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Things you should know about
I recently learned that Amazon allows third-party sellers to sell any item Amazon CA deem marketable. The Netflix series Broken actually mentions Amazon in their documentary. Most of the third-party sellers are not Canadian I have learned that Amazon allows third-party sellers to sell fake versions of branded items. There is no way for us the consumer to know they are fake, third-party sellers also re-issue returned items some in used form and some new. I myself have received many items that have been used and returned. I am no longer buying off
Recently I have also experienced Amazon not guaranteeing any deliveries. In order to get a refund you have to wait a mandatory week to see if the item shows up. I threatened them as it is illegal for them to do this regardless of their policy they cannot hold your money hostage when a delivery date is guaranteed. The consumer does not know this but you do now. I experienced this in ordering pillows that came from the US and never arrived in Canada. I educated their manager and received my refund in less than 24 hours.
With the education I have received through documentaries and online investigations Amazon is no longer considered an online resource for me.

Poor Customer Service - they do not care for their customers
I tried accessing my account the other day and was unable to do so because of a security issue which would not allow me to get past the login page. I called them on the phone and got the run around from Amazon customer service. The first person that I spoke with was rude and hung up on me when asked to transfer the call to a manager. I called again and after answering the same security questions... believe it or not but Amazon CA asked me at least 10 questions before I got fed up and even suspicious whether I was indeed speaking to somebody at Amazon. I mean why should I be giving out my private information to some unidentified person on the phone. I finally got to speak to a manager or at least somebody who called herself a manager and the same 10 questions and finally she tells me that she cannot help because I did not answer her questions correctly. This attitude left me speechless. I finally managed to access my account on my own without their help and the first thing I did was to cancel all my outstanding orders and then I closed my account. I have been using for a few years now. During this time their customer service level has been deteriorating and I have come across an increasing number of product related issues. And their prices are nothing special. You can get better deals elsewhere. And the Canadian version of Amazon is really a very inferior version of the American version.

Worst company for customer service
Thank you Thanks to you my kids won't get their Christmas present now. What kind of company takes preorders on something and not be able to fulfill their preorders. I had ordered something for my kids on the 11th (preorder deadline was the 15th) everything was fine, order due to be shipped today (19th), order showing preparing for shipment and shipping method selected was 4-5 business days. With that method my items were due to arrive between the 22nd and the 26th. I wanted to guarantee my shipment before Christmas so I changed the shipping method from 4-5 days to 2-3 days. Suddenly I get an email stating the delivery date will be emailed to me when available. So I called and my wife called as well. The answer we got was that in the 2 minutes the had gone by from the time that I changed the shipping method to the time I got the email and for me to get through and talk to someone that my order was shipped to someone else. That's not right. I preordered with to guarantee the items and didn't bother with other company that weren't doing preorders. The whole purpose for a preorder is to guarantee the items. So all said and done, now I've got to explain to my kids why only half their gift is here and that the other half will have to wait, all thanks to Great great company! What a $#*!ing joke!

What Customer Service?
PROTECT YOUR ACCOUNTS! Do what ever you can to protect your Amazon Account because if you get hacked, Amazon could care less! Here is my experience:
-Account hacked
-$2000 gaming card purchased
-person who hacked my account forgot to change the shipping address before the item was shipped
-I received said item and this is when I learned my account was hacked (Amazon CA changed my account password at the same time)
-I informed Amazon Customer Service
-They froze my account until an Account Specialist could look into the fraud
-Account Specialist can only receive info from Customer Service not the customer directly and only communicate with you via email
-I was informed that the charge to my account would stand and to take up the fraud with my Credit Card company
-Account unlocked
-I informed my Credit Card Company who were very sympathetic and helpful, they wiped the charge off of my card
-I RETURNED the fraudulently bought video card
-Amazon reimbursed me the shipping costs (Small point in their favour for this)
-2 MONTHS go by and then suddenly my account is locked again Account Specialists send an email stating it is locked because my credit card company will not pay them for the fraudulent purchase BUT THEY HAVE THE PRODUCT RETURNED TO THEM!
-3 emails have been sent by me to clarify that they are not out any money Account Specialists haven't bothered responding
-Contacted Customer Service to cancel my account (I have a Prime Account) and to ask for a refund for the month I have had the account locked
-Informed that they can't do that and he matter needs to be referred to an Account Specialist
COME ON AMAZON.CA - GET YOUR HEADS OUT OF YOUR ASSES - ME AND MY CREDIT CARD COMPANY OWE YOU NOTHING - have your Account Specialists accessible by phone and stop screwing your customers
-Informed that they can't cancel the account

