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After reading a few of the reviews here I have to chip...
After reading a few of the reviews here I have to chip in with my experience.

First - I was scammed about $600. So I suppose I can choose to be totally annoyed (putting mildly) or I can choose to be thankful that it didn't run into the 1000's, and learned a valuable lesson. I choose the latter.

Second - The allure is hard to resist. I showed a couple of my friends some pictures and a copy of a video of two of the women I got "involved" with. My friends' collective jaws dropped. When you get a response like that you know it wasn't just you being a total idiot. We are men, and we all love beautiful women.

Third - The Yellow Alerts. I noticed a couple of things that showed some incongruence between what the women would say in an email against what the "same" woman said during a chat session. In one email I asked her a question that elicited some things she valued as important. In the very next chat session she come out with something totally different!

In that same chat session I then ask her another question with the same intent - to elicit what was important to her. Then in an email few days later I asked her the exact same question. You guessed it - a totally different answer.

No prizes for anyone who agrees that if something is important to a woman, then she does not change her mind! (Okay AmoLatina change their minds at the drop of a hat, but not for really important valued stuff.)

If you are reading this and you are involved with AmoLatina or a similar website, and you are still a bit doubtful, then here are the questions which I asked (& I encourage you to do the same):

1. Here's a fun question for you - If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would it be and why?
2. Here's another fun question for you - If I was a genie and could grant you 3 wishes, what would they be and why?

Ask question 1. In an email. Read her reply.
Then open up a chat, at a different time of day from when she sent her email reply. During the chat, encourage her to talk about the question (not her emailed answers).
In the same chat session ask question 2. Take a note of her answers.
Send her another email about 2 days later and ask question 2 again - use the exact same wording.
Receive her reply.

I have no doubt that what you receive will activate a Yellow Alert. Make sure you do take notice, because the Red Alert is too late.

Biggest internet scam ever
This dating site is such a huge scam. I cant believe so many guys fall for this. I joined the site and within a day i could tell it was a scam. First of all there are no set monthly subscriptions. You have to pay everytime that you chat or send a message and even have to pay everytime you send or receive a photo and you cant give out personal information so you end up spending a fortune chatting on the site. AmoLatina say that you can send flowers to the girl and attach your email but the flowers cost over 100 dollars and the girls on the site dont exist when you chat you are just chatting to a paid employee of the site so she will never send you a personal email. They only want you to keep chatting on the site so you will keep spending your money. When i chatted with these girls i noticed a familiar pattern also. They all tell you that you are the one and that they love you. They just say anything to keep you chatting and winding down the credits so then you are forced to buy more credits to keep chatting and the customer support is useless if you make a complaint the just ignore you. Guys dont be so stupid to give these criminals your money and dont believe any of these fake 5 star reviews. Have you noticed a patern with them. Have a look at the dates that they are written. Everytime the write a fake 5 star review there will be about 3 written on the same day then for a couple of weeks there will be none and then another 3 or 4 written on the same day follows that same pattern all the way through. Thats because they are paying a marketing agency to write these fake 5 star reviews if thats not fraud then i dont know what is. This is where amolatina are stupid they over do it with the 5 star reviews. How many dating sites do you know that have over 500 5 star reviews no dating site is that good. Their sister sites like anastaciadate follow the same patern.the five star reviews on anastaciadate most are written on the same days as the 5 star reviews on amolatina.are you kidding me. Stay away from this scam site

This is a big scum guys, avoid it at all costs, Yes,...
This is a big scum guys, avoid it at all costs, Yes, i found out the hard way. Just after three weeks in.The profiles are real but the emails and charts are composed by people who work there. This is a call center where people go to work everyday. The charges are ridiculous: 10 bucks to send a letter and 10 dollars to read a letter. Its a 100 credits or $100.00 to speak with your "lady" for 20 minutes. So i decided to try my luck and i narrowed my search to 3 beautiful women. When i asked them a few questions about themselves i received half a paragraph reply which was contrary to what i had asked. One time the lady that struck me the most called her self Erica on her profile and on her reply letter she was Jana. On another occasion three replies had the same thing AmoLatina had put on their profiles So i called the Amolatina to get my refund. The lady told me to email her the letter but when she realized i was not going to do it. She reversed the story and i got my thirty dollars back. After that incident i knew something was not right. I sent to letters two to to ladies where i asked them their names and if really that was them. I never heard from any of them.
I have looked all three of them on Facebook and found two. One of them has 3 kids and is married, on Amolatina she has 2 kids and divorced. The other one is somewhere in Europe but on Amolatina she leaves in Copacabana Brazil.
Here is what you need to know.
1. How many dating sites do you log into for serious relationships and the first thing you see is a lady that might as well be a model asking you to marry her. Really, that is fake.
2.If the site is really about helping you find your soul mate why is communication restricted to the site only. You will be putting dinner on someones table tonight.
3. The ladies encourage you to chart, when you ask them to call they get all this reasons all of a sudden not call them. Obviously someone is getting a part of the loot.
4. When you log in click on ladies on live chart and scroll through the pages. The most beautiful ones are always on the first pages and the not so fortunate take the last pages. That means you will more than likely be hooked early on and your money will be gone

This website is truly just made to make the owners...
This website is truly just made to make the owners money. I have been signed up to this website for about six months now. Every time I get to the point that I want to meet a lady, I'm told that she no longer wants to talk to me. This is also after I have bought and paid for incoming letters, and outgoing letters. I can personally say that I have spent a small fortune on just this. I have also been dragged into chatting with the ladies on the live chat feature. This basically just quickly drains the credits that you have purchased in a very quick time period.

This website is truly just made to make the owners money. I have been signed up to this website for about six months now. Every time I get to the point that I want to meet a lady, I'm told that she no longer wants to talk to me. This is also after I have bought and paid for incoming letters, and outgoing letters. I can personally say that I have spent a small fortune on just this. I have also been dragged into chatting with the ladies on the live chat feature. This basically just quickly drains the credits that you have purchased in a very quick time period.
Please use more conventional websites to meet Latin women. Or if you want to see the ladies in person, just go to that country to visit with them. There is no reason for anyone to make the same mistakes I have made. I'm using my bad experiences to hopefully stop others from making similar mistakes. I only went to this website to find a Latin wife. This site is a scamming fake avoid it at all costs please. Those that work for this website will be quick to support it, and even make posts in an attempt to try and legitimize it. It's all a lie run away... Please run away from this website! Save your money, that's all the people from this website want is your money!

10 suspicious things about this site:
The things about this site I find suspicious:
- The pictures of the girls are professional.
- The girls are way above average, even for Latin America.
- The girls are online and ready to chat 24 hours a day.
- The girls initiate email and chat contact.
- The girls are interested in men twice or three times their age.
- The girls are unwilling to take the conversation to Whatsapp or Skype.
- It is impossible to open a women's account on this site. (I tried.)
- The women's pictures don't exist elsewhere online if you do an image search. (No social media.)
- Women that claim to not speak English, write in English and refuse to write in Spanish or Portuguese. (I speak and write in all three.)
- The women are unable to recall details from one conversation to the next, as though it's a different person each time.

