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• Sep 21, 2023

Down right STOLE my money and I NEVER got my items I ordered!!!!
I spent quite a bit of money buying clothes as gifts and for myself since moving and most of my wardrobe is in storage. I tried contacting the company, gave them my order information and they said they had no record of my order but they had no problem getting paid from my order! I have not ordered online like this before because of this kind of thing except from the big sites. 1st time this happens & the last for me! I was really disappointed because the clothes looked so cute. DON'T buy ANYTHING from this site! They're took my money and did NOTHING to make it right!

Love/hate relationship
8 out of 10 times I love their clothes, but you always take the chance of them being too big or too small. Most of the time I can make it work by paying VERY close attention to the sizing chart for each item. You can forget about returns, though. The bot has told me that they will send a shipping label, but usually they don't. Since I don't pay that much per item and have to pay to ship it back it really isn't worth the hassle anyway. My favorite pieces of clothing? Leggings and jewelry.

Don’t buy anything!!!
This company DOES NOT stand behind their products! The sizes were not at all true to U.S. sizes. When I tried to return them, they made it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Once I finally got an address and returned them, instead of a refund they sent the very same package back to me. Unbelievable!

Don’t be fooled by pics!! Trouble around every corner…
I always research companies before buying any products… Saw a lot of 4 & 5 star reviews for Annie cloth, and the pics looked nice, so I took a chance. Bad move on my part. So many lies on their website, too many to list. Don’t believe them when
T shirts, sweatshirts, or any type of tops say they are cotton/cotton blend because they are not!
Instead, they are some sort of cheap plastic feeling material that is not breathable. Sizing is all over the place, mostly too small.
They also list if items are for winter, spring, or fall, but everything I received did not fit into the category they stated. As far as shipping goes, extremely expensive and although they state the more you buy, free shipping is available, this is not true. It is almost impossible to get this to work.
And shipping took MUCH longer than a month to receive a small PARTIAL of my order and they never contacted me to let me know why. I contacted them via chat bot but just got scripted answers that didn’t help, and logging into my account told me nothing. I finally, without notice, received box on front stoop and these items were horrendous, AND STILL DID NOT FULFILL MY ENTIRE ORDER! It is now about 45 days since I placed my order and I am missing 2 items. I contacted their chat bot again only to find out the items were no longer available…WHAT?! Aargh! Were they ever going to contact me with this news?!
Obviously I canceled those items and supposed to get refund in a week. I should have canceled earlier items and I am so upset with myself. I am disabled and on a fixed income…they took my money and made a fool out of me. Shame on Annie cloth. Despicable and dishonest company.
I hope people read these negative reviews before they lose hundreds of dollars like me.


I love this online boutique
I've seen a lot of negative reviews here, if everyone wants something right away then go buy it at the mall because it comes from far away (using myself as an example) and the quality is really good for the cheap prices (in my opinion) until I've gotten a lot of stuff from this website now and I'm not complaining about the shipping time because everything else is good so at least something a little bit bad had to sneak in. It's ONLINE SERVICE, I bet Anniecloth try hard to ship quickly, but everyone wants their order in 3 days when it comes from another country! If you have a little patience and understand that, like you, many other people are ordering at the same time, you will be good and love this website for its good prices. And by the way, the customer service is really good, I honestly don't understand the complaints about it. My point is, I love this online boutique and will keep using it!


Worst online clothing site ever
The quality of clothing is horrible. Very disappointing. The sizes are inaccurate. I ordered size small according to the measurement guide. I was swimming in all of these items so their accuracy is $#*!. The WORST PART ABOUT THIS is that I had to pay $50 to ship it back. Thanks for stealing half of my money and wasting my time. I will never order form this company again and will tell everyone I know not to ever order from this company. Horrible customer service-can't talk to anyone directly. Lesson learned on my end.