Terrible customer service and terrible shipping.
I have amazon prime and ordered an item on monday. I was told at the checkout that for prime members the delivery date with free shipping would be Monday, BUT... if I wanted to pay an additional &3.99 it would give me 2-3 day shipping. So, today was the 3rd day, and my package wasn't there. So I checked the tracking number on Canada post. It told me that a shipping label had been registered to the tracking number, but Amazon CA hadn't received the parcel yet. So I contacted amazon. When I tried to talk to the woman on the phone to explain the problem, she started talking over me, telling me that I had been informed that it wouldn't be arriving until next week when I ordered. I kept trying to explain that when I ordered the site promised me delivery on Wednesday or Thursday if I chose priority shipping. She kept talking over me as I told her this, telling me I was wrong, even when I asked "if it was scheduled to come Monday with my prime free shipping, then why would I pay an extra 4 bucks to get it on Monday?" She didn't have an answer for that and then informed me that she could only give me a refund on a gift card. I tried to tell her that I wanted my money back the way I paid, I didn't want a gift card. She kept talking over me loudly and refusing to listen to anything I said. When I finally asked if I could speak to someone else, because I was tired of her talking over me and being rude, she informed me that I had to have a know the name of who I wanted to speak to. I tried to explain that I don't know the names of the people who work at amazon, and that I would just like to speak to someone else because I felt she was being very rude and I was starting to get frustrated. She then put me on hold.

I sat on hold for an hour before I gave up and just requested another call back on the site. Definitely wouldn't recommend them.

Atrocious customer service and false delivery guarantees
3rd time Amazon CA went outside their 'guaranteed delivery date.' I was very patient before, this time I absolutely needed the items for a scheduled event the next morning. They don't have the courtesy to contact me about my package being delayed by possibly a week: I have to followup with them. By the time I do the courier is closed so they apparently can't do anything until morning. So I suggest fine call the courier in the morning and get this order cancelled because I don't want to see it at my door: I am told by supervisor she is coming in at 3pm and can call them then. But they may deliver package earlier in the day. I emphasis that is a waste for me as I will not be able to use it anymore and I don't want the hassle of printing out return labels and taking to courier office for mailing out: I am told to just refuse the package at door. THEY JUST LEAVE IT AT THE DOOR WITHOUT RINGING DOORBELL. What, am I suppose to stay sitting on the porch all morning to make sure I can refuse the carrier? I tell phone agent this and suggest she pass on info to a colleague or another supervisor with morning shift so they can do this cancellation with courier. I am told something so stupid that I am still reeling from it: 'you will have to callback tomorrow morning if u want this to happen. We are not allowed to share your data with apparently even our colleagues in the same company with same level of security clearance as us. So you need to call yourself in the morning and do all this followup yourself. Again. From scratch." Nothing said or done that can possibly assist me. Moreover, just seems will be more headache for me to go return useless product that I don't need anymore, and the running around involved early morning to find suitable replacement items for my event. I have swore and gotten angry maybe 3 times in past 30 years, this situation tops them all. No regard for cx pain, no feasible action plan to help them, keep repeating the same bad service and set untruthful delivery standards without remorse. I doubt it will happen but I hope they go out of business

Amazon Deliveries By Large Sub-Contracted Carriers VS. Their Own Drivers Or The Post
In speaking with friends, neighbours, and colleagues, I'm clearly not the only one who suffers the shoddy Delivery nightmares by the large well-known Carriers that Amazon Sub-Contracts their Customer Deliveries to. Damages which are the result of POOR handling by these Carriers are the stuff of legend; such as large items arriving at our doors looking as though they'd been rolled down a hill. Then we have the ubiquitous claims that we were 'Not Home' - when we were. For those of us in Hi-Rises, not even the courtesy of utilizing our Intercoms; allowing us to buzz them into the building. Often, Amazon CA leave our purchases on Outer Lobby floors; for all to see and / or steal. They claim we 'Refused' our delivery; which, in and of itself, is rather hard to do; when they don't bring it to our door so we could. I feel we 'Valued Customers', or so Amazon euphemistically call us, hold their feet to the fire. Personally, I demand Amazon send my Orders via their own Drivers, or the Post; both of whom are reliable, professional, courteous, and DO NOT put us through the B. S. these large Carriers do. I've stopped purchasing Heavy Goods items from because they are nearly always sent by the aforementioned twits, and the majority of the cartons NOTICEABLY damaged, Yet, these National Carriers have the audacity to bring these cartons to our door; shredded, dented, and ripped?!. Amazon did not hand these cartons to them in that condition... Clearly these Carriers DO NOT respect Amazon's 'Valued Customers'. Amazon ASSERTS how much they value their Customers but WHY does Amazon tolerate their Customers repeatedly being disappointed and put through this? Why does Amazon absorb the Losses, Returns, and poor Reviews? Why does Amazon not take proactive action and hold the Sub-Contracted Carriers accountable? Perhaps is not concerned, and this type of disappointment to us, their 'Valued Customers', is just a cost of doing business and we, the Customer, just collateral damage? Is this is a familiar story to you?

And then they send this from another no reply email address
Feedback on the seller or your shipment experience should be provided at
But leads me back to exactly where I got so frustrated with being unable to contact Amazon directly and going in the circle again and again and again and again... ad nausem
Amazon CA don't want to address any problem or deal with their own delivery service, so they bot you into craziness... They are just to big to give a s**t about a customer that isn't a prime member or spending a zillion dollars a year.

