to female and male friends and they are all of the opinion the letter is written by a man. If you like getting your ego stroked then by all means waste your money. It's a form of entertainment and nothing else. Your ego will be the only thing stroked and you will never get to meet any of these ladies. Most are probably married with children anyway. Have you asked yourself yet why anyone would write so many letters to you without a reply. Asian date tends to cut it off at 1000 letters written by ladies although I did get 1047 letters from 1 lady. Yes I have had individuals write 1000+ unanswered letters to me. There is something seriously wrong with that picture. If you are like me then you have many many ladies who have written you hundreds of unanswered letters. As I pushed customer support further for explanations they come up with China blocking emails. My answer was 4 of the girls were from the Philippines and they acted the same as the Chinese ladies. Next they said there was a 90 day limit on them helping me. Another excuse was the lady couldn't speak English and preferred to contact me through their dating site. I talked to all the ladies who were fluent so if the lady can't speak English then I must have been talking to an Interpreter masquerading as the lady. Anyway the lady in question was from the Philippines where English is widely spoken. In closing all the other sites that are owned by this company are in the same boat and are all sites designed to scam you and empty your pockets. These sites are,, and Run from all these sites. 18 to 30 year old ladies do not want 50 year old+ men. Spend your money on sites like eharmony and You have direct and easy access to all of the ladies on those sites. Just accept that you need to be age appropriate and stop dreaming the impossible dream. Good luck to all. I hope this helps clarify your next move in life's journey.

I have been on the site for two years. I have been coordinated with a few women to make sure I don't have communication barrier with my lady in the future. One bad and worst thing about this website, it will eat your money like rushing water. For example, I have spent $1250 in just one month alone to communicate with these women. Each letter you read and write will cost you $7.50. Most women here will write you short letters, not long. The reason for that, you will have to pay $7.50 each time you read her letter. Behind my thought, I believe these women are making money based on commision working for the company. 90% of the letters are repeating love such as "I want you to love me. Can you end my lonely life? Can you stay here to talk to me? Please don't leave me."

When I call my woman over the phone, it costs $96 to set up a call. After your 10 minutes call, you will have to put in another $96 for another 10 minutes of conversation. It's insane. AsianDate have an interpreter to translate the language for you. 95% of the time the interpreter can't understand your language that you want to pass it on to your lady. Communication with the interpreter failed. Another way of marketing to trick you and to drain your money rapidly.

With this website, you are nearly impossible to pass on your email address or phone number to your women whom you are coordinating with. For example, with an online chat the agency staff watches your conversation with your women. If you pass on the email or phone number, the staff will block out with stars or dots. If you email her a letter, they will remove or block your email or phone in your letter. My biggest concern is when I write her a letter, the company will translate the language before the letter is delivered to her. They will take out any content that the company does not want your women to know.

It is a controlling freak company as a communist. It will block any of your personal contact information to your letter. In order to pass it on to her, you will have to call her. However, the interpreter fails to provide that for you. There is great communication barrier and misunderstanding before you can start passing on email or phone number to your lady. They will repeat frequently until you run out of credits to deposit another $96 for another 10 minutes of conversation. I'm telling you now that I have called these ladies and was not able to pass it to them. Nearly impossible. No one will pay another $96 for another 10 minutes if you are passing on your personal contact information to her to get out of this website and move on with your lady.

I'm going to be honest with you that Asian Date is a rip off! It's a scammer in my opinion. All the ladies that I coordinated with were the same conclusion. Because of that, I know it is a scammer. They work for the company based on commission. They work at home all day and night to make money off the company. Why I said that? I checked online to see if she is online. Almost 24/7. I believe that how she makes a living.

I strongly don't think the Asian Date company will admit it. I strongly believe there is a crook going on within the company with these ladies. I have never experienced anything like this site to compare with other Asian dating sites. It is really BAD!

Please don't join this site. Trust me because I am telling you the truth with my experience on this site for two years. I DON'T RECOMMEND THIS SITE BECAUSE IT WILL ROB YOUR BANK!

