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Wost Customer Service In Roanoke, Va.
Extremely rude. I have a friend whose medical conditions won't let him wear a mask. America's Best DEMANDED to know what his health condition is, which is a violation of HIPPA law and the Americans With Disabilities Act. When I explained that to them, they told me I was wrong. Uh, I don't write the laws but I DO know them, at least the laws pertaining to the disabled. Their corporate offices were as bad. If I couldn't wear a mask and they demanded to know why, I'd remind them of the law. If they still demanded to know why, I'd sue them until I owned them. Stay as far away from America's "Best" as you possibly can. Their idiotic management WILL destroy their business.

Poor customer service
I had decided to change my annual eye doctors examination from my usual practice, and try American's best. I did the complete eye exam and purchased a pair of glasses from them. One week later, I picked up my new glasses with no issues. The problem that I had during my visit was, I needed to have my nose pads replaced on my old pair of glasses and asked if America's Best had the correct ones for my glasses. I explain to the service person who was working with me with the new pair I had just purchased, that the left nose pad was larger than the original one on the right side, she then took my glasses and began to look in different boxes for the pads that would fit my glasses. She returned to me and said that they did not have those particular pads as they do not sell those style of glasses there, and handed me my old glasses back to me mineis the left nose pad totally missing, and I asked her where was the one I had on it," she told me that I did not have one on it when she took them from". I told her that she was a lie and I want my pad put back on my glasses the way I gave them to you. She continued to lie and say there were never one on the left side. The store manager was called over and I explained the same thing to her with no avail so just got up and left. This business on brook road, in Glen Allen Virginia is the worst possible experience I have ever been through. I will never ever spend my hard earned money and waste my valuable time at such a horrible business again in my life time. Shame, Shame on the lady who so called helped me. D- is the only score they will ever receive. I wish I could give them zero stars but, I have to give them 1 to post this review.

Customer Service don't know how to price items
First the dr was good. I won't slam her. 2nd, i waited for them to call me that my glasses were in. America's Best didn't call, i had to call them. Apparently there was something wrong in the shipping, good thing i called them. 3rd, i asked to make sure that my trifocal was "line free", i wanted progressive, like i have now. He said they were not written up that way. So my $35.00 charge just jumped to $194.00. BIG DIFFERENCE DON'T YA THINK? Maybe they need to take the time to train the customer service people before they send them out to help the customer or have someone with the know-how look over the request before it's finished. I had to go back in and get remeasured for progressive in lieu of the line trifocals. Let's see how long this will take now. Not a happy camper. :(

Just now

I showed up to my apt on time yet America's Best helped 3 people that came in after me first, then I wait 45 minutes before I got seen for the pre exam. Apparently I had a Tele doc apt not that I had a choice but after waiting an additional 30 minutes they tell me they are having tech issues and tell me they need to reschedule me. I live 1 hr away and the on site eye doc refused to finish my exam, this is completely unacceptable to me but they are just rude and basically tell me too bad. I had to get my eye exam from lenscrafters instead. And when I called corporate they basically told me to f***off and won't give me the number or name of their supervisors. I buy 2-3 pair of glassed a year and spend $500-800. HORRIBLY RUN COMPANY FILLED WITH INCOMPETENT IDIOTS WITH NO ACTUAL CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS. LENSCRAFTERS AT LEAST GIVES GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE

Went in wearing a CDC approved Gaiter double layer mask, bought $578 worth of glasses and returned wearing same mask to pick the prescription up when ready... no problems. Went back 1 week later for a quick adjustment again wearing my USA flag double layer Gaiter style mask and was told America's Best are not acceptable and was handed a paper thin blue CVS brand disposable mask that clearly was inferior. I refused to go sub grade with this crap mask. After refusing to let me show the manager the website citing that double layer gaiters are approved masks, I was yelled at and told to leave. I insisted to be refunded before I would leave. I think Karen had had enough of my American flag mask. I got my money and there are lots of better places to buy Ray Bans.