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They are using a Wrong Company for delivery
I recently order a kid bed for nephew. Amazon just to save money or for whatever reason used Canada Post for my delivery.
Yesterday I was checking my order status And showed that I have already received my order I noticed that security at front desk did not call me to notify me. Immediately I called the security desk to figure out what exactly happened asked them if Amazon CA have got my package and the answer was no.
Canada post driver just dropped the card instead of the package. Apparently the package was heavy for them to deliver. Next thing I noticed that they want me to pick up the package my self.
Well at this point I was pissed off not because I haven't got my package just because they have lied to me. Well I decided to go and check the security cameras guess what driver walks in no package and drop the card that shows I missed the package in and out 1 min.
This is not the driver fault or Canada post. This is Amazon fault that uses unreliable Delivery method for their Prime Members. As soon as I find the alternative I'll be moving on and take my business somewhere else.
I build studios for living and I have many content creators as a close friends
I do create content my self in my free time
Believe me I can spread the words supper easy.

3 Confirmations of Guaranteed Delivery and then nothing but blame the customer
On December 5th I ordered a present for a 7 year old boy. The product was in stock and I was GUARANTEED delivery between December 13 - 23. On the 16th I had a "Chat" with a customer Serve Rep as the product still had not shipped. Amazon CA told me not to worry and GUARANTEED that the product would ship before December 23,2019. I had a "Chat" again on December 20th expressing my concern that the product had not shipped. And again they GUARANTEED that the product would be shipped by December 23. On December 22 when I checked my email in the morning, they had sent an email saying that the product would not ship and they do not know when it will. Seriously?! I had another "Chat" and was told that it was my fault as I should have looked if there was a guaranteed delivery date - I did, I had already provided this information in the chat. I asked for a Rep more senior and she spent 3 hours flipping between "It is your fault you should have checked the delivery date" and "you should check that an item is in stock before you order". I asked her to re-read the script of our chat and she can see that it was a GUARANTEED delivery date which I again confirmed on the 16th and 20th and that the item was in stock!

She then proceed to tell me that with Amazon that if they have 50 items in stock that they will take 100 orders for it - all saying that the item is in stock. Then the first 50 will be delivered and the remaining 50 will get an "Out of Stock" email, even though it was listed as being in stock when the customer purchased it.

She told me to look else where for my product - 2 days before Christmas. I told her to refund my bank so that I could shop elsewhere and she insisted that I had not been charged. I copied the transaction from my bank statement and she told me to take it up with the bank as they placed a hold on my funds. She said that it is not their responsibility - apparently nothing is!

They offered me a 30% compensation, which in no ways covers a gift for Christmas.

I asked her to put it in my bank account. She says that she cannot do that because she does not have access to my account. Really? Because I paid with my bank card, you had no problem taking the money? But now, you will not give me any compensation unless I use it to buy more from you?!

So it is 2 days before Christmas, this little boy is not getting a gift, I don't have the funds to purchase one and Amazon sends a message to me "Sorry to hear about your concerns, please shop with us again"!

I asked her many times what good is 3 delivery date GUARANTEES and she refuses to answer my question.

I asked for the name of the Director / VP of her Department and she says for Security reasons she refuses to give them, and tells me to research it on Google.

I ask for their Ombudsman and she provides one in London, England. Hmmm, that may be out of Canadian jurisdiction.

I ask for the contact details for their industry regulator and she provides details for someone in USA. Again, thinking this may be out of Canadian jurisdiction.

How much of a deplorable organization do you have to be to keep someone waiting for a product for 17 days just before Christmas, take their money, knowing full well that you did not have enough stock to fulfill the order, but guarantee delivery 3 times and then send a sly email late at night saying that you can't do so 2 days before Christmas?

And then to hold onto their money, refuse to give them compensation to use anywhere else, and tell them to check inventory levels at local stores 2 days before Christmas? Really, I ordered on December 5th, you think stores will have inventory on December 22?

And then to keep telling the customer that it is their fault despite your 3 GUARANTEES of delivery?

She refused to check with seller, Hathaway Toys, but kept telling me to do so while at the same refusing to give me their contact details.

She refused to check with the fulfillment centre.

So other than blaming the customer, taking ZERO responsibility, not answering what a GUARANTEED delivery date is good for, and doing anything to make the situation right, what exactly is your customer service department good for? Spoiling Christmas for little kids?! worst chat and phone service - beware
I am prime member. On Monday I have placed an order for a monitor as a gift on I see the delivery shows it's arriving on Monday so I cancelled the the order and replaced it and selected 2 day shipping and gurantee delivery today(Thursday).

Yesterday when I checked the status of my order it showed it arriving again on Monday.

I called customer service and spoke to Meeka and she promised to follow up on this today and promised a delivery today.

No response from her, I spoke to chat 4 different times and no answer I see no effort no empathy no initiative - Brian, Curtis very ignorant - Amazon CA told me Meeka will follow up and she never followed. Finally I ask to escalate the issue and I spoke Brandon the " highest level" and after explaining him how important this item for me to get it today for a kid birthday and I promised him, the site showed me guarantee delivery today.

Brandon said that it's with purolator and he offerred me $50 - I asked him that I will extra money but I want the item today

He said that all he can do and now I am seeing he cancelled my order without my confirmation. You think throwing some discount makes customers happy? That not true in every situation.