Everything I Purchased from here was very poor quality, and fit. I am basically using everything for pajamas as I would not wear them out of my house. Purse I ordered was completely different, fabric color, etc. and looked nothing like what I ordered. In order to return everything it would've cost me a fortune. I would never, ever, ever shop here again. And would warn that these reviews must be either written by family members, or people who never leave their houses. Below, see catalog photo of bag, And actual cheap purse received. Seriously? If the prices sound too good to be true, Anniecloth are. Will never shop here again

Consider return policy particulars
Annie Cloth was slow (72 hours instead of their published 48 hour response time) to answer my email when I wanted to return 4 of my 5 items (fabric felt like thick cellophane [non breathable and stiff] and items too small). Anniecloth did offer me 15% cash back if I choose not to return items, since they stated the return process was very lengthy. The location for returns is Guangzhou, China; self paid return postage was a minimum of US $63. They really should establish a return center in the states. I choose to donate the items to Goodwill.

Not buying again
The offer, buy another item of a certain value in order to get free shipping kept increasing each time I added an item to my cart - so I never reach that free shipping - that part appears to be a scam and caused me to remove several items from my cart. I decided to try this company and bought some items, but if the quality of the clothing is poor I will be leaving a negative review. The quality of one of the items were below my expectations. While I like the prints, the clothing is not well made and the fabric looks cheap.

Looks like fun clothes...
I found the website a bit clunky to navigate. The 'add to cart' button didn't appear unless I registered, exited the page and then logged again. It would nice to have photos of the backsides of these clothes. The sizing from item to item is bizarre. Some tops, comparably shaped, have a size small with 13" wide shoulders others with 19" shoulders. The look is fun and I'm hopeful items will fit.
Of the four shirts ordered, one fit. None of the shirts is made of the fabric listed.
It is unlikely I would shop here again.

Happy shopping!
Reading some of the mixed reviews I just wanted to put down my two cents, I have ordered from this website 3 times so far and have not been disappointed in the quality or size (dresses, swimwear, lingerie, jewelry) yet. Unfortunately due to the pandemic shipping is taking much longer (I can't say how fast it was before the pandemic because I only started shipping once it started lol) but I want to confirm for others that it may take around 2 weeks to to receive. Be patient, you won't regret it! Yes I gave up on contacting someone, it seems like Anniecloth literally have EVERYTHING automated. I cannot complain about the price I pay.

Poor quality fabrics
Dress was nothing like it appeared online. Fabric supposed to be cotton, was polyester. Did not fit so tried to return but Anniecloth said I have to pay shipping back to CHINA and wait for my refund or take 15% and keep the dresses. I got them up to 30%. I would not buy clothing online, and be absolutely sure about the return policy. Afterwards I found all the negative reviews.

Offered 15% refund to keep dresses or pay shipping back to CHINA and wait for refund. - Was able to negotiate up to 30%, we'll see if I ever get the money.

I must say that this website is one of the best clothes I have ever ordered.
I have never had such an easy and stress-free experience in online trading. The best by far was their customer support, who was available to answer all my questions regarding the sweater itself and the shipping methods Anniecloth had available were extremely good. If you have any doubts regarding the quality products of this one, just get them off your mind and feel free to order here. There was a very simple process from the moment I paid for the item to the moment I received it. Overall, I got exactly what I was looking for. I will be back soon in the future to buy more clothes. Highly recommended for all girls.

My onsite review was blocked so posting here
Although the description says cotton, it is obviously synthetic, probably polyester. There is no fiber content label. I purchased 7 "cotton" garments and Anniecloth all appeared to be polyester. If there was any cotton, it was too small amount to be able to tell. I could feel the static very strongly when I tried it on. When I tried to return them, the shipping cost of sending them back to China made it impractical. They gave me a 15% refund on some of the clothes. And $0 on clearance items.My onsite review was blocked.

I wish you had tall sizes and better filters
I wish you had tall sizes and better filters. Regular length pants/leggings will not fit. I need a clearer way to filter by sleeve length, as 3/4 sleeves do not keep me warm. Better filters for dress length, as some labelled midi length clearly do not cover the knee. With hundreds of tops for sale, you could use additional filters like fabric weight, or tops without words. I cannot tell by looking whether many of the long sleeve tops are really sweaters or just lightweight tee-shirts. What does FW dresses mean? What does holiday mean in the descriptions? It clearly does not mean Christmas.

