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Terrible business practices
Ordered S512453 - Weathertech Low Profile Hood Protector; Dark Smoke (19-21 Sierra 1500).
The package came with box busted up and product broken. The kicker is that the product was sent used and/or in broken condition. Inside the box was a piece of paper with the previous person's name and RMA written on it. Proof that this product was sent in used and/in broken condition. After telling customer service about this, American Trucks asked that I return the item. I replied with why would I return a broken item, and why would I have to go to UPS to buy a new box to ship back a used product? They again asked me to ship it back before a new one was sent out. They refused to make right of this terrible and unethical business deal, so I cancelled my order. I told them that I will write a review so that other customers will not be sent used and/or broken parts. I will not use this business again and urge other to be careful of these scams.

Horrible quality and customer service
Horrible quality and customer service. I bought a powder coated bumper three months ago and it is already rusting out. I don't know how this place is still in business. $800 down the drain.

I received my order on November 27th. I got sick with covid so I was not able to check the order when it came in, but it was delivered, and I received an email from your company that it was delivered. After 2 months of being away I was able to get back to the office and get the parts. I was told that there would be 3 boxes but instead there were only 2. I was assured these were all the parts. I took the parts over to my shop to put the lift on. I have my truck completely disassembled and am missing an entire box of parts. Now I can't finish the lift. I have paid you IN FULL, and only received half the parts 4 months later. I did an investigation with UPS to find out that the one box was returned to the sender without even trying to deliver the box. I was NEVER contacted by your company that it was returned. I was ASSURED I received all the parts. That is theft by deception. Now I have to wait another week and a half to receive the parts while my truck sits on a lift and I have to go get a rental car. Your company offered me a $20 store credit. That is the most ridiculous and insulting compensation for YOUR screw up that I could ever imagine.

Great Service
I've ordered many products from this company and everything arrived in a timely manner and in good condition.

Terrible experience
The pictures online were significantly different than the item purchased. blamed the picture from the manufacturer. American Trucks refused to return or exchange the incorrect product. I was promised a call from a team leader that never happened

Well American Trucks can take my money easy enough but when it comes to the sales person they need more education of there products now i have to take time out of my work day to straighten out my new programmer and it was 2 days late not impressed

Poor customer service
Ordered a bumper based on information provided on a review and installation video by on their site (not a third party site). After finding out that the information provided was inaccurate, American Trucks refused to cancel the order and returns will be charged a freight fee and restocking fee. Pointed out the inaccuracy and there was no denying it was inaccurate. There was no attempt to at least resolve or offer any solutions just, "you can return it, and pay the additional fees.) There are no problems with the product, just not what was described per their video. They do not make the products, they have good selection of products but they must sell way too much to worry about customer service. I will be looking at other sites for parts in the future and I'll make sure I tell others to beware of they customer service or lack of.

This place is great at taking an order, and that's where the greatness ends. The aftersales care is bottom of the barrel. I bought almost 1900 dollars worth of lighting for my truck and now that I have an issue I am having to haggle with Jan, who is apparently part time. Mind you, the truck got 700 miles on it over the past 9 months since the LEDs were installed. So not even driven! From there I sent pictures clearly showing the issue. I then had to spend money to have a service shop communicate the exact same as I did. What a joke, so out more money! I called the LED supplier and American Trucks got back to me in a day, now I'm trying to figure out their warranty process, sitting on the phone for an hour on hold. My two cents, don't by from American Trucks, don't buy Morimoto LED lights.

No warranty
Bought a set if tail lamps. A few months later one quits working. American Trucks will not warranty and they only sell in sets.

Still waiting on my Order or an email back
It has now been two weeks since I placed an order for a bed cover. It hasn't shipped and I can't get a hold of anyone on the phone and none of my emails have been returned. I'm starting to think I just got ripped off.

Refuse to refund for complete order.
American truck refused to give me 100% refund. American Trucks charged me a restocking fee that was never explained to me on the phone when ordering. They sent me the wrong running boards the first time. Then i reordered the right ones. And i canceled the order within 24 hours. So I am so angry and will never order from them again. First order box was damaged. They refunded me $195.99 on a $254.99 order. So they charge me $59.00 for restocking.