AMAZON - If you see this review then understand we order and opt for prime because you advise and promise delivery what you mention not delaying the item for one week and say prime benefits


I have cancelled my prime memebership and all my preorders NEVER GONNA SHOP FOR AMAZON.CA AGAIN

This is my order: **************619
Email: *******

I tried to see register a book that I wanted to sell. I am a writer. So simply need to fill in the info. Pretty straightforward.
Page 1: id info;
Page 2: payment method: Visa 29.95 USD per month
page 3: List your product.
Here on page 3, there was a problem. I was unable to maneuver this page and list my product. So, I called them up. I spoke to one and then another an was transferred and transferred until the line went dead. I called the next day. Everyone was sooo nice. I was assured that the problem would be taken care of. But I was transferred again. I called a few weeks later and tried again. Now the responders were saying that Amazon CA didn't understand what I wanted. I said that I want someone to work me thru this page so I can list my product. One person after another. One lady told me to take a photo of the page in question and send it to Amazon and they would be able to help me then... maybe. Meanwhile 6 months go by drawing $30 a month out of my VISA card. I tried again to rectify the problem, got my hopes up once but no. I was afraid to put a stop on my VISA fearing that Amazon might Blacklist me. 2 years go by, try again. No. Then I put a stop on my VISA. A year goes by. Then I notice that Amazon has starting drawing $30 out of my account. I put a stop again. Amazon begins sending me notices of overdue payments. So, for a decade from 2010 - 2019 I endured this. Off and on the money came out, depending how vigilan I was. I would then call the bank. The bank would then put a stop on it. One RBC lady even called Amazon to ask how this could happen. I have probably paid out thousands of dollars. I haven't received a notice of payment due lately from Amazon. I am just waiting. It will start all over again soon. It is a nightmare. My name is Paul Bryan.

If you want an issue resolved, save yourself some time and call then instead of using the chat.
Ordered a piece of electronic equipment I need for work from them and it is clear from the delivery picture that Amazon CA have delivered to the wrong address and I cannot find the package at my neighbours' doors. Tried to chat with them for an immediate replacement or refund so I can order a new one, but they keep telling me, repeatedly "to wait a few days in case the package arrives and for them to complete the investigation", even though it's clear that the package was not delivered correctly. I asked to speak to the supervisor and got told the exact same thing, that "they cannot do anything at the moment and I have to wait." I tried to reason with them but they ignored me for 10 minutes straight, then came back and gave me the exact same response. It is ridiculous that my package is further delayed for the mistake on their part, and that they didn't even sound apologetic or offer me any form of compensation.
Then I called them and the customer service person immediately offered me a refund after checking the system. So if you want something fixed, just save yourself some time and call them instead, skip the chat.

Message From Customer Service

Here's a copy of the chat transcript you requested:

03:20 PM PDT Amazon: Hello, my name is Prince. I'll be happy to help you.
03:22 PM PDT ME: Order #

This is suppose to be prime
03:22 PM PDT Amazon: I'm so sorry to hear that you haven't received your order yet. Im going to take care of this right now.

03:22 PM PDT ME: thank you
03:25 PM PDT Amazon: Thanks so much for waiting.
03:25 PM PDT ME: ok
03:27 PM PDT Amazon: My apologies, I have checked and see that your shipment was delayed in transit and carrier has scheduled a delivery by Monday, July 9,2018.
03:27 PM PDT ME: you know this is really unacceptable
03:28 PM PDT ME: I have 2 orders that are Prime and none are within you limits
Its been in Toronto for 2 days, I am onlt 80 miles from Toronto
03:29 PM PDT ME: this is terrible service
I know its not your fault
I needed this today
03:30 PM PDT Amazon: I know this has been an inconvenience for you and I sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused. As a compensation, I will issue a 5$ promo credit which can be used for next purchase of item shipped and sold by Amazon. Please accept it as a gesture of goodwill from Amazon.

03:30 PM PDT ME: I thank you, but I will not be needing that as I am going to get out of amazon

03:32 PM PDT ME: I have been buying off amazon for 4 years, and this is bad
03:32 PM PDT Amazon: Okay, I understand you need the item by end of today and it has not delivered yet, In this case I would suggest to refund package for a full refund on arrival.
03:33 PM PDT Amazon: refuse package for a full refund on arrival**

03:34 PM PDT ME: if I knew I wasn't going to get it on time I wouldn't have ordered this stuff from amazon, I will go to the store
I dont have time to send it back
Its just B. S sale
This will be the last order

I paid for a Student Prime membership and they are not able to give me what I paid for
So I bought diaper (Subscribe) and I have a Student Prime membership so I thought I would have access to the 20% off (Unfortunately you don't, I learned that after). My Student prime membership that was going to expire in APRIL 2019 was canceled and changed for a Prime membership (90,83$ charged on my credit card). I contacted the customer service to tell them that it was a mistake and that I didn't want the Prime membership and just my normal Student prime that I already paid for. Amazon CA send me an email the next day saying they canceled the 90,83$ but that I need to send proof for the new student prime membership because my 6 months free were expired (I KNOW I PAID FOR 1 YEAR). I contacted them again telling them that I already paid for the student prime membership for a year (Until April 2019). The guy told me it was going to be fixed and that I was going to have my Student Prime membership. The next day I see 44,84$ has been charged (A full year of Student prime membership). I called them and tell them that I don't have to be charged cause I already paid until April 2018. The guy understands, tells me he's gonna refund me the prime membership and now I see he refunded 24,66$. It means he refunded for 7 months. He charged me for 17 months so technically it would work but he canceled my student prime subscription, so now I'm here with 65,02$ paid for 17 months (5 months used) but without a prime subscription. Now I'm still waiting for a manager to contact me and fix a simple request that got all messed up.

