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When I first started on Anastasiadate I was amazed
When I first started on Anastasiadate I was amazed. So many beautiful women and AnastasiaDate are all interested in talking to me. I had read reviews online stating that it was fake and set up but I decided to try it for myself to see.
I started purchasing credits so I could reply to some of the many emails I was receiving and so I could use the chat feature.
This is where the first alarm was raised, I was chatting to a young woman and the conversation began along the lines of her saying something like "Hello, I saw your profile and you look just like the man I want to marry, please talk to me". After 10 minutes or so she had said many things about how keen she was to meet up and she is so excited to meet a man from Australia. I had to end the chat due to a friend coming over to say hi. I told her and she said she will be back online at a certain time and she will wait for me. I left my browser open and about 15 minutes later my friend left and I went back to my computer. After about 5 minutes another chat box popped up from the same woman with the EXACT same introduction message.
I still had many credits remaining so decided to continue using the service to use those remaining credits. I responded to several emails and the replies I received from the women were almost identical (like they were quickly written by the same person perhaps). I decided to change my profile by deleting my pics and all the info about me and simply writing "please do not write to me, I believe this site is fake and do not wish to use it". Oddly enough it has been two weeks since I made the change and in that time I have received numerous emails from women stating they "love the look of my pictures" and "were very interested by my profile". REALLY? Why are you writing to me if you really read my profile and why do you find the fact I think it is fake interesting?
The final straw came when a letter came to me from a 22 year old woman from Nikolaev. Whoever wrote the letter to me clearly had no idea as the letter stated that she was a "19 year old student". I can understand a typo but to get your age wrong by 3 years is pretty bad and to me this site clearly reeks of deception and lies. I am not even going to bother writing to the actual company and complaining as this only alerts them to procedures they are doing wrong and helps them to ensure they do not happen in the future.
Do yourself a favor and stay clear of this site. It is a massive waste of time and an even bigger waste of money.

After Being on this site and seeing the reviews, I...
After Being on this site and seeing the reviews, I decided to give it a chance anyway and I should have listened to the bad review comments that were posted. If you are considering using this site or are still using it, My advice is to walk away. You will only spend money and in the end you will have lost a lot of money and still not meet any of the Girls or be any closer to finding an International wife. My personal Experience has been that I have chatted and emailed about 10 different girls on the site that I thought were going to be a good match, over the course of using the site these past 7 months and with each girl it has been the same. I chat with a girl, ask questions relative to the qualities I look for in a wife and each of the ten girls has stated that AnastasiaDate are happy to have been able to find me, that they agree and are the type of woman with the qualities I am seeking and in turn each has lied or when it comes time to meet, they are not able to meet. Ihhave never been able to reach any of the women on the phone, wheather it was an instant call or a scheduled call through their service. The Chat is very expensive and each of the girls is against sending you and communicating through letters, they always insist on the Live chat. And there were a couple girls that I had sent flowers to and provided my personal email for direct communication and in both Instances, they have emailed me directly, but after a few emails, they say that they are not recieving my emails any longer and they both have tried to influence me to get back on the chat (that you have to pay for) that is on the Site. When I suggested using Skype, Both have said that it is expensive and that you have to pay to Download (which is not true). I had a friend that travelled to Ukraine recently and he had told me that Skype in eurpoe is like the Skype web site here, it is a free download and works the same there than it does in the U.S. But the girls Insist that they can't download, due to cost. It is an outright lie. Another thing I noticed was that even when you established a relationship with a girl, A few girls wanted exclusive communication and stated that they only communicated with me, But I began to notice that after we would chat and I would log off, but they would remain on live chat. I saw this when I went back online after reading a review one time and sure enough 38 minutes after me and a girl had finished chatting, They were still on live chat when I went back online. I asked why they would be online after we had said our goodbye, if she was only communicating with me and all the girls said very similar things, either they were waiting for me (which didn't make sense cause we had already said our goodbye after chatting) or they would say they forgot to turn off computer. Let me state, they all said the same thing, like if they were taught this or something. I would then ask them directly to log off after our chat, but they did not and when confronted about it, there were various excuses. I even went as far as creating a fake profile with another email and even after they said and even promised they did not communicate to others, I would log on later with my fake profile and they would still be online and I would initiate a chat and everytime they would answer, I would chat with them and ask questions about their search and if they had found anyone, if they were available, things like that, and everytime, they would say they are available, they have not found anyone and even said their search was not going well, but 30 minutes before on my real profile, the same girls would say they loved me, they only wanted me and how lucky they were to find thier match. I also tried other clever tactics to prove if they were lying or real and each one failed and when confronted, they stopped answering the chat invite immediately. Also the other tactics I used (which I will not go into detail here) but they always contridicted themselves on things they had said earlier or previously in chat and one weird thing too was, it was like they were not the same person sometimes. The girls would not remember what they had even told you a day before or sometimes, would not even be able to recall things you had told them before. So... I do not believe there is anyone real on the site at all. I would not believe any of the 5 star reviews, I am convinced that the 5 star reviews are fake and implanted. I know a couple people that do have russian or ukrainian wives and they did not use this site and they also have never heard of any marriages or meeting from anyone that had used the site. I am done using this site and am going to use the site a friend who married a awesome russian wife used. I will not name the site cause I am not here to promote any sites, I just want to warn any one else about this site and the other site that they have, which is russian This site is a scam and if you want to use it, go ahead, but you have been warned. You will only waste alot of time and money. The girls play games, waste your time, and are not serious. I do not know if they get paid to chat or not as I have read on some reviews, but it seems like it to me, cause all the girls, and I mean all, in my experience, have either said they only use chat on the site or they try to influence me to use the chat. A couple girls have sent letters a few times, but it always goes to a conversation about just using chat. Goodluck in your search and I hope I have helped people to save their money and use some other reputable site, but stay away from this one.

How believable (NOT!) are the girls on dating site?
Huh? If I ask a thief is he a thief... what is he going to obviously say? As a former paying member I began to smell a rat in Anastasia... there are just too many great looking girls all making similar noises in approaching me as a near 58yr old man, to be believable.

Ask yourself; "Why would 18 to 28 year old girls express attraction to someone as different in age to themselves, as me?" While I may be the epitome of good looks and charm for my age right now, very few women (let alone the hordes of beauties professing to be interested in me on Anastasia) is going to be interested in the inevitable "old, snoring wrinkly" that WILL be me in the next 5 to 10 years.

Now look at the girls occupations... I note few list themselves as desperate (for income) full or part time phone and internet chat girls employed by Anastasia (albeit for very low rates of pay) to lure foreigners to part with their dollars - yet that is what the bulk actually are!

There's also something EXTREMELY wrong with the hours that each girl keeps. Log on just about ANY TIME of the night or day and there is YOUR "beloved" waiting patiently 24/7 just for you (and you only?) to come online to bait you into contact. I look at the girls occupations... Just how many philologists, stylists, economists and lawyers does the Ukraine actually need? You can draw your own conclusions from this.

Now just as easy as it is to employ tens of thousands of girls to proffer themselves to you online, a company like Anastasia (or it's related Arab equivalent which I mistakenly clicked on!) can put up phoney reviews here saying how good and genuine AnastasiaDate are.

Spend your money wisely... DO NOT assist Russian oligarchs to augment their riches at your personal extended expense. From my first hand experience, women are NOT programmed that much differently whether they are in Australia, Russia, Poland, the Philippines or Thailand... why subsequently indulge in the humongous added costs of getting to know, visit and import one from overseas when simply by visiting all the churches in your vicinity (not necessarily for the religion!), you can find one relatively inexpensively with convenient location and local understanding?

Let's face it ALL women COST in one way or another, so why make finding one so much harder and much more expensively than the one you haven't met yet just around the corner from home? Think about it!

POSTSCRIPT (Feb 21,2016) well, the same faces and photos of the girls that I took an interest are still there! (. Don't think I've noticed any leave!) - what does that tell you? AND

It appears the Anastasia.Com is now employing people to write positive reviews such is the barrage of 5 star reviews all waxing the same wonderful superlatives of the effectiveness and genuineness of the site! It is great if you are happy simply paging thru thousands of gorgeous looking girls looking to entertain your wallet (pay by the second guys! Pay your hard earnt for everything! - no limits!... like an obsessed poker machine player!)

I used to be really determined to marry a lady from...
I used to be really determined to marry a lady from this site, but fortunately, having read some opinions about this site I carried out an experiment which convinced me that it is a total scam. Within a year I established six accounts with approximately the same age but a different background from a high school to a PhD, from a single through divorced to widower, from zero to three children. All my conclusions concerns only women who took interests in my profiles and AnastasiaDate are below:
1. I received letters from almost the same set of thousand women or so. "I am looking for an educated person, who likes travelling a lot…" writes a lady to a widower, mechanic with high school education and three children.
2. All the letters from the same lady were the same, apart from the greetings:"Dear (and the proper name) …" No personal relation, no comments on your character, experience or background. Funny, but I didn't place any photos and she writes:: "I like your eyes…." It is obvious that local agencies send the same copies of letters on behalf of the ladies according to the rule: the more suckers the more money.
3. Many of these women appeared to be married, which I checked on the site and, or Believe me, I know Russian and especially is a good source of information.
4. Many of these women have children, although you can learn from that their profiles that they are childless. (the sources as above).
5. Many of them are in love and have boyfriends what is visible on their photos. (the source as above).
6. The ID of the women indicates how long she is on the site. The lowest number the longest time e.g. numbers from 1080000 show-five years. From 1740000 are the newest. I do not believe that a girl who looks like a million dollars with an ID number about 1080000 has not been able to find a proper man for five or more years. It is obvious that she works as a bait who attracts enchanted men willing to pay several dollars for every minute of chat or call, and for every picture or video to see.
7. I am a far-sighted man and luckily I have not spent a dollar on a silly conversations stared by a19-year old girl like this "Are you in a good mood today?", but knowing the opinions about this site I am sure that I would not be talking to just that girl. Even if it was her, it is impossible that such a young girl could have anything in common with a 40 or 50-year-old man except money he will pay for the conversation.
8. Only about 50% of women could have been checked by me by means of their profiles on the social sites, so you can imagine that choosing a lady from this site is like a walk on a thin ice or a mine field. You will never know when you became a victim.

I only hope that my investigation can help some naive men who are under the charm of Ukrainian and Russian women to be more careful with this site.

I do not reckon that all of women are cheaters and scammers. During a year I came across over 200 profiles of my admirers, that have been removed from the site. The ladies may have found their knight on a white horse, or may have given up because of the lack of offers, or may have been forced to resign because their scam was revealed.
But one thing is certain: YOU WILL NWVER KNOW IF THE GIRL IS REAL.

It's like a conspiracy everyone involved is in on it.
I probably spent about $10,000 on this site."The Agency" is what the ladies call it. Ladies yeah right. More like the liars. I was invited to go to Odesa by a woman after playing sex games on line several times. She had in her profile that her English speaking skills were intermediate. Upon arriving in Odesa I met this con artist for lunch in which receiving my credit card statement was over $250 Thats right for lunch. Because she lied about her English speaking skills she brought along a suprise guest an interpreter which would cost me an additional $20 an hr. The last night I was there. She showed up without an interpreter. I asked her to have sex with me. Which was how she coaxed me into going to Odesa in the first place. She was capabIe of reading some english enough to communicate. I had a note book and we wrote messages back and fourth I told her I couldn't believe she got me to come 7000 miles just to blow me off. She basically said that was just text and it didn't mean anything. I reminded her that she asked me to come several times. I asked her how she could be ok with what she did. She started crying. Like a chump I felt sorry for her. I hugged her and kissed her and said please don't cry. I caught my flight the next day. We traded phone numbers and emails before I parted. I emailed her several times. She stated that she had also emailed me; but I never received anything. I have international texting and a translator on my phone. So I texted her. She stated that she received my text and that she texted me back. I called her number and A man answered the phone. When I asked her about it she said that she was scared cause she lived alone. I sent another text stating that I was sorry I scared her. Soon after I recieved a text from her or more than likely her boyfriend in Russian. It translated to "$#*!er $#*! off". Now I'm mad there's no denying I had been played. For one thing she could have texted me the whole time. But instead she wanted to keep me on that site. Anastasia Date and Russian Brides maintain that AnastasiaDate don't compensate and I quopte "the ladies in anyway" so naturally I'm curious. Whats their motivation? I doubt it's just to be spiteful. Since coming home I went on line and found out several of the food and drink establishments are in on it. They jack up pricing just for suckers like me. It seems to me everyone involved in this Anastasia Date and Russian Brides is getting a piece of the action. Oh by the way Anastasia Date not only maintains That the "ladies" in no way receive compensation; but they also don, t work any other website. It seems to me that this organization could be brought up on racketeering charges. I know this. Something needs to be done about this deceptive organization. There has got to be a way of making these people accountable. If you have any questions email me at *******

Have travelled extensively throughout Russia and Ukraine...
Have travelled extensively throughout Russia and Ukraine and Europe and dated girls from Aanastasia Date—here is my take.

