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Ashley bureaucracy is a mess!
We recently relocated to the Phoenix area and purchased a few items from Ashley Furniture in Glendale. The sales person, Jennifer, was very responsive and helpful, and that led us to purchase a loveseat and ottoman, and a dining set. Upon purchase, she did her best to maneuver us through Ashley's ordering, shipping, warehouse, pickup and delivery systems. But from there, the communications with the rest of Ashley personnel were nothing short of abysmal. There were, of course, some long delays in actually getting our furniture due to all the supply chain/shipping issues that everyone is suffering from. We expected that. However, the communications with the post-purchase staff in the system concerning both pickup and delivery of the products was completely unreliable and just plain misleading. Our products came in separate orders, with parts of each product arriving for pickup or delivery at different times. We chose to pick up some parts, and this turned into a monumental waste of our time because of miscommunications about when the part was actually in the warehouse or not. Along the way, the Ashley changed its warehouse phone number (no notice of this provided on the website or in our correspondence), so we found that we were unable to contact them to confirm that our table was there before we drove down to pick it up. Then, after wasting a long trip to the warehouse, and to be told that the table had not yet arrived, the staff arranged for delivery of the dining table instead - sometime in the next month!. After a number of further delays in delivery dates, we received multiple email and/or text notifications that we could arrange for an earlier delivery date, and of course we opted for that. Well, the date came, and no table delivery - go figure!. Upon calling the warehouse, we learned that the table was in the warehouse, and that their computer system said we were supposed to pick it up. The staff person could not explain how we could receive messages confirming delivery on the specified date. Obviously their computer system is a complete mess. She then arranged for a next day delivery and at this point we're supposed to receive the table (a month after we picked up the matching chairs) tomorrow. We're not holding our breath!

Worst Experience - Do not buy from this store!
If I could rate this a zero I would! I bought a sectional sofa and a complete bedroom set December 21. I was told I would receive my couch within 4 weeks - I was told I would receive my left arm and right arm sofa on 12/31/2021 between 1:15 pm and 4:15 pm - that did not happen - the delivery times changed numerous times without any notice and then I only received one piece of my couch. Spent most of the day on the phone with so called customer service with no resolution to my issues. I am being told it is the holidays so I should be patient - Who delivers half a couch? Ashley furniture does! Then I am being told it will be May 2022 before I receive the rest of my furniture! Really? I have asked for the store manager to call me but Ashley Homestore never do as I have been waiting for over three days and no calls. I made a trip back to the store to speak to a manager but he was out sick. I spoke to a fill in manager but he was not much help as he had no clue when I would receive my furniture. How does a place stay in business when they continue to treat customers the way they do? Had I read the reviews before making my purchase I definitely would not have bought anything. I would stay far away from this store as possible unless you have the patient to deal with all the broken promises, no call backs, no updates when delivery changes, getting wrong information from each person you speak to. It is obvious Ashley furniture does not care about their customers at all. It has been four days now and I am still waiting for a phone call. Guess I will have to make a trip back to the store and more than likely cancel my order because having to wait six months for furniture is unacceptable! Who wants to get furniture a piece at a time? When you buy a sectional sofa you expect to get the entire sofa not one piece. I was given dates for the rest of my furniture with each date delivering one piece of furniture and not the entire set. Buyers beware - say clear of this store. I will never purchase anything from this store nor would I recommend this store to anyone!

Hagerstown md
Great place if waiting over 6 months for furniture and 0 customer service, 0 followup and 0 problem solving skills is your thing. Purchased a complete living room set in Nov 2020, was understood that delivery would be delayed because of Covid 8 -12 weeks. I call on wk 12 was told all but the tables are in and Ashley Homestore were going to call me when it all arrived in a couple weeks. We agreed to have what was in delivered and take care of the rest two weeks later. 2 wks come and go and i have to reach out again, im told at that time its going to be another month or so before they are in. They never once call and give updates, i was actually told on the phone by the GM that it was ok for me to call as much as i want SMH. Kind of missing the point on the whole customer service thing. BTW, if you call enough they will eventually not answer the phone, be prepared to hide your number to have someone pick up. But dont settle for leaving a message, they will not return your call. In the beginning of this month i was told that the furniture will be delivered on 5/13. I then get a call saying my furniture is in the store and i can come pick it up (that was not the arraignment, they lied and said they did not have it noted that it was to be delivered to my home even though we spoke just 2 weeks earlier that it will be delivered, corporate did state that it was stated that the furniture was to be delivered to my home) SO, it was suppose to be taken back to the warehouse last week and be delivered this week, I CALL (again) to make sure it was all taken care of and was informed that it was not picked up and it would be picked up this week to go through that whole warehouse, checkin, set up delivery process. After calls to the esculation department latest is it is suppose to be here this saturday. Even if it does show up that day, it is still a 6 month process to get a product that was paid in full in November. This store is a nightmare! Wonder if i qualify for the memorial day savings on the furniture i purchased during thanksgiving SMH