P. s: I have proof that I paid in April for a full year.

He refunded 24,66$ on the wrong credit card.

I did place the number 6 shoes on Dec 22, with, I only need to pay $51.25 with tax, I got the shoes yesterday was number 8 on Dec 31, How come I call on Dec 31, the customer services did not tell me if I return the shoes, I will not get the replacement, I better to keep the shoes, you pay the good due, if you return, we will only get the refund $51.25, will not send the replacement I did mail back the shoes to them, Amazon CA said did change to the other seller, we will not sent me new replacements, if I want to buy the same shoes, I need to pay $286.05 + Tax, I only can get the refund once I send the in-correct shoes back to them. I did return the shoes to you since Jan 1, they should got the shoes already, I did check your inventory, how come did not get one size 8 show on line, I think did send to new seller already, so your company can sell to the new buyer more money, this is the way you do the business?, Unacceptable. Like a spam,, did take of my review, they only want to show the good review, the take off the bad one. Tell you need to follow their guidelines, no once know how to do, if you want their help, they said, you can check on line

Over charged my account and lied
I had place a large order for Christmas gifts where a payment of 167.44 was taking out of my bank for these items then was told there were not enough funds for my order. When calling amazon I was first told the payment had bounced upon calling my bank I found out this payment did not bounce. Call amazon again I was told another story that something had gone wrong in their warehouse and Amazon CA had canceled my order a couple days prior and the money was going to be refunded. Check amazon order on account it doesn't show that my order had been canceled so I cancel this order. Call amazon again was told that this order that the warehouse never canceled my order like 2nd guy told me on the phone but they had refund my money took a couple days. I then reorder these items on their own instead of in one big order I was then charged twice! For each on of the items. When I call amazon again I'm told there was just a authorization done the first time but only the second payment had come out I clearly state I was charged both on the 7th and the 9th for each one of these items. They then tell me that they did take the money out on the 7th but had canceled it because the order was not ready for shipment then recharged me on the 9th for these same items. I have still not received refund for their mess up on the 7th so it looks like I'm out 200 for over charge on their part. I am so a prime member and will be canceling my member ship and never ordering from amazon again

"Guaranteed Delivery Dates?"
Just cancelled an Amazon Prime free trial and closed my account. I had the Prime for a month, in fact it ended yesterday. In that time, I've had 3 orders that were given "guaranteed delivery dates" that weren't met. And each time Amazon CA said "oh, it's just an isolated incident, we promise you won't have any more experiences like that with"
Well, today I hit the final straw. I had an order that was supposed to be in today, but now they're saying I have to wait into the new year. The live chat "manager" CUT THE CONVERSATION on me and refused to resolve the issue beyond giving me a minuscule store credit... so they can sell me more garbage with a promised delivery date they can miss.
If you're extremely patient, this company might be worth your while, and if you don't mind paying $79 a year for "guaranteed two-day shipping" that, in reality, will take a lot closer to four to seven days, then it's the perfect place for you.
They're liars, they'll do and say anything to shut you up (except give you a refund) and they don't care at all about their customers. The lower employees (the ones who answer the live chats in general) are kind, apologetic and respectful, but the higher-ups are jerks, plain and simple.
Disgusted with this company, never again will they get a penny out of me. All they care about is your money and they'll sell you any lie they can think of to get it from your hands faster. BUYER BEWARE.

Liars and crooks who ignore your requests and tell you what you want to hear
I have complained repeatedly to Amazon asking that Amazon CA stop shipping my orders using Canada Post. This is because Canada Post has been refusing to deliver any parcels to my apartment building since March of 2020, and their post office is 2 buses away from my home, I don't drive, and I'm disabled.

Every time I complained about NOT getting another Canada Post shipment their customer service reps would lie that they had placed a note on my file reminding them not to ship by Canada Post. After four of these complaints they still kept shipping my parcels by Canada Post. Finally a couple of days ago I had to order an air conditioner because my old one died. Guess which courier Amazon used to ship it?

Amazon then sent me an email claiming that the shipment would be delayed. When I checked the tracking number it had the opposite information. Not only was the shipment NOT delayed, they were going to deliver it three days early, on the one day this week that I can't receive a delivery because my building power is being shut down all day. I contacted Amazon customer service via chat on a holiday Monday to see if I could have the shipment rescheduled. This is where the lies started. They actually told me they were contacting Canada Post on my behalf, and made me sit and wait for half an hour while they took a coffee break! I could see on the screen that the rep was online and just sitting doing nothing, and I knew Canada Post was closed, so he was just wasting my time!

