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Customer service got nasty when I asked them to try for a better resolution to my problem
I bought an expensive refrigerator/freezer from them. Unfortunately after we removed the protective plastic covering we discovered a large scratch near the handle. This was the day after delivery. I quickly notified Appliances Connection, sent photos, and was initially told I would get a new door. After several weeks I was told that the manufacturer denied the replacement because the pictures from the trucking company showed no damages. Of course not! That was my point - the damage was under the plastic coating that we didn't remove until the next day. It was at least 9:00 pm before the delivery guys left on a very hot day and Appliances Connection had other deliveries to make that night. I didn't think I had to take the time to remove the plastic while they waited, since there were no signs of any blemishes or scratches. Bottom line: I was given a $100 credit and told that's the best they could do. Rules are rules. I'm sure the customer service rep thought he did a good job getting me the credit when "contractually and legally we didn't even have to do that." However, after living with the scratched door for a few weeks and being unhappy with it, I recontacted Appliances Connection to see if they could press my case and got the snarky answer that "every refrigerator delivery (sic) he knows removes the plastic before the delivery company leaves to confirm no damages," He said I had no concern for the truth, I was disregarding policy and I should NOT tell them how their business works. He said "had you inspected and noted the damage (like everyone else) then we have a live claim and could've replaced the door for you approved at no cost to anyone however why would we as a business pay over $700 for a new door for a customer who didn't follow policy?" Wow. I never said they were at fault for the scratch. I didn't blame the delivery company. I wasn't asking them to pay full retail for a new door. All I asked was could they revisit my claim since the scratch must have occurred at the factory and it seemed likely that the manufacturer could and would provide a replacement door at no cost. Did anyone think I attacked the door with a sharp object after the delivery guys left and before I removed the plastic? I believe I have been reasonable in my correspondence and in my understanding of the situation. In return, I got hammered.
After being treated so rudely, I will never do business with them again.

Horrifying Installation Experience
Appliances Connection removed review from their website, but I feel it is very necessary for people to be aware of their negligence:
I ordered this stove in February... It is now late April and I am hoping to finally be able to use it after having to pay another outside professional to clean up this company's mistakes. When it first arrived, there were parts missing, so the installation could not be completed. Appliances Connection assured me this would be finished the following week. THREE weeks later I had to take another afternoon off of work for the installation to be completed... Appliances Connection came and "finished" installing the unit, though it was done improperly and there was a GAS LEAK. It took four days for me to get in touch with someone, and another week for them to send someone back out. YF logistics (the third party company Appliances Connection uses) sent someone back out yesterday who found a part that was installed wrong on the back, and "fixed" it. I went back to work, only to come home a few hours later to a house that smelled like gas AGAIN! Twice now I've had to evacuate my home (thankfully it didn't burst into flames). This company's incompetence put my life in DANGER not once, but TWICE. Twice, the gas company had to shut off gas to the stove. I hired a professional last night who found that there were TWO parts that were not properly tightened, allowing gas to leak out from the unit and into my home. This is completely unacceptable, and absolutely horrifying. This is not a free installation either, like some of the big chain appliance dealers provide... Appliances Connection charged me for "professional installation service" -- well, there was certainly nothing professional about this experience. Not to mention, this VERY expensive stove/oven has not been usable this entire time! I spent over $4,000 on an appliance that just SAT in my kitchen for weeks and weeks. Never again. (I am really looking forward to using my beautiful range and ovens, and will update folks on the quality of the actual product once I've had the chance to use the different features).

Avoid - Terrible service on multiple fronts
My wife and I purchased a refrigerator, range, and microwave from Appliances Connection, as well as purchased their installation service, and haul away of our old appliances.

Appliances Connection were the one company that we were able to find that had everything in stock. This was important to us as my wife is 9 months pregnant and we are trying to get in our new items prior to the baby arriving.

We were informed that everything was scheduled for delivery on Friday between 3:30 - 6:30PM. The delivery company arrived at 7:30PM (understand being delayed due to traffic) and started unloading the truck. I opened up the gate as well as the doors to our home for them to bring up the equipment. One of the delivery guys came up to the house with me to check out the kitchen as we also paid for installation services. He notified me that he could not install the microwave or the stove as the microwave was built in and the stove required a 3/4 gas line, and the one we have installed was not that size. I was a bit confused as we purchased an additional line specifically for the install.

He asked if we would still like to take delivery of the stove and microwave and I said yes of course. He then turned off the gas to the stove and ran out to the truck to start unloading. I then received a call that the stove was damaged and to come outside to take a look and see if we would still like to accept delivery. We both went outside and agreed that it most likely was not functional as it looked like a fork lift missed the pallet hole and jammed the side of the stove.

I then ran back to the house to start unloading the refrigerator and then received another call to come back outside and that the refrigerator is slightly damaged. I went outside and looked at the refrigerator and it looked like someone had hit a few golf balls into the left side panel which of course is the side that would be visible in our kitchen. After debating for a few minutes with my wife we decided to not take delivery of the refrigerator.

The delivery / installation team then informed us that they would start grabbing the trash and my wife and I ran back into the home to start putting the items back in the freezer / refrigerator. The lead delivery guy came in to grab his clip board and to turn the gas back on (from the stove he turned off) and notified us that he would submit pictures to the distributor (appliances connection) and that they would work out the refund. At that time I asked if I needed to take pictures as well, and he said that they had already loaded the items back into the truck and that they would handle the claim. I trusted this and since it was Friday evening (around 8:30PM at this point) I trusted his word and didn't want to ask them to do extra work.

Now, to get to the reasons why I am leaving such a poor review...

A few hours later I started smelling an odd smell and realized that the delivery guy had loosened the gas line to the stove and did not tighten it. As mentioned my wife is 9 months pregnant and I was very upset this had occurred. On Monday we reached back out to Appliances Connection and notified them of the refusal of items as well as the gas issue and they stated that they are not liable for the gas issue as they utilize 3rd party contractors for deliveries and installations but they were sorry that it happened.

On Tuesday (today) we received a call from them notifying us that at this time the shipping / delivery company had shared that only the stove had damage and that we would be liable for the shipping costs of the refrigerator / microwave. I expressed my frustration in a professional manner and explained several times to the customer service agent all of the above. She was nice, but she did share that based on their company policy unless we had pictures, or the shipping company reports damage that we are liable for freight.

At this point I am at a loss based on everything that has occurred thus far. Late delivery, all items damaged, gas leak, and not providing a full refund after multiple phone calls (this is still pending). It was made clear with this purchase that sometimes waiting a few weeks / months for items is less of a headache than sourcing from an unknown distributor and crossing your fingers that everything goes well. We would not recommend this company to our worst enemy.

This company does not want you business and has no interest in fulfilling orders
I bought a couch (came in two pieces) from these people and it has been a nightmare. Shipping was free however Appliances Connection apparently don't keep any of the pieces in inventory so before they ship it out they first have to recieve it at their warehouse in Brooklyn. From there it'll take 3-7 days to ship to the freight company and once they get it you're looking at another 7-14 days total transit time. This seems a little much but it's free so I guess I understand.

This is where it gets fun, if you want the furniture delivered inside and the packing materials taken away, that'll be an extra $40. Also, if you have any problems you'll be looking at "at least" another month to get your couch. Or in our case, half a couch.

Half the couch was fine but the other half was broken and we refused delivery. The freight carrier was pretty decent about this and sent the other half back to AC. It's worth noting that up until this point AC has never initiated contact with us, not once. Despite several calls into them to figure out what was going on with tracking. (They mark the product as shipped before it's actually even sent to the freight carrier to make it look like it's shipped but if you look at the tracking info you'll see that the carrier hasn't actually taken reciept of the product yet.)

After calling 3-4 times, AC promising that they would get back with us and then them never calling us back we eventually got them to replace the broken half of the couch. This was in mid july, yet here we are getting towards the end of August and we still have not received the other half of the couch.

About the end of July, we notice that the tracking information hasn't updated and once again are forced to initiate contact with AC who begrudgingly check on the order that they had marked as shipped. Loe and Behold, they claimed to have lost the order between their warehouse and the freight carrier. How you lose a couch is beyond me but I digress. It's my subjective opinion that they never ordered the replacement couch and just hoped that we'd go away.

In any case, I flipped out at this point and after yelling and complaining about how could a company be run in this manner I was offered a refund of my $40 "white glove delivery" charge and 1000 bonus points with AC. This was the last straw. After threatening to initiate a chargeback through the credit card company they, again begrudingly promised yet again to get back to me about the order shipping out. No offers of discounting the order, no expedited shipping, they wouldn't even return my calls.

Bottom line, whatever you're buying from these guys go somewhere else and pay a little more so that you actually get the thing you're paying for.

See my interactions with their customer service here:

The worst company ever, they even refused to deliver my order unless I changed my review
First Appliances Connection claim sale ends 11:59pm that day, trying to force you to buying quickly. Guess what the next day it's still on sale and now ends that day. I actually believe that is illegal. Next they say 'Available', which implies they have it and they had a ship date of about 3-5 days, which I also read to mean it will be delivered in that time. Well guess what, it hadn't even been shipped form the manufacturer to them at that time, and when I emailed them 3 days later to find out the status they still had the same ship date even when they told me it was going to be a few more days before they receive it. Well Friday comes around and it gets delivered to their warehouse, okay I'm thinking it could go out today, maybe over the weekend and if not Monday for sure. Tuesday evening at around 5pm they create a pickup request for the delivery company to get it. So now it's Wednesday afternoon before they pick it up and it's still sitting in their delivery terminal to go out on Friday morning with a projected arrival date a week on Tuesday, from New York to Florida. The customer service people were not great, almost implying it was my fault as it didn't say 'In stock' rather than 'Available'. They mislead to try to get you to buy, yes they may be cheaper than some other options but if something is broken and you need it replaced, don't shop here. 2 weeks and it's still not on the road to be delivered, it will be more than 3 weeks by the time I get it. Hello, have you heard of Amazon!