What others Said I have varified - RIP OFF
I agree with people this is Entertainment ONLY and if not a SCAM it is a RIP OFF and FAKE... I enjoyed these woman writing me their undying love at first, some wrote pretty pornographic stuff in code, which was frankly both erotic and funny. The euphemisms AsianDate used were creative and or hilarious, wet flower, your dragon, etc. BTW they all used the same code which told me it was fake. Clearly the person was not a virgin. Some wrote me 100's and 100's of times. COST is outrageous. It is 10 credits or about $8 US I recall to read a fake letter or send a letter to a fake lady. You can NOT send any phone number or email contact info by $ 8 letter. You have to pop a gift letter in the $60 ball park. Next observation, suspicious, all ladies are very pretty and have professional "model" photos, were wearing what looked like the same clothes, in some cases same costumes. I have been to Singapore, Taiwan, Vietnam and Hong Kong on business. Let me be clear, Asian woman there are like woman anywhere all over world, running a wide spectrum of beauty. Most are average, and others are plain looking, very few are super attractive. Almost everyone of the woman is well above average in my opinion. Trust me this is not the case in Asia. The profiles are clearly fake with holes you drive a truck through. I got over 6,000 letters in a 6 month period from woman, many telling me long stories of their family or how much they loved me and were devoted. I saw one of the ladies who wrote me 100's of times on-line available for chat. She was clueless of me or what she wrote me before. Another observation, some profiles are on at all strange hours of night and day... considering the +12 hour time zone difference. Think of it as fantasy entertainment or gambling, you know you are going to lose money. It stopped being fun and the 100's of letters a month from all these woman was ridiculous, not normal or realistic. They started charging my PayPal with out permission and what prompted me to write this. To my surprise I saw a $9.99 charge from JAGA SMART TECH CORP... They are connected to Asian Date. It was my fault for not looking at my Paypal account and saw charges going back 7 months including a $2.99 charge to "test" the account. They use JAGA to isolate them from the wrath of PayPal, if the account is suspended by paypal. I called Jaga which lead me to Asian Date. I wrote all of them with no reply. I called Paypal canceled the auto draft. But I was still out $92. I filed a complaint for refund with PayPal, who denied my request at first. They said it was my agreement with Jaga Tech? I threw a fit PayPal refunded my money. That is how it works, they will scam you of money. Be forewarned. If you use credit card or paypal watch it like a hawk. It is a scam.

No bots and scam-free? What a joke!
It is laughable to observe Maria M's false politeness as she defends this website's honor - and with such extreme devotion! It's impressive. She would have us believe the "Team" works tirelessly, 7 days a week, to prevent scams. Maria assures us the site is scam=free and there are no bots sending fake letters. That is not how AsianDate operate, she says. Anything even remotely suspicious is dealt with rapidly. They're on our side, keeping us safe. Just keep buying those credits, guys, it's all good.

So, your team works 7 days a week, do they? Hmmmmm. Based upon my observations, Maria, you definitely need more people on your team. Or perhaps you need to have them work smarter.

I have a serious suggestion that may really help and I am surprised you haven't thought of it: Instead of waiting for your customers to report suspected scams all you need to do is have your team members set up a handful of male profiles. It would only take a few minutes. Don't even bother to load a photo, or provide any attractive details about jobs, hobbies, or characteristics. Say that you are old, poor, bald, short, fat, and ugly. Then take a couple of days off. If your team works as hard as you say, they could use a break. Now - and this is critical - don't change a thing about how your system works. No funny business!

Come back from the vacay, log in and be ready to take notes. You will be amazed at all the "sincere" letters that have been sent to these profiles. Many of the "ladies" will tell you how your profile touched them so much they just had to write to you. You are the man they have always hoped for. Some will say they read your profile over and over because they are so deeply in love with you, already. A few of the "ladies" will offer to buy you a Ferrari, or Lambo - just pick your color. Surely they wouldn't do that unless they were completely sincere and real, right? Just imagine, Maria, all of this love and warmth sent to virtually non-existent and - dare I say - fake profiles. Are we to believe these beautiful, elegant, educated, confident, successful young women are really that desperate?

Try my suggestion and get back to us. Please. I dare you.

For even more fun sit there a few minutes (that's all it will take) and watch the chat popups. You will be offered sex, millions of dollars, the opportunity to run the billion dollar construction company a 23 year old woman was given by her father, and some of these "ladies" are apparently at the airport in "your" city, right now, just waiting for you to pick them up. Now those "ladies" are worth burning through some credits to talk to, right? According to you they're all fully vetted, verified, and the pictures we see are of the lady herself. We have your word, right Maria?

But the ones that really should get your attention - and Maria, I love using sarcasm, but I am being absolutely serious now - are where some of these women offer to let you have sex with their under age daughters. I have personally seen such offers for 12 year old kids. I pray, as should you, that these are fake. Of course, you have no fakes. These are all fine, carefully vetted, traditional Chinese ladies, right Maria? Only the finest for your chumps... uh I mean customers.