He then came back and claimed "all is settled, you don't need to worry" which I knew was a baldfaced lie. Sure enough I called Canada Post the next day and they told me they don't reschedule shipments. If I can't pick the air conditioner up it will have to sit at the post office for 14 days while I'm out over $300 dollars, then they will ship it back to Amazon. The last time this happened with a parcel, Amazon lied to me that I'd get a refund in three days and I'm still waiting for it almost a month later.

On other occasions when I complained to Amazon I've been promised gift cards, coupons and other perqs "for the inconvenience" aka just to shut me up. Not once was any of these empty promises fulfilled. More blatant lies.

If all the stores weren't closed "for covid" I would never do business with these lying criminals again. They claim shipping is free for Prime members but then you're forced to pay the "Canada Post Tax" of having to wait an extra day to schlepp to their far flung postal location to get your order which they are too lazy to deliver. Remember that when you buy from Amazon you are also paying for Canada Post incompetence, and both companies treat their customers like dirt.

I am exhausted with Amazon Canada. I have had too many items marked as delivered but no item to show for it. I have specified to never leave packages outside my door but somehow drivers still do so. I specified days and times that I would be at home to receive my items yet I get emails about delivery attempts outside of those days. I spoke to one driver after he called me and he told me that he would return the following day after 4 pm but then called me at 2:35 pm at work saying he is trying to get in the building. I asked him why he couldn't drop it off at 4 pm as discussed. Reply- "I would only have your package to deliver after 4 pm, I'm done for the day," I asked him to please deliver as I used prime and needed for the next day but he said he didn't have to do that if he was done. Customer service was helpful but with time sensitivity I needed the product that evening, not a replacement or refund.
I don't understand how lax Amazon is about the drivers scanning "delivered" without actually delivering. Amazon CA say "oh sometimes drivers mark items as delivered when they are not, so wait for 24hrs and see if it comes up. How is this professional? Are they reprimanded? Clearly not. The complaints and inefficiency of the service delivery should result in mass training and practices reviewed.
I have some suggestions for the multi-million dollar company:
1. Do not allow drivers to mark items delivered when they know they did not do so. This is ridiculous. Implement penalties and better monitor the services rendered by drivers. You can track my every spending habit and predict my needs but you can't seem to accurately track drivers.
2. Provide a bigger space to disclose delivery instructions and actually insist on drivers following them.
3. Your logistics is in need of upgrading and repair. I don't know why a driver who refuses to deliver past 4 pm is given a package to deliver to someone who requests an after 4 pm delivery.
4. Do not leave packages outside apartment buildings (or use that excuse). That makes no sense.

There are many more but I am too tired.

Poor customer service and spotty return policies
Purchased many items from Until recently I have never had an issue, well maybe some late shipments.

I have been trying to get a refund from a supplier(Online Happy Shopping, name now changed on item list) that does not return any emails. Notified Amazon CS. CS are not getting a response from them either. Amazon CA said they would ensure a refund and started a claim. Well one month later and nothing. I could not leave any valuable consumer feedback regarding the supplier or product either. Feedback was not constructive? I believe it was? That's why I am here.

Another purchased item has proven defective for me. I now have to pursue the manufacturer for warranty. Only 30 day money back.

The amounts I have saved on these defective purchases doesn't offset the hassle and inconveniences i have experienced.

I have read that "sold and shipped only" through Amazon is the way to go. Not sure if that would eliminate all hassles but it may help.

Both of my bad experiences have involved third parties. I recommend staying away from them and will do so myself from now on.

I have enjoyed buying on up until these instances. Where is paypal? I see why they aren't involved. I will proceed with caution when purchasing from this point and search locally for items. A good lesson to learn to set me back to the way I used to but things. Shopping with my feet not my fingers... oh I miss the 80's...

It's where I go first
I have been shopping on for a few years now. I have had a few items arrive well past the arrival date, or not arrive at all, but as that is a shipping problem (Canada Post), and not an Amazon problem, I won't give them bad reviews for that. There are definitely items that are ridiculously overpriced, but there are items all over the place that are ridiculously overpriced and it's really up to the consumer to be price aware, so I won't give them bad reviews for that either. Their customer service is why I only give them 4 stars. Amazon CA have always helped me 100% with my issues, although sometimes it's been quite the journey getting there (hence 4 stars instead of 5). I have only had one person not seem to understand my question at all, and after trying to reword it approximately 8 times, I gave up, Xed the window away, brought up the window again (with a different customer rep), asked my question again, and immediately got the answer. I have always been refunded my money for products that didn't arrive and always faster than I expect, which I think is AWESOME of Amazon because it's not even their fault but Canada Post's crappy service. One time, an item quit working 2 weeks after I got it so they immediately sent me another. As it was a filter for my aquarium I told them my fish would likely be dead by the time the replacement arrived, so they priority shipped it (at no expense to me) and it was in my tank 2 days later (they didn't even wait to receive my returned filter). I wanted to change an order once because one of the items was holding it up, and even though it wasn't standard procedure, we figured out how I could do that, and my new order was in the mail the next day. I find their customer service people are always willing and eager to help, even if they don't help at all, lol. They're never rude or ignorant, and that, to me, is definitely worth something! :D