Horrible service for Physical Disabled &Cultural awareness
I just left the Disable parking space to go in American Best in WhiteHall PA. Struggle with the door while four employees just looking at me. Yes no one there looked like me. Then I was told to wash my hands before getting out my ID
So I told her my Medical back ground. So I ask her to clean hers. Any way recovering from cancer snd dealing with CHF she had me to go in back to look up my insurance. I was unable to sit in low chair due to my hip replacement. Not even 10 mins went buy and she ask me to reschedule. I could have with other places but my regular one was booked. Now I do not mind waiting. Thank God I did not bring my wheel chair. The staff need training in ADA and Cultural.

They're not what they use to be... Go somewhere else!
I went in for my appointment as I have for the past 20+ years and I finally decided it's time to quit accepting their excuses for their horrible customer service. This includes everyone I met with after my examination with the Dr. I have always purchased glasses and contacts. When beginning the ordering process I was informed that my Dr. had not written a prescription for contacts, therefor I could not order them. I had to wait for 2.5 hours to get back in and have the Dr. OK the same thing he has done year after year.
When ordering glasses... sure you can get two pair of frames for 69.99 but that doesnt include the lenses, scratch resistant (or not) tint, bi focal, etc... the options that add to the price add up quickly. The upselling America's Best do is absolutely rediculous especially when you would assume you are purchasing a pair of glasses that actually have the lenses in them.
My appointment was on March 30,2021. They said it was going to take 3 weeks for them to come in and if they hadn't called by then... I should call them. Well, of course after 1 month they had not called so I just went in to get my glassess. Three pair. I put my sun glasses on and there was something deffinately wrong with them, it was making my vision blurry. They told me to take them because I probably just had to get use to them. That was not the case. I finally fiqured out that there was a flaw in the right lense that made it seem like I was standing in front of a funny house mirror. So, they asked me to bring them back in.
Another month later, I went back in because I hadn't heard from them and asked or my sunglasses. They could not find them anywhere. They finally went and spoke to the manager and came back out with my glasses and said that they could't find them because they were in her managers drawer. She explained that they were there because the were BeBe brand sun glasses and the manager had to hand cary them over to get fixed. (Where? Are you kidding me!) They handed them back to me and asked me if they were ok this time. I was in a hurry this time but told them it appeared that they still had a problem so they decided the best thing for me to do was make another appointment with the Dr. to make sure my prescription was right. So they scheduled one 3 weeks out because I was leaving town. (Without my new sunglasses)
As I was leaving, I realized that the only thing they had done was put them in the Managers desk for over 1 month and forgot to do anything with them. In order for it to not look like the had failed at their job miserably, they were going to waste my time and make me come back in for another appointment regardless that the other two pairs of glasses I purchased were just fine! I called them back and told them to cancel my appointment and re order my lenses correctly because they knew as well as I did that they didn't attempt to correct the problem in the first place.
July 2,2021. I go in not knowing whether they had actually received my lenses yet because nobody bothers to call you when they come in.
AMERICA'S BEST has become AMERICA'S WORST! When you add up ALL the costs of your new glasses... they are not as cheap as they continue to advertise. I'm also seeing that people are saying it takes about a week to get your glasses back. Absoulutely not true! It took over 3 weeks every single time they ordered them. It took 3 months and 3 days to get my entire order back and correct.

And NEVER an appology... just fabricated excuses! The Manager at the Midvale store should be fired... after all, her drawer is were my glasses sat until I came looking for them.

HAD TO PUT ONE STAR, BECAUSE ZERO is not an option. Went with elderly member in Aug- Sept. 2021, We were told we had to go outside the store IN THE HEAT with a mirror provided, BECAUSE COULDN'T PULL MASK DOWN TO TRY FRAMES (NOT LIVING IN 2020). Mask was fogging up lenses, so elderly couldn't see anything. Then associate pushed desired colored, but utterly UGLY frames IN "effort to help" to try on. Felted rushed by having associate pushing frames. Lost out on $570 sale to LENSCRAFTERS (at least could try frames with pulled down mask), because "CORPORATE" has insane policy of customer only plus INSANE MASK POLICY. WALKED OUT OF STORE, WASTED MY TIME & INSULTED MY INTELLIGENCE. STAY AWAY FROM THIS STORE!