Upholstered Beds from Ashley HomeStore are JUNK, Take a LOOK at THIS!
Writing an update to my original review of Ashley Homestore after one of the side rails on my Windville Upholstered bed failed / collapsed. While trying to get help from Ashley on my less than two year old "still new to me bed" a Texas based Ashley Homestore customer service rep stated "We see this often with these fabric units".
Really, often? And you refuse to assist a customer whose side rail totally collapsed under just light, normal use? Horrible! I have emailed, called, chatted, send registered letters to corporate in WI. All actions received the same uncaring, dismissive response as apparently customers must purchase an expensive warranty to protect themselves from Ashley's horrible construction, cheap, flimsy materials, and rude and abrasive customer service people. I hired a handyman yesterday to help me repair the side rail as every night I go to bed wondering if my bed will totally collapse while I'm asleep. What we found was SHOCKING. The side rail was made of lauan. Basically one step above cardboard! And a very thin wood across the top like the type of wood you see in a childs dime store airplane toy. Best of all guess how it was held together? STAPLES! LOL yes, that's what I said, STAPLES! My handyman commented that my bed was basically "a prop". Not meant to hold weight or be used. Certainly not capable of supporting a mattress! He insisted that I purchase a metal frame to go inside the bed to support the mattress so I would be safe as for sure the other side would collapse as well! I am furious. Ashley Homestores touts their engineering, design, etc on their website and THIS is what we get? Not ok! So a handyman for 4 hours at $48 and hour, plus supplies from Lowe's and Hobby Lobby to put the new side rail on cost me about $300. And now, my bed has lost the "clean" look I wanted when I purchased an upholstered bed as the legs from the metal bed frame show.: 0( At least I have the peace of mind that my bed isn't going to collapse! Friends and neighbors please consider other retailers when making your furniture purchases. This company manufactures garbage... and Ashley Homestore know they have issues with their bed and still refuse to assist their customers. I want a full refund and I want someone to come take this piece of junk bed out of my home, sweet home! Enough! Also do take a look at the Ashley Furniture Complaint page on FaceBook. There are literally thousands of members, mostly consumers like myself who have had a horrible experience with this uncaring, awful furniture company.

Never again
My first experience with the Ashley Homestore in Mcdonough ga. WAS MY LAST! It was an experience from hell. The furniture is of VERY CHEAP QUALITY and the customer service in that particular store is ridiculous. I purchased a dinette set where all for chairs rocks from side to side. I'm currently awaiting a replacement for one of the seats because it was popping every time I sat on it so the technician said it was defective. After only a month, and only sitting in the chairs a few times, the cushions on the seats sit as if I've have the set 5 years or more. Ashley Homestore have already lost the comfort of a well cushioned chair. The memory foam queen size mattress I purchased for my grandson is made of a material that's extremely slippery. To the point where my grandson actually fell out the bed because of it. I thought that maybe it was the sheets I had on the mattress. But I've since bout a VERY EXPENSIVE NECTAR MATTRESS COVER and new 100% COTTON sheets and he still has to be extra careful in moving in the mattress or he'll end up on the floor again. This was the worse experience I've ever had with a furniture store. And it's not like the prices are lower than other stores. They are VERY EXPENSIVE. But the quality is no where near worth the prices of their products.

My husband and I purchased a sofa, chair and a half, coffee table, two end tables, an entire bedroom set (bed frame, dresser, chest, and two night stands) and a dining table. The dining table, coffee table, and end tables we bought straight off the floor.
We spent thousands... one of the reasons we chose Ashley's was because Ashley Homestore guaranteed to have our bedroom furniture to us by Nov. 17th and the couch/chair by Dec. 3rd. Well, I am still waiting on the remaining bedroom furniture (I have the dresser) and the couch finally arrived yesterday.
I was under the impression that they did "assembly upon arrival" because that's what was advertised to us.
I am an onsite manager and my home is directly above my office. I was more than aware that a solid couch would be unable to fit.
When they arrived with the couch intact, I assumed they knew what they were doing since they have already delivered the chair and dresser.
Of course, it did not fit. I wasn't surprised.
I started to discuss solutions with the movers but they weren't even willing to try. My husband began taking off our front door and they said it wouldn't matter. That there was no way to fit the couch and we should buy a new one. This is the third time someone from Ashley's has told me to buy a new couch. My husband and I looked for three weeks to find a couch and this is what we settled on. I'm a super picky person and picking a new couch is no so simple for me... considering I've purchased the coffee table, end tables, rug, and wall art to match. Also, I'm extremely busy and it was difficult enough furniture shipping the first time.
Not to mention how long that will take and I'd like to have a couch before Christmas!
The other two times we were told to just "buy a new couch" was when we were calling about the late delivery. It wasn't here in time for my childs birthday (I stressed to them how important that was) and they guaranteed the 3rd.
Hearing it again made my blood boil.
This is the couch I bought. We measured the couch and tables to make sure it would fit, bought all the other furniture to match it, painted my walls to go with the furniture, and you told us you'd assemble it upon arrival.
We waited longer than the intended delivery date for this couch and missed having one for the event I needed it for because I don't just want to "buy another couch."
Your white-glove delivery suggest that you will get the furnitur into the house, guaranteed.
When the movers left, we took the legs off (they couldn't even humor me and do that much) and we removed the door. We tried ourselves but my husbands back is suffering from some back problems and I am probably not the best help. It definitely wouldn't fit like that though, as they suggested. It's extremely frustrating that they didn't even try to find a solution. They even told me that the woman they delivered to before me, that her couch also did not fit and she wanted a refund.
It's really shocking to me that you advertise "assembly upon arrival" yet the men who deliver the furniture, know nothing about it. If they were able to disassemble the back of the couch, we'd be able to get it in with two pieces, no problem!
However, Ashley Furniture would prefer to refund me thousands of dollars instead of finding a creative solution to get this into my house?
Luckily enough, I manage a storage facility so, my couch is safe in storage right now. Of course, I'm losing money on that unit until I can get the couch in. I'm also having to look into someone who can come disassemble the couch and then reassemble it again... which will surely cost me hundreds of dollars. Apparently Ashley is unable to offer this... which, again, I am shocked that they'd prefer to lose money than just disassemble a piece of their own furniture!
I've tried to receive the blueprints to the couch so my husband could at least confidently disassemble it and we wouldn't have to spend our Christmas money... but apparently Ashley's cant be bothered with that either.
My overall experience has just been awful. Unless my issues are corrected, I plan on leaving a review everywhere and warning everyone until the day I die lol. I am that upset.
I did my part, you know?
I explained to you that the entry way was unusual and you told me you'd assemble it upon arrival.
I was told the wrong dates, the furniture wasn't here for when I needed it, my bed is on the floor because I'm still missing a ton of furniture that was supposed to be here a month ago, but worst of all... getting a hold of Ashley Furniture is a struggle and a half. It takes hours to connect with someone and then it is a transfer game. Transferred from one person to the next because no one can seem to help you. And when you do get a hold of someone, their solution is "buy a new couch."
You know, I want to upgrade my bed, I need more rugs, wall art, a bar, etc... thousands more dollars that I intended on spending at Ashley's that I will no longer spend there
You're just losing so much money. I know exactly what I want from there but if you cant fix these issues, then I just can't justify spending anothe penny to y'all.
Not a cent from me or anyone else that I can convince otherwise.
If they can fix this and I see some changes in the way I've been treated... if they can get my couch in and my furniture here by christmas... then I may change my mind.
Until then, I will be leaving reviews everywhere. Anywhere that takes them... and I will be warning everyone until the day I die lol. I am upset enough to take an entire corporation down, if I'm able to do so! Jeez...
I urge everyone to go read their BBB reviews. Especially if you're considering delivery. Talk about a s**t show!
Nice furniture... but nothing else. The nice stops at the furniture because everything else is a nightmare.
Take it from one extremely disappointed and dissatisfied customer.
Take your money and run!

