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THIS COMPANY IS HORRIBLE. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM. If you are looking for any kind of pest control RUN from this company. I contacted them because a rat problem that we had after we purchased our new house. Aptive came and said that the first visit was free. When the guy came to my house he did not have the equipment needed to handle the rat issue. He told us that he would have to come back. That same tech did not come though, a different one did, and then tried to charge me because he came out, and for the equipment. I explained that that was not what was explained to me, and even though he did come the first time he did not do anything except put 3 sticky traps out in the open in the backyard, which I had to move because our dog's paw got stuck to it. I explained that he did not finish his job the first time, so why I am paying for the 2nd visit? The tech was very nice but the manager was horrible and never even contacted me back when I reached out, as well as the tech himself. They didn't leave anything to help with our rat problem and we went to Walmart and tried to do it ourselves. They then tried to come on some random date and contacted me saying they were coming. He was informed that I didn't want ay service from them and that we were not even in the country. He came on out property anyway and then charged us for it. Due to horrible service and my complaints they cancelled my service, but still tried to charge me for their employee's trespassing on private property. I been in contact with them 5 times, and NO ONE as contacted me back. To top it off my credit has been affected, because while trying to handle this the charge was sent to collections. I will be contacting the better business bureau. THIS COMPANY IS THE WORST!

No response for service
Showed up without notification, did not schedule service. Aptive were out here 3 weeks ago for the inItaly's service. Why so soon again. It was suppose to be every 3 months.

Great pest control service
Treatment and full inspection performed by Jasmine Holmes. Exceptional service would highly recommend.

Deceitful people
I signed with them for 1 year to try, did not notice any changes except I has a huge bunch of big flies in my house from outside, don't know how Aptive enter the house may be open window. My dog was poisoned despite they said it was pet friendly. I did not allow my dog out for 24 hours, nevertheless she got diarrhea and it cost me the trip to vet.
I cancel service in the end of contract and guess what! They came to do service without even asking my permission! Fraud and robbing company. Stay away of them

Aptive hire scammers to sell it and the people who spray have no training and are off the street and rush through the job. You're welcome.

Great company
I found this service very reliable and very professional. I would call them again and refer them to family and friends.

They rip people off over and over
I went and looked at the reviews and Aptive do the same thing they come in and do the service they offer it does not work you say i want my money back
They say you signed a contract and their fee to let you out of the contract is 200 bucks their service is crap it killed a couple of ants in my driveway but
The 3 wasp nest in plain sight were still alive and well i got stung my wife got stung my dog got stung then they said well we will be out there in a week in a half
Their is a lot more Oh and when i tell them i m not paying they said we will just turn it over for collections
They did not do there job but now their going to turn it over to collections read the reviews companies like this need to be stoped read the reviews and don't do business with this company

Very poor customer service, very impersonal, but excellent service man
I haven't had the same bad experience as others, but my experiences have been bad. I don't think this is a scam company, but it is a very disorganised and badly run one in my experience. The service man told me that Aptive didn't even tell him until the night before where they wanted him to go, and they sent him to many different areas.

My main complaint is the poor customer service. I had a mouse problem last year. Their prices were a lot lower than Terminix, who I had previously for a different problem, and were very much cheaper than a couple of other companies I had never heard of.

The first 2 people they sent were okay, but the third went above and beyond, and he even cleaned out the floor of the cupboard where the main problem was. The mouse problem was taken care of within a few weeks. A pregnant mouse had got into my house somehow and had a few babies. As far as I am aware, there have been no more since the last one was caught in December.

The customer service people have been mostly unprofessional. One male has been very rude to me on the phone because I wanted to talk to a specific person who worked there instead of giving him a message for her.

Even though they tell you that you can have as many appointments as you want between the 3 months that the appointments are supposed to be spaced, it may have been that same male who made me feel like I had to justify having more appointments. I wanted to have the mouse situation checked out regularly for a while because I wanted to make sure they were gone, and I have a mouse phobia, especially having had another house that had a large infestation out of the blue that my then husband and I were dealing with ourselves with humane traps and which never was rid of them.

