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Run away as fast as you can! I wish I could check the box for 0 Stars!
This punk a$$ company beat me for $500 upfront "lock-in" rate (just like everybody else on this review site). I was originally told the closing would take 3 - 4 weeks and my rate would be 2.6%. After 6 weeks and me sending in an ungodly amount of documents, AmeriSave tell me that there was a hit and that my rate would have to increase to 3.1% in order for the loan to be approved. After careful thought, I agreed to continue on because that was still much better than my current rate of 5%. After agreeing and completing the new loan paperwork, I was told that it would close in the next couple weeks since they already had all my info. Then crickets... After a week in a half of nothing, I called on a Friday morning to confirm the closing date (which I was originally told would be the following Monday). Low and behold I was told that the Manager denied my loan... WHAT?!?!?!?! So if I hadn't called to check on the status, I wouldn't have even known that my loan was denied. And how does everything go from looking great to all of a sudden being denied at the very last minute. I mean, I was literally told that I would be closing on Monday of the following week - to finding out that I was being denied the Friday before. WTF!?!?! Do yourself a favor and stay FAR away from this company. It's a money grab... consider hundreds (maybe thousands) of poor saps around the country coughing up $500 upfront fee and the majority being denied. That's a straight up money grab! You've been warned!

Terrible Customer Service
WALK AWAY DON'T USE THEM - LOOK FOR A DIFFERENT COMPANY. I am working with them now. I have been told my loan is in "processing". When I ask the representative when it will come out of processing, he tells me to be patient it takes 6-8 weeks. I am now 7 weeks into the process. I finally spent 35 minutes on the phone to reach Solidify Title & Closing. AmeriSave requested a payoff ltr which I emailed on 10/6/2020, but since the email was from me not a company, they didn't review my email. I do not recommend this company and am highly disappointed in the people I have dealt with. They don't seem to care or have a sense of urgency. WALK AWAY DON'T USE THEM - LOOK FOR A DIFFERENT COMPANY

Great Rates, Great Staff, and Great Experience
I filled out a form on-line, and someone from Amerisave called me to get some basic information on what I was refinancing, and connected me to a loan processor. I'll admit that I was initially skeptical. I asked plenty of questions, and soon felt very comfortable that I was talking to a professional who understood his job well. Michael Qidwai was our loan originator, and Robin Sills was our loan processor. Between the two of them, the entire process was easy and painless. I paid a processing fee of $500 after we reached the decision point of underwriting a new mortgage, and all documents were uploaded or downloaded through Amersave's on line web site where an account for us was set up. We have a scanner built into our home printer, so much of what we needed to do was scan documents and upload our account on their web site. The web site is well organized, and easy to use. We were 6 years into a 30 year fixed mortgage, refinanced with a 20 year fixed thru Amerisave, and ended up with the same monthly mortgage payment. Our interest rate went from 4.25% to 2.875%, and the amount of cash we needed for closing was about equal to a mortgage payment. When refinancing, you end up skipping one or two mortgage payments anyway, so we basically had no out of pocket costs. My advice is to make sure you are comfortable with the loan originator to begin with, as I'm sure AmeriSave can't all be a great as Michael. Robin Sills, the loan processor, was also great, and called us regularly throughout the process. I would definitely recommend Amerisave.

Don't waste your time and money - Avoid Amerisave!
Wasted over 3 months with Amerisave on a home refinance. I have excellent credit and have owned my home since 2003. The loan amount was about 25% of the home's value. Despite multiple documents sent and re-sent since November 2020, no closing in sight as of end of Feb.

Update: I was eventually offered a loan with Amerisave - below is actual transcript of emails i received from the loan agent and his manager:
Mar 2,3:30 pm - from the loan agent to his manager at Amerisave " Hey cy this one is ready to lock and I really have no idea how to approach this one since she is already an escalation case and the difference in rate is just so high.
Original pricing at float was 2.625% with $208 in lender credits.
Pricing today is the same rate with $12,920 in discount points"

From: - AmeriSave <*******> (manager)
Date: March 5,2021 at 7:22:08 AM PST
Subject: RE:
"we went to lock this in this morning for you and market has had another correction. Do you want me to lock this in at 3.125 with 6k off for you?" ($6k off the $12,920)

A 2.625% loan with $208 in lender credit was offered, but 4 months later a 3.125% loan with $7000 in cost was to be delivered (maybe -who knows? - tomorrow AmeriSave may offer 3.5 or 4%)!
I declined their loan and applying now with Logix.