Well after about 10 days I called the shipping company as they hadn't delivered the washer. They told me the order was on hold and I had to call the company and wouldn't say why. It turns out that because I wrote my review and gave then a low rating, they weren't going to ship me my washer. They essentially told me I had to either cancel my order or change my review. I was so tempted to cancel but now the washer was a $100 more expensive so I did change my review. Not only are they dishonest but they have the worst business practices I've ever come across.

-On 5/24/20 I placed an order for the TK Classics Kathy Ireland River 8 piece Wicker Patio set in the amount of $1969. 67 and there was an seperate charge for $11.63. Through Appliances Connection. The estimated delivery date was 6/20/20.
-On 6/22/20 I contacted Appliances Connection I spoke with * at Appliances Connection and inquired about the delivery of my Patio set. * said he was the Sales Floor Manager and that it would be delivered in July however he did not have an exact delivery date. I then explained that my family would be out of town effective July 1st and we would not return until July 23,2020. * then recommended that when Roadrunner Transportations their shipping company contacted me that I could schedule the delivery upon my return. That sounded great and I agreed to scheduling
-On July 10,2020 I received a phone call from Roadrunner Transportation attempting to schedule delivery. At this time I informed the representative that I was currently out of town and had been told by the Sales Floor Manager * on 6/22/20 that I could schedule delivery upon my return on 7/23/20. The representative from Roadrunner Transportation then informed me that their would be a $300 storage fee should I delay delivery. I explained that I felt this was unfair given I had called prior to our going out of town make all necessary arrangements and on 6/22/20 the Sales Manger * had recommended that I schedule the delivery upon my return. At no time was their discussion of a storage fee. The representative at Roadrunner Transportation said she would escalate the matter to a manager at Roadrunner Transportation and call me back. I never received a follow up phone call.
- While we were out of town my father suffered a massive heart attack and passed away July 14th. We were unable to return home until July 26th given the circumstances.
-On Monday, July 27th I called Appliances Connection I sat for 2 hours on hold before I could speak with *. I informed
* that when I attempted to look up his contact information I had the unpleasant experience of finding a few tickets that had gone to my junk mail notifying me that I had a storage fee for my furniture. At which time I explained about our extenuating circumstances about my fathers passing and that I found it unethical to charge such fees especially since * had informed me of no such fee when we spoke on 6/22/20 and * had recommended that I postpone the delivery until my return.
-On Monday, July 27th * from Appliances Connection emailed * at Roadrunner Transportation explaining there was a family emergency and to please reschedule delivery. The email address used was * at 3:50 pm on July 27th. At 4:42 I received at ticket via email from * at Appliances Connections notifying me that the carrier would be charging me storage fees for the furniture and once I approve the charges then and only then my furniture would be delived. At 7:10 pm on July 27th I emailed * at Appliances Connection and shared the email that I received from * at Appliance Connection. I received an email from * at 7:17 saying he would look into the matter further and get back to me.
-On Wednesday July 29,2020 I spent an hour and a half on hold attempting to reach * about the scheduling of my furniture. When I called the system said I was the next caller in the que. Then the system said I was the 18th person in the que. After waiting an hour and a half I spoke with *. *r said * was away from his desk and * would return my call. *Doug did not return my call.
On Thursday July 30,2020 I spent nearly 2.5 hours on hold attempting to reach *. I had a similar experience as the previous day. I was next caller in the que. I was bumped to caller 22. This cycle repeated itself. I had the unpleasant experience of speaking with an unprofessional female sales representative that was also unable to put me in contact with *. At this point I explained that I either wanted my furniture to be delivered and the shipping fees to be waived or to please cancel my order entirely and refund my money. This representative then got * a "manager" at Appliances Connections on the phone call. * said, he would split the storage fee and if I agreed to pay $150 dollar storage fee my furniture would be delivered. Regretfully and out of pure exhaustion I agreed to paul the $150. No one from Roadrunner Transporations called me to schedule the delivery Thursday afternoon.

On Friday July 31,2020 morning at 11am I sent an electronic ticket to Appliance Connections explaining Roadrunner Transportation had no yet contacted me to schedule delivery and that it was unethical to have charged me an additional $150 storage fee without having a scheduled delivery. I explained that the delivery needed to be scheduled that day or I wanted to receive a full refund. Appliance Connection then sent a ticket response providing the tracking number 519366702 and phone number *******393 to schedule the delivery. I called this number at Road Runnner at which time the customer service representative at RoadRunner Transporations explained that their was still a balance for storage fees. I explained to the representative all the details of the last week and that storage fees had actually been paid to Appliance Connection. She delivery would be made because of the storage fee balance. I requested to speak with a manager. The representative at Roadrunner Transporation then put me in contact with "manager" *. * confirmed there was still a storage balance but that she would look into the matter and schedule delivery for Monday August 3rd.

On Monday August 3rd the furniture was delivered. The driver asked my husband to sign for delivery. My husband * said he was not comfortable signing for a product that was unopened. Appliances Connection began opening the furniture that was poorly packaged in damaged boxes. At which point my husband and the driver realized the patio set was incomplete and was missing a piece of furniture. They also were able to identify the furniture was extremely damaged. One arm on a chair was bent and mishaped. Another chair had broken wicker weave and a hole in the side of it. My husband refused the delivery. I called * and informed her of the damage and that we were refusing the delivery. I asked * to please refund me my money. She said that she could not do that, that I or Appliance Connections would need to file a claim with the Manufacture Kathy Ireland and the process takes several weeks. This is unacceptable. I have submitted a ticket to Appliance Connections in writing expressing I want to be refunded $1969. 87 for the 8 piece set, $11.63 for the furniture clips, and $150 for the storage fee. It is unethical that they attempted to deliver furniture in this condition much less charge a storage fee.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Delivery, damages, refunds etc.
I purchase a full set of Frigidaire appliances along with a clothes washer and dryer and paid in full for all items in October 2020. Delivery was set for February 11th. All the items did not arrive including the refrigerator. Delivery men also did not install the appliances and the microwave oven was scratched. I was never notified that all the appliances were not going to be delivered although I had conversations with them about not wanting to accept a partial delivery.
I was set to move into the new home on February 18th with a 10- and 8-year-old boys. When reaching out to customer service I was told that the fridge was no longer available and was offered a similar fridge at a "NO COST OPTION". This fridge was not similar and was cheaper than the one I had already paid in full for and not a Frigidaire Appliance that would match the set I already paid for in October. Not having any other options as I was moving in 7 days later, I accepted the fridge.
The second delivery was just as bad as the first as the installers tried to bring the Fridge thru the front door after I told them it would not fit. In doing so, Appliances Connection broke the jamb on the door. I had to place a 1 x 2 across the jamb just so I could secure the front door. They also drug the refrigerator across the newly installed hardwood floors leaving a 6 ft scratch in the kitchen. Installation was also not completed this day as they left the clothes washer and dryer in the middle of the kitchen floor as the wrong parts came with the clothes washer and dryer.
The third delivery did not go well either as the drip pan for the washer and dryer did not arrive. The delivery men did place the clothes washer on top of the clothes dryer but did not finish the rest of the installation for these two items or install the dishwasher for the third time.
Fourth delivery had the arrival of the clothes washer pan via Fed Ex. I was told by the customer service department that they would not be out again to finish the installation. The installation of the clothes washer and dryer is a two-man operation. I had to install these myself along with the dishwasher. Customer service offered me a refund in the amount of $227.50. This was for not installing the items, and a partial refund on the warranty of the clothes washer and dryer. In my opinion this is unacceptable by a company of this caliber. Not once did they address the time spent, aggravation, and not to mention the broken front entry door jamb. I had to purchase a new front entry and storm door, after the installers broke the door jamb, so that I could lock and secure the home.
This is just a brief description of the transaction between myself and Appliances Connection as I could go on and on.

Excellent fridge and freezer; AWFUL customer service (wrong info given, didn't resolve issues timely
We bought a fridge, paying extra for shipping and install. The Fisher&Paykel fridge from New Zealand is EXCELLENT, and App.Con. Was the only place we could find it. When it arrived, shippers said Appliances Connection were not allowed to install or bring inside. Contacted App.Con, L. Said "oh, one of the few zip codes we can't..." Well, why do they not have a list of those zips? After MUCH hassle and time on the phone, they refunded shipping and install and offered a 10 year warranty.and gave us $25. For inconvenience. $25.? It cost us $160. To have local people install it. Bait and switch; we may well not have bought had we known the added cost. Insult to injury, Appl.Con. Said "that's all we can do." That line is standard for customer nonservice meaning "that's all we want to do for you." I will not bore anyone with the number of emails and photos of different numbers they asked for to set up the warranty, which we finalized today, working on this issue consistently for over a month.
At the same time (covid killed our appliances) we bought a freezer from them. It arrived dented. We immediately called V. at App.Con. "Send pictures. We will work with you. We can refund you 5-20%." We asked for immediate email confirmation of what she said, she said, "I'll email you now." She never did. We kept asking for help; with each request we waited several days and got emails: "You are now in our queue for responding. You should hear from us in 48-72 hours." So we stopped sending requests and finally got a series of "we have closed your other case numbers to decrease confusion at our end." They never gave us the case numbers they were closing so we couldn't keep track. Finally they offered15% off and a 10 yr warranty. In the midst of the 10 year warranty set up for the fridge--see above--we asked for 20% off. "I'll check with my manager." Finally we got that. I will NEVER work with app. Con. Again. They immediately are there for you when asking questions about products and helping you purchase. Then they disappear, promise things that never happen, give the wrong info which cost us, are a pain in the butt.

