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No communication
Sent a ring back for evaluation after a blemish appeared on the band. First, Allurez sent out a label to the wrong address. Then stated they would correct the address and resend. I had to keep contacting until they finally emailed the label to me. By the way the shipping label never arrived. I mailed the ring out, and never received confirmation it was successfully delivered. After confirming with the shipping company they showed delivery I again contacted customer service and they told me it was being checked and I would receive an update. No update or explanation was given. Suddenly, I received a shipping notification. When I checked I realized they were shipping my ring to the same WRONG address. After contacting them staff admitted that they saw the address was changed. They then put me on hold to stop the package with UPS before it was delivered. Thankfully, UPS was extremely helpful and even personally called and the ring was successfully delivered to my house. I still have no update or information on what was done to my ring. It almost looks like part of the blemish is still there. I am considering taking it to a local jeweler to verify the metal as I do not want to have to go through shipping it back again.

Love Hate Relationship
I placed an order for my wedding rings for my April 10,2021 wedding in January. I was extremely excited about my purchased because it allowed my to do a layaway plan and pay as I go. I was told that after the ring is paid off in full, it takes about 10-14 days for custom rings to be crafted and then Allurez would ship overnight next day air. I made sure to pay my ring off 3 1/2 weeks early to ensure it would
Make it on time. I also informed the company I'd need it by April 8 at the very latest so I would have it for my wedding. They assured me it would be done on time. Fast forward two weeks prior, my ring status was saying it was being "crafted". I waited till the 14 days were up and had no tracking info or updated status on my ring. I called everyday for two weeks straight and got the run around about my rings. One representative asked if I had even paid it off, one said she could see a tracking number but no updated info, one said that a manager would call
Me back and never did. Each time I called, the reps who answered sounded like they rolled out of bed or didn't know what I was even talking about. Two days before my wedding, I still had no tracking info. I called and emailed and demanded to speak to a manager and no one would answer or come to the phone to talk with me. A customer service supervisor finally called me back and told me the ring should be there in time. It took me yelling at them continuously and agreeing to come to their warehouse to personally pick up my ring, and telling them if my ring was not here the day before my wedding then they need to issue me a full refund for them to supply me with a tracking number at 530 pm, 2 days prior to my wedding for them to do their job. Initially I was happy about my purchase. But due to the overwhelming stress and lack of great customer service would immediately make me defer anyone from purchasing here. Please save yourself the headache and stress and order elsewhere, where their customer service reps aren't incapable of doing their job

Representatives working from home were not helpful, they sounded like they just rolled out of bed, were rude and lied directly to me.

The B E S T one
My experience at Allurez was amazing!

Every customer service member I spoke to was professional, knowledgeable, and patient.
When I first called them, I told them that I wanted to look at settings for a very sentimental stone. Allurez were very understanding and patient! They helped me select the most beautiful setting within my budget. The ring that they created for me is spectacular!

The setting for my stone is white gold, surrounded by a halo of diamonds, with intricate work in the profile and down the sides of the ring. The diamonds are dazzling and of the highest quality, and the craftsmanship is superb.

They made sure that my ring and the appraisal arrived when promised. They went well "above and beyond" in terms of customer service.

I have already recommended Allurez to many of my friends because of their large and beautiful selection and their customer service.

Allurez is now my only choice for shopping for jewelry! I will be a lifetime client of theirs.

Don't Buy From Allurez Or You Will Regret It
I used the ring to get engaged and it took 2 days for the first stone to fall out and another week for the 2nd. My gal viewed this as a sign that we shouldn't get married and of course now hates the ring. I was able to save my relationship for now but the poor craftsmanship did not help. Any purchase of this value should be top quality which Allurez has failed. I had to send the ring back insured at my expense because the ring was poorly made. I reached out to the customer service on several occasions and not once did I find the service to be good or talk to anyone that cared that my fiancé had to wear a ring missing stones when she showed it off or that she had no ring at all while it was being repaired which took well over a month. A repair of a poorly crafted engagement ring should be put in the front of the line, repaired using the same or higher quality stones and returned in an incredibility fast manner at no expense to the customer. The ring is back on her hand but the new stones don't match the others in color or quality. We will be having it appraised soon and I hope its a good one but if not I will be looking into legal action. Aside from that I am affording Allurez the opportunity to truly WOW me because at this point I am not a happy customer and intend to go to every place I can leave the worst review possible for the company in hopes I can prevent as many people as possible from having this experience. An engagement is one of the most beautiful days anyone will ever have in there life and the symbolism of the ring is hugely important. If you are thinking of buying anything from Allurez especially an engagement ring, I would strongly recommend you don't as you will regret it.