Horrible experience
Today we went to Ashley orange store. Everything was going well. Ashley Homestore guy their was nicely showing the sofas. Suddenly their lady manager came and started asking us about requirements etc. She asked our jobs etc which I know is a salesman tactics to know earning so she can decide price. She told us the quote which was not very exciting. I just told that we want to check on some other stores too which was a reasonable thing but then she shouted on m. She said" yes go now you can go there is the door. Just go out and check. No one is stopping you. Right now go out. " I mean I was surprised. Is this the way you talk to your customer. That too when you are so called manager. She was so rude so harsh. I haven't met such type of rude lady in my entire life. She does not have any skills how to talk to the customers. She should be fired soon from the store or else they will not have any customers coming to their store. I am never ever goin to that Ashley in Orange. Neither I will recommend anyone. This was the horrible experience and all my excitement was gone. She is so impolite and uncivil. She should have training on how to attend customers and how to talk to them politely. So unethical.

Shopping Experience from HELL
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I am writing to share my horrible shopping experience with Ashley Furniture Store.

In January 2019, my husband and I purchased $4,000 worth of furniture from the Ashley Furniture showroom in Fairfield, CA. At that time we were informed that a few items were on back order. We explained that we work multiple jobs and requested that everything be held for delivery all at the same time. Their salesperson assured us our request would not be an issue.

In March, 2019, we are notified, via text, that a delivery was scheduled for the very next day. Because a time was not provided, I called to inquire about the scheduled time. The representative was very rude and told me that upon signing the purchase contract we had agreed to be available all day anytime Ashley scheduled an appointment. I then demanded a supervisor, as this was unreasonable, but was told the supervisor was unavailable and would call me back. To date I have not heard from a supervisor.

The delivery we received was a sofa and vanity table (which was put together backward by their delivery person.) The next day we returned to the store to discuss the matter with the salesperson, who turned us over to customer service. The customer service representative pretty much ignored us so I requested a manager. We sat there in the store for over 45 minutes waiting for the manager, who refused to come and talk to us. After walking around I could hear the salesperson pleading with the manager to meet with us, but to no avail; I heard him say "get rid of them, I don't want to talk to them".

The manager finally came to speak to us, but was very rude and aggressive. We requested a discount for the inconvenience and was told no because our items were sale items. I continued to insist on a discount but was only offered a $100 gift card, redeemable on the next full value purchase.

Since March 2019, we've had deliveries twice a month up until July 20,2019. To date, my vanity and dining room tables are still damaged; and according to the repair person who came out on May 17,2019, both tables are not repairable and needed replacing. He also indicated that all 4 chairs needed to be cleaned or replaced as Ashley Homestore too were soiled.

At the final delivery in July 2019, the driver arrived with only 1 dining room chair (instead of 4), which had a large black stain on it. He said he also had a replacement table for me, which was also damaged and discolored. I requested that the driver take pictures of the damaged table and dirty chairs for dispatch and was told not to "worry someone will be in touch". Today date, I have not heard from anyone and my issues have yet to be resolved!

In the end, we fixed the vanity ourselves, our dining room table has yet to be replaced (as it has dried spray paint stains), our chairs are filthy, we have no kitchen table, as it was destroyed and taken away by their driver in July 2019.

We are furious! We had to postpone our 10th wedding anniversary celebration dinner, as we had no dining room table; our children have no kitchen table because it has been over a month since our table was destroyed by their driver. We have yet to receive a credit for the kitchen table. The store as the Manager Perry and the Regional Manager Gary Donovan has been made it crystal clear with the empty promises; that customer satisfaction and resolution is not on their priority list. We had thanksgiving with no Kitchen table, refund or a decent dining table. We regret not going to RC Wiley's! We are at our wits end with this company. I filed a claim with the Better Business Bureau I have reached out to The Department of Consumer Affairs and 7 on your side as well as seeking legal counsel.

Frustrated Regretful Customer

Ashley Recliner Fiasco
My wife and I bought a recliner from Ashley in Irmo, SC on October 31,2020. At that time Ashley Homestore told us it would not deliver until December 19,2020. Ok we understand things are backed up because of the corona virus. Fast forward through several months of no contact, us having to call and ask about the Chair. It delivered to us on February 12,2021. Hooray!
On March 1st the Chair broke! Electronics will not work! What a piece of crap! They tell us after trying to get through their maze of customer care folks. I was #80 in line at one time my wife gets to talk with one of the people. They are gonna send a part within 10 DAYS! And then they will call us and tell us when a Technician can come out and fix it. THEY SUCK! DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY. They do not back up what they sell or back up what they tell you. Nobody can answer a question. We talked to an operations manager for this region. She said she could not access any work orders?! What? You are in charge of operations and do not have access to work orders?
You Can't Make this Stuff UP. I am warning you if you don't want to end up sitting on a recliner that doesn't recline-Stay away from ASHLEY!