I would like to know how can I sell your clothing?
I would like to know how can I sell your clothing? Please send info to: Victoria Keeler email: Thank you. I would like to know why Annie Cloth doesn't have the equivalent of "In Store Credit". If you had an "ANNIECLOTH CARD" with a reasonable interest rate I would most certainly apply for one. I have a JTW credit card online account. I can pay up front or in increments and there is no penalty for paying the sum off early. Anniecloth could be working from an out house in the woods, I'd never know, maybe you are too but I am all bud addicted to the merchandise.

At least I can use the material for sewing.
First order. I received all garments within the promised time.

The articles were all too small and ill fitting. I don't want to go through the hassle of trying to return them. I can wear a couple of shirts around the house. I sent a pair of pants and dress to Goodwill and cut the rest of the fabric to use for sewing projects.

The material is quite cheap and quick stitched for mass production.

I got what I deserved by thinking I could get a good deal... from China. I should have read the reviews first!

Buyer beware.

I posted a review this week regarding a sweatshirt that WAS NOT a sweatshirt, which was the first part of my order. Today, I was hoping that the 2nd part of my order would be better, and it was not whatsoever! I did order a sweatshirt size S that is supposed to be 37 in bust. What I received today looks so home made that a 14 year coud wear it! This company sure does well in the disappoint category, 5 for that! My fault for not checking into this company. I don't BUY from CHINA! I have the 3rd and last part of my order that will be coming sometime next week, maybe. It is CHINA. I guess the jokes on me! Totally disgusted for wasting my money! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT! For some reason I cannot upload the sweatshirt I received today! Trust me, a 14 year old could wear it! Looks nothing like their stock pic either!

Managed to get my refund by calling
Managed to get my refund by calling their customer service helpline number, i ordered 2 XL tops; Anniecloth are so small that will not fit a normal 9-year-old. Now to try figure out the policy to return and get a refund I searched for the customer service number and finally found one in google about their customer service number which is +1 919/725/7706 after calling that number one of their representative answered the call, he guided me some steps and after waiting for 20 mins I got my first I thought whether they will really help me or it's a scam but after I confirmed with my bank I was relaxed as I have really received my refund from them

I love the items you have to choose from however the...
I love the items you have to choose from however the shipping available told me 10 to 24 days which means it will not arrive in Tampa, Fl to my mother in time. I also could not find any pants that were a 3x so this was disappointing too. Lastly, I was given a 10% off code because I have never used your company before and a message 70% off - 10% off =50 % off but when I used the code at check out I was told it was not valid. Then with the shipping charge added the good deal was no longer a good deal because the sale went from $52 to $70 and won't even be there by Christmas.

Beautiful Tops
There were many tops to choose from and I purchased a variety. Unfortunately for me, the sizes were not all consistent so I wanted to return 2 of them. Realized after, that the tops would have to be shipped back to China. Wish Anniecloth had more long tops, like tunic length.

They were very cordial, but the fact that I had to return the products to China left a bad taste in my mouth. Suggested they have a USA return address and save items for other miss-sized returns. They could send out the product faster to someone who needed a larger size or smaller size.

Very impressed with this website. I bought a dress, the size small in the previous order.
Very impressed with this website. I bought a dress, the size small in the previous order, although it fits me, the M is roomier. As for the pants, there is a bit of room to stretch in the crotch area. I got this for a workout and it's definitely squat proof. The top also fits very comfortably. I'm small but my shoulders are fairly broad so I prefer the way the M fits. I usually wear a UK size 6-8 or an xs or s. Therefore, I would recommend wearing this one for a more comfortable fit. It took 18 days to arrive from the order date.

Liked it
I bought a cute sweater at this site. It arrived in 2 weeks and 2 days, so not super fast, but okay. It fit great and looked pretty much like the picture. A lot of reviewers seem to complain about the cheapness of the items, but this sweater was quite nice. I just ordered one thing to try out their site, and based on my experience, I will try them again. I think returns are probably difficult and you'd have to pay to ship the stuff back, so I would only order things I think would fit. If Anniecloth didn't I'd donate them or something. Their prices are really low, so I'm not expecting super terrific quality or free returns or anything, but they got my item here is a reasonable length of time, and I like it, so I'm happy.