Please try what I've suggested, Maria, and I guarantee you that within a few days your team will have enough questionable profiles to keep them busy for a long time. I know I'll sleep better knowing your sleuths are on the job.

Keep up the good work as you keep AsianDate scam free. It's really hard to keep a straight face as I type that.

I trust the guys reading this understand that I have been pretty sarcastic here, except of course about the situation with the kids. This site is a major league ripoff and I will be offering more info in the future to hopefully save a few innocent guys a lot of money and heartache.
Have a nice day!

Bottom line, they are just luring men to spend money...
Bottom line, AsianDate are just luring men to spend money on messages and live chat. If there are any real, sincere women on this site, it will be virtually impossible to form a realtionship with them.

If you have already made the mistake of buying credits, you can have some nice, intelligent conversations in live chat. You can see some of them live on webcam, and they will respond to commands so you know they are really live, not pre-recorded (they seem to find this amusing.) Just realize you have no chance of meeting them.

It is prohibitively expensive to communicate on the site long enough to get to know a woman. You could not exchange the information necessary to arrange a visit, unless arranged by the site. The site is extreme in blocking any attempt to get direct communication. They even block mentioning Facebook, Google, etc, let alone giving an email address -- even when I tried posting one backwards! This implies an actual person censoring the communication, not just a computer.

Reasons for doubting the women are real: 1. The majority of these women have large breasts -- not consistent with Asian bodies. The ones that do not have obviously large bosoms are photographed to make their breast size unclear. If you select to put responses or searches in order of "Beautiful Ladies", it equates to larger breasted women first. Obviously the site is catering to what they think every Western man wants. (If a man were looking for women with large breasts, why would he be on an Asian dating site to begin with?) 2. You will often get many letters from the same woman, even though you have not read and responded to any of their previous letters. What attractive woman is going to keep messaging you when you don't respond? 3. You will get letters saying they like your profile or picture, even when you have not yet put anything on your profile.

I dismiss the arguments about it being unreasonable for attractive young women to be interested in older men. The concept of the "dirty old man" and prejudice against age differences in couples are largely absent in Asia. Westerners are largely considered tall, handsome and rich, more faithful than Asian men. But this is not one of the places to find Asian women.

This site is all about separating you from your money
This site is all about separating you from your money. I stayed on it several weeks to research an article for mail order brides and I can not even tell if any of the girls are real. I can tell you everything costs between $4 and $8 an action. So a girl sends you 15 letters its $60 plus to open her enclosed photo another $4 to chat online with who you believe is her is. 40 to 80 cents per minute.

No contact information is allowed to be passed unless you send a gift worth $100 plus.
I spent the past five years living in China almost all the girls especially beautiful ones have smart phones but none of these girls have Wechat or Skype all free services. Almost every girl has wechat or QQ except these girls.

Funny I am interested in Asian girls but pop-ups from their other sites with girls from south America or Russia are continual. The idea is to bait the user into engaging in multiple conservations to run up the tab.

You will never meet or even engage the beautiful women so desperate to be with you yet I am sure the older women 40 plus are willing. AsianDate claim anti-scam protection but who protects you from them?

Pretty girls in China get the same attention as they do here and plenty of corrupt officials or rich guys to placate them get a clue the girls who actually interact are getting paid to do so but I suspect most of the chats are handled by a call center.

If you are board, loaded with cash and view this as a fantasy get away than its buyer beware for its expensive. If you think some twenty something babe is going to marry you then I have a Nigerian Prince who needs help with his millions.

I have attached the price list and the gift list remember its. 40 to. 80 cents per token!

Good Luck!

Signed up on this site
I have to say the site seems well laid out and easy to navigate around the site

But a couple of things that really pi$$ me off is the annoying pop up message windows on the right side even when minimized another pops up

The another annoying thing is that all the messages i got today appear to be fakes written by the staff of the site to get you to respond and use credits ((thankfully i only used free credits)) and sure will not be using my credit card on this site if staff are sending out fake messages

I got one message from a so-called girl claiming to be in a relationship with another girl saying AsianDate are tired of eating each other and need a man to eat them both and obviously most men would love to get busy with 2 hot chicks

This girl claims to have photos of both her and her girlfriend yet looking at her photos none what so ever showing both girls...

Frankly you only need to look at the photos that these girls are pro models and i am sure genuine models wouldnt be using a dating site to get laid

Oh and another point to catch the site out was i had no complete profile and no phots attached but one of the messages stated she been observing me for a long time thats interesting since i only just signd up.