Ashley Home Store bad service
I visited the Ashley Home store at Brentwood in Calgary (DON"T). Met a very nice sales rep and felt instant trust. Next day I brought my husband in and we purchased a couch. There was one in stock and it was delivered on Wednesday April 28th, 2021. My husband and I greeted the truck. Our couch was the first delivery. As the truck opened, our couch was standing up on its side in a packed truck. The couch was wrapped making it hard to maneuver and one of the delivery guys dropped his end trying to get it out. Ashley Homestore roughly left it standing on its side again and hurriedly took off before I could unwrap and inspect.
As soon as we got it in the house and unwrapped it, I found rips, scrapes and unsewn seems. Their policy I find out is no replacements, only fixing. When going thru appropriate procedures with their specialist, I find out the repair will practically have to recover most surfaces for approx. A 5-6 hour job.
With several conversations I find out I can pick something else at the store for a 10 % fee or return and pay a 25% restocking fee, meaning I would need to pay them $525 to return a damaged couch that THEY DELIVERED to me. Absolutely refuse to replace. Another words, they do not stand behind their product and do not care about the stress they cause or the fact that you trusted they are a reputable company who cares if they deliver quality goods or not. It seems their motto is: get it into your house and they are no longer responsible even for damaged goods. I do not recommend them at all. I do not feel it is at all ethical to pay for a new couch, receive a broken one and tell you that you may only have a repaired one. For them to make this right and me happy, it would take a new and inspected one couch that is free from *******@ashleyhomestorecanada #*******@ashleyhomestorecalgary #ashleyhomestorecalgary

We bought a couch from Ashley's in February 2021. We received the couch at the end of April 2021. The couch wasn't made properly and the frame broke when one of us sat on it in July 2021. After calling Ashley's, Ashley Homestore scheduled a couch technician to come out for the end of august. He said the couch wasn't made properly and showed us where the frame should have been supported/where it broke and said that it was UNSAFE for us to be sitting on this couch at all. Ashley's then said they would have to order parts for the couch to be fixed and the soonest appointment available was October 2,2021. So we paid almost 1000$ to have a brand couch for 3 months before it completely broke, rendering it a safety hazard and completely unusable from July to October. Ashley's said they would again- order new parts and send a couch technician to fix the couch for a third time. We have already had a dysfunctional and UNSAFE couch sitting in our home for going on 3-4 months and Ashley's has just kept "ordering parts" and rescheduling a couch technician to come "fix it" even though the couch technician said it's not fixable. How long do we have to wait for a brand new couch to be fixed? MONTHS long wait times for something we paid nearly 1000$ for Is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Even more unacceptable is that it is a safety hazard. The reason my partner and I bought a couch from Ashley's is because we thought it would be a reputable safe place to spend our very hard earned money. Absolutely ridiculous.

Do not buy ANYTHING from Ashley! You will be disappointed and frustrated!
We made a purchase at this location, 10135 Indianapolis Blvd, Highland, IN 46322, on 09/09/19 in the amount of $1,572.52. We purchased a couch, love seat, and extended warranty. I was offered a warranty service for accidents that will protect my investments from all kinds of issues, including frame breakage. The frame broke. We paid for the warranty service GBS (now rebranded as ProtectALL), which DSG sold us at the time of purchase. We were insured that we would be covered for this problem of frame breakage and if Ashley Homestore couldn't fix it then it would be replaced.
We filed a claim, with GBS. Instead of GBS sending someone out to examine the damage, my claim was fraudulently denied. The reasoning was, I didn't have coverage for frame damage. I was in shock and upset, because I know what I was sold. I went to the store management and have had a number of conversations with them. After many conversations, I was told the warranty I was sold was not valid and could not be helped. I no longer want to do any sort of business with Ashley or DSG. I would like them to come pick up their crappy furniture and FULL REFUND of $1,572.52. I have supporting documentation that we are in the right.

I will never shop there again
Ashley Furniture has the worst customer service I have ever seen. Ashley Homestore do not answer or return phone calls. I called multiple times and sat on hold for 15 minutes until it required me to leave a message. I spent 2 hours on the instant message and nobody ever came on to address my concern. I also emailed multiple times and nothing. This was after I spent $7,000 at their establishment located at 1773 S 300 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84115. I will never return and I wish I had listened to the multiple people who told me not to go there. Also, when I left to consider making a purchase the salesman was visibly angry with me and when I returned to make the purchase he stormed away towards the back of the store and I had to run to keep up, following behind him. I would think a salesman would walk side-by-side and show respect to their customers. I was so shocked I didn't know what to do. I will never allow myself to be treated that way again and I will definitely spread the word. I also found the exact same items at a lower price elsewhere.

Do not buy!
We all know this is a different time (COVID). We went to the store on the beginning of August to get a sofa (Greenville, SC). We got a seller which mentioned a few times that the sofa might come before September 24, but it is not promised. However, he did not think about telling us that it might delay. We waited until the September 22 to know when the couch will come. This is when it all began, the delay the couch in 4 weeks (due to the COVID-19). Later, again in 2 weeks. Then Ashley Homestore delay in a month, and then again in a month! It has been over than 3-month delay. The worst part is that they never gave us a proper answer. Every time somehow when we call, they do not know nothing. I would expect from a big company to know what they do; they clearly do not know. They have NO communication with the factory to know if the sofa is in some process. In addition to this, they might know that there is some manufacture problem, but they do not want us to cancel the couch, so they delay us for over than 3 months. At this point, I understood that you cannot trust them. They will do anything to sell but nothing for the costumer. I would recommend thinking a few times before buying there. They promise one thing and do whatever they want for their own profit.