Allurez "Over Promises and Under Performs"
I purchased a three stone engagement ring from Allurez in March 2021. I was ignorant to online jewelry purchases. Meaning I didn't know how to navigate through the collabrative process but I quickly learned about the 4 'C's of a diamond. That said, I realized that the ring I purchased wasn't of the quality that I wanted so I returned the ring for upgrades to Allurez. To sum up my experience is to rate Alllurez as a "nightmare." I should have "bailed out" of the disfunctional relationship from the start because Allurez "over promise and under perform." I paid for the two sides stones upgraded to match the center stone. However, shown in the appraisal I my ring was returned without the agreed paid upgrades. In fact, Allurez just sent the ring back without changing the stones. I am very disheartened by the lack of professionlism, the lenghty delays, empty apologies, and promised upgraded they didn't fulfill.

Sorry, a little long, but this shows what this company is about:
7/15/19- We ordered a bracelet. Their employee, Minda, told us we could save on the tax by having it sent to NJ, so it was sent to my aunt's home. It was delivered on 7/18,3 days later. We were only able to pick the bracelet up on 7/24 since we live in NY.
On that same day (7/24), I found the same bracelet for about $500 less than what we paid.
We immediately called back, and asked MINDA if Allurez could match the price. We were told it was impossible and the place I found it would be making no money.

On 7/25, MINDA called us back saying Allurez would match the price and take an additional $50 off. This goes to show you how much they are ripping off customers. We decided to purchase from the honest jeweler instead.

On 7/26, we spoke with Minda about returning the bracelet. We asked to return in person, since we are local. We knew the company was not happy about us declining their offer, so we wanted their return inspection done in front of us. They said NO- we were not allowed to visit their Long Island or NYC location. She also told us that this was their standard procedure and they've never had a problem; we had nothing to worry about.

We took a video of the bracelet on 7/26 right before we sent it back to be returned showing absolutely NO wear or dirt.

In an email dated 7/29/19 from Jessica, the Diamond and Jewelry Consultant, they claimed the bracelet was worn, had scratches and was dirty. IMPOSSIBLE! They offered to "clean the bracelet and send it back to you or you can exchange it for something else or equal or greater value." If the company offered to exchange for another item and the bracelet was so badly damaged, why would they keep it?

This has been going on since last summer. My brother has been wearing the beautiful bracelet we purchased from the other jeweler.
As of lately, I was now told that in order to allow me to exchange, we would need to pay a 20% restocking fee for the item they are claiming has been worn and that they have had since we returned it last JULY! It does not say anything about this on their website!

GO ELSEWHERE! If you want a quality piece of jewelry, from a company that will not overcharge you, send me a message and I'd be more than happy to refer one.
I don't want anyone else to have to deal with this lying, unreliable, dishonest company.