Former Employee - 0 stars
I made the worst mistake of my professional life accepting a job at amerisave. All of the negative reviews are 100% accurate. Amerisave exists to take applications and the $500 processing fee. You might get lucky and have your loan funded but the real intent is to keep your $500. AmeriSave make a lot of money doing this. By the way, if you want your $500 back simply submit a complaint at the CFPB or BBB websites. You'll get it back faster than you can imagine. I could go on for days about how awful and pathetic this company is but rest assured, it's as bad as a company can possibly get. Avoid at all costs and for gods sake quit stressing about saving a quarter point on the rate so your payment is $30 lower a month. NOT WORTH IT. That's why you're in this mess and you should have been smarter than to pay $500 for a floating rate and wait months with no communication. A little reading into the company would have told you they were already fined huge for deceptive marketing. Take a little higher rate with a reputable company you greedy dopes lol. In summary, there should be a congressional investigation into the mortgage industry and companies like this should be eliminated immediately. Anyone that works here should be ashamed because you are a pathetic human being if this is the best you can do.

Took my money
Amerisave contacted us to refinance in January. There terms were favorable so we decided to move forward. AmeriSave asked for a $500 deposit, which we paid. My and my wife's credit scores are excellent; one over 800 and the other over 750, we have a good income, but make it in less traditional ways, we own a business and consult on the side, one of us is a published writer. Everything was going smoothly, we even had a closing date, our agent called us nearly daily with updates. Then, out of the blue we get an email saying that they are no longer willing to fund and that a letter will be emailed with exact reasons. We received the email, but the attached letter was 'secure' and because we were not a customer any longer we could not see the contents of the letter. Amerisave kept our $500. Emails to my agent, which normally were answered in a few hours, are now ignored. I wish there were zero stars

My AmeriSave Complaint:
My AmeriSave Complaint:
I wanted to refi my 1st only and leave heloc open as it is estranged husband's debt. I specifically asked prospective lenders if AmeriSave are willing to subordinate the loan with the holder of the 2nd. I even asked if there was a situation where they would not subordinate. They only said "it just depends on the other bank's policy regarding subordination."
The loan-to value ratio is an incredibly low 16.7%! My credit rating is 780. After three weeks of the most rigorous document demand of any closing I've ever been through (including 3 business property closings) they denied me because the heloc had a pre-payment penalty. They won't subordinate when there is a pre-payment penalty. They conveniently forgot to tell me that when I *very specifically* asked about subordination and what would prevent subordination.
Two bankers at Wells Fargo told me AmeriSave never even *requested* subordination, only *payoff* information. Secondly, I'm in the 2nd year of the heloc and the pre-payment is a whopping $500 at this point. And besides, *I was not going to prepay*
Can you say *smoke screen* *only interested in the up-front fee*? Plus they recently lost a lawsuit regarding other misrepresentations. Beware! If already in process get a Buyer's closing attorney and owner's title insurance to protect yourself at the very least!
BBB Complaints (despite questionable "Grade")
According to the Better Business Bureau, Amerisave mortgage had 145 complaints filed during the past 36 months and only 57 of them were resolved in twelve months. Searching Google for Amerisave mortgage complaints reveals 684 listings, which could be worth your time in reading.


I'm incredibly frustrated, upset, and confused about my experience with Amerisave and with your team, specifically Michelle Clark, and Chris Scianimanico.
Last week Michelle emailed me on the 24th of March to say the loan is in final underwriting and it should be done "this week" (4th or 5th time I've heard that one)I emailed on Friday of last week to ask for an update. No response. I emailed again Monday. No response. I emailed again yesterday. No response. All of these emails were to all 3 of you. All I'm doing is going off of YOUR words and asking for an update based on those words. This is approximately the 15th time that I reached out and have gotten no response back after multiple days.
Today I find out after calling Michelle that on the 24th the underwriter put in a note that it needs to be restructured. I didn't get any communication about this at all. And from what Michelle told me, no one took action on it, making this a entire week delay a totally avoidable, a delay upon delay that's already 8 months into this. This shouldn't take longer than a pregnancy.
I have no choice now but to call each of you every single day since I have zero trust or faith that anything will be done or any of my messages will be responded to or even read.
I also have no choice but to start filing BBB complaints and leaving detailed honest reviews about my experience with your team and you as individuals. I have so much energy from my anger that I will be spending the entire day doing this. I run a business based on integrity, trust and customer satisfaction and I am horrified about how you guys operate. I think everyone else needs to know as well before getting into a deal with Amerisave. The way things are done is totally unacceptable, it feels like a DMV from a 3rd world country but it's called Amerisave. All you guys have done so far is waste my time, not save.
I'm sorry about my harsh words but at the same time I'm not. I hope this is the honest feedback you guys need to change your ways.
Sincerely, Rao Fu