No discount/savings is worth dealing w/ this insane company
I need to update this review because i am really puzzled about this site and how this company still has an almost perfect 5 STARS when there are more bad reviews than good? How does this site make this calculation? If you scroll and read all of the complaints and 1 star review all the way to the 15th page, Appliances Connection are overwhelming horrible for this company. Yet, the almost 5 star rating makes them look like a great company. How does that work? Something is super fishy about all of this. What is even more fishy are the reviews they have posted on their own website. They are all PERFECT! I wrote one a super negative review for them on their own website a week ago and have yet to see it posted. Can you say SCAM?

If you are stupid enough to order anything high end with this company, you are screwed like i am! They are quick to take your credit card/money but don't hold your breath if you think you will get your item at all. As soon as they hear you have a problem, they put you on hold forever or tell you they will call you back. If you do get someone on the phone, do not expect them to know where your product is or when or if it will arrive. I was unlucky enough to get this guy named Calvin. After i dared to question about my way overdue order, this guy managed to pivot and made himself the victim because i was "argumentative" and "unable to make happy". Naturally, i fought back with actual facts and reminded him that i am the one without a range that i paid $4K. He started to stammer, retreated and said he will get it delivered asap. I asked him HOW and WHEN? Magically, he said it will arrive immediately. These guys just make it up as they go along and only work on the orders when customers start screaming for it. I wished i had seen these horrible reviews before i ordered. If you are reading my review, just know that it was much worse than what i have already written. There is simply not enough space or time for me to go into greater details. DO NOT ORDER FROM APPLIANCE CONNECTION UNLESS YOU ARE A MASOCHIST.

Worst Experience Ever
What didn't go wrong with our order would be easier to answer than what did. I ordered 7 appliances in May for an estimated end of July/early August install. No one EVER phoned me from their delivery company to discuss the survey date and final install. I contact then in late July and was told Appliances Connection were still waiting on 2 appliances to be delivered. We weren't going to be moving in until August 15th, so I wasn't too concerned, other than the fact that NOBODY ever contacted me. Again, no one contacted me so on August 9th, I called only to find out that they were supposed to deliver the items the next day! Clearly, we cancelled that and discussed having the survey done the following Tuesday, with install set for the next Thursday or Friday (8/20 or 21). Tuesday came and went without any communication. I contacted a manager named Eric from Appliances Connection and he assured me all would be fine now because he was going to handle our situation personally and ensure we'd be well taken care of. No survey was ever done and they arrived on Friday, 8/21 to install. They installed the dishwasher (incorrectly) and the washer. We needed the actual plug for the dryer so they couldn't install it (why the plug wouldn't be included in the original purchase is beyond me, but whatever). They couldn't install the cooktop because it was shattered; they couldn't install the vent hood because "they don't install vent hoods" (direct quote from the driver after I paid $129.99 to AC for installation of said vent hood); and, they couldn't install the wall oven unit because... wait for it... it wasn't on the truck. Instead, there was a stand alone oven with cooktop which of course, we didn't order. They came back a full week later to install the wall oven unit but alas... it wasn't on the truck. Again. But they were nice enough to at least finish installing the dryer since I had gone out to buy the stupid plug. So, now, we've been in our house for a week and we still have NO WAY TO COOK so I have to go out and buy a toaster oven and a microwave so that I can feed my family. Another week goes by and alas, the wall oven unit is delivered (at 7:30 at night mind you) but they refused to install it because they didn't think the electrical box would fit. They didn't even try it. They were wrong. We paid another company to come out and install it for us a few days later. Still... no cooktop. We ended up buying another cooktop from another vendor and had it delivered and installed in 2 days. Then, we paid another guy to come out and install the vent hood. 23 days after moving in, I can finally cook in my kitchen, no thanks to Appliances Connection. But still, not a single bit of concern shown on the part of AC except by a customer service rep named Monika, who I wish would go work for a more reputable company because she was super helpful to us.

Our unhappiness with this company is impossible to gauge with a monetary figure, but we would have hoped SOME TYPE OF MANAGER would have reached out to us to express their apologies for the ridiculousness we have been forced to endure. We lived in our home for 22 days without a complete kitchen before we took action on our own to complete the job with another vendor. It would be nice to have heard from someone in charge to hear that they understood our frustrations and wanted to find a way to make it right. So far Monika is the only one that has offered us any help or accommodation. Both Eric (the supposed Manager) and Elizabeth left us without any answers or suggestions for help.

We regret having chosen Appliances Connection for our full home remodel. Fortunately, we won't be making the same mistake again.


The order numbers are 1412963 initially made on October 7th 2018. The order was then modified as appliance connections said Appliances Connection would not be able to deliver the range we ordered and offered an alternative. In our order we bought a Fisher Paykel dual fuel range, a fridge and the accompanying fridge surround.

We were told the fridge surround would come a few days later. We opted for the white glove service. It was anything but white glove service. They damaged our newly installed floor and the range side panel. To add insult to injury they offered $25 as compensation nonetheless this was just the tip of the iceberg.

We have been waiting for the surround for our new fridge. We designed our kitchen around our appliances and were assured that the surround was just delayed. Today was told they did not have the surround, that they would not take the fridge back as we had used it. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

We ordered in good faith, they delivered part of the order and assured us via the ticketing system they use to answer any questions that the surround would come, hence we proceeded to use the fridge they delivered in good faith that they would deliver the necessary component. If they had told us this was not going to happen we would have bought a different fridge or used a different company. Now we have a incomplete kitchen, extra cost spent on cabinets that are now possibly unusable, marble cut at great cost to allow for surround. We are furious.

Save yourself the trouble. I intend to post all their responses on as many sites as possible.


Hello Danielle

My name is XXXXX. The order number given on the latest message via Appliances Connection messenger center is 4320010. I would be happy to discuss this order and my experience with Appliances Connection with you. My telephone number is XXX. However, if you are able, please review/familiarise yourself with the numerous conflicting messages that have been sent to me from Appliances Connection via your customer messenger center. You may be better able to understand my annoyance and frustration with the customer service.

You may also want to speak to XXXXX (I am unsure of the name spelling and apologise if my spelling is incorrect) on extension 2056. The other person I have been exchanging emails with is XXXX on extension 2032 (although I am not sure if this is a single person or a generic name specifically used when sending emails via your messenger center).

This has been a unfortunate episode. I am very disappointed with the experience. It should have been a smooth transaction but now has the potential to become an extremely expensive headache. I really just want Appliances Connection to complete our order by delivering what they promised (the fridge surround). We would not have ordered with you otherwise or bought the appliances we bought in our initial order. Our kitchen design will be expensive to modify and the fridge we ordered with the surround (we are waiting to be delivered) will need to be replaced in the event we need to modify our kitchen.

Our kitchen should have been completed before thanksgiving and we are now heading into christmas still uncertain of what the result will be.

Look forward to discussing more fully. On a positive note I am very much hoping (based on conversation today with XXXX and subsequent email he sent) that you may actually be sending the product. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Kind regards


BUYER BEWARE! Whatever you may save is NOT WORTH IT.
BUYER BEWARE! Think you found a good price on an appliance from Appliances Connection? RUN THE OTHER WAY and buy your appliance from anyone other than these clowns. Despite their professional-looking web site, this is a shady, fly-by-night outfit that will try to deceive, cheat, and scam you at every turn. Whatever amount you think you will save, IT IS NOT WORTH IT.

A cautionary tale with more detail than you need about the single worst consumer experience of my entire life:

I purchased a $4,000 range from Appliances Connection. The purchase included "In-Home White Glove" delivery. Appliances Connections own product page and delivery description stated that White Glove Delivery includes delivery to the room of your choice, that the delivery men will unload, uncrate, unpack and deliver the product into your room of choice on the first floor, and that [t]here will be a $25 per floor charge for any item being delivered to past the first floor. Appliances Connections terms for "In-Home White Glove" delivery did not define first floor and did not say anything about additional charges for stairs or steps leading to the first floor.

The purchase also included "Professional Service Installation of Range." Appliances Connections description of this service stated that the [i]nstaller installs new appliance according to the manufacturers specifications and to customers satisfaction. I had a gas supply line specially installed in my kitchen for this specific range to match the manufacturers specifications.

When the delivery men arrived, Appliances Connection (1) refused to deliver the range to my kitchen on the first floor of my home, and (2) refused to install the range because they did not have the necessary fitting. They told me they would deliver the range to my first floor only if I were to pay $500. I refused, and they left with the range.

I attempted to resolve this with Appliances Connection and its shipping agent through a succession of phone calls and emails, to no avail. While my kitchen is on the first floor of my home, I nonetheless offered to pay an additional $25 or $50 for an additional one or two floors, per Appliances Connections own terms for In-Home White Glove Delivery, because there are 15 exterior steps and 6 foyer steps leading to the first floor. Appliances Connection refused, and instead made a series of changing and inconsistent demands, several of which it revoked before I could accept. Appliances Connections best demand still would have cost me $275 out of pocket to have the range delivered to my kitchen and installed.