I could overlook any ONE of these signs, but not all of them. Legitimate sites have mostly amateur picture quality and a range of girls. AmoLatina are hard to get ahold of, but then remember your conversation from day to day. I believe they use call centers in a low wage countries, so be careful. You can waste a lot of time, money, and emotion on this site.

TIP: Call centers use a file of stock pictures with various poses, and get paid to keep you talking (and paying). Immediately ask for a picture with something unique written on a piece of paper, like your name or a peace sign.

Before I got on a plane and flew to Medellin, Colombia,...
Before I got on a plane and flew to Medellin, Colombia, I had more than a few suspicions about amolatina. In looking at other reviews, I would tend to side with most of them... I especially got upset when one of the girls I was writing (at great expense) suddenly stated that she didnt want to communicate anymore because she needed to focus on her child... Another girl who is usually featured in the sites advertisements wrote to me (at my expense of course) and when I said I wanted to visit to meet her... she suddenly stated that she found "the one" and wasnt taking any more letters. I stated using another Medellin based site, Colombian Sweethearts, (run by an OK American (Colombian heritage) Air Force Reserve Captain who still has a few lessons to learn about customer service... but the girls who actually run the operation are fantastic and very honest. Colombian Sweethearts encourages you to take part in one of their "package" tours in which you stay in one of their furnished apartments (to encourage you to buy property from them some day!) but AmoLatina do set up some amaizing trips where you and, in my case, 3 other guys go out to dinner and later a couple od day tours with as many as 30 women and most of them an average American would classify as "smokin hot." I must admit that I had a great time and still correspond with two gals I met. So back to Amolatina... Yes... they have the best looking girls so I called to Medellin and spoke to a polish gal "Miss Alex" who runs the operation. She arranged for dates, plus interpreter, with two beauties, one you all have seen in a black baby doll as she is frequently used in their advertisements. I was surprised when I got there that on both occasions... the girls showed up on time... and were stunning... I had a great time with both of them and was impressed with their openness and sincerety. No we didnt go back to my hotel and if that is what you are looking for then these sites are not for you. The girls are genuine but they are very attractive which makes them very cautious. Most Colombian men cheat... there is just too much temptation down there... so the girls want to be sure they understand you. What shocked me was how down to earth they are. The one in the baby doll and I went out with met me the following day and she brought along her 15 year old daughter. No problem since I loved being a dad to my two college gratued daughters... We had a great time and I can see her being someone who is both your best friend, lover and someone who is willing to do something for you... unlike most American women. The problem is what happens to them when you bring them here to the US. They are so good looking and have such sweet personalities, every Lawyer and Doctor with a convertable Porsche will be hitting on them and you wonder if its only a matter of time before they decide to "upgrade." Thats the risk all men take as the divorse laws almost encourage women to divorse you after you have paid for their education, there is enough equity in the home and after they have their citizenship and have moved their entire family here. God help you if they don't work, don't develop english proficiency and you have a good salary.
So as far as the sites go... the girls are real... I went, I saw and I made a lot of friends. The girls want a better life but they won't sleep with you to get it... If you are looking for a wife, then these sites are good. You wuill pay less with Amolatina as they don't try to get you to put down $1,700-$2000 for an all inclusive tour. But you have to decisde what you want. To have fun with as many women as you can or to find a beautiful wife with more traditional values. For me, I don't think I can fully trust women after going through a nasty divorce with a foreign (Korean) bride after 22 years of marriage. But if I did... I would be heading back to Medellin to start the visa paperwork for my baby doll.

Save Your Money because you're only throwing it away on AmoLatina
If you're thinking about investing your money in trying to find a Latino wife save your cash because you're only throwing it away on AmoLatina. I know you've probably read some of the ecstatic testimonials on this review site and others that the dating site is for real by some happily married guy who claims that he found his wife there. Well, I don't have to tell you not to believe everything you read on the Internet, you already know that.

I suspect that the principals behind the website are probably fabricating most of these testimonials to try to keep their lucrative business venture operating. Don't believe me? Read the testimonials. Not a single one of these so-called success stories offers a shred of evidence to support their claims, while all of the negative reviews posted on this site and others provide you with facts so you can investigate for yourself.

If you don't believe that the AmoLatina site is a scam visit it; go to one of the site pages (other than the home page), but don't join and don't sign in. If you stay for any length of time on the page, women will pop up on the screen. Women you can supposedly chat with free and you're not logged-in on the site? You're anonymous, you may not even be a male in search of a wife, but Latino women seeking husbands want to chat with you? AmoLatina don't even know you exist, how could they care. That's because other than the photo chat window or profile page, they're random computer-generated prompts to get you to fork over you're hard-earned money.

I'm an investigative journalist and I've been investigating the suspect world of Internet Marriage and Dating Services. I've gone undercover as a customer on these sites, because I want to report on the experience from the customer's point of view. I want to know what happens if anything when the dollars are exchanged; so I pose as a paying customer. I followed the advice of one of the reviewers on another site and emailed AmoLatina's Customer Service three times on three different occasions seeking information and clarification on their policies regarding their rates and policies. Mind you, I was a paying customer, who had already spent money, with additional credits to spend, and I thought I would never get a response. I suspect its because they only have one person working customer service for the entire site.

So what's the bottom line? Yes, there are many photos of beautiful Latino women on AmoLatina's website, and these women most likely actually exist in the flesh somewhere in Central, South America, or Spain. The question is, are these women really looking for husbands or just looking for a way to earn a few extra pesos. My advice is don't chance it. Save your money and spend it on someone who actually appreciates it: you. Don't throw your hard-earned money away on AmoLatina.

Ok, the real deal!
Ok, the real deal! YES this site is a rip off. However everything has its good points. First thing that you need to know to better understand is that this site pays the women to get men to talk, send gifts and spend money through the site. What did you expect, its a business. Yes, i got caught up in this as well, and spent probably over 1000 usd. I must admit i was entertained and had a good time doing it. I was fortunate to actually meet one of the ladies that i was interested in and she let me know exactly how AmoLatina work. Another thing you should know is that sometimes if the woman is not available, an agent of the company will get on that ladies account as the lady to talk to the guys that are interested in her to get them to spend more money. So if you think your girl online has a split personality, its not her its more than likely some guy that gets part of her commissions for getting you to spend money. Yes the woman are incredible, you just have to get passed Amolatina security and then find a woman that is not just looking to make money. Amolatina looks for beautiful women it latin countries that want to make easy money talking on the internet to guys that want to spend money talking to beautiful women. It is like going to a strip club trying to take one of the dancers/strippers home. Yes it can be done, but not likely and you will usually spend some money before you fail. The question is, did you have a good time? If you decide to continue with this site, please keep in mind that the women talk to many guys, what makes you different, or separates you from the rest? Be cincere, be special, be careful, and dont act like a freak. Good luck, have fun, and do not spend your last dollar.

