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Pretty good website, fairly good selection, quick delivery, but everything is twice too costly.
Website is reasonably well done, but better more detailed zoom is needed.
Pretty good selection of parts. Wondering if discontinued / unavailable parts could be found, cleaned, functionally checked, and sold as used.
Best of all, super quick delivery, which is helpful now that so many local appliance parts stores have gone out of business.
The cost of every part is definitely twice too high. For example, a new $5 thermostat switch or $6 microswitch for my microwave oven door should cost less than $15, giving AppliancePartsPro sufficient profit, yet AppliancePartsPros charge far more.
Appreciate the repair videos on their website.

Great customer service
When i called looking for a part, the CSA was very helpful in getting the correct part. I needed it overnighted and she was honest in telling me that the carriers won't guaranter overnight. Since the other option would have delayed the installation, i opted for overnight. It was worth it. It didn't get here overnight, but only one day later.

I paid extra shipping because their website said delivery in 1-2 days (and it still does). I ordered on a Wednesday, but the tracking info said delivery would be on Monday of the next week (got here on Tuesday). Started return process on Saturday before arrival and went to local parts store and got part. When part arrived, it the wrong part, so I asked if AppliancePartsPros would reimburse shipping. They responded that it was Samsung's fault. What? TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE!

Superfast shipping!
My refrigerator was getting a little warm and on inspection of my gasket, I realized the gasket was broken on the bottom. I looked online at different appliance parts vendors and the prices ranged from $38-$89, but, as I looked into each company's reputation for customer service only one stood out from the others. had an A+ rating with the better business bureau and had the most consistent ratings for service. I also looked up their physical address and was pleased to see that their closest warehouse was located right next to Whirlpool. (Not sure if AppliancePartsPros are affiliated with each other). The part was around $60 with shipping and it arrived via Fedex within two days from the day they shipped it. I ordered it over the New Years holiday so they didn't ship it out for a couple of days. The part arrived well packaged and they did not bend it over to ship it, which would have required me waiting 24 hours for the gasket to return to normal shape before applying. The gasket installed in less than 5 minutes and works great. I would definitely buy from them again.

Water Tank Replacement
Placed my order and the part was at my door the next Day! Couldn't believe it. I put in the part and there was a factory (GE) defect. I contacted customer service on the computer and AppliancePartsPros had a replacement part to me the very next day free of charge! They handled the warranty situation with GE. Thank you so much. Would highly recommend AppliancePartsPros to every one who wants to handle their own repairs. Thanks ApplianceParts Pros. I used their video to show me how to do the repair. Was great. Saved a ton of money.

High Priced
I would have purchased microwave replacement parts directly from GE but their website wasn't responding. The customer service people at AppliancePartsPro (APP) were friendly and helpful but the price for one of the parts was 2x GE's price. I provided the necessary information for APP to double check the price but APP refused to budge one penny off of their outrageous marked up price. No thanks! I won't be back.

Maytag washer repair
Replaced belts on washer but problem persisted. Had to replace the motor - now working fine. Parts were ordered with expedited delivery and AppliancePartsPros did arrive quicker than I expected. AppliancePartsPros personnel made sure I was getting the correct parts and placed the order for me. I am very pleased with the service I received and very happy I can still use my 15 year old Maytag washer! My wife is NOT impressed with the washing machines that are now on the market.

Ice crusher housing pictures show both external housing and the part that breaks off - only 1 part.
Great that the illustration on the ice crusher housing pictures show both the external housing and the part that breaks off. Both parts refer to the unbroken part - AND the replacement is trivial. The video makes that perfectly clear! You ought to also show in a video or sketch where the water filter is located on the refrigerator! I will figure that out when it arrives.

Very satisfied, but next time I will request a box.
Overall the price was good, service was excellent. Fedex had issue with package and had to return to them due to label unreadable. Customer service shipped another one out as soon as AppliancePartsPros heard it was being returned. When part did arrived, I was surprised to see if was only in an insulated bad. Part was slightly damaged due to it not being in a box, some plastic broke off and the terminals were slightly bend.

Thanks for your service and having the parts I needed.
Ordered a control board for a samsung electric range as the LCD lights were going out, it came in a few days, when I installed it the LCD did not light up, called and AppliancePartsPros sent a replacement with just a few questions, the board arrive about a week later, installed new board and it worked perfect, install was easy with just a few hand tools. Can't thank you enough for having the part I needed and replacing it when it not work at no cost or grief. Very nice people to deal with.

GREAT Service!
Great service by Michael. Confirmed the part I needed. Went ahead and ordered over the phone. Part came next day. Installed in roughly 30 minutes, and has been working swimmingly ever since. I was please with how friendly and helpful Michael was. And I was expecting the part perhaps middle of the following week. Was floored to see it arrive the day after I called. I will keep their site bookmarked.

