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Angi (formerly Angie's List)

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No service and no customer service. Not worth the money nor the headache!
We signed up with Angie's List on March of last year. For the first few months, we were receiving leads from counties we don't service nor advertise, and even from out of state (NY, where we don't even have a license for), so basically not valid leads. We called customer support many times to let them know, and every time Angi (formerly Angie's List) said they would fix it, but kept happening for another 3-4 months. After they finally changed it to advertise us just on Bergen County (area we DO service), we did receive a few leads from our area, but still mixed with a lot of other areas we don't service. More invalid leads than valid ones. Bottom line, absolutely not worth the money spent monthly.
This being said, we called Angie's List customer support one more time, but this time to cancel the service. They said that they could cancel it, but we would have to pay a significant early termination fee, which would make it a lot more expensive than just keeping it for the remainder of the year contract, if we were to grab at least a couple of jobs here and there. We kept it, but mentioned that we would NOT renew it for the following year.
We are also subscribed to Home Advisor, which we pay per lead instead of monthly like Angie's List, and at one point we started receiving leads on Home Advisor that said "Lead submitted via Angie's List". This is where we realized that Home Advisor and Angie's List are owned by the same people, and we were paying twice for the same lead. We are paying Home Advisor for that lead that came in, but also Angie's List monthly for the same lead that found us on their platform. We called customer support again, and they tried to explain how it worked and why we weren't paying twice, but didn't make sense at all. At this point we asked again to cancel our contract, to which we were told one more time that it would be an early termination with a high fee. We were again convinced to keep it till the end of the contract. Once again we let them know that we would continue with the subscription until the end of the contract, but we would NOT renew it.
This year we sent them an email asking when the contract was up, with the idea of NOT renewing. They answered right away saying that our contract had been renewed for another year, after we specifically mentioned at least a couple of times that we didn't want to renew. We told them that we didn't want to renew, and that they knew that from last year, and they said they sent us an email regarding the renewal, and if we wanted to cancel the contract, we would have to pay an early termination fee. EARLY? We told them last year that we didn't want to renew!
We also told them we didn't receive any emails from them, but they kept saying they did send it. We checked again the email address we have in their system, but couldn't find anything. They then said they sent it to an email address we haven't used in over a year, and we don't even have in our Angie's List platform. Even though we kept saying that that email address was not in use for over a year and it's not the one they have on file, they kept insisting that the email was sent and because they didn't receive a reply, they auto-renewed the contract. That is insane. AND THAT EMAIL WAS NEVER OPENED until they told us they sent it there.
We told them many times that it was ok to charge us for the couple of months of the running year, but to please cancel that contract with no early termination fees, but we always got a negative response.
We can't say for sure we know how to insure we can cancel after maximizing what we are committed to, since if we cancel now we pay early termination fee, and if they send us a renewal email under the radar again and we don't catch it, you automatically are renewed.
Not surprisingly, if you Google Angie's List for complaints, you will see many negative reviews about their deceptive business practices and questionable validity of how they promote the "best" service providers. I suppose what is most surprising of all though is, in these current unprecedented times where businesses, especially contractors that focus on residential/non-commercial customers who either have been financially impacted by the COVID crisis or are afraid and want to distance themselves from the risk of virus exposure,, Angie's list is taking a very hard line. Insurance companies are voluntarily reducing premiums, small businesses are feeding front line essential workers, banks and credit cards are easing restrictions, but Angie's list management won't even return phone calls to if nothing else have a fair conversation. Calls to customer service who referred us to a manager and promised a call back followed by 5 voice mail messages were not even returned. The salesman said you signed the contract and they will not deviate from it, even though we never knowingly opted into a renewal. Legality aside, in these times, is this the company you want to have your back or be your "trusted advisor?"

There are two sides to every story, so I encourage you to Google "Angie's List Complaints, Angie's List Scam, Angie's List Deceptive Sales Practices" to name a few searches. If you are a consumer I encourage you to do the same, including looking at consumer reports and phrases like "Is Angie's List Reputable?"

Charged for a Job That Never Was
A leaky hot water bathtub faucet right around Christmas no less. I figured I would try looking for a plumber online since I didn't know of anyone through word of mouth. So I went to home advisor and from there you are redirected to this new Angi site. Everything looked on the up and up. Had a reasonable quote for the job and a provider was chosen for me at a set date and time that was agreeable with my schedule.

So the day arrives and I make sure I'm home in time. 10, 20, 30 mins pass and no one has come and I have not received a text msg either. So I text the provider and get nothing back. So the time comes and goes and the next thing you know, I get a text from my bank account that the money for the job has been withdrawn. I was aghast! I can't believe the charge for the job happens automatically without the person doing the job giving some notification that the job is complete. I immediately called support and explained that no one showed up so Angi (formerly Angie's List) said they would reverse the charge and it could take up from 3 to 5 days. Luckily it was reversed within 1 to 2 hours. But, only the job rate was refunded. There's a fee for joining I guess which is still a terrible thing because if what happened to me happens to many others, this Angi app is making out like a bandit. I know I will never use their service again. I guess some things are better done the old-fashioned way ( I wound up going to a neighborhood website where people offer their first hand experience with a "provider" and found the best plumber in the whole world, I kid you not.)

Bottom line is do not waste your money in the Angi app.

I had an awesome experience at Eastern Dental of Marlton. Dr. Paliouras is the best! I went to the office because I bit down on a pit from an olive (not knowingly of course) The pain was unbelievable. I wasn't sure if I had broken the tooth or not. The pain was not constant, but I definitely could not eat on that side of my mouth. Even using a Waterpik flosser was unbearable. I was fortunate to be able to get an appointment Friday morning. From the time I arrived the atmosphere was great. Beginning with Ms. Liz, everyone was friendly and helpful. Dr. Schwarz took me in for the initial check of my tooth. He did the x-rays and explained what a stress fracture was and what it meant going forward. He explained that I would have to have root canal surgery. (Words I could have gone the rest of my life without hearing) He took me out to Mr. Naeem to get scheduled. Mr. Naeem was very thorough with his explanation of what would happen next. When he was finished telling me what the next steps would be, he told me that Angi (formerly Angie's List) had a doctor present that could do the root canal for me. He asked Dr. Paliouras and he was able to do the procedure that day. Dr. Paliouras explained every step of the way what was happening and what I should expect. Dr. Paliouras made me feel at ease. I felt absolutely no pain (not even from the needles). Ms. Janelle was awesome. She took the time to fully explain the next few weeks and what I should expect. I will recommend everyone I know to your office! Thanks for such an awesome experience!