Horrible Customer Service
So, here is our story. We walked into an Ashley Furniture Home Store(AF) to purchase a dining room set on 5/28/21. We selected one and the transaction went through without a hitch on my Credit Card(CC). However, we did not receive a copy of the Sales Order / Invoice with my signature, other than a copy of the CC machine copy which did have my signature(this will have significance later on).
Delivery was done three business days later, 6/3/21, acceptable. Here is where the situation became dicey. When the delivery guys put together the table and chairs, I indicated that there was a defect on the top of the table and the chairs were wobbly. He indicated that Ashley Homestore could not address that and that a request would have to put in for a technician to come out for repairs. I agreed to that so long as I was allowed to make the necessary annotations on the packing slip before I signed for the delivery. The delivery person took a photo of the table top with the defect(I indicated that there was a second defect, but he did not want to take a picture, indicating that the technician that would later come for the repairs would address). He started to make a call with AF to put in a request for a technician to come out for the repairs. He indicated that the call allegedly dropped(I cannot confirm the veracity of that) and indicated he was going to step out to the truck to make the call and return. Ok, so five minutes later, the wife indicates that the driver drove off. What? I immediately called into AF's Customer Care center to complain. This is where it really gets interesting.
I was informed that "I had signed for the delivery". I indicated, No, I did not and explained that the driver just drove off. The Sales Order Terms and Conditions indicates that the customer's "signature on the delivery receipt acknowledges that you have received and inspected all of your merchandise in good condition. The customer care agent admitted that this was highly irregular and emailed me my supposed "signature", which was not mines of course. She then asked me for the signed document I had received at the store. I indicated that I had not received a signed document, other than the CC machine receipt, which had my signature. She wanted to compare signatures, which upset me even more because it initially seemed she was doubting my assertion that the signature was not mines. But if it meant showing proof for her internal records that the signature had been forged so be it. I emailed the receipt back. She indicated she would put in a complaint on the situation and arrange for the technician. At this point, we were over the situation and I indicated I did not want a technician, I wanted the table and chairs to be picked up and my money refunded.
This started a 33-day process, 16 phone calls, sometimes waiting an hour on the phone, speaking with 18 different agents, including two calls and one additional visit to the store where I purchased the table to finally receive my refund.
During the process, they indicated that they would not refund the delivery fees, which I objected to, indicating that AF would have additional issues that would cost more if I decided to pursue legal action based on the forgery of my signature. By the way, I asked during the process the name of the delivery person and of course, this ask was ignored. Because of this, they acceded to refund the total purchase price including delivery fees and taxes.
Towards the end of the saga, I was told by the Escalation Team at AF that the refund would be available to me within 7-10 business days in my bank account. I found that reasonable since I know that is the normal wait time for refunds on credit cards. However, when I called at the 11th day to inquire about the refund, they called the store and were informed that because this was an in-store purchase with a CC, I had to go back to the store with the card for the refund to be processed. Had the Escalation Team member informed me of this, I would not have lost an additional 11 days. Then when I went to the store, their credit card machine was not working, of course. I asked them to run it again, which they normally do without being asked when they are selling a product. It still did not work, so they indicated that they would have their Corporate Office make the refund, which ultimately happened. I later thought, couldn't they have done that 11 days prior?
In summary, my experience was very poor with the delivery, customer care and unnecessary pressure from my perspective to have them resolve the situation. If they would have acted quickly to resolve everything, I wouldn't be writing this, nor would I have decided to not purchase at AF in the future.

I am not one to write a negative review, therefore, know that this was a terrible experience. On the rare occasion that I have a problem with service, it has always been handled by a simple phone call. My furniture was ordered on line. The first two pieces arrived without my knowledge of pending arrival. One of the pieces had a smashed in bottom shelf. I contacted customer service, explained the situation and her reply was to offer a discount. The fact that she immediately replied in this manner led me to believe that this is a common occurrence. I did as I was instructed and emailed the damage to her. No reply, and no discount. A few days later, a dining table was scheduled for delivery and set up. The drivers on the enterprise rental truck brought my table top wrapped in a blanket and placed it face down on my floor, Ashley Homestore then brought the boxes in containing the legs and as I was standing at the door waiting for them to come back to assemble, they drove off. The table was too heavy for me to put in an upright position after I managed to assemble the legs, so I had a neighbor help me who was astonished at what had not been done after I paid a delivery and set up fee. Follow up phone calls regarding my issues are met with completely disinterested customer service representatives, in fact, the last one I spoke to about the damage done to an earlier delivery spent time on the phone with me speaking to other employees and a few times even yawned. I have no expectation that my concerns will be addressed, and have to say in all my years of purchasing services, this is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. It is run like a circus. Please dont spend your hard earned money here. You will be sorry.

Like pulling teeth just to get the furniture you ordered...
I wouldn't buy your furniture here unless you're prepared to wait the better part of a year for it to be delivered. Ashley Homestore sell items they don't have in stock, then will give you a delivery date that will change multiple times with the lamest of explanations. The rating should be ZERO STARS. Ashley is the absolute worst, particularly the Burbank, CA store at 401 N. 1st Street. Furniture that was ordered on July 15th has still not arrived three months later, and we're being told it will be more than another month before it's delivered. They blame it on covid, yet their delivery people come in without masks, so it mustn't be that much of a concern for them. And even so, it should not take four to five months to get furniture that has already been paid for in full. The sales associate at this store, Thomas, is woefully inefficient and ducks customers after the sale has been made. Management and customer service are inept and apathetic, and good luck trying to get through to customer service on the phone. They way they conduct business is a travesty.