The whole culture in cities like Odessa encourages scams, deceit, and lies--- It is part of their culture. Even if you are young, handsome and in good shape, and have a good steady job with a high income-- you will still be looked at as an opportunity by 90% of the girls on Anastasia Date—most are interested in chatting for money and that is all—heck some don't even chat AnastasiaDate just sit there expecting you to pay to look at them on video camera. They think men are stupid while they are the ones lacking in intelligence and critical thinking, and are too lazy to get real jobs.
They claim to be interested in dating foreign men but the Irony is that as a foreigner over there you are looked at as sex tourist no matter what or how good your intentions are-- so it is doubly hard to approach local girls because they are very insecure and think they would be looked down upon by other Ukranians if they talk to you in person—they will talk to you on internet chat--- that scam is acceptable and OK.
It is not impossible to find someone over there but very difficult—some tips 1- Learn some Russian or as much as you can 2- Do not correspond with anyone below age 24 to 25 no matter how many times they tell you they love you and want to marry you. 3- Do not correspond with anyone until only a few weeks before you depart—if she is interested she will show up-- spending more money on chat and endless letters is not going to make her like you anymore. 4- If she insists on a 20 Dollar interpreter beyond the first date then tell her to go date someone else—ever one is an adult no need for a babysitter. 5-Know and understand that there is a high chance and probability that the girl who you were corresponding with who was telling you how much she loved you may not show up at all—there is nothing wrong with you but over there it is the norm—again an accepted part of the Anastasia culture. 6-- If you go there go with the attitude of nothing to lose just think of it as a vacation-- If you happen to be lucky to meet one of the girls in the 10% who actually are serious then great, but also understand it is going to take many repeat trips and a lot of money and effort to get her out of the country.
Depending on what you are looking for --you can have fun in cities like Kiev if you go to the right place, but that will also be even more true in other cities in other countries like St Petersburg in Russia or Prague in the Czech Republic.
Be careful Gentleman and above all be strong and firm and stand your ground and let them know—the girls who you are interacting with when they are being wrong.

Warning After being a member for 15 years on/off, I recommend you to stay away..
I just want to say that after being a member for +15 years on and off, yes I even know their services better than their own employees who cant even agree if it is a dating agency or a social network. I simply cannot recommend anastasiadate to anyone, but rather warn everybody to stay away, save your money and run.
Unserious, unprofessional and a money machine with the only purpose of making you spend money, where it now a days are like winning in the lottery if a girl actual show up on a date.!

All in all i cannot recommend anastasiadate and my very best advice to you is to stay far away.

I started using anastasiadate the very first time in 2006.
Since then i meet +15 girls i think, who all have the same in common that AnastasiaDate where the worldst most beautifull girls with good educations.
On all of my dates it have been impossible to be together with a girl alone, yes not even possible to go for a walk together or go to the cinema together without the translator having to be there even though the girl spoke english.
I wasent even able to be alone with my "fiance" that by the way just abused me for money.
And now that i look back on my dates then i admit i have been stupid to accept that the translator always had to be there and i always had to pay money to spend time with a girl.

Actual i wrote this review several years ago and it have been read more than 300.000 times i think... but i like to update my review since I used anastasiadate a few days ago when i was in ukraine again after not using anastasiadate for years.
I did before my trip get to know two girls, a laywer and a girl who study administration.
Both said to me before i travel and before i buy my trip that they would be happy to meet me on a date and one even said she would like to be my tour guide and so on. Since i had confirmation someone would meet me when i travel, then i bought the ticket and went to kiev for 14 days so i had plenty of time to date and get to know the girls. By the way i only look for 1 girl, but as you all know that two people do not always fall in love and also sometimes people do not show up so i thought 2 girls then my chance is higher to meet someone and fall in love.
Anyway i called the girls using anastasias terrible telephone service where there alwasy are noice on the line, and one girl i only speak to for 1 minute els she was disonnected or i was disconnected. So i asked translator to give them my information after the telehpone call.
Anyway when i arrive in kiev i did not hear anything for 5 days, so i wrote to anastasiadate and asked them to send my information to the girls agency. Then i got 1 sms from each girl the day after that said they where working and busy bla. Bla. Since it was monday. During the rest of my stay i hear nothing, even though both girls knew i was in kiev, nobody took initative to anything.
The long story short... I think it is a total lack of respect to treat a person with so little respect when a person travel example 2000-5000km to come meet and then people cannot walk out the door to meet the person, and not caring just a little bit, or being excited to go on a date.!
I wrote to support that I found this very wrong, and suggested they send the girls a bill to cover my travel expenses of about 780usd for hotel, plane, transport ect. To teach them a lesson, and also i would like to have my money refunded for the telephone call and e-mails to my VISA and not to my anastasia account.
To be honest i did not read the support reply yet, or the two letters from one of the girls that was send 2 days before i go home, and while i was in the airport.
They could just have sms me or used viber/watsapp they had the information.
But my story is actual NOT a single time this happen to me.
Actual my last 3-4 trips to ukraine the last 3 years it happen rather often that girls do not show up on a date. Here we are talking 3-4 different dating websites and there is always the excact same patern no matter what website you use.

The girls love to "chat, chat and chat ", they are okay with letters. They all like to corrospond with you, and they all like to go on a date with you before you arrive.
BUT about 5-1 day before you arrive, some will cancel, get sick, break their leg, have to go on business trip. And though who do not say anything, will often not show up on a date or be impossible to contact one you are in ukraine.
It dosent matter it is Anastasiadate or any other ukraine dating website, its the same story and experience.
Overprised and almost everything cost money with tons of fake chat popup and fake introduction letters, and atempts to make you click on something that cost money all the time.

TIP.: Try to search on google using these ukraine words.
( ukraine marriage model kiev)
And you will find local dating marriage agencys that are looking for young, models to work in the marriage website. They can even work from home and get paid xxx
Per month. Well let me put it this way, you feel lucky.?
Truth is for many especiall young students they get paid a little money for lending their photos to their local agencys, and then they get paid money for that. Some get paid pr. Letter, and pr chat minute. Especially chat pay more than letters.
And going on dates, well they just have to show up now and then spend a few houres and then its back to normal where some girls do not even write their own letters but just get a review of the corrospondance before going on a date by their translator/agency. I know this since i know people who worked in such agencys, both translators and girls told me how it work. There are also many vidoes on youtube where you can see this for your self by the way.
But try and search on google for this "
шлюб модель kiev робота

Then you get a result like this, with a long list of jobs and payment for the above job
Https :// Ua/ua/jobs-kyiv-%D0%BC%D0%BE%D0%B4%D0%B5%D0%BB%D1%8C/

Some jobs are ordinary model jobs, but some jobs you can easy see the marriage angency look for girls.
It is commonly known in ukraine that girls work in marriage agencys, you see ads in newspapers and so on or people standing near discos or outside universitys to offer such jobs to girls.
TIP.: if you copy paste the above link into google translate and press translate to english then the webpage is automatic translated into english and you can read it.

Sometimes i even have corrosponded with example 4 girls on two different websites, and if i invite 4 girls on a date during a 14 day period, maybe 1 show up and are intersted, even though our corrospondance have been amazing.
If the girl show up, you will NEVER be able to be alone with her, for a walk or going to the ciname ect.
And you will pretty much always get a "backup" telephone number and not her real number or e-mail. Its like everything always have to go though her local dating website so someone can earn money!.
It is also quite common if someone actual ( rare) speak to you outside of the website, that they loose your information so you have to buy it again to earn money. ( some website it cost 100usd to get a girls address).
Actual i recommend before you travel to ukraine, to try and send some "cheap" flowers to the address the girl give you. Almost always you will hear the flower delivery contact you saying that they cannot find the address, or even they dont know anyone on that address with that name.
I say this so you can make the dating website contact the girl and update her info.
( dont go to the address you are given as a turist, it is difficult to find and you dont want to go these places in a forign city where you cannot talk to anyone or maybe have difficulty getting a taxi... I do by the way recommend to use UBER in ukraine it is the most easy to use as a turist).

To return to anastasiadates anti scam protection is a joke, often the agency do not take reports or warnings serious. Actual the agency is not even close to being a premium website and havent been a good place since roughtly 2008-2010 or have any real serious anti scam protection...
Back in the day anastasiadate was fantastic. There where 0 chat popups just letters.
You could just ravel to ukraine and invite a girl on a date with 3 days warning and the girls where happy to show up. ( to earn money i guess)
You could go on dating partys in odessa ( i was there 1 time) but i suspect they pay the girls to show up, and at the end of the party there even was a money competition where girls who stay until the end could win money.
( i told anastasiadate about this and since then there have been 0 partys).
But it was a nice event with like 300girls and 20 men i guess. I spoke for 5-7 houres with allot of girls and got telephone numbers and profile id's and i was on 3 dates with 3 girls. After returning home i corrosponded with them but after some time i found out they where not the girl i was looking for.
But a nice positive impression from the date, i talk and meet other girls than the "top model" girls and notised allot of the more ordinary girls more who did not have super photos. That was for me the most positive about the party.

Regarding antiscam and corrospondance, Yes the girls cannot ask you for money and they will check such minor things. But they NEVER do any background checks on people on social networks to check if girls are in relationships or their letters actual fit their life style.
Many girls are two different people and living a double life. On anastasiadate they are the perfect girl and wife, on their social network profile they are very different and have other oppinions than in their letters. This should make you wonder!
I have even been corrosponding with a girl who where dating a ukraine man for 1 year and became engaged and even married... I did my self have to provide their vacation photos and photos of her ring and priovide all evidense to have her removed, ect.
However it is only the only time during 10 years I ever got a refund for anything, however I was not allowed to withdraw but only spend the money on the website.;-(

I have also many times found members on or other websites where I could see they where in a relationship but single on even when asked.
Anastasiadate did not care at all and girls never got removed.
A model looking girls is BIG BUSINESS, and some get so much mail that they earn like 50.000usd a month just becourse she is on the website.
Again i wonder how a girl can reply the hundreds yes maybe even thousands of letters she get every day from men from all over the world.!
Some top model girls are on more than +50 websites. Lets imagine she get 10 letters on every website and reply all of the letters... how is that possible?

You also need to know that it is rare any girl want to talk to you outside of the website, so if you think you send a girl like 10 letters on the dating site, and then find her social network profile on example facebook and want to say hello, then she will NEVER talk to you on the social network. Even after 50 letters she is not intersted in you.!
I think you should wonder how serious she really is if she will not want to be friends with you or talk to you outside of the website.