Where to begin?
Where do I begin? The biggest problem I have with Angi is that the "Client Success Managers" NEVER return your phone calls or emails. Six emails and 4 phone calls later, I'm still waiting for my "representative" to contact me. This seems to be a common complaint in other reviews about this company. Angi (formerly Angie's List) take your money and then don't wish to speak to you again. I was able to get her to respond when I contacted customer service and told them I wanted to cancel and wanted to talk to her supervisor.
Beware of the fine print as well, you have to pay a 35% cancellation fee when you do cancel. Basically I will have spent $1455 for one month (I can't stand it any longer than that).
The "leads" are price shoppers, nothing more. You can NEVER get decent customers when you're dealing with price shoppers. Some of them may not even be real leads. With two of them, I responded within 3 minutes of receiving notice that I had a "project" awaiting. There was no answer at the phone number given and after leaving a message, never heard back from either "project".
I've been in business 13 years and Angi is the absolute WORST "advertiser" I have ever dealt with. May I suggest getting on Next Door. In the same period of time where I got FOUR phone calls with absolutely no income received and $1455 spent on Angi, Next Door gave me FOUR jobs that all ended in revenue and my expenditure on advertising to get those jobs was ZERO. Stay away from Angi unless you enjoy flushing your money down the toilet.

4 bad experiences horrible customer service
My first experience was when I hired a plumber to install a sink and reconnect a radiator and replace two valves. The individual was a handy man not a plumber. He fixed the sink but did not have tools to fix radiator. He said he would return to fix radiators and never returned. I called Home advisor/ Angi and complained. Angi (formerly Angie's List) sent a second Handyman not a plumber 2 days later He said he fixed the radiators and they but, they are still leaking. They refunded me half the money and I had to find my own plumber. Third issue all in the same week. I needed a fence repair. I advised Angi/ Home advisor I would not be there and it was my neighbor's fence and a worker at my house damaged it and I wanted to pay for all repairs. They gave me a price. I paid it and the contractor came 40 minutes late. He advised me he was there by text. I watched him on my ring camera do nothing and leave. I called him back and he said everything was fine and he was fixing fence. I advised him that I knew he left my residence. He then said I was not there and he needed authorization. I said the neighbor was home and you had my number. I then called Angi/ homeadvisor again. They scheduled another person who was scheduled to come 02/28@ 11:30am. I waited until 3pm and no show. I called angi /home advisor and they told me they would research it and call me back. It's 9:30pm no call. Terrible service don't use them.

Awful Client "Success" Manager
I'm a sales manager at Maryland Countertop. I wanted to sign up for Angis's list to get a little more traffic in for the business (I like to keep busy). I signed up on 1/5/2022 and happily received a phone call from my client manager that Angi assigns you to, Andrew Grunwald. We talked a bit on the phone, said that he could double the number of countertops I sell each week and give me discounts that will lower my monthly cost to $300. I have never signed up for an advertising company so hearing $300 that my boss has to pay for advertisements had me stop and tell that this needs to be approved by my boss before I say 'yes'. He said it was fine and wanted to follow up after at 2:30 and also said that he would text me. I left work early because most of the employees were sick and there weren't any jobs left so I missed his call, but he never texted me a number that I could call him from. The next day (not even 24 hours) he calls me. I say my hellos and I tell him that I have not yet spoken to my boss because she has been very busy and sick. He proceeds to ask me if I'm serious about signing up, I obviously said yes but told him I had to contact my boss before making any decisions, Grunswald keeps pushing me and says that if he can promise me that it will cost $300 will I be able to agree right now. I tell him again that I cannot make any decisions and if he could leave a number, I would happily call him later today or tomorrow about the final decision. He then tells me that we are wasting each other's time, that he doesn't want to keep calling me, play ring around the rosie or play the texting game. I was honestly shocked that he said those things. I understand that he didn't want to waste his time and be transparent but the word choice and tone he used honestly made me speechless. It hasn't even been 24 hours from when we first talked, he's a sales representative and so am I but I would never ever talk to ANY of my clients the way he did whether I've first met them or known them for years. I very calmy said, "I actually don't want to go any further with this." and he told me I wasted his time and that he was going to call my competitor. I guess he was waiting for my rebuttal, but I was too stunned to speak. At least he said "Adios" before hanging up (obvious sarcasm).

Very Very difficult to leave a review
I was contacted by a representative at Angi and asked to give a review of Dempsey Family Electrical. He wanted me to dictate to him. That did not work for me. I want to write my own review on the Angi website. So I went to the Angi website and I put in Dempsey Family Electrical in the search bar and it did not come up. The website wanted me to choose from a menu electric and then lots of catagories under electric. I tried several things to get to the review page so I could leave my review, but I could never figure the way to do that on the Angi website. A few days ago I did receive a text from Angi requesting me to leave a review for Dempsey. The text included a very long address which I did put into my search engine and I did arrive at the place to give Dempsey a review and I did. I really like this company, Angi (formerly Angie's List) do excellent work for years for us and others. So I was glad to finally be able to leave a good review. This is the address I had to put into google: https:/ This is a bit difficult to get right for me. Yet I was motivated to leave that good review. May be it is me and I just could not figure out on Angi website how to leave a review and may be it is just me but it seems a person would have to be really motivated to leave a review on Angi website. Yelp was extremely easy to leave a review.

Worst company on the planet!
I'll start with the beginning. I filled out the online questionnaire to obtain a cleaning service for my home. After doing so I was bombarded with calls and texts. When I got an opportunity to answer one of the calls, I spoke with a customer service agent, who clearly was just after my credit card information. A quote was provided virtually, which I felt was odd, it is difficult to have an accurate assessment of something that you haven't seen. I asked if I could schedule a kick off trial cleaning to evaluate the company. An appointment was scheduled for 11/16 at 1:00PM. On 11/16 at 11:52AM I received a text that stated:
‘Due to a last-minute pro call of your service has been rescheduled for 11/20 at 2:00PM'
I was shocked to receive this correspondence. Hardly any notice of the cancelation was provided, and I was not consulted in any way to re-schedule the appointment. Call me crazy, but I think I should have a say in when a stranger will come into my home.
The reschedule time was for a Saturday and would not fit into my schedule at all. So easy, I just cancel it right, WRONG, I started immediately sending e-mails and texts to cancel this appointment. I spent several hours writing emails, sending texts, making phone calls, and scouring the website to find out how to cancel the appointment that I didn't schedule, nothing worked. Remember the relentless calls I received in the beginning, yeah now that I had an issue no one would talk to me. All the numbers are answered by voice recordings and no one was responding to the various e-mails.
Saturday rolled around and sure enough the appointment was not cancelled despite the various forms of communication I provided. I was able to contact the service person before hand and inform them of the cancelation. Angi (formerly Angie's List) did not come, but I was charged for the service I never received. Not only was I charged for the service, I got another notification for my ‘next cleaning appointment'. I didn't schedule any other cleaning appointments! They already had my credit card information, and they were going to run with it.
In summary, this company is a complete and total joke (to be polite). They are thieves, they are after your credit card information, once they get that don't plan on speaking to them again. If you ever want to put yourself through complete and total frustration and agony contact Angie's list aka Angi, otherwise look elsewhere.