Worst Company Ever
Worst place ever! We bought a $300 mattress pad along with a $1700 mattress. Well after about a week we noticed the bed felt like sleeping on rocks. I went to my Dr. in so much back pain and body aches, she gave me some pain relievers. We figured out it was the mattress pad it wasn't letting the bed breathe, because the bottom of it was rubber. Well my husband went to return it, first thing Ashley Homestore said was there was nothing they could do. After a long conversation they gave him $200 in gift cards and talked him into buying another one and spent another $70.
When he brought it home I looked at it and told him no, it was the same rubber bottom just a different version of the last one. So unopened and unused we went to return it, the manager Julian at store #3 in Las Vegas Nv. Said nothing I can do. He proceeded to tell us that everything at Ashley's furniture is sold as is items. That makes all the warranties null and void.
They continue to offer gift cards, we didn't pay in gift cards so I don't want gift cards. Not to mention I don't want to continue giving them my business...

Ashley Furniture Yorba Linda, CAL
On April 8,2021 my husband and I went to Ashley in search of a nice mattress ( I have been having back problems) I was helped and pretty soon I found what I was looking for I found it to be a bit out of my budget so the sales rep and her supervisor offer me $ 200.00 Ashley gift cards, and 6 months of payments to be refunded to me by a Visa CC in the amount of about $ 200.00 monthly payment was going to be $ 32.00 a month, Ashley Homestore offered free pillows, mattress cover and I was happy so I say let's close this deal so the total amount was for $ 2,488.74 including sales taxes sales taxes were charged to my Visa CC to my surprise once I signed the contract, I was told that to forget about the $ 200.00 Ashley gift card because the total they had written the invoice for already included the $ 200.00 which was never communicated to me until after I sign the contract. I could not believe how unprofesional they are that tried to pull a wool over my eyes, so I ended up getting the $ 200.00 ashley gift cards. The delivery was scheduled for April 12th and everything was going fine until I got a phone call from their warehouse stating that they were not going to deliver the mattress because it was out of stock take in consideration we had already moved everything out of the way waiting for my new mattress and she told me to call the store if I wanted to cancel, well I did but I keep getting a call center needless to say I was never able to talk to the sales rep or her supervisor. I will never go back to this place.

Horrible customer service
I placed an order with Ashley furniture and got a call to set up a partial delivery. Ashley Homestore delivered a desk and bookshelf however, both items were damaged and missing hardware.

The delivery crew also damaged my home while delivering the wrong color sectional and ottoman. I refused the sectional and ottoman and while attempting to call the store about the broken desk and bookshelf, they had another person in my home sign for the delivery. They were not aware of what I was doing, since this sales contract was my purchase, and all decisions are to be made by me. By the time I realized what was happening, the delivery crew was leaving.

Once they left, I went immediately to the store and wanted to return the broken items and my request was refused. I was told that I could not cancel because someone had signed and accepted the order. They said that hardware will be sent to me to fix the desk and bookshelf myself. I never received the hardware and the items were under warranty so I shouldn't have to repair anything myself. I asked if I could just return the items and get a refund and was told that this was not possible.

I looked online at their website and noticed I was also being severely overcharged for the items. I asked for a price match and again was told no. At this time I cancelled the remaining items of my order as I had only received a partial order and got to work contacting the corporate office.

After much escalation, I finally get a call that they will be coming to pick up the broken items and refund me. It should not take customers going to corporate and above to get their money back on damaged items.

Ashley furniture -10
I was sent an e-mail that my recliner would be here on the 19 May 2021 also an e-mail about mattress and headboard will be here on the 5th of June 2021. Called the number Ashley Homestore gave me and they said we don't have that recliner and we don't know when it's coming in. The same was said about the mattress and headboard. They told me that online orders that they will give you a time but it's not correct most of the time. I cancel all of my orders and will not use a Ashley again. They could have call me or e-mailed me to let me know. One of their supervisor told me that we always tell you up front that orders could be delayed. But my e-mail that was sent to me said it was a confirm date. I talked to my sister in Mobile and she said the same thing. She bought new furniture from them for their new house and she had problem. Bad customer service. One area doesn't know what the other one is doing.

THE WORST! Dont even deserve the one star
Ordered a recliner 11/7/21 for a Christmas gift for my husband. Ashley Homestore called and said I had to be home for it to be delivered on the 14th, I took off and no one showed up. I have been calling every day dealing with people with NASTY ATTITUDES with the exception of two or three people and I cant get a clear answer about my chair. I always get someone will call you back or I sent an email and im waiting for a response and once we get it we will call you. One of the reps said my chair was broken and asked if I wanted the broken chair, umm maam I didn't pay almost 400 for a broken chair. I have never in my life experienced anything like this and it makes me madder by the day. I was offered 10 percent off and a 100 off coupon to use in the store BUT I will never purchase from them AGAIN. The customer service is horrible and I dont understand why it takes over a month to get your items, Ive had orders from China that take less time.

Stay away!
So I am first going to start off by saying I have spent close to $5000 in this store. No problems… But luckily everything was perfect… We purchased a $270 bed frame online… It was delivered on a Tuesday, in early February while The husband was out of town… it was so very heavy, my youngest son helped me bring it inside. That Saturday the husband got home and we opened it up and it was "used". I called them about it and sent them pictures immediately …
I didn't hear anything so a week later... mind you this huge thing is still sitting halfway in the box in my front living room... Ashley Homestore once again apologized and then come back to me saying I can't return it at all Because I was outside of that window of opportunity… I was like well we need to have it replaced… They had to do an investigation that took another several weeks and they finally came back and said that they would replace it… Supposed to be handled at the beginning of April…But here we are it is May 9,2021… Three months later… they still have not picked up the damaged product and they still have not replaced the damaged product!
If I could only charge them rent I would… I do not recommend Ashley furniture for anything… If they can be this petty over a $279 product I cannot even imagine if things would have gone awry with my other purchases… Never again.