After 8 months and over 6 times being told "the loan should close this week", I'm being told the loan has to be restructured and now I am required to submit another year of tax filings. I'm done with the company.

In all my years of doing business I've never had an experience as bad as at Amerisave. I run a marketing company and as someone who is in position to rank a website for keywords like "amerisave" as a warning to all other potential customers, I feel a moral obligation to setup a website to collect and expose the real experiences of customers at Amerisave as from my research almost everyone is complaining of the same things. I also feel a moral obligation to speak to my lawyer about a class action lawsuit to compensate for all of our time and money lost.

I am completely done with this company and will never work with them again. I am in the process of filing complaints and reviews on as many platforms as possible.

They are a scam! High rates and hidden charges which they do not tell you about upfront! Aviod the
I was conned into paying $500 to process a "loan pre-approval letter" which was also being prepared at a very ridiculously high rate. The agent did not tell warn me of any upfront fees to process the said letter.
I was advised to send some of my personal documents and complete some disclosure documents online and it was in these documents a payment authorization was hidden whic the officer said to complete being part of the process. He sent me a notice which basically says the letter is still being processed. On detecting their scam, i immediately reached out and asked the process be stopped, cancelled and demanded my money be refunded to y account. The agent in question repeatedly ignored my emails and calls and even had the audacity to email asking i send more personal documents to continue to facilitate and complete the process. I again re-terated my wishes which he ignored. I disputed the charges with my bank but in the interim will warn others to be wary while dealing with these company.

Slow, constantly losing documents, website broken
It should have been easy and the individual I talked to on the phone at first was such a good, kind salesman. I was very much looking forward to getting a low interest rate loan from them. Unfortunately, the rest of the business is just a corporate, bureaucratic, "you're not a high priority, please wait multiple days for help" style machine. Good luck trying to get someone to answer the phone. And they're so unorganized. I had to resubmit so many documents on the website... all in all, I'd rather pay just a little bit more in interest and work with a local bank, or some other bank. This is the worst experience I've had with a lender. I felt like the absolute lowest priority.

We paid our $500 fee to AmeriSave at the end of April -2021- with the hopes of closing by end of May, which was the opinion of agent.

However, here it is the end of June and the company still hasn't given us a closing date. We receive generated notes asking for documents. We have sent them everything AmeriSave need for the closing of this loan, but we still get computer-generated notes; the agent keeps telling is "we're almost there" or "hang in," Underwriting is completing the job." We rarely get promised phone calls; we almost never get an actual response, and so for 60 plus days, we await a closing.

Yes rates are good, but with no closing date, what's the point.
I recommend to you that you explain to your readers that my case (as a Google search will support) is not rare, but a common occurrence.
Hope this is informative.

My loan number and agent are included to prove I am a real person.
Agent: Mr. Patrick G.
Loan # 145568--

Ninety Six, SC 29666

Waste of my time
I filed an application to refinance my primary mortgage with AmeriSave back in March. After numerous requests for MORE financials (2 years taxes and current pay stubs were provided), two closing dates were set and never met. I was told I wouldn't need an appraisal, then I would. Despite high income as a self-employed contractor (copywriter), an excellent credit history, and 300-plus months of paying my mortgage in a timely manner, my application was denied in June. The reason apparently was that my LLC wasn't two years old. If that's the case, then how come AmeriSave didn't know that when I first sent all my financials? They wasted my time, and that of their employees. There's no way this application should have been strung along for 3 months. Complete and utter waste of time.

Hyme & Mattie,

We have not heard from you and we are just about ready to pull the plug on Amerisave, cut our SIGNIFICANT losses, and move on. The thought of this dragging on any longer is deeply upsetting to us.