They quoted $29.99 per 8 stairs, then $25 per 7 stairs, then refused to deliver for any price. At one point and this is my favorite they claimed that a floor equals just 7 stairs. Well, the maximum stair height permitted by code is 7.5 inches. Multiply that by 7 steps and you get 52.5 inches, or 4 feet, 4.5 inches. What are we talking about, hobbit floors? It is painfully apparent that they were just making stuff up to try to rip me off.

When I spoke with Appliances Connections shipping agent, I was informed that my problem is all too common that retailers often offer free or low-cost delivery, then try to shift the cost to the consumer when they later learn how much the shipping agent will charge them for it.

Ultimately, I spoke with an Appliances Connection customer service representative who promised a full refund, told me it would take 4-5 days to process, and asked me to wait 3 days before disputing the transaction with my credit card company. Later that day, Appliances Connection credited me just $3,250 keeping $750 of my money. I never agreed to or authorized this partial refund, nor would I have it is even worse than most of the inadequate demands that Appliances Connection made during my efforts at resolution.

Appliances Connection refused to deliver and install the range per the terms of our purchase agreement even when I offered to pay an additional $25 or $50 per-floor charge. I paid $3,999 for a range with White Glove delivery and Professional Installation. I got neither range nor delivery nor installation.

I cannot begin to describe how frustrating and exasperating Appliances Connections response was to this. Endless hold times, wildly inconsistent demands from different customer service agents, making up new terms and conditions out of thin air, blaming me for not telling them about any steps when their own website said nothing about steps, claiming that its all my fault because Im supposed to know as much about the appliance shipping industry as they do, etc. Not to mention the astonishing rudeness and deceit their reps yelled at me and flat-out lied to me.

This, friends, is a terrible awful shady business. Stay away.

Damaged Property & No Compensation
I ordered a dishwasher which, after it was installed in January 2019, detached from the counter. Workers were sent back who, in trying to reattach the dishwasher, drove a screw through the countertop. The workers called the supervisor who spoke to us, acknowledged responsibility and agreed we should get an estimate and Appliances Connection would reimburse us for the work. We signed a digital form acknowledging that the workers had been there and hand wrote that there was a problem the company would address. The workers said we would be sent a copy of the digital ticket.
Thereafter, we got an estimate for the work and after many back and forths with the company, they would not agree to reimburse the amount (or anywhere near the amount) of the estimate nor did we receive a copy of the digital form from the date the workers were there. After many requests for the copy of the electronic ticket, the company sent us a fraudulent ticket, which omitted our handwritten comment on it. We took the company to Small Claims Court. They did not show up so we got a default judgment.
I reached out to the company for payment in June 2019, to which they said they could not talk to me because their Legal Department was handling my case but also that I could not contact the Legal Department directly because they do not deal directly with customers. Eventually they requested of the Court that the default judgment be vacated and the action be restored to the Court calendar on the basis that they had not received the original notice of the Court date. So the action was recalendared in December 2019. The Court found no merit to the company's claims and issued a decision that the original judgment stood.
The company has ignored the judgment and has not paid me a cent. They wasted a considerable amount of my time chasing them around, communicating with them, going o Court, etc, and they left me with a damaged kitchen countertop. The company has acted in bad faith. They have misrepresented various facts and doctored the digital form we signed They also hid behind the delivery/installation company, YF Logistics, which is the only company that delivers and installs for them, trying to make it harder to touch them. It is unclear exactly what their relationship is with YF Logistics, ie. Whether they in fact are related companies or what. In any case, I definitely would not recommend doing business with Appliances Connection.

Don't waste your time / money and go somewhere else
Don't waste your time / money & order somewhere else. If I could give this company negative 5 stars I would.

My current Bradford White water heater started leaking so I ordered a new 50 Gallon - $1,300 Bradford White water heater February 23,2021 from Appliances Connection. The website showed it in stock. We'll that was wrong. Immediately after payment I received order status which showed the water heater not in stock and estimated Delivery date was March 10th, 2021. Things happen that was alright.

A week goes by and then I receive another email with delayed shipment date to March 17th, 2021. I was annoyed, but again things happen so whatever.

Water heater finally arrives from YF Logistics March 17th, 2021. Guys were very professional & careful unloading the water heater. I open up the water heater box and surely there is a huge dent next to the gas monitor. That was the straw that broke the camels back.

Immediately called to report the damage & for an EXCHANGE. Not my money back an EXCHANGE. Appliances Connection picked up the water heater 2 days later & the customer service lady said Appliances Connection is processing your exchange. This was Thursday March 18th, 2021.

I didn't hear back from anyone so I followed up Friday morning March 19th, 2021. Slowly but surely the customer service agent said no one has worked on your EXCHANGE I will get that started now & you will receive a confirmation email with the EXCHANGE this afternoon & you should be set to go.

Weekend goes by and I did not receive any confirmation emails. I call Monday March 22nd, 2021. The customer service agent did not process my water heater EXCHANGE in fact he REFUNDED my money back to my credit card. At this point I'm furious. The lady places another order and charges my credit card again but obviously the credit card company takes 4-5 business days to process a refund so my card gets declined.

At this point my current water heater doesn't work so all I have is cold water. The lady ASSURES me that she will reach out to Bradford White to make sure they ship another water heater to Appliances Connection while the refund gets applied to my credit card. Once it gets applied to my credit card I should call back to process payment. She said the water heater will arrive to appliances connection in 3-4 days and we will deliver it to you 2-3 days. I said fine I'm already too deep into this what is another week with cold showers.

I call 4 days later March 26,2021 after the refund is applied to my credit card to pay for the current exchange water heater. At this time based on what the Appliances Connection customer service agent told me on Monday March 22nd, the water heater should be at the warehouse and should be delivered in the next 2-3 days. Well, shame on me for not cancelling the order and going somewhere else. The shipment is now delayed to APRIL 9th, 2021. I initially placed my order FEBRUARY 23rd, 2021. My current Bradford White water heater has been leaking for over a MONTH now & I have had cold water for over a week. This company is GARBAGE!

When you think it can't get any worse, it does.
So this review is in addition to my previous one. At the end of my last review I was left in limbo waiting on a call for the delivery re-schedule, for the FOURTH time. Of course, this is a phone call I would never receive. I called the customer service line and sat on their waiting list for approximately 30 minutes. I heard, "you are next in line, your call will be answered momentarily"... or whatever voice recording Appliances Connection have playing. I then heard the line pick up and immediately be put back down & I was suddenly on hold AGAIN. Except this time, I was not on the waiting list. I had been picked up with no response and 1 second later, set back on hold just to hear music playing. After 15 minutes with no answer or voice recording of my spot in line, I hung up. I immediately called back from a different phone number and sat on the list again for 40 minutes. Once the call was answered the lady on the other end had no initiative to try to help me with my issues at all and could not advise on when the next delivery would be. I told her that I wanted a full refund for my dryer and that I would be ordering it from a trustworthy store. She did not ask any questions, and put me on hold. She picked up 5 minutes later to tell me that they put in the refund and I should receive it in 3-5 days and hung up the phone.

I then messaged the customer service team to inform them that I did cancel the dryer and would expect a full refund. I made sure to have this in writing so that they could not try to give me issues down the road about it. I then received a highly rude response back starting with, "per our phone conversation" and followed with sarcasm. The conversation was then ended before I was given a chance to respond.

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS WEBSITE TO ANYONE. I have now purchased the same dryer from Home Depot and will be receiving it within the next week. Seriously, don't even bother with this site.The employees are unprofessional and rude and it is quite possibly the worst customer service I've ever experienced.

DO NOT, PLEASE, DO NOT MAKE A PURCHASE FROM THIS STORE. Appliances Connection may appear to have inexpensive merchandise BUT you pay much more than it's ever worth in time, patients, frustration, aggravation and ABSOLUTE SHOCK at the way they treat customers. I purchased from Appliances Connection (AC) 3 appliances, a refrigerator, a dishwasher and a range including the installation and an extended warranty on all three on 12/4. They were not delivered until 1/15 and the delivery company refused to install the refrigerator (because of an old copper line from a previous refrigerator) and did not install the dishwasher due to the wrong installation package being sent by AC. After going back and forth with various customer service reps (they would constantly change so no had to own the responsibility of resolving any issue) and not receiving any reasonable attempt to resolve the situation I turned to my credit card carrier and pursued a charge back for the cost of the installations not performed and the related accessories which was successful. Fast forward to last week when I contacted the warranty company to file a claim for my refrigerator which just stopped cooling after 1 1/2 years. I contact Consumer Priority Service (warranty company) and was informed that the membership # (warranty #) given to me by AC was previously assigned to someone else and I needed to resolve the issue with them. I contacted AC and was told their warranty specialist Jason would call me back. After I didn't hear back from him I began to call the store and was just put on hold and forgotten numerous times. I tried but could not find another phone # for this company it seemed like all calls went through customer service. I send an email to a mgr in marketing and happen to get an email back from Jason. I Was unable to contact Jason and finally was put in touch with someone I was told was a manager, Calvin, who said he would look into the situation and get back to me around 3pm that day. It was only the day before that I found out from CPS that AC had voided out all three of my extended warranties because I pursued a charge back for the cost of the extended warranties and apparently was going to keep the value of the warranties. I called the store at 4:30pm only to find out they closed at 4pm on a Friday, I called CPS but they were also closed at 4pm on Friday. I sent an email to Calvin and included a email I sent to the credit card co., outlining the reasons for the charge back and to demonstrate that it had NOTHING to do with the extended warranties. I had to wait another weekend and spoke to Calvin on Monday who told me that I should not have requested the charge back with my credit card co., and that it made him look bad which made it abundantly clear that this problem is being created by AC as retribution for me requesting a charge back on items not performed. Calvin said he will look into my situation when he had the time possibly sometime within the next 10 business days and then proceeded to spend approx 45 min on the phone telling me he had no time to look at my situation. At this point I have filed a complaint with the BBB, the FTC and the Attorney General and am looking into another charge back from my credit card co for the cost I paid for the extended warranties to use for the repair of the refrigerator which has not not been able to cool for almost 3 weeks. I am also looking into obtaining any names and contact information of other people within this company that may have some morsel of respect for a customer and want to do the right thing for the customer and make them aware of how customers are being treated, lied to and stolen from in the name of Customer Service.