Gift card policy
I was directed to Amazon by a well known site I wanted to order a kindle book from. By ordering it prior to the release date, I would get all sorts of freebies, including a workshop on its release date. I don't like using my credit card on line, so I purchased an amazon gift card. Unfortunately, amazon does not honour its gift cards on the purchase of pre-order products, but I didn't find this out until I tried to order the product. The company excuse was that a credit card would prove who I am, that's why it was required. Really? An Amazon gift card on account means Amazon has the money, isn't that the idea? Give money, get product. So now Amazon has my $25, but I cannot order my $16 product while it is on pre-release sale and I miss out on the freebies. - your policy of not accepting gift cards unless a credit card accompanies it, makes me question why you want the credit card because giving a credit card number does not prove my identity.
I called again to see if I could get help resolving the issue, and was told Amazon CA need a credit card because they might use it instead of the gift card, even if I choose the payment to be with the gift card, and they said there is no one who can help with this issue. Lesson learned - don't buy gift cards because Amazon might not honour them.
I emailed the seller of the product about my problem. Several hours later I received 2 emails from 2 different Amazon reps apologizing for the inconvenience while informing me that I cannot use one type of PayPal, but I can use a different type of PayPal. Thanks for the options, but I did not ask about PayPal. The next day the book was released & I was able to use the gift card without a credit card number, despite being told the day before that I would still probably need a credit card. So in the end, I was able to purchase the product with a gift card & no credit card. I just wish it had been easier from the start.

Used to order from here frequently but shipping standards seem to be deteriorating.
I used to order from on an almost weekly basis and I had an Amazon Prime account that was well worth the money. In the last eight months or so I have ordered a handful of times and have not renewed my prime membership. Their prices fluctuate so much and majority of the time their prices or slightly higher or the same price as their competitors (sometimes there prices are so outrageous it is laughable... and I am talking about both fulfilled by and shipped by Amazon items). If you do not have a prime account and choose the Free Standard shipping the orders take over a week to receive (my last two orders each took 8 business days). Prior to my prime membership free standard standard shipping would be received within 3-4 business days. Amazon CA also used to have a chat option if you were having issues with your order, which was super convenient and quick. Now the only options are email or phone. I find I really have to make sure to read product descriptions and watch the return policy on each item. All of the changes made make it less attractive to order from here when I can order from a competitor for the same price or less with faster shipping.

Customer Service
Customer service
Order a turbo oven on Dec 20 2019 it was shown In Stock, shipped 1-2 days. I wasn't given a delivery day. Dec 23rd got in touch with customer rep., told me Amazon CA do have in stock and is putting the item together (?) I will be getting an email in 48hrs. Nothing, I waited giving the benefit of the doubt due to the holiday time, still nothing. January 7th, contact customer services again, I was told it was out of stock in my area and I will have to wait. This rep. Offer extend my prime for a month. That doesn't justified the false information they gave me and the time I been waiting for it. Then told me I will get a confirmation email when it is ready for delivery. It did not happen, ask to speak to a supervisor, I was told it was due to technical difficulties that I will get an email in 48hrs (same thing). I ask why was it listed in Stock when I purchase if they didn't have any in stock but was also told in stock on the 23th of December and I will get it soon that it was expedited but than now it's not available again. To my surprise, I get disconnected by the team lead with no response to my question. Got connected to a new, rudely said the best they can do is to cancel it and for me to reorder it right away for it is in stock now and ready to ship in 1-2 days. They just cancel the item without me saying yes to canceling it. Super rude customer services. If they had it in stock why not just ship me the item?

Good until you have an issue, then welcome to hell
I'm placing a lot of orders through Amazon, but I have realized over time that once you have issues Amazon CA can't care less and they will respond to you via their usual garbage generic emails. If you call and talk to supervisors, 99% of the time it's worse! They have issues where your purchase items not knowing that you can't return them as actually it even clearly states on the product page "satisfaction guaranty or returns made easy" but when you want to return the products, bingo. You can't. When you call them, write them and show them their website, their response is quite surprising... You can't return the products even though it states everywhere you can... They never help or never try to help, they simply pretend to help by responding quickly with generic emails that are not helping at all... If you insist, they block you and no longer let you request help for that order in question!. Or they will charge you taxes on some food items that should be exempted ( the same food in different sizes have different tax rules!) and when you notify them that this is illegal, their response is that you are wrong and that they are right! Lovely,
Or if you take the 1 day shipping guaranty. The 1 guaranty in downtown Montreal is just useless as intelcom rarely delivers on time; as per my experience it fails most of time... and when a week after you inquire, they ask you to wait more. Adding insult to the injury!
This is the most frustrating experience I had with a merchant. I can't believe how bad they became lately because they were much better in the past!