I went to 3 locations, Burleson, 7th Street, and west Fort Worth location.
The customer service is pathetic, I was given the run around, America's Best are a polite RUDE
West side location did not give me trials, I finally got them, and the power was wrong
7th street did not give me my contact lens prescription. Nor my trials, each time I call them, Ashley is always gone, Cynthia among the others give me the run around, such as, your trials will be ready tomorrow, then two weeks, and now they are telling me one month,
I informed them I want my prescription, and they are reluctant in giving me my prescription


Customer service
My husband's glasses took over four weeks to come in at the Lititz Pike store in Lancaster Pa, then the prescription wasn't right. The young man checked it and said he would send them back, but he had no idea when America's Best would be done. So two days later, he gets a voicemail saying his glasses are ready, I thought that was probably not right, because it was only two days earlier. So I called, I was put on hold, then the lady said, yes they are in, put they are not out of the box, so I wanted to be sure that they were the fixed ones that were sent back, I tried to say we were in two days ago... in a rude voice she said "they are in, but they aren't out of the box, we'll let you know when they are"! She didn't have to be so snippy, it wasn't our fault, my husband said they are America's worst!

Unprofessional staff
Waited an hour before I got a chance to see the doctor. The doctor was rushing and, in a hurry, basically booting me out of the office I guess because America's Best were so slow or behind not sure. I sit with a tech to pick out my glasses and I get measured she writes my order up and told me about a deal I would get if I waited to pay the next day. I called the next day no one could find the order I was told someone would call me back they never did. So I called the next day they still couldn't find the order I never got a call from anyone so I went to the store to just pick up my prescription. The same girl that took my order for the glasses that helped me was basically nonchalant about losing my order and not calling me back and they never found what the information that we worked. When I got home and looked at the prescription that she wrote out for me actually spelled my name wrong on the script so I think she did it on purpose. So I left out of there with a pair of contacts that was just a tryon pair no glasses and no boxes of contacts. Horrible experience

Mr. Jacque E. Jackson
This is in PARTICULAR about the Bishop Plaza 1400 W. 47th Street, Chicago, Illinois. America's Best had me fill out a questionnaire about if any one had COVID-19 within the past 14 days within my household. My family member was positive but tested again negative after the follow-up. I tested negative. The Bishop Plaza should've told me this before I drove to their location and I would have brought our test results. Instead, it was a wasted trip to THIS PARTICULAR LOCATION. The doctor could have told me to go home and come back with proof, but instead they told me to reschedule for the next week... no way! This was on 11/14/20@ 2:15 PM.

Dont go there
Went to America's best on Jan 30th for exam glasses and contacts. Purchased 2 pair for glasses. Paid for it as well as had my insurance billed for their portion. America's Best made me travel there 3 times, once for the exam, once to pick up glasses and once to pick up trial contacts. After i confirmed to them by phone that contacts were ok and requested the prescription they refuse to mail or email or send the prescription unless i travel there 4th time! I explained that i can no longer go there and take off work not to mention that i am out of the country. They still refuse! Calling the customer center you wait on line for 20 + min and then they hang up on you! Verify call 3/16/2021 12:20 PM

Poor Management
Yeah, my exam & everything was great... all I needed to know waa when my eyeglasses were coming in and I thought that was a simple question, but I was put on hold 30 minutes a shot each time never got the answers and I went through about four or five different people instead of saying I'm really not sure will try to get back with you nothing no customer service no personality it was horrible got my glasses and now I believe I either had him lost or stolen I thought there was a warranty with it the lady in the place that I got it that answered the phone she put me on hold just left the receiver setting on the counter off the phone jack... my question is if that's how America's Best do business I won't be back I'll take my prescription elsewhere like Walmart the guy that did the exam has pretty decent I'll probably go back for him to review my eye health and well-being but other than that I would never go back