To review, we have a large amount of money tied up in our checking account that is doing nothing, and that we have been directed by you to keep locked up there; we have the IRS chasing me now for the lien amount (which was completely dormant until we "unfroze it" to suit Amerisave); our valued-vendors (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, HVAC technicians) are ready to write us off as a bad joke and untrustworthy; we now owe our hard-money lender, Jeff Garvin, an additional $2500 to renew our loan for a second year, thanks to Amerisave's incredibly protracted "approval process"…in short, Amerisave has been a disaster for us, both emotionally and financially.

Can you think of one credible reason why we should not quit right now, and find another lender? Please let us know today: if you can not guarantee us an approved loan by the end of the day on Friday, we will pull the plug and take it up again on Monday with some other lender. We are now well into our fifth month of this process.

Both Janie and I have had mortgage loans and refinances approved in the past, and we have seen NOTHING, and I do mean NOTHING, like this.

We will, of course, in that case, need our $500 deposit, or whatever it was, back from Amerisave, so we can put it to some useful purpose.

With deep regret for our choice of Amerisave,


Steven Salemi & Jane Ruge

Dishonest and Huge Waste if time
This place is a joke! The communication is awful! I went to refinance made it all the way to clear to close and then started asking for the same "tasks" over and over finally told them I'm done no one communicated with you I had a processor name Sonia Misjovskie and she was absolutely non existent! I would have to call and email at least 5 times in one week to get an response by email that she was logged off and to check my portal! Always a bother and very cocky. Complete waste of time and waste of hard inquiry Do yourself a favor and go with your gut! Local bank or a well known bank. This place was such a bad and discouraging experience! What a scam' I finally gave up after 3 months of them dragging there feet and asking for the same documentation over and over to finally say no I'm done and will take my business else where. Trust me DO NOT WASTE your TIME! SCAM! Lesson learned!

Beware of this company! It has made me cry alot!
Let me share my experience with you. In the beginning the loan originator was great until I paid the $500 fee. After paying this fee, her attitude changed. She has shared with me that I wasn't an important client and she other clients so, keeping me up-to-date. I need to open my chart daily and read it. AmeriSave have pulled 4 credit reports and still not closed. They have added points and keep redoing the numbers and interest rate to increase the amount. This has upset me so much and I have cried over it! Now, my score has dropped 20 points due to Amerisave. In the begiining of purchasing my house the previous company was never like this even when I refinanced with them the 01st time. Never all of this paperwork. Unhappy totally with Amerisave and there representatives.

Heartless and care-less Lender,,, 1.5 stars, no wonder
Was caretaking for my mom for 1.5 years and left my 27yr business closed during this period until she passed, needed to get back on my feet so looked at taking out first mortgage on my newly built home. AmeriSave promised me the world last September,,, 8 months later not only still waiting but i had to cancel in attempt to find a reputable company instead. Requirement after requirement with no results. Coincidently perhaps but both home and cell phones blowing up with telemarketers and auto warrantee scam calls all day! I truly believe this is there only means of income. Horrible company in my opinion,,, Stay far away!

Beware a waste of time
I started to refinance in August 2020. I submitted all requested documentation was dragged on for three months. I complained and requested for managers and supervisors. So within 3 days of submitting a complaint to the BBB I received a letter of denial... interesting it gets better I am simply told that my deposits are refunded and goodbye that AmeriSave cannot determine that I qualify for the refinance. I went with them because they taunted a 2.6% but went back to the company I always use and guess what I am refinancing! Amerisave lies and gives the run-around and I would never recommend them. I also had a mortgage with them in November 2019 and paid off in May of 2020.