Buyer beware!
I bought a non-new version of a tonneau cover that was supposed to be in "like new" condition, and only missing the c-clamps to hold the rails to the truck bed. I called before ordering and was assured by a representative that the description on the web site was correct. So I ordered the clamps from the manufacturer. Upon opening the box, there was a seal that was missing, another seal that was damaged, two cotter pins missing, and clear wear on portions of the canvas. It was far, far from "like new." Other used covers of this model at the time that were described as similar condition to what I actually received were selling under $200. I spent over an hour on the phone/chat, and American Trucks would only offer a $40 store credit. No partial refund. American Trucks would not budge on the amount or store credit. So I paid $323 for a cover that should have had a sales price under $200, and the company is requiring me to spend my $40 with them so they can make more profit. American Trucks are scammers and liars who do not care about their customers at all. Buy elsewhere!

They won't pay for return shipping if you file a complaint with pay pal
Dishonest shady company. Pay more to go somewhere else, you'll be glad you did. Sent me cheap Chinese parts under a different name that was different then ordered then refused to pay return shipping unless I dropped the complaint with paypal

I ordered part #R104996-B through AT and when it arrived it looked as though someone had already installed it on the vehicle. None of the metal parts were wrapped so American Trucks were bouncing around in the box scratching all the other parts. The box itself wasn't even closed on either end and when the delivery guy picked it up everything came falling out. I called AT and they were able have it picked up and sent back and then generate a second order. Well the order arrived today and it is completely not what I ordered and not even for my vehicle and to make matters even more frustrating the poor women that I spoke with had an accent that made it very difficult to understand and her phone kept cutting in and out. Hopefully we understood each other enough that they come pick this item up I get a refund. Having a rear bumper delivered today probably got that wrong too, we will see.

False advertisement
Ordered body bushings for my F250. Went thru the "confirm it fits" process and even verified it had everything needed under the "whats in the box" tab. I Needed and the web site stated it came with 8 bushings. Received it and only had 6. Called customer service and "Brandon" had no clue. Asked me to call the manufacturer myself to figure out the issue and call him back. I did. Instead of doing something to satisfy me as a customer his answer was to pay an additional $175.00 for the other 2 needed although he agreed their web site stated I would receive all 8 with this order. When I told him I would just return them and shop elsewhere his answer was "I'm glad to hear that" Bait and switch your customer and then tell them its their problem. Once I send them the product back it will take 4 or so days to issue a refund. Only takes 5 seconds to take my money but when American Trucks screw up it will be 10 or so days to get it back. With this kind of customer service I hope they won't be in business long. They shouldn't!

The worst customer service
The worst customer service I've ever had. American Trucks don't care about the customer! They took my money shipped my bumper took a month to get to me got messed up in shipping sent it back and 3 weeks later and still no refund. When I call them they basically say sry about your bad luck. I'm out 1400 dollars a f class business with a poor product. Save your money and order else where

Product is rusting after 3 months of purchase.
American Trucks will not cover their product rusting after only three months of installation. Paint is flaking. They are not willing to work with customers in resolving the issue. They are not in the best interest of the customers. Just want your money.

I gave one star only because there was not an option for ZERO STARS. After a week of waiting for my order to ship, Customer Service advised I would have to wait another 10 days for a refund. Pretty good online scammer!

Buyer Beware — "Like New" Open Box - Not Like New - 5 Broken Pieces - No Refund
Buyer Beware - purchased a "like new" - open box grill and upon opening the box, 5 pcs were broken. If you're looking for a company with integrity, this company is not the one. Since American Trucks didn't do their due diligence on an open box sale, I'd suggest you do your due diligence and research the reviews for this company. This is not the first time this has happened and will not be the last I'm sure.