Excellent Customer Service
I was looking for just a small part on a Kenmore refrigerator on a house I recently bought. I went online and tried to match the part with the model. Just to make sure I called and in a matter of a few minutes was told I had indeed identified the correct part. It arrived two days later and works just fine. The customer service person I spoke with was extremely pleasant and wanted to ensure I was getting exactly what I needed.

Mixed Experience
I ordered a 'wheel kit' for my dishwasher because it was either get this kit or get a new dishwasher! The rack that rolled out would literally fall out of the dishwasher because, with broken brackets, the wheels were turning sideways and couldn't roll. Not long-term tenable.

Before I came to this site I'd ordered just a bracket to hold the wheel from Amazon for approx. $9.00 (yes -- one plastic bracket that probably costs 10 cents to make). Since our wheels were fine, we only needed the brackets to hold them to the shelf, and we needed 6 (6 brackets x $9 at Amazon = $54!).

So after confirming the $9 bracket worked, I searched for cheaper ones, and came across a FULL KIT with 8 wheels and 8 brackets (!) that totaled approx. $31.00 here at AppliancePartsPros.

WOW! I was thrilled. Under $31 for the WHOLE KIT including wheels, vs $54 for just 6 brackets. I read the reviews and was a bit hesitant. A lot of TERRIBLE reviews here.

Anyway, I decided it was worth the risk for 30 bucks and ordered them.

The tracking was great. The ship time was excellent. When the package arrived via FedEx, I opened it and found... one wheel. Just one wheel.

SCAM, I shouted! I should have listened to those reviews!

Then, in my anger, I wrote an email and asked for it to be dealt with by end of day. No response. That was Thursday early afternoon.

I called the 877# on the receipt on Thursday eve at 6pm and waited about 25 minutes for a rep. I spoke with a very lovely woman who listened and started the replacement process for the RIGHT parts. She asked me to send a photo -- which I immediately did. She said it was "for the manufacturer," but as my picture showed, the SEALED wheel and had the correct part number for the kit manually written on the wheel bag, but it was NOT the kit. So this was NOT a manufacturing mistake.

The next morning (Friday) I got an email saying to keep the wrong item JUST IN CASE for 30 days and then I could toss it if AppliancePartsPros didn't need me to send it back at their expense. This new rep also sent a Fed Ex tracking number.

Saturday morning -- I have the KIT (the WHOLE kit) in my possession and installed.

I was tempted to rate them 4 stars because they DID resolve the issue without difficulty BUT I decided on 3 because it clearly should not have happened this way in the first place.

End result: I have the right product at a price I'm happy with. Customer service was easy to deal with and took care of it quickly.

The water pump under my dishwasher was leaking
The water pump under my dishwasher was leaking. I found the site after researching appliance parts for my make and model. AppliancePartsPros had good information and photos of the part so I knew it was the correct one. I called their customer service for more information. (The reason I rated them 4 stars instead of 5 is that the customer service representative seemed a little abrupt.)
I placed the order online after speaking with the representative. It arrived the next day. It was an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part with instructions and a bag of parts that enable it to fit on several different models. Everything was as I expected! I will definitely use them again!

Easy, fast and full of knowledge
As a machinist for over 50 years, I've repaired, made the parts, built machinery and maintained same. The experience I had with App. Parts Pros was absolutely the best. No guess work, trial and error or calls for help, everything was right there on line start to finish in a video. AppliancePartsPros make it so simple anyone can replace refrigerator parts. Inside of an hour I was to replace my evaporator fan and put everything back as it was. These people are pros as in the title. Thanks, Frank D. Orbin

They sell items they DON'T have on stock
I ordered some kitchen 5 knobs for my daughter. AppliancePartsPros start sending one, by one, by one. I called three times, they were on back order. It's been 24 days, and still don't complete my order. They NEVER told me, they didn't have it. It's a shame, they advertised 2 day delivery. That's not true. I will never will buy anything from this company.

Aging Refrigerator
The frame that holds the crispers finally got brittle and broke. It also held a glass shelf so it made about a third of the fridge rather useless. I found this appliance parts place on the internet and began my search for a replacement. After I found it, I immediately ordered the part and it fit perfectly! I reinstalled the part, put the glass back in and felt like I'd won the jackpot. The price was reasonable and the service quick. I don't want to have to use them again but if I need to, I won't look anywhere else. Thank you!

Problems With AppliancePartsPros Shipping
Ordered a part for a stove on 12/29/30. Webpage says part will be shipped out tomorrow. It is now a week later and I still don't have any movement to the tracking number AppliancePartsPros gave me. They did say the problem was the holidays. However, it has been A WEEK! What kind of holiday go they get? Just checked again Jan 5,2021, 3:56 pm Pacific Time, same status, 'Label Created'.