Lastly it appears most of the comments / reviews about this site appear to be from the website staff and looks like the common sales pitch most sites use to sell a service / product that isnt worth the money i personally woudlnt pay no more than 10 bucks for no less than 10,000 credits

If you are wanting to be incarcerated, this is the...
If you are wanting to be incarcerated, this is the place to go. It is all about getting you to blow as much money as possible meeting beautiful asian women, with no way to get off of the site. It is very expensive to communicate and if you try to communicate your email address, facebook location, telephone number or anything else, the "interpreter" (read censor) will block out ******** that information.

The whole idea is that you must pay for everything. AsianDate will not let you connect with anyone you might meet there at any other location. The other locations are free and will NOT let you go there! The site is exactly like a jail or prison, where they will only let you do what they want, something that makes them money.

If you buy there "best deal", it is 1000 credits for $399. Their "deals" get more and more expensive from there! It will cost you 10 credits to read a ladies letter to you. It will cost you 10 credits to send a letter. So one communication back and forth is going to cost you $8. Let me tell you that communication is going to get very expensive very fast. And don't even think about using the chat function to talk realtime with some lady. That will cost you 1 credit a minute! Or, you can blow 6 credits a minute if there is video viewing of the lady!

Anti-scam policy? Don't kid yourself. The entire site is a scam. You will get at least 10 letters a day, or many more, from ladys that have supposedly looked at your profile and they are interested in you (you don't even need a profile for them to look at!). The whole concept here is to keep you on the site paying them money, big money!

STAY AWAY from, FAR AWAY! Go anywhere else (checking out that site first of course for scams), but NOT!

I have been on this site for about a year, I have given...
I have been on this site for about a year, I have given it the benefit of the doubt so many times, as I never wanted to believe what was happening to me. But now I have had to face reality, i'm totally convinced that the whole thing is a 100% scam. The people who own it, and those who run it for them only have one aim, and that is to rip you off and empty your bank account as quickly and as convincingly as AsianDate possibly can.

Ok firstly no site guarantees that you're going to find the woman of your dreams, or your next wife there. Ok i'm 63, tall and told reasonably good looking, with a good physique and i'm quite fit for my age. I've been living a single life for 23 years, and pride myself at being quite successful with the ladies, good at chatting them up, so by joining this site with so many good looking women on I thought it should be a breeze to find that perfect partner on here.

Soon after putting my profile on the site I was constantly bombarded with letters by women from 18 years old and upwards to middle aged. I found some of the older womens letters quite interesting, so I replied to a few of them but the chemistry just wasn't there. Until I started talking to a woman called Mingzhi ID 1201433 I thought I truly had found everything I had been searching for in life, she was 54 very attractive and looking at her profile photos looked much younger than her years. She also had a big plus as she said she could speak English and there was no need to have an interpreter. She worked as an accountant for a Government department in Shenzhen and was looking to find a western man to settle down with and move abroad and start a new life there with him.

To cut a long story short we arranged to meet in my hotel lobby a few hours after I arrived there. I went to the lobby area at the agreed time and was approached by a woman that asked me if I was waiting to meet with a lady called Mingzhi! I said yes and then this other woman appeared I just couldn't believe it, She was a little old woman with short thinning hair, I just could not believe it was her, she was absolutely nothing like her profile photos, she honestly looked more like the mother of her profile photos. LOL

We sat down and then it also came to light that she spoke no English and would need the interpreter with her if we were to meet. Mingzhi told the interpreter that she was very happy with me, even though I just couldn't have anything to do with her. I had been well and truly scammed by her and the interpreter from the site. The interpreter took a few photos of us saying they were for promotional purposes although I was not going to have anything more to do with her.

Later that evening and the following days I got in contact with a few of the other women from Shenzhen that I had previously been in contact with. I thought ok i'm here now lets try and turn things around and meet someone else. I was quite prepared to pay the fee and to send the five contact letters all at once if necessary to meet with one or more of them. But every time the agency insisted I needed to pay for an interpreter for at least the first meeting even though the woman I was meeting could speak English to intermediate level. I could only imagine what would happen after that as I had already visited the Ukraine previously and had been taken to the scammed by their sister company Anastasia

I decided not to bother with any of them, and spent the rest of my 10 day stay sightseeing and just enjoying life as a tourist.