Their communication is very poor. They send impersonal, generic, form letter emails that don't even mention your name or address to tell you when they'll send an unnamed person on a certain date but with no idea of what time they'll be there and make recorded phone calls telling about an upcoming service appointment that is just as impersonal but mentions the service address. Emailing them back to ask for more information more often than not is ignored. I really have come to hate this company, but the service man is so outstanding, and also I keep hoping I'll be able to move out of here soon, so I have kept them.

The last time the service man came to my house was in early February. He was supposed to come back in March but hurt himself badly, and then with the coronavirus everything came to a halt. This company have kept me in the dark about their plans - have they been open or not?

In June I heard from them by email all of a sudden wanting to send someone on the following Monday. Then they almost immediately cancelled it without any explanation. Today, 3 months later, I got an email wanting to send someone tomorrow. I hadn't heard anything from them in all this time, and then they suddenly want to come tomorrow. I emailed them back that it was too short notice.

Another important thing about these people that is a big negative is that the first person I spoke to wasn't even anywhere near my area, and he told me incorrect information about pricing and how the service worked. If you ring the number of your most local office, you may or may not get them. It's hit and miss. The lady I spoke to in the local office told me that, and she also gave me the correct information and took some money off my first appointment for the mistakes. The females working in the customer service are far better than the males, but unfortunately I have mostly got the males that are in some other location, and I really dread talking to them. One of them told me that he would pass on that I needed someone to come urgently on one occasion, but I found out that he had never done that.

Unbelievably, having emailed them back and got some different possible dates suggested, they just sent me again the appointment for tomorrow, which is a generic, non-personal sort of form letter email. I am disgusted by this. It is so impersonal, like a robot sent it, and it has reverted back to a date I already told them is too soon. This was instead of replying and telling me when my preferred service man, who is now back at work, is available. They may think this is saving them time to take such an impersonal approach, but it isn't because I have to then reply, and it is very alienating to me as a customer.

I finally got a reply out of them for a different date, but they failed to reply to any of my emails about the time. The people who run this company have proved to me so many times now that they couldn't care any less about their customers and can't be bothered to do anything but what they consider the bare minimum, which is not enough.

Update - 21 December 2020 - My service man has come here once since my most recent comments and was supposed to come again today. I have made it crystal clear over and over that I only want him. They've supposedly got it in my records.He knows all about the problems I've had, unlike anybody else, plus he's superb at going above and beyond anybody else and I feel comfortable with him, and he has called himself my service man and expects to be the one to service my property, so we're in agreement there.

There was the usual hassle with them sending various emails with ever changing dates. When sending these impersonal emails, they have completely disregarded that I want that one person, but I've only found that out from ringing them up due to their lack of response to my replies to their emails. I was told by the male on the phone that he wasn't available on those dates so he changed the date to today, telling me that it would be the man I wanted today.

To say I'm livid is an understatement. I couldn't sleep all night with this appointment hanging over my head, especially because he was supposed to come inside and I had some things to talk to him about. They have my card number and took the money from me before anybody even came here. I didn't get a promised phone call 30 minutes before he was due to arrive. There was no attempt because I had the phone next to me and it didn't ring, so it didn't go to voicemail, which I don't have, as was claimed. A bit later I got an email saying my service was completed. It was some completely different person, somebody who has never come here before, and I didn't even know he was here. I didn't hear a thing and my dog didn't react either. He obviously did nothing inside the house, which was why I had originally signed up for the 'service' because that's where the problem was, and only even checked one of my four bait stations, which I pay extra for.

When I rang up to complain, I had to hold for quite a long time because they had 'an unusually large call volume.' Maybe that's because they get so many complaints.

When I finally got through to a pleasant-sounding woman, I told her what happened, and she said my service man was only down as a 'preference'. I told her he was a must and that he is the only reason I continue to use their company. She gave me a date in January, more than two weeks from now, and I needed something done today and have already been waiting some time with all of the appointment changes that were made in order to ensure that he would be the one to come here. If he left the company, so would I.