Two Complaints.
I have two complaints with Appliances Connection, after recently giving them several thousand dollars over the past 90 days. First, I bought a ~$1,300 Napoleon Grill. Accidentally, I bought the Natural Gas version when I needed the Propane version. The moment I finished assembling the grill, I noticed my error. I contacted Appliances Connection to see what could be done. Appliances Connection agreed to take the grill back, sell me the correct one, I must pay a $135 fee, to which I agreed. They asked me if I still have the packing materials available, I told them yes, I have in my possession still as I had just assembled the grill moments ago. Eventually their trucking company (AM Trucking) arrived with my new grill and to take back the assembled, previously purchased NG grill. I emailed them right after it was picked up; they replied quickly and told me a refund would be processed, but it never was. After waiting for 2 full weeks, I had to make contact with them. Finally, a refund was approved to be processed according to an email I received. Eventually I see my credit card was refunded (finally, close to 3 weeks later), but for an amount that was short of $150.90 of the purchase price of the original grill (this was IN ADDITION to the $135 return fee I agreed to pay, and was already charged for). Obviously, I never agreed to this, so after contacting Appliances Connection it was explained to me that they chose to withhold the $150.90 because the "packaging materials" never came back to them. I was never notified ahead of time, never invoiced for this $150.90, etc. I explained that I had the packing materials sitting and waiting for AM Trucking, but AM Trucking drivers (their hired agents) indicated they didn't want/need these packing materials, so naturally, after the Truck left, I threw the packing materials away. Someone at Appliances Connection at first apologized and told me they've processed the $150.00 refund (close, but not the correct amount of $150.90), but they later reversed their position. Eventually I had a very strange phone call with * seemed all over the place. He reversed himself many times on the call, tried to assert that because their Trucking Company (AM Trucking) decided not to take the packing material, I am somehow at fault. During this entire fiasco, I also discovered another situation worthy of complaining about. When I first contacted them about getting the correct grill, they quoted me $1,074 (in writing), to which I agreed. Then, while I was at work a CCA (credit card authorization) came through in email for an amount around $75 higher than the previously agreed upon WRITTEN quote. THERE WAS NO IN BETWEEN COMMUNICATION ABOUT THE PRICE OF THE NEW GRILL. It literally went from the $1,074 written price quote to a higher amount on the CCA, which causes me to wonder if it was intentional. Unfortunately, I didn't notice this change (I was at work), so I signed the CCA reflecting the elevated amount (~$75 higher). This was MY MISTAKE, and I've admitted this to Appliances Connection, but it seems in line with their other position regarding the packing material mishap they're wanting me to pay for. I already paid a $135 fee for the grill return. I had the packing materials waiting and available for AM Trucking; they indicated to me that they don't want/need at the time they were at my house loading up the return grill. So, it looks like I now may have no choice but to open a Credit Card dispute with my credit card Company. I now regret choosing Appliances Connection to buy what I did from them recently. I have a six-figure income. My concern is how I was treated. Their behavior seems shady/unscrupulous to me.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Absolute dumpster fire of an experience.
Worst purchase experience I have ever had. Purchased a range and a hood vent with an inline exhaust fan. Said free shipping. When you go to purchase it will add more because the zip code was near mine but not exactly the same. When you clear your cache you can get free shipping with your actual zip code. Appliances Connection try to squeeze more out of you at any chance they get. The range hood said available and the range said in stock and have a delivery date. Both were notified that they were delayed for shipment beyond when they were originally promised for delivery. I clicked on the range hood and it said that it was unavailable now. I started to look online for a new place to purchase it and appliance connection came up again saying it was available and I could have it in a certain date range. Even through when I go through the link on my email it says unavailable and they don't know when the ETA is. I called them to ask why they are listing the item as available if it isn't actually available and they said: "just because it says available doesn't mean that it's actually available. It has to say it's in stock. Available just means that it is available to purchase." So I said ok but I have one that is "In Stock" and that was delayed as well. The rep said that it does say the range was in stock and should ship out a month after they said it was supposed to ship out. I asked where exactly was it in stock and she said she didn't know. She thought from the manufacturer and that I would have to call them directly if I want to know where my item was and that just because they give me dates that it was supposed to be delivered doesn't mean it will actually be delivered at that time at all.

Basically if you order anything where listed as available or in stock, it doesn't mean anything. Reps will lie to you and when you catch them in the lie they will just change it up to say what they want just in a different way. I asked for a refund for an Item they said was out of stock and unavailable but listed as available to people that haven't purchased it yet. I purchased it from a different site which distributes from the same channels because its the only supplier in the US for the item and it shipped right away. I still have yet to receive my refund. The website and Reps are all Fraud.

Expert installation? Not so much.
First, let me start out with what was good about my experience.

1: the customer service department is friendly and responsive. Appliances Connection don't blow you off.
2: the appliances are high quality.

Now, let me share why the overall experience left me extremely dissatisfied.

I purchased a beautiful Italian range from Appliances Connection several months ago. The lead time was about 12 weeks and the cost was over $2500. This was, without a doubt, the most expensive appliance I've ever purchased. I saved up for a long time - this was a big deal purchase for me.

The item required some special setup (it included a regulator, and required a special electrical connection). I purchased the "expert installation" service offered by AppCon. In advance of purchasing the item, I asked my sales associate if the gas hose from my old oven, if a standard item, would work with the new unit. He indicated this would be OK.

After a few months, my range was delivered. Unfortunately, one of the oven's legs was defective and the unit could not be assembled. Even more unfortunately, the manufacturer was closed for the month. So after having waited several months for the range, I had to wait another month for the legs to arrive. It was only after repeated calls that AppCon finally figured out another solution--taking the legs from a display unit. I was disappointed that they hadn't thought of this a month prior!

When the replacement leg came, another crew of installers came. Unfortunately, they made a terrible impression in a variety of ways:

-They claimed that my gas hose (approved by the sales associate earlier) was not compatible with the regulator. They said that the regulator was "unnecessary."
-They claimed the electrical hookup was not correct.
-They turned off my electricity without telling me and did not turn it back on; only hours later did I realize this when I noticed that the food in my fridge had spoiled.

They left without installing. Figuring I may have made some errors, I called in an electrician and appliance repair person, and was assured that the gas hose I had WAS compatible, that the regulator WAS necessary, and that the electrical hookup was in fact correct. Yep, I had to pay for these people to come to the house too. SO, I called AppCon again and had them send another set of installers.

The third time installers came, I ordered a new gas hose, JUST IN CASE. The Installers arrived not realizing they were supposed to do installation - they just thought they were delivering the hose. The gentleman said "I Need to call my boss" and then exited my house. Only after several minutes did I realize he wasn't coming back!

At this point, I was about to depart for a long trip. The AppCon customer service dept indicated that they would be able to reimburse the costs if I was able to find an installer locally.

I did find an installer locally, and he was able to install the unit easily. However, the bill was steep - over $400.

How much did AppCon offer to refund me? $130 (via a total of $200, which included the refunded "expert installation" fee plus $130).

Given the fact that after 3 visits and about 2 months AppCon was not able to complete the installation, I found this disappointing.

Overall Appliances Connection has left a very bad impression. I would suggest purchasing your appliances from a company that actually understands how to install what they sell and who won't leave you waiting and waiting for a solution.

Worst Company Ever
This is the worst possible business you could buy your appliances from. Everything about our dealings with them has been a nightmare. These people are borderline criminals, and if I had the upfront funds for a lawyer, I would take them to court in a heartbeat. I know Appliances Connection seem to have good reviews here but you should be skeptical of the veracity of these reviews. Check out the alert on Better Business Bureau which is harder to fudge: I wish I had seen this before I ordered from them.
TLDR: Here are some tips if you ignore my review and choose to order from them: 1) Review your invoice carefully before paying. Most appliance distributors will comp shipping, white glove delivery, installation, and appliance removal. Make sure you are not paying these charges or at least shop around Costco is one company where all these things are free. 2) Ask who their shipper is for your product. If they say AM Home Delivery, look elsewhere. (See AM Home Delivery's online reviews) 3) Pray that there is nothing wrong with your product when it arrives. If there is you will find that it is difficult to get a replacement and you will deal with a lot of negativity from their customer service reps.

And here are some longer explanations of the above:
1) They sneak in erroneous charges on things that would be free if you ordered elsewhere. Their website states free delivery on orders over $99. We ordered about $7,000 worth of appliances. We were charged $120 in shipping + a $100 charge that just said "Concierge Service Appliance Warranties", which we later learned was for installation which we never asked for nor received. On top of that, we were charge $30 for every appliance they needed to remove. In total we were charged $280 for these items which should have been comped, especially with a $7,000 order. Note: Do not pay for shipping, white glove delivery, installation, or appliance removal when you are ordering large appliances. There are multiple places you can order these appliances from that waive ALL of these fees (Costco is one example). I found this out too late.