You also need to be aware that Anastasiadate is like a Casino... House takes all.
Meaning that if you put money in your account, then they will NEVER allow you to withdraw them to your bank account again. Once there is money in the account you have to spend them. And after 1 year if you did not use your money then they will expire.
You really want to be a member somewhere like that, then you are crazy. Nobody put money in a bank if they cannot get their money out again.!
By the way you pay in USD but you will find out your money goes to the tax heaven of syprus ( it changes now and then) and you pay in euro without even being told about it.
I can see this on my bank statement when i buy credits for a larger amount.

Els I been scammed several times but no help by the agency at all, and i even hear storys from a girl that she was with an american man who wanted to have anal sex with her. She did not want this so she was beaten and put naked outside the door in the hotel and the staff of hotel had to help her.
Anastasiadate did nothing, and as far as the story goes the man could just stay on the website and meet other girls.
In 2015 it have become very difficult to meet anyone from the website, they always lie and the girls are never able to preplan anything or let you know when you can come and visit her on a date or two. I typical just tell the girls that I will come in 1-2 month from now and then I invite 3-4 girls on a date and then I maybe meet 0-1 from anastasiadate, and meet a girl or two from however I do also not recommend using dream-marriage / dream-singels there are tons of bad girls there and they charge 30-40usd pr translator hour!... the conversation just keep going on and on and on. You will also never be able to be alone with a girl, the translator will always be there, even if you are a realationship. The girl also pretty much never want to corrospond or stay in contact outside of the agency... in general the agency have allot of trouble and many girls get paid under the table by their local agencys. The girls often are just here to earn a little money and especially have an interest in chatting and will ask you to chat. Also now a days you get 30-40 fake letters every day, some girls send you a new letter every day ( introduction letters) and you get 360 chat requests pr hour... they are also fake. Actual it work in such a way that when a girl is online then a computer script automatic select the girl and give her a premade chat text. Then a random amount of chat request/popup are send to all men online making it look like the girl want to chat with you. The same goes with the 30-40 introduction letters you get everyday.
Actual sometimes you will see the same chat request message written by more than one girl. You can even see chat request when you are not logged in sometimes dooh.
Actual you cant even see when someone you corrospond with actual choose to chat with you on her own, the girl so to speak just down in the flood of spam chat request. All in all I meet more than 15 girls and been engaged with a scammer 1 time... I dated girls who where engaged, and I cant even count how many girls who have been unserious and not really wanted to meet me but just wanted to talk for "fun"/ money. Some even been on the site for years without meeting any men and agency never remove them. In general stay away you are wasting your time/life and money. Agency have become a money machin and especially since 2008 it have been going down the drain every year, and now a days they even force you to pay a membership fee to use overprised services such as chat, yes you cant even refill your account anymore without being forced to pay the membership fee for pretty much nothing... all in all terrible stay away, times are hard in ukraine/russia to many girls who just date you for money and never have real intentions... go somewhere els. Oh i forgot to say the agency send the money you pay them into a tax heaven in sypress. Your bonus points you earn cant be used for anything. I had 1400 i think. If you wonder if the girls are real then yes... But they are mostly not serious at all, but just there to earn money under the table. It is one big lie and chances you fall madly in love are virtual non excisting and the girls will properbly never marry and move to your country. Last year roughly 6000 men visited odessa and only 4-6 got married... you feel lucky? One last think the VIP badge is worthless, no special service or respect for loyal memebers... all in all stay away save your money... it is almost one big scam...

My best advice go to a dating party instead. You will instand know if you like someone and then you can exchange contact information.
Best time to meet someone are after writing letters for 3 month, after that letters will just be what did you do today jada jada. Dating is about people, not to read about them...;-)

I wrote more than 850 letters to girls, and got 99% response to all letters send. I think this is extremly unrealistic, and people should wonder why pretty much everybody I ever spoke to ALWAYS reply my letter. I am no super model and 37 years old.
I once made a little science experience on a Danish website with much fewer members than anastasiadate. I lend a photo of a pretty girl i knew and made a dating profile. In 24 houres I got more than 100letters everyday and after 1 week i delete the profile.
Well what I want to say is, on anastasiadate there are ten of thousands ( including the sister sites) of men and especially the most beautifull girls get allot more than 100 letters every day. I think you should wonder how she are able to talk to so many people... Many girls corrospond with more than 20-30 men and they still can cope with remembering things ect... Personaly I cannot write with more than 5 girls at the same time and send them 1-2 letters every week whitout my brain breaking down... You should wonder who write the girls letters
Oh an try to notise why a girl can sit online all night, even though she have to work and study ect ect... aint that strange?

Ps. Are the girls real. Yes and they almost always look like on their photos.

Pps. I will be happy to give interviews to large newspapers/radio/tv about the "sick" dating industry.

PPS. I think the dating websites should be investigated by the police in an joint efford. They are on purpose cheting people from all over the world.

I'm 64, separated and a few months ago (2014) I was...
I'm 64, separated and a few months ago (2014) I was looking around the web to see if there was something out there for me. I stumbled on; sadly in retrospect. I should perhaps make it clear that I was not looking for a 20-something girl that had just stepped off the front page of vogue magazine. The youngest lady I contacted (actually she contacted me) was 46, and even then I had my considerable doubts, but was persuaded (by the lady herself) that this was no great age difference by Ukrainian standards, and yes, of course at 64 I was flattered that a woman of that age was interested in me, but that's what this is site is all about isn't it? Anyway, I still had my doubts, so the ladies I contacted myself were in their mid to late 50's, as was incidentally my ex-wife. AnastasiaDate were just nice ladies, nothing special, just like me, it seemed to me. What I noticed was that with one exception, the replies from the ladies hardly ever addressed the topics mentioned in my own letters, or at least only in the most general way. So at some point I added up my Paypal receipts, just for laughs, and realized I had spent USD700.00 or thereabouts. Time to stop I thought, as none of the exchanges, though pleasant enough, seemed really to be leading anywhere. They were all content to keep chatting away, until kingdom-come presumably, occasionally trying to persuade me that I should travel to the Ukraine to meet them. There's no fool like an old fool as they say, so I fell for this for a while. Then I asked if we could exchange contact information. One lady said she didn't have email (that by the way was one of the few direct responses to something mentioned in my letter) and would I give her more time (= more money, I now presume). The other suggested I send a present, and write my contact information on the card. I was not to spend too much money she told me! However, I discovered that the cheapest 'present' was around USD 290.00. For the third and final lady I buried a Skype address in my profile and explained to her how to find it. She understood fully; 2 weeks later the Skype address was still there, embedded in my profile, unchanged, for all to read, but I never heard from her again. In fact, from the day I said I was leaving the site, making it clear that I would be glad to continue our correspondence, I did not receive a single message, neither on Skype, nor on the website. At that point I removed most of my profile, entered my age as 90, height 4' 10, weight 350 lbs., etc. Still the letters from random ladies arrived by the truckload, as I think someone else on this site has mentioned. Anyway, I will not continue to rant. It was my own fault, 'caveat emptor' as they say. But it has been a lesson well learned.

Not telling the truth is also a kind of deceiving.
I have been on this site for a long time and I have been cheated many times by the ladies from anastasiadate.
And now I am staying only for fun observing how the owners of the business called try to force (sorry: to encourage) desperate men to pay more and more money.

In the old days everybody could read what men a lady prefers, as far as the age is concerned. And at the first glance reasonable hunters for wives could be sure that a chosen profile smells a rat. Why? The range of age of preferable men was almost stable 18-75 indicated by girls (18 yo) and women (40 yo). Suddenly this information disappeared. Covering the lie? How a 60-year-old man could believe that 20-year-old woman would fall in love with his irresistible charm even after reading a passionate copy of a letter from her which is usually sent to all men on this site. If he believes he will pay money for every letter, photo and minute of chat.

The next information that was removed was the weight of the lady. Why? Because the lie was clearly visible in the photo. A well built woman in her forties and of the height 175 cm cannot weigh 48 kg. Instead of giving the right information AnastasiaDate covered the lie again. I know, I know all this was for mens sake so that they couldnt be deceived. But there are men who would like to know how heavy his future wife is; you know carrying over doorsteps after wedding etc. Unless the marriage is not the main aim of this site.

A few weeks ago, to my surprise, I noticed that they removed the next data. In your inbox you will not read where the woman is from neither city nor country. And what is more you will not find out what her marital status is. Fortunately the profiles still contain this knowledge but to gain it you must click and enter it.
Lets say I am not interested in a divorced lady from Serbia and wish to discard her letter without reading her profile.

Hiding all of the mentioned information is supposed to hide the real face of this website full of lies, fraud and half-truth. And if you want to know more about ladies pay, pay and pay for letters and conversations but still you will not be sure if they tell you the truth.

I know, I know the anastasiadate lovers (especially the ones who spent there only a few weeks and write enthusiastic reviews here) might say: Love is blind and lovers cant see the silly things they do around each other. But surprisingly, there are men who would like to know what they pay so much money for.

Covid 19 effect on Chat and Camshare volume
As you all know girls on Anastasia get paid by their agencies to talk to you. Their commission is about 15% of the chat value with you. AnastasiaDate have to give the agency about 20% so they are left with roughly 12% net commission on chats and all other revenue they generate with you ( flowers, gifts, tel. Calls, letters etc.) Some agencies have monthly contests with prizes to see which girl has the most commissions! Nice gesture!.

Due to Covid some if not most girls that have normal jobs have either been laid off (unemployed) or are working reduced hours, This applies to Fitness trainers, hairdressers, manicurists, event managers, secretaries, sales girls, clothes designers etc. to name just a few of the most prevalent occupations mentioned on their Anastasia profile. So to to fill this salary gap they increasingly go on-line on Anastasia and find ways to increase their commissions as a replacement for their lost salaries.

In their chats with you there is a definite trend to get you to go on Camshare which is outrageously expensive and borders on highway robbery! Camshare is 3 times more expensive than normal video! So for them this is a golden opportunity to make money! The usual come on's are I love to see you too you look so handsome on your pictures! What they really want is to increase their billing and their commission!. The other usual tricks are also used like delayed responses and asking to repeat what you said because they didn't understand and so forth. Some fake pre recorded videos are also still around and are being used by girls who think they are very smart- so be careful and ask them to stand up or wave their left hand. Some even have these special sequences built in! So watch for breaks in the video!
After having spent a few times talking to your favorite girl the question comes up let's move to a free site like Skype. Aaaiii then come the excuses!, I feel safe here on the site, I have had very bad experiences with free sites, I have been stalked by a pervert, I have a small child and have responsibility as a mother, I do not know how to load Skype, my computer is too old to download the software and so on! As you all know you can delete anybody immediately and permanently on Skype! So this is a very weak excuse! 90% will not agree to go on Skype and those that do will only talk to you a few times and then cancel the connection because their commission is more important to them than you and your friendship - sad but true!

This site is just a money making machine for Anastasia their agents and the girls!

The chances of meeting a girl are very remote and even if you meet them they will be nice tourist guides for you together with the Anastasia translator and cost you a pile of money - always 3 meals and translation charges!. And they love expensive restaurants! Beware of interpreters ordering too much food and running up the bill in Odessa! In the meeting there is no emotional involvement and definitely no sex! Learn some Russian and go there yourself! Well I hope I have given you guys a few helpful hints. Good luck Harry

Worst Kind of SCAM
Worst Kind of SCAM.
Lots of beautiful photos of ukrainian and russian ladies. The girls are real, even though all the photos are professionally made, and some in to such an extent that you would not recognise these girls if you met them on the street. Long live Photoshop:)

I was an active member for 3 month, average looking guy in his mid 30´s. I received over 1000 letters from 1000 different girls. It´s just ridiculous. I met a few girls from Anastasia on a trip to Odessa. Most horrible experience. After 3 months, I removed all my photos, every information about my self and what I was looking for. You can't delete your profile! AND still every single time I log on there are tons of girls who want to chat/video chat and still until today I receive letters from Anastasia´s girls. My profile has no information and hasn't been active for over a year.