First may i say my fiance' is devastated and this had been a terrible process we've been put through! We have been toyed with for months and enough is enough! I can't believe I ordered from these people without doing more due diligence. Apparently I needed to come here (BBB.ORG) to read all the HORRIFIC reviews and horror stories that match my own! I ordered our engagement ring on 2/18 and was told to allow 2- 14 days for delivery. Well here we are at 113 days! Allurez have promised time & time again it was going to ship and at this point have had he audacity to send a tracking # and show it "shipped" over-night in the email they sent to me; meanwhile if you go the the *** website, it confirms they still haven't brought it to their local center to ship as of today, the "day of receipt." To have delayed this long with so many lies is not only unprofessional, but to send a false email saying "shipped" with a tracking number confirming otherwise is just deplorable. We are well over 90 days and any reasonable idea of commitment or contract, which I've asked for them to send repeatedly and they've never produced. I've asked for contact from management and all types of things, but Yoselin has the capacity of a baggage check complaint department clerk who knows she's never going to make you happy, so she just humors and placates you for as long as you'll tolerate it, never providing any real solutions and constantly deflecting from the real situation. I've read reviews of fake stones being used, of wedding dates being missed from rings taking so long,... THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS! ENGAGEMENT RINGS AREN'T EVERYDAY PIECES OF JEWELRY, YOU ARE MEDDLING WITH PEOPLES HEARTS AND LIVES! There is NO excuse for this level of customer service for a company that according to ********* generates 5,000,000 annually in revenue! DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS AWFUL GROUP OF PEOPLE! They have been trying to play me for months on y to come to this, and to find out this how they always play their cards.! BUYER BEWARE! SHAME ON YOU ALLUREZ!

Website and purchase are decieving
The ring purchased online looks nothing like what I received! There is no stamp on the inside of the ring Allurez as pictured, maybe because its so thin. Tried to get a refund the same day it was delivered and was told it was not refundable since it was a "design your own" ring. I ordered the ring described and pictured on your website... didn't design ANYTHING I only requested the correct size! My receipt doesn't even describe this "design your own" this was for our 25th wedding anniversary... what a shame. The web site describes the parameters for a refund, if within my order or during the payment process it was disclosed that the ring ordered was not refundable, I won't not have made the purchase. Called last week to find out about the "free gift" another false claim from your company, was told my order didn't qualify but I would get a call back, never got the call back. The free gift promo code was SG21. Totally a dishonest experience!

Worst quality and customer service I have ever experienced!
Avoid at all costs! Customer service and quality are a joke! 127 days later and still no ring! I placed my ring order on 8/16/2021 and have the emails back and forth confirming it would be put in as a rush order and fulfilled within 7-14 business days by Rena on 8/16/2021. I requested the rush order as we had a trip to Iceland planned the next month where I was planning to propose and I noted needing it before 9/17 prior to actually placing on order. Initially, when reaching out in early September to follow up after 14 business days had passed, I requested the ring by 9/9 to allow adequate time before our trip but I did not receive a response until 9/9 noting it should be delivered Saturday 9/11. Still no ring on 9/11 so I emailed that day and again on 9/13 and repeatedly expressed I needed the ring by September 16 at the latest as we were leaving out of the country to Iceland where the proposal was to take place. In the end, the ring was NOT delivered by September 16 and I spent September 17 frantically going to local jewelers prior to our departure and spending additional money to get a back up ring to take for the proposal. Upon returning to the US as a newly engaged couple we examined the ring that was delivered too late to discover it had come with dents in the engagement band, a "bubble" of excess material within a loop (I don't know how else to describe this but it is clearly visible in the pictures), and a wedding band that did not correctly sit with the ring (large gaps between the ring and the band). My fiancé was bummed but really loved the ring design so I contacted Allurez to see what could be done.

First, the supervisor I ended up getting was Kim, who didn't bother to apologize about the ring not shipping in time but irritatingly enough asked why I was just now calling with the issue 2 weeks after the ring was delivered, to which I explained to her we had been out of the country. I was told due to COVID issues the company was having issues with understaffed ring craftsmen and jewelers but I could send the ring back. At NO point was a shipping label offered, when I asked I was told Allurez doesn't provide labels per company policy and I would need to pay for it and Kim would look into getting it refunded after the ring was received and assessed. Wanting to get this done as quickly as possible so I could get the ring on my fiancé's hand I went ahead and paid $84.28 to ship the ring back insured (Kim was clear it needed to come insured, no problem). After the ring was received, it was confirmed and Kim said a new ring would be made (rather than "fixing" the original ring), so I requested the new ring be a size 6.5 rather than a 7 since Allurez were making a new one anyway. I was told no problem and Caress also confirmed via email a new ring would be sent and the new size would be 6.5 as well.