2) They use the worst shipping company (AM Home Delivery, which has horrible ratings across multiple review sites) and then absolve themselves of any responsibility of damages caused by the shipping company. All you need to do is google AM Home Delivery and you will see how awful they are, but here is Better Business Bureau: This company doesn't even have their own trucks, they use rentals (e.g. Penske)! So here is my experience: They severely damaged our walls getting the appliances into the house, as well as caused several dents in the refrigerator (see attached photos). We reached out to Appliances Connection and they said we needed to take it up with AM Home Delivery, and that it basically was not their problem. You can read the full experience with AM Home Delivery in my review of them, but in short, after multiple letters and phone calls we have NOT HEARD ONE WORD from them on these damages. Moreover, they wanted us to sign a waiver of liability when they came to pick up the damaged fridge absolving them of any liability should they damage the walls AGAIN on the way out. Ridiculous!

3) They make it VERY difficult to return anything. If you can't point directly to damages caused by them, you are likely stuck with what you ordered. It is very easy to find alternate appliance distributers that not only allow you to return things for any reason, but will also comp the return shipping. The refrigerator was damaged when it was delivered. At first we thought it was just the door but it turned out the damages were more severe than that. Because we didn't refuse the delivery at the time due to us not knowing the extent of the damage, Appliances Connection threatened not to send us a new refrigerator. They were so rude that we finally said that we just wanted to return the refrigerator and we would get a new one elsewhere. This was followed by a series of threats and them taking their time picking up the damaged refrigerator (see #4 below). They said that if I wanted it to be picked up faster then I could just pay for shipping "like everybody else". I find it hard to believe that other people pay for return shipping on items that arrived damaged.

4) Their customer service is awful, in particular their Office Manager. It amazes me that this guy's job is customer service, when he is clearly angry about life and wants to make everyone else's life miserable. I can't think of anyone worse-suited for their job than the customer service guy we dealt withHorrible horrible! This guy was rude, combative, and unprofessional. It was like dealing with a child. Below are some snippets of our conversation. I had asked for a new refrigerator to be shipped free of charge and expedited, along with a discount for the inconvenience caused (e.g. Us being without a refrigerator for several more weeks), and the fact that they took no responsibility for our damaged walls and the shipping company they used that we had no say in is impossible to get a hold of.

Here was his response:
We clearly have a breakdown in communication here, non-negotiable...

1--If you want a replacement unit shipped out AGAIN you pay for the new unit upfront (as no unit will process without payment) and once you notify me here that the damaged unit is picked up at the time of delivery we will confirm and process that full refund for the damaged unit and it will take 10-14 business days from processing as for everyone else as well

2--If we ship a replacement unit there is no discount whatsoever as you are being made whole with a brand new unit

3--These are third party trucking companies and that's why any damages THEY cause must be dealt with through them directly

I also asked that I speak to someone else at his company should he be unable to accommodate this request, and he clearly didn't like that kick to his ego:

With all due respect there is no one above me to speak to, I've been running the day to day operations here for 8 years now and we are in business 18 years and ship out over 2 million products annually, we don't take kindly to inane orders & demands, the bottom line here is if you thought accepting the unit was going to give you the right to demand things from us maybe you should've just refused it because these circumstances will not be changing in any way.

If you are not satisfied with these options, we will gladly pick up the unit within the next 7 business days and refund you in full for the unit only, and this goes no further than that.

Needless to say, that is the option we went with, and we purchased the exact same refrigerator on Costco that shipped quickly with free white glove delivery. However, we still had this damaged refrigerator that we needed to get out of our house. His 7 business day promise was made on Thursday, October 10th: seven business days would have been Friday, October 18th. When we inquired about when the refrigerator would get picked up, here was his response:

7 business days from 10/10 is Friday 10/25 as we are not open on weekends & this Monday & Tuesday & next Monday & Tuesday are the high holy holidays & our shipping department is not open those days so that is the long term date but we will try to get it sooner, non-negotiable, if you cant handle that, ship it back yourself like everyone else does, most pickups take 2-3 weeks minimum to achieve for everyone as the trucking companies manifests are full long in advance. Nothing will change so please do not harass with further emails, I am on top of it for you & working for the time frame specified, just like everyone else.

You can imagine my surprise when all of a sudden 7 business days had turned into 13. He could have mentioned that when he sent his original email. On top of that, I was also surprised to see that "everyone else" ships back damaged products themselves. Who are these people who agree to incur additional costs because product they ordered that was supposed to arrive new arrived damaged? As I type this I am still appalled by this guy's demeanor. Clearly this company does not care at all about customer service if this guy is the lead contact for outward facing requests.

In sum, there are so many other online venues to purchase appliances that actually have customer service and will treat you with respect conduct business with integrity. Appliances Connection is not one of them.

BUYERS BEWARE! I would not give this company any stars. I purchased a stove on 11/05/2021, along with a hood and a kickplate. The items were supposed to be delivered no later than 12/30/2020. We received a call on 12/28/2020 saying that the items would be delivered the following day between 9am and 11am. Appliances Connection showed up at my house ringing my doorbell at 10:30 at night waking up my 2 small children. I obviously told them that was unexpectable. They told me that they would return the next day. Never happened. I called back to this company and spoke with ALEX who was extremely rude who gave me the shipping companies number and told me to deal with it. This is the company that they contracted to ship my items so why would the customer have to deal with them? Anyways we went back and forth and today is 01/18/2021 and i still have not received any of the items that I purchased. We already made the first payment. So I call to find out what is going on and this girl AZALEA comes on the phone and says my stuff is set to ship tomorrow and is nasty and condescending to me. So bad that I had to hang up the phone before I came out of character. THIS GIRL SHOULD NOT BE IN CUSTOMER SERVICE! So I call the shipping company only to be told that they had not been instructed to ship the order from anyone. The guy at the shipping company said let me look into this for you. He calls me back and says the hood and kick plate are on back order. So I am forced to call AZALEA back to find out why I was not told that anything was on back order. Once again nasty she tells me that it is what it is sir. "What do you want me to do about it".
Today I called the shipping company just to have them ship me the stove. The guy at the shipping company tells me ok let me call AZALEA and I will call you right back. I then get a call from AZALEA telling me that the stove has damage now and she will refund my money. I have opened up a case with the Better Business Bureau and the Attorney Generals office and will pursue this as far as I can. This company is the worst that I have ever seen and the people that work there have NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER, and the people that I dealt with are both ALEX and AZALEA. STAY AWAY. THERE ARE BETTER REPUTABLE COMPANIES OUT THERE. THIS PLACE AND THESE PEOPLE ARE A JOKE.

Stay away from this company! Absolutely worst and most rude customer service ever!
In brief I was treated to the absolute worst and most disrespectful customer service I have ever experienced in my life regarding missing essential items for installation (which had been ordered), a damaged washer and gross misrepresentation of actual delivery times. Below is a recap of my experience.

On May 30,2018 I called Appliances Connection and spoke with Douglas, the sales people. He was exceptionally helpful and friendly. We ultimately agreed upon a price of $2195. 04 which was to include 1 Bosch WTG86400UC 300 series compact Dryer, 1 Bosch WAT29400UC 300 series compact washer, 1 Bosch WTZ204 stacking kit, installation of both units, removal of the old Miele washer and dryer, as well as a surcharge for 6 flights of stairs (3 for each unit.) I was under the impression the units would be shipping out in a couple days and arriving here about within a week afterwards.

I called on 6/14 to inquire about expected delivery, as this was already much longer than I had anticipated. I also noticed that the removal of the old washer and dry was not listed on the statement. After conferring with Chichana that issue was straightened out, which was confirmed with an email she sent to both myself and AM Shipping.

On June 20 - fifteen business days and 20 regular days - AM Trucking arrived, however the stacking unit was missing and thus the delivery and installation could not be completed. Having no place to store the new washer and dryer I had AM Trucking hold on to the units until a stacking unit could be procured. I called Appliances Connection and spoke with Vico to see about having the missing part expedited so I could finally have a working washer and dryer. He very rudely told me the company can't expedite the part and I would need to wait the usual 4-5 business days to receive it. Given I had already waited fifteen business days for something that I originally thought would be arriving in a week I told him that wasn't acceptable. His offer was to refund me the $39 and I could pick the stacking unit up locally. After researching, I discovered no local stores stocked the part and I was going to have to order it elsewhere. I found a company (ABT) that was willing to send the part via 2-day express mail for an additional $29. Vico was completely unwilling to reimbursement for that expense.

On Tuesday June 26 I had rescheduled a delivery to occur in the morning. I am a trauma psychotherapist with a home office and can not be disturbed when working with clients. Late Monday I was told delivery was scheduled between 1-5. I told them I had clients and delivery needed to be complete by 2pm. I was told I was first on the list and that should not be a problem. At 1:45 I called to see what the status was and was told it would be at least another 2 hours, which was not going to work for me so delivery was again delayed to Friday, June 29 at 6am.

Friday, June 29 AM Trucking arrived shortly after 6am. In anticipation of everything going smoothly, Appliances Connection disconnected my old washer and dryer. Then it was discovered the washer was bashed in and therefore could not be installed. As a convenience to AM Trucking and also because the old dryer was now disconnected, I had them remove the old washer and dryer and leave the new dryer.

I called Appliances Connection and spoke with Emanuel. I asked him to please have the replacement washer expedited, which he said he would see what he could do. He also informed me that usually there was a fee to return the damaged washer, which I adamantly opposed. He said as a concession he would not charge me the shipping cost for the replacement. I also told him I had found the same washer for a lower price on another website. He at first agreed to give me a store credit of roughly $65, and later rescinded that offer.