Bait and Switch on Interest Rate
On January 21,2021 I started a mortgage refinance process with Amerisave Mortgage. My Loan processor was Bryce Powers. Bryce and I discussed the loan, including the loan rate. I was happy with the initial loan rate of 2.75% for a 30 year mortgage. I asked Bryce to "lock-in" the rate. Bryce explained that it was Amerisave's policy not to lock in rates because "if the rate dropped, the customer benefits and if the rate goes up, Amerisave will issue an exemption to get the rate back to the rate on the signed disclosure." This sounded like a great deal to me, a can't lose situation. After the appraisal came in higher than anticipated, I asked Bryce what the rate would be on a cashout refinance. Bryce quoted me a rate of 3% with 3.154 in points totaling $9115 for a 30 year cash out refinance. I asked Bryce again about locking in the rate because the 10 year note was starting to go up. Bryce stated the following, "I would not work for a company that misled its customers, and I'm sure you would not do business with a company that lied to you. Your rate is 3%, if the market rate goes down, you win. If the market rate goes up, my supervisor will give me an exemption to get your rate back to 3%." I believed Bryce and on February 10,2021 I signed a disclosure for the cash out refi with these terms. Well, rates continued to rise and and I called Bryce again to inquire about the interest rate. Keep in mind, communication with Bryce was HORRIBLE. I would have to call him several times and send multiple emails before he responded, if he responded at all. When I finally got in touch with him and expressed my concern over the rising mortgage rates, he again told me not to worry, that Amerisave would take care of me. Well, on March 10,2021, in anticipation of a March 14,2021, I received a new, updated, surprise disclosure via email. This disclosure still had the 3%, 30 year mortgage put now the points I was paying went from 3.154 points totaling $9115 to 3.664 points totaling $10588, a difference of $1473. I again made several telephone calls and send various emails to Bryce letting him know the terms on the disclosure had changed and I was being charged more in points, and in title fees. When I finally got Bryce on the phone, he told me not to worry, he would send the disclosure back to his manager and get it corrected. The next day Bryce call me back and told me he got the points down to 3.437 totaling 9933. 18 but he could not get it back to the original agreement of 3.154 totaling $9115. He stated there was nothing he could do to get my disclosure back to the terms we originally agreed on, and signed onto, and my only option at this point would be to cancel the refinance request or move forward with he new terms. He did not apologize for continuously telling me there would no issue with my rate and there was no need to lock it in. He very coldly told me to cancel or move forward. I then asked to speak with his manager. The same day his manager called me and acknowledge that Bryce had misled me. He stated that Amerisave had hire a lot of new people and it was obvious that AmeriSave need some work in how they communicated the rate lock policy to customers. He also stated he could do nothing more except offer a refund for the $500 application fee, which I have not received. Bottom line, I had no choice but to move forward with the refinance. Amerisave had me in a hostage situation. If I cancelled the refinance and when with another company, I would have to begin the process from the beginning and would probably get an even higher interest rate. Amerisave is very calculating. They change you a non-refundable $500 application fee upfront and conduct your appraisal within 4 days of application. This is done to lock you into their services. After the appraisal and the underwriting is approved, they know you will move forward with the refinance because moving to another mortgage provider at that point will cost you more money and a higher interest rate since rates have gone up. That is also why Bryce, after lying to me in 4 separate conversations, offered to cancel my loan or move forward. He knew I had no choice but to move forward.
I am requesting that Amerisave reimburse me for the difference on the points on the February 10,2021 disclosure and the final March 4,2021 disclosure. The difference amounts to $818.18.
While researching online complaints against Amerisave I have found that this interest bait and switch scheme is #1 complaint against Amerisave. Anyone wanting to conduct business with Amerisave should read the reviews on,, and If you don't care whether your interest rate goes up during your underwriting process, and if you don't care about being able to communicate with your loan originator or loan processor, the Amerisave will be just fine for you. Bryce openly lying to me during 4 separate conversations and made no apologies for it. Ultimately, his lies cost me $818.18 in points. The $818.18 would not have matter if he had been honest with me the 4 times I asked about locking the rate.

Unreliable and Disorganized
A mortgage company's reputation is based upon ALL employees who handle a loan, including their subcontractors. You pay them the ridiculous fees charged to know their jobs. Sadly, the loan processor in my account dropped the ball so bad that my review of Amerisave cancels out really good work done by the loan agent.

Multiple mistakes were made involving the official approved status on my loan that kept changing (even with excellent credit and a secure pension), a closing date that had to be cancelled at the last minute due to deficient documentation, another closing date jeopardized due to the same issue, and incorrect answers to very specific questions about how cash-out payoffs would be handled. All of this caused more inconvenience and frustration than the average customer should have to endure with the mortgage industry. I detailed all of these issues with the Amerisave Customer Satisfaction Department in an effort to help them address some internal problems for future customers, but never received a single reply.