Their response was - "We can no longer set up a return on the item as it is beyond the open box return window. The item is also a freight item, which cannot be returned for damage after it is signed for and delivered." These two things would be a non-factor if they sold a product that was reviewed and ensured was in "like new" condition. Weather held up opening the box and the 5 pieces broken; 1 was in a baggie with the attachment screws, one is a plastic screw broken off in the grill and the other 3 were small broken pieces of plastic that attach the grill to your truck. So if It was based on freight review this is not something that would have been noticeable and American Freight is passing the buck on their poor product return/review process. It is also not my responsibility as a consumer to ensure they have sent a quality product.

So basically, I'm out $300+ for something that should have never been sold. Please take "American" out of your name - it is not deserving. The company does not have good business practices and unfortunately seems this is a pattern and not an anomaly.

Again, please research before purchasing anything from

I plan on putting this info on any review or truck site I can. Thanks American Trucks.

Just bad business
Can't even give them 1 star as American Trucks are a company without integrity! Ordered a Proven Ground low profile tonneau cover. Mind you, not open box, "NEW"! Box showed up at door unannounced while I was at work. My wife was home, questioned the condition of the carton it was shipped in, it was torn at the seam and looked like it had been stored outside or in a damp warehouse for years. The UPS Driver advised my wife to except the DELIVERY and if any damage discovered after opening, call the company ordered from, they could take up any delivery concerns with UPS. The driver annotated on shipping slip, delivery container not intact and my wife reluctantly accepted receipt. Upon returning from work 2 days later I opened and inspected the contents only to find damage, plastic drain hose conector was broke off from one of the railings. One of the panels had an impression (dent) from what appeared to be one of the rails. All parts were just floating inside of the box, no packaging material or packing list or intrusions at all. I contacted customer service who initially stated that if I excepted it as is, they would give me a store credit or if I returned it I would not only have to ship it back at my expenses but would have to repackage it and drop it off. Since damage was minor and to avoid further hassle and expenses I elected the store credit. While attempting to install a rail I quickly became aware that it would not fit my truck bed, it was to long. Now mind you prior to order being confirmed and paid for, site stated part fits vehicle selected at bottom of screen, so it should gave been the right one. I called back customer service who transfer me to their dispute resolution team, I submitted photos of the damage and a website order screenshot. I was promptly advised in a very accusing tone that since they had emailed me a freight shipping diclosure, which I was unaware of, that they would not except it back. As far as they wrong part I was also abruptly told that it could not have been they're fault as it was ordered online and not with a live person. The agent " Brian" advised in an insulted tone that he was under no obligation to give me his last name. He also initially stated he could not let me talk to a supervisor as he was only following policy, later stating that he could ask one to call me back a's most employees worked from home. The next day a supervisor (Josh) left me a voice mail but no extention so when I called back I got a 3rd customer service rep and had to re-explain the who situation, I was put on hold twice and ultimately was given the same answer "NO"! The supervisor declined to talk to me and has yet to call me back. There is no way to locate a number to a corporate office or email, I am out $650 dollars and have a product that is obviously not new. I couldn't resell it if I wanted to because of the damage. This company is a total scam and it's employees are con artists that should be ashamed of themselves. It is also conspicuous that only product, not company reviews are available on their website. DO NOT, I MEAN DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!

Garbage Customer Service
Ordered something Friday night after hours and immediately tried changing the shipping destination, American Trucks didn't answer the phone and never called back. Monday morning... After getting jerked around by the first customer service rep, called back later and they told me that it was being processed by shipping and to late to change. Their solution was to call UPS and an $80 transfer change charge later...

Faulty product, joke of a return policy, no product support
Avoid this site at all costs. American Trucks will not get you manufacter support for your product and the manufacturer, at least in my case, wont deal with anyone but them. I have 3 month old plug and play headlights I can't use due to a faulty wiring harness. AmericanTrucks won't even contact the manufacturer to request. Customer service tried to get me to buy a new set of the same thing. Really.

Terrible customer service. They canceled my order
After making multiple purchases from American Trucks, American Trucks decided to cancel my order. Stated that shipping address didn't match billing address. Well, it didn't matter on last 3 orders, why now? They blamed it on my Bank. After talking to Chase Bank they confirmed that the bank had nothing to do with it. They have lost a customer for life and I see they don't care. Shop elsewhere. Period.