However on my return like a fool, I decided to give it another try, and for the last six months have been talking to two women. One living and working in Shenzhen and one that lives and works in Guangzhou a city a few hours drive away. The one in Shenzhen is called Zhijing very pretty it took a little while but eventually we seemed to get very close, and we were talking about meeting with the view to get married. I was willing to fly back over to Shenzhen and meet her. But when you apply for a visa, you have to provide the Chinese Embassy with confirmation of the flight and hotel details. So I asked her which hotel would she recommend close to where she lives, she wrote back avoiding answering my question, which made me suspicious so I started to read all the mail we had sent each other. I then realised that some of the paragraphs were the same word for word in different letters. This happened to someone else in one of the bad reviews I read a while ago which to me confirms this scam is definitely going on. We are talking to professional chatters paid to reply to mail sent to women that have only a profile and photo on this site and take no further part, These chatters have all these standard paragraphs to make their job easier and are able to put a letter together quickly with just adding a few words as necessary to try and avoid suspicion. Moving on I asked her to apply for a passport she told me back in April that she had applied for one and then she wrote to me saying she was applying for her visa. Another thing thats wrong! You can't get a visa without a valid passport, but every time I asked her about her passport the answer was her agent says it will take another month which is absolute bull$#*! as I have already met a few people that applied for their passports weeks after her, and after receiving it applied for their visa's and are already over here enjoying a holiday. This is a tactic used to get us men to keep writing more and more letters so the agency can earn another $15 each time we read and reply to a letter.

Its a similar story for the one in Guangzhou her name is Caichan she tells me now she has her passport and visa but although her profile says that she is a business owner she tells me now she has spoken to her boss who says she will have to wait until August for one weeks holiday or I will have to wait till September if she wants to take two weeks off. These people know how to string you along, using all sorts of delaying tactics, they are extremely good at deceiving you. They have been scamming people for years, their cunning and ruthless, and have got a very successful tried and tested formula of how to suck you in to this scam without you seeing it happen. Only when your bank account is empty or you come to your senses quickly will you realise what's been going on, or if you were talking to a few women and lucky enough to see a pattern emerge as I have before they totally clean you out.

Please do yourself a favour stay away from this bunch of scammers, and remember whoever you are Brad Pitt, George Clooney or even Tom Cruise, or whatever cash you have to spend. On this site you will always end up the same MUCH POORER THAN YOU STARTED AND STILL ON YOU OWN.

Update! AsianDate is totally corrupt fake site, only purpose is to make money.
ID: 19434314 - Update! I had a 'girl' from site keep asking me for my email address via chat, I of course said no because this is well known time-waisting scam trick, instead she gave me her email. I took it and contacted her. Straight away I got reply, the girl on date site was known as Lin 25yrs, in reality she was 28 and turned out to be completely different looking girl, she went on to explain that she had been WORKING FOR WEBSITE for only 1 month and could no longer take the constant lying to men, she explained that she personally had 2x Profiles and that she worked along side many other girls all of which had multiple fake profiles that AsianDate used to scam men, she says there are a few genuine woman on the site, but most there are all fake, and almost all women that use 'chat' are fake. - AsianDate is SCAM SITE. I have spent a lot of time and money there. I now know all of the tricks and scams they use, and they use a lot! Some girls are genuine and they join from all over China via small dating companies. The girls pay a small fee to join and have their profiles created. After this fee the service is free for the women, they don't pay for Chat or Letters. Beware this site will constantly send you fake letters claiming to be from females, and also an endless stream of chat requests. All of which will cost you guys a small fortune in cash (I know!). Also everything you say and do on the site is monitored and you can not exchange personal information, even if you are asked by a female to provide this information, you will not be able. There are also scams where a female will say to you that she has a 'special' way of exchanging email address, she doesn't, its just a way of getting you to chat for a while so you spend more money. So be warned this website is only interested in making money, lots of money. AsianDate is totally corrupt and fake, AsianDating is a better site though still proceed with caution.

Hello please let me tell you my experience on asiandate...
Hello please let me tell you my experience on asiandate. And asian date especially made for scamming lonely men just like me. I am a young man and a half a very big crush on Chinese girls and Asian girls and in my country we have a lot of Asian girls and Chinese girls but AsianDate are very disrespectful and they are seriously trying to be like black or white girls and I think they forget where they came from and China has a beautiful culture I love everything about Chinese and Japanese girls even they are different people but they all look the same to me
So I was very quick and created a profile and after 3 to 5 days I caught a lot of good Letters and the letter was unbelievably beautiful to read I was so impressed and so 3 the girls caught my attention so I bought a credit I started chatting with the girls for almost 3 to 4 months so after some sweet and naughty emails I decided to book a telephone conversation with one of the ladies and it was only 10 minutes telephone call and I give this girl all my private information
So after the telephone call she sent me an email and I was so unbelievably happy to hear from her and she told me that she would like to talk to me on video chat and in China so I created all this Chinese social media membership just to meet the girl of my dream and I have the social media QQ, QZone, RenRen, weibo just to have a good and understanding communication
First we are having a good communication and she was all over me but few days passed by and everything went code it was like she just disappear trust me I have never met this girl in person but I was so $#*!ing worried all day so five days went by she stopped emailing me and every time I visited. Asian date she was still online I feel very disappointed and used and she keeps repeating the same question to me like she want to see me on video chat and I have ready send all of my private information including Skype