While waiting for the new ring to be sent I was trying to find out about getting reimbursed the $84.28 I paid to ship the damaged ring back, I was repeatedly told "we don't refund shipping", "let me check into it", "it's the customer's responsibility to pay for shipping if sending back items for repairs", "we're waiting to hear from management what we can do for you". I have tried to explain so many times that I understand if WE had damaged the ring or wanted something changed then fine that's no problem and makes sense, but WE did not damage the ring or just decide we wanted something different, it CAME defective in the original shipment. I need someone to explain to me how it makes sense that I am responsible for the cost to ship back a damaged ring to get what I originally ordered? Why am I paying thousands of dollars for the ring PLUS an additional $84.28 in returned shipping to get what I should have gotten in the first place?

The ring arrived to us on 11/12/2021 and I'm half tempted to just eat the $84.28 I spent on return shipping and drop it as long as my fiancé is happy with the new ring BUT the ring comes, (I even recorded my fiancé opening it), and she says "it's the same ring". They sent back the same ring just polished up—the dents are still there, the bubble of metal is still there, and it's still size 7 (I have a ring measurer from when I was trying to measure other rings of hers before ordering). It appears they tried to adjust the wedding band to sit better with the engagement ring but even that is still not a perfect fit. So I contact Allurez again trying to get a hold of Kim, who chooses to email rather than call me back and notes a generic apology in her email and tells me to send the ring back AGAIN. Kim sends me a shipping label immediately because she knows I'm already pissed about the original returned shipping I paid for (somehow magically now Allurez was able to provide labels?) and said she would be contacting senior management about resolutions. This was on 11/15/21 and confirmed delivery of the ring back to Allurez was on 11/22/21.

I called a couple of days ago on Tuesday, November 29th after waiting to hear back and was informed Kim no longer is with the company and had to reexplain the entire situation and start from square one. They offered to pay for half the shipping and to send a new ring. Today's date is 12/21/2021 and I have not received any communication since sending that email on 12/02/2021. Since placing my original order that would make 127 days and we still have no product at all!

Not 100% their fault
Let me begin by starting with, the ring I received was stunning and I was completely happy with the quality of the ring. My only issue with this experience and why I stated in my title, "Not 100% their fault" is because Allurez shipped the ring Priority Overnight Delivery, from NJ. FedEx sent the ring to Tenn. And I live in NH.
When I received notice that the ring had shipped and would be here for my anniversary (I did not request that I had it by my anniversary, it was a coincidence), I was very excited. Now expecting that I would have the ring by my anniversary, I planned accordingly working in a way to surprise my wife with the ring, as she had no idea that I had purchased her the ring.
It was 4 days later before I received the ring and my plans ended up being ruined.
Again, I will state, I was extremely pleased with the quality of the ring and I had no issues with any aspect of my direct experience in dealing with Allurez, designing the ring, or the ordering process. In the end, my wife is very happy with her ring and I just had to find a new way to surprise her, just a few days later.

DO NOT BUY FROM ALLUREZ. Aside from being over priced, Allurez is committing fraud by not actually selling the carat sizes listed on their website. But multiple earrings that were supposed to be 1.8 carat in gemstone weight, not TCW which includes accent stones. Took them to my jeweler who said at best, carat weight was slightly over 1.0 carats! Upset that I actually had to give them a single star rating in order for me to leave my review. The should have NO STARS. Buyers be ware, this company does not honor their return policy! I had to file disputes with my credit card company in order to force Allurez to pay out my refunds. Allurez hang up on you and take weeks to respond to your emails, all in an attempt to void their 30 day return policy!


There are several other online companies that offer far better value and actual customer service. Take the time and spend just a few minutes to shop around, you'll be thankful that you did. Heed my advice!