Buy from American a truck/ Never again
Customer service is a joke, don't ever buy from them and if you do pray nothing goes wrong. American Trucks do everything to make returns and replacements so hard it's not worth it

I am so upset with this company...
I am so upset with this company. I ordered a Rough Country Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover. It showed up and with NO packing in the box. The hardware was broken and one of the hinges was broke, and there was a hole on the underside. When I called them to make it right, I got disconnected, twice. I was talking to foreigners that did not understand me. (I think American Trucks are using a call center in China) And I was told that they denied a replacement for it. I am not happy with this company at all. I suggest that you find a better company that cares about the customers, not just money. One of the worst customer supports I have dealt with.

Horrible Customer Service
I bought a deegan 38 bumper from american trucks on oct 5th 2020, here it is oct 19th i have called for 10 days straight. Forget about a manger calling you back. Finally after 3 days dan the manager calls me and says i have someone on the phone with ups to track your package. Ill call you right back. That was 5 hours ago and i have called 3 other times to get him on the phone to find out but conveniently he is gone for the day. AVOID AMERICAN TRUCKS LIKE THE PLAQUE! Meanwhile im still here trying to figure out if i can get my$1100 back or what lies or scam American Trucks are pulling next on me. Dont be put through the same BS as me. Marc Everett Yuma, AZ

These guys are the worst!
I received the barricade running boards damaged, I send them back. American Trucks send me the parts for a second time and they also come in damaged. Then they tell me to take my business somewhere else there's other places I can shop because I asked them if they think it's fair

Scammed out of $5500
I spent 5500$ on a supercharger kit for my customers 2010 F150. I ordered this kit on Nov. 20th after being told for 5 weeks in a row that it will ship next week, speaking to several managers, American Trucks took $5500 then proceed to send me a cheaper supercharger kit for a 2004-2008 ford f150 and tell me that that is what I ordered even though i have the original confirmation emails stating that what I ordered was a 2009-2010 kit. I am a service writer for an automotive shop that spends over 1 million a year in parts and deals with 100's of parts suppliers I have never dealt with a company with this poor of customer service. Now we're having to look at legal action in order to get our money back. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. IT IS AN ABSOLUTE SCAM

False advertising
I have purchased an open box bumper with minor scratches.
When it arrived, it was just the bumper itself with the shipping labels attached to in no box nor protection whatsoever and it was bent.
Knowing the open box policy, yet receiving a far more damaged item than advertised, I have requested a return which after many attempts it was approved under the form of a field destruction.
I've asked for clarifications and after many back and forth they've concluded that painting it with neon green paint would be accepted as an undesirable item.
I've complied, bought the paint did it the best I could yet they( American truck) find the images unsatisfactory thus, I quote Tia the customer service rep; " sir there is nothing I can do, sorry "
At all times I've requested a return label from them so American Trucks can get the bumper back.
Even if the bumper was in good condition I still would not recommend anybody to purchase any of those items because they are so flimsy so poorly put together it's going to be a waste of your money

Avoid at all costs
Purchased multiple items, several thousand dollars. First item arrived - was used. Open box - boxes ripped and oil and marks over most of parts. Clearly previously installed. Called and spent forever waiting to be told item out of stock - needs to be ordered from supplier... BUT we will give you 4% (YES FOUR) off NEXT ORDER! Second item in same order ($2000) - ten days later hadn't arrived... called... yup, out of stock but will call supplier... these guys are untrustworthy. AVOID.

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Description: A tried and true appreciation for a pickup comes from deep within. Whether sparked by work necessity and hauling loads or simply the ever improving style of the F-150, Silverado, RAM, and Sierra, incorporating personal touches is a must. Exceptional knowledge, first-class support and quality upgrades for comfort, function and fun is what AmericanTrucks prides itself on. We are passionate enthusiasts whose customers are the number 1 priority.

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