The whole setup of this site encourages fraudulent behaviour. You pay every time you open or send a letter, you pay even more for a chat or video chat. And the site doesn't permit you to exchange personal information so you can't contact these girls directly. When you call these girls you have to pay a ridiculous rate to talk to these girls throw Anastasia. When you meet these girls, suddenly their english isn't good enough for everyday conversation and you need the service of a translator which Anastasia gladly will provide to you for a small fee of 20 USD every hour :D AnastasiaDate will also help you find a overpriced apartment and arrange a trip for you if you are so stupid.

Anastasia best earners have an incentive to keep you online, to keep you interested. Anastasia provides these ladies with professional photos, they even provide a laptop and internet connection for their best earners, who are popular. The girls receive a percentage of the revenue and have an incentive to keep you online. Even if the ladies know how to speak english they rather use the agencies translators because they get a share of that you pay the translator. And be sure they will try to bleed you try with expensive dinner dates, and shopping tours;)

I know this because I have seen the email correspondence between my girlfriend and an agency recruiter. And I became friends with one of the agencies translator who confirmed every of my suspicions. I have seen Anastasia advertises where they try to recruit beautiful girls on russian Facebook ( and tell the ladies how everything works. Their best earners don't even have to write the letters, the agency translator will continue correspondence with you even if the girls are in relationship. And If the guy some how shows up, they just have to have an expensive dinner with the dude, with a translator of their choosing. Even one of their relatives can be the translator :D Every local girl knows about Anastasia´s practices and laughs of the "stupid tourist" who fall for Anastasia's scam.

Most of the girls on Anastasia have other profiles on other sites, like Facebook and russian Facebook ( Sometimes you can actually see these girls having the status married, engaged or in a relationship. And the same girl who send you endless email suddenly loses interest to communicate with you on Facebook or when you contact them directly. They are only interested in communication throw Anastasia;)

Every single step of the way is a scam constructed to screw you, not in a good way, just financially :D Miracles do happen, some people win the lottery, some people find a honest girl on Anastasia. Personally, I would buy a lottery ticket, the chances of hitting the jackpot is much larger then finding a girl on Anastasia who's not just out to bleed you dry financially: D

If you don't believe me, just create a profile on Anastasia, with no photos or information and see how many girls will write you :) GOOD luck, and watch you wallet

It's a tool... use it wisely
AnastasiaDate is little more than a sophisticated web site like so many dating sites you may have experienced locally. The woman's local agency will often send the initial letters based on the woman's search criteria. Similarly, the software is set up such that the woman can enter search criteria and chat requests are sent out automatically. The main difference between domestic dating sites and AD is that instead of spending a flat fee each month, AD hits you every time you do anything. I can understand the need to charge for letters that require translation. But, use a 'special' emoticon... $$$$. Use their chat server to communicate... $$$$. View a video of the woman in her profile... $$$$. A man will spend a lot of $$$$ just determining which women he does NOT wish to communicate with. And, with 42,000 women on the site, there is just a boatload of women to choose from such that a man can throw away a LOT of money.

On the flip side, the women on the site are real and most of them have serious intentions on finding a man. I have visited Ukraine twice to meet women there and I have not left feeling I was defrauded. We decided we weren't a good fit after a couple dates but that's common with dating anywhere... not just in Ukraine. AD is a decent tool if used properly:
* Write letters until you qualify the woman, Letters are cheap and you can send and receive one picture for free in each letter.
* Don't become a chat addict! Ukrainian women are masters at flirting. It's natural given that there are 5 women for every 4 men there. Think of chats like dates and spend accordingly based on your interest in the woman.
* Focus on women in one geographic area. When you travel to Ukraine to meet women for the first time, meet a FEW women with whom you have been communicating. These are FIRST DATES and first dates are the same all over the world. There is either chemistry or there isn't.
* If you have the flexibility, visit the women as soon as possible after determining mutual interest. There is no reason to spend hundreds of dollars communicating with a woman BEFORE you meet in person, That's just stupid.
* Plan at least TWO DATES, If a woman is worth traveling thousands of km to meet, she's worth meeting at least twice.
* Once you have met the woman in person, exchange information and get OFF AD. AD is a great tool for FINDING the woman. Not a great tool for building a relationship. It's just way too expensive.

After being on this site for numerous months, the scam...
After being on this site for numerous months, the scam is very clear.


Their slogan is "Love knows no boundaries". Here are the boundaries that will make sure you never see any love.

- There is a "free chat" which only allows you 3 minutes before having to pay (a ridiculous amount of money). Once you chat free with a woman for 3 minutes, you may never do so again.
- This "introductory" site prohibits and blocks an attempts to share email addresses to communicate for free off the site. Not much of an introduction if you have to stay on the paid site, is it?
- The little chat boxes that pop up and the message sent to you are all automatic - done by staff members.
- You get no direct communication, even if AnastasiaDate are "fluent" in english. This is how they strip out any attempt to communicate off the site.
- I put the word "GREEN" in my profile and clearly stipulated that any mail or chat attempts to me should mention this word. Never happened in the THOUSANDS of automated emails and chat requests.
- Beware the "counter reviews"... its very clear that people are paid to post good reviews of this site (conveniently with no details, or links to any real facebook pages or documented success stories);
- Their tons of "Anastasia in the media" articles are all coverage of their media campaigns (two chicks in a sports car).

Do your own research, try it out (without paying). You'll see.

Scam, scam, scam.

I see that Anastasia date is hard at work paying people to review their site and give it 5 stars to bring up the overall rating. Easy way to pick these idiots out is simply to see that they've only reviewed ONE site, and they have an absolutely awesome success story.

Well, I just wanted to see if anything has changed in the years since I've left the site, so I hopped on... (see images below)... and it's only become WORSE. There used to be an ability to preview letters... now gone. So all those scamming women get to send you form letters that clearly are fabricated and having nothing whatsoever to do with what you are looking for, and you have to pay 10 credits (approximately $5.00US) to open every single letter... see photo... 24 message, 10 credits each, in one day... $50 US to get scammed, every day. Wow AD, you really know how to make money - no wonder you can send women in convertible sports cars over to the USA to promote your site.

Of course, the chat is as lame as always, unsolicited, unfiltered by the age you are looking for, and completely irrelevant to your profile.

Steer Clear! (still...)

Hello from the other side
I signed for the site about 4 years ago. How many men I met in real life? Just 5 men, who had serious intentions and who came from the other side of the World to meet me. It was a honor, of course.
But, first who came, was a man from UK, who lied about his age. His profile says he was 45 and in fact he was older than 70. What I should do with that old guy? Changing his diapers? Alright, we had coffee and I ran away, really mad at myself, because I had to insist to talk with camera first, before meeting in real life.
So, next one was from Brazil. OMG, you had to see his outfit, he was dressed like a homeless man, I was really ashamed to walk the street with him. And I still can't forget his old white snickers, that was a complete turn off.
The third one, was from Australia. A very nice person, but he had problems with alcohol, he was drinking a lot, every time we gone out, when he came to my city. And the the other thing - he was sweating like a pig, all the time. And he had long gray hair in both of his ears. Blaaahhhh, disgusting.
But a great person to talk to in internet, very intelligent guy. Miss our conversations sometimes.
The 4th one was from Cali. A sick bastard, who told me from the first time he saw me, that he wants me to make a tattoo with his name on my body. Isn't it sick? He was obsessed with me, like he never met any woman in real life. That was really weird.
Finally, the 5th man I met on anastasiadate, was from USA and guess what? He was Russian, who moved to the states many years ago. So babes, we date in real for a year, we meet often and travel together. We have lots of common and this is the best part.
What I want to tell, to those guys, who say that the site is a scam:
If you are older than 40, never ever any girl younger than 33, will have a relationship with you. The site is giving you a wrong image, so you all start believing that teen girls from Ukraine will fall in love with you for your citizenship. Bullshhh...! All AnastasiaDate want - a sugar daddy, who will never come to Ukraine. That's it. Yes, they are all beautiful, but no one of them wants you for who you are. All they want - your money.
Please, open your eyes to the site and if you really want to marry a good woman, seek someone older than 35.
Don't think please, that men in Ukraine are that bad, as the site describes. All those women, who write that local men are mostly alcoholics, jobless and etc, they just lie, to get your money and to give you the impression that you are special one. And you are not. You just can't be special, because you guys on there have completely different culture, mentality. Basically, we have nothing to speak about with you, because you know nothing about Russian culture, movies, jokes and etc. Yes, site pays for chats, true. But! Why the heck I have to spend my free time on talking with a man, who is never serious or who will never come to meet me in real? That's a waste of time, nothing else. If a woman see that you invest money in the future relationship, If she sees that you are making steps to get her- She will be more opened to you. Too many empty speakers on there and too little time we have to spend on them.

I have been on Anastasia date for almost a year
I have been on Anastasia date for almost a year. I went to Ukraine two times in several different cities including Odessa. Unfortunately the "ladies" I met (and I did make sure to meet many of them) were mostly liars, crooks and opportunists. AnastasiaDate insist on picking the restaurant where they want to eat, and you can be sure that it will be one of the most expensive ones. Then the interpreter will order an expensive meal and expect you to pay for it with drinks. This has happened quite a few times guys. I eventually would tell the interpreter up front that I will not pay for meals. I recommend you do this guys. Believe me it is important.
The second dissapointment was that half of the women I made appointments with, cancelled. I had my suspicions that this would happened so I made sure to meet with 20 women over the span of about two weeks. Out of the 20,10 agreed to meet me. The other ones had lovely excuses like: "I can't leave my grandmother" and "I am in Moscow now." It's remarkable how many women had these same excuses. Somethings up right? How can five women need to be with granny? Now some of the ten women who met me casually guided me to stores and the interpreters told me that the ladies wanted me to buy them shoes, perfume etc. This is where you should exit the so called "date" and say goodbye. Now out of the ten some flat out asked me for money for their "mothers, sisters, grandmother's" operation. The remaining women sat there, on the "date" showing little interest yakking it up with the interpreter. Now you may say that "maybe the women were not attracted to you." But these women knew full well how I looked since I had been sending them recent photos for 6 months prior to my trip. WHy did they agree to meet me? Maybe it was for that meal in the restaurant? In addition one of the women told me that it is her agencies practice of splitting the money that the interpreter gets and also the agency gives her money. (This was an agency that was affiliated with anastasiadate and not anastasiadate itself.
One think is odd. Whey do the women want to keep you on chat for so long? And why do they say such lovely sometimes sexual things to you? Then when they meet you they are cold as fish? Maybe it's because the longer they are on chat, the more credits you consume and you make money for the company? One of the clients told me directly that the company did give the women money for staying on chat long. But again this was an agency affiliated with anastasiadate (Anastasia date uses small local agencies around the ukraine to get the local women).
The short end to this expensive episode is that after spending thousands of dollars on chat, emails, planes and hotels, one woman was promising and treated me very nice. So I decided to go a second time. I met this woman the first trip top the Ukraine and I went on 4 dates with her. She told me that on my second trip she would like to live with me at her apartment top get to know her. Two months later, On my second trip, she made no mention of living with me. We went out for dinner and she wanted an interpreter, even though I speak some russian and I have voice translater apps and she speaks some english. I met her for dinner almost every night (some nights she said she was busy with work). But that's it. We would have dinner for two hours then she would go home, saying that she had to go the work early since she is an attorney. That was the end I didn't make a fuss or insist on anything. So I met her and the interpreter and had dinner every night for about a week. I asked for her number which she strangely gave to me only on the last night. It is now August, three weeks after my trip, I spoke to her on skype a couple of times. One time she mysteiously stopped talking. And she has not returned my emails. I tried calling her today. But no response. I will keep you posted on how this ends. But, yes, you guessed it, it does not look so good

UPDATE 8/2015
After telling all her friends about the situation and embarrassing her, she returned the necklace I sent her when I returned to Odessa this summer. I met new women basically, most of the women were more interested in eating in a fancy restaurant than interested in me. One piece of garbage ran up the bill to $500 by ordering caviar and champagne. She may have been working in conjucnction with the restuarant, because the food that was oredered should not have been that much. I am trying to get this off my credit card by disputing it. My suggestion is to run back and ask the waiter the bill total right after the women make the order, becuase they may whisper orders to the waiters. And tell the waiter that you have a certain limit. You can do this away from the table. I'm telling you, you will run into women who will bankrupt you. Find out the total of your bill immediately after the order! There were two other women who did not do this but they were more of a take it or leave it attitude. I'm not sure, because they knew my appearance and we spoke on skype. Stay tuned and feel free to ask any questions.