Spoiler** Experience but some speculation here as...
Spoiler** Experience but some speculation here as well Bottom line BEWARE of ANGIE'S LIST. Like ReviewFeeder reviews online businesses, Angie's List reviews local brick& mortar and service providers in your area. Great idea to look up a contractor before you hire them, and Angi (formerly Angie's List) supposedly screen the reviews and reviewer before postings, but I found this site sadly lacking in reviews of places I would be interested in, contractors, flooring stores, and I even researched other businesses in my area, reasonably well known, and as many were missing as were acknoledged with no relevant review material. Now, what get's me to write a negative review on something I love as much as a consumer review site, it that Angie's List, no where on their commercials, no where on their website, even suggest for a moment that there is a fee attached for the privledge of viewing their incredibly unthorough site. And the fee is not small as I am sure you know already if you are reading this. Nor is there any way to look up a business just one time, there's either a monthy or annual mambership fee which costs as much as you would save by shopping around in many cases. I found this out after entering all my personal information, phone numbers, address, age sex, everything, then a screen pops up asking for your credit card info. Don't enter it, and you can go no further, but they have added all your info to their demographic marketing database which is undoubtedly being used for reasons you don't want it used for (this is simply educated speculation coming from the marketing industry myself). I hate getting duped into anything. I hate having my trust betrayed. I thought this kind of skullduggery and duplicitous information gathering scam had gone the way of the rotary phone (with a cord!) except for the credit offers and too-good-to-be-true / desperation sites. Angie's List put's up a good facade, but they offer very little of what they promise, were of no help to me, a waste of money and time, and really left me angry about gathering all my information before requesting a disproportionate fee for the service they offer. I do suspect the only way they are able to continue advertising is that they are selling your personal and demographic data to other entities or redeploying it within the parent organization for other purposes. There is big money in this and I cannot see anyone with common sense paying what they ask when similar info is available elsewhere for free. The high fee (again this is speculation) may be their attempt to NOT get you to sign up so you will not see the incredible lack of information they have on businesses and reviews in your area. This is the only reasonable conclusion I can draw as to how they continue to be in business and advertise, and industry-speaking, it is a very clever ruse if true. Being in marketing I had a reason for checking them out, but found out they were a joke. BEWARE ANGIE'S LIST!

I am both a small business owner AND a regular client...
I am both a small business owner AND a regular client of Angie's List since 2006. AL (for brevity's sake) has increased our business by approximately 25-30% with new customers each year. And when we were remodeling our home, it was an INVALUABLE source for finding both good contractors for my own work, but also referring my customers to these people who I had work for me (if I liked them). If I had a problem with a contractor, all I had to do was pick up the phone and AL went to bat for me by either getting the contractor to come out and finish up the 5% of work Angi (formerly Angie's List) needed to finish (ever had that happen to you? It's SO frustrating!) or putting them in the "penalty box" so that other people knew not to hire them. My business is the highest rated business for the services I provide in my geographical location and they treat us well by getting right back to us if we have any sort of issue or if a customer we did gives us a negative report, they call us to ask what went wrong. These reports typically get put on our record anyway, but our rep always makes sure that we know about them, since we have never gotten a report that was "real" that was less than a B average. But if you have a company that has a D rating, you are stuck with that until that company decides to clean up their business practices.

You people who are upset with AL seem not to know very much about it, because otherwise, you would join and be glad of the $48 you spent because if you are planning on doing any sort of major repairs on your home, you can get very reliable reports. Also, I "lent" my AL login info to a friend in Tennessee and when the work she needed done on her place was finished, I never got my own account transferred to TN. I realize that giving my login info to a friend skirts the AL agreement, but since I hadn't used it to find a contractor for over a year, I didn't think it an issue. I'd rather pay $48 a year up front than get duped by a horrible contractor for $4800.

I think they realize that people can have two homes in different parts of the country, and I never had any repercussions from it. They never got confused and sent me stuff for TN. So to those people complaining about that issue, frankly... I don't see it as an issue. And who would you rather believe? 100 AL reviews that says my business is a great business and if you were a customer of theirs, you could get that info in 5 minutes... or spend your afternoon wasting you and your friend's and neighbor's time by asking them "who do you like for gutter cleaning?" They don't know. Angie's List knows.

Terrible service
I applied for an interior painting job and paid the $100 refundable deposit on 6/14. Very friendly Max from Home Advisor called 2 times and texted 2 times that day, He said he was my project manager and would take care of arranging everything. He sent a text to update me on 6/16 Sorry, no availability of local painters so far. He also texted that he would call back the next day (6/17) with more updates. I waited until 6/21 to text HIM, requesting some kind of update. On 6/23, it had been ONE FULL WEEK WITHOUT ANY CONTACT, so I called Customer Service to terminate contract and arrange for a refund. I was told by C. S. that I would be getting a phone call from the "Card Adjustment Team" to arrange for said refund. I also texted Max to let him know I was very disappointed that he had not contacted me and that I was getting a refund.
Today, 6/25, I called the "Card Adjustment Team" myself, only to find out that Max had submitted a refund request for me way back on 6/18! The money's already back on the card! This is good news, but I had no idea that Max had quit me and never texted or called to say he was giving up. Apparently, there's an email somewhere in my Spam folder. All that time, aggravation and effort by me FOR NO REASON!
P.S. I found a reputable painting company in the tiny local Yellow Pages, had the owner come out to measure and answer questions, received the bid today and have put down a deposit on a bid that is half of what Angi estimated. I will never, ever use Angi or Home Advisor again!

Elite Foundation Repairs, Allen TX
I do NOT recommend Elite Foundation Repairs!
I wish I knew the information about Elite Foundation Repairs in Feb. 2021, that I currently know about them now in Jan 2022. I would NEVER have used Elite Foundation Repairs!