Absolute False Advertising - Horrible quality and different then what is shown on the website
The clothing is without a doubt the worst quality material. The clothing and material were worse than cheap Halloween costumes in a bag. I am returning the items and want a full refund and a pre-paid shipping label sent to me. I can't even describe how bad all of the clothing was made. This was clearly false advertising, bait and switch and fraudulently represented on the website.

unhelpful, wanted me to pay for the return shipping, which is ridicoulas since the clothing was sosheaply made and it was not as advertised. The photos on the website were way different then the junk I got. I will be calling my credit card company if Anniecloth don't take of this promptly

When purchasing, please look for the size chart and check your measurements.
When buying clothes online here, you have to be careful when choosing clothes, I usually go through the most popular or style gallery to see what is new and what is worth buying. Because be honest, Anniecloth have amazing dresses. When purchasing, please look for the size chart and check your measurements, read the reviews and check the actual pictures below. And be sure to upload your own rewiev after receiving the goods. I never had a bad experience while shopping here, I loved all the clothes I have and there are many :)

Buyer beware
I love the styles, but one must pay close attention to each item's size chart for Anniecloth vary greatly. The shoes I ordered were both in small sacks, causing both pairs to have severe creases that look permanent. Had they put firm packing stuffing into the shoes, this would not have happened. The smaller shoe size was too big and the larger shoe size a bit small. Again, sizing issues.

It was obvious when I tried to use the "chat" that there was a language problem. So, they just stopped trying to communicate by closing the chat device. Then I tried emailing them - concerning how to fasten one of the pair of shoes. There was no mention of it on the website and no picture or video to show the unusual way these shoes fasten. Still have not received any instructions.

Be aware: return shipping is on the buyer!

It is an interesting site with so many terrific clothing items - the styles are unusual. But the sizing, like so many of the Chinese websites, are all over the place. No, I will not be ordering from them again. If they want to do business in America, they should get the sizing correct.

Really fun
Really fun. You have such one of a kind things. I saw you advertised in between games I was playing on my iPad and before I could get back with you Anniecloth stopped showing you. I was so bummed that I didn't write down your name and that I forgot. By the way, I saw
A really cute sweater with a kitty, a scarf and hat. Before I could put it in my cart it was gone. I must have spent over an hour searching for it. Do you have anymore? Sorry that I can't explain more than what I texted. It also had drifted snow. I would have made a bad witness. How come the s/h is so expensive?

My shopping experience was fine
My shopping experience was fine.
But as my hand was already dead set to push the button for the completion of the order, to my horror and disgust that ship was 20 - 30 days.
I think it's clear that I like your merchandise.
But I can find lots of places to do so if what I think I saw about that absurd delivery time.
I gave you 4 stars. If the delivery takes more than 10 days, though I doubt I can get in to change that score, I would only have given you 1 star and lamented the fact that there were no negative stars.
I had such a good shopping experience with you all.
I'm very disappointed it ended up on this note.
I hope you take this to heart.
If I'm wrong you have my deepest apology and I will be thrilled. Being wrong doesn't usually incite happiness, but this would make a welcome exception to the norm.
Thank you.

Loved everything about this company
At first I was really worried about ordering because I was afraid it would be like one of those scam companies that you order online and never know again, but I was pleasantly surprised when my order arrived, the quality was better than expected. It definitely didn't feel like cheap materials and the zippers and straps on my bags (faux fur, satin and velvet) are solid and not like those plastic zippers from garbage companies that break after a few uses. Anniecloth responded to my emails fairly quickly. Thank you, I will surely buy again.

Don't waste your money
You seem to have weird pricing. Prices go up when I go to checkout. I chatted with staff and Anniecloth recommended that I place an order at Black Friday which I did and it still does that. This is deceiving. I am hoping I get my products okay. I am taking a chance.

I finally received the products that I covered in which took a month. I was shocked and disappointed with the quality of the products. Please don't sell this kind of junk. This is shameful.

I wanted to return the products because they meet my expectation but I have been told to wait until I receive all products. I place the order all at the same time but it took a month for me to receive all items. However, they came on Christmas eve which I am thankful for. I never received an answer why some of the prices change at the checkout.

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