Anastasiadate, lies, cheats, and steals
Hello everyone. I was told to come here and post a review. Apparently, Anastasiadate staff have been posting at review sites like ReviewFeeder to claim AnastasiaDate are a legitimate. Well, they are not. My story;

I had used AnastasiaDate before in the past, several years ago, I came to Kharkov to see a lady. After months of love letters, chatting, and phone calls, I came to Ukraine to see what I thought was a lady who was interested in me. I came and met a complete stranger. Nataliya was cold, distant, and seemed like a totally different person. I was frustrated and I told her so. She said that maybe after a few visits, she could learn to like me. That of course, was not enough for me. I left the site for awhile and used other services. I came back after several months with a different strategy. I would try to talk to several different women. Maybe if I talked to three or so, I could find out which one really liked me and then find love. So after a few months, I came back to Ukraine again. I met one lady in Kharkov and two in Odessa. It was just a bigger disaster. The lady in Kharkov was nice enough, I guess. But she wanted an iPad. I left Kharkov disappointed of course. I took my hopeful expectations to Odessa, I spent a wonderful day with one lady. But she wanted me to buy her some really expensive shoes. I refused of course. We parted on good terms, but the next day the interpreter informed me that she has decided to back to her old boyfriend. Now, I am sure she never left him. I met the third lady on the last day, we had a nice brief meeting. And she did not ask me to buy anything. So we decided that we would try again on the next trip.

I should add that the ladies never really asked me for anything. She just shops and picks up different items. The interpreter asks for her. I came to Ukraine with such high hopes after spending thousands at this website. I arrived at Ukraine only to be greeted by women who seemed to be complete strangers and outrageous rates for cabs, interpretation, and other services. It was horrible.

Still not having learned my lesson, I returned again. This time I met one lady in Kharkov and returned to Odessa to see the lady from my previous meeting. But of course, I ran into the same thing. It was as if the person writing me the letters and the person I met were two different people. There was no warmth, nothing familiar. They were just professionals handling me.

A couple of months ago. I met a ballerina who lived in Kharkov. I know. I was stupid. But I sent her information to a friend of mine, I wanted to see if this was a real person. He gave me her vk profile. So I contacted her. To my surprise, I received no response at all. Her name is Nataliya Kostetskaya, profile 1696464. Her vk is

Her twitter is

Her model account;


Her facebook;

The facebook account is important. She admits to being in an "open" relationship. I was given the photos of her with her guy. I uploaded them to this review for Anastasiadate. I think you have to scroll to the end to see them. I don't know what to say. I feel so stupid for wasting so much money on an organization that was never even a dating site.

AnastasiaDate is the same as every other expensive Ukrainian dating site in this industry. You will get dozens of beautiful women wanting to talk to you every day. But it so expensive and nothing is guaranteed. I don't think the women are very honest. I have evidence that many women there have boyfriends or are married already. AnastasiaDate claims that they have exclusive women. I asked about this policy. Of course, they do not. You can find many women at their website at other places. When I tried to show the customer service agent this, he pretended not to understand me.

Well, there is a happy ending. I did find a Ukrainian woman. We will be married next year. After recovering from the lies and deception at Anastasiadate, I used a few other sites that were very cheap. I found a group on vk that helped me. They made recommendations and I found someone special.

I hope all of you men find a way around the scam industry. It is huge. You can write me messages here if you want. I don't know much, but I can point you in the right direction.

I have hope that I can find someone again. Anastasiadate is such a bad place. They should ashamed of themselves misleading men and charging so much money. Their customer service is so bad and they services are questionable at best. I have downloaded ads from the internet that show they are paying women in Ukraine to talk to men. None of the women I dated were attracted to me in person. They only seemed attracted to me in chat or in email.

Is my review visible? Scam central, not a single genuine woman on there
I joined some time ago – what a pity I did not see Site Jabber first; it would have saved me $100s…

My experiences the same as many on here – women keen to spend time with you on site but not offsite. Typical and final straw a few days ago, I arranged an expensive call to speak to a woman who I had been communicating with for some time. Explained on their chat line that I was leaving the site and she was apparently keen to remain in touch. I explained the only way would be to set up a call to her and exchange email addresses. She seemed keen on this idea. She also stated that her English proficiency was advanced level.

Call expensive set up and when I tried to speak to her directly the translator spoke instead. I asked why the woman I had been communicating with could not speak directly to me herself. Apparently she is OK face to face but not on the phone… OK, no problem we can work through that. What about exchanging email addresses as agreed on chat? No can't do that, no internet access and would prefer to stay and communicate through the dating site… So why agree to the telephone call in the first place?

Having experienced being scammed before, alarm bells started to ring again and I ended the call quickly. But the minimum charge for the call is 100 credits (10 credits per minute) even if the call is shorter than 10 minutes that is what you pay for and anastasiadate pocket the difference – yet another rip off.

Another scam I have been ripped off over. You meet a girl and even though she says in her chat, profile and messages that she can speak English, in actual fact when you meet you need the services of an interpreter because she can't speak or understand English. Never mind the girl is sweet and seems genuine. But strangely her phone can't connect to yours but you can always reach the translator (I always buy a local SIM). However despite all this things seem to go well and you feel there may be a chance. You arrange to meet again and pay for some English lessons with the translator.

Scenario 1 - But she always seems to be on the dating site and the translator says that she has not turned up for lessons because she is too busy. Scenario 2 – the agreed number of lessons is suddenly reduced and a request for more money to continue to fund lessons is made or there is a sudden family emergency that requires urgent funds and the money paid for lessons is liquidated to facilitate this and a request for further payment of lessons is made.

After experiencing this on a couple of occasions I have given up and sites like I stay well away from. If there are any genuine women on these sites AnastasiaDate are most definitely in the minority and you would stand more chance of finding that needle in the proverbial haystack than finding a woman with genuine and honest attentions there. So be warned and save on grief, disappointment and financial loss. For the majority of these women it is a job and an income – keeping guys like us hooked up and paying for expensive credits chasing ghosts.

I want to tell my story
I want to tell my story. I am very frustrated about this site. I spend thousand dollars every month but as it turned out for nothing. Girls at this site are real but this is only one positive thing at this site. I met many girls but AnastasiaDate are interested only in money. But I want to tell you about one girl. Olga id 1692081very cute girl with amazing eyes. I was in Odessa when I saw her in chat. We met in seceral hours, she said that she doesn't know English, so she came with her interpreter. It was a nice evening, so we decided to continue knowing each other. We communicated every day, I liked her a lot, so I came to visit her again soon. As she doesn't know English all the time she was with her interpreter but I noticed that she didn't want to stay with me just together even for 10 minutes. She was my baby, so we did what she wanted and she had what she wanted. When I left a lot of problems happened to her. Problems with job, university, family. Of course, I helped all the time she asked. The only request was that anastasiadate shouldn't know I sent her money. It was a big secret. I came for the fird time, so I hoped we could spend some time together, at the beach or shopping, but no! The only one good thing was that I gave her my Skype and asked her to communicate there. I left and we continue our communication in chat and at least we met in Skype. As she doesn't know English her interpreter helped us. It was a great conversation, I heard her voice, I saw her in cam and it was for free, finily)))) but what happened then!))) she called me back and what do you think?)))) she spoked English with me. She knows English pretty well. We spoke and we understand each other. She said that it was the rule of her agency that she had to be with her interpreter every date and she had to say that she doesn't know English! She was very happy finily to speak directly to me. She said that she was very serious about me and that next time her mother want to see me! Also she added that she would leave this site because she want to be with me! But she was very sad because her mother was fired, so she needed money. Sure I sent her more money, because we were almost a family. She left the site but more and more problems happened to her every day! I have some problems at job too, so I couldn't send her money for some time and she disappeared((( I found her on an erotic sites, where she shows her body to everyone who asked! As it turned out she never works on her father and she didn't even study at the university. All the time she work at those site, even when she date me! She gets good money for that job. And she speaks English with men there. I spent so much money at Anastasiadate but they even don't check there girls. I gave her enough money. I gave her all the time she asked, I can't understand why she was with me and shew her body to other men. The last thing that made me write here that she is on Anastasiadate again and she English level is bigginer. Be careful, don't be as fool as I was. Don't trust that girls!
P.S. nickname-JustLoveMe(the girl with a perfect body and very seldom show her face)))) but you can see that this is she!) Nickname-4getmenot

Update 6/16: Want to have the worst online experience of your life?
I wrote the review shown below at the beginning of 2015, its been viewed over 140,000 times. All of you can do yourselves a huge favor... do not make the same mistakes many men have already made. After experiencing how this website operates for the last ten years, I could write much more about the deceitful tactics AnastasiaDate use. If you decide to believe what they offer, you WILL spend much time, effort and your hard-earned money... which is the real reason they welcome you. When you complain, their "customer service" will simply insult your intelligence, and laugh at you. Recently, they are expanding into other countries, using more unsuspecting young women to grow their fraudulent operations. Men need to learn the facts before becoming involved with these corrupt, greed-driven foreign scams. Contact me or anyone else who has traveled to eastern Europe and experienced what anastasiadate. Com really represents. We can help, and save you from major headaches. Otherwise, by trusting them, you just contribute to something that should have been stopped a long time ago. *******
Want to have the worst online experience of your life? Need another good reason to avoid all websites like anastasiadate?
The last woman I met in Odessa took me to an expensive restaurant, and went inside (with her translator) as I sat outside. I later realized they ordered hundreds of dollars of food, which they picked up later. After an hour together, they made up an excuse to leave, and of course needed cash for the long taxi home. We said goodbye, they drove off, a short time later I returned to the restaurant to question my bill. In the exact seat where I was sitting 15 minutes ago was another american man. At the table with him were the same two female thieves that just stole from me. The manager knows what happened, there is video surveillance inside the restaurant. But 5 months later, Anastasiaweb ( or whatever new name they call themselves) still has this female on their website. I and many other men can tell more sad stories like this, as you can read on this website. Everything on the anastasiadate site is designed to extract cash from your wallet. That is what they truly excel in. That is what the one star is for. Its common knowledge that agencies send letters to your mailbox, not the women. Over the last 5 years I see how the chat "service" they provide has evolved into a giant money-making scam. I am supposed to believe that 20-50 women, many 30 years younger than me, instantly want to talk with me as soon as I log in. Can you imagine how many millions of dollars they are stealing from men around the world? The more you learn about this site, the uglier they get. When you complain, they say they are responsible for nothing. Or give you some credits to help you to further spend more of your time and money. They simply hide behind their emails and will eventually just ignore you. Their office in Maine will tell you they cant do anything, but they can, of course ring up more charges on your credit cards. Do you think that anyone affiliated with this company of thieves truly cares about what you want, or will do anything about your complaints that you will have quickly after using this site? One guy out of a hundred will find a woman on this site... do you want to play against those odds? They already hold all the cards...

Don't be fool
Don't be fool,

Yup it does not get worst than this, it al total scam... I was stupid enough trying to kill time while maybe finding a girl of my dream... I spend a year talking to someone i thought was real. But she does not want to face time on skype,,, when i found her on so it better try your luck on and if you talk to the beautiful women for free their. Maybe you have a shot... maybe it them too lol. If she does not talk to you most likely it would be the same in any situation...