First time experience but would not recommend to anyone
I seen the commercial on tv about their great deals 2 eye glasses for 69 dollars.So I am thinking this should be great. So a year ago I purchased one of their designer frames, Randy Jackson. I also pay for transtional glassware. However the glassware continue to fall out. I reported American best America's Best informed me to bring them back, where they witnessed the same thing. American best apologize for the inconvenience and they retained my glasses for about two weeks. However after 2 weeks I called to see if they was ready. American best, said they had to send them back because of the same issue (the i glass was continue to fall out of the frame. I was told by management it will be just a little longer that they were going to contact management who I guess would take care of the problem. That I was having. So I waited adtional one in a half weeks. I finally got them back. However after getting them back it's been less then six months and I am having the same problem. The eye glass keeps falling out of the frame. I bought my designer frame/ eye glasses just over a year ago. I paid over 700 dollars for my glasses. At American best eye glasses here in Kansas City Mo. 10127 State Line Rd Kansas City. Mo, 64114. I recently contacted American best over the phone 3 days ago. I was told to bring them back in. Unfortunately I am an a sensual worker. I said ok, I just don't Know when I can. Needless to say, this whole experience has been very inconvenient, pricely and unexpected. HELP! Sincerly Theron White, 9481 Bales Ave Apt. C Kansas City Mo 64132. Phone # *******652.

America's Best (Rancho Cucamonga) "THE MOST HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE!"
All four of us (Myself, wife, and two daughters) came into America's Best in Rancho Cucamonga on mid-June 2020 to get our eye exam and new glasses. I paid almost $800 out of pocket for the glasses and received our glasses by June 30th. I noticed that the right side lens on my glasses was moving and my daughter's glasses did not fit right so we went back on July 2nd and my daughters' glasses were replaced and received it back in the second week of July. My glasses required to reorder the lens due to it was cut incorrectly and was told I should have it back within 14 business days. I called to check and spoke with a manager (Erika) on July 24th and she apologized and stated it got lost in the shipping and reorder it again and will have it expedite and I should have it by the following week. I just called again and spoke with another manager (Debbie) and stated it would take another 14 business days due to the shipping issue. I told her that it's not acceptable because I was promised that I will have it this week. Her response was: "There's nothing we can do about it but to wait." I asked her, what happens if by next week it's still not in, then what? Her response: "Well, we can issue you a refund." After all the wait and inconvenience, she expects me to just get a refund? I would have expected something like, let me contact wherever the place is sending my lens and have them overnight it for you. I don't think they've trained their manager's how to provide real customer service. This is unacceptable especially if you're working with the public.

Scam artists worse contact exam I have ever had, had me setting in a chair and reading letters five
I will never go back nor will I ever under any circumstance give them a good review. After reading letters off on a wall the dr? Told me I needed cataract surgery I won't name who she tried to hook me up with but thhey have to be in on the scam also ai declined the referral but went to the VA and had another eye exam done which was very thourgh, he checkedeverything about my eyes and said that I did not need cataract surgery now for the contacts I could not see more than six ft in front odf me everything was a blur so I ordered some accueview lenses on line and this Dr? Turned down my order from another co. Which Iwas paying for out of my own pocket. Why she did this I haven't a clue. Now America's Best refuse to call me and give and explanation why. I highly recommend to avoid Ammericas Best

I would like to begin with when I arrived at my appointment, America's Best had the wrong email and the wrong phone number on my paper. I am still waiting to be called back to tell me my glasses are ready. I finally called them and they told me they tried to call. (funny I live alone. You think i would have known about the phone call attempt) drove 120 round trip to get visit this store. After paying $230 for my $59.95 glasses I have them less than 2 week and a screw falls out. Now I realize this is common. But my question is why not check/tighten the screw while you are fitting the glasses to my face? Now I was told take my glasses to any optical shop and as a courtesy they will fix them. REALLY? I did not give ANY SHOP USA my $230! I wont drive over ice to get them fixed so I guess you know what I am. It begins with an F. And rhymes with fire trucked.