Returns process is a joke!
Do not order from this business! AppliancePartsPros will not stand behind returns. I returned and CANNOT get a credit for damaged parts! They literally told me that they do not check in parts when they arrive - so how are customer supposed to get a credit? When I contacted them they asked me for the tracking number so that they could verify it was returned - are you kidding me?

Fantastic service!
I was not absolutely positive as to what I needed to order from the tiny diagram I had to choose from. But the super helpful customer service lady I spoke with knew exactly which one it was. I ordered the drawer on Friday afternoon and it was here in just a couple of days and fits perfectly. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I will/would recommend them to anyone needing any appliance part(s)!

Return policy is misleading
I purchased a part for my refrigerator. It cost about $130 plus shipping. AppliancePartsPros sent the wrong part. I returned the part in perfect condition, same packaging, never used or even taken completely out of the box and I paid for shipping. After several weeks of waiting for my refund, they only credited me $25. Not what I call good customer service. Just be aware that their return policy is not user friendly.

Above and beyond
I bought a heating element for my dryer and it did not solve the issue. A metal wire on it popped off when installed. I wrote to them to ask if I'd be refunded if I mailed it back. I didn't want to spend the money on shipping if it would be turned down for a refund since it was installed. I saw today AppliancePartsPros shipped me out a new one without me even sending the old one back! What a nice surprise!

When you have no clue what your doing on a DIY do it yourself repair, its nice when the website actually directs you to just the part you need and has a DIY video that makes it easy and is also 100% accurate to what you will experience when doing the job.

I can't recommend this company any more than this. AppliancePartsPros should get 6 stars. Super-fast, even during Covid19 and everything spot on. Not to mention the best prices I seen -though price was not my first consideration this time. Information was.

Thank You for doing business the old-fashioned way~!

Do not order from this company. AppliancePartsPros don't secure items in plastic and my item came with missing a critical part to enable me to not use the machine for 3 extra days due to having to go to home depot during covid19 crisis. Company then refused to give me partial refund for their incompetent packaging which box was damaged allowing nut to full out of. I will be posting on every site I can. Order from repair clinic or other company. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY IT WILL DELAY YOUR APPLIANCE FIX.

Dryer wasn't heating
My dryer stopped heating and I started doing some Internet searches to understand why. I found that it could 1-2 different issues. Thanks to, I was able to purchase the right parts and watch their video in how to replace it. It was VERY easy and saved me money by not having to call a professional. Would definitely recommend them.

Easy repair
Not only did their website give me confidence I was picking out the right part for my washer, the excellent video instructions made the repair much easier. There were a couple of little screws and latches that I would've struggled with for quite some time had I not seen the clear instructions on the video.

This is the third or fourth time I have purchased parts from this vendor, and will definitely do so in the future if I have a need

Good price and on time
I have a bad habit of not taking time to write reviews when satisfied, but immediately writing a bad review when stiffed. I have decided that is unfair to the business and consumer so I will definitely be writing a review either way from now on. First good review ever written is for Read a lot of negative reviews on another site and mostly good ones on here. All I can say is ordering was a breeze and two day shipping was exactly that. Decided to give them a try after local parts supplier quoted me 98.00 on timer and 7-10 day delivery. Got it in two days from them for 68.00 Looks a little different from original, but same part number in GE packaging. Perfect fit works fine. Totally satisfied. Did not rate quality yet because even GE makes junk and only been installed two days. Will definitely order from them again. I will also write another review every time I order from them or anyone else. Only way to protect each other from con artist. So please any and everybody, you order or do business with anyone please write a review either way good or bad. Sorry so long winded, but needs to be said.

They will NEVER let you down!
I have been using this company for many years. There are SEVERAL reasons AppliancePartsPros deserve 5 stars. Very easy to look up your parts by part number OR model number. Very easy to find any technical cross referencing information. There is always a knowledgeable staff member just a phone call away in case you have questions that need answers before or after ordering. I can go on and on and on! Thank you A R P!

Poor customer service. Incorrect parts.
Ordered a new door hinge for my whirlpool refrigerator using the model number lookup tool the part was 22 and the shipping was 17 which is outrageous but the reviews suggested them over others I received the product and it was incorrect so I called customer service and requested an exchange not only can AppliancePartsPros not do an exchange their only remedy to this situation is for me to pay the shipping to have it sent back then start a whole new order and pay another exorbitant shipping fee to revive another more expensive part that "might work" and they can't compensate me for any of these shipping cost. All in all I estimate I'll pay a total of 51 dollars in shipping for a 26 dollar part.

Best Service around
I ordered a burner element for my Samsung glass top stove. When we got it, and installed it, it didn't work.
I called Appliance Parts Pros and explained everything.
AppliancePartsPros were so helpful and so patient, went through the whole order, reviewed and confirmed I ordered the correct part, but likely needed another part (switch) to make it work.
They were so nice and so pleasant, will definitely use this site again. Glad to have found them

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