1. First you probably talking to an operator, probably an old man who speaking English

2. It is whole team of them lurking, waiting to drain your money, waiting for you to go online,,, AnastasiaDate have programs their computer to do this. When you come online. Sound like they have hacker

3. Their anti -scam is check on these anti- scam website trying to prove their are legit,, so do not believe the 5 stars, do not believe anything

4. Your chance of finding a woman their. 0001 percent... because would never able to know them and than when you met them,,, they do not know you on chat or any of your conversation,,

5. If it is them they making money 10% out from you just to support their living...

6. they paid model... just to have their profile and update picture of them so they can lure you in. To your deepest pocket, and they never have to be online

7. Yes, i send flower to her, but she probably get paid a percentage for that... she did not have video chat... she always denied it

8. Do not be fool they always say they want you to come over,, and put it at another date. Lucky me i did not go over there

9. They have the same picture but different age and name on other sites,,,

10. They cold hearted and do not give a sh... about you.
It all about money,,, because it probably an operator,,, it better to call 1-800- number it you want to talk an operator. Lol

11. Only chat with girls on video to video,,, but than again they are scammer too... they use old video of them and charge you for it. While chating with you. Try to make them do different gesture... can not do it... someone is video her body while you chating with her... go figure... the whole team is on it.
Do not do it. Do not wasted your time money and effort for nothing,, just trying to prove they not real... if you try to prove all the girl are real. Good luck... because i do not thing they are real... and if they are real mostly likely their after your money...

Since a lot people read my post last time
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So search for the truth,, and believe with your heart and follower Jesus way. And ask Jesus to save you. You could ask right nowdo a prayer and pray for you.

Big scammers
I really cannot imagine how men from america are falling for this smelly rat dating site. Before spending your thousand of dollars, do that, check out some other sites for example Ukrainian Dates, Ukrainian cupid You will have a feeling about whether or not Americans should even be on those sites. Although, sites like Ukraine Dates may look a bit more real than Anastasia, however though, AnastasiaDate have a different strategy to scam you. This is what I am experiencing with Ukrainian Dates, as I am a current member. When I first started, I had about 18 women who sent me interests and briefly there after they switched off their profiles out at the site and told me to contact them through their private e-mails. They were continued to e-mail me letters through their private e-mails for about two times and started to tell me they would like my financial help in other to pay for agency who translate their letters for them. I told one of them no, I won't do that because i have not met you yet. For some reason, the rest of them all seventeen of them stopped writing to me, it was like a ring of scammers. Well, I know that has nothing to do with Anastasia Dates, however i wrote about this just to make a point. Anastasia, in away, scams its customers in a very obvious way, the red flags are right in front of your eyes. In what world do those beautiful models we see in Anastasia would come up to you men so strongly about dating them. In your mind, don't you think for a minute that is too good to be true. Just look on the right side of your screen and imagine for a while the language of those women who suppose to be future wives are telling you. Don't you believe these words are available to every single man who happen to be on the site. Come on men, wake up and smell the reality of life. One more point before I stop, remember, a good scammer is not going to scam every body who come their ways. They will somehow do it at some intervals or every so often. I am sure you going to hear some successful stories about people being married through the site, but remember, they have to make their scams believable. In addition, if you are an american and you want to try the on - line dating, you must be very careful to these women, they will do the most unbelievable things to get into your wallets. According to beliefs all american men are rich and money just fall over your laps. You must never send money to anyone you have talked to and never have met in person.

Anastasiadate offers no real protection to men using it.
First and foremost this is my experience of Anastasiadate. I expect that a representative from them will have some generic comment but that's to be expected. Experience is experience and the following is my opinion based on my experience with using this website to find a mate.

I didn't expect to fall head over heels with the first lady and I didn't have much expectations either. I'm 45, I don't have time for games and I am pretty naive when it comes to matters of the heart. I take people at face value and trust easily. However, once that trust is broken there is no opening that door again. The following is my account of what I experienced using the site and the people I interacted with.

I was a subscriber of Anastasiadate for about 6 years. I cancelled my subscription in August 2016 after a heartbreaking and expensive exercise with using their 'services'.

I visited Odessa Ukraine in May 2013 with the intention of meeting a lady I was exchanging mails with at the time and chatting to on and off. I didn't have much money and still don't. After I had bought my ticket, got my visa and done all the necessary arrangements she suddenly wasn't available to meet me.

With no one to meet I headed to Odessa anyway since I had a ticket and everything was booked. When I got there I met 6 random ladies. One was a lady called Irina. She was a lot younger than me and I had chatted to her before I left and told her if she was serious then she had to send me a letter, which she did.

Our date was over a cup of coffee with interpreter and I thought she was nice. When I returned home after my short visit she was the only one who kept in contact with me. All the other ladies had exchanged private contact details with me, yet none corresponded with me since.

Over the next few months I chatted to Irina on a regular basis. We got along well on a broad range of subjects and eventually I was able to get her email address, but only after I had to pay for a call to her through the site at a premium. It didn't matter to Anastasiadate that I had already met her in Odessa in person.

However, she still insisted on only chatting through the site. She cited her lack of English skills. I had, by this time bought Russian language courses and was trying to hone my language skill for my next visit which was August 2014. We had discussed her visiting me in my country and although she showed interest, she had no passport and her intentions to get one were based on her lack of finances to do so and lack of time due to work commitments.
By the time I visited her again in August 2014 we were chatting on an almost daily basis, often for at least an hour. She rarely sent an email, except for to ask where I was if I hadn't been on anastasiadate for a day or two. I had rung up quite an account with them by now but I was smitten with Irina.

My time with Irina in August 2014 was limited to a few hours every other day as her work commitments kept her busy. I tried to get her to chat to me off site but she always maintained she didn't know how and wasn't very good with working on the internet. I even set up a vkantakte profile to make it easier for her since she didn't know how to set up a facebook one. Sadly she just never did anything to make keeping in contact with her easier and cheaper for me!

After my 2014 visit we seemed to chat more about serious relationship stuff and I again visited her in May 2015. Not much had changed as far as communication off site. I'd always be referred back to Anastasiadate to keep in contact with her and the daily costs had escalated especially since the South African currency's crash against the USD. It was already expense, now it was downright unafffordable especially since it cost me on average 300 - 600 USD a month on chat alone.

My biggest fear was our age difference. A concern I raised quite a number of times and one she assured me was not a problem. Unfortunately Anastasiadate's chat system is designed in such a way that many words or phrases are censored, so one eventually ends up talking about the weather and daily life because any attempt at trying to converse with her about setting up a facebook, vkantakte, skype account is immediately censored and you end up just giving up trying to get your point across.

After my May 2015 visit I asked her via chat to please start contacting me off site. I reduced my activity on Anastasiadate to once every 2 weeks, but she never tried to contact me via email. In June 2015 she told me that it was best we not communicate because our 'relationship' was not developing. In later chats where I tried to patch up something I had no control over she said I was moody and negative.

I had been nothing but positive in all the time I was communicating with this woman, even when the warning bells were screaming at me that she had too many excuses for not trying to communicate outside Anastasiadate. Subsequent research has revealed that her email she supplied me as been searched online at least 22 other times. So her claim of only communicating with me was false. My email has since tagged her emails I saved to a folder as containing possible malicious content so I can't open any of her photos she did send to me. I have subsequently deleted those mails because AnastasiaDate are actually worthless.

After this devastating event I just wanted to delete my profile and forget the whole episode but I had 'bonus credits' built up from years of paying for chat which were unused.
By this time I had also been told by someone who studied medicine in Sumy that most women he knew who were on dating sites got paid a percentage to do so and openly admitted to it. Many had boyfriends or were even married, but had profiles on dating sites.

Given this information I was even more skeptical, but since I had free credits that could be used on camshare I opted to give Anastasiadate another go. My thinking was I'd thrown so much money away I may as well use up the 'free' credits due to me. I must stress that yes, you receive thousands of letters, but only the first is free to read... but not always the case. In the last few months on the site I also noticed that I would get repeat letters as 'free' letters already sent months prior by the same person. This happened more and more frequently. All other letters and replies are charged for and you have no idea if it's a letter or a line or 2. No matter the content, the rate stays the same. Don't even bother opening attached pictures, because they too are charged for and more often than not they are actually photos she already has on her profile. Try tell me that it's not about the money!

One lady in particular sent me over 215 letters. I responded to her after she sent the first few and thus as per site rules was allowed to exchange private details. I spent a few 'free' credits chatting to her to get to know her but although she was 'serious' she didn't want to exchange private details because of a 'bad' experience she had with a man on the site.

Strangely though she still sent me the balance of the 215 letters. I never opened them bar a few here and there. Her profile claimed she was an interpreter but still suggested that we would need an interpreter should I decide to visit her.

In March 2016 Anastasiadate phoned me to ask if I would accept a call from a lady in Kiev. I accepted the call but restricted it to 5 minutes as I didn't know who it was. The conversation made no sense at all, she acted as if we were old friends and didn't leave me with any contact details. I did receive a letter from her which I had to pay for too, but later on chat she didn't seem to know who I was.

One lady's free letter to me was strange because she was upset that I didn't answer her letter and when I checked I did indeed find a letter. Her 'first' letter was not free but only the second which had 2 lines with the question as to why I hadn't responded to her letter.

So I decided to chat to her while I was in Odessa Ukraine, perhaps even arrange a date, but Even though I said to her I was in her city, she didn't seem interested in meeting me. However, every day while I was in Odessa after that chat she would send me chat requests... strange way to behave if you are not interested in meeting!

During my August 2014 visit to Odessa Ukraine I met 4 women I had occasionally chatted to via Anastasiadate. The first was woman who insisted on meeting me even though there is a 20 year age difference. We went on 2 dates. Between dates her chats were full of 'missing' me and so forth. However, when I was waiting for my flight to Istanbul from Odessa she arrived for the same flight. I was quite happy to see her but when she recognised me she was all embarrassed in front of her friends and later during the flight I was one row behind her and saw her flipping through pictures of a man she was obviously on her way to meet in Turkey. I handed her my email address in the airport, but a month down the line and no response, unsurprisingly.

I also met a lady I started chatting to in September 2015. She wanted me to send her flowers with my mail address with the assurance she would respond. She insisted on this during subsequent chats but later didn't mention it any longer. When I did meet her in Odessa in August 2016, she was distant and hardly attempted conversation which was strange since she insisted on meeting me. I found her vkantakte profile long before I went to Odessa but only contacted her there after I returned home. Also no response, which is also not surprising.

I also met a lady by the name of Anna who was really excited to hear that I was going to be in Odessa in August 2016. Out of all the women I met in Odessa over the years she was the only one who attempted to converse with me even without the help of an interpreter. My accent when I attempted to use my basic Russian skills made her laugh and I thought she was cute. Sadly, even with her having my email address and with me contacting her on vkantakte, she hasn't continued contact with me. She responded once to me on email and once on vkantakte, but other than that, nothing. I am pretty disappointed actually, since she seemed genuine.

My experience isn't over a month or so. It spans years and multiple visits to Odessa Ukraine and meetings with more than one lady from the site. Yes you get thousands of letters and 'attention' from thousands of women. What I came to realise too late is that chat requests from ladies are automated. Although I had learned quickly to close a chat when a woman didn't respond within 30 seconds, I was unaware that even chat requests from the girl I fell in love with were automated.

If you are a VIP member your first letter from a lady is free, the rest not. So you gamble 10 credits on getting a letter or just a line or two. I learned quickly to ignore multiple letters from a lady you haven't responded to.