Salt Lake City staff incompetence
I was told by my insurance America's Best was in- network. AB told me my insurance was not accepted and to claim out of network. After making the claim my insurance said America's Best are in network and must provide the refund. I went back to AB and again they said the same without attempting to find out more. After them not wanting to call my insurance I had to pick up my phone and practically demand them to speak with my insurance right there. With complete reluctancing they did. Finally my insurance company educated them and forced the refund. Very incompetent group of employees. They dont want to take responsibilty or at least look futher to help solve issues. There weren't any apoligies for the inconviences afterwards. Customers should not have to press the staff to do some work. Glasses are fine but the ignorance and their reluctancy to get to the bottom of problems are not.

Incompetence at its best
I walked in and the young lady at the front desk asked to help me. I clearly stated I was there to pick up a prescription. I didn't stutter, I didn't whisper, I don't even have an accent. She asked if for glasses or contacts. I replied, contacts. She then took my name... searched the PC and asked me if i'd received a call stating my prescription was ready. To which I replied, yes. She then walks to the back to find it. Well, almost 20 minutes later, I ask another front desk employee how long it takes to find a prescription. This woman hollers to the back that I'm there waiting for my prescription. Next thing you know, the young lady along with another employee come to the front desk. The young lady says she can't find my CONTACT LENSES. I restated I was there to pick up a prescription. The 2nd employee looks at me and asks if i'm there to pick up a paper prescription. DUH! I just about lost it, but managed to keep my cool, barely. Very clearly i enunciated PRESCRIPTION! The young lady says oh, and looks at a stack of paper that had been sitting on her desk the whole time, and there was my prescription. Seems that America's Best don't know what a prescription is. I should've asked for it in Spanish. RECETA pune... RECETA!

Total scam
Don't waste your time this place is a scam... Just find a good Dr or go to walmart where you know what your getting. I made an appointment I had frames America's Best told me I could use the frames that I had... It cost $75 for the exam. I sat down they told me no we can't use your frames you have to use ours. So I picked out theirs. Which were crap. And they cost another $105$. I didnt even get a nice pair of glasses they were just ok. I feel so upset that they scammed me. I would not ever go there again. And I would not ever tell anyone to go there. This place is crap. I hate walmart and I would tell everyone to go there first. Plastic frames and lens...

My first & lasting America's Worst at America's Best, After Sales Customer Service experience
On July 28th 2021 at their Largo Mall Store, FL. But on the 27th America's Best had a hard time finding my record searching my name then my reference No./Invoice No. And so on, finally finds my record and later my new glasses. I told the lady that I will pick them up tomorrow (July 28th). I tried on my new prescription glasses and could see issues with reading and sight. Anne bent the frame from the middle and that did not fix the problem. Manager, Sandy, is called in and I told her what the problem was and without even asking any further questions or offers to adjust them bluntly said "they have been made exactly as the Prescription states. Take them home and try them on for few hours a day for a few days then go back to your Optometrist. I then explained to Sandy I have already been tested a 2nd time last month (June 2021), with no changes and the reason I have now come to America's Best!. She repeated "you will have to go back to your Optometrist as you were not tested on site." She said "I know you are in the middle of all this..." and offered no other solutions- but to go back to my Optometrist. What good are the glasses to me if I have issues reading! I paid $295 for the lens only. No offers at all to adjust them or even to explain why this might be so, which other Optical Stores do and even more, no matter where I had been examined. Their After Sales Customer Service put me in a tense/stressful situation! I was never given/explained their store Policy neither the consequences if the frame (which I supplied) and any lens issues, I would have to go back to my optometrist I would have NEVER gone to America's Best! Let alone, to later find my Optometrist had not signed the Prescription, I presented to them. I also asked Sandy what happens if the Prescription changes –She quickly scanned through her papers and then looked at the name of my Optometrist, saying she did not know who this Optometrist was and said "you have 60 days and we can look at what we can do..."? This stressed me out further. I have never been treated this way at other Optical Stores in the past when I presented a Prescription from elsewhere! I needed these glasses corrected. Not knowing where I stood with possible added costs going back to the Optometrist as I am retired on a budget. I resorted to external help/advises and was advised to talk to the Manager about their store Policy in these instances and why these were not explained to me. (I also alerted Sandy that the Prescription had not been signed by the Optometrist). She said she will talk to her Manager and assured me either herself or her Manager will call me back and neither of them called me back in the last 7 working days! Another customer service break down!
America's Worst After Sales Customer Service at the so called America's Best! Their name changes quick and as you can see they care less!
FYI, I did not even have to go back to my Optometrist and the unnecessary tension and runaround they were giving me was uncalled for/inconsiderate/thoughtless... Just found out that All my new prescription glasses needed was an adjustment to the arms tilted in it's right position and that fixed the problem immediately! Surely, all this could have been checked out on the day but they chose to put me in a stressful/tense situation instead. My experience and feedback about America's Best could have been a lot different. Lesson learnt and never going back to them!
Mina DeYoung.