Made me so happy and continues to everyday!
Allurez was truly unbelievable to work with! I honestly get pretty emotional when I tell others about my experience because Allurez really made my dreams come true! My fiancé's mother who passed away just before I met him, left him her wedding ring and it was very important for him to use this diamond when we got engaged. The ring itself didn't fit me and to make matters worse I was allergic to the metal, as I am to many. Due to my allergies and the fact that I have very small hands and fingers I really didn't make the process easy for my fiancé. But, we heard about Allurez from a friend and I gave them a call to discuss what I had in mind. They were so helpful and so kind and immediately gained my trust. We made an appointment to go to the office in person to look at some samples and options as well as give them the diamond. After that I left it to my fiancé to take over. The end result was very absolutely amazing and it is truly so special. Thank you Allurez! For everything! You will never truly know how much you have given our family!

Why to shop at Allurez
Allurez is definitely the best place to purchase a marvelous gift for your loved ones or yourself.
The quality of their jewerly is as enchanting as it's looks.The cut of the stones is perfect.
I bought a ring for my fiance, and I must say, I can't be more satisfied. She is also delighted with my choice, which was not easy, choosing between so many beautiful rings.The prices are reasonable, so there is nothing you should worry about. If you are shopping online I assure you there is nothing you should be scared of, Alurrez will not disappoint you. Another thing I must say enthused me was their professionalism. The service is quick and responsible. I would recommend Allurez to anyone anyday, and I can't wait to buy a present for my wife our next anniversary.

Rubies are pictured as bright red, priced as shown, but the bracelet delivered is smokey pink
The color of rubies is not bright and red as pictured online and expected by my wife and myself. To sent photos of the lovely but wrong coloring... which customer service woman responded to by saying red robin's cost more and Allurez "Allurez" will not replace this bracelet. Deceptive quality switch. NO mention was made in the catalog that the coloring would be so different from the wedding ring I am matching. That too was Allurez and these two pieces are not matching now. Further I requested a manager or the owner contact me as I am nowhere near satisfied. The sales person and cust services woman has written back and forth to me saying there is nothing to be done? Oh yes there is! Get me the owner as I asked and exchange this still brand new and not being worn item. Greg Wells

refused to escalate the issue I described wherein ruby coloring not match to the coloring pictured (bright clear red). What we received is pretty ... but not is smokey pink to purple (mauve). Not satisfactory and I told them immediately, then repeatedly.

Never Again
Allurez sold me a defective ring with a missing stone. I then had to pay for shipping out of my own pocket for their lack of quality assurance.

They finally return the ring without providing the tracking number nor coordination. The package was being delivered at the most inopportune time and kept getting missed.

I worked with Rojan to have the package held at the depot only to find out it wasn't there when I arrived. Package was going to be shipped back to NY but luckily we worked something out.

Since my purchase I still haven't received the appraisal but I do finally have the ring at least. They don't respond to emails and you always get a voicemail. They never even apologized for the initial lack of QC. Senior management never contacted me even after making numerous requests.

Even their website is shady. Only positive reviews on theirs. I should have looked around. I would have returned it if it wasn't already presented as a gift.

Shop elsewhere..

Customer Service is Non-Existent
I had a horrible experience overall but ultimately received the necklace I ordered because I talked to the Director of the company. Every single customer service person completely and utterly failed at doing everything Allurez promised to do... nobody provided pictures they said they would, nobody even called me back over a two week period, and the necklace was not shipped a single time they said it would be. I refrained from commenting due to actually receiving the necklace but I keep getting asked to comment on my experience so here it is. The only nice thing I can do at this point is to not completely unload right now at the sheer incompetence and lack of care of all of the customer service people I spoke to. The director of the company was literally the only person who was able to simply send the necklace when she promised to do so, I have no idea why anybody else I spoke to even has a job at all given the way I was ignored.

pure and utter incompetence, please see my first writeup.

Pleasantly surprised
I was shopping online jewelry stores for a cross for my granddaughter's baptism. Everything I saw was blah and expensive until I clicked onto the Allurez website. There I found some beautiful pieces that were all 14k as opposed to the 10k from all the other stores and a whole lot less expensive too. I read their bio and found out Allurez are a family company based in New York and everything is handcrafted in USA so I took my chances, selected the cross that I wanted and placed my order online without ever seeing it in person. When I received this item, less than 2 weeks later I was so delighted by how beautiful and well made it was that I had to phone them and personally thank them. Yesterday (Valentine's Day) we baptized my granddaughter and her cross looked beautiful with her dress. I will definitely be using Allurez again.