So I sent this girl a second letter and all the name of my Chinese social media profile she never replied to all my email and so I forget so I created 5 fake profiles and I was receiving the same email and it same $#*!ing stories in all my 5 fake profile and it was so I started a new communication with a different girl and she was also all over me like a little dog so I decided to book a new telephone conversation with this girl
Right now I feel so sick and disappointed because someone out there is looking for love in a Weston a foreign country and sites like this is destroying big opportunity for someone to have a good friendship so please len from my mistake stay away from this site because you'll regret it when it's too late

Complete Spam Site
This is a bull$#*! site... from top to bottom... You set up a profile... and within a few days there are hundreds of emails in your box. Emails ostensibly from women interested in you... problem is - AsianDate are probably 99% FAKE. Why? Because the writings all look the same... long 3-5 paragraph flowery responses but none with any specificity about you... You get about 2 emails an hour. Spaced out so it looks authentic - it isn't. So after a day or so your whole email box is full of spam... every single day. I probably got around 300 emails in 3 days... I'm 65 years old... and am not George Clooney or Brad Pitt... and i'm not an idiot. You get long flowery letters to "you" except that None of them are referencing your profile, what you do, your personality, your looks... just generic BS responses to anyone. Just meaningless fluff..."I'd like to spend the rest of my life with you"... right. Now the real BS begins... a few days later your bank account is down a lot of money for nothing. There is an automatic refill in the settings that no one is aware of unless you check. Pay $3 for a quick trial - 2 days later you're missing f $30 dollars. That you never wanted to pay for absolutely nothing. A BS site. Don't use. Make no mistake - These people are con artists. Don't use. I spoke to a "Sophie" customer service in Malta'. Says to me "How do you know they're fake? Proof." She has answered the same question before believe me. She said to me that the letters were "translated" Yeah, right So in 3 days hundreds of girls ALL wrote long letters to me - an old plain looking guy- translated... but didn't even reference my name or anything specific about me. Maybe something was lost in the translation. Maybe only the BS was "translated". Sophie is a little con artist too... She knows what to say. From practise... i don't have proof the moon isn't made from Swiss Cheese but i wasn't born yesterday... I would bet my mother's life that these letters are not from the girls pics. No normal guy gets hundreds of emails from pretty strangers overnight... this site is slick. Well produced but is run by con artists. It's just a money machine for criminals in my opinio... that's why they're not based where their client base is located.
Look at the comments from viewers