My advice would be to stay away from this company unless you want an impersonal one whose word is worthless and that shows no respect for their customers and is so incompetent and lacking in communication skills of any kind that they keep you guessing and make you work very hard trying to get a straight, or really any, answer from them and then don't hold to it anyway. They send a different person randomly every time unless you ask for someone specific, and they may or not keep to that, and sending a random person every time doesn't create any rapport and doesn't give you the job you're paying for because of the lack of continuity and not knowing what has happened before if you have a specific problem like I did. They really are bloody awful. I

Update - 4 January 2021 - I was supposed to have a reservice tomorrow with my service person of choice because, in spite of their promises that it would be him, they sent someone else instead - again. I rang them up today to check because they have lied to me so many times already that he would be the one coming and then sent somebody else instead, or I rang to confirm and they changed the date because it wasn't going to be him after all. I do believe that they are going out of their way to be deliberately obstructive. I have had so many problems with these people. They seem to delight in being as uncooperative as possible. I was told that it wasn't going to be him tomorrow after all and that he didn't have any availability in the near future. My person of choice told me himself that they didn't even tell him until the night before where they were sending him, so they obviously can't have anything decided very far in advance, especially because they have been so disorganised the entire time I've had them. I've told them repeatedly that he is the only reason I continue to use their company and that if he isn't going to be the one from now on I'm going to cancel their so-called service. They have strung me along with promises that he will be the one coming, and they are just lying. Right now I am waiting to hear whether some higher up person will reassign him to come here. I absolutely detest this company, and I only have them because of him. He's the only good thing about this company. If you haven't signed up with them, do yourself a favour and don't. He gave me his personal phone number, and I haven't wanted to bother him, but I may ring him up and see what he has to say because I think it's likely to be something completely different to what they've been telling me.

Several hours have passed, it's now after 9 pm, and naturally I never heard anything back, and they'd agreed to let me know either way. Disgusting

Update- 7 July 2021 - I forgot to come back and report that when I heard from this company back in March, wanting to send somebody once again that wasn't the man I wanted, I cancelled them there and then. They are so incompetent and dishonest that the man tried to tell me that I hadn't finished out a year of appointments. I had to tell him when I first started using them, which was more than a year earlier, and he had to agree. Less than a week later and a few days after that, I got the same email telling me 'it's been awhile', wanting me to come back to their company and trying to bribe me with unnamed lower rates and an amazon gift card. I got another one sometime after that.

The same day I cancelled them I talked to the service man. He told me that he had been told by other people who requested him that Aptiv was just as obstructive about sending him to them.

I have other arrangements in place should I need them, and I am absolutely ecstatic not to ever have to have anything to do with Aptiv ever again. Good riddance.

Deceitful COMPANY
On September 02,2020 the Aptive sales person knocked to all my neighbors and also my door and Aptive said a special offer for our neighbors and if I was not satisfied the service, I can cancel within a month, so I accepted their offer and signed it.
But after the service, the bugs were not eliminated and ants came inside more, so I called them for this problem because the sales man said if bugs are still found, they will come back any time for the follow up, so they came again and look around my house and finished the service, but I still found bugs and decide to cancel. But the customer service never answered the phones and I had to waste too much time for waiting (almost calling every day for a week), finally somebody picked my phone and I complained the customer services and I wanted to cancel. He said he was the manager of Aptive and apologized to me about that reason and accepted my cancellation and there were no more payment and closed my accounts.
BUT AFTER 2 MONTH LATER THEY SENT ME $200 BILLING, they called me and said I cancelled not within a month and they charged me all followed services. I explained the manager said there were no more charge during my cancel, but the company said there were no mention in my account. They said if I don't pay, the next step is from the collecting company. I never ever met like this kind of terrible company. For treating some spots for a month, they sent a bill $200!

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