While I was finally able to get my home refinanced and babysat all those details after the closing that should normally be seamless, I just can't recommend Amerisave to anyone. All businesses make mistakes. The difference between the good ones and bad ones are how those companies acknowledge the problem(s) and then learn from them. I have no reasonable expectation that Amerisave has done either.

NOTE: If you happen to be reading this BEFORE your cash-out home refinancing loan closes, your payments to creditors (not your old mortgage) WILL NOT be wired to them regardless of what anyone at Amerisave states. Solidifi is the title company used and AmeriSave actually overnight a check made out for a creditor(s) to the borrower, who then has to quickly resend it all over again. (Microscope required to read this disclaimer on one of the many forms signed at the closing.) A simple overnight envelope delivery is over $60 now! Ridiculous and wasteful, especially when I specifically asked Amerisave in writing how such payments would be handled and told otherwise. A customer who is not paying attention here could loose allot on interest and late payment fees.

I applied with Amerisave for a mortgage refinance and...
I applied with Amerisave for a mortgage refinance and was told by the agent I wouldn't qualify. A second agent call and told me I would qualify. He accepted my application and told me he would not charge me for the credit report or appraisal until after I was approved. He, then called me again and told me he couldn't represent me because I was the property of the first agent. My credit card was charged $35.00 for a credit report and the appraisal was cancelled. The credit report was not done because I had locked my accounts, but Amerisave would not issue a credit and I had to dispute the charges. Several months later the charge was deleted from my account. Not a good place to do business.

Avoid this Crap Company
This company is the worst ever. We applied in February and at the beginning of May we still had not closed. We had to pay a fee of $500 to apply and that was money wasted. AmeriSave delayed the loan by constantly asking for another document and then at the beginning of May raised the fees by over 20%. Questions we asked went unanswered, staff apparently never read the emails we sent, the man to whom we talked when we finally decided not to go ahead became angry with us and the whole bad experience cost us $500 plus appraisal and other fees. We should have read the on-line reviews of this company before applying but did not and it was an expensive lesson.

Went ahead despite poor reviews
We just closed our refi last week. I wanted to write a positive review on them because I did read negative reviews about AmeriSave before going forward with them. When we read the reviews, we decided to stay on top of them as far as needing any documents from us, etc. We worked with Gray Hancock, and he was professional and communicative. We got paranoid because AmeriSave kept asking for documents, and we thought we wouldn't be able to finish by the deadline of the rate, but we were fine. I'm sure whenever there's a poor experience, you will read about it more online, so since we had a positive experience, we wanted it known out there that not everyone has a bad experience, and I'd say give them a chance.

They do not deliver what they say.
I believe its a loan originators responsibility to see that a paying client receives what cash out AmeriSave are asking for at closing. When its requested via my initial application and repeated multiple times via email, text and phone calls to my originator but the cash out to me is almost $5,000.00 less, someone didn't do their job. Very unhappy about the poor service and communication I received from my loan originator and my loan processor. Loan processor was repeatedly interruptive and snippy. I was told by my loan processor that she would request as a courtesy from my poor service I received, a refund of 1 point that I paid as part of my closing costs. I agreed. I never got a refund. I never got any correspondence about it. Being disabled and not having nor received the correct cash out at closing nor any explanation why, has actually cost me money. 4 Closing disclosures were written with still, not the correct cash out at closing indicated. There is no reason for this especially after repeatedly talking about these incorrect disclosures. Amerisave was fined in 2014 for shady dealings. Very sorry I gave them a chance. Look elsewhere, there are plenty of fish.

Points and closing costs out of site sending all info to RESPA. Make this Company accountable.
I have all of the same complaints about Amerisave as the rest of these Reviews. AmeriSave have fake reviews on 10 best Refi Companies and the BBB in Georgia. I bet they pay a huge amount for fake reviews...
They lock in a rate, then float the rate after you wait for 2 months, string you along for several months. Give you a Good Faith Estimate with low points and every month that they string you along, they add a $1000 or $2000.per month. Before my close the points were over $11000. Plus they washed the additional $4600. I paid off of my original Mtg into the loan and they kept what I had paid off. They have horrible customer service, Send a Henchman to close the deal and try to intimidate you into taking their horrible deal. I mentioned RESPA and got my $500.00 deposit back in no time. I am still turning them in because they are violating RESPA guidelines. I am sending ALL of my Disclosure statements to them and I will also report the BBB after I see their reviews if they are being paid off. I am sick of businesses taking advantage of folks that are trying to get out of debt not into another horrible deal. A concerned citizen!