On 02/23/2021, Wai Lee, a structural analyst from Elite Foundation Repair, was referred by my realtor to assess the problematic foundation issues, for a home I was having inspected, prior to purchasing the home. The home inspection revealed foundation measurements that were beyond acceptable range, per TX home inspection standards. Wai Lee completed his assessment, took measurements of the home foundation and presented me with a written estimate for $2950 to install 5 piers on the master bedroom side of the home. He stated that the 5 pier repair was minor and was not a repair that needed to be done at that time. During a follow up phone conversation, days later, Wai confirmed his statements and stated that if it was his home he would "leave it alone and not do any foundation repairs at that time." Wai Lee NEVER discussed any possibility of a plumbing leak being the cause of the foundation issues, nor did he discuss or suggest that a plumbing test could be done on that home to determine if there were any leaks present in the plumbing, during his initial consultation on 2/23/21, or on the follow up phone conversation I had with him.

On 10/21/2021, Wai Lee was rescheduled to do a foundation reassessment, due to the tiles in the bathroom beginning to crack. He then at that time, discussed the age of the home (1972), that the plumbing in the home was 50+ y/o cast iron pipes with high potential for leaks, that it was likely that a leak in the slab was the cause for the foundation issues, that the cost to repair and replace the cast iron plumbing could be $30,000 - $50,000 and that a $150 plumbing test for leaks, needed to be done, before any foundation repair could be completed.

Wai Lee/Elite Foundation Repairs' failure to discuss crucial information regarding this home or make a basic recommendation, to have a $150 plumbing test done, to determine if there were any plumbing leaks present that were causing the foundation issues, cost me an additional $6000 in foundation repair ($8550 total) and $15,000 in plumbing repair, on a home I had only owned for 8 MONTHS. I would have avoided, these $21,000 repair costs, had I been given this information, PRIOR to purchasing the home.

I have contacted the owner of Elite Foundation Repairs, Jefferie Ellison, presented the facts of his situation to him and asked him multiple times, what he is willing to do to be accountable for his company's neglectful actions and to negotiate with me as his customer, to assist me in recovery of this avoidable $21,000 in repair costs, that I was left to pay for. His only responses were to deny the facts and distort the truth. He made NO attempt to show ANY good will or responsibility to me as his customer and his responses have only served to demonstrate, what I consider to be a total disregard for customer service or appreciation and a complete lack of professional integrity and ethics.

I am currently exploring all recourse options, including legal recourse. I am committed to file formal complaints to the authorities, regarding my dissatisfaction with Elite Foundation Repairs' business practice and I hope to protect others from being put in this same situation by them, as well.
Please also read other customer complaints on Elite Foundation Repairs on Better Business Bureau TX.

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Loved Angi's List. Hate Angi
I've successfully used Angi's List in the past and found their service and website helpful. Ever since the merge with HomeAdvisor everything has gone downhill including their website. This morning I got an email from Angi letting me know a contractor had sent me a message. When I clicked the "read message and respond" button the link took me to a blank HomeAdvisor page. I then tried to check for messages on the Angi app and just got "Start a new project". I had no messages on the app. I called the Angi "We're always here to help" phone number at the bottom of the email and just got a fast busy signal. The number didn't work! So…. I looked up the Angi customer service number on the web and called that. After explaining my problem - I wanted to read the message and couldn't - the representative told me to click the link in the email. Of course I got the same blank HomeAdvisor page! She then resent the same email and told me to try that link. Guess what happened again? Finally she tried the link herself and saw there was a problem. She put me on hold and came back to let me know there was a website problem but she'd transfer the call to HomeAdvisor (not Angi) and Angi (formerly Angie's List) could read me the message from the contractor. No idea how I would be able to respond. The call went to a fast busy signal and was dropped. I'm not trying to call back. I'll call the contractor directly. Get your act together, Angi!

Angie's List and Homeadvisor are scams! Avoid!
First off Angie's List is also Homeadvisor - Angi (formerly Angie's List) are the same. Angie's List has never really been of benefit to me as a paid subscriber but I always kept trying. Recently I had a painting contractor I hired through AL where they would not honor their AL coupon for $100 off if doing more than $1000 with them. I did over $2000. I filed a complaint with AL and provided them all of the documentation, copy of check and invoice. They would not even look into the issue and refused to take down their coupon. Just a terrible experience which I would have never have guessed. I filed a complaint with the Indianapolis BBB. Next day the AL Tier 2 agent, Jesse Mullins, cancelled my paid subscription to AL without my authorization. I called and talked to several supervisors and none would give me the time of day and simply stated as I private business they can cancel subscriptions or remove a login for no reason. If you file a complaint against them it is their practice to terminate you without letting you know or giving you any explanation. Amazing! And they are a service provider! OMG! I have filed a complaint with the Attorney Generals Office. After reviewing others similar experiences I am now not surprised at how arrogant this company is. NEVER EVER use them. They even took down my review because it was negative, obviously of the contractor. AL only wants to live in their self-made perfect world and weed out anyone that may disagree with them. This is not American and this sure isn't a company that you nor I want to do business with. It disgusts me to even think this company operates in America. It should disgust you too. Don't waste your time with Angie's BS List or Homeadvisor. Just read all of the negative experiences on this review if in doubt.

Bad Experience advertising with Angies List, Don't waste your money!
I signed my business up in August 2020 and paid them $300 per month to advertise my deck company on their website. The contract I signed for 12 months had the category listed as Patios, I should have been more careful to take note of that, as a patio is generally concrete or paver type work and not a deck project. I discussed our business and what we want to advertise fairly in depth with the sales rep, and assumed I'd be in the correct category, but I wasn't. After emailing them a few times about not getting correct type of leads, with no response, I decided to call and cancel last week (mid Dec 2020) and was told that'd I could either pay a contract cancellation fee of over $900, or continue my contract which would cost me another $2100, but that I could not advertise services I actually do - so I'd be stuck advertising concrete work when we don't do concrete work.

Angi (formerly Angie's List) provided me absolutely no benefit the first 4 moths for $1200, and now expect me to pay another $945 to cancel the contract, because the contract does say Patio's instead of Decks. Checking our online portal it shows that we are listed under Decks, however they wouldn't allow us to advertise that as we had received a bad review the week after signing the contract (from a 2 year old project who just wouldn't be made happy). So I didn't get a single lead for a service we actually provide and now have to pay even more to cancel the contract... but they offered a free month of service to advertise products we don't even sell for some reason, how helpful of them. Be extra careful if signing with them, they could care less if you actually get anything for your money, so make sure you have it all correct and expect to it just be like signage, maybe someone will see your name now and then, but probably won't get any value directly from Angie's List - and if they do make a mistake, and you don't catch it yourself right away, they'll accept no responsibility for it. Bad service, no value, and they couldn't care less, highly recommend against using their paid services.