Even though the order for the replacement was done on June 29th, it was not picked up by AM Trucking until July 7th! (This was according to Charlie who works at AM Trucking). The replacement washer was FINALLY delivered on Wednesday, July 18th.

There were a number of online conversations regarding trying to get any type of compensation for the huge inconvenience and delayed delivery. I have included all of the conversations below in the document titled "email conversations with Appliances Connection." The final offer from Appliances Connection was a refund of $100 if I would agree not to place any negative reviews. Quite honestly after I felt this was a slap in the face considering the long series of mishaps, inconvenience and complete lack of respect or any semblance of true customer service - particularly for such a high end product.

Stay Away from Appliance Connection
I would encourage anyone reading this post to go to another retailer to get your appliances. I ordered a high end Kitchen built in refrigerator from Appliance Connection on April 20,2021. It took some time for the refrigerator to get shipped to them and around the end of May 2021, Appliances Connection indicated it was ready to be delivered. The first delivery team showed up and said the refrigerator is over 700lbs and there was no way for a two person team to make the delivery happen without potentially, damaging the product, damaging my house or injury to themselves.

I live in Virginia so they turned around and returned the refrigerator. To coordinate the next shipment I spoke to the Lillian at YF Logistics, the delivery company who told me they would send a different crew down the following week. Once again, two different men showed up and the one guy said he could do it and he was "the guy" who can handle it and how bad all the other delivery drivers are. After wheeling it in on a dolly, the hard wheels dug into my wood floor and caused two grooves running the length of the foyer and into the kitchen. It is an unsightly damage and I had a local flooring company that came in and said they caused $9000 in damages.

I let Appliances Connection know of the damage and they claimed they have initiated a claim. I have furnished them with pictures of the damaged floor, a copy of the repair quote and submitted the claim. They insisted I also show them my homeowner's policy which I reluctantly did provide as I see no reason why my homeowner's policy is relevant to this clam and the damage they did.

In speaking with Vico, the manager of claims at Appliances Connection I was told this claim could take up to 6 months which left me feeling highly uncomfortable. I have furnished them with everything they have asked for but I got the distinct sense based on his approach that they were looking for ways to not get this resolved, in a less than timely manner or if at all.

They say they had filed a claim with the shipping company but all I get is an automated reply saying it is being worked on but nothing is ever communicated by Vico or any member of their team.

I also wish to note, when the delivery truck showed up, it had Appliances Connection advertised on the side. Also, in calling YF Logistics, it has the exact same music on hold, the exact same dial in information and appears to be part of the same company, even though they have taken some steps to make it appear not to be so.

I ended up after a couple of months having no updates filed with my credit card company with Visa, Appliance Connection has t taken the position of doing nothing to resolve it and I was told by Vico the Customer Service Manager that since I filed with the credit card company, he will do nothing to help me. What happened to the claim filed 5 months ago with the trucking company?
Would you not think that they would take the high ground and say, we messed up this guy's house; let's get it fixed for him? It further supports that they never intended to do anything to fix the damage they did.

I'll provide updates as they unfold but for now it is in Visa's hands and I can only say, this is one of the worst companies I have ever done business with.

I bought three appliances from for $2,504 (minus $100 rebate). I could have purchased the same appliances from another website for $150 less without the rebate. I chose because Appliances Connection listed the product "in-stock" not "back order". After the order was placed, I received about two emails a week, extending the delivery date. Then they wanted to do a split shipment. I told them that I wanted all appliances delivered at same time because I was hiring someone to install them and only wanted to pay for one trip.
I got tired of waiting for delivery and called to cancel order. The customer service person told me since I waited so long, they would give all my appliances a 10 year Major Component Warranty. I told them that I would agree and wait. After two more emails postponing the delivery, I called them to cancel order. The person to me to hold on, he returned to the phone 3 minutes later to tell me that my last appliance just arrived and they would be shipping "today". At this point, they charged my credit card and per their terms and conditions, I would be charged penalties for cancellation. I received a delivery notice from the shipping company saying they had two items. I emailed back and forth only to find out the third item was still on back order. They lied to me so that they could bill me and I would not be able to cancel. The product arrived and the stove (that was on back order the longest) was damaged. The top of the box was caved in and bottom corner of the stove had a crushed area. We inspected and found a dent across back and on the bottom front corner. We refused the item but kept the other two, per the instructions of AppliancesConnection. After several emails and promises from AC, I was told that would give me $75 credit to keep accept damaged stove with a three year parts and labor warranty and damage repaired by Whirlpool technician. I agreed to this, reluctantly. After another two weeks passed, I got a email stating that they refunded the stove. When I called them, I said I wanted to get a replacement, not a refund. They told me that they credit my account $666 but the new stove would cost $743 (although their website lists the price at $699). When I purchased the three appliance, I got a discount of $77 for the bundle. When they refunded my money, the deducted the $77, as if it was my fault. Also, the 10 year major component warranty, never happened.
I tried to get legal name and process address from the company. I got a email from a man from their legal department named Richard "Rick" PharoahI stating that I got a refund. I called the company to get their legal information and was transferred to "Rick". He told me that he would not provide me with any information. When I asked his name, he said "Jonathan". I asked if he was just trying to confuse the situation and he said "yes".
I would RUN from this company. They are selling damaged appliances as new. Even my refrigerator was not in a box when it arrived. It was wrapped in plastic as if it was a previous return. The doors seem racked and do not align properly.

Horrible customer service! Bad business!
I don't even know where to start! I purchased a couple of refrigerators through our business account which went fairly smooth. My husband and I decided to purchase a stove/oven for our home we were remodeling after moving. We ordered the oven for $5,000 ish. We were remodeling a kitchen so we had multiple deliveries for cabinet boxes being delivered as well as a refrigerator from another source. Our garage was PACKED with boxes at one point. I emailed at one point asking when to expect our oven and was told a local shipping company would contact me. Finally, we were at the stage in our kitchen for the cabinets to be installed and we were surprised when one of the boxes we opened was our stove. We had no idea! It turns out, it was delivered and my teenage son had signed for it. When we opened it, we could see the smaller oven on the right side had a broken glass door and the metal was dented in the front right side. I decided as long as it worked that we could set it up and then just ask for a replacement door. We have a daughter with special needs and dietary restrictions so we needed to be able to cook. When we actually got it set in place, we discovered a lot more issues. The back side and left side also had multiple dents. The burners would not light up. If you tried lighting one burner, Appliances Connection all started clicking and sparking. Only the front right and rear right burner would occasionally light after 20+ tries and by then we were gassed out! The left standard size oven does not light up or heat or function whatsoever. Neither do any burners on the left or the center grill. The small oven on the right only hold a small bread loaf dish but works so we have had to use that for cooking. When I called we were about 40 days past delivery, per AppliancesConnection. There was argument over that but I explained we had no idea the oven was delivered. Eric, the most immature, haughty salesperson I have ever encountered stated "well we have your signature" and I asked him to provide it to me. The policy states that the customer must inspect the unit on arrival and sign for it. Clearly, that is not communicated with a shipping company, nor possible, because 1) a drill was needed to open the crate and no delivery person is going to stand around and wait for a full working order inspection and 2) No teenager should be responsible for this and an adult was supposed to sign! Eric eventually said well we can return it or we can have someone fix it and try to get the replacement parts to avoid a restock or return shipping fee. We chose the latter and next thing you know, we were told nobody could help us and it was too late to return but we could be offered a "great deal" on a new oven for 20% off! It was as if he forgot who we were and then more immature and catty conversations continued. You couldn't even argue with the guy. He lacked common sense and tact. He kept deflecting and honestly being a baby! It was crazy! I just wanted my money back or a replacement or a repair and I got none of that because they didn't follow their due diligence to have an adult sign for the unit, etc. Then Eric lied about what he originally promised! We were the nice ones to give them a shot at fixing it which didn't happen. I cannot believe I have to just walk away from 5k! And I won't! We plan to file a small claims suit. We have just been very busy finishing our remodel but we are finally done, albeit we do not have a functioning kitchen. This company does not deserve your business. I would never treat any of my clients this way. You are only as good as the way you remedy mistakes! Hope their lawyers are better than mine but they won't be. It is cut and dry!

Do not buy from Appliances Connection--heartache, anxiety and loss of money and investment
I purchased a sofa for $1927. 99--full price--and paid an additional $179 for an extended warranty. I received a defective sofa in Sep. 2020 that sits in a new 2nd home that we have visited few times during COVID. Upon visiting in February, I noticed defects including fabric splitting from the seam, lump/bumps developing in the curved back, piping around top edge not sewn and fraying, and staples on the underside of the fabric pushing through the fabric making holes. I contacted the company in February with these complaints. Appliances Connection initially told me that the sofa was not defective and that my warranty did not begin until one-year after purchase. They later retracted and said the warranty was in effect. I have been negotiating with this company since then (today is 5/26/2021) to no avail. An independent furniture repair company was dispatched by the warranty company to review the situation and concludes the sofa is defective (I have the documentation). Contrary to Appliances Connection representation to me that the warranty covers accidents and defects for up to 5 years, the warranty company disavows covering manufacturer defects--only accidental damage. There is no information on the manufacturer in China and the seller has helped me or provided information on that company. After months of wrangling, being bullied, and becoming anxious and disheartened, I verbally agreed to refund option #2 below from the seller. I declined to agree to remove the negative review I posted on Google as a condition of the refund. SEE GOOGLE REVIEW WITH EXPLICIT PICTURES.
1. The seller will pay me $500 for a defective sofa that I cannot use; OR
2. I may return the sofa for a refund; however, I must pay about $700 for shipping. I changed my mind when they sent me A mandatory return form (RMA) for the sofa where the refund line was imprinted with $0. I inquired, and they sent me a 2nd RMA--the refund line was imprinted with a negative number preceding the refund. Also, on the RMA there are boilerplate statements that they require me to agree to that do not apply to me and my situation. If I agree, they could throw out the claim and not pay after I ship the sofa back. I do not trust this company for these reasons, and because in their many communications to me they do not tell the truth and often reverse representations from one day to the next. I have weekly emails since February documenting all of their antics. When I told them that my decorator abhorred their tactics and would be contacting her national network of designers, a Mr. Wellington told me that "they know how to deal with designers."