Such a lack of customer service
Its incredible how incompetent or maybe its how powerless the customer service representatives are. These are clearly people who hate there jobs and couldn't care less about the organisation. Amazon CA have no support from management to deal with customers and would rather ignore fixing something than escalating an issue. I ordered a mattress that ships compressed in a box, well Amazon missed the guaranteed delivery date provided when the order was placed. Because they missed it I wont be able to open the mattress up within the recommended timeline from the manufacture. Remember this is because Amazon missed the guaranteed delivery date. They would rather have me ship it back than to compensate me for the inconvenience that I will have to open the mattress now and transport it later to the trailer already out of the box, which will be very inconvenient but not impossible. So now the mattress will be shipped back and it will be way beyond the date where the manufacture says the mattress needs to come out of the box. So will they destroy the mattress which according to the manufacturer is what should happen or will they ship it to some poor shopper out there who thinks they'll be getting a new mattress... what do you think? I asked the customer service representative on the phone and he said I'm not sure, which means it could be shipped to someone else. They never even asked me how much of a discount would it take for me to just keep it as is... All I can say is good luck Amazon, you might think you're to big to fail... that's what Nortel used to say. Keep doing what you're doing and one day you'll get some competition and it will be to late... the damage will have been done. Customer service is something you improve on not when you're in trouble but when things are going great.

Worst experience of my life

I would rarely ever write into a company to express frustration, as I know there are hiccup's and glitches in everything. However, my experience was so bad, I am seriously contemplating never using Amazon again. I have already told all my coworkers and Amazon CA are shocked at what happened.

I went to purchase gift cards on my account from a few different cards to total up to $550 so I can purchase a tv stand.

Amazon of course locked my account thinking it was fraud, which I thought was understandable because I used different cards and bought many gift cards. I waited my 5 hours, changed my password, updated my info as requested and then tried with one card to purchase another gift card and that was denied. Amazon then tried to call me a few minutes later (I am assuming because of the suspected fraud again) but I wasn't able to take the call as I am at work.

I called back the number, and was told they couldn't help me as that was Amazon USA and I need Amazon Canada. Ok cool. Got transferred over.

When I got the rep at Amazon Canada, it sounded like a heard of mice on the end, I don't know how close those call center individuals work but I could hear everyone around him. He kept asking me to verify my CV number on my card, and then said I needed to update my info and everything is fine.

I told him I already did that, and nothing happened, I still cant order a gift card and now I am getting frustrated that this isn't working.

He then proceeded to tell me I was abusing him. I paused for a bit because I thought I heard wrong, and I said "What?" he then repeated "you are abusing me". I said "Abusing? I don't understand" I was seriously confused. He then said "Yes sir, abusing, do you not know what that means? You are abusing me"

I was so dumbfounded. I said I am not abusing you, I am hardly raising my voice. I am frustrated. He then said I was abusing him again. I was so mad I didn't say anything, I told him then I would write into his manager and hung up.

I beg of you to pull up that recording and see the absolute ridiculous nature of that call! The worst, most unprofessional thing I have ever encountered, and I have worked in customer service for years.

Amazon has lost so much respect from me. Highly disappointed.

Trevor Chorney screwing their customers
I have been a loyal customer for years with and because I'm lucky enough to have a local warehouse I've always received any products fulfilled by the warehouse quickly. Order fulfillment has always been within 36 hours. I've foregone store trips cause I know I can get it within a few days if the warehouse has it. As of my last two order that I did this month... 4 days and neither order is even fulfilled yet despite having stock on hand when the orders were placed. I called to voice my concern over my orders being held and was told it was because I requested free shipping. I've always used free shipping Then I was told it's becuase of the warehouse it's shipping from. It's the same warehouse I've always received my goods from. I told the girl she was being told bull$#*! by her peers cause neither issue is a valid reason. Based on what I'm seeing, it appears Amazon is holding back orders that are not Prime orders in order to make guests sign up that don't really require the service. If you don't sign up Amazon CA hold back your orders from fulfillment so it doesn't ship to you to quickly. Sadly they have lost a customer but I guess that really doesn't matter to them cause they figure they have enough that one lost customer doesn't have an effect.

Please... DO NOT buy ANYTHING Ortho company makes especially this STUFF CALLED WEED B GONE It killed several hundred dollar worth of my. Shrubs.

For the sake of God people DO NOT buy ANYTHING Ortho company makes especially this stuff called Weed-B-Gone! It killed several hundred dollar worth of my shrubs and the weeds are doing fine. I was in contact with the company with the receipt, order bill for replaced plants and statement from my gardener as Amazon CA requested, first they offered to replace half of the plants, telling me I did not follow label instructions and did not know what I was doing ( I have been involved with agriculture and gardened too for almost 50 Years and followed label instructions to the letter), then 15 minutes later I get a call telling me the product was not theirs. HOG WASH! I bought the chemical myself. In my opinion these people are liars with the fair business ethics of a ruptured bladder and also in my opinion their products are horrible! I knew this when I used this slop and should be shot for using anything from Ortho to begin with!
DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND STAY AWAY FROM ORTHO PRODUCTS! Use my own horrible experience to avoid one of your own.

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