This started off ok and then went bad really quick! This company has the WORST customer service for a company that is taking a considerable amount of money from you! Domino's which is at max a $100 dollars shows you where Allurez are in the process! But for some reason their "crafters" and customer service reps don't communicate! I waited a month for the ring. I was told I could expect it to be shipped 12/19/19 - 12/23/19... So that was nice because I could give it to her on Christmas... nope no ring. So I called and was assured by *(csr) that I would have it for New Years. She even said she needed to check and called me back. On the 2nd of Jan 2020 (still no ring) I called and said I was going to have my CC company reverse the charges. Miraculously, the ring was ready and delivered the next day! But they had one last disappointment for me. The ring does not fit! It was sized WRONG! How embarrassing! These people don't care about customer service. They don't set reasonable expectations and lie when they don't live up to them. I would give them 0 stars if possible. Their reps are nice but they pitch "its hand crafted" wayyyyy to much! I could of had a new car "crafted" in the time it took them! It literally takes 6 weeks to order a car from factory. Why does a ring take 4-5 weeks? Crafters taking to long? To much business? HIRE more crafters! Fix this problem. Even though it's the wrong size. The ring is very pretty. This company needs a lot of work! I suggest you take to heart the bad reviews before you order. There is a high chance you will encounter one of the same problems!

*Personal information redacted by admin

Never have I experienced such poor and misleading customer service. After having this ring for less then the 30 days, I had 2 stones fall out. I called for a return (WHICH I HAD TO PAY $50 SHIPPING ON) and refund. Not only did the stones fall but the craftsmanship of the jewelry is anything but professional. The lay of the mental and the stones was uneven, as if a child did it. The picture shown is NOT what you get. Allurez use cheap stones and cheap metal. It might as well be pure nickel and rhinestones from a vending machine. They refuse my refund, stating the ring had been worn... but it was within the 30 DAYS. ALSO, when I called it was at the start of covid, management told me to hold onto it so it wouldn't get lost in the mail since the facilities had been closed due to lock-down. THEY TOLD ME TO KEEP PAST 30 DAYS. It is now October and I am STILL FIGHTING TO GET MY MONEY BACK. BEWARE TAKE YOUR MONEY ELSEWHERE. BLUE NILE has always been my go to but they didn't have this style ring in garnets... everything else Blue Nile has done for me has been professional quality and radiant. I REGRET spending a dime with ALLUREZ. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE.

Customer service sucks
I spoke to * and * and none of them have any sense of what it means to work in customer service. I ordered custom made ring on the 4/20/19. Their website said that I would receive it in 10 days, I received an email stating that the ring would be crafted in 2 to 14 days and to reach ou to them if I need it done faster and that Allurez would work with me. I am leaving the country on May 7 and I need it by then. Their response is that they cannot process a refund and that they cannot guarantee that I will receive it by may 7th. This people suck, dont go by what it sais in their website. * and * lied to me, they said it would take 10 to 14 days for the ring to be crafted when the confirmation I received said 2 to 14. I am never doing business with this people again.

*Personal information redacted by admin

Quality of service was terrible
Needed product by a certain date and was told Allurez would do there best. Ended up waiting more then 3 weeks longer then I expected. Needed item I purchased asap as I had a planned proposal and was told they'll get it to me. Every weekend passed and had to keep cancelling with companies I hired for my proposal. Finally I was told after 3 weeks I would get it by Saturday 10/9/21 that was another lie. UPS Delivery for next day wasn't even made and I got my product on Monday 10/11/21 and had to cancel all my scheduled planning for a 3rd time. Product was okay when received not as quite as nice as they have it shown in the pictures online. Never again would I order from them or ever refer anyone to them.

They replied to me but would always say we’re sorry for your frustration and did nothing else about it. I felt I should’ve been compensated in some way.