Buyer beware!
I happened to be in the market to refinance a property and had solicited my long time banker. I thought I had received a favorable rate, when Cody Reed from AmeriSave called. After a long conversation, he texted me even better rates than my long term banker. I must admit, I went back to my banker and he stated he could not meet their offer.
I called Cody back and he sent me the application, but just prior to hanging up, he said, on yeah, I must disclose that the market moved a little and your rate might have changed, but we won't lock right away and I am sure it will come down. Don't you worry. Well, his fee increased 50%. At least my banker was nice about it when I went back to him.
Just saying, BUYER BEWARE

Just awful
Dealing with this company was an absolute nightmare. Over a ridiculous span of 5 1/2 months, AmeriSave asked repeatedly for the same documents, were unresponsive to the majority of my emails, told me multiple times everything was on track, only to back pedal. In the end they FORMALLY APPROVED MY LOAN and scheduled closing... then BAILED a few days beforehand.

At first I gave them slack due to the pandemic, but three of my friends refinanced with other companies within a month without all the aggravation and ineptitude. It was the unprofessionalism that really got me, such as when one of the reps sent an insulting email to my employer, and when a different rep kept harassing my HO insurance agent for a document she had already submitted, to the point I had to intervene and call a supervisor. I wasted countless hours of my life with this company and strongly caution others from applying with them. They may have once been a legit company, but that is no longer the case. Be sure to check out all the complaints on the Better Business Bureau website.

Biggest scam - DO NOT USE
We started a simple refi process 6 months ago, what should have simple, turned into a nightmare. Throughout the entire process, I had to call multiple people to get them to do their job, and still it took this long. The worst part, was that rate and terms provided were changes in the last moment. Though I was told my rate will be locked, AmeriSave did not do it, and when they are ready to close, they changes the rate, from a loan credit to 2.5 points. There was no communication of this at any time and they refuse to do anything about it. So after 6 months, i am starting the process over again, NOT with AmeriSave and never will deal with them again, and I urge everyone to avoid this scam!

AmeriSave Mortgage is the safest online direct lender that offers upfront rates and closing costs
David Clark from AmeriSave Mortgage provided excellent customer service to me - the very next morning on a Monday as I submitted my loan application on a Sunday night. He promptly responds to all my emails with my questions, even when it is midnight for him as I am on pacific time zone. He is very professional and picks up my calls instantly - which is quite amazing. This is the fourth mortgage loan that I have done with AmeriSave Mortgage. For online lenders, AmeriSave are upfront with their rates and fees and they offer the best rates. You are kept informed and can see the status of your loan processing on their online system.

Avoid like the plague
Wish I had paid more attention to the real reviews in this site. It should tell you something that in order to start the process you are required to pay $500 upfront. We ended dealing with Amerisave for a refi of our home. Months went by uploading hundreds of documents including month after month updated bank statements and financials, why? Because AmeriSave wanted to drag the process forever. Even after getting the "final disclosure documents" they wanted more "updated" information. This was after the appraisal was approved, credit approved, etc. After more than 8 moths we decided not to play their game any longer and went with another lender. We were able to close in about 3 months. In March we send an email to our "mortgage processor" informing Amerisave we had decided to end the process; we still kept receiving their emails asking for more documents to be uploaded week after week. Loan processor finally told me they would close the application. All good until there. I finally get an email informing me that Amerisave decided a "credit denial" based on "insufficient credit files"; really? What a joke, waste of time, and waste of $500. Run as fast as you can from this company and look for a reputable lender.

Terrible experience
To make it short:
Offered low interest rate, ended up with 0.9 higher interest rate and had to put down an extra 20k, this was after the deadline with the attorney meaning if we did not put the 20k we could have lost the rest of the money we had put down because of them, I am not sure if AmeriSave use this as a way to trap you in by telling the attorney that they have everything all set when in reality they are still tweaking our "locked rate" to a higher one, and our loan amount to a smaller one. They were "working on it" for quiet too long requesting the same documents over and over again gave us 5 different loan disclosures I believe and they kept missing the deadlines, not sure whose fault it was but they do not seem like they cared at the beginning and almost at the end is when only one person apologized about the "trouble". It was the worst experience ever. I truly regret choosing them.

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