I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau of NY in February. At that time, the seller had over 504 complaints lodged with the BBB. Appliances Connection has what they say seems to be a pattern. I quote: "BBB files indicate a pattern of complaints concerning merchandise quality, delivery, and customer service for Appliances Connection. Numerous consumers are telling BBB about the problems they experience after ordering items such as home appliances or furniture from the website of Appliances Connection…Many customers have allegedly received defective or damaged merchandise, and a number of those consumers claim they either have been unable to have the damaged merchandise repaired or endure long frustrating waits for the repairs to be made. Some consumers that reportedly received damaged items say they try to work with the company for a replacement item or refund but are unable to resolve the issue."

The purchase day is approximate. Every detail that I have printed above is documented.

Shouldn't be legal to conduct business the way they do
Appliancesconnection does not have the items Appliances Connection sell. You place an order, then they go out to a manufacturer hoping to find the item they "sold" you. Appliancesconnection even lets other websites subsell under them as well, spawning websites that are 2nd generation unaware if items exist. What takes the cake is you will always get a 2 week outlook to get your item when you they complete a sale, but I waited 6 weeks for a couch... They also claim they will stand behind their sale and refund you if you are unsatisfied (30 days returns), simply not true. You will get hit with 10% stocking fees including a charge of up for $1.50 cents per pound for returns (this is 68% of my couches purchase price). When it comes to them getting your the item... hey, give us 6 weeks, don't rush us. When it comes time for their freight company to deliver the item, you better be ready in 24 hours or else your restocking fee and return shipping will have you paying 70% of an item you never got (double standards huh?). Also, they will want you to assemble and inspect your item for damage and sign a waiver before the shipping man leaves... Simply state your item was incomplete, damaged, and not built to spec if you buy from them. Otherwise they con you into signing off that the item is fine whenever the shipping guy doesn't tell you what you are signing. You got 24 hours to figure out what is missing or damaged, if you need a replacement guess what, they can't supply it, yup probably waiting another 6 weeks for that part because they also don't know if items are replaceable/discontinued/closed out etc.

Overall, I got my couch, undamaged, and my experience was fine aside from having a dryer in my order cancelled and the fact my couch took 6 weeks. However, after reading through more of their "return" policy and their unfair timeline for customers receiving items versus their lax/no care solutions for quick shipping, I would say the business practices of this company are highly unethical. You will see this if you google them with the search term better business bureau, they can't get the rating but they post other third party bs ratings on their site. Their business model is grab the sale, even if we don't have the item and we waste customer's time. Though I will say they are properly staffed to receive phone calls.

I got lucky, very lucky the more I read into it. However, if you buy from these guys instead of a store, you're an idiot having known what I just told you. The risk and timelines are not worth it, not even if you are saving 20-30% on a $2000 item in my opinion.

Product was fine, service was poor from start to end.
I originally purchased a dryer, an installation kit, and white glove delivery service. Issue #1 was immediate. The website stated Appliances Connection could deliver the items in 8 days everywhere I read until I 'confirm order'. Immediately after placing my order I received an e-mail that the delivery would be delayed 2 weeks due to COVID (photo provided as proof). If they were aware of delivery delays they should've stated so on the website. After 22 days I received a phone call 1 hour before my delivery window that the tracking information had been incorrect and my delivery was delayed indefinitely. After another 5 days my delivery was rescheduled for the next day. On the day of the delivery the service was terrible. The delivery drivers were contracted out by Appliances Connection and they used that as their excuse for everything. They did not have the installation kit, they had no idea they were supposed to have one, and they had no idea they were supposed to help with installation. According to them, the only thing they were required to do to provide a $60 white glove service was to unbox the dryer. They never explained why the installation kit was missing and tried to pressure me into signing a form that said everything was delivered as expected. Instead of signing like they asked I detailed all of the missing items to protect myself. When I called Appliances Connection they also had no explanation for why the installation kit was missing. They suggested I just buy the missing pieces at a local retailer and ask for a refund, which I did. Unfortunately they never actually processed said refund and I ended up having to call back twice to get them to actually initiate the refund. According to Appliances Connection, the refund was delayed because they needed confirmation from the shipping company that they didn't actually deliver the item(s). The dryer works fine now that I've installed it myself, but I am still waiting on the refund that I am owed by Appliances Connection 3 weeks after they 'installed' my dryer. They were unwilling to process a refund for the white glove service because the delivery drivers did open the box. I would not recommend this company to anyone, it was a poor experience the whole way through.

Buyer Beware!
If you are wise enough to read the many negative reviews of and the delivery companies Appliances Connection use BEFORE you make a purchase, I hope you heed these reviews. Apparently, there are people who have had a positive experience with this Company, sadly this was not our experience (and our experience seems to be very much like that of so many others). After our refrigerator died, we immediately began shopping for another one, first locally and then on the Internet. We found a refrigerator on that was $100 less than we could find locally, and their website stated it would be delivered seven days later, four days before we could obtain one locally. After contacting and the delivery company they hired (Road Runner Trucking) numerous times, they attempted to deliver our refrigerator twenty-five days after we ordered it! Numerous people online advised you should thoroughly inspect anything you receive from BEFORE signing for the delivery. As the refrigerator was being taken out of the delivery truck, we could immediately see the packaging on the refrigerator was severely damaged (which was indicative of trauma), and the refrigerator itself was scratched, so we refused delivery. A very unhappy delivery man roughly drug the refrigerator back into the truck. We were supposed to receive In-Home Delivery, but said the delivery company refused to do anything but Curb-side Delivery. We followed the instructions on our invoice and immediately tried to contact, but no one answered. After several attempts to call, we left a message/ticket on their website that we had refused delivery. Even though we had been told we would receive a full refund if there were any problems, refused to give a full refund. They offered a partial refund only, or we could accept re-delivery of the refrigerator for an extra fee. After NUMEROUS phone calls and emails, we attempted to get a refund through PayPal, but all it took for PayPal to deny our claim was for the Delivery Company to state they had delivered the refrigerator to us, when they had not. We contacted an attorney, and it took the attorneys involvement to receive a refund five months after we purchased the refrigerator. Everyone we spoke with at and the Delivery Company (Road Runner Trucking) agreed that the refrigerator had NOT been delivered to us, and it was agreed the Delivery Companys Tracking information showing the refrigerator delivered to us was incorrect. Yet, the Delivery Company refused to change their Tracking information? If you enjoy spending countless hours trying to get what you paid for and then waiting months for a refund, I definitely recommend ordering items from Like SO many others have said the $100 you think you are saving is not at all worth the hassle you may have to endure shop elsewhere.

Be Cautious
Be sure to check out the Better Business Bureau. After writing my review, I discovered plethora of complaints having to do with similar issues as mine and others on their site.

Sadly, as others have said, shipping times can be deceptive; even if Appliances Connection do say "Quick Ship" I ordered two seperate items- One grill and one Chiminea. Both of these items showed that they were a Quick Ship item. However, the week after ordering, I receive an email stating that both items have been discontinued and no longer available. I called and spoke with Alex and told him that I understood that this happens and asked if he could find out which other items similar to the ones I ordered were available. Alex advised that he would email each company to see what was comparable in features and report back. Alex called me the next day and advised that the chiminea is still available and will be shipped out soon. This was excellent news to my ears! Alex advised that he would call back once he heard back from the other manufacturer. I called Alex the following week because I received an email from Billing with another invoice for the grill and was quite surprised to see this was for the same model. I was not successful with reaching Alex so I contacted Billing and was advised that the grill was available and that I needed to provide a card for the remainder of the balance(My orginal order authorization had expired). I paid the remainder the balance and was very happy to hear it was available. Fast forward about a week and I receive and email telling me the GRILL WAS NOT AVAILABLE! I immediately called and spoke with Alex and he was unsure why I was rebilled for the grill and said that he had been attempting to contact PitBoss(Grill Company) but they have not returned his email. I contacted PitBoss myself and within 5 mins on the phone, I was told that there were over 1200 available to ship. Today, I spoke with Victor and he advised that the season is over and there are no grills at all from PitBoss available to ship. Furthermore, I was told that they don't even order from PitBoss directly and that their grills come from somewhere else(why was Alex trying to get ahold of PitBoss if they don't even order from PitBoss? Fabricated Lie?) I then asked Victor about the Chiminea and he advised that it was available. I asked him when it was going to ship and he said 1 or 2 weeks( I did not feel confident with this answer but accepted it). Now, here is why I am giving 2.5 stars and not less-7 months ago, I ordered a washer and dryer. There were some issues with logistics due to my old address was given to the shipping company and not my new address. Fortunately, this did not delay too much and ended up being convenient for me in the long run.

Here's my advice-I would call and make sure the item is actually available before you order. I use my Citi Brandsource CC for all appliance purchases and have found that all Brandsource dealers have similar pricing and the same products as this company does. On the brandsource website, you can search for stores that accept this card or alternatively, you can do a quick google search as well and find other stores.

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