Contractors beware
If anyone clicks on homeadvisor or angies list for a project you will automatically be charged 30 to 100+ dollars, even if its someone just trying to figure out what buttons to click and when you talk to the support over why you are being charged for people not answering the phone, returning calls or emails, etc. Angi (formerly Angie's List) will tell you after they give you a phone number they charge you and thats that. Even if the customer clicked the wrong request, or put in a phone number that comes up disconnected, etc. Its a racket. For how much you will pay a month to talk to robots you can get a much better return via mail brochures in your targeted area. Also when you cancel you will have to change your phone number or get harassed mercilessly by angies to come back or people they sold your information to build a website for you. Its almost like they are sending you information for people who dont exist half the time, no matter how you try to contact them or how slow or fast you contact them, they just dont exist. But the hole in your wallet will. Avoid these rats at all costs. When you google Angi Leads and scam I hope this review comes up. It is a scam. Do not spend hundreds a month to spend hundreds more and never get a moment of peace from being hounded via text or phone call about nonexistent work orders. This is from one week, without credits because I threatened to call the AG it would have cost me 300 dollars to talk to a single person who answered the phone about a job they are thinking of doing in 2022.

Mario Russo Aluminum dba Treasure Coast Marine Inc
Mario Russo and his crews built the screen enclosure around our new in-ground pool. Prior to hiring him, we obtained a quote for his services. After getting feedback from others, we wanted to make sure that drains were installed in our pool screen and discussed this with Mario. The quote we received very specifically states that four (4) drains were included in the price. We hired him to do the work. After the pool screen was completed and the crews were ready to leave, we questioned why there were no drains installed and were told that these were on back order. After waiting months and following up several times with Mario, we checked on-line only to find that the company that made the type of drain he wanted to install is no longer in business. We tried to discuss this with Mario and offered several alternative drains that could be installed. His response was that Angi (formerly Angie's List) were too expensive. Now as we all know, the prices on everything have significantly increased. And if the product you used to buy is no longer available, you have to buy what is. In fairness, we offered to split the cost with Mario but he will not return numerous calls or messages left.
Additionally, the very first time it rained following installation of the pool screen, the Super Gutter which he installed was leaking. We brought this to Mario's attention and were promised several times that crews would be by to fix it. They never came and now, months later, the problem has still not been resolved. As with the drain issue, Mario does not return numerous calls or messages and clearly has no intention of correcting the problem and standing behind the workmanship of his crews.
So be forewarned that although this company may at first be responsive and faster than some to perform installation, you don't get what you pay for, there is no quality control and no customer service. They are just quick to take your money and then you will not hear from them again.
After this experience, I began to look into this company and found that they have undergone several name changes, as well as Contractor license number changes and locations. It is apparent now why this was done – they screw customers and then try to get more by changing into something else (ie: Mario Russo Aluminum, Mr. Aluminum, Treasure Coast Marine Inc., Family Pools). The company you hire may even have a different name, but be warned against an Owner named Mario Russo.

So where do I start…. I've only been with them a month. In that time I've had to call 4x and try and cancel. I was not getting any customers that would answer phone and based on THIER criteria I qualified for credit for that lead. Angi (formerly Angie's List) started denying the credits and gave a excuse of it wasn't meant for people who don't answer. The criteria states UNABLE TO CONTACT CUSTOMER. Doesn't say how but now they give me other criteria not listed. Then I give them another shot they give free leads and 1 in five answer. I got very upset called back and was then told your number pops up to customers as 1-877…. And some people see that and don't answer but we can take it off. Why even put it then knowing people ignore those, "because it's for statistics" they took it off and I got ten leads, guess how many answered? Not a one answered the phone. I had one lady tell me she never contacted the website for services. These people manufacture fake leads so they can charge contractors for the information and it's not even real. We are mostly small business trying to get going and you vultures prey on us. Do not use them. Oh and watch their response it's an automated response like all the others. They are glad I'm too small to sue them and expose their fraudulent business. Please stay away. Had to choose one star to submit or they wouldn't even get that.

Creo Home Remodeling -0 L. Pail Gilliland
• I hired CREO Remodeling Refined to completely renovate my home.

• The owner of CREO Remodeling Refined, L. Paul Gilliland, performed or was responsible for the renovations himself.

• Initially, Mr. Gilliland gave me a considerable low estimate but as the renovations got started Mr. Gilliland continuously request additional monies that quickly exceed the estimate he originally provided. When I questioned him about the additional monies, he said the cost of materials was higher than anticipated and stated that I had "expensive taste." He refused to provide me with receipts for the materials and stated that he was " not required to show them" to me and threatened to leave in the middle of the job if I continued to "harass" him. He also threated that it would be impossible for me to get another contractor to complete the job.

• At the initial meeting, Mr. Gilliland provided me with his business card with the address crossed out. When I questioned him about the address, he said that he was having new business cards printed and once received he would give me one. Throughout the five month period that Mr. Gilliland was working in my home, I would ask him for the new business cards. He kept saying that Angi (formerly Angie's List) were ordered, and he had not received them. When I pursued this, he again threated that he would leave in the middle of the job and it would be impossible for me to get another contractor to complete the job if I kept "harassing" him.

• Within days of Mr. Gilliland completing the job, I noticed that there were several items in the master bathroom and in another bathroom that were not operating properly and needed to be repaired. I immediately attempted to contact Mr. Gilliland for him to complete the necessary repairs. I left him many voicemail messages but he refused to answer my calls. I also left multiple text messages to which he also failed to respond.

• Since Mr. Gilliland failed to answer my attempts to contact him or provide me with any legitimate mailing address, I was unable to resolve the issues with the necessary repairs. Therefore, I did some research to find his address. I found four Paul Gilliland addresses in the Delaware Valley area and sent a certified letter to each of the four addresses. All the letters were returned to me with an annotation "addressee refused to accept." The purpose of these certified letters was for him to make good on the commitment he made to me. I paid Mr. Gilliland the increased charges and deserve to get the quality of work he promised.

• Since Mr. Gilliland failed and refused to hold up his end of the agreement, I was forced to hire a plumber to repair the bathrooms. Mr. Gilliland forced me to endure unjustified additional expenses because of his mediocre craftsmanship and failure to respond to my communication attempts to repair the bathrooms. Because Mr. Gilliland refused to resolve an issue with his workmanship, he owes me $355.00 for reimbursement for the plumbing repairs that I had to pay a plumber.

• I strongly recommend that anyone considering hiring Mr. Gilliland obtain the proper IRS form to ensure that he properly report the earned income as required by law. Mr. Gilliland told me about his gambling habits and admitted to having high debt. I am not confident that Mr. Gilliland reported the monies that he collected from me as earned income so I completed and mailed the appropriate form to the IRS.