Same single members on site for 3 years? Starting to look like a scam!
The service is very expensive and after writing a couple different ladies it seems very unclear on how one could ever actually exchange contact information to actually meet them. It almost seems like the ladies are paid to just keep the conversation interesting and keep me logged in as long as possible.

When I have called the support line *******978) to leave a message and ask a question no one from Amolatina calls back. AmoLatina also do not really answer their emails. The email response that I do get is very vague "Hi friend! Thank you for your message. Please remember that you can always find more information about our site and services in our Help Center. If you still have questions, please feel free to get in touch with us!" However the "Help Center" does not answer the questions about how or when communication can be continued outside of their program (perhaps because the women in the profiles are not actually for real. Not the same person writing me?) I understand they have to make a profit, however if contact info is never exchanged how would one meet one of these women? If this was a legit site then you would imagine that one could actually reach a real person from the support desk? This lack of response makes the entire site look even more sketchy.

Also it seems odd that the same pretty girls are still on there from a couple years ago? I know this because a couple years ago I briefly checked out Amolatina and was impressed by how pretty these Latina women on their site were. However I stopped looking at this site for couple years due to starting another relationship. After this recently ended I signed back up for this service and was surprised to see some of the same beautiful women still on this site. For example, Viviana from Ecuador, 27, has stunning photos posted, still, Very hard for me to believe she is still single (?)

This site is such a scam and I cant believe I spent as much as I did on it over the last month.

Huge scam Don't believe these 5 star amolatina employees written reviews
I joined this site on march 6th 2017. I looked though it and found the one girl I wanted to speak with. I Spoke with this Beautiful Girl for 2 months $4000 worth of credits only to have a date night as she called it where we talked for 14 hours all night. Well not really talked she was so busy talking with others that we did not really talk, but she did ask me to make her a picture. Well we finished our chat. I came back 4 hours later and she was still on. I said hello, and she said Hello love how was your night? Yes she did not remember scatting with me or about the picture she had asked me about Called customer service to complain and the girl was very helpful, I think she was out of the loop. But I was told the fraud department said AmoLatina saw nothing wrong with our conversations only google translation errors. She also ran prerecord videos, Her name Jenny Carolina, also you can find her on the sites Google account where she answers as Misty Morgan... then I spoke to two others Leydy Shirley who said speak to me till August and we will meet. Well August came and she started fighting and calling me fake, She also did prerecorded videos and then told me she was not the one saying the mean things to me it was her cousin Called and reported her. That case just disappeared. Then A girl Maria a Chemical Engineer/ Actress. The most beautiful woman I have ever seen. She said talk to me for a year. Well we got along great and after 2 months she started talking of a meeting sooner. Another month she said I think a am in love with you. She then started talking of a meeting in Vegas, or Bora Bora. She spoke of having a lot of money. Well I started to tell her I loved her and tried to lock down a meeting. Then she said no it is too early to meet. And she started fighting and told me to stop writing her. Because I was too intense. After a week we stared to speak again, then quickly it went south again, I started to speak to another girl Gibely from Venezuela Wow was she cutie. Then Maria stared to speak to me again. I sent her a spa package and all my info. She said she would not use it she will not leave the site because she is safe there. We fought and stop talking again. Gibely was a fast talker said she did not want to stay here long We talked about 5 hours a day for a week. She seemed real till she asked me to send her flowers I did, and I sent her all my Info. She laughed, and said I was silly for thinking she would leave the site, and to have a nice life. Maria and I started to write again, Yes I really liked her. I saw her on video real, and many personal pictures. I contacted her saying I missed my friend, and she said she did too, but she told me she had no feelings for me at all. I said okay and wished her well. The next day she wrote me to say she really missed as well. I told her yes you said that and I wished you well. I told her I will leave her alone. She asked did I have another girl I was talking to and did I still love her? I said yes I love you.the she lost it and said okay you have another girl let me tell you she is just like me we all have many men we talk to and say we love them it is our Job. Then cursed me out some more. Then wrote me the next day to say sorry. I have a friend who is not good looking fat bald and missing teeth, She wrote him sexual things he did not respond. So I called customer service and told them about it and then cancelled my membership finally about $15,000 too late. That site is so fake but it is like a drug the girls are good at what they do and you get addicted. Stay away from it. Dennis C

Ok gentlemen, you want a review by a guy who actually...
Ok gentlemen, you want a review by a guy who actually went to Colombia and met these girls right? Yes, I did. First, I gave this website a 3 and I will explain why. Second, I agree with most reviews and AmoLatina are correct that you are wasting your time and money by spending it on the website! Why? You are not communicating with the girl in the picture. However, the girls in the profiles are real, but they are not communicating with you on the website, this is done by paid employees to suck you dry.

Now why I gave it a 3. Yes, the girls in the profiles are real and how do I know? I attended a social in Medellin Colombia and had a great time! The women are very friendly and most are young, between 20 and 25. However, there are many older ladies as well. I am twice the age of these 20 somethings and all of them were nice, gave me their cell phone # and social website contacts, yes the whole nine yards. When I got back home, I checked the website and sure enough, every girl that I met had a profile on the website (I am talking 15+ ladies under the age of 25).

That being said, that is why I give it a 3. Yes, communicating on the website is a waste of time and money, do not do it as you are not communicating with the girl you think. If you are really interested in meeting a Colombian woman, register for a social, I recommend medellin (paisas are wonderful). Granted, the socials are not cheap, but trust me, you will have a good time, meet lots of nice women from amolatina and you can get their personal data so you can communicate for free.

Despite the fact that I went to medellin awhile ago, I am still in contact with 3 girls, ages 21, 21, 21. I returned to Colombia and spent some time with 2 of them and yes, 1 of them led me to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

I hope this helps you guys out. No, I do not work with or affiliated with the website. Like I said, do not use it for communicating with latin girls. Get info about the socials, sign up, attend, meet lots of nice women, get their personal data, and find the end of the rainbow for free.