Chatsite not date site
Over three hundred girls contacted over 13 months. 10 phone calls. Not one single positive thing I can say about the site. Its a communications chat room so change the name to and dont keep telling me its a communications platform i joined a datesite. The process is about chat and exchange of chat var letters or photos. Credits purchased is the name of the deal. Example, chat to girl A, exchange chat over a period of a month. $300. She either refuses to allow you to call her, or you call her and she remains on the site and never keeps in touch. One of those things. Not so fast remember you just spent $300. This works for this site as you cant get a refund. Tell the agency, of course, we cant force the girl to keep in touch or call you to call her. But equally the tell you we vet all the girls. Maybe. Vetted to make sure AsianDate dont allow you to get them away from the site. I have seen this girl over a year later, and had a fresh conversation with her. The reply. I like to chat, am not fake but am here to find my love. Really if so your nothing more than a prostitute as am paying for your time. Let me try to think of one positive thing. I cant nothing, customers service not much as they do nothing aside from tell you they will do nothing but always outline it var its in the terms of are condations, or if you find a fake girl please let us know. Really so you might spend several hundred dollar to find this out and then they might investigate it and then your still looking on this site to find love but spending at the same time. You need deep pockets to carry on. Equally when will the refund you the money, they dont just credits so you wont gain you get the picture, you do the work and pay both sides. Suggestion after chatting to a girl why not allow say after one hundred dollar of credits s[ent allow me to have unlimited chats to her. Nothing forthcoming on that idea. Another point. The site has a tick box allowing the ladies to call. Maybe, but when you ask for a lady to be allowed to call. They tell you this option doesn't work.
So how do you categorize the ladies. Certain, percentage of them join for the following as it, means flowers, perfume, and limited fun in the chat room. The sending of photos var chat and letter writing helps the local affiliate agencies. The next type of lady is the time waster but they must gain financially from this. Keep chatting as you keep topping up.
Next type Do call me. You can and they reply once and never more. Yet remain on the site. This is sophisticated as it appears nothing amiss with this lady. Fast forward, 6 or 8 months later and they still remain on the site, so its not love they are looking for, but again for communications. The site keep telling you its a communications platform and its just that. This happens over all countries and all cultures so dont be fooled into thinking its one country. Getting closer to finding love. The genuine ones must exists. Off course as this site fails genuine girls equally. If you like a guy, the chances are you wont find love from a womens point of view as the chap needs to be really loaded to keep coming back to chat. You might be getting several chats per hour each short in nature. So how can a girl getting any were. The communications pay to chat concept works both ways for the site and fails for both the man and women. Surely you must have one positive thing to say about it? No. Its not regulated and its a pay to chat site so nothing is guaranteed. The girls are mixed up with scammers including the agencies in home countries. It needs to be shut down immediately. But it keeps going as you see good looking ladies who will to chat, willing at times allow phone calls, but it all costs. How many girls do you need to speak to you before you gain? For the site its brilliant as they never lose. You try with girl A, nothing girl B nothing, now maybe C is worth trying with. So you allow her to tell you to take your time, then maybe you can call her, but recall your paying to speak to her, but you need to allow her to get to know you, right? So you spent maybe $300 on her. Stll wont allow you to call her. Forget her then move to D. Yet A, B, and C have all allowed the site to get your money, you dont get any benefit. Move to D, it could be like A, B again so nothing, move to D another time waster, but no this time you call her, but this is now E. You spent new dollar on the call. Watch you time as its expensive. Great you get her email or cell number. But remember like anything in life its only the start. Now you hit the new area of, her replying and keeping in touch. You cant control that. She remains on the site, you encounter the following. I replied to you, or i love you but need to speak here. Or i lost your email or cell number. By this stage, recall we are only on E. You still might be speaking to some new girls as you cant put all your efforts into one girl right given you might not get any place. But remember your paying the site to communicate all the time. Net spend goes up results zero. So we repeat this process with new girls new countries, and again the same results. How can this be possible? They cant all be at it?. Think about it as a business model. Pay to chat, means exactly this. Limit the time to chat to girls based on affordability. You get no free chats no matter how long you chat ignore the 3 credit they give you big deal. So you always have to fund the site to chat. As mentioned before to balance it out you should be able to chat for free to a girl after a period of time. The girl would benefit and your dollar also. But this cant work on this site. The girl isnt allowed this option either. So you always on the back foot with this model. The site tell you we vet the girls, the girls tell you am here to find love. Its out of your control. Needs industry standards and to be regulated to protect the customer. You dont have this. The site does what it wishes and the girls i have no idea who they are some might be ok but they are on the wrong site themselves. So in conclusion. Chat site not date site. If date site then you would gain some dates right? I have over 300 contacts on this site net spend over $3000 and am now an expert in this site. Avoid it. If not purchase shares in it and enjoy honest men spending money to chat and not find love.

Total Scam and they will steal your money
Total Scam and AsianDate will steal your money. Very sophisticated organized crime activity. Over a three month period I met many women who only only wanted to chat, and had no interest in being contacted, but only running up your bill. I attempted to develop 4 relationships at considerable expense, only to discover that multiple people were using the same profiles. The women often forget we had a relationship. Moreover, as soon as i paid for contact information, the women immediately lost interest, and were never to be heard from again. These were women, who I thought we had developed a serious relationship over several weeks, but when it came time to arrange the real meeting, it became obvious that they too were only interested in running up your tab. Different girls would send the same letters in their correspondence system, and some girls would send you over 50 letters in hope that you would open them at 10 credits each. This too was a strong indication that much of the letter writing was automated. When you complain to the site, they say they will investigate, but always come back and say nothing was wrong, only that the women changed their minds. Since i know multiple people were using the same profiles, they are certainly in collusion with the scam, in spite of what they tell you to the contrary. Do not believe what they say about their anti-scam policy, it's only their for them to gain your confidence as they proceed to rip you off. This site should be shut down, and management arrested for the criminal confidence game they are playing. I am filing a complaint with the FBI.

Yes i am a new reviewer, but joined here so that others won't waste their time and money with them, and avoid the emotional trauma of being a victim of their scheme.