April 2020, I placed an order and was later told there...
April 2020, I placed an order and was later told there was no expected delivery date due to CoVID. I asked for a refund and refused. I was offered a store credit and an extra gift as an apology. I never received those items and after months of inquiring, I never received a response. Finally, I was told I would have to pay an additional nearly $300, which I had an email saying the company was not charging me but giving me the items and gift at no extra cost to me. When I inquired why I now owed money when I had an email saying I wouldn't owe anything, I never received a response. Months later, more than a year after this whole thing started, I finally got a response from someone else. After mo the of back and forth emails, I was told my store credit was $300 less than I had been told just a few emails before by someone else. Finally, that was corrected and I was given a store credit coupon code to purchase items, which didn't work. After days of emailing I finally heard back from someone that the code now worked. Worst shopping experience with any company I have ever done business with. Will never return and will warn everyone about my experience and file a complaint with the BBB.

Horrible customer service!
I purchased a 14k white gold pendant necklace for my wife's birthday. Before I did, I asked if the pendant was marked "14k". Allurez said "yes". When I got it, it was stamped "1k". After a number of emails and phone calls, I sent the item back. Allurez kept it for 5 days until I called and asked what was going on. They said they are "repairing" it and will overnight it to me. I just got the shipping notice which is second day air. If you are going to buy from this place, be aware that you will never talk to the same person twice and the people who answer phone and emails are not located in a jewelry store, so you are never dealing with the people who handle your item. Lesson learned for me, as my wife won't get her item until 16 days after her birthday.

Customer service never came through for me.

I am totally unhappy.
I leave my comment because it is really hard for me to communicate with staffs in Allurez by email and phone. Also, Allurez don't publish/show my review in their website even though I left my review. I guess that my review is harsh in their point of view. I placed an order for my fiancé at the first week of DEC 2020. But, I am totally unhappy after receiving the ring because it looks a second-hand ring. The ring contains so many scratches and damaged parts. I have requested a refund, however, Allurez keeps saying that we cannot refund based on our policy. I don't understand such a policy. But, I tried to understand them and that's why I send back the ring to Allurez. After the ring was back to Allurez to fix imperfection parts on the ring, I made a phone call with a staff of Allurez. I noticed that staffs in Allurez did not know why I requested repair and which parts they should fix even though I keep saying what is the problem of the ring and send pictures to them two times by email. I keep trying to send email and make a phone call. But, it is extremely hard to reach them. I suppose to propose to my fiancé while we will travel to Miami together at second week of JAN 2021. But, I don't know when they will finish the repair and I am not sure about they are noticing which parts they must fix. I keep begging refund or even Allurez buys the ring from me even though I spent more than $5,000. FYI, I have attached the picture of ring. Plus, I have created a new Facebook account because I need to hide this proposal plan and buying the ring from my fiancé. This is my order number: 60102.

Never buy jewelry online, especially from Allurez
UPDATE 2: Allurez flagged my review here and on another review site and tried to get them both taken down by giving false information. Nice try Allurez. STOP LYING. That's the only way to repair your reputation.

UPDATE: So it turns out that after Rojan told me Allurez were going to repair the jewelry, Allurez actually issued a full refund, even before I mailed the jewelry back. Which means they had no intention of even repairing it in the first place. They didn't send an e-mail at all notifying me of this. I sent texts, calls, e-mails and no response after I sent the jewelry back. Discover Card was the one who let me know that a refund had been issued, two weeks later. Then I got a text from Allurez after my phone call with Discover and was told that I had been issued a full refund. Gee thanks Allurez. At least I did get my money back though. I will obviously never deal with them again, and most importantly I will never ever buy fine jewelry online again.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: They are a nightmare to deal with. They lie constantly and either ignore you, or take a super long time to get back to you. I sent my jewelry back to them for repairs about three weeks ago and haven't heard a peep about the status. I already disputed the charges since the ring had an inclusion on it. I will contact my card company and tell them that Allurez has my jewelry back in their possession and doesn't plan to give it back apparently. Save yourself the headache and buy jewelry locally!