Wake up everybody
When you think logically you understand why this is a scam.
These women are to beautiful to need a dating website like these.
Colombian women don't have a computer at home, AmoLatina can't afford it and lots of them are online almost 24 hours. They start chat conversations with the most ridiculous remarks and believe me almost none of them speak English. Not one of the women have a facebook profile and you will find no information about them on the internet. They give no personal information unless you ask them, it's always about that they want you so much. I recently had my birthday, but none of my contacts congratulated me. And so I can go on and on. I continued my investigation of this site as I speak on 16/9/13. I talked to several women and tried to find information abour them and I did. One of them is a professional 28 year old model from Bogota who has a twitter, linkedin and facebook account under te name J Vanessa Brown modelo. She really is who she says she is although she says she lives in Villavicencio, but never responded to my tweets. Facebook or linkedin request. This means that or she is payed by the agency to talk and talk to make you buy credits or the agency is using her photos and somebody else is talking to me. Than I investigated a woman from Cancun with the name Gladyelle Leonella and discovered that this identity belongs to a woman from San Jose Venezuela. A stolen identity used to create a non existing profile, probably payed a women to use her photos again. So you see this is all a total scam, there is no other explanation for it. I don' t think all the woman are fake, but the most georgeous women and models certainly are. Better take a plane and visit the country, you will have success certainly.

If you spend your money talking to women, as soon as everything is looking up, AmoLatina will leave the website or stop communicating with you. It is a common pattern with most of the women you will connect with. I had three women that I exchanged personal emails with after a phone call session was made. One disappeared (the boogie man must have gotten her), 2nd, sent two emails. One was a test and the 2nd stated that we would continue to talk and she would send me photos later that day (NEVER HEARD FROM HER FOR MONTHS!). The 3rd, we exchanged skype and email info and she would never skype with me. She told me to do the video chat thru the website. WTF?!?!?! Why would we do the video thru the website and we can do it on our own for free! I would see her online via the website and she would not Skype. If I sent her a message thru skype without video, she would respond but would not answer the video. BUT BUT, she would answer the video thru the website! SCAM! DUDE SCAM!
Also if you begin to get close to someone you will get the VERY common excuse, "My mom is very sick and I have been caring for her everyday taking her back and forward to the hospital'! I don't wish anything bad if it is the truth, but these women have the sickess family members I have ever seen. They all have the same excuses!
Remember when I said that I exchanged emails with the women? Ok, after I knew this site was a SCAM, I stopped spending money and call the office (who were no F#&KING help). Why did I receive an email thru the website from one of the girls who had my personal email?!?!?!?! WTF. I emailed her back thru the personal email asking why was she writing me thru the website, you have my personal. CRICKETS CRICKETS CRICKETS CRICKETS!
I had some leftover credits and I read her email... This was some computer generated BULL! We knew more personal and private things about one another and the email that I read was so vague it was crazy. Never answered any of my questions from prior emails, did not talk about things we had discussed. This letter could have been for anyone who read it.

Hey guys!
Hey guys! I have been a member since more than a year at AmoLatina without spending a dollar, just to see have many chicks that my sweet talk could attract and also too see how many of those stunning women that still after a year haven´t found "the right one". I am not surprised that most of them still is looking for Mr Right, check this link and get your own impression.

All these "success stories" is probably fake our compensated (my own opinion) only with the reason to catch more stupid guys without brain.
It´s only a business, don´t you get it? It is perhaps some chicks that are serious, but most of these breathtaking, wonderful women is only in this to cheat you as much as possible.
I can tell that during this year I have received love letters from at least 400 ladies, most of them so beautiful that your mind goes crazy, AmoLatina blow you out of universe. You think they are interested in you? HA! If you think so you are a donkey. Get your brain out of your ass and start thinking. If you still think the women at AmoLatina is serious. That´s your problem. I know that I have "saved" hundreds of dollars which I would use to pay my flight ticket for and visit Colombia or Costa Rica, or Panama or Brazil or... I am sure that I can find my dream date faster and more secure by doing that.
Good luck! To you who still believe in AmoLatina.
BTW: of course I used fake identity, what d´ya think?

/Johnny Bravian

I was on amolatina for about 10 months, and personally...
I was on amolatina for about 10 months, and personally met three different women in three different places. What i did was stay away from the chat and opened as few letters as possible after some scrutiny of them all. I wrote two letters to one girl in bogota and decided i would cut through the red tape and call her through the agency translator. It's about $29 for 5 minutes, so i bumrushed her off the phone(i speak spanish) after getting her contact info. Email and phone number. We communicated for two months and i went for a visit. We spent a few days together in the city and had fun. Soon after i returned, she started to ask me if she could come to the states and stay with me. Whoa, slow down. So i broke it off. I met another from medellin and she invited me down after talking on the phone for a few months. This one was fluent in english. So, i went and we had a great time together, but i always felt like there was something going on that i couldn't figure out. Sometimes i would call her when she would ask me to, and sometimes there was no answer when i know she has caller id, and others she would answer and we'd be disconnected. Subsequent calls thereafter many times would not be answered. Wtf? Something was up. The last before i quit the service was in the dominican. I believe most of those profiles from there are not real. But i did hit it off with one girl and off i went to visit. We met in downtown santo domingo and it was then i found she was five months pregnant. So we hung out for several days and had fun, but that wasn't what i was looking for so i never spoke to her again. What i realized when i was in all of these places is that you don't need this site. Just go to one of those cities and you'll hook up with a real chica in no time. AmoLatina love us. i do a lot of travelling and love latin america, and have met women everywhere in bars and discos. The girls are very receptive to gringos and they all want one. Many women would come and dance with me at the discos while i was with the girl i came to see. Just keep in mind that most of these women want a respectful man; they can already be with an $#*! where they are. Leave the websites alone and save your money for a trip. Stay in a hostel and meet friends there that already know the ropes and you can meet some of the sexiest women of your life. Good luck...

First, most of what is said on here is true
First, most of what is said on here is true. Let me explain how and scam you. AmoLatina state that they do not give out personal info to protect the girls. This is crap, how is knowing a girls email or having it delivered directly to her not private! Second, you do not need translation, other dating sites do that for you for free or you can go to Google Translater and cut and paste in the message. Why they do this is that the translater in each country they operate in is the scammer! They answer all the emails. Do you think that perfect blond in the Ukraine who is in college every day from 9am to 3pm - that's their schedule! Then also probably working a job has time to answer the 50 or so emails she gets each week? Of course not. The translaters read the prior correspondence and carry on the relationship with you. If you travel there, they will insist on meeting with you and the girl - for the girls safety of course! Ha! I once took my own translater and the most they could say was that "I was obviously stupid for paying two translaters and she couldn't be interested in someone so foolish! Hilarious! Well, I'm part Russian and have travelled there extensively but still fell for this on a trip and a half. But, this is huge, through a friend I met who was a Med student, he intro'd me to a former translater who quit because he felt so bad about taking the money. Understand that in Russia/Ukraine, scamming is a form of intelligence, not seen as a crime, its a very different culture, though in any poor country Anastasia and subsidiaries pray on poor women telling them that the men only want to meet you and there are no expectations, it is exciting for them to meet such beautiful foreign women! Plus you get a nice dinner (a casual restaurant visit is usually reserved for their birthday if their lucky) and no one is harmed because we're all so rich! Well, the second time I met the translater for drinks he was actually with a girl who I met through Anastasia on my first visit to Odessa! Oh, and the planned tours - avoid them! I walked into a bar where there was one, there were 6 old ugly US guys and 10 average looking women who were completely disinterested, I felt bad for them and at least spared myself that embarrassment though I am still embarrassed and realize how much money I lost. The translater told me that Anastasia makes over 1 million a month! Please please go to a trusted site, they exist! You will know when only 1 out of 10 girls is hot, that's real! Safe hunting!