I signed up on Angie's List in April of 2011, and generally...
I signed up on Angie's List in April of 2011, and generally agree with the other reviewers on ReviewFeeder: the cost of membership is too high for the services received. Here's another drawback: when you sign up for a "List," you sign up for reviews of businesses ONLY IN A SPECIFIC GEOGRAPHICAL AREA ("area" is defined by Angie's List). So, if you want to find reviews of businesses in a DIFFERENT area, you'll have to pay extra, for an additional "List." Let's say, for example, you inherited some vacation property outside the area of your original "List," and need to find a contractor or plumber to fix up the cabin on the property: if you want to see reviews of local contractors on Angie's List, you'll have to sign up for a new "List" in that area, for an additional charge. Needless to say, you can't find out if there ARE any reviews of local contractors until after you sign up for the new "List."

Even worse, if you later sell your property, or just decide that you aren't getting your money's worth from the new "List," you'll have to telephone or email Angie's List and request a "stop" on the automatic annual renewal (or request that the "List" be removed from your membership, altogether). There is no way to flag this "List" on the website as "do not renew."

There's nothing wrong with automatic renewals of membership subscriptions, but any website that allows you to sign up for an additional membership service should also allow you to CANCEL that service at any time, without going through extraordinary efforts, like calling or mailing the company. Lack of such a "stop charging me!" function should be a red flag for any subscriber, or would-be subscriber.

Falsely Recommending Fraudulent Contractors for Superior Servise
Sterling Environmental Services: Beware of this company as Angi (formerly Angie's List) falsifying documentation & involved in extorting consumers. Initially they charged me 1,500. To remove the tank & told me the entire job will be done in 3 wks. I signed the contract and pay the 50% deposit on 11/18/20. I heard nothing after 3 Wks. I followed by mid-December & was told they needed 2-permits a Zoning & City permit which was not accurate per the City. I questioned the process & encountered rude & abrasive responses. I called the City of East Orange and there was "0" permit application for my address. I sent an email about the information the City shared with me & it was not received well. On 12/30/20 they called to notify me the permit was issued and in the mail. On 01/11/2021 they notified me they received the permit and scheduled for Tues01/19/21. After the removal the price went from $1,500. To $2,401.25. They claimed they made a mistake on the price. They also made major errors during the tank removal including placing the wrong name and date on the tank after removal. My daughter questioned the incorrect name and date & they said "no understand English". They left the site with the hole opened & returned about 30 mins later. My daughter went back outside and started smelling high gas odor. She told them "turn off the machine" in fear it may cause a fire. They claimed "it's soil" but was not smelling before they left. I received another quote for $19,797 as I have "bad soil" although it was not tested. I requested the report and was told "you did not authorize me to test the soil so I could not". Not sure where he got the "bad soil" results. At that time they reported a spill to the NJ State EP Department. The company is falsifying reports to extort consumer/customer (me) and place undue stress and expense for monetary gain to benefit the company revenue growth which is unethical practice. I had to hired another oil tank company to check the soil it was not contaminated. Now I have to pay to close an unfounded spill in order toto close a permit. Please do not use this company due to dishonest and unethical practices.

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I have been an Angi's List GOLD member for many years. Since the merger w/ Home Advisor, ANGI has become a NIGHTMARE. I own several properties and used their PREPAY service for 3 jobs. One worker never showed up; a 2nd came and did a fine job. The 3rd was a simple plumbing job, but Angi (formerly Angie's List) sent someone w/ NO PLUMBING EXPERIENCE. He stuck some PVC pipes together, didn't prime or cement them, and they fell off the next day. He also broke an existing copper pipe in my basement. I texted him asking him to properly complete the job and repair the pipe he broke. He returned the next day and demanded I pay him CASH, even though I PREPAID through ANGI. That was FOUR DAYS AGO. I have called and emailed ANGI support every single day, only to be routed to INDIA where reps ask the same questions then hang up on you. I have a completely unusable sink with work done in violation of the city building code because the pipes were NOT PERMANENTLY PRIMED AND SEALED. As stated, I am a PAID GOLD MEMBER, which means absolutely nothing to ANGI. You can't get a human being in AMERICA to help solve your problem. PLEASE DONT USE ANGI AND PLEASE DON'T GIVE THEM YOUR CREDIT CARD INFO!. They are sending people out to do work without checking their credentials. If the work is done improperly, you will never see your money again and
Have to find a QUALIFIED worker on your own and pay AGAIN.

A Fair and Reliable Local Contractor; Sensible Home Products, LLC
Sensible Home Products, LLC
Owner: Jeremey Groll
I used several search engines out there to locate a contractors(s) to work with me to vinyl side my home and replacing all windows (18).
It's tough to locate a contractor that does both and presents a bid that is affordable. I was very fortunate to find Jeremy Groll, Sensible Home Products, LLC; Owner and hands-on contractor who presented me with an honest bid that not only gave me choices on every decision to be made, but was also very upfront regarding cost and the possibility of additional challenges that may be facing me once the job starts.
I was given a very fair price for the quality of product I decided to use; both with the siding and window choices. I have always been suspicious of contractors, having experienced poor quality of work and schedule overrides in the past. These doubts and fears have stemmed from past experience. Well, Jeremy and Sensible Home Products, LLC have renewed my faith in contractors as well as fair reliable business practices. There was some cost override with this job due to conditions that could not be foreseen until the removal process began.
Jeremy kept me up-to-date on almost a daily basis via text, phone and pictures of the area(s) needing repair. It was an amazing experience to have this kind of support and status updates from my contractor. From the day I met with Jeremy to discuss the project until the day I put the key into my new front door I had and have full confidence in the person, the Company and the crew Jeremy has working with him.
If you have a home project, big or small, I recommend giving Jeremy Groll and his company Sensible Home Products, LLC a shot at bidding it. When we initially met Jeremy showed me a few on-line reviews of his work and I thought, yeah, he could have written those, but I'm now happy to be one of his satisfied customers writing this review. Thanks for a stellar job Jeremy!
Michael-Manchester, CT