Writing this post they just sent an email delaying delivery and pick up another week…


About two years ago, I purchased a couch/love seat set at a cost of over $2,000.00. Within two months, the seat between the two recliners had sunken so badly my back was resting on the frame. I contacted Ashley and Ashley Homestore sent a repairman who replaced the almost non-existent cushions. Within three months, I again was lying directly on the wood frame.

I wish I would have read the numerous complaints about Ashley Made Furniture Before Buying This Couch and Love Seat. Love Seat. HA! I HATE this seat. I now have serious back problems and require pain relief injections every three to four months. I would give the couch away, but I would only give this couch to my worst enemy. I am laying on the floor (which is more comfortable) until I can find a couch that is well made and will last more than two months.

The couch I had before was a Lane and had a friend of mine hadn't burned it with cigarettes, I would still have it as it was as comfortable eighteen years later as it was the day I purchased it. Unfortunately, Lane is no longer in business.

BTW: My dogs won't even lay on this couch.

Can't get thru to anyone!
The day the couch was delivered I checked a bit but not in every section of the couch. My husband checked reslly well later that night & the couch was cracked. The delivery guys knew about it when Ashley Homestore put it together & ran out soo fast. I tried to get thru to the store the sales person that helped me buy the couch could not do much bc he stopped working for ashely furniture. I called to get thru to warranty but no one got back to me. I keep trying but no one gets back to me. It's been almost a month it's ridiculous. It should not be that long to get a technician to my house to see what the issue is. I spoke to someone over the phone took all my info & said she was ordering parts. Then emailed her the next week & she said she could not send out the parts bc there were issues on their end. Stupidity. Now what do I do with a broken couch? I would not recommend this store to anyone!

A nightmare day before Thanksgiving
In october I decided to puchase a Bidewood recliner in New Rochelle. Met Donna the sales Rep and al ittle head manager. Ashley Homestore did not have the chair i wanted on the floor that day so they showed me a picturel. As they checked my credit to finance they told me to stand away from them in the store (very rude). So little did I know that the manager and Donna actually billed my credit card before I can say boo. So that was their buisness tactic. Now she told me you are ready to go but I was shocked they made the ransaction without telling me it was already going through. They are sharp and shady. Weeks later the chair came with a label saying " made n Viet Nam". I did not want that They never told me It was manufactured there. And nothing in the box or on the chair said: Bladewood It must be a Knockoff". So to make along story short We complained about their shrewed buisness tactics to Rush the sale and keep ypu believing " don't worry you can cancel if not satisfied" We went there and they said we cannot cancel the jmanager slippery Donna was asked to call me. She did not. Terrible I would not buy from them again We were forced to keep the chair / We like it but not their business tactics/ Just noticed they did not een have tsihnd the sales recept so I assume if I want a refund for misleding tactics, it is now my right. Time for Consumer Fraud

Ashley Credit Card FAIL - Rating should be ZERO!
I applied for Ashley credit card online. I was approved and then attempted to make a purchase that totaled $1900 online the same day. When I tried to complete my purchase, the site showed "system error, purchase did not go through". I tried again the next day and same thing happened. I wasn't sure what was going on so I called customer service. Ashley Homestore said it was a mishap on their end and try again later.
Since they had issues online I thought I would wait, receive the card and shop at the store. When I received the card in the mail I created a user online for my new credit card. To my surprise, there was a "pending charge" for the $1900 transaction I tried to make online that wouldn't go through! Franticly I called Ashley because I was concerned I would be billed for a transaction that didn't process! No order number was created, I did not receive any items!
Long story short, here I am two months later still trying to fix this issue. I have talked to four representatives at Ashely. All they say is "this happens a lot, we will send the cancelation request to Synchrony, don't call us back". The problem doesn't end there. I have talked to five representatives at Synchrony! I have been told multiple times this would be fixed, I can use my card again going forward etc. Still not fixed. During my ninth call to them today, I have decided to close my account that was opened and to walk away. I consider myself to be pretty capable of handling my business online. I have never experienced anything like this before. I will NEVER do business with Ashley. Because this issue was so bad online and the time I had to take to put in to cleaning up their mess, I will never shop in their stores either. Unbelievable.