I have been an infrequent user at this site for around...
I have been an infrequent user at this site for around 6 months. The bad news is that the services are extremely overpriced and despite their claims that AmoLatina don't use models, many of the girls actually list that as their profession. Many of the reviews here so far are somewhat accurate, however, the good news is that the majority of these girls are interested in obtaining a western husband. Although I have had limited contact with a few who I wasn't sure were on the level, there are 3 that I am currently in contact with who seem quite legit; who have sent me additional personal photos (Not the airbrushed, photo-shopped pics you see in many profiles) and have expressed interest in meeting me. All this while not being a very lucrative customer for the site.
Never read your first unsolicited letter from a girl -- it will invariably be a form letter giving general information about her and automatically sent once you list her as a "favorite." After that, use your own judgment; its not too hard to ascertain whether you are having a real correspondence or being strung along. Like I said, there have been 1 or 2 I wasn't getting that warm fuzzy feeling from, despite their continued correspondence, but none have buttered me up for financial aid yet. My friend speaks fluent Spanish and he handled a call translation for me with a Colombian girl I had been friendly with. This way we were able to exchange e-mails and have been corresponding out of the reach of AmoLatina. Other than speculation, I have never seen corroboration that AmoLatina pays any of these girls for advertisement or use of the service. While an individual girl might try to scam you, there is no evidence that it is organized with the site. My only complaint is that customer service failed to reimburse me for a chat session I was over-billed for once, but that was an isolated event in my experience. The key word is judgment; use it! If you are a '5' then don't expect to hook up with a '10' unless you have a yacht. Otherwise, you can certainly do better than the pitiful odds we have stateside (Yanks) where most women are either un-fit, unattractive or nasty. Latinas are all about the sexy!


First of all, I am very confident in myself and I get laid often. The only reason I came to Amolatina is because I have a thing for Brazilian women. All of the girls want you until you start asking to verify who you are talking too. After corresponding with two girls for an extended period of time, I asked to call exchange personal information like emails. One girl Nati (ID: 1173131), said sure make the reservation for the call. It takes 100 credits ($96.00) just to reserve the call. If the girl never takes the call, you get the credits back but not a refund. You still have to use those credits on the site or lose them after 365 days. That is what happened in this case. I paid the money to reserve the call and Nati was immediately unavailable. I called Amolatina customer service to ask why Nati could not accept the call, I was told that she had dental work and would not be available for ten days. Nati said she was too busy preparing for a New Year's Eve party in her home. Total lies and bull$#*!. I then sent Nati a message that clearly stated:

"I am afraid my schedule in general makes it too difficult for me to interact with you on this website. If possible, I would like to call you and exchange information before I deactivate my account. If you are interested please let me know. I will wait for your response before closing this account."

Nati responded, "Why do you want to close your account?"

This girl or employee's goal was to get me to continue sending emails. At $7-8 USD per email, you can see why.

Since leaving I have found a really beautiful girl on, I am 35 years old and she is a 20 years old VIRGIN! I talked to several women on before finding my mate and none of them had any problems adding me to Skype and never prevents users from sharing or exchanging personal information. A three month membership on will cost you less than what you will spend on in a week.

Websites that claim to connect you will your future bride should do exactly that. intentionally prevents its users from sharing personal emails and telephone numbers because it only makes money if its users communicate using its website. works on a monthly membership fee and does not interfere with communications in anyway.

Please Note: I do not work for I am simply a former customer that is happy with its services.

Finally, pay close attention to the way's positive reviews read on this website. Nobody talks like that unless AmoLatina are trying to sell you something. Amolatina is definitely responsible for the positive reviews it receives on this site.

This site contains many fake profiles who are there...
This site contains many fake profiles who are there to keep you coming back and paying for communicating with ladies who really are not looking for you but are hired to be on the site to show false interest in you.

Check out this profile for example:
Http :// www.amolatina. Com/profile-foreign-affair-lady-lizeth%20paola-1178477. Htm


Hello MistrStacey

How are you?, I hope you are excited to meet me because I am.

I know I look like a young woman, but I want you to have clear that I am a serious, mature woman and I have big goals in my life and I know where I am going.

The truth is that I don't dream with a blue prince who will come in a great horse, like when I was little! But I am going to be honest I want to find a man who makes me the happiest woman in the world, nobody is perfect so I want to be next to an imperfect man looking to be better by my side and help me to be a great woman, mother and friend, because I also want a sensitive man that likes pretty things, like have a home and have children.

I am women who likes to share cute moments with the person I love, maybe in this site can be a little more complicated to share all those things we want, because of the distance, but when there is love, nothing is impossible.

If you are my dream man, I just hope to meet again By letters or chat, if you will allow me, I would like to know a little better about you and how far can we go.

I send you a hug.


I then find her on facebook and she is from Colombia but does not live in Colombia as she says in her profile, but rather lives in Florida. Her facebook is only to promote a translating service and when she accepted me as a friend and I messaged her a few times she never replied... ever!
Add her and find our for yourself... what a SCAM!*******78292

This is a scam
Hi guys,
Hope my words will help those who live in dreams. Got letter from "lady" 20 years younger than me, perfect english by the way. Answer back ( had 20 credits given me on my BD). Got another letter from her which to be honest hard to understand, because she speaks english on 1grade level or lower. Bought small package for 3usd, 20 credits and 10 free chats ( small price to make things clear). I wrote back to her, ask to add me on Skype or Facebook. Nothing. Start chat and wrote same in spanish. Again nothing. "Lady" is too stupid and thinks she is real smart and can make loads of money on me... And one time I used one of my free chats to talk to another girl. When I ask her to add me on skype she says - NO! She doesn't wanna use free program instead of this scam. She better will spend money to write me a letter? WTF?! Nice one. Besides, there is nothing about skype and facebook in rules, only email, phones, address and last URLs. So it's not against the rules to ask about skype or give your contacs such as skype or facebook.
Wrote a letter to support to stop my subscription and membership so AmoLatina will not charge me again, automatically from my credit card. Because when you charge your account and get subscription there is no way to unmark field, which says about charge next month auto... Now I have the only way is to write to my bank about that crap and ask them to block this site from stealing my money in future.