Will never go back
America's Best advertise 2 for 69.00. I realize that price is for the frames only HOWEVER, when you enter their store, they have a section of glasses with a sign above saying 2/69.00. The next section has another price, then another section etc. There should NEVER be higher priced frames mixed in with the 69.00 frames! It misleading. My bill was a lot more than i expected because the frame i thought i was choosing from the 69.00 section was mixed in with the 69.00 frames. The 69.00 frame section should be 69.00! It's almost like a bait and switch. I really like the eye doctor there but won't be going back next year!

Lens or bad had to return them twice in a year.
My son and I have been there a few times. Notice quality of service was lacking, but I tried again. Coating came off my lens for the transitions and glare protection, returned the lenses twice takes 10 plus days to get them back and 4 months later here we are again, can't see out of my glasses. Since I am past my year mark, technically not because America's Best had to redo my lenses in Jan, so they are only about 4 months out. But because my prescription expired they will not warranty, I told them I would pay to have my eyes examined again, but they should pay for the faulty factory work. Well per Brenda the district manager they don't, so no more doing business with them. It is a shame they cannot own up to there own work and having the same problem for a third time means you never fixed the problem the first time. So what we have here is a failure to own up to contracting other work out and to bait and switch you if they can. Lost my business along with my sons.

Total Bait and Switch
I went there because of the 2 pairs of glasses and eye exam for $69.99 deal. To make sure there were no hidden costs and to see if the price also, included the lenses and prescription, I called the day before to confirm. The employee I spoke to on phone confirmed, yes it includes everything. There would only added costs if I got lens thinning, transition lenses, or frames that were not included in the $69.99 price. After I got there, I was informed it may not cover prescription costs and it only included the frames. Complete bait and switch, and total scam. The employee wasted my time, was either told to misrepresent the price to me over the phone, or was poorly trained. Either way, I was mislead and lied too. A complete waste of time and Uber fare traveling there

Bait & Switch
It's bait & switch
I wish I had read the reviews prior to checking out their glasses! The selected pair ( ONE PAIR) were going to cost me well over 700.00
The 69.00 frames are disappointing & America's Best don't have a large variety in sz 49 -
I tried numerous pairs of glasses - some ok - some ridiculously hideous!
The selected costly ones were a designer label - hence the 700 +

Not to mention the fact - I was completely invisible in my search for glasses - people coming in AFTER ME - were greeted & the staff did appear to be very helpful towards THEM!
I also had an eye/ contact exam - which was supposed to be 99.00 with their " perks program " I'm still not sure WHY I paid 114.00?
I must admit - Once I did finally get the help I desperately needed - the young lady was pleasant & appeared to be TRYING her best to accommodate me. Yet - out of 25 try ons ( at least)! They kept bringing me back to the "designer! Personally I did NOT see them to be worth that price - from that store!
I've also read now - it takes a ridiculously long time to get your ordered glasses - I need mine ASAP
With all of that being said - I will continue my frustrating journey to locate glasses
I want to be thrilled w my choice if I'm having to spend that kind of money on ONE PAIR! Nor can I wait weeks for them to be ready - I need them ASAP!
This may be a great place for MEN to shop - as for us ladies - I am thinking there are much better alternatives. I truly hope to locate that place.
If not for being completely ignored - ppl entering AFTER me - getting approached first - I would likely have given service a much higher rating