Due to my visits to Ukraine and my study of the Russian language I realised in the latter part of my subscription experience that very few letters are written by the lady it came from. I received a few letters from one lady from Kharkiv which at face value was quite sweet and sincere, but when I attempted to chat with her in chat I could clearly see that she had not written those letters to me. She had no clue of what I was talking about when I made reference to points in her letters.
Another batch of letters from a lady also from Kharkiv was clearly written by an American based source. The language structure and style was atypical of a Slavic person. She kept changing her profile photos and after a couple of attempts at responding to her chat requests I realised she had multiple chats running.

Which brings me to my main issue with Anastasiadate. There are thousands of free chat systems on the internet from Facebook to vkantakte and Skype. None of which are monitored and most of which have pretty good translation algorithms. Anastasiadate's chat is slow. I learned quickly to close a chat if the girl took more than 30 seconds to respond. When I was regularly chatting with Irina my chats were often filled with empty time. I would have to resend a response multiple times or restructure what I was saying because the system would edit anything it deemed private information no matter what the actual material contained. So if I asked Irina if she had set up her facebook she would just see dots for that entire line. Do that enough times over a course of 2.5 years and you can see where that 'relationship' was heading...

As for Anastasiadate support. Don't waste your time raising your concerns with them. Each correspondence is handled by a different individual and their job is to defend the 'name' of the site, so you can expect a generic response.

If you do use the site to find your 'match' you have about a 1% chance of success in my honest opinion. Anastasiadate may give you the impression that thousands of women are interested in you, but it's all algorithms to give you a 'thrill' of 'dating' a foreign lady.

Anastasiadate charge men only for their services and there in lies the problem of them proving without a doubt that men are not being set up for a scam. Yes there probably are women on the site, just as there are men like me who genuinely are looking for a life mate. Sadly they have little or no chance of finding a decent man because by the time that decent man makes contact with them, both have been burned by scammers and fake people that they don't trust the other person to be real or sincere... as I have experienced.

I have spent tens of thousands of USD on with zero success and absolutely no proof that the people I interacted with had any intention of anything more than helping me spend my money on a dating site.

Realistically speaking, yes you can have 'fun' having a cyber date with girls on the site and maybe meeting them in reality, but neither you nor Anastasiadate can vouch for them once you log off or set off home on your flight out of the country you went to visit them in.

I just talked with one of the girls, who are writing me so mayn hot letters.
She did not know the site, neither the letters she wrote to me. The photos were done in a photo shoot a month ago by Alya Minibaeva, where she signed a contract, that she can use the photos and portfolio of her. Alya told her, that she will ask her for permission, if AnastasiaDate put the photos on a site, she didn't, and ahe just put.
Alya Minibaeva has a very good reputation as photographer in Prague, maybe it is time, to get her in a scandal!
I let one of the agency managers talk, she wrote that to me in Find-bride, but I found her profile here, too:
"Hi once more)

Dont be upset but I have not read your profile. I just saw your photo online and decided to joke with you)
And now after reading all your letter I see you are very serious in your thoughts again this site) One question! Why are you here?
Then delete!

Now I will open you some secrets. Here is one site! But there a lot of agencies! Girls can't be registered by themselves! Justwith the help of the agency.
I work as a manager in one of those agencies. We are like a one big family!
I work with the clients. I love my job. And the situation here in Odesa is quite good! No horrible! Here are a lot of rich men and we can earn our livings. No need to run away... If yu will come here one day you will understand it forever)
Also our organization work with just real girls and the main criteria they should not be married. Another thing we do is organazing beauty shows as you saw. And do charity for children.
Also I do make up) for girls)

So I really dont mind your strange thoughts)) I mean it is stupid to count that everyone is the same! I can also have opinion that all men here are in real life 95 years old and put some photos from internet) but i give people chance and trust them.
I am independant woman. I have no children and never been married. I am looking for a man yes! But that doe not mean that i am looking just here and the main goal is to go abroad) i am searching everywhere for a real man))

And i think you are waisting your time searching fakes)) that is really funny)
Maybe there are some more interesting things to do in life? Dont you think so?"

And on her site in VK (russian FB) she writes about herself:
"I am very happy! I'm single and very grateful to God!"

What to say more

Yes, there are real woman, but extremely expensive
This is from an actual user of the site for nearly three years. When I joined in 2012, all you had to do was create a profile and pay for credits to send letters or chat. Now, as of October 2015, AnastasiaDate have recently implemented a 10 dollar a month "membership." It does not include anything, it is just another money grab, and there are many. Without this so-called "membership" you cannot communicate with any lady. And communicating is the point of the site. You have to purchase credits, as they are required for everything. Ten credits just to open a letter after the initial free letter, ten credits to send a letter, ten credits to open any additional photo the lady sends, ten credits just to view one of the lady's videos. If you want to chat, it is one credit per minute. If you want to see her live webcam, it is two credits per minute. If you want a "higher quality" webcam of her, called Cam Share, it is a credit-eating 6 credits per minute. You will get bombarded with dozens and dozens of invites while online, asking you to chat with various ladies, usually from Ukraine, but also from other Eastern European countries and sometimes Russia or Europe. It is very easy to lose yourself in a web chat, especially when the lady sends photos (15 credits to view during Chat), and the lady is interesting, naughty, or starts talking about wanting you to visit them. In just an hour, you can burn through over a hundred credits, and credits are not cheap, we are talking hundreds of dollars for enough credits to chat with just a few ladies a night. The more credits you purchases, the better discount you get, but you will still need a lot of credits, especially if you meet a nice girl and she wants to chat a couple of hours a night. You will easily spend a over a thousand dollars a month if you enjoy chatting, and the ladies love to chat with the webcam. Yes, there are real ladies here, some who genuinely do want to meet someone, but there are other's just there to find a gullible sugar daddy.
I did meet some ladies on the site, and ended up visiting four ladies in various cities in Ukraine in three separate visits over two years. None of them amounted to anything special. Two were nice, and I still email them occasionally with personal email. One turned out to be a schizophrenic, and one turned out to be a gold digger. You just never know until you meet them.
This site does not let you exchange personal information in letters or chat. You can call them with your phone, but it is very expensive.
A few things I learned: the ladies will encourage you to chat for a long time. They do not want to give out personal information. Some have no intention of wanting to meet you. Many will lie about coming to visit your country. Never send them gifts or money right away. Make sure you get many photos of them, and make sure they are current (some of the profile photos are old). Make sure you use webcam with them. Make notes about important things they tell you on chat and webcam (I found out they often tell you something in a letter, but something totally different in chat, and something different in person. A good sign they are not serious or they are scammers).
I cannot recommend this site, it is for those with much disposable income only. On the other hand, I did meet some nice people, and I did visit an exotic country because of this site. But other than a few memories and a couple of distant acquaintances, I am a lot poorer, if not a bit wiser.

I joined Anastasia about a year and half ago, after...
I joined Anastasia about a year and half ago, after a very bad break-up with an American girl. After some sarcastic laughter I decided to give it a try, just out of curiosity.

After about a month or so, I was asked to chat by a young woman named Elena from Kherson. We started to talk casually, but very quickly we both realized that we had a lot in common. The casual chat turned more and more romantic but we never lost that feeling of wonderful friendship for each other. I feel like I had known her all my life and I had not even met her yet.

After about two months of online dating we realized we did not want to wait any longer to meet. I decided during one of our conversations that I would fly out to meet her in two days. We frantically organized everything and finally met two days later in Kiev. We had a wonderful time for two days and left each other wanting more. When I returned home I realized my feelings for her were stronger than I had known. I called her the next day and said I will be there in three days to see her again. She was over the moon as she felt the same way. The second meeting was all we needed to realize we were absolutely right for each other and that we could not live without each other any longer...

The next three months were extremely difficult being alone but we worked hard to get Elena a passport and a visa to come and stay with me. Elena came for Christmas to Bermuda and absolutely loved it. Before she left we were already planning her next visit and three months later she was with me again for Easter. It has now been six months and Elena and I are still together. I came back to Ukraine with her as we decided that we would never be apart again. I have been here for four months now and we are making wedding arrangements. I have become part of her family and I am very quickly learning the culture of Ukraine. We do intend to move back to Bermuda to live but being here has been an experience I will never forget and one that I am happy to have lived.

I can say without any hesitation that I have met the most beautiful woman in the world. Like many of the women here, not only is Elena physically beautiful, but she has the heart and personality of an angel. I have never met someone with so much passion, compassion, patience, intellect, drive and a desire to be in love, all wrapped up in one person, as I have in Elena. We are truly in love and wake each morning excited and passionate about our new lives together. Forever will not be long enough.

To all you men who are looking for real love, Anastasia is certainly worth trying. If you are concerned about scams or about the quality of the women here, you have every right to be, just as you should in your own back yard.

As for Elena and I, well we believe we were born for each other. We could not be more in love and we are truly best friends. I have without a doubt, found my angel.


Research the profiles before you spend any money
I have been doing a little research into the online dating business in Ukraine. Apparently, based on information available online, the people who run AnastasiaDate (and all of the sites in that group) have full knowledge of the scams run by their partner agencies and take no action. AnastasiaDate continue to purchase profiles. Rarely, if ever, are refunds given to the men defrauded and no action is taken to remove false profiles until AnastasiaDate are publicly exposed, even when the organisation has been advised that the profiles are fake through complaints.

This information would indicate that AnastasiaDate continue to be knowingly engaged in activity that supports fraud on a massive scale. It would also appear that they make no reasonable attempt to stop it, nor do they refund most customers who are defrauded.

It seems that the only reason AnastasiaDate is interested in complaints is to: 1. Remove obvious scams outside of their normal contacts 2. Provide information to help develop internal protocols to stop the women being found out so easily. AnastasiaDate issues protocols to its contracting agencies to ensure women on the site behave in a way that will prevent potential problems and to ensure they do not give away information on their social networking profiles. It has been said that AnastasiaDate purchases profiles in the full knowledge that the profiles they buy are not genuine and the agencies they purchase them from are corrupt and fraudulent. Apparently there is no recorded instance of AnastasiaDate terminating the contract of a provider agency. Many of the agencies are small businesses that will then sell profiles they have collected to the bigger players in the market.

It also appears that many of the agencies in Ukraine have links to organised crime. Some of the funds that comes from this activity goes to Russian mafia organisations, some goes to Ukraine and Donetsk mafia figures (one of the owners of AnastasiaDate is a well known Ukraine crime figure), and some goes to funding the separatists in east Ukraine. So these agencies are in effect traitors to their own country.

On this basis it is very hard to see how AnastasiaDate can claim it provides a genuine environment for men to find a partner. By using AnastasiaDate for entertainment (as it clearly is very unlikely to help you find a wife) you are continuing to promote this activity.
AnastasiaDate appears to receive an unrealistic number of positive reviews from customers' on review sites, but there are many more genuine sounding negative reviews. They tried taking some review sites to court claiming they were using fabricated, negative testimonials but the cases were thrown out. I guess it is pretty clear why.

AnastasiaDate is one of multiple sites within the group. The partner sites for slavic countries are:

If you communicate with any person on AnastasiaDate, then you should check other dating sites for their listings as well. Their profile is almost certain to be on multiple sites simultaneously. AnastasiaDate states that the women on their sites do not authorise listings on other sites but this appears to be untrue. Generally these listings on those other sites are apparently verified using IDs and interviews, much the same as the claims made by AnastasiaDate. I recently checked one person on AnastasiaDate and identified they had listings on multiple sites:

This level of activity would seem to be more about generating an income rather than finding a partner. So with AnastasiaDate, it could be said that you have an operation with a business model that is apparently designed to support fraudulent activity. It seems that their anti-scam policy and complaints area are simply there to help them to fine tune their practices so they do not get caught.

Based on the information I have been able to collect it appears that pay by letter and pay for chat sites are generally fraudulent. Many times you will not even be in contact with the person on the profile but instead dealing with a translator'. The girls or translators' are paid for each minute of chat and for each letter. They also receive benefits from gifts that are sent. Protocols are issued that give instructions on how to write letters, how to engage interest, and rules on how frequently they should respond to their contacts.