HORRIBLE! I just wish to God I had reviewed the site on here before using that service. I have been on that site since Oct 12' and have spent quite a bit of "dumb idiot" money corresponding to these phantom ladies or chat operators. I estimate I spent maybe $500-$700. Well, I made up my mind today 4/27/13 to discontinue using the site after I recieved a reply letter from a hot brazilian in which I wrote her some very specific things about my life and I asked her very specific questions and her response had absolutely nothing to do with the letter I sent her. FRAUD, FRAUD, FRAUD SITE!... I have been to south america (Colombia) a couple of times before and I think the money I spent here would have served me much better if I had just used it on taking some spanish lessons. The only one good thing I can say about the site is that it open my eyes to the beautiful women of Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I had no knowledge about that city before. I will be purchasing the Rosetta Stone portuguese language lessons asap as I am now highly considering taking a trip there for the 2014 FIFA World Cup. Good luck guys and please please please stay away from amolatina site. Nothing but lies and heartbreak there. Save your money and just go to these latin countries instead. If you have a spanish speaking buddy to be your wingman that can travel with you, even better. Good Luck guys!

Total farce
It's like pay for everything, you get to read the first email for free but then you must pay to even reply, worst dating site and most expensive operating with this annoying credit system, buy credits and should you put out the credit card info AmoLatina will constantly bill you automatically. To contact them is a pain, to remove/delete your profile is not user friendly at all. The worse part are the women, anyone who has travelled to Latin countries knows well not all ladies look like professional models. The photos are from professional photographers and the text of the emails you can read for free are doubtful at best.
Most dating sites give you 48 hours free, there I met real women I could chat with and confirm they are real, Amolatina looks fake from the start and the more you look at it the more you doubt its honesty.
I've been on the site for a while, read the occasional email and laugh, the one girl who has constantly contacted me is one I responded to a few times even if sending the response would trigger the dreaded " you must pay for her to read your email" BS, funny how this particular one has sent me at least 8 emails and from the content of those it gives me the impression someone is reading them, making me even more suspicious. Final opinion on AmoLatina, it's a joke. Even the other reviews are inconsistent with normal reviews of any site, pretty well and almost all 5 stars, seriously, even the good honest dating sites don't get 5 stars. Complete BS.

Preying on women's hearts & men's wallets. Avoid and their Affiliate Sites.
I signed up to evaluate AmoLatina's validity. I have been to Columbia and have met a few(5) of these women. This is not a valid matchmaking service! I am retired and I enjoy researching issues of interest and sharing my findings. My brother met a woman on Anastasia Asian and was scammed, so I thought I would try Anastasia AmoLatina. I recorded every communication, text and cam video I paid for! I thought my brother was just misfortuate, found the wrong woman possibly a rare occurrence. But it wasn't and isn't!

The Better Business Bureau and all reputable credit card companies have strong NEGATIVE comments about this business. Their practice is considered barely legal. The site first preys on women who have limited income and virtually no chance of escaping a country filled with poverty and corruption. Prositution is legal in Columbia and a woman's opportunity for advancement is limited. Unless a woman comes from wealthy family, women do what AmoLatina must do to survive. That means she will most likely use her looks or spread their legs to make money. Women feel Colombian men are Casanovas ("Spineless Dogs" is the term I heard most) Men who routinely treat women horribly, both physically and mentally and avoiding the responsibility of a man if in a relationship. It is common for men to have additional women available for their physical needs. It is also VERY common for men to leave once they get a women pregnant. With a women's religious upbringing, they do not believe in abortion. It is true the majority of women want to date and marry older men with character. Not for your money or a visa! (That thought process is published intentionally by the media and feminist groups here in the states). These women seek monogamist love. No, they do not want the classic grossly obese American male who is a slob, routinely eats fast foods, drinks excessively, has a beer belly, does not maintain his appearance or is unemployed. They seek a man of true heart. A man who believes in marriage, the word commitment and understands and lives marriage vows. A man who want a better life with a quality, family oriented woman.
The majority of women truly desire to create a family of their own.The majority of women do not care if it is in Europe or North America. However, unfortunately, the opposite is also true. There are some women are on this site supporting their boyfriends (they appeared forced). You and I can see the chronic depression in their eyes, body language and speech. (I am a practicing physician). This is a very sad truth!

I was informed by a number of women who stated they were approached via propaganda of being models. They are promised that if they sign a contract with an agency applying to any Anastatsia site, (keeping their mouth closed) and allow use of their photos, they could be paid for their services. These women do not receive compensation though Anastasia directedly but through the agency they signed an agreement with. They are also informed they would have unlimited free access to men around the world with the possibility of finding their true love and maybe get out of their country. The majority do not want to leave their country because of strong family ties. They love their country, believing laws will eventually change but feel devalued.
It is worse in different departments of each country and in different Latin regions. Anastasia, Amolatina, Arabian, African are subsidiaries of Anastasia (A Russian based corporation pimping women from all countries on the continent but mainly women from the Ukraine). These sites are clearly nothing but Sex Chat Sites. Men pay for everything. Women do not have to invest anything other then their SOULS! Some were given phones and computers. Others authorize there photos to be used by call center employees. Women are paid to keep men online chatting at $. 40 cents per minute (half the chat time is spent repeating yourself either because of the poor translator system or just another way to keep you online longer)), or preferably to Cam Chat $2.40 per minute (the woman is staged in a controlled room and it was obvious someone else was directing her what to say and do). Of note; To write and send a letter costs $4 and to open a letter cost $4. To view attached photos costs $4 each. A 1 minute poorly made video costs $4. (The goal is first to kill your credits talking about nothing serious, second they will drop hints of ways to meet through an overpriced tour.) What Made me laugh the most, was each and every letter I received said virtually the same. We are soul mates! I must speak to you soon but, I can only Chat! Hilarious! I have never laughed so hard! I do not have a photography back ground, but even I can easily identify and comment that the vast majority of pictures have been photoshopped. Poorly! There are even pictures of men trying to poses as women. And if they are women, I sincerely feel for them. All these women are probably a 5-6 but with the amount of excessive makeup, temporarily issued designer wardrobe and poor or proper lighting you might think you are viewing and texting an 8-9. I have yet to see a 10 on this site. Look at the shear number of the same background of cars, pool tables, bar, stairs, etc where these woman were brought together for a photo shoot experience!

Of special note, You as the paying client YOU HAVE NO PRIVACY! As soon as you log on you are bombarded with women who have a special issue that they need to discuss just with ONLY you. And if you do think you might make a friend and begin a chat session, women can see that you are chatting with another woman. Then, you'll begin to receive related interjected chat requests Stating "You are Cheating On Me!", " You won't chat with me because I am Ugly. Additionally, your screen is filled with so many profiles that you must close them just to try to continue to chat with the person you're texting too. But regardless were you touch to close or minimize the additional pictures it prompts to try and open another Live Chat session. When you must leave, these women repeatedly request you continue chatting with them just 5 minutes more, 5 minutes more!