Worst service I ever received
The worst service I ever received I did research on their company and Wanda up accidentally downloading the app thinking I could use it that way after I enter the app and put in my information Angi (formerly Angie's List) contact me immediately after I explained to them that I had read the reviews and was just doing my research is why I downloaded their app but explaining to them that I did not like the reviews that I had read is why I didn't go into getting their service just yet but was still doing my research so they explain to me that that had to be somebody that worked for the company previously an insured me that I had none of that to worry about in the meanwhile after I took their service they explained that I would have someone to help me get everything set up is one of the things I was paying for as well as getting clients I never received neither one they explained to me that they would help me get reviews and that they will have someone on my side at all times helping me through everything the lady contact me one time and then contact me right before my payment was due in the late afternoon and said she had sent me an e-mail that I should follow the instructions as I go into the email is nothing there for me to do all of the clients that they are sending to the app is not real clients I'm calling and getting fraudulent numbers not even getting a voicemail the customers that is answering they're complaining about the quote which is one of the best quotes that I know I've been in the business for years 4/16 years now this is the worst service that I have ever received and I have worked with so many different companies I would never recommend this company to anyone's believe the reviews they are so true I wish I would have Angie's List is the worst ever do not just throw your money away to them cuz that is what you will be doing throwing your money in the trash this is why everybody messes with Home Advisory Cow who are should have went with in the first place

I have a small construction company JJ Construction and services, we subscribed to Angie with the intention of expanding a bit and it was absolutely the worst decision, Angi (formerly Angie's List) offered us a promotion to subscribe for $ 300 in credits that they never met, the supposed clients who send you are some impossible to locate, the charges to my bank account have been repetitive having my subscription paused, several times I spoke with the department that is in charge of the claims in Angie to stop these charges of (WORKS THAT DO NOT WE HAVE DONE) and I have not had any solution, I also demanded that they cancel my subscription because I do not want any working relationship with scammers and in the last conversation I had with this Angie's claims department they assured me that our subscription was closed and not they would debit more money from my account, since on 11/19/2021 they debited my account $ 353.61, which adds up to a total of $ 1,611.79 that has been debited from my account without accepting any clients sent by Angie. This is a SCAM, call my Bank to report these charges as fraudulent operations, and someone from this company has to stand up and take responsibility for returning my money, so I alerted the entire working community that we provide construction services in a way honored not to fall into the clutches of these SCAMMERS

You Get What You Pay For
The adage "You get what you pay for" rings true with MF Construction. When we were in the market for a general contractor to build our two-bedroom/two-bath ADU in San Marino, we interviewed several general contractors. Mike Maman of MF Construction was one of them. Mike showed us several of his projects as well as his own custom home. We were extremely impressed with the end results. After reviewing several competitive bids, we selected Mike because of his 40+ years of experience in building high-quality homes.

During the construction of our ADU, Mike was just a text or phone call away. He kept us informed of upcoming events and visited our job site almost daily, sometimes more than once a day. He was present at all 12 of the City inspections. Every step along the way, we noted the high quality of materials Mike uses from the Ganahl lumber to the thick insulation and roofing paper to the copper pipes and shower hot mop, and mold-resistant drywall. Mike uses materials which meets or exceeds code requirements. Everyone on Mike's team is extremely skilled in his/her craft, many having worked with him for decades. Mike is old school and does not take any shortcuts.

Along with high quality construction and materials, Mike is extremely efficient. Our ADU was completed in four months, as promised. Progress was made every day. From the rough work to the finishes, Mike scheduled his team members just in time which resulted in an extremely efficient and smooth workflow. Mike builds with his heart. His passion is infectious which inspires his team members to do their best work. The results are evident in the finished product. Our neighbors and friends are extremely impressed with the quality and build of our ADU.

If you value a well-built home and appreciate attention to detail, you will not be disappointed with Mike Maman. You WILL get what you pay for with MF Construction.

I was about to start my third year with Angi Ads and found out that I would have to get another background check. Normally that wouldn't worry me but I have a situation where I was wrongfully accused of doing. A charge was filed and I went and turn myself in after retaining an Attourney. I was released in about two hours. It had probably 3 months and a solicitor was finally assigned you my case. After about 1 week my Attourney and the prosecutor talked and the solicitor is in agreement that Angi (formerly Angie's List) do not have a case but they are waiting to speak to one of the witnesses to back up my statement. In the mean time while they're waiting for her and the courts have shut down for the holidays and the charges can't be drop until mid January. My anniversary is January 13. So I thought I'd be fine and so did my client succes agent but Angi run the background check and when the results came back the pending charge was on there. Without allow me to give an explanation or even allowing me my civil right to appeal the background check they shut down my profile and stop showing it as well. On top of this I was already in the middle of trying to reach a settlement with them for almost 50/60 fake leads. I plan to sue them for a couple of reasons and when I went to get copies of all the text, and emails to find out that they have remove everyone of the emails of conversations about the bad leads where they have admitted that 95% of them were fake. They have put me in a terrible situation because I have primarily used Angi for work and now I've got nothing at least I got about 1 or 2 leads in between all the fake ones. I am unable to provide Christmas this year for my family nor pay my bills. I was supposed to have 10 days by law to respond to the sore adverse action letter. So they have violated me civil rights, provided fake leads immediately release from my ad page etc. I will be filing a law suit! This all started when home advisor. Stay away from all of these sister companies. After researching I found that they have down this same thing to others pros. They do not care about you your company your family your experience nothing exception that money. F&&$; :($ $ck Angis Ads burn in hell!

Not the Angie's List you remember--just another name for HomeAdvisor
The Angie's list of old no longer exists. It was bought out by HomeAdvisor and is basically an advertising site for vendors.

I handn't had a need for services since 2017, I guess. Prior to that, Angie's List was one of those great sites that could steer you to a great contractor. A quick search and you could find authentic reviews for local contractors and choose ones that were really great. I found a house painter, an indoor painter, an electrician, a handyman... you name it, Angi (formerly Angie's List) had it.

Fast forward to 2021 and the basement sink started to gurgle every time we flushed the toilet and backed up a bit when we took a shower. I figured that the problem was with the sewer main. I went right to Angie's List and found 'Angi.' I figured it was just updated rebranding and moved forward. Oddly, they wanted a fair amount of information, more than I remembered from before. I put it in and pressed on.

The top hit was a local plumber with five-star ratings, so I figured I go with it. Strange, I thought, that they would give a pre-payable price quote online without me having to email or even speak to the plumber, but I didn't think much of it. It was upwards of $400. Sounded like a lot when noone actually knew what the exact problem was. I went with negotiating my own price. I got the name and address and figured I'd just try calling.

Everything seemed fine. The guy was delayed--par for the course with this kind of thing. He fidgeted around in the basement for nearly 2 hours and came up to give the bad news. He couldn't fix the clog and we'd need to replace 70 feet of sewer line. The basement was a mess with--literally--crap all over the place and fecal footprints here and there. There was an old dresser next to the outlet for the sewer main, which extends below our front porch. I have no idea what he was doing down there but there were feculent footprints atop the dresser as well. It smelled like the monkey house at the zoo if they hadn't cleaned up for a week. As he couldn't fix the problem, there was 'no charge' but we were given a card to call for the sewer main replacment.