Do not be fooled by the 2 for $69.99 deal. America's Best do not disclose hidden fees. Complete SCAM!
I made my appointment for glasses n contact exam and. When I went in I was asked if I was doing the $69.99 deal I said yes. No mention of additional charges. After my exam I was told I could not get the deal because I got the contact fitting exam. My exam only was now $89 with no glasses. If I wanted glasses they would be $59.99 for cheapest ones each. So my $69.99 deal I came in on would now be $208.98! I even offered to pay the difference of contact exam and was told I still couldn't get 2 for 1 deal on glasses. Complete rip off!

Avoid the Honey Creek Branch in Indy!
This america's Best location got my prescription wrong and refused to admit it. America's Best did nothing about it. I only went to replace a pair of scratched glasses (that were working fine) and was told I had to get a new eye exam. Throughout the exam I kept telling this arrogant useless Optometrist that it was blury. I told him it didn't seem right. He concluded there was a significant difference in my eyes because in the 1 1/2 years since my appointment my eyes had hardened: s.

When the glasses came in I tried them on and immediately said they were wrong. I was told that I needed to get used to them. When I asked if there was a different Optometrist who could check I was told I needed to wait and see if my eyes adjusted to them.

I tried them for a week. It was terrible and I started developing headaches. I called them and was basically told I was wrong. It was obvious they weren't going to do anything about it. Even my invoice and the prescription were inaccessible to me online and they weren't giving it to me.

Sometime in late September/early October I emailed corporate and got a useless reply saying the regional manager would check into it. Never did they offer to make it right. I gave up. I set the useless glasses aside, started using my scratched ones (which aren't perfect but I can still read a pill bottle with them) and waited for my Florida trip in Oct/Nov 2017.

I went to the Port St. Lucie America's Best on Oct 30th. Had a new eye exam and low and behold there was only a slight difference in my eyes. The three employees there who looked at the useless prescription including the Optometrist just shook their heads. I will be contacting the Indiana Attorney General when I get home and the BBB to request a full refund.

100% satisfied
The negative reviews I have read I find surprising. Apparently, these folks did not go to America's best in DeKalb Illinois. I have been there three times and was always happy with my results. Today, April 22,2021, I had an appointment with America's best and I was extremely pleased with the level of professionalism and kindness shown. I give very high praise to the young lady(Alicia)at the end who help me with the ordering of my new glasses. She was very sweet and kind with an endearing sense of humor that placed me at ease. I wish only the best for all of the staff. My heartfelt thank you, Timmy Rogers.

I am Very Unhappy!
I have a complaint about the store on Waddell Road in Surprise, Arizona. I transferred my account from the store in Phoenix, Arizona, which I had a very good experience, because I had moved. When I ordered my glasses from the store in Surprise, I went to pick my glasses up. I tried them on, and America's Best were WRONG! They made me feel like I was cross-eyed, I wanted to throw up! I tried to tell the employee that I was seeing cross-eyed, but she did not believe me. I had to end up getting up and walking out. I called them later, and told them I did not want them, I could see better without them. I wanted a refund, they told me I had to come in and get my refund. I have also ordered contacts, but I am not getting anything from this store in Surprise. I am trying to calm down, so that I don't make a scene when I go there. I am still very angry, I refuse to accept glasses or contacts that are going to ruin my vision. I am not blind, I just want to see things, clearer. I can see things but they are not as sharp as they could be. I am not going to wear anything that makes me feel like I am cross-eyed.

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Based on 50 reviews from America's Best customers, company has accumulated an average rating of 1 stars, indicating that majority of customers are not satisfied with its service.
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This website was reported to be associated with America's Best.

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America's Best
reviews and rating on BBB

Review of America's Best customer complaints, rating & accreditation on Better Business Bureau

What is America's Best rating on BBB?

America's Best has NR rating on BBB

Is America's Best BBB accredited?

America's Best is not BBB accredited

Are there any registered complaints of America's Best on BBB?

There are total 0 complaints of America's Best registered on BBB

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