ALSO OF NOTE: the BLOCK PROFILE function does not work INTENTITIONALLY! The women you allegedly blocked still have complete access to harass you via text or mail. These distractions are other techniques to keep you online even longer or open something you did not intend to open. CUSTOMER SERVICE IS A JOKE! Send them an email, they never respond. Some women have even mentioned to me they know I have credits remaining! That was actually a little concerning!

Another hilarious issue to mention is, the majority of women state they are just BEGINNING ENGLISH. But if you mention or question anything serious or ask a question of why they are on this site and not other more reputable sites with proven matchmaking records or ask them to verify who they are? Miraculously, they write better CUT YOUR THROAT English than half of Americans.

More than half of the women claim to have never heard of Colombian Cupid or Latina Cupid. All claim not to have a personal email account and this site is their only means of communicating with the outside world! I have heard this comment from women who claim to be doctors and lawyers. (Funny) I can honestly say that I have NOT had one meaningful conversation with any woman on this site. They turn every attempt at a genuine conversation into Sex play where they want you to tell them your sex fantasies. (Again, this is another tactic to stay online longer).

Now, I have met some very nice nice women in Columbia after talking to them online first. Yes, I truly love Latina women! If you are genuine, have a true heart, can communicate even a little Spanish, be able to laugh at yourself, never refuse to dance, demonstrate class, chivalry and basic manners you can have a nice evening, vacation or relationship. That doesn't mean you're getting lucky the first time you date. But you will have a wonderful time and probably make both a genuine friend and passionate lover. Just be discrete about your womans inner desires and actions. It's the same dating game there as it is in the states. Just avoid this site and every other Anastasia affiliate. Spend your money on another reputable site, airfare and personal translator if required.

Remember, this is a VITUAL WORLD SITE ONLY! The photos for the most part are genuine, but there is no guarantee you are communicating with the woman in the photo. If they will not send you a selfie photo to prove who they are or are not willing to communicate with you via Skype! Red Flag men! Red Flag!

Bad site,, all the girls will not write letters and...
Bad site,, all the girls will not write letters and I believe AmoLatina are paid some way to keep men in the chat sessions, which is expensive chat sessions and the girls do they're best to try to keep you an there after a few months of chatting I ask 5 girls one at time if they would just write letter and they basically said no, is a scam and after I was writing a few letters the web site sent me email and said I was not responding to email,,, what a lie,, and they said is this nice,, well I don't think it is nice of them to lie about me, it is a money hog site, and 19 year old girls asking to speak to older men, you do not see this on other site because here they are paid or make points for chatting for free gifts, do not use,, ok guys update 1/17/2015 I had some points left on the site so I did a little test, took my picture off and wrote in the what I am looking for block of my profile,," I do not want to date anyone from this site because I could not trust them truly and I also put in my description I could never trust a woman from this site,,, wowow.,, the chat invites still kept coming, even 18 year old girls,, is such a scam site and all the girls have to be getting paid or rewards some way,,, why else would a beautiful 18 year old girl marry someone 35 year plus older than them? Scam scam here is a photo of girl who received flowers from me and my email,,, never communicated after that and she loved me so much and we make such good couple before I ask her to email me personal email and not on site which even charges for each email

Unless you work for Amolatina or Anastasia international,...
Unless you work for Amolatina or Anastasia international, Amolatina is indeed a scam. You have to pay $7 for each activity (sending or reading an email). They've made sure you never get in touch with any of the girls you are interested in communicating with. You cannot send email addresses, websites or even telephone numbers. All you can do is exchange mail addresses which for some reason the girls never receive the letter. Most of the girls claim AmoLatina have found someone, have a big complicated problems in their lives as soon as they hear that I am interested in going to meet them in person in their countries and it never ends. All kinds of girls behave the same way. In the beginning I thought it was something i said until I decided to do a reputation search which was not available at the time i joined in.

They have agencies in each south american country. Those agencies have their own databases and are run under a more reasonable business model. After communicating with one of the girls initially I received an email from an agency in Peru called Christina's Peru ( I visited the agency just to get an idea of what I am dealing with and was given a 6 months free membership. I noticed that the girls on amolatina were a subset of what christina had (amolatina only had the beautiful girls) and the information was not honestly copied. They withheld important information or did not copy all the information completely. Of those were the number of children, smoking and even pictures were the girl looks a bit old.

In my recent search someone said that some of the girls are paid to reply to you. Some girls reply after months noticeably after I lose interest in the ones waiting in my inbox.

Do yourself a favor. Don't. If you want a latina girl, go on plentyoffish for free.

Stay away from the websites below:

Well, I am on the fence on this one
Well, I am on the fence on this one. I joined a few months ago after trying their Russian counterpart Anastasia. I can't say I didn't get anywhere there because I never made the trip to Russia, but decided on the Latin site since SA is much closer to home. I have also traveled to Colombia and met girls in the past. Well, the site isn't as well run as the Russian site which BTW had very good customer service and had always answered my questions in a timely manner. The Amo site isn't quite up to par on things and I have also experienced the intro letter scenario. I learned about these letters at the Russian site and was very cautious which ones I opened. What was strange was that I chatted with two different ladies both of whom asked me to send a letter to them, I did write only to be rejected by both of them, you know the "I have found another man" scenario, how strange, because I had just chatted with them, or was it really them? I have my doubts. Anyway "STAY AWAY FROM THE CHAT!" You will lose too much money and there is no guarantee who your talking to until you can see them on video. Long story short, I do not see a future at all meeting anyone from that site. I did make contact with three very nice women, but was it really them in the photos? I couldn't tell you. None of them have invited me to visit them which seems quite strange to me. I agree with the other post regarding cost per character, you have to pay $7 or more a pop for each letter some of which might only contain 3 sentences. This is a very lopsided approach to business at least on the customers part, not theirs. But you would think AmoLatina would get a clue. It is a business and they need to make money, but you will not meet anyone until they have made a bundle first and even then there is no guarantee. There might be some very sincere girls there, but with the current business model they may be single for a very long time.

Caveat emptor!