Delivered damaged furniture and refuses to exchange or refund it
APRIL 15,2021

On Nov 1,2020 I purchased furniture at Todd Wanek's Ashley HomeStore. In Oxnard, CA. Todd Wanek is the CEO of Ashley Furniture Industries out of Arcadia WI. Mr. Wanek owns this store location and many others under the name of a Shell Company, Stoneledge Furniture, LLC in Colton, CA. In fact he has many alias business names; Here are a few more; Rockledge Furniture LLC, Southwestern Furniture LLC, Kingswere Furniture LLC, El Toro Road Assoc LLC, Ashcomm LLC, KT Brightwater LLC, Appls Fl-Ok LLC and many more.
In December, I was very surprised to get a call that told me my furniture was ready for delivery, when other customers were waiting 6 months to 1 year for their orders. Since this was right around the holidays and I was going to be out of town, the delivery was set up for Monday, Jan 18,2021. I also paid for the Premium Delivery option, which means, Ashley Homestore deliver, bring it into my home, and setup the furniture. The delivery crew showed up on Jan 18,2020 at 9:00 am. They just took everything out of the truck and put it in my house and left. It was a very quick delivery! Immediately, after they left, I was able to look at the furniture and instantly knew why I had received the furniture so quickly. There were many defects, listed below but not limited to:
1. End table is damaged. Top corner is chipped off and looks like a failed attempt to cover it up with a marking pen.
2. Coffee table top was not finished properly and has swirl marks in it. Also there are heavy white streaks all over the top and sides. I guess it's supposed to look like stressed furniture but it just looks bad and hastily finished. It's a mess!
3. One large chair has a crooked leg and there is white paint slopped all over the bottom, wooden parts.
4. The other large chair has a crooked leg on it.
I cannot believe they would take advantage of a Senior Citizen by dumping off B-stock furniture and leaving like that.
By 11am, I was in the store complaining to Abraham Aparicio, the store manager and also cancelling the last end table that wasn't delivered. They took it off my bill, as far as I know.
However, they refused to acknowledge a replacement on the damaged furniture. This has caused a lot of pain and frustration on our part, trying to understand why they dumped the furniture off, like they did, then refusing to replace or refund what was damaged. The furniture is broken, shoddy and has crooked legs, etc. It looks like "B" stock merchandise, not new that I contracted to purchase. After I complained about the problems, they told me they will only fix it! What? I didn't pay good money for furniture to be repaired, refinished etc. - IN MY HOME! What a disaster that would be, just waiting to happen. For Todd Wanek to send me some B-Goods and broken furniture, to be repaired is outrageous. I paid good money for New Furniture and that is what my contract is binding, for. His Fraudulent Business Practices are horrible and taking advantage of Senior Citizens, like us is outrageous!
Since Todd Wanek and Ashley Home Furnishings breached our Sales Contract and fraudulently took advantage of us, I am requesting a full refund. Ashley Homestore should not charge me any Cancellation and/or Restocking Fees.
I want them to schedule a pick up the furniture, ASAP - refund my full purchase and cancel the order immediately. I'll give them 10 days to provide a full refund, which the law allows. As of this date, they still refuse to cooperate and insist on repairing the damaged furniture in my house.

Awful customer service, whole company is scam
I am writing this review only because I ruined my $12000, my 3-4 months time, my comfort, piece of mind, and my trust because of Ashley Furniture store and I do not want other people make the same mistake I made. Please do not consider what I include in this review as my madness or frustration, it is an exact real story that happens to anybody dealing with Ashley Furniture stores.
First of all, the whole company is scam and everybody (even their employers and their delivery guys complain about their lies and I heard lies from all of them) are mad at Ashley, and I do not know where some of these 5 stars in google coming from (I guess Ashley Homestore make some fake accounts to randomly put 5-stars review for them if you look at their history they only have 1 review and it is Ashley). I recommend for ASHLEY review take a look at YELP (2.5-starts even with their fake 5-star review) or other online review platforms. I am hugely surprised how they have maintained in business in the US with this awful customer service.
Regarding my experience with them, please be cautious (scared-scared-scared) of these names: DAVID, SAHAR, KALY, TOBY
They are professional liars/scammers. Initially, they treat you as if they love you so you feel they are the nicest people. The purpose is to attract you and catch you in their traps. Their tricks to do that includes: Hey body come here I give you great discount (while the original price is 3 times higher), we protect your furniture for 5 years, push you to buy tonight because tonight we have a great deal and we want you to take advantage of our great deal, we have 48 months finances, and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, we were fooled by SAHAR (salesperson working in Dublin store) and she connected us to a so-called manage David in Colma store. They asked us to open a credit card for financing 2 days beforehand, but at the time of payment, David added 10% to the whole purchase because of financing. It was the first lie and we got a hard inquiry and credit score dropped hugely and could not use that with 10% more (we bought $11000 things from Ashly and with the finance, it was $14500). They are very professional scammers and do their best to catch you in a trap so you cannot decide. Therefore, we had to pay all upfront that was very stressful for us. Then David pushed us to buy a protection plan but we did not trust them to have protection plan. After payment (November 27th) they set our delivery for 3 weeks later (December 14th), while we were previously promised by SAHAR for 3-4 day delivery. The most awful part of the experience is after 3 weeks they changed the time of delivery 2 times and push it back to the very late afternoon. 3 delivery guys brought us some of our items. When we looked at them, we were shocked. After 3 weeks they brought us garbage, damaged, scratched, and even some floor samples instead of brand new. They broke my door, damaged my wall, hugely scratched my hardwood floor and damaged my house, and we only got only 25% of our stuff that looked pretty much like floor samples, although they charged me for brand new. Interestingly, it turned out the delivery guys faked my wife's signature (signature forgery) that I did not have any complain about $2130 damage they caused to my property (floor, wall, door, entrance Lanscape lights).
After 10 times calling and spending 10 hours, they scheduled us for another delivery (January 5th) and promised to refund my delivery fee because of the inconvenience. New delivery guys brought the same items (broken, damaged, scratched, floor samples...). After that, we had 3-4 more deliveries (total I guess 8 times) every time something was missing and damaged. Finally, we had to accept all the garbage they delivered to us since we got tired of their lies and mental problems we had got from them.
All in all, they are professional and educated on how to play with you mentally so you give up. If you wanna waste 3-4 months of your life, your money, your mental health, and finally receive a bunch of garbage buy from Ashley

If only I had read the reviews first
I do NOT recommend doing business w/this company. First of all when you make a purchase (order your furniture) you have to pay in full. Ashley Homestore have your money & you have nothing but problems. I ordered a sectional sofa & got a call indicating it was going to be delivered at around the same time it was promised. THEN comes the bad news. The inside pieces didn't pass inspection so I only got the end pieces. They said it would be around Feb 1 for the delivery of the other pieces. Again, they have my $ and I have nothing - not even a phone call indicating when the additional pieces would arrive. The salesperson who sells you the item may get commission but then she disappears - as in doesn't answer her phone or return calls. It's now been over 3 months & all I have is a couple of end pieces with no middles. I wish someone had warned me about this company so I'm hoping I can prevent you from having the same issues.

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