Biggest scammers going
My experience on this is over two years, went off for a while as realised how much money I had spent or should i say wasted, but was stupid enough to think no not all women on here are scams, so kept on trying to convince myself of that, so after a while using the site you start to see patterns, and the first was the pop up chats from ladies on the right hand side of the site, what you notice after a while is the ladies come up in the same order all the time, even saying the same message to you, tested this out a few times as AsianDate will say some provocative words to hook you in, which sometimes are very funny and outlandish, anyway if you reply and answer the question they don't know what your talking about which leads to believe its not the women sending the messages but a computer profile another way my i tried was to change my profile called myself john doe and downloaded a photo from google images of the ugliest man in the world, i was getting messages from not only new women saying they love my profile haha, and even worse messages from ladies i had been talking to
I went through the stage were i spent a fortune just by chatting, then when get to know them ask to make phone call so can exchange contact details call run up to 500 dollarsas the translator takes so much time, then when you eventually give contact details you never here from the women again, its so hurtful, something should be done about it, i must have spent easy 10,000 dollars over two years so they obviously making millions, i don'tthink any of the ladies are light, even the cam share is pre recorded you can't speak just type and look, and get charged fortune, and lot of the ladies profile stories are similar parents died in car crash left them millions, coming to your city next week they tell you anything to get you to pay to speak its really bad, but tempting as ladies so beautiful and believable so save yourself some money guys and try something like Facebookat least you don'thave to pay and there are some decent groups on there, asia, anastasia, african arab are all the same people, wish someone could take these scumbags to prison were they belong

Probably a scam here is what happened
Your ID: 50240129
AsianDate Live Support
Thanks for contacting Asianbeauties Live Support. How can I help?

Yes please, may I speak with a manager. I was informed to contact manager at 00:00 I had a scheduled phone call and it was not placed, not did anyone answer the 800 number.

AsianDate Live Support
Hello. My name is Valerie. I will be helping you today. Please rate the quality of service you receive from me at the end of our conversation. Before you click End Chat, I would really appreciate if you rate my customer service using this link:


AsianDate Live Support
I am bringing up your profile one moment please

AsianDate Live Support
I apologize for your experience with the Call Me service

AsianDate Live Support
Your 100 credit deposit has been refunded to you

That is a good start but what about the time we chatted in order to figure out if or what was wrong with the call service and the time we chatted to determine a time we could talk?

AsianDate Live Support
I apologize for any further inconvenience you experienced, it would be in your best interest to contact us regarding the concerns, the Lady will not be able to advise you of the reason a call could not connect.

AsianDate Live Support
If you like I can request that the call center e-mail you with an explanation to the possible reason the call was unsuccessful.

You have left the conversation. To resume chat please send another message.

I understand the lady could not advise me, Neither one of us knew if we were doing something wrong. It was your sites fault, we should not have to pay for your mistake

AsianDate Live Support
You have not been charged for the reservation, it was fully refunded to you.

I do not need or want an explanation. Do you not understand that we scheduled this call 24 hours in advance. You should at least refund the 25 credits charged as we waited for a solution from the site, don't you think?

AsianDate Live Support
Why were you charged 25 credits?

When the call did not take place at the pre arranged time, we waited on chat to find a solution

AsianDate Live Support
I am sorry Scott we are not responsible for that decision

AsianDate Live Support
The call reservation has a 30 minute window

No but you will be responsible for the feedback I leave about this site! And you will lose me as a customer! Please refund all my credits!

AsianDate Live Support
You are not required to stay on chat for the duration of this time till the call is received.

AsianDate Live Support
Again it is unfortunate you feel this way

AsianDate Live Support
However I am not in a position to refund for services rendered.

AsianDate Live Support
Is there anything else I can assist you with?

SHe was waiting, I was waiting your site did not provide the scheduled service that I paid for. What would you do? Immediately hang up? No you would attempt to figure out the problem to determine if it was something we had done incorrectly or if it was a site problem. WE also had to inform each other that it was the sites problem, Do you not understand this?

Services were NOT rendered!

AsianDate Live Support
The services are the ability to communicate, we do not control the topic you choose to discuss.

AsianDate Live Support
If the call was scheduled between 12-12:30 for example when did you begin your chat?

AsianDate Live Support
I am truly sorry you feel this way Scott, however as I explained above I am not in a position to refund credits for a chat session because you were discussing our services.

Appx 00:00 to 12:20, I am sure you could check our chat and see, I don't even mind paying for the few minutes of chat before the pre arranged time

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