Once again Scam
It is funny that reviews that come in with a 5 star rating for this site and the gentleman writing the reviews believe that the 1 starers are getting douped. Yes it is possible that the 5 starers have found "someone" on the site but that woman is not a 5 star women. I am sorry i have to say it in those terms. What I mean by 5 star is appearance nothing more. Once again I am referring only to amolatina not the sister sites. I wish all that attend the site good luck and happiness. I have only 45 credits remaining and will not be renewing anymore so I may have one more review to come after this one, so here is the latest from today. I was chatting with a women that I got to know and we exchanged photos via the chat option... supposedly for security purposes. We both physically liked each other a lot and the numerous chats that took place weeks back between the both of us were amazing. Yesterday, I returned from a trip after a couple of weeks and got on the site again to check letters so on and so forth. "She" sent me a chat request and I accepted. The conversation started off fine and I had to abruptly leave due to a work emergency. Today I got back on the site and she was there and requested a chat request and asked me why I left so unexpectedly yesterday. So as you can see it feels like this women is the real deal, she is showing interest. We started chatting and the chat is completely in spanish not a word of english. The chat started off very friendly and then I basically started testing her with some of the previous chat conversations we had. Now 5 starers when a women or a man are interested after physically seeing that person receiving letters of "love" and I miss u and all that you remember that person why? Because you are interested in them and AmoLatina have touched u in someway, so no need for concern eveything is cool. I began to bring up past conversations we had and she had no idea... what I was talking about. Needless to say the conversation ended up turning very "hostile" not from me because I believe in the art of dialogue but for her. She proceeded to let me have it, verbally, that how can I question her... she is who she is... I have no write to distrust her... well etc etc. I pointed out several facts and she had no response but I would like to make one point here. When you are arguing with someone, and in her case, they're certain words you choose to say... now I am an old guy I have been in many arguments and discussions in my life and I have never had someone tell me during a rant, and I quote... TU ERES GENIAL... that was repeated to me several times during this rant. Now whomever of you can look up the meaning of this phrase and see you don't say this during an arguement. This term means a few different things in spanish and I will leave it up to you do decide. What proceeded after this is basically in review... that this women has people watching her, she is in a very difficult predicament and needs to help her family out... you can see where this is going. I would just like to say that I am all in favor of dating sites, I have meet 4 finacees on dating sites and married 1 other lady from a dating site. My favorite flavor is colombian and all 5 of them were colombian, so I know the country very well and the inner workings of the society. I am sorry to say that this site is 90% fake and I will give the other 10% to possible being real... and that depends on the "type" of women you contact. Just to finish this novel, a short time ago I received a very interesting letter from a lady in her mid 40's in which I have never chatted with before or have seen on the site before. Her letter stated " I don't understand why you are on this site". "None of the ladies on this site that you chat with or show interest in will communicate with you." " I lost my partner to a younger women and can not understand what you older men see in younger women, we have feelings to". Now I am 50 years old and I am chatting with and receiving letters from women that are 25 to 39 years old. I found this very very strange anyway guys... once again take a look at my other posts I may have one more coming there is a young lady that I know personally that is now on the site and will be asking her some questions. Once again watch your wallets and be careful. Love is in the air

A big scam
This site is a complete scam. AmoLatina pay models for the right to show their profiles and then get employees to chat online posing as these beautiful women and at great cost to you. They will say anything to keep you talking and confessing their love to you but when you go to meet them in their country they are suddenly too busy and cant meet you but yet a lot of these girls are online 14 to 18 hours a day everyday so they cant be to busy if they spend all their time online not believe any of the positive reviews of this site. They are written by employees of amolatina to convince you that this site is worth spending your money on but take it from someone that was on this site for a year And was stupid enough to spend 2 thousand dollars and I tried to arrange dates with about 50 women here when I was in their country and 99 percent of them came up with some stupid exuse why they cant meet me and all of the exuses were very simular and the 2 girls that I did meet were through the dateme service they had but now they have cancelled that service so it is now imposible to meet these girls and the 2 girls that I met knew nothing about me when we met in person and showed no interest in dating a foreign man but yet on the site they were telling me how I was the one and saying how they loved became obvious from the start that I was talking to another person online. Stay away from this site. They are nothing but criminals and they need to be shut down

Listen up everybody.The truth would be told about this...
Listen up everybody.The truth would be told about this site. I even know Spanish so I discover more about this site. First of all, don't believe those good reviews, there are all made from people who work for Amolatina.The truth is, this ladies on Amolatina are scams. AmoLatina only want to chat with you in the chat service, The reason why, the more time they spend on chat with you, they get points. Which will make them win tons of prizes. I talked with most of those women in chat, and told them, I only wanted to communicate with them in letters. By this, they got mad. They told me, they only wanted to talk in chat, By the way, I never received back a letter from them, after written letters to them.So there's one red flag there.The other thing I saw, that the letters that I received from other ladies, had the same messages. Exactly the same, and saying they wanted to chat with me only. Second flag there.and the most worse of all, is what I discover a the end.The girl that I was talking the most in chat, which at one point, I had an affection for her. A really beautiful lady. I really had my doubts about her since weeks ago. This really put the nail in the coffin. I wanted to see, If I could find her on facebook, And sure enough, I found her there. What made me feel disgusted, was when I saw, on her facebook post, that she was in a relationship. That made me sick! I'm going to report this site to the FBI! And hopefully get them shut down. This ladies are models, and there marry. You can find them on Facebook. They have pictures on their facebook, of flowers they have received from men who send them from amolatina.Not one nor two men, send them flowers. Most of this ladies, are online all day long! Everybody don't use this site! Your better than this scam of crap! I hope this help, you all.

I have been on this site for a few years
I have been on this site for a few years. I have traveled to meet women that I met on the site. Many of the women, despite numerous emails, knew nothing about me when I met them. AmoLatina were told by the agency that a man was coming to meet them and that was the first that they had heard of me.
They admitted that they had never written an email or chatted.
While in the agency office in one city, I was able to view the monitor of one of the girls working on a computer in the office, she was chatting with several men at once, on a girls profile that was definitely not the girl at the desk.
The women I met were very nice and some are still friends, but to find them through the mire of fraud on the website is difficult.
In my estimation, if you are chatting with a pretty girl without video there is less than a 25% chance that you are chatting with the lady. Asianbeauties (sister site) is just as bad by the way.
There is one woman I found who has a cam. You can tell that she is chatting on other computers at the same time. I left, and started to Camshare with a different woman, when the video came up I was looking at the same girl from the other computer, so I searched women online with a cam and about the same age and guess what, I found her chatting on a third persons profile. One of the profiles was hers the others didn't quite look like her.
I don't know if the fraud is sanctioned by the parent company, or more likely just perpetrated by the local agencies, but it has gotten worse over the past year.
I was on the phone with one of my friends I had met in South America, she was grocery shopping. I checked online and told her that she was online. We thought it was funny, so I chatted with the lady at the agency, then I told her I was on the phone with the lady and she is at the store... disconnected. Lol
It wasn't as bad when I joined as it is now. But if I knew it was going to get this bad I would not have joined.
My advice if you are on this site.
Only chat with ladies that have video so you can see who it is.
If you ask to exchange personal information and they want to wait until they know you better through the website. BAIL
If you explain your concerns about fraud, a real person would understand, a photo with something current like a magazine, that you know had to be taken very recently is good evidence that she is real. If she is offended because you don't trust her. BAIL
Be suspicious of anyone you can't send flowers to.
And if you make a phone call have a friend that speaks the language listening with you, the interpreters will go very slowly. The calls become very expensive.
Good luck.

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