Minor hiccups but very pleased with product
Shipping understandably took a bit longer than I expected since I wasn't aware that the piece I ordered was being manufactured. I assumed that the jewelry was in stock. I'll take the fault for making this assumption. I had my doubts about the product, since this was my first order with Allurez, but the quality was great. Chatting with support over email was good at first, with turnaround replies within a day until Allurez started giving me the cold shoulder (no reply after a week). I finally called the support number and the person who answered the phone was familiar with my inquiry, which makes this feel like a much smaller business than I first assumed as well. Long story short, after chatting with someone in person and having my issues resolved, I am pretty pleased with the end result.

Rojan, if you have the opportunity to read this, thanks for coming through.

Took my money and still no product
Allurez sent our ring... DAMAGED! They also did not send the appraisal we PAID FOR! Just don't bother with this company. They are major scam artists.
We ordered a ring from this company on May 6th. My fiancé financed a $2000 ring and received an email AFTER purchasing that there might be a slight delay due to COVID-19. OK, I get that but maybe they should let you know BEFORE you purchase. Anyway, fast forward a few weeks, he calls to check up on the order and is told that it would be shipped out by the end of the week. The following week there's still no ring so he calls again and gets the same exact response. We waited two weeks before we called again and got the exact same response for the third time. I have no idea when this company is actually going to produce the product that we paid for. He's asked to speak to a manager three times now and a manager has not called him back. They're still taking orders when they can't even fulfill those that have already been placed, months ago! Just stay away from them, they have horrible customer service and don't care about their customers at all. They should also stop telling their representatives to lie.

I wouldn't do business with these crooks again if my life depended on it.

I bought a wedding set from them on the first of September. Allurez assured me that I would have the ring within 14 business days. I had to propose WITHOUT an engagement set because the ring arrived late.

Less than a month later, one of the gems fell out. We reported this and they tried to BILL us to have it fixed. While we were attempting to get them to FIX the problem, ANOTHER gem fell out. We have been fighting them ever since to try and resolve this issue.

A couple of weeks ago they agreed to upgrade and give us a completely different ring. (we have the emails to prove this.) Today I awoke to an email from my financial institution that they were trying to BILL me for the new ring.

Save yourself months of headache and a ruined engagement. Don't purchase from these crooks. You'll get a better ring and better service from Walmart... And they won't try to scam more money out of you.

Great Quality!
My fiance bought me a beautiful engagement ring from Allurez, and I'll never forget the day he gave it to me. It was so lovely and unique, and was the perfect way to represent my unforgettable moment. Allurez helped my fiance every step of the way, providing him with many different options to choose from, guiding him through the many different settings available and advising him on a very high quality diamond, while giving him a very reasonable price for it. With great care Allurez helped my fiance select the right setting for the stone, and meticulously put and put everything together with careful attention to every last detail. The ring is very high quality and to this day people tell me how beautiful it is. There are girls who even use my rings as examples to their significant others. Needless to say, I highly recommend Allurez.

Don't bother using this website.
After payment was taken Allurez contacted me to say the $2,000USD+ payment was not accepted and they would refund me. 1 weeks later I ask where my refund is and they say I need to provide a photo of my ID, my Card and filled out an authorization form allowing them to take payment. I provided a photo of my card and ID but refused to fill the auth form, because that would allow them to take another $2000+ at this point I also told them I need the purchase urgently by April 2nd or they I do not want the product.

They then wrote back and said they had passed my order on to their Jewlers. Well time goes by and I am not hearing from them and start to panic because my deadline date I have planned everything around is fast approaching. I contact them and ask what is happening, they respond with a tracking number and state if I want express delivery for the purchase to arrive on time I need to pay another $60.

Poor response times
Poor customer service
Poor FAQ and guidelines for time frames
Poor excuse for human beings

You ruin a paying customs proposal plans because you do not know the first rules of customer service 101:
- Set realistic expectations
- Work to exceed them
- DON'T LIE to a customer. Especially telling them they were refunded when they were not.

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