If you choose to have contact with profiles on AnastasiaDate then you need to try to verify that the person is genuine. It will cost you plenty of money and chances are the contact can always claim that there was no chemistry after a while.

Do your own research if you do not believe the information I have listed. It is not so hard. And if you have gone to the effort of earning that money in your bank account, then it seems like a waste to give it away to people who specialise in exploitation, deception, fraud and corruption.

Anastasia 95 % bull$#*!!
I have been off and on Anastasia Website for nine years.

If you are a multi-millionaire you might be able to afford it long enough to meet someone real... if not don't start.

1. Woman are real
2. Woman models / attractive are paid by the agencies.
3. Gifts are used only for photo and NOT passed on. Your $300 flowers are used for multiple photos. $10 to the lady the rest in the agencies pocket.
4.The obvious delay in chat is not internet! When you piss them off watch how the bye speed picks up. AnastasiaDate are charging by the second. Delays / lags are so you are charged more money. Also chatting to 3/4 men at the same time.
5 Don't believe me if you have two credit cards set up bogus profile and watch the woman telling you they love you haven't met any one else tell the same to your bogus profile. At the same time
6. Agencies supply the laptop cam at home so they can be on Cam three to 4 times the charges. They are all broke they don't have the money to buy their own
7. Agencies roster on girls on cam in their office so there computer is generating income 24/7
8. They will meet but it will go no where. If you are a nice bloke they will say come back. And the gifts will start coming.
9. They show many visitors the same broken phone and the financially ok guy buys a new one. The sell the extras for cash. Think about it four dates a month four iPhones at $1000 sold for 6-700 dollars $2800 cash plus four nice dinners... good earn! Average monthly eage $1500. This is a financial industry these are well paid jobs.
10. Long term and ten of thousands of dollars you might find someone... chances very very slim.
11. When they swap email and phone and leave the site for you then you might have a chance.

This site has some genuine woman but the chances of finding one are no longer realistic. The lies and scams will eat your cash before you do.
They are broke and you are their cash cow... they don't know you and will suck cash like $#*! down the toliet... but faster.
If they are serious tell them to communicate through Viber and email / messenger for pictures.

Don't waste time or money on any of them.

It's 95 % used as scam and your chances are next to zero. I've been there many many times and have friends that are and were translators and were single woman on the site. They confirm all the above and long advised "NOT" to use either chat or the site.

That tells it all

Hello Every One
Hello Every One.

I want too share with you my opinion and experience what do I have with AnastasiaDate. I want to say I'm 26 years Old I been modeling in London for 2 years I do speak fluen in Polish(similar to Ukrainian and I speak GOOD Russian as well!) The story is real I been on website from November 2012. I did contact only one lady at beginning I hoped she is the one(LOL) we agree for meeting etc when I flew to Odessa on monday we should meet on 5 pm she change date for last day of my trip friday 3h before my plane suprise I been 4 days there and she was always busy! But the best part start after meeting be careful guys, When I back to London she said she was so happy meeting me we exchange mails and phone numbers. SO after one week on chat when we talked I asked her maybe we can keep contact by skype or mail (I know f... RUssian) she denided even she didnt response my mails on gmail. I found her on VK (she not accepted friend request) and others date website when I asked about it she told me that she want stay as friends I been disapoint and in shock but what you can do if one of site dont want continue. After 2-3 days she wrote to me on mail that she want talk on chat(anastasia chat of coursce) When I contact her she start say about hard situation her doubts that I'm far away etc.(I can understand that every one have doubts) So I did continue talking with her for 3 months she didnt want use mails only website we meet 2nd time in may guess what when i flew she change date time again but now 1 day before my fly :) WHen we meet was great she was nice easy going smiling when i asked her can we meet next day she said I will thinking and let me know. Next day I got mial that she will move with mother to new apratment and after go to work (lol it was 9 of may victory day in Ukraine Bankholiday). What I could do when I said next day on chat to her if she want continue that she said yes but I told her if you want be with me you need quite website she of course say "I cant not untill I know we are really together" then I said we can keep contact only by comunicators GoogleTalk skype we did 3 days! Then she stop talking to me but I see her oftern on website.

I meet other lady I didnt say i know russian the meeting was great but always want go with interpreter for waht she even didnt translate even my whole words!(she transalte 50% maybe she was morron and forget rest?) We meet 3 times for 3h each day (60$ for interpreter each day, well recompensed) Every morrning AnastasiaDate order in restaurant food and drinks for 600-700 UAH (what ever I dont care much about money I'm not rich but its not big deal for me) In 4th day she wanted meet me alone I was happy and suprise guess what she take my to trip around Odessa shopping trip when i didnt bought nothing to her she was disapoint after 1h go home)))

Now funny part of this story and some advice for you gentlemen if you really need that website. I never said it but I have few friends in Odessa from London and they helped me understood the situation.
So lets start about scams:
1. People in Ukraine work 50-60+ h a week most of them to 24h shifts and 24h off. WHen they have time to chat you!?
2. Look when lady is online on chat mostly is around 24:00-7:00 Ukrainian time. (check time different i think is -+8h to USA)
Do you think she sit whole night and wait for you special? WHen she need go to work for 10h at morning? Wake up!
3.Do not talk with ladys with out camre share I know its some % but its make you more sure do the test (Say some joke if you are not funny guy say something stupid and look on her how she act if noting run away if she say or look bad after it say sorry and keep going)
4.If you are in Ukraine people in hotel are so nice talk to them but no about dateing website no one tell you shiet! Just talk about life how they life in this country.(you will understand alot more all people speak english so dont worry)
5.If she is so nice for you on chat and said she want be with you ask you friend or some one to talk with her as well if she is same for him with passion love etc bla bla stay away!
6. Ask her why she is looking for man abroad if the answer is because Ukrainian Men drink, lazy or not honest PLEASE who not drink? Who will be not tired after 60+ h of handwork! I have few friends from London in Ukraine and its all bullshiet!
7. You think lady 20+ Years old will want man 50+? What you can offer her really? Love? Passion? Good conversation? Wake up in Ukraine is many handsome young men etc. So its maybe about sex? I dont think so Oh yes money and passport :)) ) Yes this is it.

Oh I remember I had phone number too 1st lady when we talked i try call her or send sms suprise she even didnt say nothing on chat that she get sms or call from me. WHen i asked her did you get my message on phone she answer no but Apple got "Imessages" with report that sms was delivered ;) Dirty trick)

Happy End.
I'm right now with Ukrainian lady with I meet in Odessa she started to me when I sit in park and drink coffe. She live with parents and sister in 1 bedroom flat like most people they are not rich they work for life that it. SHe study at morning after universtity is going to work for 8h as cleaner!(when she can use website?) But i spend with her 4 amazing days we keep contact by skype, phones mails! She never asked me for any cent! We planed go together for holiday now.

So Ukrainian ladys are amazing Yes you can find your dream woman Its true but not on website... sorry! If you are Adult man 40+ find lady 30+ no more then 10 years different what you will do with younger?. You dont speak Russian? So talk with lady who speak simple, do not think some one will learn for you english even if she will want it take years can you wait so long? My advice go there talk with people be nice man smile if lady like you she give you know that and dont dream on website beauty because she is already takken!

Good Luck for all of you!

I joined Anastasia in March 2014, before I joined I...
I joined Anastasia in March 2014, before I joined I read as many reviews as I could, some very positive some very negative. From these I formed my own opinions and I am glad that I made the right decision to join. I have met my future partner here and I am thankful for this and pleased that I made the right decision. I have had the opportunity to chat to thousands of very beautiful women, and have enjoyed every minute. The Ladies from the Ukraine have a far better view on life and values than Western women. AnastasiaDate are positive, knowledgeable and show maturity far beyond their age. Of course the photos are professional and so they should be, but everyone that I spoke to or corresponded with readily supplied natural photos, they are proud too. I would further add, do not be afraid of age differences, all that I have spoken with, very openly state that they do not want a young, buck, they all see their future with an older, more mature and stable person, so enjoy your life it is as precious to them as it is to you! Like everything in life there are always bad apples in every barrel, they are not too difficult to spot and Anastasia take every effort to remove them. Always use your own common sense; if you are in doubt of something then you are probably correct. It is far easier to say yes or no or walk away on the internet.
I have had reason to use their help line on two occasions, one for a technical video link problem (my computer) and one to query a promotional item. On both occasions I received very prompt and helpful service and advice. Excellent; that is the function of a helpline.
Yes; there is a cost involved in using this site, it can be expensive, when you look it is no more expensive than any other, you know what you pay for, nothing hidden as other sites do. I have used the video links and they far exceed other sites that I have used. Good sized screen to view and I will say it adds so much more to the experience! On another dating site I got a video screen of just 3 cm X 2 cm (roughly 1 inch) I could not see and at exactly the same cost as this site, absolutely no comparison.
I will add the following, this is not a shill posting, and I am nothing to do with Anastasia or any of its associated companies. This is my honest opinion and I am entitled to that.


Beware - Know the entire Story
I have to say anyone that rates this site over a two has to be seriously deluded. Sure it gets 4 stars for layouts and ladies but let's not be fooled by what lies within and is hidden from us.

Note: first and foremost that the ladies you see are under some kind of binding contract with their agencies. AnastasiaDate effectively sign an exclusivity agreement meaning they cannot use another site.

The ladies are for real... there is no question about that. However, are they being truthful with you is what I want to discuss. I believe many of them are already in a committed relationship of some kind. There are two types of ladies working at Anastasia. Model/Translators, and Translators.

Model. Translators are those women who generally have a web cam or work at the agency and use the agency web cam. They make money by chatting with you, getting letters from you, and yes going out on real dates with you.

Translators strictly work for Anastasia. They are the ones who could be married, in a stable relationship or may even be men. Their job is to engage you in chat, and write letters etc etc for which they are also being paid. I am sure this has happened to some of you, where you think you are actually talking to woman you intend to. Only to find the lady confused about your last conversation. She appears not to know what you are talking about. Guess what? You are not talking to who you think you are to and probably never were. Anastasia translators monitor allow them see numerous men checking profiles. And that is there queue for them to engage you in conversation. You get attached never knowing all the while, you are not talking to who you think you are.

What is really interesting is what happens when you go to Ukraine and meet your lady. Most of the time they will insist on using a translator from their agency. I suspect many of these ladies really speak English better than I do. However if you want a date, you will agree. Get ready to shell out 20-30 bucks an hour for that. You will be paying two dinners as well as your won as the translator needs to eat too. Now if you were chatting with a model. Translator... she will meet you claiming as she did on the website that she does not understand english, when in fact she does. You will meet here have a nice dinner... but if you plan on ttaking it much further... forget ti. Does not matter how many dates you have or how many trips you make to the Ukraine. Forget it.

Now if you happened to have been chatting with a translator, and now want to actually meet the woman you thought all along you were chatting with,,,, the translator will notify your lady that you are coming. The translator supervises everything... arraigning the meeting and being the translator. And guess who this translator will be? The same woman who you really been chatting with all this time. It is smart... to prevent confusion. Again the dinners, translation fees... watch out for menus that over charge foreigners. I believe personally that their are arranged kickbacks going back and forth.

I want to mention one more thing: I gave this a rating of 2 stars. That is because indeed their are some very serious lonely woman on that website. You will run into them from time to time. The point is get as much information from them as you can. If it seems it is too good to be true... trust me you will have a problem.

Ukraine is desperate economically. A physician in the Ukraine makes no more than 250 US a month. People are desperate.

Use your own God given common sense and you could get lucky. Let them do the talking and ask pertinent questions. Under no circumstances... send them even a nickel or give them an expensive gift unless you are already lovers and have a commitment with each other. They won't like it... too bad. Move on.

I personally have been using Anastasia for three years, and have met 12 women their on 4 trips. Everyone of them still want to date me again... I bet they do. I seldom go on that website anymore.

Be smart guys.

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