The whole thing just didn't seem kosher to me. We called a neighbor who recently had some construction done on his home and we were told to call Ken's Plumbing in Edison. At first they weren't sure if they could get someone out there that day, but I guess they heard the urgency in our voices. Just after plumber #1 left the premesis, Ken's guys showed up. They scoped and snaked the drain in under 45 minutes and we were good to go. They assured us that we did not need to replace the sewer main. And, by the way, the sewer line is only 50 feet long. They apologized for the mess, even though it wasn't theirs, and even cleaned up the larger chunks of sewage. They gave us the cards for a couple of reliable professional clean-up experts; the one we went with was professional, prompt, and did an thorough job. Kudos to Ken and the boys... Oh, and to top it off, Ken's (who came at the drop of a hat) charged over $100 less than the original contractor's estimate and less than Angi's pre-pay price. Lesson--be skeptical and always opt to negotiate your own price.

As a referral service and a service that makes a profit by taking a cut from each job referred, the modern Angi (a/k/a Home Advisor) is really a contractor promotor. I have no idea if the reviews are curated by Angi, but the plumber that came to us basically made a mess and told us we would need thousands of dollars work of unnessessary work. And, truly, without calling another plumber, how would I know? Things like this, car repairs, medical care... you rely on the professionals to be honest and tell you what really needs to be done. Otherwise, you might have to go with that expensive but unnecessary cylinder replacement, have all your heart valves replaced for no particular reason,... or replace a sewer main that works just fine... And, I suppose, if Angi takes a little cream off the top, it all goes well for Angi and the contractor, but not so well for your bank account.

CONCLUSIONS: I wouldn't trust the reviews on Angi--the reviews appear real to me, but it seems to me that they may remove anything less than three stars. Spotlights on Angi are likely paid, promotional spots. It is doubtful that the companies are spotlighted because of merit. I imagine all kinds of contractors use the service (so apperance on Angi absolutely does not mean that the contractor is bad), but as Angi probably charges a percent of the profits for referrals, it probably costs less to go outside of Angi/HomeAdvisor. Angi's pre-pay option is likely more expensive than self negotiation and finding your own contractor is even less expensive...

Canvassing around, I guess it's hard to find a site anymore that has unvarnished, unbiased reviews of local help. Word of mouth seems to be the only way to go. There are a number of service-type sites, but they all seem to have the same arrangement with the businesses that they serve. I will not use Angi in the future. Home Advisor reminds us why, when it comes to the internet, it's still a bit of a wild wild West out there. Absolutely not recommended.

Save your money!
Angie's List charges users for what other review sites provide free, with the suggestion that its reviews are thereby more reliable. I've found however that there's no reason to believe that its reviews are superior in any way. Furthermore, to participate you have to accept a membership agreement that can have huge negative consequences for you (see below). And unless you're really careful you'll find you're signed up in perpetuity, paying a new membership fee each year.

Before writing this critique I purchased a membership, studied its materials, and also as a journalist interviewed spokesperson Cheryl Reid by phone.

Angie seeks to minimize ringer listings (reviews by the reviewees) by "proprietary" means which may include cross-checking reviewers' phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc. Angie also restricts the number of reviews of a single provider coming from one user—but I couldn't discern much if any protection against a merchant's attempting to buy off bad reviews by offering incentives to the reviewers to withdraw them.

Particularly worrisome is the fact that Angie will without prompting reveal to each service provider the identity of every reviewer of that provider's service. After I discovered this practice I asked a rep about it. The rep boasted that no lawsuit against a reviewer had prevailed. The rep would not say how many lawsuits had been filed. Of course, defending even against lawsuits that fail can be extremely costly, stressful, and time-consuming. "Reputation protection" services have of late become quite popular, and there is a dismaying probability of lawsuits from negative reviews. There's also the fact that a consumer may continue with a problematic provider (like a physician specialist for example) rather than take a chance with a competitor. In such instances the consumer may be reluctant to write a review even partially negative, knowing that the provider will be reading the review.

The likely result of Angie's notification policy is all but the most positive reviews will be self-suppressed or at least toned down, affecting seriously the reliability of Angie's List assessments.

Angie's List does accept advertising from listed providers who wish to offer discounts, and it reportedly solicits that advertising aggressively. Members may choose to search for providers offering these discounts, which purportedly don't otherwise affect the listings or their placement. They're available only from A- and B-rated providers.

***Membership agreements***

You must agree to Angie's privacy policy before joining. This document takes up an excruciatingly long page of tiny text, essentially impossible to get through and harder yet to comprehend. However: the super-diligent will note that buried in the interminable fine print is permission for Angie to disclose *any* information "permitted by relevant law." (So why all the fine print? Guess.)

The general membership agreement makes you liable for "liquidated damages" of up to $10,000.00—yes, ten thousand dollars—for a single violation of its terms, which cover such issues as how you use the reviews. These terms are about as easy to understand as those of the privacy policy. Moreover, you incredibly must agree in advance to any changes in the agreement made without notice to you.

(On the other hand, Angie is not at all strict about fulfilling its own membership obligations. The same membership agreement states without qualification that "Monthly and annual memberships include a subscription to the Angie's List monthly magazine." Yet in over a year I never received a single issue. When I inquired, I was told that magazines aren't sent to those with my class of membership—but that I was free to upgrade.)

Many members will be surprised to learn that they've signed up for membership in perpetuity. Angie's memberships are opt-out, that is, automatically renewed and re-charged, until the member affirmatively resigns. You can opt out of the opt-out when signing up—but if you do, get confirmation in writing!

***Site navigation and customer service***

Site navigation is quirky and sometimes frustrating. Customer service is highly accessible and friendly but too often clueless, and simple inquiries can consume half an hour or more.

***Bottom line***

I don't advise joining unless (a) you realize that Angie's reviews are skewed to the positive, (b) you're unconcerned about your privacy, (c) you're willing to wade through the extensive and opaque general membership agreement, (d) you're prepared to re-read the changeable agreement before taking any action related to the service, and (e) before joining you've opted out from automatic renewal, and have written confirmation in hand.

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Review of Angi (formerly Angie's List) customer complaints, rating & accreditation on Better Business Bureau

What is Angi (formerly Angie's List) rating on BBB?

Angi (formerly Angie's List) has NR rating on BBB

Is Angi (formerly Angie's List) BBB accredited?

Angi (formerly Angie's List) is BBB accredited

Are there any registered complaints of Angi (formerly Angie's List) on BBB?

There are total 0 complaints of Angi (formerly Angie's List) registered on BBB

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